Embrace Compassion & Messages from the ET's

This channel really brought up some amazing energies!!  I know the intention I have and that the Goddess, Angels, Guides all share with me is about focusing on what you DO want and the vibration of positive intention.  During this channel, the Goddess created a space where she invited people to really explore their fears, angers, frustrations etc.  We could see how these energies that were denied or ignored were getting bigger and bigger.  I think sometimes when things don’t happen as we anticipate they will, it’s because of these unacknowledged emotions and energies. 

Perhaps ask yourself as you say “I am open to receive the abundance that is all around me!”  If you say it, but it doesn’t resonate or it’s not ‘real’ to you then each time you say that or something like it, you are emphasizing the lack because you say the words, but you send a vibration of the opposite. 

Sometimes it’s the unacknowledged energies that are stronger than the acknowledged!

She then spoke of compassion.  When there is resistance in our lives and we don’t want to focus upon it, then instead focus upon compassion.  Allowing compassion into our lives will transition ANYTHING that is going on with you.  It will neutralize energies that are out of balance. It will create a better feeling within you.  It’s also a way to shift the energies around you if you’re stuck with people who are focusing on fear or other lower vibrational energies.

Once that had shifted a great deal of what people were experiencing, there was a sense of a group of ET’s coming in.  There were some from the Galactic Federation, Pleiades, Lightbody and more.  They spoke of the transition taking place, stating that when there’s a lot of fear, it’s an opportunity to create transition.  You can do so by infusing compassion.  They spoke of their desire to assist in our transition. 

They even acknowledged the fear that some people have, that the ET’s will take over.  I almost laughed out loud!!! They said, we are here in a space of limitlessness, we know our divine selves, why would we want to take over people who are experiencing limitation?  Makes sense to me!!

Through this channel you can get in touch with resistance you have within you and then shift it through compassion.  You can also create an alliance with the ET’s and receive their message.  I invite you to be open to compassion in all parts of your life! 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I invite you to come with me, to join with me, to allow yourself to feel not only my presence in alignment with you, but to feel your own divinity as you allow that to be expressed through you the person you are in this lifetime.

As you are breathing gently and easily be very conscious that every breath you take in, allows you to have the intention of focusing inside of yourself. Every breath that you release allows you to let go stress, let go anything at all that is no longer serving you, so that each breath, each awareness, allows you to be focused within, to be focused upon all that you do seek to have within your life.

There are many, many changes and transitions taking place around the world. Every place within the world is shifting into a different vibration, a different state of consciousness, a different awareness. Because of that, it upsets the flow of energy and therefore creates changes sometimes that people are not expecting or that people are not ready for.

Now, when I say ready for change there is always a vibration or an energy within every single person that is in alignment to the change taking place. Therefore, if someone is not consciously open, consciously aware in their minds, they may not consider themselves ready for the change, but ultimately it’s going to continue to move on; is going to continue to happen, is going to continue creating the awareness, creating the concept or the experience for humanity.

I know that this channel will reach out and connect with many, many people all around the world. I know people find themselves in very different experiences because of the energies of what took place in the United States this past week. It’s a reflection of things that are happening not only in the states but in many different places around the world. And what I speak of is the violence.

Now, my intention is not to let that be the focus of the meditation tonight. But I do understand how it creates a sense of fear and how it creates many different underlying vibrations within a community.

Elsewhere in the world you are feeling the same thing. You are having a similar experience; sometimes on an ongoing basis, sometimes very randomly or for you it may be that you have fear in your life on a one-to-one basis, every day. You may have fear of creating change in your life, perhaps changing your job, perhaps changing a relationship. There’s always that fear of the unknown.

I speak of this while everyone is still grounded, because as we move through the journey we are going to take more and more time and energies to move beyond a place of fear, to move into the light, to move into the consciousness and the experience of living your life to the fullest.

You may wonder; are these things that create fear in your life going to overcome everything else? The answer is, ultimately no. The short answer is that you may have experiences on a day-to-day, minute by minute where that is your entire focus and therefore it gets bigger, bigger, bigger. Ultimately any time that you bring a light into the room the darkness goes away.

There is so much light upon the earth. Indeed, one hears so much about the darkness, if you want to give it a name perhaps that is so as to allow a greater amount of light to come in, in a very conscious fashion. Every one of you are a light, billions of children are billions of light, adults, all ages. There is way more light than there is darkness. Trust in that, believe in that. You yourself are a part of that, all of you through your very conscious intention, through your conscious choice.

I embrace, I support and I acknowledge all that each one of you are doing. Therefore, if it feels as if there is fear in your life or darkness or anything at all that that you feel keeps nudging you out of the pathway that you are choosing for yourself then remember that that expression, that experience of you expressing your divinity is once more reconnecting you as the light that you are.

And with that, I invite each one of you to once more take a deep breath in, where you breathe down within yourself sending that breath of light down into the earth. As you send it into the earth let yourself align with Gaia. Let yourself align with these energies of these vibrations, allowing all of that to flow up within you anchoring you within this space and from there you let go. You allow your consciousness to expand; you allow your consciousness to shift. It streams out from you and you find yourself within the space of your higher self. As you look around this space, take note of everything that you keep here, everything that you have at your fingertips as a means of assisting you in your daily life.

You move within this space each time that you seek to have information about something happening within your life. You move within this space when you reach out to your angels and guides. You move within this space when you reach out to communicate with others, therefore it can be very active with an immense flow of energy moving through.

From here, I invite you to release these energies. Allow your consciousness as if to expand into the space of the soul plane. You find yourself moving within these energies. Here within the soul plane you find your I Am presence. It may be as if it is a ball of light, it may be as if you recognize the essence or the energy of who you are. This is you in your entirety; this is you as the amazing soul essence that manifests on so many different levels.

I the Goddess moves in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace. I reach out and allow my love, my awareness, my energy for you to amplify all of who you are. As we merge it automatically shifts you into the energies of the All That Is.

Look around; see what is here for you. Allow yourself to just let the joy bubble up. Let yourself feel the pure conscious energy that is you.

It is as if there is still some of that energy of the celebration that was going on at the end of our last teleconference. It’s still here, you may tap into it if you so choose. Perhaps that’s what is creating all the smile and all this energy of joy.

Life is about experiences, life is about emotions, life is aligned by the thoughts that you have, but ultimately, with everything that you do, I invite you to choose love, choose joy, choose the easy movement in your pathway.

I invite you to consider your life. I tapped into it a little bit at the very beginning about things that may create fear within you. Without letting the entire focus be upon fear I invite you to instead consider the things in your life that are resistance. And by resistance, are there certain things that you have been seeking to manifest that as yet have not manifested? Are there certain deadlines that are hanging over you? Are there certain responsibilities that cause more pressure than joy? I could go on and on with the list of these things.

In essence if it creates a sense of anxiety, fear, resistance, pressure anything at all like that within you then I would like to go a little bit deeper into whatever that is. Consider the first thing that you bring up in this regard. For everybody it’s different. I’m hearing relationships, I’m hearing work, I’m hearing abundance, I’m hearing physical safety, I’m hearing a list that goes on and on.

Give yourself this moment to consider whatever that may be because sometimes when you are seeking to have thoughts that are on the positive outcome or you are thinking in a particular way with the intention that that’s what your vibration emanates what you adversely do is, you have a place inside of you, that is in such opposition to what you are seeking to say or change that is emanating a stronger vibration than the words that you are speaking. In other words, if you speak the words; “I am in the flow of abundance and I see it every day around me” and yet in your solar plexus or in your heart you are feeling; “Oh my gosh I don’t see any abundance” or you’re feeling “that maybe true for them but not for me, but I want it for me so I’m trying to get there”.

There may be various scenarios that go unspoken or unacknowledged within you in certain situations. This is your opportunity to peel away the layers to allow yourself to really truly acknowledge what that resistance is. We are not going to stay there, we are not going to remain in this energy for any period of time but for many of you it does need to be acknowledged. It does need to be something that you recognize as having an impact upon you. Let yourself bring that up at this time. If you have a fear, what is the worst case scenario? What is the very worst thing that can happen if it manifested that way?

As you take a step back from that, you turn as if in another direction and you ask yourself. If I really did let go of this fear what would be my best possible outcome?

Most likely, the experience that you will have will be something in the middle of that. If indeed it does turn out to be your worst case scenario then look around you. Look at all of your divinity that is here for you. Look at all of the angels. Look at all of the guides. You are not alone. If at times you feel that you are or if at times you feel as if you were doing this all completely on your own, let it go. Embrace the love and the support that is here for you.

Let’s go to the next thing on your list. As you consider something you’ve been seeking to manifest but have not as yet occurred for you; consider what it is you do want, consider where you are right now. Do you feel frustration, anger, irritation? I can hear some of you yelling and screaming in your minds. Go for it.  Let it go, let it go, let it go.

If you ignore these emotions or these energies and they get bigger and bigger and bigger it becomes that elephant sitting on your shoulder that everybody else is aware of, but you are ignoring and that ignoring of the elephant is what distances you from your divinity. Here within the space of the All That Is acknowledge it. Again, what is the worst-case scenario, the very worst that could happen to you? And you look around considering what that is.

If you can let go that anger, that frustration and you look to the other side and you ask yourself. “Can I really let this go? If I do, what will happen? How would that look? Can I really step up and accept myself and accept this potential?” For those that feel the anger and the rage, let it go. Recognize that again you are not alone.

What is something else in your life? I just heard judgment. How many people have judgment within their lives? Some of you may feel judged by other people. Some of you in seeking to create change for yourself may reach out to other energies or to other, other people, but then think they have this issue, they have that issue. Sure it might be nice in this time, but I don’t want to be around and you can fill in the blank.

One thing we have heard again and again is people saying they would like friends, they would like to meet people that are open to this new energy, to this new way of living their lives and as they meet new people the perception is, but they don’t do this, they don’t think that, they don’t understand this and as if in their face are the differences instead of the similarities.

Perhaps you are not aware that judgment is having an effect upon you. So, whether it is something that you are consciously aware of or not, I invite you at this time to take a deep breath in as if you breath down into your heart centers, if you breathe into your solar plexus as if you breath down inside of you and then bring up anything to do with judgment, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~~Whew~~ and let it go. That was a big shift with that.

Some if not all of the fear and the problems that have recently been experienced are founded in judgment. In people judging that some else is different from them therefore they should be eliminated. There are wars fought over this. People judging that they are right, the other is wrong and then fighting regarding that.

As you let go of judgment from within you, from within your heart, from within your center, open to feeling compassion. Compassion is any emotion, compassion is an energy that will instead not only fill you up allowing you to feel really good within yourself but then as that flows out to everybody else it creates a sense of acceptance, a sense of acknowledgment or awareness. Within that compassion it flows aligning everything else within you. Go back to what we first began speaking of, be it fear, rage, irritation, and most recently judgment. Indeed anything within your life that creates a sense of resistance or creates a sense of being disconnected, unhappy, has the ability to be transformed with compassion.

Take a breath in feeling up every part of you with compassion. You need not analyze, you need not focus upon anything except that vibration and that energy to create amazing changes within your life. Here within the All That Is, give yourself that moment. Allow yourself to acknowledge, whatever it is that you feel needs to be acknowledged. But when you let it go, really, truly, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go.

As you find an opportunity to incorporate compassion within your life you may find that your focus shifts in ways that you did not anticipate. As you consider feeling compassionate not only about yourself but do so, say perhaps about the people that you work with. When you hear the arguing, when you hear the fear, the frustration, when you hear people talking about those things that keep them separated inside of themselves breathe in compassion ~~Whew~~ and let it flow out towards them.

You cannot change what anybody else thinks or feels. You can, transition its effect upon you through compassion. You are driving in rush hour traffic and all the people around you are focused and intent upon getting where they want to, breathe in a deep breath with the intention of bringing in compassion and send it out to everyone around you. You may find that there’s an ease in the flow of traffic. You may find that suddenly you are getting places a little quicker. We could go on and on about the many, many ways in which you could work with the energies of compassion.

We invite you to have a sense of looking to the side. There is an emissary, if you wish to call it that, of not only the light body energies, but the intergalactic brotherhood, the Pleiadians. There is quite a group that seems to be coming in. We thought it was going to be one or two but now there is a sense of 10 to 15.

I am going to shift the energies over and allow them to speak to you, because they all have messages. You’ve met them before. They were here as a part of this group several weeks ago and they wanted to come back and speak again.

Greetings earth energies, greetings humanity, greetings beloved brothers and sisters as we link with you in this manner. When we spoke with you the last time it was at a time of shifting energies that was opening up a vortex to the earth allowing greater amounts of light and energy into the earth. For the last two weeks maybe 10 days there’s been a deep integration taking place with these energies. Some of you may have found yourself disoriented, some may have found yourself walking between dimensions in a conscious way, others of you have been simply feeling out of sorts and out of balance and much more so affected by the people around them than they would normally be.

Every time there is a transition of energies, it creates an imbalance until it is integrated. This year 2013, as you call it, is a year of very large transitions taking place upon the earth. Underlying much of that is a steady stream of the rising consciousness. Intermixed with that, are large downloads of energy. That steady stream creates a foundation and a balance. Those larger influxes of energy then need to be integrated within that, which indeed takes time.

You will hear about things taking place on a global level that sometimes may push you into fear. These are people acting out for what they know not. They think , they know they have their agenda, but indeed, what is ultimately taking place is they are expressing the polar opposites of the energies that are coming in and as that comes out to be put in the bright lights, so to speak or to be brought into everyone’s consciousness. It then allows the energy of light, the energy of balance, to blend with that, neutralize it and create a shift that allows for everything to be left afterwards in a space of a higher lighter vibration. Some people may say; it’s an awkward way to go about doing this or horrible or they may completely disagree with us. It is all, but each individual’s perception or opportunity to recognize what is your truth.

The crystalline energies are becoming more and more anchored within and upon your earth with each one of these experiences. The time will come when there will be much greater solidity and balance of energies. Be at peace and entrust that ultimately the earth itself is going to survive, is going to prosper, is going to expand.

Let us speak of the crystalline energies or the light body energies for a moment. The crystalline vibration is comprised of many, many things. One of which are sounds and tones. It creates a harmony; it creates a vibration that is a response to tones. You will find that as you listen to music you hear the various layers and levels that are being conveyed. Music upon the earth is going to change in such a way that there are some, what you might call background tones or background sounds, that when you close your eyes, you shut off all the sound around you. You allow yourself to be very quiet and you listen. There is a tone or a vibration that you may be able to hear. This is your vibration. When you then invite that, to be in alignment with whatever it is that you seek, you may hear a shifting or a changing in the tones.

Our friends, the Dolphins and the Whales speak through tones. They create harmonic convergences that allow for transitions of thoughts, potentials, ideals. As you continue to integrate more and more of these crystalline light body vibrations, you are creating those changes in your DNA. your body takes on the energies and the vibration of these crystals.

If you find yourself moving, as it continuously off balanced or off-center, indeed grounding yourself is one way to assist with this. But we would also say to you expand inviting your light body of your divine essence to integrate more fully within you. That is what this is about. The expansion of the crystalline bodies or the light bodies into human reality is taking place through every person, it’s taking place through the animals, it’s taking place through the general atmosphere around you. You may find yourself making choices of certain things that will ultimately assist you in your life.

There will be many, many opportunities for us to sit and chat with you. There’s so much talk lately about the ET’s making themselves known, about the ET’s walking upon the earth as humans do, about the ET’s manifested into human bodies, about the ET’s taking over again. You can feel that fear. We have no desire to take over the earth. We live in the vast universe. We move within the galaxies. We communicate with limitless potentials. We know who we are and we understand how limitless we are. That is why we are here as humanity is going through this transition and beginning to step into that potential and that awareness of its own limitlessness.

Many of you are a part of this group. You have aspects of yourself from your divinity that are working as some of these intergalactic ET’s. Indeed, some of you that find yourself so very drawing and inviting in these energies is because it is either you or a very close soul family that you are seeking to align with.

The time is drawing closer and closer that will allow for this greater ease. There are still those that wish to keep us out, those are of course those people of control and manipulation. The more that each one of you focus upon your balance with your divinity, empowering yourself within that, sending it down into the earth, remaining in the space of compassion you create a stronger energy than any control and manipulation.

To some of us it is as if the changes on Earth take place in quicksand, it is so slow, but we understand, we are here in support. We love you dearly. We invite you to accept our embrace and to join with us whenever you so choose.


It is I the Goddess back once more. I so love to look out at all of you, especially after a group such as this has been speaking with you, because each one of you have shifted. You’ve raised your consciousness. You have stepped into a place of joy and excitement. You are looking for tangible ways to manifest or to see all of this happening within your life or in society. Open up to whatever that may be. Experience; experience yourself, experience yourself as the human being that you are. Experience yourself as your crystalline light body energy. Experience yourself as your divinity. That is exquisite. You are filled with compassion. You are filled with your divine energies. You manifested with greater and greater ease. It fills me up as I connect with each one of you and I thank you for that.

Beloved family I invite you to gather back together. As you do, so, you reach out, inviting that hologram of the earth to come up within you. The Galactic Federation, the light body emissaries, all of you and many, many more create a flow and that hologram of the earth comes up within. As it does so, it becomes infused with light. It becomes infused with energy and I invite everyone of you to infuse consciously compassion, acceptance, allowing into this space. As you do so, become aware of how the hologram itself begins to actually send out a vibration or send out the sparkles or send out these waves of energy and as it does so you let it go.

It moves down, as it comes into the crystalline grid work, it merges with that moving throughout the whole entire earth. It moves blending into the new earth, which are those higher dimensions now aligned. It moves into the core center of the earth itself.

As it links with the crystals within the earth it sets up a vibrational awareness. As that happens, it comes out from there, it moves upward, it comes up, up, up, up, up, and you may feel it coming up within your physical body. It comes up in and around your human cells, moving through all your energy bodies and creating a space that clears out everything you cleared out in the All That Is and instead it amplifies and it anchors the energies of who you are; you as the place of compassion, you as the place of balanced energies, you with the integration of your divine essence. You send that out from you. It also comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, and you send forth the intention that there is a vibrational alignment that moves out linking you and anyone else you come into contact with, so that there can be an easier flow and an easier balance. Feel that and allow it to come within.

From there, you shift your consciousness once more back up within the All That Is. You let go this space, you let go this energy. As you do so, you find yourself moving through. You pause for a moment within the soul plane, feeling the energies of the soul plane, your divinity. You may have a better perception of some of the other aspects of you and what you are doing right now. From there, you flow back through your higher self. You find yourself coming back down. This time, you are bringing your consciousness with you as you stream down through the energies; through the energies of you, yourself, anchoring them within you, perhaps sending it all the way down into the earth so that you may anchor yourself as you come back into this moment.

Take a deep breath in, breathing in gently and easily, breathing in compassion, breathing in your awareness of the light body and the ET energies, breathing in your conscious choice of how you wish to live your life. Bring it up within you now, creating the thoughts, the ideas, the potential, ~~Whew~~ and send it out so that as you move through your days you find yourself encountering what you seek to have. You find things unfolding with ease. Open up and allow that potential to be at the forefront of your reality.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. As you are moving through your days, as you live your life, I invite you to consider compassion any time that you find yourself shifting into a space of either resistance or something that feels less than good or less than joy or less than happiness.

If you hear things upon the news, if it’s on your computer, if it’s spoken of by the people around you, I invite you to again breathe in compassion and let it flow out to all involved or into any situation. Allow your focus to always be upon that which helps you to feel better and let go anything outside of that.

So, beloved family know that I am ever with you and within you.



madeline 2nd May 2013 1:37 pm

While fully enjoying this message, I still have to ask myself if these Persons, ETs and spiritual forces that contribute to these suggestions of compassion truly see what is happening from a greater perspective.
This message may be emotionally beneficial and very lovely in theory...but I must wonder if the beings that are responsible for this message are living or existing in areas outside of their relative comfort zone. Would it be easy to still write your fluffy words of compassion if you were living in a country of violence, where daily the newspapers display photos of corpses lying in the street or brutally gunned down. What if you did not have enough to eat today and you lived in a place of civil unrest, war, rape, political brutality. Where you were not safe even from your neighbors because they will steal from you. And you can be met on the highway by armed men who may kill you or take your car because this is NORMAL in some parts of the world. And I wonder how much humanity and these killers and thieves will benefit from your vibrations of compassion. Lets just see.

Sandra Smyre 2nd May 2013 2:39 pm

Thank you Madeline for your response to this post. I so want peace and love to rule this planet, but know we are not there yet. Living in reality is about not sticking our heads in the sand--and you are so right. Some days it is hard to read something like this, especially when we know what is really happening. May this glorious energy shift us all and quickly! In LoveLight, Sandra

Shelly Dressel 5th May 2013 8:30 am

Hi Madeline,

Thank you so much for writing about this. I know it is a very challenging way to live, as if you are always in the 'fight or flight' syndrome, which in turn increases the stress. My love and compassion go out to you and all in your situation.

Yes, i think they do see. Yes I think this is a way to make a change. The reason is that when in a situation like what you describe; fear, violence, distrust, control etc you cannot create change from those energies. Compassion is without judgment. It is the essence of love. Creating a better feeling place will come from a place outside of what you are experiencing.

I do believe energy work like this has an impact. Is it something you can see every day? Perhaps not. But what it does do is fill up the person under all that stress with the essence of something that feels 'different' and perhaps feels good or supportive.

If there's a way you can invite this in, even if it feels like it's not there; I trust that they are with you and creating a change.

Much love,


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