Dreams: Understanding, then Creating Your Dreams

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you, Beloved Family. As always, I come into this time to share with you with my arms wide open and with my heart open to connect with you; to share and exchange the energy of love; to share and exchange the energies of communication. This is our time together. I welcome each of you and all who will be reading this at a later date.

Let your energy become very focused and centered within you as we begin upon this journey. Let your energy come out from within. Feel as if it blossoms up from within you, and let it expand out in every direction. Feel as if the energy field around you is growing bigger and bigger.

Let your consciousness remain for the moment within your physical body, but push out the non-physical energy that is around you. Let yourself become aware of what that feels like as it expands and grows larger and larger.

This is also another way in which you are able to expand your consciousness and yet leave an aspect of it fully within your physical body. As long as a part of you is anchored, the remainder of your consciousness may more easily release the physical and move into the higher planes of existence.

As you are doing that allow yourself to really let go of your physical body. Let your consciousness shift so that you may link with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you do this you find yourself connecting, linking with the pathways. Let yourself link with the energy that is your higher self. You have an aspect, or a place, within this grid work that is yours. It is where your energy resides. It is where a great deal of your consciousness is when not fully present within your physical body. This is also where your Divinity is able to reside.

So look around you and see what this place is to you. Feel the energy of what this is. Look at the pathways as they move out in every direction. There are many, many energies of light who reside within this space on a permanent basis. But the majority move through here, or link up with this space, from the earth plane.

Let this be well known to you. Let this be comfortable. Let this be a place which can be your sanctuary.

As you are ready to do so, let go of the energies of the magnetics. Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may be within the space of the crystalline grid. As you arrive here already your consciousness is expanding. You feel yourself vibrating at a different level as you align with these crystals. It may be that there is a specific one that you link with. Or you may find yourself simply being within this space and feeling the energies of many different crystals. There is a pattern to this energy that is completely different from that of the magnetic grid. Allow yourself to feel and see completely what this is to you.

Call forth a column of light. Let this column of light surround you. Let yourself feel the connection; feel the vibration of what this is. It is a means of shifting your consciousness. You may move through this column, finding yourself perceiving various aspects or dimensions as you shift from the crystalline grid into the space of the soul plane.

As you emerge and link with the soul plane, again you find your consciousness expanding. With each level that you move through, your vibration opens up to a higher, finer vibration. Through that you are able to perceive more; you are able to release more; you are able to experience aspects of yourself that live and reside at these higher vibrations.

Within this soul plane allow yourself to call forth your I Am Presence. Let yourself blend fully with this which is your Divinity. As you blend within yourself take a movement to stretch, to look up, down and in every direction. Perceive all the many aspects of yourself that you are able to perceive from within here.

Now I, the Goddess, move into this space. I join each of you in the space of the soul plane. As I do so, I blend with each one of you. As I merge my energies with yours, I assist you in shifting and expanding into the space of the All That Is.

Again, as with every step along this way, your consciousness expands yet further. Feel who you are within this presence. Let my energy reflect for you and assist you in opening to truly perceive who you are. Understand that everything you are seeing about yourself is still only a portion of who you truly are in all of your entirety. You are each expanding in such a brilliant fashion. Yet even so, the consciousness places limitations that keep you from being able to perceive everything all at once. So open to accept and understand as much as you are able to take in at this time.

We have spoken over the last several months of the intense transformation that each of you has been moving through. Let yourself within this space release all those physical symptoms that you’ve had. Let yourself take this moment to truly just relax. Feel as if you are floating upon energy of love – as if there are waves and waves of love floating all around you and they hold you, supporting you, allowing you to simply experience who you are.

If you so choose you may look around and see who is here with you. You may find yourself linking with friends, angels, guides. Many of you are in a space of truly understanding yourself; truly knowing who you are. And this is what you are bringing into your everyday existence. You have all that you need within your Divine Knowledge; your Divine Self. Sometimes it is easier to acknowledge this than others. For the times in which there is something that eludes you, you have myself that you can use as a go-between; you have your angels, your guides. And they are the ones who are there in assistance to you.

We are going to take this moment and speak of your dream state upon the earth. Many of you, during these past few months, have been having more difficulty sleeping. You are waking up more often at night. You are perhaps dreaming and releasing through your dream state. Some are having nightmares.

When you are sleeping, your ego or your personality aspect releases its strong hold upon your body. This in turn allows your consciousness the free reign to go and do what it seeks to do at night. Everybody has at least a portion of the night in which you leave your body so as to work upon yourself from within this higher consciousness. Many of you will leave your body and go to a place of healing. This can be done on many different dimensions and you move into the dimension that is most appropriate for you.

Many people will use the time of sleep to communicate with your Higher Self; your group of angels around you so that everybody can be in alignment with what is happening in your life. Sometimes, when you leave your body, you go and you are a teacher or a healer to others.

So take this moment from within this expansion and ask yourself. What is happening in your dream state? Is there anything in particular that you need to know about? Many of you will find that there are a variety of answers; it’s not just one simple answer. You may find that there is a primary experience that you move through during that time. And yet, there are other experiences that are important for you to know about also.

If you so desire, you may reconnect with some of the dream states that you have had recently so as to get a greater amount of information.

For those of you who are disturbed by your dreams ask to know and understand the reason for this. Sometimes it may be the bleed-through of another life existence; sometimes it’s related to other energies which are not yours which you picked up during the day; and still other times, it may be a means of manifesting what you are consciously working on throughout your days. At this time, you may consciously link with yourself as you are dreaming. You may link with your dream and create a change, if you so desire. You may link with your dream, and if indeed it is something to do with an aspect of this lifetime, you may create a different outcome.

Feel as if you are now taking a step back. Look down as if you can see your bed and the room in which you sleep. From within this space, you may perceive energies or vibrations that you are not aware of on the earth plane. Perhaps some of these energies that are around you in your physical location are also having an impact upon you.

From the heart of your consciousness sent forth an impulse or an intention that clears that physical space. Allow that space to be in alignment with who you are. If the space is shared with another, there can be a blending of all the energies that may be within the room so that each person feels comfortable and can sleep in a way that is very restful and allows them to awaken feeling very revived.

This is something that you can do on your own before you go to bed. You can take this moment to set the intention and let that permeate your space indefinitely.

Come back now into the space of the All That Is. Bring your attention back within your consciousness at this level. If you so desire put forth an intention that during your sleep you will do whatever you need to do that’s in your highest interest. And yet, you will still sleep soundly and easily.

All right; continuing on with the idea of dreams, there are also the dreams that you create for yourself. When you think of what it’s like to daydream, as it’s so called; when you let your mind just float away for a time; perhaps you’re thinking about something that is playful or joyful to you. Perhaps you’re letting yourself get out of a situation in which you might be bored or frustrated. These little, mini episodes allow you to shift your awareness – what you might call a half a step up or into a separate dimension. It may not be fully into a new space, but it’s enough to give you the change that you are seeking to have.

So daydreams have your focused intention. Consider the dreams that you have in your life. Is a dream simply a desire that you have that you have not yet manifested? You may think of this in many different ways. Sometimes people consider a dream something that they truly love but that is perhaps beyond anything that they can manifest, and that’s why they call it a dream.

Let yourself get in touch with what your dreams are for yourself. This is the same as creating and manifesting. This time we will do it slightly differently.

Let yourself dream of what you seek for your life. Give your dream as much detail as you would like. Fill it with color, sound, people if you so desire. Let your dream take you in whatever direction your soul essence may want to help you with. Allow for all of this to become very real to you. Step into your dream. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it. Using all of your senses allow this to truly be your reality.

Now your dream does not need to be limited by your mental body. Your dream can be everything. It may be that some of you are actually creating more than one dream. You have a series of dreams. Let that series grow in connection with one another.

When it feels as if your dream has been created to its full ability let yourself once again link with that space in which you sleep. As you are doing this, let the energy of your dream move down until it fills the room that you are sleeping in. As this energy is permeating all aspects of your room it will be there when you go to sleep at night.

Therefore, during the time when you are sleeping, it will be coming down and filling your physical reality. Some of this will come into your consciousness; some of it will move into that space within your dreams where you release and you shift. But all of this energy will be around you and within you during the time that you sleep. At that time, when you are so very open, you will be allowing yourself to truly accept these dreams; these dreams or things that are without limits; that are pure creation on your part. This is another way to manifest within your life.

Release your dreams; let them go. Some may see them disappearing with a little ‘pop’; others we see floating away among the clouds. Let go of expectation. You have created, now allow. Allow the universe to work with you. Allow yourself on all the various levels within and around you to be in alignment and to be in acceptance. And so it is.

Take this moment now to let yourself to play within this space. Let yourself fly around if you so desire. Let yourself link once more with the crystals. Let yourself do whatever makes you happy. Let yourself become permeated with love, with joy. And breathe that in. Let it be who you truly are in this moment. It can be you in this moment. It can be you within your daily life. Your dreams can be your reality. Allow, allow, allow.

Let yourself come together as a group. Sense or see all who are present at this time. There’s always the sense of celebration or a party. Each soul in its natural state is in a state of joy and love. When you are here in the place of the All That Is, you are in that natural state. Therefore, the sense of celebration is very much a part of what this is.

As this group is mingling and connecting with each other, it begins to form a circle and always rising up within that circle, you see the hologram of the earth. You have been following this evolution of the earth for quite some time now. Let yourself perceive how the earth itself has evolved.

You can see how there was a great deal more density upon and within the earth. Through the conscious intention of so many people infusing it with light, it is creating a much greater balance upon the earth. It was also a very masculine based. The influx of the feminine is another way of creating balance.

Gaia as always affirms that every moment and every place upon the earth is perfection. She welcomes and appreciates all who seek to assist in this transformation, but she reassures everyone that the earth itself is exactly as it needs to be. The earth is a magnificent place to be. The earth itself with its mountains, ocean, valleys, plains, the trees, the rocks -- every aspect of it she sees as beautiful. Look at the earth through her eyes. Feel her contentment. She radiates out her wondrous smile to each of you. She beams forth her love as she connects with each who are here for this time of connection with her.

As she is ready to do so, she will blend back within the hologram. Let yourselves radiate forth your love, your joy, perhaps even your dreams into this space. The hologram begins to spin as if on an axis. As it does so, it moves down, moving through the various dimensions. As it links with the magnetic grid, it sends out a portion of light and energy. The earth itself then blends fully with the hologram of the earth.

See how this blending creates a shift. The more times that we bring forth this energy of love, this energy of light, the greater amount of that energy is available to you. Let yourselves seek to connect with it as you move through your daily life.

Shift your focus back once more to within this group. Let yourself become aware of how you are as a result of this journey. You may see others reflecting back an essence of you; you may look inside or you may feel as if you step out to the side and look at yourself from outside. Let yourself open to perceive any shifting that may have occurred within you during this journey.

We release the energy of that group. Allow yourself to move back into the space of the soul plane. Within here, the energy expands so as to accommodate your greater expansion. When I spoke at the beginning, I invited you to perceive as much of your soul essence or Divinity as you could. I invite you to take this moment and look once more. See if perhaps you are able to perceive more and more about who you are. Accept this into your consciousness. Accept this inner knowing into who you are as the human who is walking upon the earth.

If you so desire, you may create a hologram that represents your physical body. For some, this is a way of greater linking their physical with this expanded essence of yourself. See the perfection of who you are right at this moment in your life.

As you are ready to do so, reach out to embrace. Letting your consciousness merge fully with the hologram of your physical essence allows you to link and expand all the energies into a greater alignment.

Let go of this space of the soul plane. Allow your consciousness to move back into the space of the crystalline grid. This is a space that you may come to during your days if you feel a need for this greater alignment.

From here, you move through the interlocking grid and link once more with the magnetic grid. As you do this, you again find that space which is yours. Open to perceive how you have shifted into a higher dimension within this space. It may be a very subtle difference, but your consciousness is now expanded; it has shifted into a higher vibration, therefore, you link with the vibration of wherever your consciousness is.

From there move back within your physical body. Let yourself blend fully once more – feel your physical body and all the energies that are around it. Expand that energy field if you need to; if you feel uncomfortable within your body. Let yourself fully blend so that with each breath that you are taking in, you are continuing to breathe in your Divinity.

This may not remain with you throughout your daily life, but it is here and it is now. You may, therefore, call it back at any time. And you may do so by breathing.

Let yourself breathe deeply, feeling the expansion move through you, feeling the peace, the love, and the joy that you felt while in the All That Is.

Now then, let yourself remain grounded. If you have a question to ask me, I invite you to come back within the room. You may do so by pushing four upon your telephone.

Question (paraphrased): I would like to get back into channeling, which I shut down at an earlier date. How should I go about doing this?

Answer: Allow me to link with you for just a moment. Open up your heart and send out an energy. Alright. We sense that indeed channeling is a wonderful way for you to expand your consciousness and to link more deeply with your Higher Self and any guides or essences that are around you. But what we want to say first and foremost is that this came to you from within yourself. This was your Higher Self talking to you, saying “Don’t forget. You know how to channel.” You have had other lifetime experiences in which you’ve led a very mystical life. It has been as a Druid healer, as a medium. You had many different experiences. So this will not be anything new to you. It’s more a matter of you opening up and allowing in the knowledge that is already within you. You have an ability to do a great many things. You have limited yourself in this lifetime, in part out of fear; in part out of allowing other people’s opinions and the way you were raised and belief systems – those types of things – have all been a part of what’s been holding you back. You made a choice over the last months or so to truly say that I’m going to get in touch with what is real for me, and that is the path that I’m now going to stay on. And yet, within your ego, or your personality aspect, it brings up an essence of fear because this is somewhat different than the path that you have always walked. Does that resonate with you?


We wish to say to you is that we affirm that you are opening up to something that you have already done in other lifetimes and you already have the ability to do in this lifetime. Let yourself honor and be in your own reality. The more that you become comfortable with this within yourself, the easier the channeling will come to you and the less that you’ll feel put upon by others around you. As you begin to move into this path, you may have experiences in which you feel fearful again and other people’s doubts or other’s people’s condemnation may sit hard on you. That is simply a mirror for you to reaffirm that is their belief, but this is my belief. In essence, this is about you listening within yourself, trusting yourself and then walking the path that is your true Divinity. Does that make sense?

(Yes. Perhaps I’ve been killed in the past for this)

Most everybody has, so as you come into your own in this lifetime, you can let go those past lifetimes. This is a different time upon the earth. There are very, very strong energies upon the earth and a new and different energy than has ever been able to be around the earth. That is what allows more people to be able to move into these types of experiences. Be aware that you will not be persecuted, although you may be persecuted if that is your creation for yourself, but that does not have to be your reality. Your reality can be just as strongly that you’ll not be persecuted, that you’ll open up easily and that these energies will flow because it’s entirely possible, it’s already happening on higher dimensions for you. Let it become your reality in the earth plane. Whenever the fear crops up like that then simply love it away; reassure it. Let yourself affirm once again that you are standing in your own truth and in your own reality.

Question (paraphrased): I had a dream in which I received a new name: Shilo Kahuna. I believe it has to do with my working with Lemurian energies. Can you shed some insight onto this?

Answer: As you said that name, we do believe it is a name you should work with for the time being. We don’t sense it’s something that will be with you permanently, for the rest of your life. When you state that name, the energy that emanated from you was very strong, very loving and very much in alignment with not only the Native American but also the energies of Lemuria. It’s something that has been a strain energy moving through time upon the earth dating back to the time of Lemuria. Therefore as you evoke that name for yourself, you are linking to all the various levels of energy that are associated with that name. It is a name given to you in your dream state, but it is more so a name of a community or an organization. Therefore, there may be others who have also heard that word or name. They will also feel an alignment or resonance with it. Does that resonate with you?

(Yes it does and that was a beautiful answer and channel. I really appreciate all that you do us.)

We really appreciate your expressing that and both of us truly appreciate the love and the honor that you give to us. It is our pleasure to share that back with you. So enjoy this new step that you are moving into. Some have said Lemuria is rising again. It is all a part of the process of the earth, so simply enjoy this part that you are now opening up into. We honor you and we thank you.

Question (paraphrased): Why does it seem I am always alone in my life? I see other people who have friends and family with them throughout their life, but I don’t. More often I’m just alone.

Answer: This is a moment that you need not feel alone. I invite everybody who is here and present listening with us to flow the energy of love, of acceptance and of companionship through you so that you can feel that you are not alone. It may be that you are physically alone at this time upon the earth, but there have been.. hold on, too many downloads. We want to first and foremost assure you that you are not alone, that many people do hold you in their hearts. Everyone who will be reading this later will be sending you an impulse of love. Everyone who is here and present is embracing you with love. There is a flow of energy and light that is all around you and we invite you to open up, to feel it and to accept it. You chose before coming into this lifetime to resolve a great many things, but one of the primary has been about relationships. It’s been first and foremost a relationship within yourself and then relationship as it relates to the other people around you. You have had a great many challenges in this lifetime. You have had a great many times when you’ve been physically alone, living alone in this lifetime. Sometimes it is due to an isolation you feel within yourself that keeps others at an arms length. Other times it is to allow you to go inside and connect within yourself.

There are many different levels within for you as to why this has been going on with you in this lifetime. This is not the way it needs to be; it doesn’t have to continue this way for your future. It again goes back to an issue of worthiness and we sense that, whether it’s conscious or unconscious within you, you do not feel worthy of having people to be with you throughout your lifetime or that will stay with you. Through the hurt you have experienced, each time something falls through the cracks or doesn’t go the way you think it will go; it then helps to create a shell around you. You have taken down this shell several different times, but then you have a feeling as if something has happened and you bring that shell right back up around you. It’s as if you have a cloak around you and you let that cloak down from time to time, but you never let go of it. What I recommend is that you continue to open, to love and to accept yourself. When you feel this intense emotion, when you feel this loneliness – the loneliness comes from feeling this separation. Consciously release separation; let yourself consider this moment that you in right now and know that all these people on this call are sending you love. That is something that will never go away; it will always be here for you. When you’re feeling intensely lonely let yourself open and accept the love that you know at this moment is here for you, and let that tide you over. As you can, again, feel the worthiness of deserving – and deserve is not a word I like to use because it has judgment in it, but we sense this is what you are doing for yourself.

So I invite you to let go of judging if you are worthy for it or not worthy for it and just whatever it is that it takes within you to let you know that you can have the love; you are the love and you are fully connected to yourself and to the people around you, then you will have less of that feeling of loneliness. But it always begins and ends and has to be completed within you. The relationships that you have with others, until that is fully connected within yourself will continue to feel to you as if they’re transitory. Alright, beloved?

(There was no response, she later said her phone disconnected. From the soul connection I had, she was still present.)

Let yourself breathe in the love. Let yourself feel everyone who is here and again part of this goes back to the fact that you feel things so intensely so you shut down so as not to feel the intensity. But let yourself release that and be open to feel reconnected within yourself. And then, as you look around and see people around you realize that you are not different or separate from them. That they are like you on one level or another and you can manifest long-term relationships. Just breathe in acceptance. And breathe in love. Alright, Beloved? We are ever present with you, and you are loved.

Question (paraphrased): I seem to go between dimensions all the time. I can’t seem to stay grounded on a regular basis. I’m not always aware of when I’m out in the ethers. I’m aware of a spirit around me that seems both benevolent, at times, and threatening. What is this about?

Answer: We’re getting two different perceptions of what you are speaking of. Actually, we were flooded with many different perceptions. First, you are very deeply connected to the stars. You are a star child/ you came in with a very high vibration because of these changes coming into the earth at this time. Especially over the last eight to ten years, it has amplified that even more for you. That in turn has caused the disconnection within you. That disconnection is what makes you feel ungrounded and spacey; it’s what almost comes across as more than one personality or – multiple personality is a little too much for what we want to describe this as, but that floating between realities and what is your current reality and what are other peoples’ realities. We do sense your disconnection. As a result of that there are bleed-throughs from other lifetimes. The aspect you speak of first came through very strongly as an energy or an aspect of yourself from another lifetime, but then it also came through as a low vibrational energy that is sometimes known as an energy vampire, if that makes sense to you. Something that draws on your energy and because of your disconnection, this openness that you are feeling that makes you – it’s almost as if you bleed out energy not even being aware that that is what you are doing. What we say about this whole situation is that we first of all would like you to take the time to become more fully connected with your physical body. You chose to have this lifetime upon the earth; you chose to be a part of everything that is going on.

So, just as at the beginning of the journey you do the breathing and you breathe in the energy of light and fill your physical body with the light, that’s when you can be bringing this expanded awareness that you live in down and really make it a part of your physical body. You will then create a greater balance for yourself; a greater blending for yourself. We also see that you are, even though you have all these high vibrations and this distraction, that you are already very connected to the earth. Spending time outdoors, in the grass, leaning against the tree; things like that can be very physically grounding to you. We sense your first step is to reunite and become balanced within this physical body that is holding you. Does that make sense?

(Yes. I don’t feel like I’m getting there quickly enough.)

Impatience is always the strongest human trait that we see. You are getting there more so than you want, but you’re not staying there. So if you can work on a breathing technique that works for you and then if you want to... you may use that to create change. Every couple of hours during the day, doing two, three, four, five deep breaths in which you breathe your Divinity all the way down through your toes and into the ground. That’s a way of reconnecting. Feel your fingers, feel your toes, feel your knees and your body. Just in taking in a breath you are consciously connecting with your physical body. If you do that consistently throughout the days, I sense that you’ll feel it much more strongly because you are going in there but then you are going out again. You need to do something more consistently. It doesn’t have to be a big deal which is why I say just two or three deep breaths and you can take breaths when you are driving your car, when you’re working, when you’re talking to people. You already have a way of being in two places at once so you can be having a conversation with someone and then in the back of your mind be doing this breathing in and grounding yourself and making yourself more fully present and then you will feel you’re picking up more nuance in the conversation. Does that make sense?

(One spirit is here or two?)

If you’re feeling two spirits then maybe the spirit... because remember I said I felt that one was an essence of you and then another felt like it was draining. Whether those are the two energies or what, but you don’t necessarily... you can release the energy….

(I have my own essence that is not earth bound and then another past life, vampire energy around me then?)

Yes, it seems so. Whenever a person receives these insights or you have these experiences and like you said, at first it was something to bring up insights for you to help you release something to help you grow and evolve, then that is always to your benefit. I remind you that you are the human you are the one with the free will and so when it gets to where you begin to feel drained from the experience, or you feel like you’ve taken as much from it as you are willing to have, then at that point you release that energy. If it still comes back to you then you might want to look inside of yourself and see if there’s a cord or something attached to that energy. You can release that cord, release that energy. It need not be a part of your experience. Our sense is that you have an openness, you are seeking to really learn and transform yourself, therefore, you’ve been saying, sure whatever is out there teach me I’ll take it. Then, because you remain open and you get drained. I don’t as a general rule feel that people need to protect themselves because when you are in your space, your Divinity and you’re moving through your life, it’s not necessary. But when you’re feeling a mal effect from something, that’s when you need to say okay, I need to set boundaries and let go. In the future when something comes to you and you look at it as a lesson and you take as much as makes sense to you and you go forward from there. Does that resonate?

(The spirit won’t leave until I sell my house. Yet the spirit has taught me a lot.)

Anything that seeks to control you is not a high vibrational spirit. Therefore, if it is saying that to you, it is not a high vibrational spirit.

(I know that, but I can’t get rid of it.)

If it’s attached to your house, the space in which you live, then you can send a bright, high vibrational light through the area and it will not be able to exist in a high vibration. It’s also feeding something in you, because you said you learned something from it so you have to be willing to let it go also. When you make a complete break and let it go and you raise the vibration in your house and fill it with light, it will not be able to come into that presence. (I feel that if I move, I’ll be free of it.) My sense is you will not. You are linked to it and you need to let it go energetically and then you’ll be free whether you stay in your house or whether you move.

(Thank you.)

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): I appreciate the help of everyone from the last time, may I have an update about the energy attachment I released from during the last session. Also, I am feeling some feat about what next steps to take in my life. Can you speak to that?

Answer: We have remained with you throughout the last couple of weeks and there is already a clearer energy around you. We no longer sense that entity or attachment that we felt before. The fear you have is because things have not manifested as quickly as you would like them to, which is, as you’ve already heard from several different people tonight, timing and manifestation is always the greatest challenge. Let yourself, when you feel the fear, and you wonder where am I going to go, what am I going to do, let yourself embrace your Divinity. Let yourself love yourself. Let yourself truly be in the space of that moment. If you try to push fear out, just push it away, it will grow larger and larger. So, take fear into you, embrace it and acknowledge that it is fearful because I don’t know where I’m going to go or what I’m going to do. But additionally, say that I trust in the universe, I trust in my own Divinity and I love and accept all of who I am right now. See if that doesn’t help to shift the energy around that more.

(Thank you.)

You are very welcome.

Question (paraphrased): I enjoyed the journey tonight about creating our dreams. What is on the horizon for me with the changes I’ve been trying to make?

Answer: We still see the potentials that you have been working with in terms of the move, in terms of seeking a job to do with writing. There may be a shift in energy around that (job) that may or may not work out for you. It’s still unclear. But there is still a thread of light that goes to that space you’d spoken of before. We sense that with the work you’ve done on yourself this summer, you are presently in a holding pattern. You’re needing to … actually you don’t need to do anything, but release the anxiety and worry as, again, we’ve had several people asking about when something is going to happen, how is it going to happen. It’s the question so many humans have. The simple answer is everything will happen at the right time, but the answer I hope will help each person in the interim is to simply continue to hold onto your dreams. Let your dreams be exactly what you want them to be and at the same time release control over how it’s going to come about so that the universe can have more play. You may have the dream of writing and editing and such, but rather than being in the place you thought, it might be in a different place. I’m throwing that out there. It’s still strong that you’ll be working with people, working with editing. As for timing, that part is kind of murky. In the past we’ve had a more definite timeframe around it. Now, that is more blurred. Why that is, I can’t say. That is the perception at this moment.

(Could you speaking about my cousin who was in a coma?)

Let us say one more thing about the other topic. We want to remind you that when you’re in the space of anxiety and impatience, then that creates a little distance between yourself and the dream and holds it at arms length. When you find yourself, as with the other person with the fear, when you embrace your impatience and say okay, yes, I’m impatient today and I don’t like that, but it’s what I’m feeling. Love yourself anyway, accept yourself anyway and let it go. You’ll find that you’ll have less episodes of being impatient. It’ll also draw the energies of the universe closer to you. As for your cousin, you actually created an energetic link with her when she was in the coma, so let yourself continue to communicate with her through that link. Right now, as she’s coming out of the coma, she’s feeling more distant to you, but that link is still there because you created it. You can still send her; hold the space of healing for her. Send her love; hold the communication and part of what her pathway has been is that feeling of aloneness, that feeling of struggle and not wanting to continue the struggle. Send to her the potential that she doesn’t need to struggle so much anymore; the potential that she is connected within herself more. We sense that when she’s fully awake from this experience she will be changed and she will feel the change within her. Then, you’ll be able to... she may come to you with questions and you may find that there’s more you can give her at that time. For now, continue to support the rest of the family; link with her like that and send communication.

(Thank you.)

You’ve already been doing that, we know beloved. Be at peace. All is in perfection.

Question: Goddess, I asked the question about being alone, but I got cut off from your answer. Can you tell me what you said?

Answer: We will get that part of the transcription to you. She cannot review that whole thing with you right now. The message was about loving yourself and accepting yourself. The word worthiness kept coming up and that you were judging yourself and judging others. The message, in essence, was about loving and accepting who you are at the moment.

So, I thank you each for coming in to be present at this experience tonight. I thank you for the energy that we shared back and forth. I embrace each of you as you dream. I embrace each of you as you are in your physical dream state to allow for the ability to transform and transition and feel awake, feeling rested and comfortable.

Believe in yourself; believe in the perfection that all is exactly as it needs to be at this moment.




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