Expanding Your Personality Into Your Divinity

The energies in this channel are particularly strong! The month of August has been infused with extra energies of the Solar Flares and expanding crystalline energy. As a result of this, the energy we worked with tonight was even stronger.

In this process, the Goddess spoke of how our perception of our divinity is limited by what we can take in. In other words, we may all know our divinity is huge, but our perception is created through the limitation of our personality or our egos. For the purpose of greater understanding, in this channel the Goddess speaks of one’s ego and/or personality with the intention that it refers to who you are as your human self in this lifetime.

As we were working with our perception, she took us through how much of our perceptions of ourselves are based on other’s beliefs. In addition, what limitations have we placed upon ourselves? By realizing what this is within you, you can shift it in such a way that you open to greater awareness.

Our personality is created through our experiences in this life. It’s never all good or all bad, but a blend of it all. It also only understands what it’s experienced. Therefore as you infuse your divinity or something that is more than what it knows, it just doesn’t see it. So the process of this channel is to become of aware of this in your own life. From there you can expand your everyday perception so as to open to even more.

As your perception expands, your personality will many times become more relaxed and allowing. This in turn creates an easier life for you. Everyone is seeking manifest whatever it may be, so integrate your divinity and personality and see how your life opens up!!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one you sending forth my love, my awareness, my compassion for all that is happening within your life and all that you may be experiencing at this time. It is a time of deep transitions upon the earth. There have been a number of different things taking place out in the universe through your astrology or that can be tracked through your astrology.

There have been the solar flares that create intense impulses of energy into the earth and there has been a shifting in the collective consciousness that responds to all of this. Some people find that there is a greater ease and smoothness that is happening within their life. Other times it may be as if things are there in your face so to speak, as if you can no longer ignore those things that you have been thinking about, as if you may have wondered when change is going to occur for you; it is most likely here right now.

I had suggested paying attention to the dates, the 15th through the 18th, during our last time together. I knew that, that was going to be a particular time of intensity and that is in part what I am referring to just now. It was as if opening on the 15th there was a doorway that created transitions for many people upon the earth. Some of these were opportunities for people to transition off the earth and into a different reality. Some of these transitions allowed for people to have a higher aspect of themselves come down within. This doorway also allowed many people to take an opportunity and shift into a more crystalline vibration.

As you think back over the past week, was it one in which it was like any other or were there certain things that came to your awareness? Although perhaps you didn’t realize at the time that there was a bigger picture or there was something more going on. [Deep breath] So take this moment and feel your energy as it flows within and around you. Let yourself move into that flow of awareness that will take you into a greater place of consciousness.

I invite you to take this opportunity and shift into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you feel yourself shifting within this space you may feel as if you are aligning with your highest self, you may be more conscious of who you are. Let yourself feel this flow, let yourself feel this awareness. Take it all in, allowing for your perception to shift even further. Feel your energies as you shift once more; this time into the crystalline grid work.

As you find your energies flowing within this space feel what it is to have let go the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel those parts of your consciousness that become activated or that expand into something more. Let yourself float within this space, feel the energies as they move through you.

I now invite you to shift again, this time moving into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive here within this space let yourself open to become aware of your divinity. You may have a sense of seeing what looks like an image of you walking towards you, you may feel it come up as if within you, you may have a sense of merging with pure energy without a particular form. Breathe in an out, feel all of these energies as they move through you.

I the Goddess move within this space. I reach out to each one of you. As I do so, feel my energies as I merge with you. As our energies merge together, you may find yourself shifting so that you’re moving to the energies of the All That Is. For so many of you as you arrive within this space it is as if your energy takes off as if you move in every direction, feeling complete, feeling at ease, feeling as if you don’t have a care in the world and you can just play.

The All That Is is a place of creation, and when you create, I invite you to do so from an energy or a space of playfulness, of joy and of ease. Even though you choose for this to be your focus and your intention so often once people are in the process of creating in their everyday life on earth your creations begin to represent challenges, difficulties, stress, lack and even more that feels as if your creations are getting in your way instead of assisting you.

I am gathering the energies from everyone here, because there are several different directions I am considering going for this evening. What I would like to begin with, is to invite everyone to take this opportunity and breathe down deeply within yourself. As you breathe connect with who you are here in the essence of your divinity. As you open to perceive what your divinity is, it is being filtered through the consciousness of who you are in this lifetime. The more that you reach out to create an alignment with who you truly are the greater your expansion of perception will be. When you are in the space of your divinity it is complete 100% love and acceptance.

People’s perception of God can sometimes be skewed from a perspective of judgment. There are thousands of years of teachings that run the gamete of who and what God is, but when you circle back around and come within the space of your divinity you are aligning with who you truly are in every lifetime, with who you truly are in your current lifetime and with who you are as God. I invite you to consider your life. Are there restrictions? It makes me chuckle a bit because I see people unrolling their scrolls where they have lists and lists of the restrictions that are within their life. How many of the these restrictions are placed upon you by something outside of you? By that I mean, your friends, your loved ones, society, your religion, your culture. I could go on and on. So as you consider your life and you consider these restrictions here in the space of the All That Is, I invite you in just one self-swoop to let them all go.

Now, I see some of you are grabbing and holding them tight, you don’t want to let them go and that’s okay, but if you can have a chance to experience your creation, experience your perception, experience who you are without restrictions or without guidelines from anything else, my sense is that you will see yourself in a different manner. So even if only for this moment let go those restrictions and see who you are. In every single one of you I see an expansion that is taking place. The next layer, are there any restrictions that you place upon yourself? Have there been experiences in your life that make you think, “I can’t do that because ….”, and you can fill in the blank?

When you are here in the All That Is you have no restrictions. You are here as pure energy and as an energy that is open and accepting of all of you. Your pure essence is here right now. Your divinity is here right now. See your life from this new perspective. When you consider those things that have been either bothering you or that you have been seeking to manifest in your daily life are here and without restrictions, what does it look like? I’m seeing for some it’s completely different than what you anticipated, I’m seeing some of you open up to new opportunities.

When you are taking a moment to perceive who you are, what’s happening in your life you do so from a balance of your divinity and a balance of your everyday personality. When things feel very rocky to you, when it feels as if you struggle every day, most likely it is because things are not falling into place and things are not unfolding in the way that you would like. Consider control, are you controlling your life? I hear others of you saying, “well I have to control my life, otherwise it would be chaos”. I hear some of you saying, “I’m just being proactive in my life”.

Both of these are very much a part of the human experience, and they can be very helpful to you in creating a sense of well-being or creating a sense of organization or perhaps even something else that is real to you. But when being proactive or being in a controlling energy begins to get in your way instead of helping you, I invite you to let that be a heads up to let go. You may not always know what needs to be released, so the let go control. Breathe in deeply allowing your consciousness to focus all the way down within your physical body and then bring it up into the space of the All That Is and breathe out and let go control. It almost gives one a sense of freedom. Step on that plane of energy and feel the freedom of letting go.

As you come back around and look again at your life, at what you are seeking to have in your life, or how you seek to live your life, what is your perception? I am sensing from some of you, that is as if you are looking through binoculars so to speak; as if you can see your life, you have a sense of your life but in a very focused manner. I invite you to consciously release anything that is narrow-minded, release anything that narrows your perception and allow yourself to step into a more expanded perception.

I’m going to shift gears a little bit and ask you to have a sense of reaching out to align with your ego, if you want to call it that, or your personality. As you reach out to create this alignment, have a sense of simply being in that space of your personality. When you choose to live a life upon the earth, there is always that part of you that is grounded upon the earth. There is that part of you that feels as if it is your link to the other humans. There is that part of you that interprets your experience and even thinks it’s interpreting your divinity. As long as you are living upon the earth this part of you is essential to your life.

We spoke in another experience about your personality or your ego and your divinity and the relationship between the two. I invite you to come back around to experience that once more. Here in the All That Is you have an opportunity for a more objective perception of your personality and your ego or shall I say your personality and all your ego depending on one’s perception. We’ve just taken the opportunity to explore your perceptions of your reality on earth and how you are living your life and in the releasing of those various energies it allowed you to view your life or view your experiences more so from the place of your divinity. As you seek to more fully embody these changes for yourself it is essential to continue to create the balance with your everyday reality and your divinity.

So often as people seek to live a more divine or spiritual life that focuses upon just that, their divinity; and I am all for that that is what all of these channelings are about. But I also fully respect, love and honor each of you for your human experience, for having whatever your personality may be. Therefore, as you are seeking this expansion within your life seek to do so through a blending with your personality and your divinity. I know that I have said this in the past but another perception of your divinity, excuse me, of your personality is that it’s focus is upon whatever your life experience has been.

If there has been trauma, you as your personality learned to be cautious or careful in certain situations. If you were taught fear in one form or another, then you look out at the world through the eyes of fear. Now most people don’t have just one or another of these emotions or energies. The accumulation of your life is a wide variety. Sometimes they are joyful and happy, sometimes of accomplishment, sometimes there is that niggling fear underneath it all and sometimes there’s a constant struggle that just won’t go away. All of these life experiences have created who you are in this moment. So I again invite you to honor who you are and what has brought you here to this space.

As you lookout at what we were talking about at the very beginning, the things that you have in your life, the way that you seek to live your life, you took the time to remove constrictions or restrictions or narrowness of perception. In doing that it allowed you to open to the greater perception that comes to you through your divinity. And now in this moment, here you are once more aligning with who you are as your human self and you’ve brought that focus up into this now moment, so consciously reach out and embrace your divinity.

Your life is a co-creative experience between you the human and you your divine essence. It is not about a separation of the two but about a blending of the two. Your life as you continue to seek and manifest a way to live that allows for greater ease, greater awareness, greater abundance, greater whatever it is you may seek. The assistance of shifting your personality or your everyday reality into your divinity is the way that you can bring about that expansion. We’ve done this in other ways, this is but using perhaps some different and some similar words, but the action is about again working with your everyday reality to create a deeper blend or a deeper alignment so that you will have that ease within your life.

Open to self-love, feel the wash of your divinity as it flows through you moving into every cell within your body, open to choosing a life that unfolds with ease. As you do that you find it means that you are more aware of the little things that happen in your life that make up the big thing. Open to creating a relationship within yourself that allows you to fully see, know and believe in who you are. Open to whatever it is you would like to have.

I feel that we can continue to move through this journey and explore all the many aspects that make up your life as it is right now. I feel that as each one of you takes the opportunity to do this that it will allow you to shift your perception. So let’s look at relationships first and foremost. What relationships do you have in your life? Again, I see those scrolls unfold as people have a long, long list of the many relationships. So as you live your life upon the earth, you are in contact with other people and you have relationships that vary from the very closest most intimate to the very casual alignment with the people that you meet in your life.

Consider relationships around you. Are there certain ones that you are struggling with, that you feel are not happening, that you feel you just have to make it work? Let go that energy. I’m not saying let go the relationship, I’m saying let go the energy of trying to force something to work. As you do so, immediately though there is a relaxation that takes place.

Consider the work that you are doing in your life. Is the work that you are doing your heart’s desire or is it work where you show up, you put in your time and then you go home? Do some of you consider just living, as work? Bring up any of those energies of resistance, fatigue, frustration perhaps even irritation in regards to work, bring it it all up now and let it go. As you are here in this space and your perception is that as a blend of your divinity and your earthbound reality, let it all go so that you may create a new alignment and a new perception with whatever work you are doing.

Consider your physical body. Does it works for you? Is it limber, agile, healthy, strong, pain free, disease free? Your physical bodies are truly amazing. They have evolved in many, many ways over the thousands of years you’ve been upon the earth until they have created who you are right now. As you consider your physical body let yourself link with anything that is outside of feeling good, healthy, limber, whatever it may be, and as you link with it this time, I feel drawn to ask you, what is the energy behind that? Is there a reason that you have manifested whatever this may be? Look at that reason, acknowledge and embrace it and then let it go; and as you let it go, let go those symptoms that you all had.

Sometimes specially over the past six months to maybe as long as a year or two years you are feeling this disharmony in your physical body because your physical body is shifting into a vibration in alignment with the crystal. If you are in resistance to that, you may develop aches and pains, you may develop a disease, you may develop a weight gain may be even a weight loss; but the bottom line is that your body feels out of sorts. [Deep breath] So, open, feel your physical body as if completely in balance with your divinity and your everyday reality. Doesn’t that feel so much better?

These are but three areas that I wished to speak with you about. Each one of you may have other things that you would like to consider at this time. So let yourself go inside, bring up whatever it may be and if you listen to this again and again then let it be different every time. Consider whatever that is that is out of alignment with this energy of your personality as blended with your divinity. Let whatever that is come up to your awareness, link with it, open to receive if there’s a particular message and then breathe out and let it go.

As you are here in the All That Is, the essence of you as your personality or your ego is shifting and expanding in its awareness and its openness so as to allow for this greater amount of your divinity to integrate within your life. You can feel the difference. You may see the expansion in your senses. Open and allow this to be in whatever form it may be.

I now invite you to have a sense of shifting out to the All That Is. As you do so you may find yourself back within your soul plane. Look at who you are from this perception. Every one of you have a much greater sense of how huge you are as your divinity and it’s all there available to you at any time. Allow this expanded awareness to shift, once more you stop in the energies of the crystalline grid.

As we come here within this space I’m hearing some of you say, “wait, wait, we didn’t do the hologram”. So let’s try something different. Here within the crystalline grid have a sense of bringing up everything that you have done for yourself in this journey. Let your consciousness flow outward and you may perceive the grid as if it flows in every direction, as if it has multiple dimensions and essence of awareness.

So, send that consciousness of your journey and your experience so that it moves up and down throughout this grid. As it moves through the interlocking, it goes down into the magnetic energy of the earth and consciously send all of that into the core essence of the earth. Those immense crystals that make up the center of the earth receive this direct link to the crystalline grid and then it moves out through the earth itself coming up through the grass, the trees, the water and let it come in to you in your physical reality.

I invite you to open and feel the wash of energy. Feel that shift that’s taking place in your everyday reality. I invite you to open and accept a new perception of not only who you are but all that is taking place within your life. That stream of energy is directly linked to you as you are here in the crystalline grid and you as you are in your everyday reality. So, release those energies that go out to the universe and allow yourself to come more fully back. You feel yourself as you come within the magnetic energy of the grid work. You may feel yourself as you are here within your highest self. Allow yourself to feel these energies as they continue to stream down into your everyday life.

Alright beloved family; thank you as always for taking the time to come and share this time with me, for asking your questions, for giving us the opportunity to not only work with you but to help you in shifting whatever it is that it may need to be shifted at any given time. Know that if your questions did not get answered that I am still with you, I am working with you energetically and I invite you to be open to receive.

Alright, as you move through the next couple of weeks upon the earth, I invite you to be more conscious of expanding who you are in your everyday reality or in that part of you that is your personality or your ego. I invite you to be conscious of nudging that to be an even bigger expansion than what it currently is and then inviting your divinity to come down and be a part of who you are. Invite a balance between your human self and your spiritual self, invite that balance to be reflected in all that you do in your everyday life.

Know that I am always with you and within you.



LordJesusChrist 2nd September 2011 4:25 am

Thanks for the wonderful message!

Our Divine Personality expand when we praise and worship our Lord God Almighty.

Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :smitten:


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