Going Inward to Open Higher

Nama Sika Venia Benya    I AM with the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. As always this time we spend together is a time that is filled with joy, it is filled with light and love; the expression of who you are. You are each the divine humans who are walking upon the earth plane. You are each living your life, moving through your days, taking on different experiences all the time. As you do so, you are consciously bringing within you a greater and greater amount of a higher awareness that allows you to be able to connect and expand; bring in and walk in your daily life as a divine human. Allow yourself to feel this within you, know that it is a part of who you are.

From here, allow yourselves to expand. Allow your consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid. Your intention to connect with the magnetic grid work allows you to become incorporated within this energy pattern. This grid work is something which surrounds the earth, but it is also multi dimensional so you may tap into it in any form or manner which is appropriate for you at this moment in time. This is a means of allowing you to send your consciousness to other aspects of the world, the universe, and beyond. It is a means of communication.

Have a sense of moving through an interlocking grid work. This is a grid work which releases the gravitational pull of the earth; it releases the magnetics and allows you to find yourself in what is known as the crystalline grid. This space is filled with crystals and you are finding that the more that you work with these energies, the more these crystals are being made known to you. Open up to become aware of the aspects of this crystalline grid that you were unaware of before. As each of you shifts and moves into the alignment of these crystals, what happens is that you perceive more and more about what is present in this space at all times.

As you are ready, call forth the column of light. This light enables you to move from within the level of the crystalline grid, into the higher levels or dimensions that are part of the universe. You have a sense of connecting with the energies of the soul plane. This is a place in which the greater amount of your divinity or your I AM presence resides. As you emerge and feel your consciousness move in every direction, you begin to perceive how you look or just what you are in all the magnificence of your soul's expression.   You may see this as something outside of your consciousness that you have a sense of reaching forth and blending with. You may also have a sense that it comes up from within your consciousness; fills and expands so that your consciousness is completely blended with your I AM presence. As you are in this space, you can accept who you are; accept the magnificence, the radiance that is you!

Have a sense of shifting your awareness until you are able to perceive my energies as I begin to move in and amongst you. Each time you reach out to connect with me you may be taking in greater and greater amounts of my essence. You may perceive me sometimes as a sparkling essence, I may take on the form of the divine feminine, or I may take on the form of the divine masculine. For indeed, as Source Essence I am both aspects. I am open to whomever wishes to connect with me, and each individual connects with me in which ever way enhances them and brings them a greater and greater amount of their own consciousness. As I move between you I have a sense of reaching out to embrace. Through this embrace I blend my consciousness completely with yours. As this occurs, you can feel yourself expanding, you shift and move into the space of the All That Is.

Moving into this space of expansion allows you to be able to send your consciousness out into an even greater manner than what you did before <within the soul plane>. You are in a void of existence in which you can reach out to others or you can connect and incorporate exactly who you are. Begin by becoming aware of who you are within this space. You may perceive yourself as an energy that is filled with motion. You may perceive yourself as a star or planet. Have a sense of seeking to know that which anchors you within this space. This is where you come when you are in your sleep state and you are moving forward and expanding.

This allows you to be able to truly go into the inner depths that are within you. As you tune into and perceive it may be as if you are able to discern level upon level within your consciousness. Each level or layer is a part of whole. You may have a sense that there is one aspect or another which is most important for you to tap into. From within that space, allow yourself to blend, that you may know who you are me; that you may know your purpose, your life, your essence. Now is the time for the energies of the earth to again make another shift and movement. All who come into contact with what we speak of, be it now or later, will find it is the right time for you to move into this process.

We have a sense of calling forth energies of light which had been a part of overseeing humanity upon the earth. We ask you to come and join with us. You may have a sense of a temple, this temple materializes in front of you and you are able to move into it. You know that over the course of your many life experiences and in particular within this one that you have moved through many different levels of initiation as they may be called. Each level has been a process of acknowledging you for the work, the expansion, the experiences that you have chosen to move through upon the earth. Now is the time for us to again acknowledge all that you have done and assist you in opening to a new level. You may find as you move into this temple that you have a sense of feeling the adornments that you may wear when you are in this place of sacred connection. The adornments may have the sense of giving you a physical shape. You may have a cape, a scepter, a crown, or you may feel yourself in the beauty and simplicity of your own conscious expression. All is acceptable within this space.

As you are moving into the space of this arena or temple, you find that you are gathering with others that you know whether on the physical plane, or in these higher planes. You come together with those who are your friends in soul. As you come into and gather around, you see before you the Ray Lords, the Archangels, Metatron, a Tobias, Orion, DaBen; our list can go on, and on, and on! You each have been working with many of these energies of light. Many of them have had physical incarnations upon the earth and many have not. You find that they are gathered together in a circle within the center of the temple and all of you are circled around them.

As everyone has gathered, I come into the group and make my presence known. Feel the joy and the love that is emanating from everyone! There is a touch of solemnity, but yet the sparkle of joy in people’s eyes.  As I join the inner circle, we all have a sense of sending forth from within our hearts or consciousness a beam of light that comes together and begins to create geometric shapes. As each of you are aligning with whichever energy you have been working most recently, you find that you can sense and know exactly which aspect of the whole that individual is putting in. Each person, as they are flowing the energy, allows it to grow and expand until it creates a shape begins to rise up out of the center of this group. It is filled with diamonds, triangles, tetrahedrons, every shape known to physical man and those known in the non physical form. It is filled with light and color. As it continues to grow, you can see the beam of light that comes from each of the inner circle who are holding it aloft above everybody.

As the time is right, I have a sense of shifting my energies of the divine which allows this geometric pattern to begin to send a shower of sparkles and light that moves out over the entire group who are present. Every person as they look up and open to receive this shower of light becomes filled with a light that is cleansing them. It is creating greater balance and alignment within them. It is allowing each of you to be able to open up yet further than you have before so that you may step forth and continue along your path of discovery. The more that energy is flowed through this geometric shape, the greater amount of energy that rains down upon everybody. It covers the entire temple and begins to move out from there. The temple is filled with people, more than just those who are physically present at this time. It is filled with those who may or may not be conscious of what is occurring, but they will receive the results of this cleansing that is occurring.

The light begins to shift and change so that each of you will now receive a symbol. It may be a crystal, a sword, or scepter. It may be an image that becomes a part of your consciousness, perhaps a feeling. This is allowing you to be able to step forth and move with greater ease along your pathway. This geometric form that is filled with light spins and sends out its shower of light until it gets to the point in which it explodes and it becomes one with everybody. It is as if the fireworks that you know upon the earth plane have just rained down from this higher vibrational energy onto and within each one of you.

The inner circle begins to move, blending and mixing with all who are within this group of people. Open your awareness and connect with whomever it is you either wish to connect with or is in your highest interest to connect with at this time. You may find yourself forming groups of people who are of similar interest. Who perhaps are experiencing similar lifetimes. Be open to reach out and embrace.

By embracing these energies, you find that you are actually becoming one with what ever that met vibration may be. So too, be aware of the ways in which they are shifting and taking on your energies. For while they are there in support of you, you are the ones upon the earth, you are the ones who live in the physical body. Therefore, they appreciate you and all that you have chosen to do within this life.

You may stay in this space or you may have a sense of reaching out and blending with others who are here to be with you. When everyone is within this space there is no sense of hierarchy. All are of the vibration of love; the vibration of joy and expansion. As you are tapping into this energy, you are bringing that more fully within yourself. Have a sense of allowing a greater expansion to occur as a result of this. As you become aware of the ways in which have expanded, you become aware of the greater depths that are within you. From within this space you accept the perfection of who you are.

You may have a sense of leaving an aspect of your consciousness to remain within this greater exploration. You may have a sense of reconnecting through dream state and you can consciously request to remember your dreams that you may more fully know what this expansion means to you. We put forth the intention that each of you will move into your new space of awareness with a gentleness and ease within your physical body as well as your expanded awareness. Take this moment to expand out and include the universe as if you are within all aspects of the universe at the same time. It gives you a sense of stretching your consciousness. By doing this, it allows you to be able to take in greater amounts of this energy and disperse it over a greater expanse. You may enjoy it a sense of flying or floating free. You may enjoy a sense of simply being!

As you were ready, have a sense of coming back into this group energy once more. You may find yourself back within the temple or arena; you may find yourself with a sense of being in the void of the All That Is. The group that comes together is filled with you the divine humans and it is also incorporated with the Angels, Ray Lords, guides, and these other energies of light with whom you have been working this evening. Have a sense of sending forth from your consciousness, your essence or the aspect of what you took in within yourself tonight. As each individual is doing this, it creates a blend that has an impact upon the consciousness of the earth plane. This allows for all to move to a higher level of awareness. No matter where they have been in the past, it allows for a shift to occur in their lives. There is such a radiant energy that is sparkling, as if it is sizzling and filled with electricity. Everyone continues to fill the center with the essence of their light. We have a sense of hearing laughter, joy, and we have a sense of focus in others.

From this energy, as if rising up we see the hologram of the earth. Our beloved Lady Gaia comes forth, again with her arms extended to all. The radiance that emanates from her is a radiance that is filled with love and acceptance. Just as she accepts all who are upon the earth and each individual who is upon their path, so too does she create the space for you to be in a place of acceptance; within yourself and within all that is around you! There is a sense of the earth as it rotates, as it is becoming infused with these energies. As it rotates, Gaia reaches out to touch or embrace each one of you. There is the sense of the familiar whenever you come into contact with her. There is also the sense of the reverence or radiance. As the hologram has become perfused with all that needs to perfuse it at this time it comes to a halt. You have a sense of sending this hologram back down into the earth plane. It is as if it moves through a column or a tunnel of light and as the hologram comes into contact with the earth plane, you have a sense of seeing it moving into the center of the earth where it then expands and it moves out from within the center of the earth. It comes out through the earth with the energies of the light you have in fused within it. It moves through the grass, the flowers, the trees, everyone who is upon the earth animal or human, flower, rock; whatever it may be becomes infused with this energy so that the very atmosphere that is around you is also infused. That continues out from within the center of the earth until it connects with the magnetic grid work and is anchored within the grid work.

Your physical body will feel this shift as it occurs. Your consciousness and ability to bring your divinity within the earth plane will be easier to do in the future. There will be more and more people who are asking questions about their divinity, about life and light. You will be ready to speak with them and answer them.

Have a sense of returning your consciousness into where you are within the space of the All That Is. Now is the time to create another ball of light. This light rotates shifts and takes on the energies of the experiences that you have been through. So too, it holds the energies of change, but it is more so filled with what each of your personal experiences have been. There is an aspect of yourself that is out within the Omniverse, there also other energies of light who are within the Omniverse, who await these energies. You may call them the runners, you may call them guides, you may call them ET’s, and it matters not.  What is important is that there are energies and divine consciousness that are seeking to learn through your experiences upon the earth. So have a sense of sending that ball of light as it moves forth in an arc blending fully with the Omniverse. For some it may be a sense of watching a beam of light as it streaks across the sky, for others it may be as if you are standing on an edge and seeing it move out below you. There are many, many different potentials of how you may perceive the way this energy works. Still others may sense it going inward to the inner dimensions.

These experiences bring forth a greater amount of awareness within you. Allow yourselves to now connect with each other. It may be through sending a beam of light, it may be opening your awareness and blending consciousness to consciousness; creating this pattern as each of you blends with the other, allows you to be able to tap into and create the higher vibrational energies of what we will refer to as the collective consciousness. You all know what this means, but by allowing yourself to integrate and blend with it, you will feel a greater ease upon your days. You may move forth with the confidence of who you are. You may realize and accept that everything that is occurring upon the earth is right and perfect. You may have a sense of taking back with you a star, a crystal, or a form of the light that rained down upon you.

Allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is. You don't realize the ways in which you are constantly moving in and out of this space. This becomes a way station for you.  From here you can easily move into what you consider the soul plane. You are finding that through your own expansion these become higher vibrational levels or dimensions. As your expanded awareness comes back into the soul plane, it adjusts for who you are at this moment in time. It adjusts for your expanded awareness, your expanded consciousness. Have a sense of creating a hologram of who you are upon the physical plane. This hologram is a means of taking in the higher vibrational energies that you have worked with tonight. It is a means of allowing you to incorporate the crystalline energies into your physical body because this hologram represents who you are upon the physical plane. As you take in and accept the body that is holding your energies for you in this lifetime, you can have a sense of incorporating all of these energies within it. Reach forth and embrace the hologram of who you are. Have a sense of feeling the flow that moves through you, that will fill the hologram with the aspects of your consciousness. As you do so, the hologram becomes incorporated within your physical body.

Allow yourself to move back into the space of the crystalline grid. These are the steps that you take as you bring your consciousness back down into the physical plane. The crystalline grid is now filled with a greater amount of light and vibration. There is a tone or resonance that emanate from within this space. You may feel an understanding as you tap into that energy. More and more of this crystalline is being brought back into the earth plane by you who are consciously bringing it in with you. That in turn is allowing for the ascension of the earth.

You have a sense of moving through and into the magnetic grid which begins to ground you back into your physical body. It brings a consciousness to a space in which you are able to feel the magnetic pull of the earth plane. You feel the reconnection within your physical and yet you allow your consciousness to remain within this space of expansion. Allow yourself to come into this space feeling this awareness and allowing yourself to come more fully back within the conference room. I am open to receive any questions that you may have. You may press the four upon your telephone and that will bring you back within the conference room.

Question:  <paraphrased>  I’m wondering if you can give me an idea of what my blue print is like and if there is something I should know?  This is my first time and I appreciate that you offer this.

Answer:  Alright, we thank you Karen for coming into this group and being a part of this process. When you ask to know about your blueprint, as we connect to you our sense is you  want to know if there are any major hurdles that you were to get over with in this lifetime and is there an overriding purpose to why you are here. Is that correct? As you have come into this earth, there have been a number of experiences that were needed for you to go through which in turn would allow you to evolve. You have had some trauma, you have had experiences of struggling in which you have had a great deal of lack within your lifetime, and as with so many of the divine humans who chose this lifetime, you have been releasing the aspects of yourself that were of the belief that to be sacred divine was to be in a state of poverty or lack. This has been a very important process for you to be able to turn this around, to recognize and accept that the divinity within yourself is a representation of abundance and fullness. That is what you have been doing over the last several years. Things are beginning to open up for you, you are beginning to manifest and bring within your life different experiences which will allow you to live in the abundance you are seeking, allow you to be able to explore new avenues as a result of this. As for the overriding purpose of your life, you are a healer and a communicator. You heal a great deal through communication per se.  There may be aspects of your life in which you have taken the classes and have learned to become an energetic healer.  At the same token, through your spoken word, you have the ability to listen to people, tune into them and reflect back to them energetically as you are speaking to them; your words put them at ease and then energetically you are working at a deeper level which allows people to have a sense of peace after having spoken with you. What is important for you to remember when you are doing this is of course not to take on anybody else's energies or anything that they are releasing. So part of your life is to be able to do this, to be in the space of flow in which you can allow for these greater energies to move around you. You can share that with people without having the experience of taking on other people's things that are not yours to process or to deal with. So the healing has been one, the communicator has been another, and so too is a matter of pulling together the many lifetimes and living this one through many different and varied experiences. That is why you have had a sense of moving in one direction, and then another, then another. Allow yourself to simply enjoy every experience for what it is in that moment. Does that make sense to you? You are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>I am trying to stay in the space of my divinity, but sometimes it’s difficult around the house.  My family doesn’t really understand me and I think it makes them nervous.  Do you have any insights for me?

Alright, just as this journey has been a sort of initiation or graduation for each of you, you have been upon your journey in which you were releasing, releasing, releasing; as if you have been climbing a hill and you have reached a plateau, you are now in the space of being able to truly process the energies that are around you. Take in the energies that are around you and allow them to radiate out from you. As a result of that, some of the individuals in your family who are with you may have a sense of feeling uncomfortable. If you put forth the intention that everybody will feel comfortable or at the level where they are, and this is important for everyone who is within this space of feeling more expanded or any different space than those of your family members. If you have a sense of being in your own divinity and radiating forth love, with the intention that everyone feels it at the level that is most comfortable for them, it will assist in easing some of the discomfort, arguments, or unrest that may result when one individual or another feels uncomfortable. So you have been releasing a great deal, it is not time for you to hold the energies and simply be in the space of who you are. It is important for you to accept who you are. While there are many aspects of you that do except, your human aspect does not. So give yourself the nurturing and love that allows your human aspect to accept the divine human who you are. Alright Beloved? I know it is true for many of the humans. Those of you who come into this life as an Angelic force or the divine human, it is much easier to give than to receive. So if you take this time and have a sense of receiving who you are and being who you are, it will allow for greater ease. You are welcome.

Question:  <paraphrased> I am still feeling confused.  I’m not sure what I should be doing with my life.  I keep getting new ideas of what I may wish to do, but I just can’t seem to tap into what is my joy.

Answer:   There have been many aspects of your life in which your purpose seems to be fluctuating and changing. In part because you have been open to so many potentials, that no one potential came to the forefront. Again, you are the healer; again you are an individual who radiates out a love and a warmth. While you have been trying many different things and none of them seem to come to fruition, this has all been a part of building who you are in this moment. So your life purposes is ever-changing, it is ever evolving. It is taking in and creating for yourself that which brings you joy. One moment it might be drawing and creating, another moment it might be walking in the countryside, the woods, or the expanded awareness; other times it may be working one on one with an individual a healing process. While none of these have comes strongly to the forefront, our sense is that all of this has been created as a part of the whole. You happen to be in the space where there are not a lot of other individuals who are as enlightened as you are; therefore they are not as open to this type of change. Continue to do what you are doing and set the energy as we spoke of to the other individual, have a sense of you being in your higher awareness, but radiating out an energy that others feel at a comfort level to them. Perhaps this will allow you to shift and manifest more clients on a more regular basis. Does that make sense to you? <person continued to speak and give more information>   That is fine then, the energies that we have been sensing around you and talking about have been the energies that you radiate more strongly. So as we shift and allow your potentials for what’s coming up in the future, then what we see for you is that this is a time to be able to have a sense of cleaning the slate, cleaning the board. Go inside; give yourself time, be it weeks or months or whatever it is that you may need. Through your own exploration, the ideas will be there for you. We still have the sense of the creativity within you; we still have a sense of the healer within you it is simply a matter of how will it all manifest. It is yours to choose and decide. If you give yourself the opportunity to be hired, to let go what you have been doing, to open up that there is something that will bring you to your passion that will bring you to your excitement and joy. That is what will allow it to come to you. Our sense is that you are feeling very tired, and you feel somewhat of a depression from what you've been doing because you are ready to let it go but you are not truly allowing yourself to do that. So allow yourself to let go what has been, allow yourself the time to just sleep all day if you need to; from that space begin to create what is new for you.

<paraphrased>  A person asked about some specific changes that were taking place within the alignment of planets.  She is an astrologer and said that they are seeing certain configurations they have not seen before.  She is asking what this means.

Alright, there are those of you upon the earth who have worked with the stars over many lifetimes. What you realize is that by drawing on these various energies of the stars, looking at the configuration; as you are well aware, the configuration will create a geometric design. Each star itself radiates a certain energy and when you bring all that together through your astrology charts, through your connection to the astrological fields and planes, what you are doing is actually tapping into the various potentials with which you tap into during these journeys. So, as you are talking to other individuals, you in particular have a deep affinity to a number of different stars. You may have been conscious or perhaps not as conscious, on your journey tonight of tapping into and connecting with these various stars. As you are working with individuals, you may know the nuts and bolts so to speak of what the configuration may mean, but there is a great deal more that you are getting from your intuitive ability about what the stars and configurations mean to you. That is what you can share with the other individuals who are around you. Everything that is happening in the universe is here in support of the earth. There are changes and shifts in the way the stars configure themselves because that is what will hold the energies of the earth to a higher ability. So too, as the energy of the earth is shifting and rising, the energies of the stars and configuration of the universe, shift to accommodate that which is on the earth. That is why you will continue to see the shifting and changing coming about as it is. Does that make sense to you? You are welcome beloved. We thank you for that question.

<paraphrased>  I am wondering if you can give me any insight about my partner and I having a child.  I feel as if this is something we should and will be doing, but he is hesitant.  Can you give me any insights?  I’m also wondering what I received during the initiation.

Answer:  Alright Beloved, we will begin with the last question. When you ask about your symbol, we see you in all your radiance with your hands up above your head so to speak and you are holding a star within your hands as if one tip of the star which is longer than the others comes down into your hands. There is a radiance that comes through that star which is filling you and surrounding you. Indeed many, many of you if not the majority of you have received some form of a star. A star's energy is what is being incorporated into the earth's energy at this time. As to which star do you have, this is not as much one of those of the major stars and planets that you know about, but it is a personal star; a place where you go at times when it is when you wish to be nurtured and allow for you to have growth and expansion. So it is a place that you have been going to from within the earth plane in your sleep state or in meditation. It is time for you to have a sense of bringing that star energy back with you to the earth. Can you feel it as we speak of this? <the person said yes> There is a flow that we sense around you as we speak of this connection of this star and holding the star.

Now, as to your relationship with your beloved and as to becoming a mother. We see with this individual there is a deep and abiding relationship that is around the two of you. We have a sense with him that there is perhaps a pocket of fear so to speak or apprehension. He is not as confident about being a parent as you are. He is in a place of feeling a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of it. He is not sure how good a father he will be; he has certain expectations of himself. Our sense is that through putting forth the energy, we feel the two of you together now, there is a greater flow and we are infusing him with an energy of confidence because believe me Beloved he has a heart that is radiant and filled with light and he will be a wonderful father. It would surprise him in who he is right now as to the potential that he has. We do see you as having a high potential with this individual of having a long term relationship and bringing children into the earth. As for a time frame, because we hear that question, this is something that has the potential to happen as early as six months to a year, but it may be longer than that in part because of setting the energies to bring this in. Does that make sense? <yes it did thank you> Alright Beloved, is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>  I am so tired of feeling as if I’m a victim and others are controlling my life.  I’ve been so hurt by others and I’m really ready to let go of this attitude, but don’t seem to be able to move forward.  Do you have any insights for me?

Answer:   Alright Beloved, as we connect with you and as we tap into this energy of feeling wronged, and feeling the victim, indeed it is multifold. As with so many of you, this is something that as we tap into you, we see it as an experience of multiple lifetimes and now is the time to release it completely. Therefore, you have experiences within this lifetime that bring it up so that it is within your consciousness and at the forefront. For most individuals, as they are releasing things that do go back throughout other lifetimes or other experiences, there is always some form of a focus within the current lifetime. So for you, it is in part feeling the victim, in part that feeling of abandonment by others, and that is what leads to the anger and fear. So it is not just one simple aspect, there are many different aspects of this which come together and have created this experience for yourself. What we sense is the best way for you to work on releasing this is to go inside of yourself and open up. You are very aware of past life experiences, you are very aware of the ways that many things coming into influence instead of just living in one single plane of existence. You see life and move through life in multi dimension so to speak. So, if you can have a sense of seeing yourself in other life times or experiences as moving out from you, perhaps in concentric circles, tap into this energy and ask to know what the source of this energy is. Even if you do not specifically ever get to the source, what you will do is tap into the energy on many different levels and you can open to it, acknowledge that this has been a very large part of your current lifetime. You can ask to know, is there anything that I have not learned from this as yet? Our sense is that you have learned all you needed to learn. Therefore it is time to let it go. It is something that you may have a sense of, we see it secured within your abdomen, so perhaps have a sense of opening up and tapping into that aspect within you, allowing it to release from you, letting it go and seeing it move out through all these various concentric circles allowing you to let it go at a very deep level and throughout the many lifetimes. This is something that you may have a sense of needing to do more than once. It may be something you choose to do with a facilitator; it is totally up to you. You have the potential and the ability to release within yourself. Our sense is that you just have not known where to tap into it or how to begin. Also you were questioning is it time to let go. And yes beloved it is time for you to let go. Does that make sense to you?  <she asked if forgiveness was a part of this> It is an aspect of it, but when you say forgiveness and the energy that we tap into you now, forgiveness is coming across as a chore. Yes, forgiveness is a part of this whole picture, but when you can move into the space of forgiveness where it is acceptance of yourself and acceptance of the other individuals as being on their own pathway, that is when you will truly be in the space of forgiveness. Can you sense the difference in what we speak of? <the person acknowledged yes> That is when you will know that you have let go and you have moved into this space when you will longer have that issue around you. You are welcome.

Question: <paraphrased> I’ve had so much loss within my life.  How much longer is this going to go on?  I know they’re not really gone, but I just feel such loss and emptiness sometimes.  It makes me bitter even though I try hard to prevent that.  Do you have any insights for me?

Answer: As with so many of the divine humans as you walk upon the earth, sometimes the releasing and letting go comes with a landslide as opposed to bits and pieces here and there. For yourself, when you speak of having a great deal of loss, we feel this within you. We feel the impact that it has had upon you. Allow was to embrace you as you have moved through all that you have moved through.  A large part of this has been a means of letting go of old energy; it has been a means of creating a void within your life that you may then choose to fill with a higher vibrational energy. Does that make sense to you? Do you understand what we are saying? In the ways in which it has affected you, it has allowed you to be able to feel a greater amount of compassion. At first the compassion was for your other family members, then the people around you, then you began to realize; wow, I need this compassion for myself first! As you opened up to the compassion within yourself, it allowed you to then open up and begin to actually love yourself and feel a greater amount of love that was flowing within you. Through this love, it has allowed you take on higher vibrational energies, to take on greater amounts of your divinity, to allow you to shift and move into a new space. Not everybody needs to move through these experiences to get where you are. It is simply the way in which; you didn't necessarily specifically choose each individual occurrence, but you knew there would be a time of shifting, releasing, and letting go. This is simply the way it manifested so that it would affect all within their highest interest. <the person asked for more detail>  We see you moving away from it as we speak. You have begun to move away from it and the more that you take the time to open to the love for yourself and the acceptance of what has occurred, just as with the other individual, when you move away from “ Wow, I've had a horrible life this has made me the victim” so to speak.  As you recognize that you’ve had all these life experiences that have made you the loving, expanded, and compassionate person that you are, then you will be able to let go of even more of it; open up to the greater love that is within you. We see this is happening to you right now and it will continue to grow stronger as the days and weeks go past. You're welcome.

  <paraphrased>I had a huge transformation about a week and a half ago.  Then yesterday I was talking with someone who assisted me in opening my heart crystal.  They told me that this was perhaps dangerous to me as I may not be fully ready.  Do you have any insights?

Answer:  Yes beloved, it is safe. When you are working with these higher vibrational energies, it cannot harm a person. If there is more energy than what an individual can hold, it simply goes past them or away from them, or around them. So when you say is it safe for you, then of course it is safe. When you are opening your heart center, your heart crystal, your heart flower, these are all different aspects that represent the same thing. Some may be going at a deeper level within yourself than others and it may represent something else. You cannot take on too much energy. If you tap into a fear that you can do so, then you can bring on symptoms as a result of tapping into the fear. When you are working with higher vibrational energies that are for your benefit and for your good, you cannot harm yourself. <As I was transcribing this, I had a sense to add that a higher amount of energy may also cause you to have greater symptoms of de-toxifying or integrating.  If this occurs, you can ask for it to be toned down, but it will not harm you!> You are welcome.  I will go ahead and take one more question.

Question:  <paraphrased>  I was in this room about 6 months ago and talking with you about someone I had met.  I thought and you confirmed that she and I have a very close connection and I believed she was my mate I had been looking for.  I moved to another city and moved in with her this summer and we realized very quickly that this was not going to work!  She had been severely abused by previous husbands and does not feel she can trust a man, nor does she want to try.  Do you have any insights on this?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, this is a question that touches so many people's hearts. Because, what you are speaking of is indeed what we see when we connect you with this individual.  You have had many lifetimes together and different experiences. There is a very deep and abiding connection between the two of you. What we see playing out upon the earth plane is when the earth's experiences, or your personality aspect, becomes involved with your soul aspect. As a result of that, you two may have this agreement and this connection to be together in this lifetime, but if she chooses not to be open to that, if she chooses to be in the space of fear, allowing the fears to come into and control so much a part of her life, then that is the way that the free will has the ability to shift even what may have been a contract coming into this life. It has to always be mutual, as you are very well aware, so if she feels this strongly and our sense is that she feels every bit as strongly as you are saying; then that is her pathway upon this life. You may meet up with her again in the higher planes at a later date. Is the potential there for her to change her mind? Of course Beloved that is always a potential. When we tap into her now, and the way that we sense these energies around her, she is not in the space where she is willing to open to what you were seeking to have with her in this life. We believe that you are already aware of that, is that correct? Exactly. Now even though she was a very strong potential for a life mate within this lifetime, and you have had many different experiences within the past, that does not mean you have no other potentials. As we look forth and as you begin to allow her the honor of being on her path, and as you begin to allow yourself and honor yourself for being on the path in which you are upon; open up to receive. We do sense that there other individuals who are around you that you may have a deep and abiding relationship with. All the time when you come into the earth plane, there is more than one individual with whom you have the potential for relationships. Think of how limiting that would be! This is a great example of when there is one or the other who has chosen a pathway that does not allow for the connection to occur. Does that mean the other individual is automatically out of luck? It never works that way. That is why they are always anywhere from four to five or six potentials for any individual. It's all a matter of how everybody's life plays out upon the earth. And so be open, excuse me? Exactly, there are other individuals around you. We do not see you moving through life completely alone. We see a woman who is filled with light and laughter, she has curly blond hair and we see the two of you out of doors, talking together in a deep and serious way at the same time that you are having fun. Again, we see two others as moving out from her simply that she is the strongest potential. Be aware that there are always potentials. Be aware of honoring and excepting each human as they make choices to upon their path. <he spoke in more detail> Exactly, you are welcome beloved.

And so, we have spent this time together which has been a space of expansion, a space of moving to a higher level of awareness within yourself, we have also moved into a space of being able to bring forth greater and greater amounts of your divine awareness as you walk upon the earth. Trust yourself.  Be in the space of joy and contentment! Be aware that the more that you are able to live in that space, the greater you will be able to expand. You are such love and joy.

I am with you, I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.  You are welcome to share this information, but we ask that you keep it intact. 



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