Experience the Quantum Shift ....

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. Welcome to this time in which you choose to come and share with me. I always enjoy my experiences in which I come to be with each one of you, in which we as a group create both an expanded consciousness--go out into the universe and upon the earth.

Right now is a time immense shift upon the earth plane. Right now is a time of transformation for each and every human whether they are conscious of it or not.

Those of you, who choose to come and share this time with me, are very conscious of who you are and what is happening within you and within your life. As a result of that you are creating changes and shifting potentials that are then made available to all others who also live upon the earth. In some respects it is as if the earth and the universe are getting smaller because there is a deeper link between the two. The greater your understanding of the All That Is, of the universe, of the earth; the easier it is to be able to move through, linking with these various aspects of any of this or all of it.

We spoke most recently about the quantum shift or the quantum leap as it is occurring. As I mentioned there are many different beliefs about all that is happening around this. There is no one right or wrong way to move through this time. There is no one time in which this is all going to occur. It is happening right now. It is a process that began sometime around or after the year 2001. It is a process that is coming close to completion within probably the next calendar year.

You may wonder why the focus is upon this at this time. It is because this shift will take place whether people are aware of it or not. The more that people are conscious of what they are doing within themselves, the more it affects the shifts and the energies of all the other people around them. Therefore, the shift can occur with ease and gentleness.

When there have been other shifts upon the earth it has been very dramatic and often violent; as in perhaps the ice age, or perhaps Atlantis. You are each very well aware that nothing like that will occur. It is moving through with gentleness and ease. Even though you yourself may not always feel that within and around you, I am speaking from the big picture of things. It is a shift that is occurring with gentleness and ease.

Allow yourself to release your physical body. Allow your consciousness to move out so that it may expand as it connects with the magnetic grid. As you move into the space of the grid, you find yourself linking with the energies of your higher self. This is where much of your expanded consciousness resides. As you link with this more fully, I invite you to truly open your consciousness, truly let yourself feel the alignment with who you are within this space. As you do so, you may feel as if you are reaching out to touch the outer edges of your consciousness. Let that flow downward so that it links with your physical body; then bring your focus back up within this space.

Move through the interlocking grid so that you may link with the crystalline energies. As you arrive within with this space, you become aware that you have let go of the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel the aspects of your consciousness or your expanded awareness that are aligned within this space. More and more you are incorporating these crystalline energies. Let yourself become aware of what this is to you.

You may call forth a column of light and shift through the column or you may simply shift consciousness until you link with the energies of the soul plane. Allow yourself to become aware of this shift in consciousness. Allow yourself to look around as if to perceive where you are or what this space is to you.

As you do so, you may become aware of your I AM presence. This is the greater expansion of who you are. This is your divinity. Allow yourself to open so that you may link, blending completely with these energies. Feel the love that flows into your consciousness. Feel the connection. Feel how right this is! You are linking with yourself. You are blending to merge even more deeply with all of who you are. Allow it to feel complete and right for you.

I the Goddess move into this space so that I may link with each one of you in a deeper, more complete manner. I reach out and embrace you. As I do so, allow yourself to feel who I am. Allow yourself to feel my immense love and devotion to you. Allow me to amplify and reflect back to you an even greater aspect of who you are.

As we do so, you may find yourself moving into the space of the All That Is. Allow yourself to feel this vibration. Allow your energies to expand even further. Allow yourself to look around as if to perceive what this space is for you. Many of you are very aware of the other energies of light who are here at this time.

I invite you to open your perception so that you may find yourself once more within this space that is somewhat similar to an amphitheatre. Just as with any large gathering, people come from many different expanded levels of consciousness. They come to this space from throughout the universe. Even more energies come here from within dimensions that you have not previously been conscious of. Feel as if you are opening your eyes even further. Take a breath that you consciously breathe in deeper alignment or perhaps greater expansion. In doing so, as you look around, you become aware that there are even more present.

There are many who have gathered because there is so much happening upon the earth at this time. What is happening upon the earth is also having an affect upon the rest of the universe and the omniverse. This is a profound time as each of you is very well aware. But many of you may not realize how it is being observed from many other aspects or energies of light.

The earth itself has always been very unique and different unto itself. There is the gravity, the beauty of the mountains, the oceans, the trees. There is the aspect of the humans which are soul essence living lives; the vast majority of which are living without their memories of who they are. These are but to name a few of the reasons why the earth is so unique and different.

There is a shift taking place right this moment among all who are present within this space. This amphitheatre is filled to capacity, so it expands so as to allow even more (to come in). There is almost an electrical impulse that is coming within this change in vibration.

There are individuals who come to stand in front of you. A great number of these you already know, they have been here before: the Angels of the Arc, the Crimson Circle, the Ascended Masters, the Ray Lords, the Ancient Ones, the Angels of Guardians, the White Brotherhood, the energies of Ashtar and all within his command. We can go on further and further with these who come to be present within this space. Feel the shift that takes place as they all make their presence known to you.

These are the majority of the energies and individuals you have been working with for the last number of years to prepare for the shift taking place at this time. Many of these energies have more than one personality or essence. There were a group of energies, is the best way to speak of them, they are known as the Ancient Ones. They represent the energies that go back before the time in which earth was inhabited. These are the energies who very first put forth the call to who would like to have the experience of living upon the earth. Look at this glorious, beautiful planet! Look at these many potentials. A great number of you were the ones who responded.

See this group of four come forward. They are collectively known as the Ancient Ones, but they represent even more. They come to the forefront of this group and they wish to speak to you. I the Goddess stand with them so that I may transmit or transmute their energies in such a way that you may feel them and understand. If you feel something different, then allow yourself to link with them at whatever level is best for you. I shift allowing them to speak.

(The Ancient Ones speak)

Greetings all beloved energies of the light!! Greetings all of the universe as represented by you who come to be within this space. It is with great honor that I am able to speak with you at this time. I speak for all who are present behind me. I speak to put forth the energies of all that is happening at this time.

I look out into this group and I see you. I remember you. I know you. I bow to you in appreciation for all that you have done in this journey upon the earth. There is so much that occurred upon the earth that is gone from the memories, but I remember. There were experiments and experiences, some of which did not move in the direction anticipated and I remember. There were many ways in which people attempted to live; some within what they call the heavens, yet still walking upon the earth. I remember.

These are the ones spoken of in the ancient mythologies or the Greek mythologies. It did occur. It was discovered that certain hierarchy was required so there could be a type of existence upon the earth. There were many many pockets of groups or people in which it was not needed. People just existed co-creating life together. There has been unbelievably intense and glorious beauty. There has been unbelievably intense hurt, pain, and suffering. I remember.

As I stand before you transmitting to each one of you my love and my awareness, you may find yourself remembering also. If you do allow yourself to feel the honor for what your experience has been. If you don't then allow yourself to feel and be fully present in this moment as it is.

I stand before an even larger number of people as we move through this next shift upon the earth. It will become known as the crystalline era upon the earth. The crystalline energies that are already present in the universe are in the process of being incorporated into the energies of the earth. This is something that was begun perhaps two and a half or three thousand years ago in a linear time frame.

What is occurring right now is the culmination of that but it is also laying the foundation of what is coming in the future; much of which cannot be predicted. With the crystalline vibration upon the earth, there will be a more fluid energy. With the crystalline vibration, each one of you will have a wide open heart center that is a crystal. With the crystalline vibration, energy as you know it will shift so completely that aspects will become extinct and others that you don't know as yet will become the main stream.

You are part of this. You are the creator of this. You have the potential to do as much or as little with this as you may desire.

I transmit my love, my support, and my awareness to each one of you. All of us that you see gathered around me stand in this presence and thank you honoring for you for what you are doing. We enjoy the vibration and energies you send our way. This definitely works both ways. We grow, expanding and learning from you; just as you grow expanding and learning from us. It is not always that you learn from us, it is that we have the ability to reflect back to you, that which you may have forgotten.

We reflect back to you the reminder that you are complete, that you are whole, that you are linked on many many different levels of being.

The time is here to take this another step. The time is going to be right now for it to occur. I will step back and shift these energies once more into the Goddess so that she will be the one to speak with you as everyone moves through this new experience.

I send you my honor and my blessing.


(Return to the Goddess speaking.)

I the Goddess once more move within this space. Take this moment and perceive how each of you are who you are, you are where you are. But, you are also linked in an alignment with energies that may be considered extraterrestrials. You are linked with energies that live within the earth. You are linked with these vibrational energies which never come into the earth; all who are present here. It goes way beyond even what I may describe and it is present within this space.

Let your consciousness expand. Take a moment to feel as if you open a door into eternity or into infinity and a pulsation of light begins from within the core essence of this group. Open all of your senses. Feel it is like a heart beat. Listen; see shimmering within the center of this group, this impulse of light as it beats.

As each one of you focus your attention upon this, as all the guides and angels also focus upon this. Perceive how it shifts within its intensity, its light, and the rhythm of its beat. Bahm-bahm; bahm - BAHM; BAHM - BAHM [simulating the beating of the heart getting stronger.] It becomes more and more.

Encompassed within this, are the energies that go from when the earth was very first created. On the very outside are the most fine, subtle vibrations of the universe. With each of you allowing your focus to be fully upon this energy of light it grows, expanding, filling, shifting; so that an alignment is created that is within the deepest core of the earth and linked to the finest, lightest, vibration of the universe.

Feel the rhythm. See the light. Hear the sound. Know that this is creation. This is what you have been seeking. It is what you have waited for. This is the purest form of energy in all aspects of the earth and the universe. There may be many different levels or aspects of this energy that you will not be able to be aware. But as much as you are able to comprehend, let yourself align.

It is expanding further and further. This impulse, this light, this rhythm, this energy encompasses all who are present within this space. Feel it, know it within you! It grows and grows, ever larger, ever deeper, and ever finer. It shifts, moving into infinite. Take it in; breathe it into who you are. You are a part of this energy. You are deeply aligned. Feel what this is in all aspects of your being.

Allow your awareness to return, moving back into this amphitheatre in which this all began. It is as if the amphitheatre is gone, there are millions of sparkles of light. As with electrical impulses, there are shooting stars or shooting energies; some in color, some without. This is the purest crystalline energy, yet it is aligned with all aspects of the earth. It is aligned within all aspects of who you are.

As we look at this group, there is no one individual any more. There are just mass sparkles of light. You are light. You are energy in its purest form. You are who you are.

Allow yourself to become aware of yourself. You are each deeply linked with all others who are here. You may therefore not necessarily feel a difference. But I invite you to become aware of your own unique energies and vibration. As you do so, become aware of how you have just shifted. Allow yourself to simply be within this space for as long as you need to be. Know that you may always return. Know that it is ever shifting as more and more people become conscious.

As the hologram of the earth is coming within this space, become aware of how it is manifesting from within each one of you. All who are present consider a hologram of the earth and therefore it is created. It is as if thinking about the hologram, thinking about the earth, particles of light came from within your heart center or the center of your consciousness and mixed with other particles of light to create the hologram.

This is eventually how you will create upon the earth. Particles of light and intention from within your heart link and mix so as to create whatever it may be you seek to create. This hologram is different than any you have ever perceived in the past. This hologram represents the earth after the shift.

We see Lady Gaia as she comes forth from within the earth. She too is going to take this moment to speak with you. I shift to her:

(Lady Gaia speaks.)

Greetings Family!

Feel my joy and excitement as it bubbles up from within me! Hooray, hoorah; look at what is happening to the earth! You are creating a shift through love, through peacefulness, and through ease.

I have been very much a part of this shift within each one of you. I have experienced every transition that has occurred upon the earth. This one is unique. I know there are those who are fighting. I know there are those who are not aware of what is transpiring; that is fine, they too are within my embrace.

The earth will continue to have its times of weather shifting and changing. The earth's land mass will shift and change. The trees, the lakes, the oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the glaciers; everything upon the earth is shifting and aligning with this crystalline vibration.

I have already moved through the shift, it is now for the rest to create the completion; the rest as in human consciousness, the rest as within the earth, the universe. What occurred in this experience that you just participated in brought forth an immense amount of energy. It created an alignment that went into the very core essence of the earth itself. It went into the universe. I was a part of it every bit of the way with each and every one of you.

I have always perceived the earth as whole and complete. I always honor every human upon it for the process they are moving through. I honor the animals for each their own process but also for their link with each of the humans. Everything is alive! Everything has meaning and purpose. I honor all. I seek to know each one of you as we continue to move through this process. I will do all that I can to assist you in finding greater ease within your life. I assist you in any way that I may as you manifest whatever you seek to have upon the earth.

Feel how each one of you is grounding within yourself. The more that you are in alignment with crystalline energy, the more that you ground within yourself rather than always grounding into the earth. I am here I am present, I am available and I invite you to ground with me any time you so desire, but even that is changing because of these changes taking place.

I look forward to all as it occurs. Feel my excitement. Open and align with my belief that all is in perfection.

I shift the energies back to my sister the Goddess,


(The Goddess of Creation speaks.)

With that, allow your focus to perceive Gaia as she blends once more with the energies of the hologram. Perceive how this hologram shifts moving into the physical earth. There is no column of light; there is simply a deeper blending of what has already occurred. The magnetic grid, the crystalline grid, the dimensions within and around the earth; all are in alignment.

This journey has been about the energies of the Quantum Shift or the Quantum Leap. You are a part of it. It is done. There will be other experiences in which it will become more and more incorporated over time. There will be times of adjustment, so allow yourself to be gentle with anything that you may feel as you move through your days. Allow yourself to breathe in and invite balance whenever you feel a struggle or difficulties.

Release all others who have been present for this experience. Allow yourself to shift so that you may return to the space of the soul plane. As you are moving into the soul plane, allow yourself to feel as if your energies are coming back within the expanded consciousness with which you are familiar. This space expands to accommodate so that you may easily tap into the memories and the energies of this experience.

Allow yourself to shift moving into the space of the crystalline grid. You remember when you were here just a short time ago. You remember how this aligned with all that occurred upon this journey. You are linked. It is a part of you.

From there shift even further. You may pause at the level of the magnetic grid but indeed perceive how they are blended more and more fully. The magnetic grid does have its alignment to the magnets of the earth which in turn creates the gravitational pull of the earth. That will always be present. The magnetic grid itself has its various levels of energy and those higher levels that are aligned with the crystalline, blend more and more fully so that there is less of a distinction.

Within this crystalline (magnetic) grid, realign or link with the space of your higher self. It expands so as to accommodate this immense expansion that took place within you upon this journey. Feel this space and know it as your own.

Allow yourself to shift once more so that you may return to your physical body. Indeed, your physical body is changing as it is accommodating the crystalline energies but as it too is shifting into the fourth dimension. While most of you may have been living energetically within the fourth dimension, your physical body is now shifting into this reality.

Allow yourself to expand the energy fields around you. Allow yourself to perceive from within your physical human self the various expanded energies that are your reality. You may need to shift your arms and legs to create a greater flow of this energy and light.

Take a moment as you breathe deeply to once more link with the memory of that pulsation, that vibration, that intense shift with which you just participated. Align it with your physical being; align it with your reality in your physical location upon the earth. It is yours. It is for all of humanity. It is for all of the world. It is for all of the universe and the omniverse. Breathe that in. Let it be your reality.

Once more if you so desire, allow yourself to come back within the space of this conference room. If you have questions you would like for I the Goddess to answer I am open to receive. To return to this conference, you may press *7 upon your telephone and I am open to receive your question.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, thank you for this fabulous journey tonight! How will the crystalline energy manifest in our current reality.

Answer: It is going to perfuse every aspect of your current reality. The crystalline vibration as you are open to receive it and bring into your life is going to be shifting the people around you, the physical household, the furniture within your house, earth around you, the trees; it's going to affect every aspect of your life. One might think that they will have a completely different life that is not necessarily the case. The crystalline vibration will be there, it will incorporate, and it will be a part of you and your life. The difference will come in how you create a relationship with this aspect of the crystalline vibration. In other words, as you look at your relationships, as you look at anything you are seeking to manifest into your life; look at it or align with it from the perspective of the crystalline vibration. See, sense, or know if perhaps you will manifest and create in a different manner. Does that make sense to you?

(Will this be occurring right now in our linear time?)

It has been occurring over the last one to two years. It is just that it is becoming stronger and stronger upon the earth and it will become stronger still in the months and years to come. When people have been out of alignment it is because there have been aspects of themselves creating and manifesting through this crystalline vibration, yet the vibration itself has not been as full or abundant upon the earth. So seek to have a balance or an alignment; then see if things don't flow more easily for you. If there is still a struggle or things do not manifest, then release any specific attachment, release any preconceived idea and let yourself open to new potentials. Alright beloved?

(Yes, thank you very much! That was very clear.)

Question: (paraphrased) I have a question that was absolutely phenomenal!! I'm wondering if this experience is going to place in more of a disconnect with the world around us, almost to the point where others will not see us? Or is it perhaps going to go the opposite and help others to join where we have been for the past few years?

Answer: We understand exactly what you are saying and actually with the second half of your question, you are answering what's going to occur. Each of you as an individual has been upon your own personal and private journey. You have been creating a space. You have been opening, releasing, letting go of things that were no longer working for you so that you were at the forefront of being able to manifest these energies and being able to create this quantum shift upon the earth. This is the conscious quantum shift that is taking place. The energetic quantum shift is something that occurs on many other levels of existence. That is what the earth has already moved through, that is what the people who are not aware of this are currently moving through and what happens is that once people have been at the forefront and created a space of existence or consciousness, the others that come into that space afterwards are no longer going to go through the same amount of shifting or changing it took for the first group to do it. That is not to say they won't have their own issues and problems as they shift, many of them will continue to do so. The difference is that the amount of trauma or the amount of potential that the person has to move through will conceivably be less than what each of you have done.

That is why you are so very honored by all who are out in the universe for being at the forefront of what has occurred. When you ask how is your relationship with the others around you going to be, you may find that you have a period of time in which you feel more imbalanced within yourself and therefore you feel more disconnected from the other people. But the purpose of all of this is so that you can actually feel a greater amount of balance or connection within yourself and from within that space will have a greater perception of levels of alignment. What we mean by that is that you can align with people at what ever level they are currently living and existing without having to give up, shift or change anything of who you are within your own space. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does, thank you.)

You are welcome.

If you find yourself feeling disconnected or imbalanced in relationship with others then it is perhaps because your energies are being drained or because you are not truly aligning with the other individual. What I would recommend you do is take a moment to let yourself take one or two breathes and as you breathe deeply and feel yourself pulsate with that crystal vibration that is you. Then with the next breath that you take, open from that space of completion within yourself to link and connect with the individual in whatever their space is. Not that you compromise any of who you are, but that they feel a comfort zone which in turn allows you to feel a comfort zone with them.

(I'll try that! That may help a lot, almost bridge the gap at times.)

Exactly! It is about you honoring and believing and being in the space of who you are. And you are honoring, believing and allowing the other individual to be in the space where they are.

(The person said thank you.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, what can we do to help assist our physical bodies in shifting? My blood pressure has been up and it sounds like others are also feeling a lot of the symptoms. (Speaking of conversation prior to the teleconference.)

Answer: The crystalline vibration coming into the physical body is creating changes on a cellular level outward. If you have high blood pressure as you mentioned, if you have aches and pains as other people have mentioned, if people are gaining weight as others have mentioned; if these are all physical manifestations that you are experiencing right now, recognize that it's due to a miss-alignment of energies.

I would encourage each one of you to drink even more water than you have done before because water is a very light, fine, fluid that allows it to flush through your system any toxins you may have. As your muscles are releasing old vibrational energies, these toxins need to be shifted or released from the physical body. If your blood pressure is up or you have other symptoms, it's because you are not releasing energies completely from within the body. So water is one means you can use.

Also focus on breathing and flowing crystalline through your body; as if you are standing under a waterfall of the crystalline energies. Let that work on the non-physical bodies around you so as to allow your physical body to be in greater alignment with your non physical. You should also listen to your physical body. Some of you may find that you need to eat more than you used to, some of you may find you eat less than what you used to eat. Some of you may find yourself drawn to certain foods; others may find your favorite foods no longer appeal to you.

All of this is about incorporating a physical vibration that is in greater alignment with these crystalline energies. One of the benefits that one might see as to incorporating with this is that the crystalline energy is more fluid. It also has the ability to manifest change in many different ways so that ..... I don't know how to express this, so please allow yourself to open and feel my intention. As simply as I can say, all that has been in the past and all of who are in the moment will be intermixed with who you are creating for yourself in the future. LIVE in the moment, BE in the moment and know, trust and understand that it is simply creating a greater expansion and a greater alignment. I invite you to breathe that in deeply.

(Person took a deep breath.)

There you go.

Question (paraphrased): I have spoken with you some time ago about and angel that came fairly close and I have not been able to pick up her vibration as I would to; I would like to have some advice about that.

Answer: We sense that this angel and it may or may not be the exact one that you were working with before, but we sense that she and her relationship to you has shifted in such a way that she and her relationship to you has shifted in such a way that she has released your body or your consciousness so as to evolve to a higher aspect of herself and it's that higher aspect that is now linking within you. Therefore it feels different or as if you are not linking with the same vibration. What feels to you as if you are no longer able to connect to her is that the aspect of her is no longer around you because it is to your benefit to link with a different aspect of her. This higher aspect of her is not even the same energy as it was before because as it's expanding, there is that certain part that is in alignment or was in alignment with the previous experience; but it is also creating something that draws from other energies of light that are more beneficial to you at this moment in time. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, thank you very much!)

You are welcome.

Let me amplify this energy for you for just a moment. Feel as if you have her standing in front of you for a moment. It is as if we see her vaporizing or crystallizing in front of you. If you can see, sense, or feel her, feel as if there is a beam of light that emanates from your heart to hers so that you will recognize what this vibration is and you will see and create what this communication is for yourself. Are you able to perceive that? You are welcome.

Taking that from you as an individual let me take that a step further. All of you upon the earth are able to do this exact same experience for yourself. If you are seeking to work with a particular guide or energy, if you are seeking to have a greater connection to your own self through your higher self or divinity, whatsoever it may be. Allow yourself to focus within and move through your heart center and invite that energy to come and be within your space. It will come, it will be there; so open, allow yourself to trust, allow yourself to link and blend with whatever that energy may be. Let it flow back and forth from your heart to their heart. It will create a bond that will assist you in whatever you may be moving through in your daily life. Alright.

I know that I have somewhat cut short the questions in this experience, but my sense is that we need to release energies as they are at this moment. I invite you each to once more breathe in the energies of linking with that pulsation of light. Allow yourself to open up to the greater connection of the shifting which is occurring upon the earth.

You are a creator. You are in alignment on so many different levels. Allow yourselves to open and be aware of what these many levels are to you. Therefore allow yourself to accept all that is within you and all that is around you. You are each so magnificent and bright.

I am ever with you and within.





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