Experience the Energy Spa and Practice Opening to Receive

Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I welcome you to this time of sharing with one another, this time of communication with soul; communicating with your own soul, with mine, with the other angels and guides who are here for you.  This is your time! We on this side of the veil treasure and cherish all of you as you move through your experiences upon the earth.  We honor you.  We assist you in any way that we can knowing that you are the masters who are moving forward who are creating changes within your own life and changes within the life of the earth so that all who come after you will be able to step smoothly and easily into what you are doing. 

Be aware that all that you are doing is making it easier for yourself.  While it may not feel that way, the shift is occurring.  The shift in energies is taking place as we speak so that each of you may be able to find a greater ease within your life.  Take this moment as a human and with your consciousness still grounded to accept that you are a master that you are divine; that you do have infinite potential. 

As you continue to breathe gently and easily, breathe in the illuminating light.  Breathe in and assist yourself as you expand your consciousness.  Allow yourself to release your physical body so that you may merge fully with the magnetic grid.  Simply having the intention to blend with this grid work allows you to be there.  As you merge into this space, you become aware that it is a feeling of homecoming in some ways because you are creating this as your own space.  Each of you has a space within this grid which is where your higher self lives.  It is where your higher self holds the vibration that you tap into with greater and greater frequency throughout your days.

From within this grid, look around you.  Perhaps you may perceive your own space.  But also perceive the interlocking grid or the pathways that move within the magnetic grid.  Through your intention, open to become aware of the various dimensions within this space.  Allow yourself to simply take in and absorb this energy. 

As you are ready to move forward, shift your consciousness that you may merge with the crystalline grid.  You leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth.  You leave behind the gravitational pull so that you may blend with the crystalline energies.  These are the energies that you work with whenever you come into the higher realms.  These are the energies that you are incorporating within yourself as you move through your own personal growth.  As you are within this space of the crystalline grid, simply absorb the energies.  Feel the smoothness of the vibration.  Become aware of the subtle means of communication. 

From within this space, you may call forth a column of light.  You may perceive this column as it surrounds you or you may have a sense that you need to step into the column.  You may utilize this as a means of shifting between the dimensions or shifting between the various levels of consciousness until you find yourself within the soul plane. 

As you emerge from this column, allow your consciousness to move out in every direction.  Feel this space.  Feel who you are without boundaries.  Allow yourself to open and receive your own divinity.  You may call forth your I AM presence.  This is your soul with its entirety.  This is who you are throughout your multitude of experiences. 

As you perceive this essence of yourself, let your consciousness blend fully within.  Allow your perception to include what it is to view your soul from the outside, then what it is from within.  This gives you a fuller picture or a fuller sense of who you are.  As each of you are blending with your soul essence, you perceive that there is an expansion. You perceive that there is a shift in your light or vibration.   Be aware that you are able to take in as much as you can conceive.  In reality, your soul or your divinity is even more or even greater than what you are sensing.  Therefore, open to the potential that you are even more than what you are taking or perceiving in this moment. 

I allow myself to move into this space where each of you are.  I feel as if I move through, connecting with and blending with each one of you.  Feel as if I enfold you within my embrace.  Allow me to assist you in expanding even further.  As you are doing this, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  When you first arrive within this space, you may have a sense of seeing the void or perceiving the void.  You may also have a sense of many other individuals who are here awaiting your arrival. 

Within the last several journeys we have taken together, you have learned how to connect and work with the matrix which creates your soul essence.  You are each working very diligently upon yourselves in your life as a human.  You each have a very deep rooted interest in expanding who you are.  This journey is for you.  This journey is going to be about us on this side of the veil giving to you the love and support that you are seeking to have.  You are never alone.  We are always here for you even though it may seem as if there are times in which you are cast alone. 

Therefore, I ask you to each create a space for yourself.  It may come to you very easily as your sacred space that you come to again and again.  This time it is as if you are going to the spa.  You may within here have a sense of background music that is very very soothing to you.  There may be an incense or candle that puts forth a scent that assists you in relaxation.  You feel as if you are in a suspended animation that supports you all the way around.  There is a warmth.  This is where each of you can make your space your own.  Use your imagination.  Make a choice for yourself; are you outdoors or indoors?  Are you by the oceans or in the mountains?  Are you floating upon a cloud?  Each of you can play with this.  You can make it different each time that you would like. 

This journey is about receiving.  All of you who are the angels upon the earth often times find it easier to give to other than it is to receive for yourself.  Therefore, as you are creating your space, I wish for you to shift your consciousness that you will be open to receive.  I am flooding the area with love.  I open my heart and allow love to flow from me into and around each one of you.  Ask yourself if you are able to receive this love and does it fill your consciousness completely?  If it feels as if it’s a struggle for you to completely receive love, then focus your awareness on opening even further. 

I now invite in all the Angels, the Guides, the Ray Lords who are working with you a regular basis.  Each of you are working with a group.  Your group may overlap with other people’s group; but the angels and guides are big enough that you find yourself connecting with all who are within your group.  They may separate themselves into as many parts as they need to and they focus their full attention on you.  Allow your group to perhaps surround you.  You may have a sense of seeing them sitting beside you.  We have a sense of seeing AA Michael and some of the others as giving you a massage!  There is joy in the moment.

Each of you have been doing so much within your life; give it over to your group at this time.  Give over everything so that you may be in a space of complete bliss.  As you are releasing open and receive any communication that they are giving to you.  You are always seeking, therefore always looking for answers.  Be aware that this time the answers are going to come to you in many different levels.  Maintain your sense of peace.  Maintain your sense of love.  Be aware that as you are receiving the gentle rhythmic energy from your group, you are receiving whatever information you may be seeking.  Open and receive completely a sense of joy.

Release any sense of tiredness that you may have.  Let go of any struggles that you may have within your life.  As you continue to let go, there is someone there to take that from you; to take that burden, that responsibility.  Again, open yourself to receive tranquility.  It is rare that you allow yourself to so completely relax and let go.  I encourage you to do this as often as needed. 

Take a moment to perceive the colors around you.  This clarity of your vibration has always been there.  The changes that you are able to perceive are yourself with greater depth.  Allow yourself to simply be who you are in this moment.  Allow yourself to experience a stillness that comes from within.  Allow yourself to let go completely anything that you have been controlling to that you may simply be within this space.  As you are absorbing this energy, you are welcome to open to communicate between yourself and your guides.  You have let go any feelings of need or desperation.  So that now you are from relaxation or stillness opening up to create a communication between yourself, one of your guides, or your entire group.  Some of you may have a sense of simply continuing to float.  Indeed, you may do so for as long as your desire. 

Feel what it is like to be completely receptive.  Feel what it is like to turn over your thoughts and concerns to someone else.  Feel what it is like to simply bask in the energies of who you are.  Some will continue to remain within this space of stillness, others of you are asking to be able to shift and explore even further.  It is your choice.  It is always up to you whatever direction you may go within this journey. 

Allow yourself to move into whatever aspect of the universe that you seek to move within.  Perhaps you wish to blend with the moon or one of the other planets.    Perhaps you wish to ride upon the waves that allow you to shift into a space of nothingness.  Again, create what brings you joy, what brings you love.  Create whatever allows you to experience further being open to receive.  Let yourself expand until it feels as if you have become one with the entire universe perhaps, a specific planet, or perhaps you are seeking to blend with a particular angel or guide. 

It is quite different to take away the ‘doing’ that you are so used to experiencing when you are within this space.  How about you create a space within your life upon the earth to simply BE in existence?  It is indeed a potential for you.  It is indeed a space from which you can live your life all the time.  Recognize that even though you are here and you are fully present within yourself you can release a connection to any others so that you are completely alone.  But this space of being alone is without loneliness.  It is filled with potentials.  It is filled with the essence of all.  I ask you each to now have a sense of looking outward from your soul essence. 

Come back together as a group, into the All That Is.  You will find that there is a party going on!  As you come into this space you may see that some of the angels chose to create decorations.  But more so this is about choosing to celebrate who you are.  Allow yourself to receive any comments or wishes that are given to you.  Allow yourself to come into this space.  Hear the music as it plays.  Be a part of the dancing.  Share in conversation not only with the angels or guides, but also with the other individuals who come together for these journeys. 

While there are many many who are present, it is not crowded.  Some who enjoy a party that feels like a crush where they can barely move between the individuals will create that within their perception.   Others of you may simply be aware of the others as beings of light.  Who would you like to speak with at this time?  They are present and would love to communicate with you also.  As you move along, there may be others present who you have been looking for as they too share a conversation or communication with you.  You may or may not be fully conscious of their communication, but it will come to you, perhaps over the next days or weeks to come.  Continue to mingle throughout.  There is a sense of anticipation that is beginning to stir among everyone. 

As you are ready to do so, find yourself moving forward until everyone has created a bit of circle or until everyone has come together in a bit of a group.  I smile as I hear the various conversations that are occurring.  It is also as if I see beams of light that are pulsating or flickering.  There are many different ways in which you give and receive communication. 

Begin to see the earth as it is moving up within all of you.  This is your opportunity to be able to see the earth and all that has occurred as a result of you and all that you are doing.  It has been said to you before, but I remind you; that each time each one of you has a moment, a few minutes, an hour, a day, whatever it may be can be in the space of the self love or self acceptance, it has an impact upon the earth.  When you are open to receive, when you can accept yourself as who you are no matter what is going on; you may then accept the others who are around you as they are each upon their own journey.  This is what assists in integrating the crystalline energies that are coming to the earth.  It is more than just that one aspect, but it is the foundation.

As you are looking at the earth, you see it as if this hologram is rotating in front of you.  We will keep it very much your current experience if you wish to call it that.  Simply look at the earth as it was in say 1950.  A mere 50 years ago which is a drop in the hat in terms of the longevity [of the earth] when you look in a linear manner.  In 1950, perceive the speed in which the earth rotated.  Perceive density.  There was already changing that was taking place upon the earth.  From the time that the earth came into consciousness, there has been a change of one sort or another that is constantly moving through.

Coming forward, observe the earth in say 1965.  We simply throw out that number but indeed there was beginning to be a lightening.  Or, there was beginning to be a shift in the energies.  There was actually a great deal that was put forth as potentials.  With the influx of the nuclear, the potential for mass destruction is present.  But as people comment on the hippy days, or the free love, it was actually creating a foundation of love and acceptance. 

Come forward now and observe the changes that have occurred when it is now 1980.  For some, it is as if a crisis point has been passed.  For others you can still perceive the struggle that is taking place.  But overall there is a thinning to the denseness around the earth.  Many of you have already been having an impact upon the earth whether you were conscious of it or not. 

Come forward to 1990.  The Harmonic Convergence has occurred (speaking of August 17, 1987).  The choice was made not to destroy the earth.  Again, perceive the shift. 

As you move forward through the ‘90’s, many of you are now becoming very much aware of your own self and the impact that you are seeing within yourself and how that relates to the earth.  It is as if you are seeing before your eyes density being removed until you come to the space of the year 2000 and of course give or a take a few years.  Essentially the last five to seven years is when the movement really began to move with a greater speed.  It is now as if the earth itself is spinning at a greater speed than it was before.  It is now as if through this motion and through the intention of all of you upon the earth, more and more particles of density are released. There is more and more infusion of light that occurs until you come fully present and see the earth as it is right now in this present moment. 

You may shift the energies of 1950 through the transformation which is taking place right now.  For that matter, you may shift the energies of any point in your linear history through what is happening right now.  All of life is lived in the moment.  Therefore, shifts and changes can occur at any moment.  Accept that all that you have been doing is having an impact.  Accept that these energies that you now see swirling around you and within the earth are there for you to tap into to create changes in your life.  To create greater ease within your life.  To create whatever it may be that you are seeking.  It is there.  It is present.

If you would like to project forward into a potential for what will occur, let us choose 2010 and see your earth if it continues at the rate in which it is going.  It is almost dazzling the light that radiates forth.  There is a greater speed or motion to the earth.  You within that will be able to create changes within yourself, shifts within yourself.  You will be able to manifest within moments.  Yes indeed you may do so now, it is a matter of in part; it is more than that; but your human existence accepting that and opening, receiving, and aligning.  It is almost that magical essence that cannot be explained or described that has the greatest impact upon manifesting; on how it comes to you and when. 

But you are each magical.  You are each immense.  You can see or sense for yourself and you may come within this space any time you so desire.  Send forth that essence you felt upon this journey when you were completely open to receive.  When you felt completely nurtured, supported, loved and embraced.  As you link with that and put it forth, it creates that potential for every single human upon the earth. It also creates a greater ease for you to move to back within that space.  I invite you to also bring that space into your human existence wherever it may be. 

Send forth your love into the hologram and release it.  You sometimes don’t realize just how many bonds are created as the group of you communicate and link with this hologram of the earth. 

As you release the hologram, it begins to shift moving downward.  It shifts until it connects with the magnetic grid where it sends forth an aspect that surrounds the earth.  But the core essence of all that came to your consciousness is now going forth until it blends with your real earth, the physical earth.  Moving into the center then coming back out to permeate all aspects.  Let all upon the earth be open to receive.  Let all upon the earth accept love within their lives.  Let all upon the earth accept their own divinity; as it is!

Bring your awareness once more within the group essence.  Look back at those who are here celebrating with you.  Become aware of the many who are from the omniverse, other aspects, other universes, and other galaxies.  Send forth the creation that you have made into the omniverse also.  Be aware of how there are energies of light waiting to receive from you.  Let yourself also receive from them.  Again, shift your focus and take this last moment to communicate with the others who are in this celebration. 

Allow yourself to shift your consciousness that you may return to the space of the soul plane.  As you arrive, you are beginning to find your consciousness returning.  It sometimes feels as if you have to shrink it.  But the soul plane does expand to include all of who you are at this moment. 

If you would like to do so, create a hologram of your physical body, your human aspect.  You may also seek to see how your hologram or human aspect is interconnected with the others who are around you so that you can embrace; blending fully with your human essence, but also from within the soul plane, send out communication or energies of light with all that you seek to communicate with. 

As you are ready, release any aspects of your divinity which is at a vibration which is unable to come to the earth as yet.  You may blend with the crystalline grid through your intention or you may create the column of light and descend this time through the column.  The crystalline grid is magnificent at this time.  It is as if all the energies have been stimulated as a result of this journey.  You stay here for a moment aligning your energies with the grid.

Then as you are ready, move forward between the interlocking grids that you may connect with the magnetics.  You feel the density of the earth.  You feel the magnetic pull of the earth.  You are shifting your consciousness back closer to your human existence.  Again, be aware that you are still open to receive.  Be aware that you have the complete loving, nurturing support within this space.  Infuse it with all that you have been feeling as a result of this journey. 

As you are ready, allow yourself to shift even further so that you may come back into your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to fully incorporate your energy fields, moving out from within your physical; creating from within you and around you all the love, the support, the nurturing that was your experience upon this journey. 

Allow yourself to acclimate and as you do so, come back within the room of the teleconference.  You may press the four upon your telephone that you may return and I will be open to receive.


Question:  <paraphrased> Hello Goddess, can you tell me who the guides were that were around me on this journey?  I’d also like to know if my solar angel was present on this journey.

Answer:   [I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this journey!  The energies were wonderful and a part of me wants to just stay in that space!] I have a sense of many people wishing to remain and dance at the party!  So it is always going on. [Referring to the party of this journey]  You may return at any time you seek to dance some more. 

Yes, your solar angel was a part of the group.  There are many different definitions to what a solar angel is; the perception that I am getting from you is that it is an aspect of yourself that is deeply linked with the angelic realm.  It is as if it’s a part of you that is of the angelic realm, but it is you within that space.  In addition, it takes it a step further and is of a certain vibration that many of the angelic realm is of; that are in a space of observing the humans, protecting the humans, it has many different functions.  Is this the aspect that you were talking about tapping into?  Okay, then indeed I am linking with the same one that you meant.  So anyway, yes, she if fully present, it is as if she stands behind you with her arms extended sending out a light links.  It is as if in your case as if she is the common denominator. 

The angels who are within your group or the energetic force; we see Mother Mary, Sananda, we see AA Michael, we see a couple who are working with you at this time in opening up further.  We also see the personal guides around you.  These are the ones we see as most distinctly present with your group.  Be aware that they change and shift all the time. There may be times in which AA Michael may not be there, but there will be another energy present.  There is always a flow to the group of angels or energies who are around you and every other human.  It is also something that you can create for yourself by asking to have certain energies come in and work with you.  There is more and more of an essence that you are opening up to.  Do you feel as if you are opening upon the earth in the way that you are seeking?  [Person affirmed, yes she was.]  Okay, then trust yourself.  Trust that the intuition that is coming to you is coming from source.  Trust that you have the capability to know and understand all that you are seeking.  It is here, it is happening, it is yours; yours to communicate with whenever you so desire.


Question:  <paraphrased>  I wrote a poem recently which reflects much of what I am going through and how I’m evolving.  It is the one I shared with Shelly.  Do you have any insights for me about this? 

Answer:  The poem that you are speaking of was beautiful and you were actually tapping into an aspect of my essence.  We sense this is what you realized at the time and Shelly is communicating to me she just has not had time to answer you.  You were tapping into a higher aspect of yourself.  You were tapping into an aspect of my energy, the Goddess of Creation; you were also tapping into that as it is communicated to you.  So, when different people tap into for instance we’ll take myself or AA Michael, or any of these angels who are communicated to by many different people.  Anyone who is a human and connects with, communicates with, or channels; howsoever that may be to a higher energy or vibration. They are receiving it from their own personal perspective therefore there may be subtle differences which may make you question, is this the same source?  It is because it is coming through you that it might feel differently than when Shelly is bringing it through.  Therefore, you are in essence channeling me, you are also channeling the group of energies around you, and you are also channeling your higher self.  It all comes together and there are different times within the poem when you are linking with these different aspects.  Does that make sense to you?  [She affirmed yes and asked for further clarity in her poems.]  Indeed you may!  You are welcome. 


Question:  <paraphrased>  When I had a channel with you a month or so ago, you said that this man I had met had the potential to be relationship both professionally and personally.  I don’t understand why he just suddenly quit talking with me.  It has been over a month and I’d like to know if you have any insights. 

Answer:   As we are linking with this and as you were speaking in channel or the channel that you were speaking of we were tapping into various potentials, of this you are well aware.  The potential is there still that the two of you may move forward in a relationship.  It is almost as if it is less of a personal relationship and more of a professional relationship.  There still are aspects of your music that he is interested in, as it relates to the music he is playing.  Hold on a second….. It was as if we downloaded too much onto Shelly and the brain went into overload for a moment.  So, one of the things we wished to say is that the way that the two of you blend together when you are creating music and the way that he has the potential to help you was to introducing you to others and that you would be either working with his band or as a back up to his band; in concert together, some sort of a link.  We now sense that the direction you are seeking to have for your music and the direction he is seeking to have with his music are actually going to be moving into different areas.  Your music is very spiritual; it is very linked to various vibrations.  When you play the music, it is as if you are emanating these vibrations to people.  He is a very sensitive individual and can sense and feel that as he’s listening to the music but it is as if it is more than he wants to take on.  What we are getting from him is that the music itself is different than he wishes to put forth.  It’s more complicated than you are.  We just have a sense that he can feel this and know it but it’s as if it created a fear within him so he chose to say “okay well wait a second, this is too complicated and I don’t want complicated, I want something simple and straightforward”.  It’s as if he is shifting or changing directions.  We do still have a sense that there is a potential the two of you will continue to communicate, but it’s less of a personal connection and more of a professional.  When you seek to communicate with him is there any response at all?  [She said he had not spoken or contacted her in a month and this is what she didn’t understand, that she felt rejected by him.]

As you are aware, whenever there are relationships with people….well, first of all every individual is multidimensional.  Therefore when you link with individuals, you are linking on many different levels; some of which are unconscious with one another.  The perception as we are looking at this is that you are actually communicating and linking with him on these other levels that were more than just a personal relationship.  That is why we were getting this different insight and different information.  Again then if you were seeking from just a personal or romantic relationship, that is something that once the two of you come together you see “is the potential to grow or is it going to merge?” either one of you would have the choice to not pursue it.  We embrace you as you feel a sense of rejection.  We wish for you to more so feel as if this is a potential that came together that is now not going to come to fruition.  For whatever reason, call it free will of the other individual if you want to call it that way.  But we do still see a link between the two of you, perhaps through music.  Perhaps it is just that this is not the right timing.  Perhaps something else will come along down the line.  We are not saying this as a means of false hope.  We wish for you to look at every relationship that you come into contact with as simply being a potential.  When these potentials, when individuals come together and touch their lives be it only for a moment, be it for a month, several years or whatever period of time it is the free will of both individuals to stay in a relationship or move in a new directions.  So whenever that happens, it is important for you to begin to take it on as simply an experience of a potential and realize that you are still your divine self.  You are still the essence of love.  You are still everything that you were before and another individuals choice to not have a relationship with your or your choice not to have a relationship with them as the case may be is not a rejection of the individual, it is a choice as to where they are in the space within their life and so I ask you to take that into you; that sense of self love, that sense of identity, that sense of knowing that you are still your own radiant self.  That his choice not to have a relationship with you is not a reflection on who you are but simply a reflection on that moment.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  [She spoke further.] Exactly.  Our sense is that it is not what he was seeking and it’s almost as if he cannot get you completely out of his mind but that it is more than what he wants to go into at that time in his life.  You are welcome.  Alright, is there another question?


Question:  <paraphrased> Hello, I want to thank you for this journey!  It has been so nice for me and I’ve really received many insights.  I would like to know your insights on a situation in my life.  There’s a person I’ve been a mentor for who is now going in a very different direction.  I think we both need to go our separate ways, but it is difficult to let the relationship go.  Do you have any ideas?

Answer:  [the person was thanking the Goddess for the journey and all the insights that she received.]  You are welcome beloved.  Well beloved we thank you very much for this question because it is indeed something that probably 99% of you who are in this space that enjoys these journeys and reading this channel are in.  You as a mentor are there as a means of communicating with the individuals around you.  You may speak of one individual but let me point out that as we are looking at you and the energies around you we see much more than one individual.  We see a group of individuals, some you may not be aware of, others you may be consciously aware of.  So we wanted you to know that there was not particular link with one individual.  There is one that is a slightly brighter light so we’re not 100% clear that we are connecting with that individual. 

What we will say to you as the mentor are several points.  First of all beloved, you are a light, you are a lighthouse, if you wish to say it like that; that will shine to all of the people around you.  Some people will look up and say “wow, what a beautiful light! Let me go and be within the light for a time.”  They may touch your light for a moment and be gone.  There are others who will come and say this feels delightful and will bask in the light for a much longer period of time.  In these cases where you actually open and have a very direct communication with them you are simply sharing your knowledge, your information.  You are opening up your heart and sharing who you are.  This is why they are coming to be within your light.  It is important for you to simply be yourself in all instances.

Now where you have come within this relationship, if indeed it is the one you are thinking of. It is time as your guides have told you as you are made aware of within your human aspect, that it is time to let her go.  It is time for her to make her own choices and she may become a light in her own right.  In so doing this you are actually honoring her.  You are saying I honor you in being able to make your own choices for yourself and our sense is that some of these choices you may not necessarily agree with.  But as each person is on their own personal journey they may have to have certain experiences in order for them to have the soul growth they are seeking.  It is always a divine perfection in everything that happens; even though you as a human may not see it, there is a divine perfection.    

Now, in addition as a mentor as you let someone go you are honoring them as we said, but it is also important for you to then realize that the sense of responsibility that you have, that sense of responsibility that says “well ok, if I’m the teacher and they’re the student I’m not going to abandon them, therefore I have to stay linked to them or in communication to them.”  Indeed you may do so, but if there are things that are making you uncomfortable or things that you do not wish to be associated with then always first and foremost is honoring yourself.  If it means creating boundaries, if it means creating a change in the relationship, then by all means do so.  Because when you are honoring yourself you are actually honoring others.  In addition, you are honoring this other individual.  If they come back to you saying to you “that you are letting me drop, you are abandoning me, you are not there for me as you said you were”.  This is when you can open up your heart and send forth a beam of light.   Send forth the love and support and just as you have this journey or this experience of being open and receiving it all for yourself; so too this other individual needs to learn to receive it for herself also.  She needs to create within her own life. The other way you can communicate with her is on the soul level.  Go to the soul plane, combine with your divinity, and call forth her divinity.  Sit down, have a communication, have a conversation and express to her that you are honoring her by releasing her, if that makes sense to you.  It will filter down to her aspect.  We assure you and reassure you that the information you are getting from your guides is exactly what you need to hear.  We support you in doing this we are assisting her in her own growth even though there are times when she doesn’t see it or you don’t see it.  Does that answer your question?  You are welcome.  Is there another question?


Question:  <paraphrased> I have really been working to open up and receive more information from my guides and higher self.  Do you have anything to say that will help me in opening or understanding? 

Answer:   there are many many different ways in which a person can open up to a daily communication.  Partly what you need to do is as a human, set forth the time that you will spend, be it five minutes, ten minutes, whatever it will be.  What we sense you are asking is to have a conscious communication.  If you set forth the intention as you awaken in the morning and you are laying in bed you will be open and receive a connection or communication with your guides.  You can receive the communication through images that come to you.  You can receive the communication throughout your entire day. When you are talking with someone else, an insight may come to you in the form of an image in your mind.  When you are driving along the road you may look to the side and see an image that gives you information.  The communication is coming to you at all times throughout your day; it’s a matter of whether you are conscious of it or not.  So, if you are seeking to open or create a deeper communication between your guides and your higher self, and you self.  You may do so by setting up a time, setting an intention to understand or by setting up whatever works for you.  There is no specific way to do this.  Our sense for you is that you are actually receiving it, you just are not always aware of what you are receiving. So perhaps more so, focus on releasing any blockages you may have, being open to receive, or on asking to know and truly identify when this information is coming to you.  Alright beloved?  That is the sense, because there is a great deal that is there. From your higher self you are receiving it, form your human self it feels as if you are not always receiving it.  So it’s almost as if within yourself, part is receiving it, but your human self is not.  So, that is where we’re not being shown a bridge.  Create a bridge between your human self consciousness and your higher self consciousness.  Create this bridge and see a flow of information and energy going back and forth.  See if that doesn’t assist you in receiving more of the information you are seeking. 


Question:  <paraphrased> Can you tell me what is going on with me this fall?  I have so much swelling in my feet and I am having trouble with pain especially in my upper back and around my heart.  

Answer:  We have a sense that there is an imbalance within you.  We have a sense there is a need to detoxify.  We sense that you have been taking into you more and more of the crystalline energies and the higher vibrational energies.  Your physical body is not in compliance with this energy you are bringing in.  The way you can detoxify is perhaps through taking an herbal compound or drinking more water.  We have a sense of seeing you doing gentle movement where perhaps such as yoga or something.  When you stretch your muscles you release toxins that are stuck within the muscles.  We have a sense that as you have been opening your heart center; it’s like there are aspects that will open temporarily but then they close back down.  As if the sense of pain we have from your upper back is related to your heart center and the opening of your heart center.  Go in and consciously open that up.  Go in and flow energy back and forth through your body; from your heart going forward from your body and from your heart going backwards from your body.  Let the energy flow all around you to assist in opening up the energy centers that are there.  Be conscious of listening to your body.  Allow it to detoxify.   Create whatever type of movement you can do.  Sometimes you feel pain when you move; so you don’t move and it increases the pain.  Our sense is to tell you to continue to create movement in your life.  Continue to create physical movement so you can release the toxins that are within your muscles.  Continue to drink plenty of water.  That will assist in this imbalance.  We also have a sense that maybe your electrolytes are out of balance so we encourage you to look at your diet; are you taking in a balanced diet?  If you need to supplement with certain vitamins or minerals, are you taking them?  Your body can have all that it needs as you process these changes that you are going through.  Our sense is that it’s a retention of fluid in your body.  Perhaps use a natural diuretic to flush the toxins out of your body, will assist in releasing some of this fluid you have on your feet.  Alright beloved, you are welcome.

We know that the journey went a little bit longer tonight.  We know that others have questions, but we need to pull this to a close tonight.  So beloved family, as always be aware that your questions are answered.   We download the information to you at all times.  Be aware of your dream state, when you receive answers in your dream state.  Be aware of the information when it comes to you in a multitude of different ways.

You are each divine.  You are each the true essence of love and joy as you walk upon the earth.  Allow that to be your reality.  Allow that to be your core essence as a human and let everything else that is occurring and happening to you and within your life move out from there. 

I am always with you and within you~~~




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