Fall Into Love... With You!

Nama sika: venia benya          I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family!  This introduction that you are reading or listening to at this time was re-recorded at a later time than the original teleconference.  Many of you have experienced different technological problems.  Sometimes it has to do with a shift in your vibration, sometimes it has to do with Mercury retrograde, sometimes it has to do with the alignment of the energy of your equipment vs. the energy of the individual.  Something in all of those categories occurred with Shelly and she lost much of the recording.  That is why for those of you who participated in the teleconference this is different than what you might remember.

There is so much taking place upon the earth.  Many of you since the solstice may feel as if you have turned that corner.  Potentials are new for you.  Release of old energies is more and more evident or more and more of a potential for you.  Allow yourself to become more fully acquainted with who you are.  As you do so, open up to allow for this new you, this evolved you to become a part of your reality. 

As you become more comfortable with your own vibration, with your own essence of who you are, you will find that everything else around you will shift to accommodate this.  BE who you are within your heart.  Allow your divine essence to be your reality. 

With that I invite you to take a slow deep breath in; breathing through your lungs and into your heart center, allowing your heart center to expand.  With every breath that you take in, allow that breath to flow through you expanding your heart center.  Allow that breath to move beyond your heart, circulating through your body. Let this ground you within your physical body so that you may then release your consciousness to an even greater extent. 

With that I invite you to shift your awareness in such a way that you release your physical body and you align with the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you move into or align within this space, feel this energy which is your own.  You automatically link with your Higher Self.  Feel this vibration and allow your consciousness to expand.  As you are looking around from within this space, you may see impulses of light, you may see impulses of intention, vibration; all of this is a means of offering you information so that you may expand your awareness within this space.

Allow your focus to shift so that you move through the interlocking grid.  You may then find yourself within the crystalline grid.  Within this space there is simply a vibration.  There is energy; there are impulses of light.  All of this moves within and around you.  Feel as you blend with these vibrations.  Open to perceive how you may receive and send impulses of energy.

This is a space that is moving through intense transformation at this time.  There is a greater and greater amount of integration between the magnetic and the crystalline grids.  Therefore your own energy within this space creates an impact that affects you yourself, but also everyone else around. 

Call forth a column of light or you may allow yourself to simply shift.  As you move through this column, you may find yourself emerging within the soul plane.  As you arrive within the soul plane, have a sense of looking around.  This is an even finer, lighter vibration.  As you look around, have a sense of becoming aware of what is here within this space.  First and foremost there is your I AM presence.  You may also have a sense of some of your angels and guides.  You may have a sense of the others who are upon this journey. 

Allow your focus to expand in such a way that you blend completely with who you are within your divine essence.  Have a sense of taking an even deeper breath so that you may blend completely with your divinity.  As you become acclimated within this space, I move in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace so that I blend my energies completely with you.  Feel what this is. 

Allow your energies to expand even further.  You may find yourself in the All That Is.  This is a vibration or a shift in consciousness that has an even greater expansion, yet an even lighter vibration than anything else.  You may perceive that it is as if you move through several steps as you go from your space upon the earth into this vibration. 

I am bringing in the energy of love.  I invite each one of you to go as if within the center or the core essence of who you are, so that you may send forth from within you the energies of love to align with what I am sending to you. 

So many of your journeys this year have focused around understanding who you are, creating an alignment for this greater awareness within yourself.  And this most recent journey (Referring to the teleconference: June 15, 2008) has also been about recognizing when something is your own vibration versus someone else's.   We're going to continue to work with that understanding, but for the first step I invite each one of you to truly open to self-love. Here within your I AM presence - within your divinity - it is the purest essence of love.  As you look around, as you send out energies to perceive, you may not completely pick up on the depth of the love that is here for you. 

As if you are a spark of light that is within the center of your own divinity, let that light illuminate all that is around you.  If you feel there is any resistance within you, take this moment and let it slide away.  Here within this space, within this moment, you are the essence of love.  There is even more available to you than what you do perceive.  As if there is a layer of human perception that is surrounding you.  Have a sense of peeling that off. And as you remove this layer, let go judgment, let go criticism of yourself.  There is more of that light, more of that brilliance that is now able to come into you, or shall we say into your conscious awareness.

Allow that greater illumination to fill up all of your perception.  Take this moment to look at your life.  As I invite each of you to do that, I see where some of you immediately go back to that space that I perceive as judgmental or harsh.  So many of you have aspects of your life that you have been seeking to change, that you are unhappy with, or ways in which you have felt your life should have been different. 

Take a moment to recognize if there is any aspect of you that feels this way.  I say this without judgment or criticism.  Can you look at your life and the decisions that you have made without judgment or criticism?  If only for this moment, I invite you to do so.  In every single one of you, I have a perception of an even greater light flowing through you.  When you take out any judgments for your actions or your lack of actions or whatever it is you perceive, you can recognize how there has been so much that has occurred within your life.  Release any restrictions that you have had within and around you.

Have there been times that you've held yourself back out of fear?  Have there been times you kept yourself from speaking up to avoid a confrontation?  Have there been times in which it felt no matter what you did, there were still others out who attacked you, who attempted to hold you down?  Take any of these instances and then release that judgment, see them only as experiences.  Let the love that is surrounding you, this flame of you, this spark of light, come up as if it's a surge within you.  Let this love flow throughout your consciousness, let it flow down into your life, so that everything you are perceiving is now filled with and surrounded by the love of your soul for you from within you.

I have perceived how some of you have actually had a sense of wounds within and around you as a result of your choices or as a result of your judgment of yourself and your life.  Allow those wounds to be healed through this love and through this acceptance. 

There is an even greater illumination that moves through you.  It's moving through you the human; it's moving through your consciousness on every level.  As you release those energies that you have had against yourself, that have held you back, release any emotions or beliefs that have gone along with them.  As this illuminated light becomes brighter and brighter within you, it fills all of who you are.  Let yourself draw upon this light.  Feel the strength that is you.  This is a strength that comes from you, it is for you and it is about all that has been happening within your life.  As this strength expands, allow it to illuminate anything else that you may be feeling or experiencing within yourself.

From that space of being connected so deeply within yourself, consider what has been going on within your life.  You may perceive that some of the things that you thought were issues are now resolved, they're gone.  There may still be aspects of your life that remain here in front of you as if they are issues or problems.   This is where you may once more draw upon that spark or that love or that flame that comes from within you.  And as you breathe it into your conscious awareness it expands.  Therefore as you look at this situation, tap into the energies and then ask yourself is this something from within you, or is it from another individual?

As I look at you, I have this sense of so many becoming aware that these energies around them are not actually your own.  Many times when you are in a deep relationship with another, or perhaps it's with your family, or perhaps the people that you work with where you are around them a large part of your time, it is difficult to discern your own energies from theirs.  But right now in this space from within your sense of self, your sense of awareness, open to truly see what is your own and what is someone else's. 

Breathe deeper the love from within you.  As this love floods through you, it fills up every little nook and cranny within you.  When you consciously release anything that is not your own from within this space, it will release.  Therefore, as you are breathing in that sense of balance and love and then breathing it out, allowing it to permeate any situation, and as you consciously let go of anything which is not your own, allow the clearing to take place.  In so many of you, I see you disconnecting from other people's beliefs, other people's attacks, other people's issues, or the ways in which they have influenced you. 

And as you are doing this, as you are so much more aware of your own sense of self, look how much brighter, how much larger your own energy is, when you no longer take on someone else's. 

Let's take this a step further.  Considering the consciousness of events that may be going on within your cities, your state, your countries; there are often times a particular mindset.  There may be things within the news.  There may be natural occurrences that keep everybody focused; whatever it may be, consciously release any impact that those energies may have upon you.  And then once more come back within your consciousness.  Feel how you again become even brighter.  Feel the self-love within you clearing out your own energy field, and letting go the consciousness that may be a part of the vibrations around you can have a profound effect upon how you are living your life.

Let's take this one more step further.  The collective consciousness of the entire world - it actually has a huge variation because with the billions of people the impact is quite diverse.  So consider the energy with which you vibrate and then just putting forth the collective consciousness of the world and its effect upon you, release anything which is not your own. 

You are each still emanating a vibration; you are each still emanating that essence of your own self.  It will have an impact on the remainder of the consciousness, just as you may be influenced by the collective consciousness of the earth.  What is key for you to remember, is that if ever you find yourself feeling angry, feeling judgmental, feeling fearful, feeling anything that is pulling you down, that you may take in a breath and release those energies.  Consciously choosing to release anything which is not your own.  You may do this even more easily after this journey tonight.  You have the tools; you have the ability to do this within your own life.  For some of you, you may need to breathe in the balance and the sense of oneness a multitude of times during your day.  For others, you may do it randomly and that is all that you need.

Each time that you breathe in that balance within yourself - that you breathe in that sense of who you are - you are radiating that sense of self out for yourself, for your family, for everyone and everything that may be conscious or unconscious of you.  And the more that each one of you does this or has this experience, the more it raises the potential for all of humankind and all of the collective consciousness. 

Go once more within yourself.  As I look at each one of you, you are so brilliant; you are illuminated to such a degree that there is no longer any separation of your consciousness from your entire divinity.  You are truly aligned, you are one within yourself.  Feel this, breathe it, allow it. 

I invite all of you to come back within the space of the All That Is.  You may continue to have that greater perception of who you are.  You may also perceive the others who are around here.  One of the differences that you may notice is that as each one of you comes back within this group from that space of balance, that space of being whole, you emanate a light or an energy that creates a vibration of alignment with everyone else.  There is that separateness because each of you have chosen to release or let go of anything which is not your own.  So too even as you come back as a group and everyone has done the same thing, it creates an alignment or a vibration of cohesiveness that is from that space of self-love and acceptance.

Therefore, you align and link only from that balance. Within this group you see coming up within the center, the hologram of the earth. This hologram comes up within all of you who are here and it rotates.  As the hologram itself is rotating, I invite each one of you to simply be in your space of balance and let that emanate forth from you as if you simply are who you are and you let that shine forth.  Within this hologram of the earth, it is as if a subtle adjustment is taking place.  There are aspects, perhaps from the collective consciousness, perhaps from what you release or disconnected, but we see them disconnecting from within the hologram and dropping away.  This hologram of the earth expands as it vibrates in the alignment with all who are here and the balance that each of you emanates.  As if the greater amount of crystalline energies is sparkling from within the hologram, you can actually see the shifting taking place.

Gaia emerges to share her love and her embrace with each one of you.  Feel what this is to you, feel your alignment with the earth, with the essence of the earth.  There is something within you that resonates with her essence or her vibration.  There is a greater amount of shifting as if to disperse what energy she has held herself so that now all of humanity will hold this energy in addition to her.  This is a part of the balancing of the earth.  The hologram shifts, it moves downward so that it may move through the energy of the crystalline grid.  As it merges with the magnetic grid work there is that sense of once more feeling the pull of the earth.  The magnetic grid itself is expanding in its vibration so that there is a greater balance. 

The impulse or the energies of the hologram continue to move through.  It merges with the actual physical earth; it anchors within the core essence of the earth and then emanates outward.  It comes up through the grass, the trees, the waters; it aligns with the animals, the birds, the people.  It moves outward.  Consciously link with your human self, with your physical self.  Allow that consciousness that is so aligned and open to the self-love and that self-awareness that you've just been working with or aligning with.  Allow all of that to move into you the human.  Let it align within your cellular structure. 

Feel the balance within your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies; within all aspects of who you are.  Allow this to be. 

Again, your consciousness releases your physical body so that you may once more shift your focus and your energies back to the All That Is.  There is a greater amount of flow to your own energies.  You flow gently and easily back into the soul plane.  You find yourself flowing into the space of the crystalline vibration.  Allow that flow to move down once more blending with your Higher Self within the magnetic grid. 

Within this space you feel it as you are once more returning your consciousness fully within the pull of the earth space.  Allow your consciousness to move back so that it blends within your human body, within your physical body.  You may have a sense of needing to expand the energy field around you.  As you continue to return within yourself, take a deep breath in, breathing deeply into your lungs; through your lungs into your heart.  Allow your heart to expand in every direction, feeling yourself. 

That love, that self-acceptance, that support for who you are in this lifetime is still here.  It is within your consciousness.  It is here as you ground within your physical body.  You are human, you are divine.  Allow love, allow acceptance.  Release judgments, release fear, anger, pain.  As you release any of those emotions or experiences, open up to even greater acceptance, even greater awareness of yourself. 

Let that move through you; let it permeate every cell within your body.  Feel it and know it for your reality as you once more ground within your human self.

As you do so, I invite you to return to this conference room if you so choose.  If you would like to ask a question, you may press the *7 upon your telephone.


Question: (paraphrased)  I've been reading that our DNA is changing due to the energy change.  I'm wondering why that is happening and what will it help us do. 

Answer:  The DNA is changing because of the crystalline vibration coming into the earth.  We work with the crystalline energy during every journey; as you move through the crystalline grid work, as you align with it.  As each of you shifts your vibration into a higher resonance, it aligns more so with a crystalline vibration.  So this higher vibration has a reflection you might call it or an alignment within your DNA that is the expanded DNA.   That is how you as the human are able to manifest within your life the changes that come about in regard to the expanded consciousness.  When each of you as individuals expand your consciousness, you do so in a way that is in a vibrational alignment with crystalline energy.  Another way of looking at this is that you are moving into a higher dimension.  When you have a lower dimension such as the second or third dimension, well the second is not even worth saying, but because people are just now releasing the third dimension you did not need to have these expanded aspects of your DNA; they would not have been utilized, they would not have been needed.  Because you as humans are seeking to have this greater awareness within yourself your DNA has to expand to as a physical or biological support of what you are bringing into yourself.  Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, it definitely does!  Thank you very much.)

There will be more and more information coming out about this; not only from the channeler, but from other individuals.  This began a number of years ago where people became aware of it, but it's only going to become more and more prevalent.  There are certain scientists that are able to perceive this, but it will become more and more common.  Right now some of this expanded DNA has to do with energy that is not picked up by regular microscopes.  As things shift and change there will be other ways in which you can pick up on this as a confirmation of what is going along.  That is when it will become much more a part of the routine matters so to speak.

(Wow!  That is so cool!) 

It is cool!  We thank you for bringing that up.

Question:  (paraphrased)  Some of us are feeling over the past few days as if there is a sense of completion, but we're not sure what we've completed! Could you tell us more about the energies of what's been happening for say the last couple of weeks here? 

Answer:  There was a sense of completion with the transition of the planetary alignment with the summer solstice or winter solstice depending on where you live in the world.  There was an actual physical alignment that brought to completion a certain era you might say or a certain number of years-I'd say about a 7 or 8 year period of expansion that was taking place.  It was nothing that happened in a heartbeat, but it was something that was begun at the winter solstice or the summer solstice as the case may be; but it was a 6 mo evolution that brought to a final completion this phase of expansion that has allowed for the earth itself to expand into these higher vibrations.  It was like putting closer to old idea or old commitments that people had.  At the equinox, at the half way point, it was a very intense time of energy so for some they have only felt the energies the last three months as opposed to the last six months.  But this end of the cycle was letting go of old expectations, of letting go of old experiences you've had in your life and then opening for new experiences to manifest in your life.  

Most everyone before you came onto the earth put forth an intention of what you wanted to do within your life. There were certain things you wanted to accomplish.  The shift taking place in this 8 year period of time had to do somewhat with the shift into the fourth dimension.  That was what occurred last year, on a world wide experience.  As a result of that shift, this year has been about that moving down into an individual experience.  That is why the last six months in particular have been so intense for people.

If you felt there was something you needed to do in your life, you might have felt the pressure to get it done or let it go.  So many people as they felt this urgency within themselves they may have felt it as a means of guilt, anger, fear or any emotion.  That is why in this journey I felt it so important for people to truly let go of that old energy, that old belief, that old awareness.  As you bring in that balance of oneness within yourself, truly connecting within your own energy and awareness, it will you the strength and balance of being so that as you move forward from here it can be with a lighter energy and a sense of being.  You need not judge yourself saying I always wanted to accomplish ‘x,y,z'  in my life and therefore feel guilty about it.  This is about recognizing that I may not have accomplished it but oh well, it is over and done with and I am moving forward from this moment in my life.  My life will continue to manifest in whatever way it will unfold from this day forward.  Some of you have chosen to have those same things, you say okay I'm going to re-up and I want the same things.  That's completely fine if you choose to that.  But many of you are choosing to move forward from a clean slate.  You are making changes in your life.  Even if you choose to have the same goals for yourself, you are doing so from a higher vibration and from a newer space of existence.  Does that explain things to you?

Yes, it does.  Thank you very much.

Alight, well we thank you for that experience.  We know for you, you have actually let go of so much before and this was you picking up on the collective consciousness of the earth.   This might have reflected things within your personal life, but you where you are in your life right now, we don't have the same sense of the crisis that so many others have. 

That's why it doesn't feel as intense for me as it does for some people on the message board.  Thank you.

Question: (Paraphrased)  Hi Goddess, I made an unfortunate choice.  I had to move out of a roommate situation last month when the house was sold so I moved in with a lady who since has turned on me and kicked me out.  She has turned on me very badly.  She called the police and claimed I stole from her which of course is not true.  I'm at a loss.  I need a couple of weeks to get some money together to deal with this.

Answer:  As we are looking at you and aligning with everything going on in your life, it's as if there are many different pathways of light coming together.  With this individual you moved in with temporarily, we did see that because you were given short notice the first time around you jumped into what you thought was going to be an okay arrangement.  Then as you came into this space we see in her own place in life, she herself is unstable.  This you didn't know because you didn't know her well.  It becomes different when you are actually living in the home with someone.  As we look at you and what is going on in your life and the energy you emanate it was that was so much more going on on an unconscious level even more so than the words being said and what was happening in your daily life.  The sense we have is that if you can do your breathing exercises, if you do your balancing, if you do your centering; then let that emanate throughout your house or space.  This will number one keep you from falling down into this abyss as it feels like.  It will also help to detach her so that she can no longer draw on your energies.  Of course it's extremely distressing!  She says this, she does this; it is like she is an energy vampire who is drawing on your energies as you are caught up in this turmoil that is going on.  The more you can stay in the sense of balance and oneness, the more you can find a sense of calm as you go through this situation.  We also have a sense that what is happening; this is not the first time it has happened; you are perhaps the 3rd or 4th person this has happened to.  Even though she may have called the authorities, she has a reputation and the truth will come out.  It just doesn't feel to us as if this will have a long term affect for you.  It feels as if this was just a catalyst for what was going on with her. 

Now then, we know that doesn't necessarily help you because you still have to deal with it.  We did want to reassure you that these move have come up - what we see you doing is re -evaluating what is most important for you in your life; what do you want to have as far as room mates go or living alone.  We see that you will be moving one more time and it feels very very emanate; such as the next 1-2 weeks as you were just saying.  It feels to us as if it's more so like your own.  It feels like there's more space around it with trees and flowers.  It feels more so like what you would resonate with, within yourself.  What you are doing throughout all of this is finding the center within yourself.  It feels as if you are making new choices and letting go of perhaps old dreams.  It feels as if moving in with her was that you were holding onto something old and trying to make it work for you.  with what you are doing with this new move is about stepping into the future with new potentials and openness for yourself.  Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it makes total sense.  There has got to be a reason for all this moving around and I think it is to learn to live in community. )

There is a new of community coming forth, that is correct.  When this comes out in the written form if you will go back to the space of the All That Is when everyone comes back together, as you work with the hologram; there was a new sense of community from aligning within a space of light.  There was a new sense of community, but there are changes taking place in the All That Is that will be reflected into the earth plane.  One other thing we want to say to you is that if you don't like always moving around, if you want a greater sense of stability; then that is what you can manifest for yourself.  We sense this has been more so for you about creating what you like.  There are things you've put up with in the past that you will not put up with in the future.  

(My problem is that I got evicted from my last place due to the economy and I had to go to short housing.  It's not really a choice anymore; I think the next one will be it.  Thank you for taking so much time for me.) 

You are welcome.  Keep the faith in yourself between the job situations, the housing, between so many different aspects that are coming to a head at this time; this has all been about releasing old patterns and issues of your own so that you can open up to this higher space.  There has been so much more of you that you have brought into your daily life that has brought about such a transition within yourself.  You are only now beginning to believe in that transition and allow it to become a part of your life.  So believe in yourself, trust in yourself, allow that self and trust to come from within.   

(Do you have a share board that someone mentioned?) 

Yes, send an email to Shelly and she will give you that information. 

Question: (paraphrased) I've got some issues now because I've been kept waiting for so long.  I'm now homeless and I have a lot of insecurity.  I don't know where I'm going, I don't know when abundance will be provided. It's not nice now.  I've been kept waiting for a long time and I wonder when it's going to happen. 

Answer:  When you speak of these energies around you, they are giving us a couple of messages.  Number one is we have a sense there is so much available to you but it is surrounding you like a cloud.  It is above and around you, but not a part of you.  When you say you feel as if you have been kept waiting that is what it feels like to us.  Those potentials are there and available to you but whether it's you holding them at a distance or it's something in your energy field; it feels as if things are being held off.  We also have a sense that you have certain expectations of how it was going to look to you or how it was going to manifest in your life.  It's not coming in the same way you are anticipating or expecting it to; that is part of the reason why it has not come through-it's coming in a different manner.

As we are looking at you as we are looking at this situation; one thing we would like for you to do. Close your eyes for a minute.  Consider there are potentials all around you; the are above you, around you, beneath you.  Take a deep breath in as if you are breathing a slow deep breath in; let these potentials that are at a distance come down.  Let them come down, let them come into your energy field, let them move through your physical body, let them align with all aspects of who you are!  Then as you breathe out, breathe out any resistance, breathe out any expectation they were to come and be in a certain way; allow yourself to be open to something completely different and new. 

Now as we see you breathing and doing this, rather than it being up and at a distance-it is now down and filtering through you.  we see a number of individuals a woman in particular that you might be working with.  We see you working with her in a teaching position.  We see she already has a clinical position and it has to do with teaching and healing.  We see she is already established and she is looking for new and different people to come into her organization.  We see you as a teacher, as a healer, as if there is a great deal of potential in your life.  If you begin to be more in this space of allowing and look around not with expectation, but with openness.  When you consciously align with being open, you will find there are insights that come into your mind.  You will hear thoughts, you will see billboards, you will read in the paper; they may be abstract on their own, but they will all come together.  You will recognize that that is how you are given a message.  Does that make sense to you?  Can you feel the difference as you breathe this down into your energy field? 

(The person was either disconnected or had a technical problem.) 

If you are still on or if you read this later, we did see a greater integration taking place.  We did see a greater amount of these potentials moving through and around you in different ways than we anticipated before.  We also saw you relaxing the rigid expectation of how it is supposed to be.  We feel a relaxing of that rigid expectation.  That is how you will be able to perceive things in a different way than you have in the past.  We wish you much love and success as you open to this new awareness.  Is there another question?

Question:  (paraphrased)  Hello.  I would like a little guidance of focus to get my energy higher for a longer period of time.

Answer: You can raise your energy .... We have a sense with you of seeing you get pulled in many different ways; that there are many people who expect different things from you and this allows  you to be pulled in different directions.  If you practice with your breathing, if you practice with your centering, if you go as we did with this journey tonight; you really strengthen that sense of being connected within yourself, it will allow you to be centered within.  And then as you do this, you breathe in that sense of balance within yourself, then as you consciously think of the various people around you, the people who pull you down, the people who pull you in different directions.  As you release this energetic connection to them - they may be family members, they may be people you work with, they may be people you see on a daily basis-but as you disconnect from them on an energetic level, you will find you are no longer drained when you are around them.  You will find yourself able to be much more balanced within. 

(What is my next step if I complete my mission in life?)

Your next step as we look at you is that you have spent so much of your life giving to others and doing what others have wanted you to do that now you are in the process of trying to determine what do you want to do with yourself and a part of you doesn't even know.  As we look at your life and what is around you, we can see that you have every single potential available to you.  We see you enjoy working with other people.  We see a great deal of healing around you.  We see you as a teacher but not necessarily as a teacher in front of a great many people.  In one on one communication with people you have a great deal to share.  You can assist others in opening up, especially in the same way you were opening up.  So we see you as a teacher, as a healer, as someone who shifts through communication and assists others in finding communication.  This is where we see a great deal of your focus will be and it will open new potentials for you.

(Alright, thank you.)

With that I will bring this evening to a close.  I thank you each again for choosing to share this time with me.  I support each one of you as you are moving forward in your life as you are finding these new ways in which you can  understand and express who you are. 

The potentials upon the earth continue to expand, they are limitless.  The potentials of what each of you as individuals can do continues to shift in ways that are as yet undefined in many cases.  So allow yourself to be open to receive.  Allow yourself to acknowledge who you are as an individual.  Allow the love from within yourself to permeate all of who you are because you are each just so glorious and bright!

I am ever with you and within.




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