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Hello, this is Shelly Dressel and the following are questions and answers that occurred during the Goddess Light teleconference. The teleconference is on the first and third Sunday of every month. It is free to anyone who would like to join in.

Sometimes the caller does not come through very clearly, so please bear with me for the times when it is difficult to hear what question is being asked.

Thank you. If you would like to hear the rest of the channel that goes along with these questions, you may find it through my websitewww.goddesslight.net. Thank you.

As you continue to ground your energies back within you, I am open to receive questions that you may have. You may press *6 upon your phone.

Question 1: Hello. (Hello go ahead.) Thank you so much for taking my call and for this experience; thank you Goddess and thank you Shelly. (You’re welcome.) It has been so powerful and so cathartic. Thank you thank you.

Ah to be precise on my question is I am in a situation where I have two roommates and one of them I had to ask her to leave because it’s not a compatible situation and it’s hard, not with me or with my other room-mate…. Anyway not to go into too much detail and it is not quite the month to be looking for a new tenant, but it had to be done. My question is this. I do have projects that are pending or financial abundance in the mean time I’m a bit strapped here. Is my abundance coming soon, or will I need a tenant by February 1st, or the end of February, which is only a couple weeks from now. If I still need a tenant and roommate could you help me create the energy to attract this person.

Answer: Okay beloved. What we would like to do with you, if you don’t mind us using you for an example, is we want to work with you and your energy so that you may practice shifting this and how to manifest it for yourself. As you began talking to us you were very expanded you had so much energy around you and as you began to talk about what was happening in your daily life we could feel how things began to narrow, your energy began to narrow and your perception began to narrow. Does that resonate with you?

Oh yes I feel very limited now, absolutely.

Exactly! So what we would like you to do is take a moment and close your eyes, just because that helps people to focus, and take in a deep breath and as you breathe in breathe down into your heart centre with the intention of letting yourself link with your divinity. You just got there doing it a minute ago – pop there it is - and so as you breathe deeply and as you allow that to flow through you let it flow through you with ease so you can feel yourself back into that space where you were at peace, where you said it was cathartic, so you felt as if you had released and were in that balance that you were seeking. Can you feel that?


Okay, so now as you have a sense of turning or shifting and you look out at the next say month to six weeks or whatever it may be; as you look at your abundance; as you look at the roommates and things like that; now put forth the intention from this space of expansion that you become a magnet, that you see people around you that you night not have noticed. That people notice you that might not have noticed you. That your projects that you have in the making that they become infused with all this energy and this light and suddenly we see everything expanding much further like this burst of light that went through. Did you have a sense of that?

I don’t know whether I am imagining it or if I did have a sense but yes, yes.

Well imagining or having a sense of it doesn’t matter there is really no difference in the two, because as you are working with potentials it is the imagination or the imagining that allows for something more than what you currently have. So you have to go outside of your perception and expand into something more in order to create a change. So this is what we would like you to do as you are working on this over the next few weeks or so.

We’ll tell you that we have the sense that you do get another roommate. It doesn’t feel like she is there necessarily by February 1st, but it feels like she is there by the end of February. So is feels like it comes kind of unexpectedly and we see that your projects actually got energized by this very grounded way of working with them and so it feels like that has kind of got bought forward a little bit, the timetable for them.

Okay so you don’t see a roommate in January then.

It doesn’t feel like it. It’s a possibility, but it feels like it is more so the 1st week or so of February. It feels like it is right after January.

First week of February. That’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. Okay Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Thank you so much.

And remember to manifest from that place of feeling good and that place of expansion.

From that place of feeling good and expansion. Thank you, thank you so much. God bless thanks.

You’re very welcome.

Question 2: Hello. (Hello can you speak up a little please.) Okay can you hear me better? . (Yes now I can.) I know you’ve been working with me and I am thanking you for that. I had a dream that, before I ask, this tiny little fragment anyway that I remembered, but I woke immediately. It was I was driving and I just simply couldn’t see and there was all this around me and I began going faster and faster and finally I reached out and I found in my own hand like this material, like veils, like this gossamer material and I just held my hand out and saw it then I woke. My immediate understanding was that I had chosen to remove the veil. Whatever it is that is, it is holding me or… however it feels wonderful. It was very clear and so I am just asking if there is something that - I believe this is about my feelings - is there something maybe that is, that I’m not seeing. (Okay) I am choosing to I am so choosing.

Answer: Okay this dream had several different layers to it and we agree with what you are saying. We will say that initially when you spoke of being in the car driving and suddenly you couldn’t see and that the car got going faster it was about reaching out and listening as if you are driving your car, or allowing your life, to be guided by your intuition and your inner knowing and your inner knowledge. That was very strong to us as far as the intention of the dream in terms of the initial response.

Then when you spoke of the veils and having removed the veils it was as if you had consciously put something in front of: either a belief or an experience; or something in your life that you just did not want to see; or you did not want to accept; or you weren’t willing to go to and all of that feels like it was in the past. This is what you have been doing work on for quite some time now and so with these veils that you were seeing moving in your hand as if you were consciously removing them it was as if that were putting closure to the things you were hiding from yourself.

So as you step forward into this next phase in your life it’s the perfect correlation with tonight because tonight you integrated and you allowed more of your Lightbody energy to come in to you which is going to allow more of your divinity, more of your intuition, more of that energy, to be a part of your life. So that’s our take on what you were doing.

Oh thank you. Yeah and I thought it was, the journey tonight felt very personal in that regard and so thank you I am wanting to feel myself more of an aspect calling allowing me to be ??grateful?? how wonderful. The first part there makes a lot of sense.

Exactly and so we think it is important to you to now believe in yourself. When you feel an intuition coming through, when you have a sense of something, believe it as real and go on the assumption that it is what you need to have and the more that you do that the stronger it is going to get and the easier everything else will evolve.

Wonderful. Okay that’s great. Thank you.

You’re very welcome beloved.

Question 3: Hello Goddess! (Hello.) Thank you to and Shelly for this wonderful work you do with us and it is absolutely great and helps us to reach our level. I have an eye infection and I was working with you. I was calling on you, and you helped me to heal this, but it has not healed all the way, so I would like you to see if there is more work needing to be done or can it be healed completely today with your help?

Answer: Have you gotten some traditional medicine, because we see you putting eye drops in?

Yes, but I just put in eye drops for the dryness, because my eyes are really dry. (Okay) It is not medication. That is why I did want to avoid that and go to the doctor and put in any drops, and I was trying to call you to help me heal. I am feeling better, but it is not quite gone.

Right. It feels like it has the potential that it may need to have some sort of a medicine with eye drops. You can try continuing with the lubricating, and we will work with you right now and see if that does not take care of it. So, as we are doing this, we invite you to close your eyes for a moment, and what we are doing is we are encircling the eye. We have a sense of placing the fingers all around the bones of the eye, and as we do this, we are going to begin to just draw on that energy and draw out whatever is there. It feels like there was debris or something that got inside there. I do not know, it feels like almost a splinter type of thing, but not anything as big as a splinter, but that is what it is coming as. And then it is just kind of coming out. Whooo.

We invite you to breathe deeply inside of yourself. Let your focus go up to that one eye in particular, and then as you breathe out, consciously just let go and let it just be released, and now we have a sense of energy just flowing through both of them, and it feels like it is coming in through your third eye, and it is moving in through your pineal gland, and then it is just like it is cleansing everything behind your eyes. Then as that happens, it kind of flows out, as if coming out through your physical eyes, is this brilliant light, and this light that is cleansing and clearing and shifting things for you. Whooo. Breathe that in and then breathe it out.

Thank you.

It feels like it is not quite so painful. Is that feeling better to you too?

It is quite nice. I mean, it is not any more painful, and that is what I have a feeling that it is something clearing from inside out through the eye.

Exactly. Yes, and so we think that this also has to do with your third eye opening and your being able to see with your inner eyes with more clarity, so focus on breathing that in, and in fact breathe in the light body energy. Feel as if that particular vibration is moving in through your third eye, swirling through your head, and then coming out through your physical eyes. There you go, we could feel that shift.

Thank you so much.

You are welcome.

You are great!

Thank you!

Question 4: Hello. (Hello, go ahead). Yes, thank you Goddess for taking my call. (You are welcome). Yes, I wanted to ask you a question. My family and I have been in USA for a long time now, but we have not got our citizenship yet, so could you tell me when we will get it?

Answer: As we look at you and your family and we ask this question, we still have a sense of distance. It feels like, whooo, okay, hold on a second. Okay as we see you and your family, we have a sense of having done a lot of paperwork. We have a sense of you taking classes or going through a lawyer. It feels like you have done all the steps that are needed, and then when we see where all of that went, it is like it got put into a large stack and it is just kind of lost in the shuffle. It feels like there are lots of people that are applying for citizenship right now, and the backlog is quite large. So, what we are going to do is we are going to have a sense, just for everybody sitting in that backlog, we are just going to flow some energy through it. Whooo. Let it swirl through. We are going to let it swirl through so that all of the people who have been seeking this and have been trying to accomplish this within their life will get it looked at, get it cleared up, and that this may bring it into fruition more quickly for you. In just looking at it, it feels like it is 6 months or so, but hopefully now if we shift this energy, it will bring it up a little more quickly. Have you been talking, it feels like you have a lawyer or a representative or someone that you have been talking to?

No, I have not been talking to anyone, no.

Well then, we would suggest that you do look and see if there is someone, maybe someone at Immigration, because we see you talking with an individual and that seems to speed things up.

That individual would be an immigration lawyer?

It feels like it. Whether it is a lawyer or the immigration people in the office, we are not quite sure, but it is something to do with immigration and it is a specific person as opposed to just submitting everything and then dropping it.

So, how long do you think that would take me talking to that person and how much in the future would that be?

It feels like it is happening right now, so it feels like it could happen very quickly, and then everything else at this point just looks like about 6 months or longer out there.

But ultimately, my family and I will get it?

That is the sense that we get, that is the feeling we have as we look at it right now.

So, going into the future, it is shown that my family and I will be in this country as citizens?

That is our perception as we are looking at it right now, yes.

You advise me to go and meet a lawyer or some person? Will that person come into my life or should I go out and look for that person?

We think that you should make some phone calls and just talk to someone or look on the Internet and see what it recommends, but the sense that we have is that you need to take some of those steps to reach out, and that there will be assistance there for you.

I am a little worried about taking assistance from someone because I do not want to jeopardize our position. I have to be assured that this person will help us and not jeopardize our position.

 Okay. That sounds good.

Do you think if I go out, will I be assured that whomever I meet and talk to about this will be a helpful person and not be someone who would cause difficulty for us?

Our sense is that, if you go out with the intention of looking to find someone that will help you, then that is what you will find. If you look at everybody with the intention that they could cause harm or they could make it more difficult, then that is what you will find. So let your focus be on finding someone that will be of assistance to you, and that is what you will find.

Thank you, Goddess. You have solved a lot of difficulties, and today's talk was awesome. I listen to you and still I feel a little lightness in my body, especially on the lower part of my legs. Is that because of all of the work you did or it is just something that is happening?

That is you integrating the energies into your physical self.

So, I listen to many channels and they say that the energies are being downloaded and I sometimes wonder if that is happening to me. Do you think I’m in step with the ascension energies?

Yes, that is our perception in looking at you.

Thank you very much, Goddess.

You are welcome.

Question 5: Hi Shelly! (Oh hello!) It is Rhonda. (Hello.) I have got what I guess might be considered an off-the-wall question. (Okay.) I have been jumping back and forth between the grids, among the dimensions, you know, making myself busy and unbalanced, but I am hearing more and more about the light body. (Yes.) And when I hear about things, I know I am supposed to pursue it. (Yes.) What I am finding is that there is a hesitancy in me to move into the light body, partially because I do not want to disappear. I am supposed to be here to help people. I need some clarity on that.

Answer: We thank you for asking that because we believe there are other people who might be thinking the same thing too, because the name "light body energy" makes you think of an energy made of light that is a higher vibration or a much different vibration than what you as the human have been manifesting; and, indeed, it is all of those things. But the key for anything that you are doing is to ground yourself by breathing in more of your divinity, breathe in the light body energies and let that flow all the way through you so that your body can feel that expansion, it can feel the greater integration of your divinity. And when you do this, then as you go out to the grid, to the various dimensions doing these various things that you enjoy doing, what you are going to find is that by actually grounding yourself, you can let a greater amount of your consciousness shift outward. What the light body energy will do is to provide that greater what is the word we want to use-- greater perception, greater light, greater knowledge. You know, it is just going to expand your perception into much more of what is available for you in all these places.

When you said at the beginning as you asked the question about feeling kind of unbalanced sometimes because of all of that, we think that it is the grounding that needs to occur and we also had a sense of let go the analytical. Because as you get into the higher vibrations, the higher vibrations of the grid, the higher dimensions, there is the analytical that needs to be there so that you can understand your perceptions, but that needs to take a back seat to the majority being the simply absorbing the energies, absorbing the perceptions and allowing all of that to flow through you. Does that make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. At the moment, I am trying to "grock it," if you know what I mean.

Right, we are downloading and working with you a lot right now as we speak, and you have been aware before about your analytical mind keeping you very grounded, and you have stimulated it because of what you said, that you did not want to disappear into nothing. So, use that as a means of grounding your energy, but also it is almost like you now need to give yourself permission to go into those spaces with a greater ease. And that is what the light body energy will do for you. It will allow that to happen with a greater ease while your analytical still remains grounded.

Great! Thank you! I have been trying to find that point of balance, and now I have got something to work with.

Okay. You are welcome, Beloved!

Thank you, Goddess.

Question 6: Hello. I have this intention of working with community on a larger level in energy moving. I’ve been going to this Acupuncture place and when a community comes together as opposed to a ??? (not sure what she said), and it’s a very reasonable fee, but I’m thinking of instead of Acupuncture of just opening up place like that and instead of doing regular energy work if we drew a symbol like Reiki, having different, you know people like me, facilitating energy work. How do you see that as effective perhaps on a larger scale of the community?

Answer: We see you maybe perhaps working with the person that does the Acupuncture, or we see you in a community where there are several people together in an office that offer similar things, but different ways of getting to it. So we think that is absolutely a great idea and since symbols are something that resonate with you, and we also see color like infusing the symbols with color and there is a difference between something that is like a solid color and, or an iridescent color. So all of these things will come about that you will devise for yourself and as you work with it you will feel what needs to be done in any given situation. This is part of the new energy work and what you are going to be doing is not only doing the healing part of it, but also the teaching part and helping each person to understand what’s going on in there body and helping them to accept themselves as they transition. So we think this is a fantastic idea. It’s what you have been working on for a long time and you are tweaking it now and it feels like it can come to fruition very soon.

Because what I’m thinking of like I’m not going to do, like normally a person works with Reiki like an hour on the patient, I’m just going to do the symbol and then have like 20 people in the same room but the energy work will be effectively in that form of, I’m just assuming that’s effective, I’m putting that intension out. Is that something that is possible now?

Absolutely it’s possible and what we see you doing is that you set up the energy in the room before people come and then what you are talking about can take place in an instant, but people don’t necessarily accept, or allow, it to take place in an instant. So we think what is important for you to do is to devise something to speak about beforehand, and afterwards, so it takes a little bit more time. Then when you are actually transmitting the symbol, or working with the actual healing process, I would encourage you to have the people focus on their breathing, on breathing in, on accepting and on allowing.

And they can stay there as long as they like. Correct. And can you see this happening that I’m going to be very effective and other people will join in.

We saw you as you first began speaking of it as doing it with a group of people not just by yourself. Although you can do it by yourself quite easily like someone gets a gathering together in their home we see that as a possibility too. So the ways of connecting to people are limitless and we just saw you doing it with others as like, what do they call those things, those healing forums or something like that and someone can pay one fee and then they can try several different things. We saw something like that.

Thank you.

You’re welcome beloved.

Question 7: Hello. (Hello) Hi Goddess how you doing. (Fine thanks.) This is Sam. I was wanting to ask you a real quick question. Someone said that someone was trying to contact me on across the way, meaning on the other side, and I was just kind of curious who.

Answer: It feels to us like it is someone who has crossed over. Have you been doing work as a Medium?

No Ma’am never have but I did see I could be feeling a lot of time a strong notion that someone is watching me or someone is beside me or behind me.

Right well what we see is it feels like it is a man and he is tapping you on the shoulder cause he wants you to communicate to someone for him. He feels like he is the father of someone that you know, like a friend of yours or something, and he’s trying to give you some information, or trying to help you out to begin to speak with them. With all the energy work that you have been doing it’s opening you up to this and um -- I’m sorry we are just bringing in these energies.

Anyway you have been opening up to it and what we’re trying to say is that we would encourage you to really focus on breathing in your divinity; breathing in your light body; breathing in your expansion; so that you can feel a more conscious awareness. Now it may be that you don’t want to necessarily bring in these energies. They feel to us like they are those that have either crossed over, or in the process of crossing over and it may be that that is what you are called to do is work with people as they are crossing over. So we would say to you just be aware of how is this energy that you are linking with. Is it something that you are comfortable with and if it is something that you are comfortable with then focus on your breathing, breathing in and out in a flow as you open up your senses, and say, “what is your message to me or what would you like”. Just be very conscious, because we see these different energies around you, that your intention is to align with those that are of a higher vibration and that allow you to feel good and to feel the flow of energy with ease.

Oh I see and the last thing because I know you have to go is what’s my spiritual guide’s name? I got my guardian angel’s name, Christina, but what is my spirit guides name.

Your Spirit guide we feel like you have – there is one that feels Native American and there is one that feels like, I don’t know, it feels like a warrior energy. And he’s the one that’s been working with you to try to help you ground these energies. Kazumi, Sazumi, Suz something zumi. We can’t really hear the name very well, but we sense that it will be something that you will know for yourself.

It’s not Sarah.

Sarah? (yes ma’am) We see Sarah around you, but that is not the one in the forefront. Everybody has a group of guides around them it is never just one and so Sarah is another energy around you and this warrior energy feels like it is something that is more of a motion, more of a movement, and that’s what’s standing at the forefront.

Oh okay I see that’s why I have been feeling like being invincible a lot of times.

That could very well be, exactly and he’s there to share with you about expanding your energies, about allowing more of the higher vibrational energies to come in and allowing that to be a part of your day.

Oh I see. This is cool I appreciate it thank you.

Okay you are very welcome.

Thank you and you take care of yourself hear.

Thank you very much Shelly appreciates that.

All right Goddess, see you later.

All right bye bye.

Ah Shelly was told there is one more who would like to speak from the Internet Room. So we will take that one.

Question 8: Goddess (Hello) This question is from someone on the Awakenet (www.theawakenet.org – friend’s chat room) and her name is Louisa. You can tell her something about her about her not been able to quit the smoking even though it is affecting her.

Answer: Okay Louisa as we link with you and as we see this around you it feels like it is an emotional and it’s a mental link that is keeping you there. We can feel how on one level you are choosing to let it go, but there is another part of you that feels it is almost like a comfort or as a habit, well it is a habit, but almost as a comfort or something that you are so used to doing that you don’t even think about it half the time. So what we would say to you is that it is something that needs to be released by going inside of yourself and working with whatever needs to be comforted or nurtured inside of you. If you fill in that space with your divinity, with the lightbody energy, with that expansion of yourself, then what you are going to find is that these outwards habits that not only you have but lots of people have- they can let go of habits that they no longer want to have because they are filling up that space inside of them that caused them to lean towards having the habit with something that is much more in line with their divinity and we see this happening with you.

We would encourage you just for a minute take in a breath and breathe down inside your heart and link with whatever is inside of you, without necessarily naming it, but anything inside and then as you are ready to breathe out with the intention of letting go of smoking; letting go of the habit; letting go of all parts of this; – phew – breathe out with the sense of letting that go and as you let it go then you immediately come back inside and you breathe inside of yourself and feel the clarity; feel the clarity of your breathing; feel the clarity of your body as it takes in more healthy energy; and as your physical body reflects then all that you are doing with your spiritual work and it allows you to integrate those higher vibrations with greater ease.

All right is she saying that that is okay.

She says thank you so much.

Okay you’re welcome.



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