Expanded Akashic Record & Re-Wiring

This channel took the experiences of the June 3, 2012 and moved it to the next level. The Goddess first of all assisted people with taking a review of what happened since the last channel. For some, this gave them even greater clarity. For others, they were opening to further information to assist in this change.

The Goddess then assisted people with understanding the many different ways in which you can align; it may through dimensions, different angles, asking for information or even looking around at different aspects of your life. The Akashic Records are another way of linking with your divinity in its entirety. You’ve had the lifetimes and existences already within your I AM presence, so the Akashic Record is but another way of looking at your life.

Once people had the chance to experience the Akashic, the Goddess went through every person and re-wired their energy bodies. This included opening channels that were closed down. It meant that the mental, emotional & physical bodies would work in greater alignment with each other. This also was another way for people to integrate more fully whatever changes they were experiencing.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you inviting you to come into this space; inviting you to come and share some time together.

This is an opportunity for you to take some time and just acknowledge who you are right now, today, within your life. Take a moment and consider anything that may be coming up for you, anything that may be coming into your focus. Allow yourself to acknowledge it and then if it’s something to let go, let it go or if it’s something that you want to bring more fully into the focus allow yourself to do that.

As I am looking around at the group of people coming together this evening, there is a lot of energy of intention. With our last journey together, we spoke of and worked with the energies of the Akashic Records. And while a great deal was able to take place, there is even more that you can do with this information, so we will be returning there this evening.

While you are here, still grounded, still focused in your everyday life, I invite you to take stock of what may be happening within and around you. There may be certain things that come out to the forefront. There may be a question or something that you want to bring with you into this journey; so allow all of that to just come up into your awareness while everyone is still grounded here within the earth.

I invite you to take in one more breath, breathing down through your physical body, breathing down through your energy body, sending everything down into the earth so that you can ground once more within the earth and then allow that to flow back up within you as it anchors you here within your space.

By taking this moment to do this it will actually allow you to expand even further as you let your consciousness be released. So let go your physical body; have a sense of shifting your focus and your awareness into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you are here within this space, feel the energies of your higher self. Feel the energies as they move through. It may be as if you are anchoring a part of your consciousness here or it may be as if you are stepping into a greater expansion.

I invite you now to shift your focus once more. As you do so, you shift expanding into the energies of the crystalline grid. As you feel yourself moving within these crystalline energies, you feel what it is to be released from that magnetic pull of the earth. You can feel your energies shifting and moving in many different directions.

This space is a place where you come on a consistent basis as you shift into your higher self; it’s a place that supports you in your everyday life.

I invite you to now shift once more, this time allow yourself to move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, reach out to your divinity. As you do so, allow yourself to merge fully with your I AM presence.

As you feel yourself merging, open up to the expansion that is yours here within this day. There is unconditional love and acceptance here for you. Allow yourself to receive what that is.

As you allow this to flow through you, I the Goddess begin to move through these energies and the space in which you are. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you.

As you feel my energies merging with you, you’ll find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Allow yourself to expand even further, let yourself feel as if you are flying free or as if you are here and this is your place of creation.

The last time when we were working with the Akashic records (June 3, 2012 Working With Your Akashic Records) I invited you to consider the things within your life that had been either prominent or you felt as if they were resolved and yet still hanging on. Many, many of you were able to go in and actually read the records that were your own about this lifetime.

It may have come to you about some of the experiences that you have put forth to have. You may also have had a sense of knowing what was complete and taking that to the next level. There is always so much that is happening and you are not always conscious of what that may be.

As you consider all that is here, allow yourself to consider your intention in this life. Now then, this is still here in the place of the All That Is and I wish for you to take some time to really consider your life. This is one reason why I brought it up while you were still very grounded in your everyday reality.

Are you living the life that you wanted to have? Are some aspects exactly what you wanted and others not at all? Do you feel as if you’ve been receiving extra twists and turns that you had not anticipated? Everybody experiences either some or all of these things within their lives.

As you are creating your intention before we moved into the records, I have to chuckle at some of you! You’ve unleashed a scroll that is quite long with your intention going into this space.

The Akashic records can be used in many different ways. The last time that we came together; it was about you visiting the records as they referenced your life. You may also move into the Akashic to ask questions as you are looking for information on something. The Akashic records are also available within and around many, many different dimensions. Depending on the dimension in which you access the records, the information available to you may come across in a different manner.

Now, I invite you to come with me and through intention, you find yourself standing at the entrance to where these records are kept. I invite you to look, first of all, at what this space looks like to you.

Do you sense the building? Do you sense an empty space? Do you sense a presence? It could be any of these things and all, plus more.

As we move into this space, I invite you to reach out towards the records that have to do with you in this lifetime. The way that you do that is consider first and foremost where you are here in this space and time and then just ask for the records as they relate to you in this life.

As you do this you find yourself shifting, moving into a space in which you may have a sense of a book. As we are looking around at people, it’s always a joy to watch and connect with people as they are here within this space. Some of you choose to be looking at a computer screen. Some of you are choosing to see just words or energies suspended in front of you and then there are quite a number that prefer the old tome that looks like the leather book that you open and each page is filled with energy and information.

As you take this time to connect with your records, out of curiosity, look first and foremost to see if there is a remainder of what you had completed the last time you were in this space. Many of you have done this a number of different times since we had our official journey, so take a moment, open to perceive how indeed a great deal has shifted.

It’s not there and because you have things that have been completed, you may find that you are opening up to something else that is new and different.

Every time that you come within this space and you look at these records it is going to give you the information that is most important for you in that moment. There may be things that are very consistent and come up every single time. So too, you may see things differently each time you are here within this space. These records are here as a tool to help you, to give you another perception that will assist you in living your life.

Begin by looking through the records, asking for information that will help you either turn the corner of whatever may be happening in your life or that may give you the opportunity to go in a new direction.

If your perception of the records seems to be the same thing again and again, consciously ask for new information. You may flip through the book or flip pages to a totally different section. You may also have a sense of looking up or looking around.

This time as if you are allowing yourself to refocus your energies, consciously take a deep breath in, consciously become even more focused and then expand. As you look back at the book, what do you see? If you find yourself reading and there is something that’s interesting to you then you follow that trail. Ask to go into whatever dimension is necessary so that you may thoroughly receive whatever information you are seeking.

As you allow yourself to find this deeper alignment within the other dimensions or within this expanded space, look at yourself, look down, look within, look around, because you are already living here. You are already living within this space. You are already experiencing these many things.

You have life experiences, you have life times, you have emotions, you have thoughts, you have beliefs, you have nonphysical and physical existence and it’s all here and available to you. Consciously open up, look around, experience all that is here. Allow yourself to receive.

As you are finding this alignment that you seek for your life, in some cases it may be that there are transitions that need to take place. First of all, I invite you as the individual and as your conscience and unconscious self, to consciously open and receive any rewiring that may need to take place.

And by that I mean, the pathways that send the information through your body, through all the energy bodies, physical and nonphysical. I invite to you accept any rewiring or adjustments that may need to take place.

Sometimes, you have experiences in your life that allow you to make a shift in an emotional way, but yet your thoughts and beliefs were left behind. Sometimes you’ve created changes in your beliefs and your emotions, but your physical body is not yet reflecting these changes.

So in this moment, I invite you to be open; accepting and receiving these adjustments as they are made for you. You are here in this space of the Akashic records and you are also here standing in this space of your I AM presence; they are interrelated. Experience what this is to you.

As you continue in the flow of your energy, in the flow of your life, in the flow of these multitudes of experiences, feel how you have a beautiful creation in the person that is you. As you feel and experience this, be open to accept what that may be. As you stand in this space you are basking in the essence of who you are.

You are standing here with access to an infinite number of experiences. Some of these experiences you’ve shared with others, some are very uniquely your own. The question you may have is, does it affect you in this lifetime or does it simply remain as an experience that you’ve had and it is that it is.

One of the things that is so important for people to recognize as they are living their lives, as they move through the ascension process, as they get into touch with all that is happening within and around them; is that you have the opportunity to transcend or move beyond things that have held you back in the past.

The obstacles that you feel are in your life need not be obstacles. Instead, look at it from the space of where you are the space of your experiences and shift into another direction. Perhaps, you look at it from a different angle, perhaps you walked past it; perhaps it’s just simply no longer showing up.

When you are in the midst of a problem within your life it can feel immense and huge. The way to create a change or move past it, is to let go whatever it is that feels so immense or let go of pain or let go of whatever keeps coming up for you. And here within this space of the records and within the space of your I AM presence is the perfect opportunity, so breath in whew~~ and let it go.

So too, reaffirm what it is you do want within your life and again you may flip through the book, you may shift perceptions or dimensions to get another awareness and when you get to that space of what you are bringing in.

I invite you to breathe it in again going into your conscious and unconscious, moving down through all your energy bodies until it moves within your physical body and from a cellular structure all the way down into your DNA. Create change; create a new beginning, accept it as it rolls through you. It moves through oneself speaking to the next; to the next as the billions of cells find the vibration of alignment for what you seek to have or to experience.

Now, if there’s anything else while you’re here in the hall of records that comes up for you, take a moment to either go there or ask for the information, whatever it may be. Be open to receive.

I invite you as you are ready to move out of this space of the records. You may find yourself once more back in the space of the All That Is. As you feel yourself within this space, once more affirm whatever it is that you’ve just created for yourself; whether it’s that conscious letting go, conscious receiving or just everything as complete. Take it in right now.

Allow yourself to look around sensing or feeling the lightbody energies as they now flow within this space. For some it may seem as if the lightbody is also a part of those energies you worked with in the Akashic records.

But there is an essence of, of this that is just that pure crystalline energies of the universe. Therefore as you allow yourself to experience what this is, be open to recognize or to receive how these lightbody energies are here in support of you.

It is as if they are a liaison to all that you are seeking to have. It is as if they move within and around you assisting in anchoring all that is taking place with you. You have greater knowledge, you have realigned and rewired, reprogramed everything within you and now as these crystalline energies are here for you, be open to acknowledge how that takes it to the next level for you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you create this space, have a sense of these energies of the hologram of the earth coming up within the center of the group. As this hologram is coming up within, reach out and infuse it with this transition or this shift of awareness that’s been taking place within you.

As you send that down or into this hologram you are creating a pattern that is even more fully in support of you. The hologram itself begins to rotate and spin. You can see how the light transitions all that is here and as it’s ready to do so, it is as if you release that hologram and it begins to flow.

It moves down through the many dimensions as it aligns with the magnetic, I’m sorry, the crystalline grid, that is that essence that goes out to the new earth and the rest that goes down into your current earth.

As the hologram moves through the magnetic grid some of it is left within that space and then you continue on.

This hologram is moving all the way down, it goes into the center of your physical earth anchoring the energies, aligning with the crystals and then that emanates out. It emanates out throughout the entire earth and not only all the energies that you have worked with tonight but the essence of transition, of alignment with lightbody, of creating changes with your Akashic records.

That essence and that energy, moves out throughout the entire world. You can see how many things are being released from the earth as you observe all that is happening and there is a sense of cleansing or clearing as all this is released.

You then bring your awareness back within this place of the All That Is. As you let go of the All That Is you find yourself shifting once more into the space of the soul plane linking once more with your divinity.

As you move through here, you take with you as much of your divinity as is in alignment with you. Feel what this is, experience that shift.

Again, you move through the crystalline grid, you are bringing your consciousness and all of the energies of this experience back with you. It comes, it flows through the crystalline grid, it flows into the magnetic grid and you find yourself once more within that magnetic pull of the earth.

Allow your focus to shift once more as you are bringing your consciousness back down within your physical body. As these energies move within and around you, I invite you to take a moment and be open to receive everything that’s taken place; most especially the rewiring and that new alignment within you.

So as you breathe and as you bring your divinity down within you it comes throughout your physical body and it goes down into every cell within you. As it’s moving through the cells accept that new beginning, accept that you are creating a change that’s affecting you from your cells, through your organs, through your physical reality, your emotions, your mental, your spiritual and your light body energy then infuses everything and it takes it that final step. It gives you all of the support that you are seeking to have.

Take a deep breath in, allow yourself to open to a new beginning, send the waves of energy out from your physical reality so that it moves through your home, the place, the community in which you live, your work, your family, your friends; let it move through everything that you come into contact with or even don’t have a direct contact but may have an effect upon you. You send it through everything creating a new beginning, creating a change and then as there is a flow of energy that comes back to you accept the change, accept a new beginning, allow for that reality.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close, as always, we do apologize for those that we couldn’t answer their question directly but as you continue to ground these energies, I invite you to remember that not only are you having this physical experience as a human but you are also in a much more conscious level than ever before; having your experience as a divine being.

So through your continued association with the Akashic records; let that be the medium that helps you to not only integrate more of your divinity, but also to integrate more of you, yourself, as a human. These changes taking place upon the earth are coming about to more and more and more support you in your place of expansion and to support you as you continue to open up into these energies.

So know that I am ever with you and within you.





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