Gaia & the Equinox Blending Energies Q&A

This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the others individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

Thank you.


You may press *6 upon your phone to come within the queue, if you so choose, and I will answer what questions you may have.

Question 1: Yes goddess. (Hello.) Hello this is Norma. I have a question. I had a car accident on Thursday and I don’t know if it’s the energy around me or something is going on with my head. I did have a brain scan that same day, because I have had a head injury in the past. Anyway, I had this accident and several times recently I’ve been driving along and it’s like all of a sudden cars are all stopping in front of me and I have to slam on my brakes and I was wondering if you could give me any insight as to what might be going on cause I don’t know whether it is safe for me to drive right now or what.

Answer: All right beloved I think that you are staying in an ungrounded state for longer and longer of periods of time. When I look at you when you speak of that time when you slammed on your brakes, and that time of the accident, and it was as if you were not in your body. We know that of course that we have to have a degree of you to be in your body here or you wouldn’t be physically functioning.

But it looked as if the greater consciousness was out in say the 5th or 6th dimension, either living in that space, experiencing something that you were working on no matter what it may be, and we feel like that was made easier for you over the past week as the energies of this full moon and the equinox began to gather. You are not alone in feeling like it is harder for you to drive; it’s harder for you to focus. Our sense is that it is not anything to do with the previous injury. Our sense is that it is more about you having the opportunity to ground yourself.

Now that was one of the reasons why I invited Gaia to come and be a part of the experience tonight was because it would create such a deeply grounding experience for people. What I saw you doing as you were doing this is that you were becoming much more comfortable with the expanding energies while in your physical and present state.

Can you feel a difference in yourself now as you come back and as you ground. (Yes) So we sense that that is something that will continue to strengthen for you. So if you find yourself, like for example when you are driving, or when you are trying to focus and get something else done around the house whatever it may be.

If you find that if you are having trouble with focusing then I would say to you ground in the manner like we did when you came back when you actually physically, consciously let your energies go down into the earth and you feel the earth and you feel Gaia and you let that stream up within you and you will find that you are instantly back within your physical body and back grounded. The more that you do that from your expanded state the more that your energy field in your physical reality will expand to accommodate those higher dimensions. Does that resonate with you?

Caller: Okay. Would it be a good idea for me to just actually right before I get ready to drive ground myself before getting in the car.

I think that’s a brilliant idea.

Caller: Okay. Just because lately it’s like where was I and I didn’t know what had even happened.  

Exactly, exactly well you didn’t know because you were out of your body.

Caller: It would be kind of hard to know wouldn’t it?

HA HA HA Alright beloved but you are actually doing very very well and be at peace and let go those thoughts that there might be something else going on and instead focus on grounding these higher energies you are bringing in.

Caller: Okay thank you so much I feel so much better.

Excellent, excellent.

Caller: Thank you.

 You’re welcome.

Question 2: Hello goddess. (Hello.) Over the past couple of years something that has been bothering me I guess is I’ll get up in the morning and it is really hard for me to get going. I just want to be with my community online, potter around the house, make some coffee, just enjoy my time and I have a schedule that kind of allows for that most days I can kind of take it real easy in the morning, but I feel like I am not getting the work done that I need to get done. What’s going on here am I feeling guilty about nothing? Am I ungrounded? What’s going on?

Answer: For you beloved the initial perception we have was that this was a form of resistance. There is a lot of change that you have been bringing into your life and there is a lot that you have been seeking to do for yourself over the last couple of years. So on the one hand we would say that it is excellent for you to allow yourself the time to relax, the time to enjoy your friends, the time to be a part of a community with other people because otherwise in your daily life you are very isolated from people, or you can be isolated from people. So on the one hand we would say to you that this is the end result of all the hard work you were doing for yourself, but over-riding that we still had a sense of resistance that part of this was, and we’re not saying this in a judgmental way, but we are saying this that we’re picking up within you that there is a part of you that feels like it should be doing more; it feels like it should be doing something different; it feels like it should be taking things to the next step and then when we feel this resistance it’s like I have done so much why can’t I just enjoy the moment. So the resistance that we are picking up on is more so from something that is self imposed from you and less so about that fact that you actually truly need to take these steps. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Caller: I’m not really sure what you are saying here. What’s the resistance?

The resistance to us feels as if it is around the next steps that you need to take in your life or your career, or that you feel are there and ready for you to take. So as you have been considering these steps and considering what you need to do there is a part of you that instead just wants to enjoy being in the moment and reveling in all that you have done instead of taking those next steps. Part of it involves moving to a new State; part of it involves finding a new job; part of it involves taking the company you have created and incorporating it in a new state. All of these various things we feel like they are laying over you and when you think about what you could be doing and what you should be doing then that gives you that sense of feeling that you should be doing more or something different and so that’s what we are picking up on that’s the resistance.

Caller: Okay, so I’m not quite sure then what the answer is maybe I’m just really, really resistant here. Should I be doing something different in the mornings when I’m just kind of getting up and getting started?

We think you should give yourself permission to enjoy your mornings and take as long with them as you want. When you do that then you are going to find that your natural instinct, your natural whatever it is that is in alignment within you is going to set things up for everything to fall into place for you, but when you are enjoying your mornings and yet there is a part of you that feels the pressure to get going, and a pressure to do other things and a pressure to get busy with your day then that’s taken away the joy of the moment and it’s also creating a resistance around figuring what you need to do for the day and getting busy.

Caller: Okay so just enjoy it then. (Exactly.) Okay.

And also recognize how much you’ve done and this is the end result of being self employed is that you do have that flexibility for yourself and that you do have the ability to schedule early clients or schedule them later. That’s one of the reasons why you choose that. So instead of choosing that setting it up to work out that way so you could have your mornings to relax and then giving yourself a hard time for relaxing it’s as if you were coming around behind yourself and undermining what you’ve setup.

Caller: Uhum okay I was so completed.

 Excellent that’s the end result. Guilt is one of those things I believe is useless so I am always happy to hear people say they are getting rid of it.

Caller: Thank you.

You’re welcome beloved.

Question 3: Hello can you hear me. (Yes let me increase the volume a little bit it’s kind of hard to hear. Okay go ahead.) I’ve basically got a peoples question. (Okay.) I have the sense that since the Japanese are willing to move into new technology that they are being used as an example to move us from fission to fusion which has been around for 4 years and I also have the feeling that we’ve been having some earthquakes here in this country. (Uhum) In areas that have never had earthquakes before. (Uhum) And I also map out where the nuclear plants are and a lot of them are fault lines. So is this sort of a double-sided message of get away from fission in spite of the fact that the power Companies own the plants and rebuild for fusion.

Answer: Well the world has created for itself a ……………….Ops sorry, this is – are you there. (Yes I’m here). Okay we don’t know what that was all about, but anyway. The world has created a number of …………………………………. Isn’t that interesting how that interference is coming through everytime I say that about the world is creating. Anyway the world – Ops sorry about that let Shelly gather her energies again.

Okay as for moving into this new energy the world itself has been speaking about that for a number of years. It’s talked about getting away from the fossil fuel; it’s talked about getting away from the nuclear; it’s talked about getting away from all of those things that have a limitation, and as with so much of humanity you have to be pushed to the wall before you actually make change and that is just the way human nature has been. That’s why Gaia took everyone through the experience of feeling the consciousness of the earth and also feeling the physical effect of the earth so that you can be more aware of how the consciousness and the physical reactions, they’re really not so very separated from one another.

So in saying that as far as Japan being the actual one to take some of those steps they have been in collaboration with other people. It feels to us like there is a group, it feels like a worldwide organization that’s been working together on this, because something like this is more than just what one country does. It’s a worldwide transformation that the world is going through and our sense is that this is that big boost that was kind of needed to propel things forward. So indeed we see Japan making some of these very dramatic changes and that there is more in place for them than is already being realized, but so too if you look at New Zealand has not had the nuclear power plants and they too have had some of those earthquakes and they too have been creating changes in their own country and in their own world. So you can go to any part of the world and you can see that changes are taking place with physical reactions that go in alignment with the consciousness, or as you say the consciousness is going inline with the physical, because it’s a response to what the physical reaction was.

As for the number of earthquakes around the world there have been a number of multitude of them in all parts of the world, some big, some small, some people aren’t aware of, some have been covered up. It just depends. So that’s why we see that a great deal of physical transformation is taking place.

As for the nuclear power plants that are on the fault lines sometimes things are created or built in a particular way, because whether or not the scientist know it as they are building it, but they are drawing on the energies of the earth and when you think of a fault line as an opening or crevasse of the earth and that allows the energies of the earth to be released, or to be shifted, and that’s why they’re called fault lines because the energy can shift and the planes of the earth can shift in that space. So it’s as if we see some of these have been, probably in most cases, unconsciously built in these places just because there was a stronger energy. Some people might say that the geologists found that the soil was a certain way or the rocks were a certain way well indeed that was because of this fault and the expression of the earth’s energy. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Caller: Yes it does thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Question 4: Hello (hello) Hi, I’m so honored! Thank you so much. I spoke with you before; I guess I’ve been trying to meditate and I’ve been calling upon Archangel Michael and Jesus and Mary to help me try to see what kind of gifts that I have and how I might use them. (umm hmm) I’m just wondering, do they have anything to say to me or any words of wisdom? Anything to kind of help me out because I think I just get frustrated. I don’t know what it is that I’m supposed to be doing. I ask for my gifts and stuff like that, but nothing’s happening. So, I don’t know.

Answer: Okay, and this is the most frustrating thing that you will hear; I can already hear your frustration. Not only you, but thousands and millions of other people have this same frustration – you are trying too hard.

What I mean by that is that you have created an intensity around this. When you go into meditation and you ask to have your gifts be revealed to you, you ask to receive communication from them and then your perception is that nothing happens. It creates for the next time that same level (of frustration) but it’s heightened to a new level now because now you know the last time it didn’t work or the time before or the time before. What that does is create a pattern in you and we’re speaking of you as the generalized ‘you’ not only you but the many, many other people have this exact same experience. What comes from it is that each time you try that much harder to receive your message or receive that communication or know that it’s there; it makes it that much harder to get through.

So when we speak of you trying too hard and it’s better for you to relax and let go what we’re actually going to say to you is just quit meditating. We would say instead to find a task that you enjoy doing. Whether it’s walking outside or reading or just sitting quietly; whatever it is you would like to do. As you do so, as you’re doing something you like to do then gently and easily open your mind as if to say ‘I am open to receive’ and not necessarily to have any particular energy come in and speak to you or be there in your energy.

But what happens is that this is then giving your mental body and it’s giving your consciousness something it can connect to and work with that already allows you to relax. Then in that relaxed state there is a great deal more energy and information that comes through to you. Sometimes you may feel it as just feeling warm; sometimes you may feel it as ‘wow I’m energized now’ it will be that sort of thing. At first it may be that you don’t realize what’s happening. It’s only when you look back and think ‘gee whiz, I wonder if they were able to come in’ and you realize oh I felt really good after doing that thing or I felt especially aware after I did that.

That’s how when someone is first opening up to meditation and they’re first opening up to their communication with the angels; that’s how they can come in to work with you. You could call it an unconscious manner but what they’re doing is they slip beneath your expectation and beneath your resistance or whatever you may call it. It creates a bond so that from there you can reach out to them in a more conscious manner. Then you will have the type of communication and the feeling you are seeking to have. Does that make sense to you beloved as we speak of it?

Caller: It does but I guess it just means so much to me. Maybe a lot of people don’t want it but I’m sitting here and I DO want that. So why can’t I have it? Not being ungrateful but I guess I do, I try really hard. To meditate is like praying and it’s very important to me. If I stop meditating, you know bringing the light into me and that’s when I do that. Would that not stop with my process of shining my light upon the world or to ground me?

That’s a very good process that you bring up. Our sense as we look at you is that no, it’s not going to stop that process because your commitment just shines forth from you. The light and the energy within you just radiate from you no matter what you are doing; you don’t have to think about it. It’s just you as you are in your everyday life. That’s just you as you are in your everyday life as you’re doing your thing. So that’s the perception we have when we look at you. When you breathe in the light, when you breathe in the grounding energies and when you breathe in the experiences like that then consciously send it out; that does create a deeper connection for you.

If that’s what makes you feel better then continue to do it as you have been but without the expectation. We think you are communicating way more than you realize. We see with Archangel Michael in particular he’s standing beside you and he oftentimes is standing beside you and when you’re driving your car; it’s just something that we see when you’re busy and loving forward, it feels like you’re driving a car. He’s actually talking to you then and you’re talking to him back. It feels like – that’s probably why we picked up on that as a way of being able to communicate when you’re busy doing other things.

You can take the time to breathe in the light and anchor the light, to do those things you've been doing but be aware that communication can take place at any time and not just when you’re doing that. So if you focus on your breathing and expanding your consciousness in that manner, then do it with the intention of focusing on your breathing – an expanding your consciousness – not necessarily with creating a direct communication with them.

The other thing you can do if you’re not already is just begin to write in a journal. A journal can come with you speaking your thoughts and whatever comes to mind. But you will also find if you breathe and expand just because that’s how you get in touch with your heart and within yourself, you will also feel a flow of energy that will come from them.

These are just other ways that this come in without it being when you are actually meditating. Then meditation can be more so about you feeling expanded and you feeling relaxed and that takes the pressure off of you; but yet you are still doing it. You are open. You do have an alignment with them. We see them flowing their energy in and around you on a very consistent basis.

Caller: that helps because I don’t know if they are or not. So it helps hearing that. Sometimes you do feel alone and I guess I try and try really hard and I just don’t know sometimes. But thank you, that means a lot! I think I’m crying.


Oh, you’re welcome. That’s okay beloved so here’s another option that came to us as we’re doing this. Because we this so clearly, you can use this as a foundation or as an anchor. We see Yeshua, Mary and Michael and there’s a fourth one; who is that over there? Gabriel? It could be Gabriel, no it’s not Gabriel. Hmm, it feels like it could be one of your personal angels but he’s more along the vibration of AA Gabriel. Anyway, you can feel them in the corners of the room or you can feel them around you when you are getting ready to do your breathing or connecting to the light.

Let me just say to you flat out, any time you ask them to come in and be with you, they are there 100% of the time. So if you can believe or trust in what we are seeing then allow yourself to invite them in then trust that they are there even if you don’t have that perception. That is also another way of creating a very solid foundation and things will grow from there.

Caller: okay, I will. thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

[[[The remainder of the questions will posted soon.]]]



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