Gaia & the Equinox Blending Energies

This channel actually came through on the day of the spring/ fall equinox which allowed us to experience the energies in a particularly strong manner. The day prior to the equinox had a full moon that was called by some as a ‘super moon’ because it was bigger and closer than the moon usually is to the earth. Therefore, as this channel was coming through the energies were very intense!

The Goddess invited Lady Gaia to come through and speak with us. She spoke of the collective consciousness and that is shifting within and around the world. She spoke of how there is a relationship between that and the many earthquakes that are occurring. We had the opportunity during this journey to work with the earth and create a shift that would allow for greater stability. While Gaia started with the focus on Japan and the recent quake and Tsunami, the energies spread out from there around the world. There was a sense of healing and supporting the energies of the earth in a very deep manner.

As we were merging with the earth, Gaia called down the moon. The flow of energy was amazing!! She invited us to link with our lightbody energy, then the moon or link with the moon and from there the lightbody. It was very powerful as if an electrical current was going through us. The end result was each person had access to greater energy and opportunities. This also created a more balanced energy within each person and in turn within the earth.

No matter when you read and/or listen to this you can always tap into the energies of the actually journey. The energies are always shifting, but the core focus is present within this channel.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beautiful, beautiful family! I move through each one of you and I draw you up to dance with me!

I invite you to dance in the moonlight. I invite you to feel the pull of the earth and feel the pull of that dramatic moon that is shining down upon your earth at this time. Many will feel the effects of this for months and months to come. We have the unique opportunity of capturing this energy and this essence as it is so full and luminous and as it is your spring or fall equinox.

So often you seek to find ways that will expand your consciousness and assist you in living with the energies of the soul plane and the higher dimensions. This is what is coming to the earth right now, so indeed that is very understandable that you prefer to have your energies be within that space. [Deep breath]

But tonight especially, it’s all about bringing the energies of the universe and the energies of your divinity and creating that existence here in your place upon the earth; creating it within your physical body, creating it in your environment, creating it in the consciousness of the earth.

Feel the energy as it flows through. [Deep breath] There is such joy. There is excitement, but I also can feel anxiety and frustration. One could say that, that is simply the human experience; the feeling of all the diverse emotions and experiences.

I invite you to take this moment and simply open to feel who you are, to feel whatever energies are flowing through you right now. And let them shift with you as you allow your consciousness to expand.

I invite you to shift your awareness into the magnetic grid. If you prefer instead to just shift out into your higher self or your soul plane, you may do so and just let your energies align within that space.

For those who enjoy the process of moving through here, step-by-step, I invite you to really feel the essence of the magnetic grid. Feel this space in which your higher self resides. From there allow your consciousness to shift letting go of the magnetic pull of the Earth. Feel what it is too align here within the magnetic grid. [should be crystalline grid] As you align within this space, [Deep breath] feel what it is to you. Perhaps its light, perhaps it’s without a direction, perhaps its colors. Howsoever it comes through you allow yourself to feel what this is.

This is the place where many of you congregate with others. It is also a place where you pick up energy and information. Feel the flow and the movement as you are here within.

Allow yourself to consciously let your awareness move once more. This time feel as you shift into the soul plane. For many of you it’s a place of feeling as if you have come home. It’s a place that feels as if your thoughts and your awareness can expand in many different directions.

Reach out, invite your I AM presence or your divinity to come down and connect with you here within the soul plane. As you reach out to embrace, allow the love and the acceptance of your divinity to wash over you with ease.

As your divinity is moving through you, feel what that means. Allow yourself to let every part of you fill up; let it fill up with the energies of your divinity, with the energies of your love and awareness, [Deep breath] and you breathe it through all of you.

I the Goddess move here within this space. I reach out to each one of you; I merge my essence with yours. As I do so, allow me to illuminate this amazing alignment that you already have within you. Allow me to shine upon you, my love and awareness so that you may more fully understand and accept who you are.

Allow your consciousness to shift, it moves into the All That Is. As you do so you feel as if your energy expands in every direction. The All That Is is our place of creation. It is our place to practice new potentials, to practice new ideas and to see what opportunities are here and present for you.

As you let yourself open, I invite you to find a space that allows you to expand even further. As I look at you, I see you! I see you as the human that you are, I see you as your divinity. I also see that there is even more that is around you right now, that is available to you that is yours to do with as you so choose. There we go, I can feel as you open up and accept this within you.

As I feel the energy of all who are here, I am seeking to create an experience that will allow you to find what you are seeking by being present in these energies. And this of course refers to anybody as they link, whether it’s actually during the conference or at a later date. These energies are constantly shifting. If you come back and listen to this again at a later date, you may find you create something different.

I invite you to have a sense of creating this space within and around and you and as you go within, take this as an opportunity to let go anything that may be hanging over you. Let go frustration, let go your awareness of limitation, let go judgment or anything else that is hanging over you.

Whew, I blow through the energy and I send it through here. Let it assist you in releasing whatever it is. As I look at you now, I can see that you are much more open to those energies that were around you. You are now able to see some of these potentials for what they are.

As I spoke at the very beginning discussing being earthbound and being in the higher dimensions, I was speaking of the ways in which people so enjoy coming into this place, where it is easier to create what you seek to manifest, where you can feel your own energies not much more strongly. As you allow for this to flow through you right now, I encourage you to take an opportunity and just feel it that it is as it is.

I invite you to have a sense of looking towards the side. As you see an essence that is coming here within this group, it is a feminine essence, as she walks to the group she greets everybody; touching you, embracing you, transmitting thoughts, sending an intention until she arrives beside me. This is Lady Gaia.

You may have a perception of the transformation that she too has been going through over the last 5 to 10 years. She is less of an individual energy and more so of the universal energy. As each one of you expand your consciousness and your intention you are assisting in grounding and balancing the energies of the earth.

This in turn allows Gaia to have the opportunity to transform into a more evolved state, if you want to call it that, although she is completely evolved. But what we mean is that the aspect of her that people are able to create a new alignment with is of a different vibration and this allows her to step more fully into that and reveal it to all.

Gaia very easily could flow through and blend with any part of the Universe or the Omniverse. She is the smallest tiniest particle of the earth and the largest grandest energy and essence. Each one of you feels her in whatever way is right for you. So I will step aside and allow her to speak with you.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

I greet you beautiful, beautiful family! I know you so very well. I know many of you on an individual day-to-day basis. I know others of you as a part of the collective whole.

I have enjoyed the ascension process as much as everybody else upon the earth. I appreciate having the ability to access these different vibrations that are available. One could say with all the recent transformations taking place upon the earth, that it has allowed me to go through yet another expansion, just as it is allowing for each one of you to do the same.

I had asked the Goddess, if I could come and speak and be a part of this experience tonight, because I wanted to create a new and different link with everybody upon the earth. I also wanted to speak of the changes taking place.

Let’s begin first of all with the shift in the collective consciousness. You could stream back the energy. Indeed, going back perhaps the last 80 to 100 years, there have been very dramatic changes taking place within the collective consciousness.

Was there any one thing that started it? Most likely not; but with the experiences of the two wars [speaking of World War I & II], with the experience of the nuclear bomb, it was as if it was something that consciously and figuratively ripped open what had been the accepted energies for a very long time.

As you allow your thoughts to flow through the time since then, perhaps consider your own life; perhaps consider how your own changes have taken place over the years. You may see or recognize how much you were a part of this, your own self.

The changes in the Middle East have in some ways created unrest for many people. It also has been a means of opening up or shifting the consciousness.

This is a year of emerging change. Things that have been stuffed down or have been ignored over a period of time are coming to the surface. That is what happened in these countries in the Middle East.

So too is the fight that continues as a result of that. If you could think of it in one way, it’s how the consciousness that is so ingrained within people is trying to hold on to what it knows as the consciousness of change continues to push and nudge things along.

That is but one experience, and you may say, what does that have to do with I Gaia and the earth? It has to do with the collective consciousness and the collective thoughts of all who are living upon the earth. Because as that continues to transform and change, there is a transformation that comes from within the physical earth itself that goes along with that alignment.

And that leads us to the earthquake and the tsunami that have affected Japan and much of Asia. That was a very dramatic earthquake, I am well aware. But China, New Zealand, Russia; other parts of the world have also had earthquakes that have been occurring over the last 1 to 2 years. Because this one occurred when it did, it was related to the opening of the consciousness and it was also influenced by the actual physical shifting of the world as it moved into the solstice.

I invite you to have, take a moment and let your energies flow down into the space within and around Japan. As you do so, you can feel the emotions, and I invite you to infuse your own calm balanced energies, to send a foundation or undercurrent that will allow these people to draw from.

There have been a multitude of angels and yourselves, who have already been working with the energies of this place. And while there is more that will continue to transform, it did provide potential that many, many grew from.

I invite you to now have a sense of coming with me, feel your energy as it streams into the earth. Already the place where the earthquake took place has found its own place of healing. What happens during these very deep earthquakes is that as the physical earth shifts, it releases the energies that have been contained within the earth.

So as you are finding yourself here within this space of this most recent earthquake, I also encourage you, if you so choose, to let your energies shift into other parts of the world. If you would like, let your energy know where it needs to go. Just let it flow until you find yourself in whatever part of the physical earth may be unstable or may be in the process of transition.

Now, as you feel the energies of this place, as you feel my own energies as Gaia, standing here hand-in-hand with you, I invite you to reach up as if you are reaching out into the universe with the intention of linking with your Lightbody energies. As you do so, allow yourself to also reach out towards that moon that has been moving around the earth at this time. Some will find it’s easier to go to the moon first and then the Lightbody, others will find the reverse is easier.

The moon, as it is within this position, has an even stronger effect upon the earth than usual. As you allow your consciousness to be there and present within the physical earth, perhaps within or around some of the faults as you call them; they are of course not faults to me, but these lines that are more unstable than other parts of the earth.

Have a sense of reaching out and drawing the moon towards you. Feel as if the moon is actually coming down, and it links with you. As this occurs recognize how your own energy begins to expand and pulsate. Feel your Lightbody energies, feel your expanded consciousness. As you do so, put forth the intention to let that flow into the earth where ever you are.

As the energy of this glorious moon shifts through you, you can feel it as it fills you up and it creates a greater stability for the earth itself. As you are anchoring your Lightbody energy into the earth, feel how even more of the crystals and the other parts of the earth respond to this energy. You are of the earth, you are of the universe; let all flow through.

As you stand here, in this space of the equinox, allow yourself to consciously bring through the awareness of anything that you would like to release or let go, be it anything conscious or unconscious. Allow this powerful energy to just move through you, whew… and let it wash away anything that no longer serves you.

As you stand here in the balance of the equinox and you look towards the coming months, you may be thinking about all of the many things that you wish to transform or manifest within your life. And I invite you into this moment of releasing the particulars. Let go the worry of how anything is going to happen. Allow yourself to trust or believe in this energy of both the Earth and the Universe to assist in manifesting anything you seek to have.

You see, how I Gaia, am able to assist you in anchoring and manifesting these energies. You will know going forth from here that there are even more energies of support available here for you.

Breathe deeply; breathe in the energies of the earth. Feel how the earth itself loves and supports you. Feel how you can infuse your own love and awareness into the earth, and it does help in creating change. It does help in balancing the energies that are out of balance. It does help in anchoring the new and expanded energy and consciousness.

I invite you to reach out to me anytime you so choose. I invite you to believe in the earth and infuse energy if ever you feel called to do so. I invite you to experience all that is here in this moment. (deep breath) And breathe it deeply within you.

I invite you to now come with me back, allowing your focus to return into the All That Is. And with that I will release you and shift the energies back to Gaia. [She intended the Goddess] Thank you for this opportunity to share with you, my perceptions of the earth and to express my appreciation for all that you have been doing for me.


The Goddess of Creation speaks:

It is I the Goddess once more. It is very important for you to ground your energies. I speak of this many, many times with each of these journeys, because by grounding your energies you are allowing yourself to have greater access to them during your everyday life.

As you feel your essence, expand here in the All That Is, you may also find that there is a greater blending between the universal and the earthbound energies.

I invite you as you stand here in the All That Is to have a sense of looking towards the earth and taking in those energies and then looking towards the full moon and taking in those. They are already so much more blended within you than is illustrated at this point.

In the here, in the All That Is, as you look towards the last several months that have passed upon the earth and all that is taking place and then you look towards the next several months as they come up; recognize how powerful the flow of energy is as it’s moving through and around all of you.

I invite you to once more affirm, whatever it is that you may seek to put forth for this next quarter of the year. I invite you to draw on the balance that is here in this moment. I invite you to feel the balance between your human self and your divinity; feel that open flow as it moves back and forth within you. Allow yourself to feel the oneness, to know that all is able to manifest in its perfect way within you.

As you go through your days, if there’s anything that keeps you from feeling that is your reality, then open up and let it go. Reach towards feeling good and allowing things to occur with ease. Reach towards the feeling of having accomplished whatever it is you seek to have.

With that I invite you to allow your energies to shift down towards the soul plane; there is no need to use the hologram tonight, as Gaia worked so diligently with you.

As you find yourself within the soul plane you pause for a moment feeling this place of your divinity, feeling how expanded you are.

And then you allow your energies to shift once more. You may have a sense of releasing your divinity so that the majority of you then comes here within the space of the crystalline grid. Especially within this grid you can feel the pulsations of the moon. You may also feel the pulsations of the other earths, as they too reverberate with this energy.

And then you let your consciousness flow down, you pause briefly at the magnetic grid, this is where you once more feel the magnetic pull of the Earth.

As you feel the pull allow your consciousness to just move down. [Deep breath] Breathe deeply and let your consciousness stream down within and around your physical body once more. As you do so have a sense of letting all of it come within you. Let it move through all your energy centers creating a balance and then as it moves down feel the earth as you link with the earth once more.

Immediately, you can feel the energy of the earth; the warmth, the love, the nurturing. There are parts that are in distress and you may feel that too; but you send an impulse of compassion, you send an impulse of awareness to where ever that may be. And the earth instantly responds and you bring that back up within you.

It is easier than ever for you to have this alignment. It is also easier than ever, for you to reach out and feel the energies of the universe and the energies of your higher consciousness. It is all here and present within you. Allow yourself to feel that and acknowledge it as your reality.

Okay, so as you are looking towards this next quarter of the year, as you look towards what you are moving into, as you create for yourself; I invite you to do so with the conscious awareness of moving into anything that feels good to you, that feels light that feels as if it happens with ease.

If you find that you are struggling, if you find that you are very frustrated, then let that be the mechanism to look in another direction or open to allow a new potential.

As we stand here on this equinox, as Gaia comes up and stands with me once more, feel her energies as she flows within and around you.

Recognize how these immense transformations taking place upon the earth are all happening in a way in which it creates a transformation that allows for a shift to occur on many different levels.

You are having an impact upon this simply by being who you are and allowing yourself to find your own balance. I am ever with you and within.




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