Feeling Good In Everyday Life

This channel came through the week of Thanksgiving in the US and the Goddess made a point to express her appreciation for all of you who have supported her and come together as a group. I too express my deep love and appreciation to all of you.

The Goddess continues to work through this channel to assist us in working with the energies more easily. When we are in the All That Is, the flow is so expanded and easy to use. She spoke at length of the various dimension we move between, but she also spoke of how much is in the ‘in between’; meaning that not one dimension or another, but more so a blend. She spoke about feeling good, reaching towards feeling good at all times.

I always find it interesting how the perspective in our everyday life is so much more constricted than in the All That Is. I am always aware of the difference for myself, but when I see it from the perspective of the Goddess, it’s amazing! We really, truly are more than we think we are. So with that in mind, she helps us all to remember to feel the flow of the lightbody energy and to feel our expansion from our divinity. Then as we live our lives, as things come up; we can experience them from a place of balance and flow ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I send forth my love and my awareness to each one of you. I invite you to open up your heart, open up your arms if you so choose and feel my energies as I swirl within and around you here on the earth plane, here in the place in which you are.

There is so much happening upon the Earth right now. There is so much potential and sometimes it feels as if you stand in the midst of that potential and you question: “am I receiving it? Is this for me? Is this what I truly want?”

I invite you to feel what it is, right now, [Deep breath] to breathe in and feel your own divinity and feel my energies as I amplify all that is you in this moment. First and foremost as you feel love within you, feel that essence or that presence and know that that is you.

For those people in the United States, this week, they are celebrating Thanksgiving. I therefore wish to take a moment and send it directly from myself to everyone here on the call, but also send it around the world to all who follow this or who may read this at any given time.

I send forth my appreciation for all who are here and all who are present. I express how much it means to me and to Shelly as we receive the energy from all of you. When you are in a vibration or a place of appreciation, you are able to much more easily express who you are and also receive the energies that are being sent forth to you.

I invite you to take in one more breath, breathing down that energy, breathing it all the way in, to your heart, down into your abdomen [Deep breath] and feel yourself as you draw your energies in. Then with the next breath that you are releasing have a sense of releasing your physical body and allow yourself to shift into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself moving within this space, be open and feel who you are as your higher self. Open to perceive the energy pathways that are shifting and moving through here at this time. Everyone is interconnected, nobody is alone.

I invite you to then have a sense of a letting go of the gravitational pull of the Earth. As you do so, move through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline grid.

As you feel these energies of the crystalline, allow yourself to see how you resonate with this crystalline vibration as if you flow through this space and your consciousness is aligning with whichever aspects are most beneficial to you in this moment. [Deep breath]

I then invite you to have a sense of letting your energies shift once more, so that you may find yourself moving into the soul plane. Here within the soul plane resides the majority of your divinity. Your divinity is even more than what you consciously take in. Your I AM presence is your divinity; therefore as you open to blend, let your consciousness move up and down throughout this space.

As you merge with the essence of who you are, feel how your consciousness expands so as to take in a greater perception of what is here for you. If you continue to feel your essence, moving throughout the space, open up to perceive, I the goddess, as I come here within to join with you.

As I reach out to each one of you, I merge my energies with yours. As we blend together, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Here within the All That Is, let yourself soar; let yourself expand as you allow your energies to swirl through. There is so much present right here for you.

As each one of you find yourselves within this space, you may have a perception of coming back into and linking with those things that you’ve been working on in the past. Each time that we come here within this space, we come together as a group and we work on the various things that may be going on within your life. And then when you go back to your daily life you may see the reflection of that within your life. But every time that you come here within this space, you are once more, coming back as if you come to the drawing board of your life.

I invite you to consciously create a space in which you look at your life. As you allow yourself to open up and take in whatever is here, whatever comes to your perception; then recognize how things have changed. Sometimes it’s your perception, sometimes it’s that things have shifted on the earth plane. There are indeed the times in which you come back here and there may be an aspect or an essence that keeps coming up again and again. Whatsoever your perception, be open and allow the energy to flow through.

What is happening in your life right now? Is there a list of things? Some I see are opening a scroll that goes on for a very long period of time. For others I see one or two things that you just keep coming around and around. For that matter, I then invite you to select whichever one comes to your awareness in this moment.

As you consider whatever it is that keeps coming up for you, I invite you to recognize how it’s as if you focus has narrowed down because you are looking at it from the perspective of your human existence. Therefore, I invite you to consciously look around you, to consciously expand and remember this is the All That Is. When you are in the All That Is everything changes; there are more potentials, there are different perceptions.

As you consider whatever it is that’s in your awareness right now, I would invite you to energetically open up a door, take off the glasses that may keep you from seeing clearly, have a sense of walking around. Do whatever it is that will shift your perception. I so dearly love to observe an experience like this. First of all there are those of you who seem to shift with the blink of an eye, and you say, ‘oh my goodness I never thought of it that way’!

Or you find that you awareness changes, and then at the same time there are those of you who hold on to your perception as if you are stubbornly not going to change it because this is what you want and this is it! And then of course there are many, many variations in between that. My point of this is there is no right or wrong. There is only how you allow yourself to open to new perceptions and how you open to shift within your life.

Ask yourself, are you opening in a way that allows for the greatest amount of transition to take place. [Deep breath] Ah, there we go, uhh… It was as if speaking of my perceptions of everything, it was as if a wave of energies shifted through and these potentials were seen.

As you consider what you seek for your life, I invite you to ask about resistance. Is there resistance within you? Is there and old ideal that this represents? As you consider where you are right now, how does this relate to you? Open to feel the flow of awareness as it shifts with in you.

I next invite you to open up and experience the Lightbody energies. For some of you, you are already in that expansive state; you already recognize how much that energy is present in all that you are creating. If your perception is such that it feels as if it’s outside of you then I invite you to look around. Look around and open your consciousness so that you may feel the greater alignment of your Lightbody energies. How does that feel? What is your perception at this time? What does the Lightbody energy mean to you? Whenever you feel as if you are lonely, as if you are alone or whenever you feel as if you keep running into a brick wall; I invite you to consciously turn in the direction of this brilliant light and let it flow through you.

As this energy moves through you, let it clear away resistance, fear, disharmony; let it clear away anything that keeps you from feeling good. So that you can find yourself as if there with your arms outstretched, soaking up and feeling this energy. This is what it is to feel good, to feel loved, to feel complete. If as I think that, there is a part of you that does not resonate, then let that hard come up and open to this flow.

I am feeling from some people that there is a part of you that you are holding onto as if with a tight, tight fist; as if to let go of that fist everything will fall apart. That is the basis of your resistance and that holds you in that place where it is a challenge to move. So, let all of this light, let all of this energy swirl through and around you. As it does so, relax, relax and feel the energy that is here for you.

[Deep breath] Breathe deeply and let go, and now I truly see everybody expanding. I hear people asking me, how can you have this experience while you are in your daily life? You may have it, by setting up the energies that make this readily available to you. As you consider what it is to live upon the earth, there is somewhat of a constriction when compared to this space. Therefore, as you begin to practice letting yourself shift into a place of expansion, you will begin to flow in and out of different dimensions.

When people say to me, why can’t I have my heart’s desire? I can feel the pain and frustration that is behind that statement or that question. My answer to you is that your heart’s desire is already within and around you. The tricky part is to find the pathway that links your everyday presence with whatever it is you seek to have. Now as I speak of the dimensions, sometimes your heart’s desire is more greatly in alignment in a different dimension than where you are living in your everyday life.

People on earth has a tendency to consider things in whole numbers such as; the third dimension, the fourth, the fifth, that sixth, the seventh, giving these numbers to spaces of expansion. Now when you consider your daily life and I ask you, where do you think you spend the majority of your time in your daily life? You may tell me a number, perhaps the majority, the fourth or fifth dimension; perhaps many people, the third dimension. What is becoming more and more evident to people is that there is a great deal in between the dimensions. These are like the space between the breaths. This is the space that for some may feel as limbo, but it is also the space that is more of a blend of multiple different dimensions.

Because you so naturally flow through these various spaces, it’s not always evident to you what is happening. But when you go around the circle or when you consider why you haven’t received whatever it was you have asked for; this is a part of the reason. These various dimensions and the in between spaces create threads of alignment. And those threads of energy go out from you and into the world around you. Your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, everything that makes up who you are as a human is the foundation for these threads of energy that move out from you. Consider that now, consider how much of your time flows back and forth and in between.

This has become somewhat analytical, but I wanted to share with you so that you can be aware as you are moving through your daily life. I do not find knowing a particular number to be the most important part of this. Instead, I would invite you to consciously allow your energy, your thoughts, your beliefs your emotions to flow within that space in which you feel good. Then, as you look about, as you consider your life, be open and see what it is to truly live this conscious experience.

When you are moving through your day everything feels good, you feel like there is a spring in your step as you walk along, you are in the flow of your greatest alignment. When you find yourself, perhaps, you go to work and you find yourself running up against a wall or as if other people’s energies are making you uncomfortable then recognize these outside experiences are pushing you out of that space in which you feel good.

Sometimes, it may be your own family, sometimes it maybe things that are happening on a worldwide perspective, other times it can be no specific reason, you just know you feel out of kilter. It matters not what causes it as much as it does how quickly you can you get back into that space that feels good.

You breathe, you feel the flow of the Lightbody energy, you look around at whatever the situation may be that makes you frustrated and you consciously infuse it with light, you infuse it with the Lightbody energy, you infuse it with your own energy, with the conscious intention that you create a situation in which you can feel good.

There are many things that happen in life that will push you out of that space of alignment. So you continue to live your life, you continue to move through whatever these experiences may be, but you do so from the space of openness and alignment so that you can find that you are living your life and feeling good.

Ultimately, that is what people are seeking when they consider that they perhaps want to manifest, a partner, abundance, a job, a family. What is the essence behind all of that; to feel good and to be happy? Therefore if you are in the habit of feeling happy and feeling good, no matter what the situation may be, if you are in the habit of infusing this Lightbody energy into whatever the situation may be, then you will find that you manifest with greater and greater ease. [Deep breath] Breathe deeply and feel how that resonates within you.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. There is such a brilliant light that emanates from each one of you. Feel it and feel your resonance with the others who are here. You are family, you are in alignment, let that reality flow through you.

Have a sense of a hologram of the Earth if it comes up within this group. This hologram swirls, it shifts, it moves; you may even see a pulsation of energy and light that moves through the hologram itself. [Deep breath] I invite each one of you do have to a sense of sending your expanded perception into this hologram.

As each one of you find that greater clarity within yourself, let that flow, as each one of you recognize your deeper alignment with your Lightbody energy, let that flow. Your intention of living your life through joy, let that flow, and all of this moves into the hologram and the hologram itself begins to pulsate. As we spoke of dimensions before, you can even see the dimensions available within the hologram.

Release this energy, release the hologram. As you do so, you have a sense of it shifting; it flows down until it merges with the Earth itself.

As this hologram moves into the Earth you have a sense of a beam of light or a ball of light that moves through all the various layers within and around the Earth until it goes within the core linking with those immense crystals that make up the center of the Earth.

As this consciousness blends with those crystals it instantly is integrated and begins to emanate outward from there. It moves through the Earth. As it comes up through the Earth it comes out in the grass, the flowers, the trees, the water, it comes out through every aspect of the Earth itself.

So I invite you to consciously open and feel your part of that energy coming up from the Earth and as it comes up it comes up within you and you are grounding and integrating the perceptions of your experience this evening. You are opening to the potential of how you can live and find that balance in your everyday life. Feel the energies shift within and around your physical body.

And then have a sense of letting you focus or your consciousness come back out here within the All That Is. As you let your focus move to this space realign with your Lightbody energies. See how they move from out in the universe through here, down into your human self and recognize that this is a pathway that is always available to you and it’s a pathway that takes you to wherever you may seek to go.

Allow your focus to shift in such a way that you move into the soul plane. You are once more with your I AM presence. You are finding that there is a deep, deep alignment between you and your divinity.

As you shift your consciousness you once more find yourself within the crystalline grid. This time as your perception opens to take in this space; see, feel, sense, how much of this is in alignment with the Lightbody energies that are your own.

As you take this in you then allow your energies to shift once more, you consciously come back within the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you find yourself within the magnetic grid there is so much that you are much more aware of at this time. Your higher self resides within this space and it’s been very busy working to anchor everything that you did out in the All That Is.

You continue moving allowing your energies to come back within your human self. As you come back within your physical body, feel how the energies within and around your physical body expand.

Consciously let that flow come down, let it come down from all of your awareness flowing through you and then anchoring in the Earth. It links with everything that you had already infused into the earth and there is a flow that is always open and always available to you.

Consciously look around and sense your Lightbody energy and what that is to you. Feel it, see it and know that it is here. As you breathe in, breathe in and feel who you truly are. As you breathe out, breathe out anything that keeps you from that space of feeling good.

And so with that, I will invite each of you to once more just kind of shake off the energies, shake off whatever it is, that might be swirling through you as you’ve been back into your analytical mind and take this one last opportunity to breathe deeply, breathe down within yourself and allow yourself to once more anchor those energies of expansion, those energies of your Lightbody and let yourself truly feel the essence of what it is to find happiness, to find joy and to let that be in your reality.

I am ever with you and within you,


As you continue to anchor yourself here within this space, as you ground your energies, I invite you to come back within the room if you would like to ask me a question.

Question: Hello Goddess? (Hello.) My question is, I’ve been having this pain in my left thumb and it feels like it’s getting stiff. I’ve been giving light to it, but I was just wondering what is going on with that.

Answer: The first intention or awareness that came to us was that if felt like arthritis. And when we look at that, and when we consider what is arthritis – it is a lack of flow or movement in the joint and so therefore the joint becomes painful and there is not as much strength or movement in it.

So when you consider that in your left hand and when you consider this space, we think that the greater way to create flow from there, is that rather just focusing on the hand, is to start up at your elbow, or even your shoulder and let the energy flow all the way down through your arm and move out through your hand also.

And so we think the lack of movement there, meaning the joint, lack of energy in the joint, it has caused it to be stuck and the flow instead of it coming from the top of your arm, out through your hand, when you’ve been giving it light it feels like it’s very intense and in that location, but it hasn’t been enough to really shift the flow.

So that is what we would recommend that you do – is start at the top and let it go down. Does that resonate with you beloved?

 Yes. Is there anything in my consciousness that started that? Something I’m not flowing in my consciousness?

It feels to us that….no. That’s the answer. We were reading your energies and we were asking if there was something that you needed to know. And it felt like there was something that was just like a hidden doorway and we were like ‘well what is this with this doorway?’

And so it feels like yes, there is something that you are either hiding from yourself or you don’t know everything about it. But, when we said is that something that is keeping you from being in the flow or that this is representing, it felt like they were two different things.

So, you know what we would like to do – just to get greater clarity we invite you to take a moment and breathe in, breathing down into your heart center. And then as you breathe out consciously link with whatever that little doorway was, consciously link with any part of you. Whew. And as you breathe out, push out or release or just send that energy through everything.

Whew. We felt like Shelly was just kind of shaking her hand there, and trying to make sure that that energy flows down through there and out through the hand. And it feels like the hand is kind of cold now.

Is it cold? Are you feeling cold in there?


Okay. Well our sense is that as you were doing that it felt like it didn’t flow through there as much. So what we would invite you to do is one more time breathe into your heart center and this time consciously follow the pathway and as you breathe out, breathe out and send an impulse that moves all the way from your heart, down through your shoulder, down your arm, and out through your hand. And as it moves through your thumb, whew there it goes, we will consciously send an impulse to kind of shift that energy and get it moving.

And as it did so we could see that doorway where the door was closed. We could see it puffing and moving that open. So, indeed, we think it did represent something that you were unaware of or that you were not allowing yourself to fully recognize.

And so if after this time you wanted to go back and ask what was behind that door, what was I missing or what was I not aware of, and perhaps you will get more of an answer to that. But it does feel like what we did actually began to shift it and it opened up that door and there is already an energy flowing through it.

Alright, Beloved?

Thank you very much, Goddess.

You’re welcome.

 Question: Hello there, Goddess. (Hello) I have a questions about, actually I was lying here and wondering what I want to ask and I think it’s about maintaining this space of spring in my footsteps, you know, in my everyday life and why feeling love seems from outside…

Answer: Hmm mmm. You are a very empathic person and therefore as you are living your daily life, as you are moving through, it’s like you become a magnet to all of the energies around you. And as you are taking in those energies, rather than letting them just flow through you or past you, they keep going inside of you. And you do take the time to filter them and release them, but they’re still like, um, stuff that gets left behind that’s not fully cleared out when you are doing that.

Does that make sense to you, Beloved?


And so, what we would say to you and perhaps that’s in part what this journey was about not only for you but for everyone, is to remember when you are trying to find your place of being balanced or feeling good in your daily life, then if you feel pushed out of that, then recognize that those emotions, those energies, those feelings, whatever it may be, are what other people are feeling. And you can say to yourself, ‘I am choosing to remain in my space of balance.’

And by saying that it’s as if all the elements within your body line up in an order that allows you to be more conscious of what you are choosing for yourself.

And then the next thing that you do with that you is that breathe down like a wash of energy, you wash it down through your body. Whew! And we are doing that with you as we speak of this. And it just kind of clears out and it just moves through that energy.

Whew! You are very good at shifting energy. We can feel it with what we were just doing and what you just did. And what we are also noticing is that you remain wide open when you get done with shifting that energy.

And so, of course, it’s to your benefit to be wide open, but then when you recognize how much you are taking on from others, that wide open energy becomes even more of a magnet. So what we would say is that as you are in this balance, and as you consciously expand, do so with the intention that you are very clear about keeping your own emotions and energies, and everybody else’s are going to go past you.

Does that make sense as we speak of it?

Yes. I am doing my best, you know, choosing this all the time, actually, and sometimes maybe forgetting, but I will put myself into more awareness.

Well we think you are doing a good job of expanding and being open because that’s how you are seeking to live your life. So it’s about being more aware to let other people’s energies to flow past you so that you don’t get pulled in to what’s going on around you.

Part of the key is to still be connected to people, to still be involved with people. So you can be talking to them as you are in your space. And then they can be in their own space and you just aren’t taking on or integrating what they are feeling. Instead, it’s like two people that are connecting together and you are you, and they are them, and it works as a relationship, or whatever. But then anything beyond that just gets released.

 Okay thank you.

You’re welcome.

 Thank you very much.

We will say, just a little comment, as we go back and we were listening to that and there was a great deal of energy that was being downloaded; not only into this individual, but into a lot of people.

And, so, while the words might seem like Shelly was talking in a circle, there was more than just the words that was being transmitted with that.

Yeah, I can feel it.

Exactly, okay, thank you Beloved.

 Thank you very much.

Question: Hello (Hello.) Hi I was going to wait because I had spoken to you last time, but I was pushed to ask this because it might help a lot of people. So if it is all right I will go ahead and ask. (Okay.) It has to do with – I know I talk to a lot who are struggling with this and I personally am having a major struggle with this. The Archetypes that are sometimes acting up if you will, such as our wounded child and our judge, and these two choose to hold on to the old outdated, outmoded, or false beliefs that limit us. I think it seemed to be related to that holding on that you mentioned during the meditation, that doesn’t want to let go, and those seem to - I know for me and many I have spoken with, when those come up they seem to overwhelm almost any tools. This is not always but lately with the energies that have just been. They seem to overwhelm all the tools for holding on to balance, and all the tools for shifting up. It is almost as if these random aspects have more power in our lives than we do, and what we are choosing day to day, and choosing with our energy. (Okay.) I wondered if there was something that we could use to specifically realign ourselves when those rebellious and, or, judgmental aspects come up and tell us how horrible we are.

Answer: Okay, so what we would say, there were several things that we heard from you as you were talking just now. Number one is that the energies are becoming more and more intense as the veil continues to thin and for these energies those who have been on a very conscious journey, such as yourself, will find that things come up in either in a stronger fashion, or a more often, or a more consistent fashion, than what they have before and this is just the result of things. So too those who are unconscious, or are just waking up, they are beginning to feel like things are happening in their life and they question that.

So the next thing that came along with this statement was that they were so strong, or they have more control, or the judgments or those types of energies are feeling like they are stronger than your balanced self. They feel that way because in that moment they are. When you feel the judgment; when you feel the criticism; when you feel bad for whatever the reason; then that is the strongest energy at that point. So in order to get back into your space of balance by trying to ignore it, or trying to push it aside, or get rid of it, it is going to make it get bigger and bigger and bigger. It’s like the small child that is crying and throwing the temper tantrum continues to do so until it gets the recognition that it needs. So when you are feeling judgmental about yourself, or you are feeling out of sorts and as if these aspects are becoming stronger, or are having more of an impact on you, then what they need in that moment is love and compassion and acceptance. Acceptance that this is just how you feel in this moment and that doesn’t mean you are going to feel the same way in the next moment, or five minutes away, but in this moment as this is all in your focus and in your face so to speak, then that is what it is. So by feeling a sense of compassion, by feeling a flow of love and as we practiced in this journey that opening up that light body energy you can just picture that light flowing through you then that will help you to shift out of that space and get back into your balance.

Does that resonate with you beloved?

Yes, it does, and is it as these veils are thinning and this energy gets so overwhelming that also you get those waves of feeling abandoned or confused about what is it that you want from the universe, what do you want me to do to heal this, to change this. Is that just results of the accelerated energies and will that pass.

 That is a result of the opening up that is taking place. That is why I took time this journey to help everyone to remember that they are not alone, that when they feel that loneliness and that overwhelming sensation that they are not alone. So that’s my first message, secondly is that it will get easier, because once these things are shifted out of your life and out of your space then you are spending a greater percentage of your time in that space of balance and feeling good. So, yes it is going to get better and the main thing is rather than feeling resistant to it embrace it with the intention of being there in that moment and then moving forward or shifting forward. There are times when people get caught up in that and they feel themselves stuck in that behavior for hours, or days, or months, years and that is by no means our intention. The intention is to acknowledge the feelings for that moment and then consciously make a choice to shift in another direction.

Excellent and thank you for that clarification.

 You’re welcome.

Thank you so much.

You’re very welcome beloved.

Much love.

 Question: Hello Goddess (Hello.) I would like to know about my spirit guides and how can I connect with my spirit guides and their names.

Answer: Your spirit guides are around you all the time and therefore you can connect to them by putting the intention out there that you would like to. When you are in this space of expansion and when you allow yourself to feel that awareness then you let yourself feel them come in. We see you at other times looking for something more specific or more narrow than what your spirit guide is therefore it doesn’t feel to you as if they’re around you. So that is what we would say is the first thing that you should do is shift into that space of expanding and invite them to come in.

We see around you about 3 or 4 that are in particular paying attention to you and one of them feels like that goddess with all the arms, it’s not Kwan yin it’s another one that the name is eluding Shelly and we have (Buddha), no it’s not Buddha. It’s a goddess anyway. We’ll get too sidetracked as she struggles to come up with the name and the name is not important, it’s more the essence behind it. So this is a feminine goddess that has a number of different arms that reach out in different ways and she feels like she is something with the Hindu Religion and so she is the main one we see around you. We also see that one that feels like Krishna is there and we feel a Native American. It feels like a lot of these are like native or intrinsic energies and it feels like they are there to help you in a very earthbound manner to expand into something that is more spiritual, or to receive information from a more expanded state. So their message to you right now is that you get caught up in your everyday life; you get caught up in focusing on whatever it is at the moment and you forget to expand into a space of allowing. So that is what they would like you to remember is to allow for more divinity in your life, allow for more fun in your life and allow for those things to assist you as you are living.

When you say allow for more expansion can you be more clear, how am I supposed to do. Many times I have followed the intention that I would like to connect with them, but I never feel all those things. At the most I can imagine but I have never been able to feel anything of this sort. I would do it but I have never been able to feel all these things.

Because you have a specific expectation of what you want to feel, or how you want it to come through to you and it doesn’t come in the way that you are thinking, then that’s when we see you getting narrow again. Your energies get narrow and you’re focusing on the ways that it is not coming in because you want to feel either warmth, you want to feel something, you want to hear voices, you want to have something that is a very earthbound reaction to it. So what we would say is that you put forth the intentions, say pick a time every day and you put forth the intention that you are going to do a meditation, or whatever it is, and you are going to invite them to come in and then just let yourself be open. Let yourself feel the flow and sometimes you will feel something and sometimes you may not. You may have to do this for two months or several days it’s hard to say, but if you have the intention that you want them to meet with you in your energy field then they will always be there. So if you want to open and feel their presence or know what it is then just consciously let yourself be open and feel the flow. If you don’t feel anything then just say, “okay today I didn’t feel anything”, but continue to be open and you will begin to realize that there is more that you are getting than what you first realized. If you come out of it and you feel good; if you come out of it and you feel centered; that means you have been linking with your guides, you’ve been linking with your divinity and you’ve been allowing that flow to come within you and therefore it is working.

Is it Goddess Kali?

Yes that’s who it is that resonates with us.

Kali, right?


You know what you said is right, but do you have any idea whether my guides are also trying to help me connect with them.

Absolutely that goes without saying it always is a two-way street and anytime that you ask for your assistance they then will try and find a way to communicate with you.

So there are Kali and Krishna and how many Native Americans are there.

We saw just one.

So I have three of them.

You know beloved there is always a bigger group than that. Those are just the three that came to our awareness right now, but they flow through. It may be somebody else comes in at one time and then they are just there for that day, or that moment, and then they are out of your energy field. It is just that those three feel like they are the ones that are sticking with you the most right now.

Thank you, okay you know I used to about 2 or 3 years back.

Excuse me; excuse me we are going to have to go on to the next one.

Okay thank you goddess.

You’re welcome beloved.

Question: Hiii Goddess, thank you so much! Hello? (Hello) Thank you for a wonderful journey, what a powerful journey! I hope I assimilated everything. I’m going to be a little general here. I’ve been very focused on my journey, on my ascension, etc. I’m just questioning in my near future, do you see me financially different than what I am right now? Do you see me still living in the place I live now or do you see me in Oregon, or somewhere else in my same community, but a different place.

Answer: as you first asked that question and we looked at the next several months it felt like everything stayed the same as what it is right now. We didn’t see that much of a shift in your financial situation. Then when you spoke of Oregon did we see you moving to Oregon and suddenly there was a big shift that took place. We have a sense whatever it is you are considering in Oregon, there is a lot of good potential for you, there is a lot of energy around it. It feels like it brings with it a greater amount of income.

Now it doesn’t feel like Oregon is a permanent type of thing, we don’t know if you have considered, not moving but going there for several months at a time then coming home. We’re not quite sure what that is. It feels like it’s not fully formed, at least our perception of it.

As for moving to a new place within your current community, we don’t have a sense of that, it’s a flat line or like a neutral space to us. So if you are seeking to bring in greater abundance, greater money or specifically money like: ‘Money, money, money flows in my life’!! What we would say to you is that we think you’ve been trying to create a space of feeling expanded, a space of feeling abundant and letting come in whatever way it may. We actually see you as expanded; we see a great deal of abundance around you. So if that is not what your physical reality is, then we would say it is a slight shift or a slight expansion or a slight change that will take you into that space where there is all that abundance that we feel around you. We feel like it comes from different sources and it feels like we see you busy and doing stuff all day. You’re just really busy with stuff that you love to do and you are getting income from that.

That is coming, is it in the healing….

It’s definitely in the healing modalities.

In the healing modalities. Let me just reiterate, no big changes in the immediate, next couple of months.

Not within the next couple of months, at least not what we see now.

Hmmhmm, and Oregon, that seems like the next what?

That feels to us like its closer to spring time.

Oregon is closer to spring time.

Or maybe February. Is February spring time?

April, April.

Okay, so then before that, late winter. It just feels as if there’s more preparation or more things that need to be done get that in alignment.

Okay, thank you very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello? (Hello) Hi Goddess, I’m calling to ask about—well, I was united with my twin flame one month out of the last four, I met him four months ago. We’ve had time together and then time apart, we had this last month apart. He’s kind of closed off to me and I’m trying to just be open to spirit to love. I feel like this divine union is something I’m to be a part of. I’m trying to let go, yet he’s inside of me and it’s very hard. Any advice you can give on that….

Answer: If you will tell me his name it will help me to link with him more fully. You said you’re apart, are you in two different cities?

Two different parts of the country, his name is joseph.

We are not getting a good link to him. It feels like he is kind of keeping himself shut off from you. What we would have you do is take a deep breath. As you take in a deep breath, invite us to come in and link with you. Then as you think about him, let’s see if we can create a greater link to him. Okay (deep breath) whenever we reach out to another individual like this, when Shelly was quiet and we were reaching out to him, we always link with his energy and we ask him if he’s willing to come and chat with us and what does he have to say.

We have a sense when we look at him that he’s very busy and that he’s very involved in a project; it’s a project that feels like it has to do with work. It feels like it’s just kind of consuming him. For some reason we are getting mixed messages. One is it’s this project and he’s very interested in it and it’s consuming him. Then the other thing feels like ‘if I don’t do well with this I might lose my job’. We don’t know if it’s a combination of that or if it’s one thing or the other of those things. The sense we get is that he’s very focused and very consumed with whatever this project is. We also want to share with you that he’s not super open. Most often when we reach out to someone in their higher self, they are open; well most often they are, but not everybody is. The fact that they aren’t as we try to link with him, doesn’t mean they’re not open in other ways. It means at this moment when we try reach out to link with them, we’re not getting a good connection. So what we’re saying is…..

Let go! (Laughter)

 Yeah, that’s one thing! But listen, it does not feel to us as if this relationship has run its course. It feels like there is more that is going to happen with this relationship. So what we want to say is that we are going to send him the intention or the awareness, tell us your name again please?


Linda, okay. Shelly when she transcribes will take out last names and such. But we are letting him know that Linda is thinking about you. She wonders what’s going on and wonders if you’ve forgotten her. He says ‘of course not! I could never forget her’. He’s just going back around and shutting himself off and going back to whatever his project is. So we’re just saying don’t forget that Linda’s there, she’s thinking about you, she would like some communication from you. (WhoSH- deep breath) And we send that to him. (Whew – deep breath.) We give him that message in hopes that he will receive it. When we do communication like this, sometimes they receive it, sometimes they don’t. But hopefully it will help him realize. When we sent him that message, it kind of like cleared the air around him. It just feels like he’s very bogged down. We would not take this as a ‘no this relationship is not going to work’ we would take it as an awareness that he’s got a lot on his mind right now.

Chuckles, okay thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Okay, gosh it’s hard to say. Shelly is getting very tired here, we just feel like we need to take one more. We will do our best, but we might have to be a little quicker with it.

[There is one last question Shelly will upload once she has completed the transcription.]



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