Express Who You Are

Expressing who you are is really a pivotal part of your growth as a human and as this soul expressing as you~~  I think everyone can get caught up in life and in what is expected of them.  In some ways this gives you structure and definition of your life.  But it also can take you away from who you truly are deep down inside.

During this channel the Goddess spoke of the energies of the equinox as being particularly important.  This past year has been about releasing what keeps us from knowing who we are.  The more influx of the crystalline energies, the more clearly people will be shown.  What I mean is that it is harder to hide behind drama. It’s harder to be in a state of fear.  Yes, these are still here; but releasing them allows you to disconnect from energies that pull you down.

How lovely would it be if all could see the world and speak through the eyes of their soul!! YES it is possible.


Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment, you in the world in which you live, you in the life that you have created that has brought you into this now moment.

There have been immense transformations taking place upon your earth over the past year. This transformation has been on many different levels. The very cellular structure of humanity is transitioning. The animals are transitioning. The number of people that are opening to a state of consciousness, that are opening to the awareness of who they are, what they are, what is happening, is transitioning.

I therefore invite you to honor and recognize that no matter what has been going on within your life you have had that conscious intention of seeking greater awareness, of seeking greater balance and whether you feel it in a conscious way in your life it is there building up the infrastructure so that your everyday reality may be filled with that conscious awareness.

Every day as you wake up you have a choice. We’ve spoken of choice before and that has not changed. But in particular over the past year, the amount of the crystalline vibration has been exponentially increasing throughout the year. What that means to you is that a great deal more of the energies have been flowing into and around you for your everyday reality. What that means to you is that when you go reaching for potentials or reaching for opportunities there is more for you to draw from and that vacuum of energy has expanded to a great degree giving you these greater opportunities.

Whenever I say something like that I always hear the people coming behind saying, “But my life is exactly the same”, “But nothing has changed, I’m still frustrated”. If indeed that is your reality, that is the way that life has been for you and your perception then let’s take this opportunity to tap into everything that feels the same and maybe in terms of frustration and let all of that energy come in to this moment. Pull it from wherever it is in your life so that you can bring it in, and then bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~whew~ Clear it out. There were about three waves of release that went with that.

As you step into a significant change within your life, it’s essential that you are loving and nurturing with yourself. You may ask, what does that mean? It means that if your everyday reality is consistently showing you a life that is not integrated with the change then be gentle and loving about that, while at the same token continuing to affirm what it is you do want to have within your life.

Energy goes where your thoughts and your focus is. I therefore invite you to let your focus be upon all that you do seek to have within your life.

I invite you to take in another deep breath, where you breathe in through your nose and you send that energy down once more feeling as if you are anchoring within the earth. You may feel that energy spreading out in many different directions, you then bring all of it back up within you and you send it out through the top of your head. As you send that beam of light from you within your core essence up into your higher self you arrive looking around at these energies.

Take a moment to breathe in all of what this is for you.

If there’s anything that needs to be cleared out from your higher self ~whew~ clear it out.

Allow your consciousness to stream even further. It moves from the space of your higher self, it moves out until it naturally merges with your divinity. Each one if you is created from a soul essence that is uniquely yours. Every time that we do these meditations you are going back into that soul which created you.

You’ve had many different experiences. You’ve had many different lifetimes upon the earth or out in the universe. This is your opportunity to experience yourself as the divine.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace all who are here. I embrace you as the person that you are in this life. I embrace you as your divinity amplifying your own perception so that you may connect in this deeper alignment and feel who you are.

As our energies merge together you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is. Feel what this space is to you especially after the last time that we were together when we worked so much with the light body energy. I can notice the difference that remains within this space. As I look around I see each one of you as your divinity but I also see you as your light body energy. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s empowering because it is you.

I touched on, while we were still grounded upon the earth the changes taking place upon the earth. Many times it goes solstice to solstice, from the December solstice for a year which follows closely with your calendar year, but at this time last year you began a very intense course of integration in which you were becoming much more aware of who you are; first as the person, as the human but also as your divine essence. You are not one or the other, you are your divinity. You are the expression of your divinity.

All of that intention and vibration went throughout the collective consciousness of the earth. It caused ripples of effect. For some it created that questioning or that intention, “Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Where am I going perhaps with a job or relationship or something in their life?” So too; it sent ripples of energy through the collective consciousness and in the past year you have cleared out immense amounts of the duality, the negativity and the separation. Again, I can hear you in your thoughts saying, “That’s not gone, it’s all still there” as indeed it is.

What’s also happening is that which has been buried is now being shown to the world. People and making conscious choices; there are still millions that just go along with the unconscious vibration that is permeating the world, I know that, but more and more and more are making conscious choices to disconnect from the fear, to disconnect from the negativity, to focus upon bringing in as much of the higher vibration as is possible.

With this equinox coming up in about a week or more there will be mechanisms adjusting within the collective consciousness of the earth that will create a much greater ease for those of you who have been seeking this change and again it will ramp up that reflection of that which no longer is supportive of the collective whole. Therefore, I invite you to take a moment as you are here in the All That Is.

Look at your life. Sometimes it might be on that big screen. Sometimes it’s just in front of you or it’s just in your consciousness.

How much of your life are you really ready to release? I see the scrolls. How much of your life is filled with an emptiness or a seeking of change? Now is the opportunity for you to be completely honest with yourself.

If as you consider this it all feels like it’s a blank to you then have the intention that you are deeply connecting to anything that no longer serves you.

As you consider what that may be you may bring up your own energy but I am going to tap into a couple of things that are more worldwide vibrations.

As you look at your life, does fear has any impact upon you?

As you look at some of the problems that you may have, is there fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of a reaction from something outside of you that’s coming in to affect you?

So as you consider that fear, we have the conscious intention that we are going to follow that stream of consciousness associated with fear and anything at all within your life that either has a foundation of fear or fear is an aspect within it. We are just going to tap into that and then bring it up, we are going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.

As you look at that space in which fear resided within you, ask to know if you have any other lessons to learn or if there’s something still associated with fear that’s going to come back around.

As we look at this, we again move through your conscious and your unconscious self; connecting to whatever that may be so that we can bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.

How many of you have a life that is filled with drama?

If your life is filled with drama, does it keep you in a place of chaos? Does it keep you from finding the time to really go inside recognizing who you are?

Does drama become a focus that is a distraction from you really living your life in the way you wanted it to be? Is the drama that “I have to do this for everyone else, I don’t have time for me”, is the drama that “so many other things are happening over here, who’s got time to take care of themselves?”

Whatever the distraction may be, be it drama or anything else, just take a moment to connect with whatever that is ~whew~ clear it out.

If you didn’t have that drama in your life, what would your life look like? I hear some of you saying, “I won’t have any friends then. What I’m going to talk to anybody about?”

So if it feels as if there is a gap or an emptiness inside of you, by releasing drama then consciously open up, feel yourself filling in that energy with your divinity. As it fills up the space within you let yourself expand. Let yourself feel anything new that goes along with it.

As you fill up this space within and around you know that you are nurtured, that you are loved and that you are supported.

Your relationships may move to a new level. You may meet new people and have new experiences. Be open for change to take place within your life.

As we stand here in the equinox, which is the balance, for some people are just beginning to sow the seeds of something new, for others, they are harvesting what’s taking place.

As you take a moment and allow yourself to remove any veil that’s kept you from a clear perception of your life, let it take with it all that suffering, all that pain, all of that confusion. As you allow yourself to truly be who you are in this high light vibration let it clear out anything that no longer works for you.

Who are you? Who are you as this person in this lifetime? I ask you that, not to define wife, mother, sister, brother, employee, employer; I ask you that question because I want you to know that you are unique, that you are filled with light and that you are flowing along with the vibration of change taking place upon the earth. I want you to recognize that you are the embodiment of your divinity, that you are reflecting outward that God source energy that only you contain.

I see it, I know it. I invite you to just let yourself relax and feel those energies as they are for you.

As you stand here within the energies of the equinox, as you stand here at the completion of this past year, look around at the universe at all of these energies that are here for you. You may integrate them allowing them to flow within you so that you are creating that person upon the earth plane that will manifest that energy and that you are creating that structure of energy and light that so fully supports you.

Breathe in and experience all of what this is for you. There is support that comes from many, many different sources. If in this now moment it feels as if it’s not evident to you, then be open to accept that there are things of which you are unconscious that are still available to you.

Feel who you are. There we go. I really felt that energy moving into each one of you. When you acknowledge who you are, it doesn’t mean you now have to go out and conquer the world or you now have to go out and be someone that you are not. You are simply acknowledging that as the reflection of your divine self you are present in the moment, you are filled with the divine light. You let that radiate from you so that no matter what you do in your life that is what shines for. Feel it, know it for what it is.

I ask you to come back together as a group. As you do so, it’s always a wonderful sight to see everybody as they really radiate who they are. You come together as a circle, the Angels, the light beings are all there with you also and coming up within that circle is the hologram of the earth. As this energy comes up within the group each one of you infuse into it the essence of who you are. As you let that energy flow into the hologram the hologram itself begins to sparkle with light, it begins to radiate the crystalline energy that moves through each one of you. This hologram becomes infused with the light; not only from all of you but the universal light that is present here and you release it so that it may flow. The hologram flows down to the column of light. There is an aspect that goes out into the universe and the rest goes down into the earth. As this hologram moves into the earth it anchors within the core or the center of the earth and as it anchors within the earth it begins to merge with that intrinsic balance of Gaia. In some ways it is activating these new energies, in other ways it’s creating that greater balance that now comes up into each one of you. You may feel it as it comes up within your body, that energy that you just reconnected to is what is now coming up from that anchor within the earth, into and around you. It feels you with light, it clears out on a physical level everything that was done up in the All That Is and as it moves within and around you it continues to anchor within you.

You then allow the rest of your consciousness to flow back so that you are bringing all of your consciousness back into this now moment. As it flows back within you, you may feel that stream as it comes down through your head center. You may need to expand it but let it clear out everything around you and as this is anchoring within your life, I invite you to take a moment to just close your eyes, allow yourself to feel your physical reality and then if there are things taking place within your life that keep you from being you, clear it out. ~ Whew~ Fill in those spaces with your divinity.

As you fill in those little pockets of energy within and around you even more of your energy expands. If you know there are things that you want to release in your everyday life then take this moment ~whew~ let it go and in place coming behind it infuse a calm  and a balance that will replace those other energies that you used to have.

I want you to feel comfortable in your skin. I want you to feel comfortable and empowered within your life. Therefore, anything at all that you need to receive, open up, let it flow into you from your divinity. You can feel it, can you not? 

As you open up your heart in the days and weeks to come do so with the intention that you send forth that which is you as your core essence and that you send forth the energy and the essence of what you seek to manifest in your life.

Remember to let go any fear in any way in which it’s infusing what’s happening in your life. Remember to let go any drama and the distractions that come along with the drama. Allow yourself to open up to and embrace that which is in the greatest potential for who you are. Show the world your divinity, just to be who you are.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.





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