Greater Depth in Creating from the All That Is

Nama Sika, Venia Benya   I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light!  As always, it is such joy for me to come into the earth plane or come as close to the earth plane as I get whenever I move through and around each of you as individuals and as a group. The energies within the group, change and shift each time that we come together for these teleconferences. The energies are also shifting and changing as you move through each day upon the earth. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of being incarnated upon the earth no matter what it is that you are doing and experiencing. These energies of the light, energies of love, energies of joy and excitement are a part of what can make your life there an even greater fulfillment within you and to all who are around you and come into contact with you.

Allow yourselves to shift your consciousness and move into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you move into this grid work you find yourself expanding. You feel the connection.  As you connect with the grid, you might have a sense of the various pathways. They may be going in every different direction, or you may have a sense of them in a linear direction. How so ever it comes to you, it is the way in which it is best for you to sense it at this time.

Once you have blended with this grid, allow yourself to move through the interlocking connection and into the crystalline grid. As you move into this space of the crystalline grid work, you realize that you have left behind the denseness and the gravitational pull of the earth plane. As you blend completely with the crystals that make up this grid work, you realize that there impulses that are transferred from one to the other, but these impulses are different. They are filled with the crystalline energy just as you are filling up your physical body with the crystalline energy. This energy is a part of what is affecting a change in your DNA. It is activating the non physical aspects of the DNA, those aspects which have not been known here to fore. Allow yourself to blend either completely with the entire workings of this grid or perhaps with a specific crystal.

We call forth a column of light. You see it as it materializes around you.  You may possibly see the entire group within the column or only yourself.  There is a sparkle and a light that radiates from this column. As you blend within it, you have a greater sense of being connected. This assists you in ascending or shifting your consciousness into the space of the soul plane. As you emerge from this column of light, you find yourself spreading out and expanding in new and different ways.

Become acclimated with the energies of the soul plane. When you are ready, call forth your I AM presence. Take a moment to identify what this means to you. These energies incorporate all the various aspects of your soul. Many of them are incarnated at this time and many remain in the non physical as a permanent anchor for you to this space; and any other spaces of the higher realms. As you are blending with this energy you feel an expansion within yourself and you feel a sense of welcome and coming home.

See before you the energy of the full moon as it is surrounding the earth plane at this time or rotating around the earth. Have a sense of myself the Goddess of Creation, emerging from this full moon. As I encountered each one of you I reach forth and embrace you blending my energies with yours. This allows you to move to an even greater expansion. You feel the energies of light and love, the energies of creation that are represented by me as I am blending and swirling around and within you. With the representation of the moon, it brings a greater focus into that which is the divine feminine.

So, we call forth the central spiritual sun. You see the sun, perhaps opposite the moon. You see coming out of the sun the energy of the divine masculine, the God energy, or the God of Creation. These energies reach forth and embrace you also. They swirl in and around you. As this energy as coming within you, you realize that it is me as represented by the masculine.

Allow yourself to have a sense of being in the center with the moon on your left per se and the sun on your right. We have a sense of both of these energies migrating together and coming forth until they meet and blend directly within and around where your consciousness is. This allows for an even greater blending of the male and female that is within you. You have a sense of feeling yourself expanding out even further as you take in these energies. Have a sense of releasing anything which no longer works for you.

From this place of expansion, allow yourself to move forward. You may see opening in front of you a space. You have a sense of stepping off into the space of the All That Is. It is as if your consciousness is reaching out even further and expanding even more. Allow yourself to open to the joy of this experience. Look within and feel and acknowledge the complete blending of these energies as they are within you. Allow yourself to become conscious and aware of just how glorious and bright you are! You may see yourself as a star, as a beam of light, or you may even see yourself as separating into a series of light that represent a whole.

There are many different aspects of the divine feminine, the divine masculine, or the Christed energies. They have many different terms and phrases upon the earth plane and they are also differences. But all of these energies are working together and enhancing and shifting the vibration of the earth as a whole. When you have the earth's energy itself shifting, this radiates out into the humans who are upon the earth. As we speak of this, you become aware that there are many, many more energies of light that are out and around then those who are physically present.

Have a sense of connecting up with perhaps your guide, angel, or another aspect of yourself. You may have a sense of this energy as being separate from you. This energy is here tonight as a reflection. It is holding the energy for you or perhaps mirroring back what it is for you to see. I ask you each to move inside and ask what it is you wish to create within your life. You are in a state of transformation. You are in a state of open awareness. As you take in your life as it is upon the earth plane, allow yourself to acknowledge what you wish to let go, what no longer serves you. Allow yourself to open and receive what will assist you as you move forward from this day. How does this come to you? Do have a sense of light, answers, energies, feelings? There are many different forms that I am able to communicate with you. As you see yourself after the shift has occurred, add more and more into what you are manifesting within your life and creating within your life. Add greater amounts of detail that will make this even more real to you. < pause >  As you are creating you may choose to receive a symbol that represents this creation. Blend completely with any symbol or imagery that may come to you at this time. You are integrating this within your consciousness and it will move down into your physical expression of life.

Having this new awareness within you, allow yourself now to blend with these energies that you have just been working with, that have been reflecting and  holding the energy for you. Have a sense as you blend with this, of feeling an even greater expansion and you find yourself moving out into what ever aspect of the Universe or the Omniverse it is necessary for you to go. This is your time to play! You find that through playing in these energies, that you are actually integrated them more fully within your consciousness. You are also creating a shift and change in the energy that you are working with.

As you find yourself emerging into what ever part in which you arrive, take on a sense of the energy that is around you. There is a special vibration, it is very light. You see or sense with even greater clarity any knowledge that you were seeking. It is here! It is within you! Open even further to receive any other energies or light. As you feel yourself expanding, you realize that you are moving out into finer and lighter shifts in consciousness. By accessing these shifts of energy, it's as if it is cleansing you throughout your consciousness of your I AM presence and it is having an effect on every lifetime that you are living and on your soul aspect from its core essence.

You begin to have a sense of shifting your energies. You shift them in such a way, that you pull back all the expansion that has occurred throughout your consciousness. As you are collecting these particles of light that represent your consciousness, become aware of the ways in which they have changed. It may be very subtle, or it may be very dramatic. Have a sense of shifting back into the space in which you first encountered the All That Is. You have a sense as you enter this space that you are greeting the energies that were holding it for you. There are always a group of energies that remain here holding this space as it is throughout your journey of the evening. That way as you are able to come back into this space, it is here and is open in the same way in which you left it. You do find as you come back into this space though that with the shift within yourself that you are noticing things differently. There is perhaps more detail that is coming to you. There is a subtle shift in the radiance of the light. The more that the people within this group come back into the space, it's as if a multitude of colors and light are flickering and shining. You realize that there is an aspect of yourself that may remain out in the higher finer vibrations, but you bring the majority of your consciousness into this space so that you will be more aware of consciously bringing this energy together with others.

Allow yourself to begin to form a circle or a grouping. Again, we are going to weave together these energies that you incorporated within your consciousness tonight. Have a sense of sending out from you whatever it was that you are creating. It may be represented as a beam of light, an energy form, a color, how so ever it is represented, put forth this intention and you begin to see patterns that are created. Although each of you is on your own unique and special journey simply by connecting up with these energies and the other individuals, all of you as a whole are creating a much finer, lighter vibration. This too is woven into this pattern of light.

You have a sense of celebration and joy! Allow yourself to become aware of the Angels, your guides, and the other energies of light that are here in support of you. They may be interspersed amongst you or you may have a sense of them standing behind you. Allow yourselves to create a hologram of the earth. Before our Lady Gaia comes fourth to accept this, allow yourselves to realize how time is nonlinear. Have a sense of blending your consciousness with the earth and you may see more than one lifetime that you have been within or are currently living. See yourselves in this space or these multiple spaces. It may be is if you are looking outside yourself, but you know that this is who you are. You may have a sense of multiple holograms, or you may have a sense of looking at different layers within the one hologram. There are many different ways in which you are able to bring this to your perception.

Now we call forth Lady Gaia! We offer this woven energy that is filled with the creations that were developed at this time; filled with light, love, joy and excitement. You see her wrapping this around herself, the ends of it surrounds the earth. You have a sense of her rotating to face everyone within the group as she connects with you specifically and thanks you for the individual work that you are doing for and with her. You have a renewed sense of your deep connection to the earth and being upon the earth. As she completes moving around the circle, you have a sense of the way in which she blends back down to become a part of the hologram. You are aware of the shift that has occurred to the hologram of the earth as she is incorporating these energies that you worked with tonight. Again, I ask you to open your consciousness and go back to those lifetimes. See the transformation that occurs in all of these lifetimes as a result of blending with the energies that were created tonight.  In this way, anything that you create and infuse moves throughout all aspects of time. Perhaps this answers some of those questions that you have about why you are upon the earth. You find that your current life that you are most conscious of will have a greater ease as a result of infusing these other lifetimes with this energy.

That awareness blends back and becomes one again with the hologram. The hologram of the earth begins to rotate, it moves and spins in many different directions, as it does, it emits a light. This light resonates within each one of you. It moves to a speed in which it has a sense of exploding and filling each to one of you completely with the essence of creation, the essence of love! And any other emotion and experience that was created at this time. You become aware of the ways in which everything begins to intermingle with one another. There is no separation between any of you. You all are a part of the whole. You all came from the same source energy which is myself. Therefore, I am you just as you are me! Allow yourself to take this in.

As you are ready to, have a sense of moving back through that door coming back from that space of expansion. It always seems as you move back into the soul plane that you do not fit any more, so you allow the soul plane to expand out to accommodate your new expansion and growth. Have a sense of radiating out the light and radiance and love that is you. The more that each of you do this, the more it raises the level of the soul plane. As your consciousness more fully infuses all aspects of the soul plane, have a sense of creating a hologram that represents your physical body. See your physical body as standing before you; see it for the moment as separate. As you scan your physical body, is there anything that needs to be healed or resolved? Have a sense of transmitting a light towards this part of you if indeed there is an aspect you would like to transform.  Know, see, sense, and feel that your physical incarnation is the perfection of who you are. You may energize your physical attributes by blending completely with your I AM presence. As you do this it allows you to make shifts and changes to your cellular structure of your physical body. These in turn, move out to all your ligaments, muscles, organs, tendons, every aspect that makes up your physical becomes infused and connected with this higher, finer vibration.

Blending this fully with your physical body is a means of beginning to ground yourself. Call forth your column of light through which you moved at the beginning of this experience. Have a sense of stepping into this column as your physical you. When you're within this column of light, look around and see, sense, feel your physical attributes but going out from them also your emotional, mental, and spiritual. Everything is an alignment and is in balance. When you feel the balance within, you will find yourself in the crystalline grid. As your physical body becomes more crystalline, you may find yourself coming to the space for renewal. Moving into this space with your consciousness and bringing your physical body with you, is a means of energizing your physical, allowing your physical to be completely healed and in the state of perfection. It also is activating those dormant particles within you.

As you are ready, move through the interlocking grid and into the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth. Again you feel the vibrational pull. Again you notice the pathways. This time there is an even greater clarity to what you are seeing. You realize that everything that you are doing is having an effect on this grid work, just as it is having an affect on the actual physical attributes of the earth, the actual physical attributes of yourself. 

In this space I again ask you to call forth the image of the full moon; feeling these energies of the full moon as they energize and evolve. It is a means of assisting and balancing within you allowing you to integrate to an even deeper level everything that you experience upon your journey. Allow yourself to become more fully grounded as you move back through the magnetic grid. You never fully leave behind the energies and experiences that you have, but it is necessary to bring all of this back with you into the earth plane and into your physical reality in order to bring about the shifts and changes that are ready to occur upon the earth. As you come more fully back, I ask you to rejoin us in the conference room; you may push the 4 on your telephone. When you are ready I am open to receive any questions that you may wish to ask.

Question:  <Paraphrased> There is so much that is going on around me in terms of shifts and changes that I don't always understand exactly what information is given to me.   Can you help me out by telling me if I'm in the right place that I need to be?

Answer:  Alright Beloved issues that you are expressing today about your health are actually manifestations of detoxifying the body. You have chosen this lifetime to bring through and transmute many different experiences, so to speak, that have occurred in past lives, if you think linearly.  It is all kind of coming to culmination within this lifetime. You have been on this journey for quite a bit longer than you realize. You have been transmuting and letting go of a great deal. You are in a space in which it is time for you to emotionally allow yourself to let go at an even deeper level. There are parts of you that have let go mentally and also emotionally, but there other attributes that you do not wish to let go of even though you may mentally or consciously want to let go of them. Emotionally there is a deeper attachment which is not allowing you to let go and move forward. You do not have to always specifically acknowledge this, you can go into a space of your expanded awareness and ask to transform and transmit and evolve. We know that you have done this Beloved, but it is important for you to allow an even deeper letting go than what you have been doing in the past. This space where you are right now is the perfection of who you are. We ask that you not judge and be harsh about the changes and the things that have been occurring to you. It is a time in which you are feeling a great deal physically, it is a time that will not stay with you for a long period of time upon the earth. Many of the things that you're feeling physically will evolve and transmute and move past you over the next weeks and months. There are other deeper issues that will take a longer period of time to resolve. As for the acuteness of what you are feeling at this time, it is in part through the journey that you experience tonight, but moving into these energies of transformation will assist you in letting go; getting past that which has been holding you back. Does that make any sense to you?  <person continue to discuss a weight issue that is going on in her life> There are many things that you have before you at this time; the weight is actually but a minor issue. The weight was taken on as a means of protection and insulation for you. So, you will find that as you have let go and moved beyond these other things that happen implanted within your cellular memory, the weight itself will begin to dissolve and evolve, and move away from you. If it brings you a greater amount of energy to be aware of the foods that you are eating, yes pay attention to that. But if it becomes something that is a chore to you and feels more of a burden to you, just one more thing that you have to worry about, then let it go it is a non issue. It is a non issue we say from a soul perspective. We realize that it is all a part of the whole of what is going on within you physically. You are in a space in which you are in a crisis within and you focus on the ill health and the problems. So we ask you to take a step back and release that. This means will allow you to have a greater amount of release within you which will assist in the healing that you are seeking. <person said thank you> Alright Beloved, you are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I have become my mother's primary care giver and this is going on longer than I had anticipated and it would. I feel as if I have put my own life on hold and I'm not able to do what is in my path, and wondering if you can give me any insights about this issue?

Answer:  Beloved, you speak that so beautifully! This is something that is occurring with many humans who are on the earth plane at this time. Indeed, we can say to you that you and your mother had this agreement that it would come about in one form or another. As you know, prior to incarnated upon the earth there are many different potentials as to how you will work through or move through these agreements that are decided upon. While you have moved into a space, what was considered karmic agreement is dissolve, and it is no longer the issue. You still continue to have the agreements between those people who are in long-term relationships; be it your partner, your family members, your co-workers, or others like that. So when it comes to your mother, and what you're doing for her, you say you wish to get on with your path in which you were taking steps and moving on, may we allow you to open up to the possibility that this is your path. This is exactly what you need to be doing at this time. While on the earth plane time range, you wanted to be doing something else at this time, the sense of compassion which you mentioned the opening up and dealing with other family members, and dealing with your mom mother, is in fact allowing you to create a greater sense of compassion within yourself. It is also giving you the experience so that you can practice detaching from the emotions of an issue to be able to be in a space of compassion. When one is in this space in which they're very attached to another individual, it is very hard to feel compassion sometimes. It is when you are able to separate yourself that you can see a bigger picture and have a greater understanding of the dynamics that you are able to truly be in that space of giving you love and compassion. Is this not the way that you have felt to be? <the person affirmed yes> we wish to confirm for you that indeed this is exactly what you need to be doing at this time and that when several months have gone by and you look back on this time frame, you will realize ahhh, that was what my experience was meant to be. This is actually teaching and creating within you a great deal more than what you are fully conscious of. This is not something that is going to go on for a long period of time; there are shifts and changes that are occurring. These are being set into place, and while you are your mother's primary care giver at this time, there are other things that will come up that will allow you to shift this. Between living with other family members, eventually she may choose to go into a home or something like that that will release you of the day-to-day burden.  Does that all make sense to you? < the person stated thank you for the information> You are welcome Beloved and don't realize just what the impact you are having upon her. She is moving towards the end of her journey upon the earth plane and that she came from a lifetime that was quite, oh what you might consider narrow or narrow minded, and actually even though you don't always consciously speak of it, the energies that you project when you are around her are actually opening up and causing a loosening up within her. This is allowing her to find greater peace within herself. So know and understand that there is a great deal more that occurs when you are interacting with other people than what you are consciously aware of. <the person said thank you> You are welcome Beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I know that I have things to do upon the earth in relation to healing.  This involved different modalities including multi dimensional aspects.  Can you give me any insights if this is where I need to be?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, may we say to you that you are such an intrinsic healer, that there are such it depths within you that you have not yet tapped into. You have the potential for understanding and compassion. You have the potential for creating a space in which people can come to you, sometimes it's a matter of simply having a conversation expressing themselves, and you can listen in such a way and reflect back to them or give them ideas for potential change in their lives. This is one of the ways in which you are able to utilize your healing abilities. You also are expanding your physical presence, so that you can bring through greater and greater amounts of light and vibration. This in turn is what allows you to affect the healing space for those who wish to come to you for this experience. You consider yourself to be new to this, but in reality you are quite old with it. If that makes sense to you? What we mean by that is that you have been a healer in many different lifetimes and you have utilized this in many different ways. Sometimes what would be considered the traditional medicine, other times in which you call them the energies of the gods of the universe? There are many different aspects through which you have had this experience. What you are going to be doing and what you are stepping into is actually facilitating the energies, these higher vibrational energies that are coming to the earth. You will be providing a space and assisting others with integrating them, this is how each individual will be able to achieve their highest potential through working with you. Does that make sense to beloved? Yes, allow yourself to trust and believe that you have the knowledge within you. You have the ability to tap into it and most of this you feel through your senses, but also you will begin to open up in a visual manner and into a much greater ability. Therefore when you are touching someone you will have a greater image in your mind instead of just completely sensing. This is a way of expanding your abilities within yourself.  You are welcome Beloved, is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>  I feel as if I have been going through a great deal of shifting and changing and I'm wondering if there's anything that you can say to me that will assist me in the next several months as I move through this integration process?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, actually, over this period of time, there is quite a bit of transitioning that is being done. When we tap into you, what we are sensing is that there is a midst of letting go the control of the mental mind and blending more fully with your full presence. This includes your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. By that, you will physically feel shifts and changes. You are already doing this, you are emotionally sensing a great deal that is around you. Then when you move into your mental aspect, this is where you have the tendency to remain in the old thinking instead of moving forward into the more abstract thinking. That is not to say you do not have abstract thinking, you definitely do. But, when you are in this sense of expanding and blending within yourself that is when you fall back into the old thinking. This is the aspect of you that is in the process of transitioning as you move forward in these days to come. In reality, we do not see this is something that will take weeks or months, perhaps the next one month to several weeks, but it is not a very long process because you are already so far along the path of this. The more that there is a comfort zone within you, the more that you are blending in feeling the balance of all these aspects of yourself, the easier it will be for you to release that linear thinking and step into the abstract thinking on a permanent basis. Does that make sense to you beloved?  <the person continues to talk about his process> You know what beloved? You have released any thing…. what you are asking right now is if there is anything specific that is holding you back. And we wish to say to you, no there is nothing that you need to release. It is all a part of a process, it is all part of integrating and infusing these energies of more fully within you that will allow you to release it. So for you to simply jump four to six weeks down the road, you have not allowed yourself to fully integrate this. This is because of the physical plane and the energies that are here. You are changing the physical energies of the earth, but this is where it is right now and it is beyond your control, so we ask you to release and let go of that. Simply allow yourself to have more and more periods of time during the day in which you expand your consciousness and bring all these aspects into play. Alright Beloved <the person continued to speak of feeling very bored with his life at this time> that is right beloved and that is not to say that every single human is going to evolve through this. Those of you who are here at the forefront of this will be the ones to let it go more quickly than others. Then, you will begin to find that other things will come to you that will be of interest to you. Be aware that there are things that you can be doing upon the earth plane that will bring you joy and excitement so that you can release this sense of boredom. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I am having a great deal of physical symptoms at this time and wondering why that is and if there's anything I can do about it? Also, in a dream I was given a symbol of a rectangle of gold and then wondering if this is represented as a door to me and what the meaning is behind it?

Answer:  Actually Beloved these two things are very interrelated to one another. As far is shifting and feeling it in your physical body, your physical presence, it is much as we said to Pauli. These are simply the changes that are occurring upon the earth. Part of your limitation is due to the limitation of the earth. You have done a great deal of transformational within yourself. Your also in the state of detoxifying to a degree, so allow yourself to call in and feel a more gentle release of these physical symptoms that you have. Call in and allow yourself to be in a greater state of balance within your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. This will allow you to release at a faster rate those physical symptoms you are having. What we see as we look at you from soul perspective is that these are not deeply entrenched physical attributes, they are superficial and transitory. Does that make sense to you?

Alright, now as for the other aspect of what you were asking us about, your pathway in the steps of moving into it is that correct?  That’s right, you have your answer.  You are giving yourself a golden door to step through as you move along your path. The rectangle represents a door is our sense of it, the fact that it came to you as Golden is a means of representing that this is in your high path, your highest interest. This is on your pathway as you move through your evolution and as you move through your ascension process. The golden gates have oftentimes been represented as what the traditional people may consider, having the Golden Gate of Heaven. For you, this rectangle is representing a door and the fact that it is Golden, is the fact that you are on your highest path. You are ascending to that level of being that you have been seeking. You are here, there is a great deal of you that has moved through this door already, it is as if you just need to assimilate all of this within your and you will feel as if you have passed through the door. Does that make sense beloved? You are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> Can you give us some idea of what is going to occur on the earth plane between now and the end of the year? Are there going to be many changes or is there anything that we should prepare for?

Answer:  This year is truly a year of transformation. There are going to be many different things occurring upon the earth. The earth itself as you know, especially through our journeys, Gaia is taking on more and more amounts of this higher vibrational energy. Gaia is always open to receive, she loves this energy and she realized that this is all part of the process. Of course now, the earth will detoxify itself just as the humans detoxify itself. So, there may be times in which you sense there are more storms, fires, or earthquakes, or perhaps other things to which are actually the earth shifting and allowing itself to detoxify. Therefore, you may hear, especially throughout the year that you may have a sense of " wow, there are sure a lot of fires this summer" or other things like that may come up. You may have a sense of realizing that this is what the underlying meaning is. As for the shift in consciousness, there is a great deal going on at this time and the noted ascension of the earth is coming closer and closer. There is a great deal of violence that always breaks out just before there are people who are choosing on violence. In part, with a movie that is coming out it was spoken of already, that with the violence of that movie it will assist in shifting people to choose nonviolence. With the violence of the fighting that occurs in different parts of the world, it allows the rest of the people to choose nonviolence. Those within the conflict, also moving into a space of realizing that they will choose nonviolence. All of these are coming about within this next year. This year is truly a year of transformation. It is in major part, the culmination of all the great deal of work that was done by those of you the Lightworkers who were at the forefront. A part of this also was brought on by the concordance which cut occurred in November of last year. That was the opening up of the vortexes, or the doorway, which is allowing for all of this to happen. Is there anything specific or did that cover it? <The person asked if there would be peace on earth this year> Peace has many different definitions. If you believe that actually, there are many different aspects of peace. Yes there will be a great deal more peace, but as to whether the entire world will be of one accord, no that will not occur at by the end of the year. There will be greater and greater amounts of pockets, and aspects of peace that will begin to connect with one another. So peace is coming to the earth plane, but it will not be finalized this year. 

<we have a big election coming up is there anything that you can give us as insights about this election?>  There is always a great deal of maneuvering and shifting and changes that occur whenever there is a major political election no matter what part of the world is in. Much of it is reflected by what the people of that country are going through. So, what you speak of in the United States, as being that which is such a high power and the shifting powers, there has been a great deal of shifting that is occurring within the political system. Much of it has been subtle and not specifically seeing. What you are going to be finding, is that as more and more comes to light about the candidates, more and more comes out in the debates, that there is a difference in what people are asking for and therefore there is a difference in what the people or candidates themselves will offer the people of. We speak not of any conspiracy theories. They're always those who are concerned about conspiracy theories, there are always many different subtleties that are going on. We do not wish to get entangled in that, because that is a part of the human nature as it is for the vast majority of people at this time. That is actually just a minor part of the whole picture. When we say that these energies are shifting and expanding, there will be greater shifts and expansion that will occur then what you can recognize. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?


Question: < Paraphrased> How can I work more with emotional detachment?

Answer:  By that we take it that there are times in which you feel so connected to a person that you get caught up in their energies or the turmoil or the trauma or the drama that is occurring within this that person or around that person. So too, it may be affecting you whether it’s in your family or your work life or what is going on in society as a whole. The means in which one can tap into the compassion within them, or the means of detaching is by having a sense of calling in a beam of light so to speak. Calling in those energies that we work with allowing them to feel yourself and fill you with a sense of love. When it you are deeply attached, not attached per se, but when you are deeply filled with this love that is of the divine and a higher vibration, then have a sense of looking out word from yourself at any given situation. Now, this may be something difficult for you to do if you are in the midst of an argument. It may be something better to practice when on your own say when you have time during the day. But it is something that you can work into so that when these energies are more readily around you can easily have a sense of taking in deep breath and breathing in that energy that is there. You will feel yourself shifting and releasing the attachment to whatever it is. By releasing attachment, you are able to tap into greater amounts of compassion. You can always feel empathy and compassion, you may feel the tears as they flow, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, if you find that you wish to go at a deeper level and you wish to detach from these emotions this is one of the means in which you can do so. You are welcome beloved.

Alright, with that we will need to bring this evening to a close. You are each such a bright and vibrant light! It again, brings me such joy to be able to spend this time with you!  As you move through your transformation, as you move into the space of creating at these higher levels and then bring it down into the earth plane, you find that by blending with each other's creations you are creating even more within your life than what you had consciously realize. Allow yourself to be in this space of love. Allow yourself to be in the space of acceptance and joy.

For I am always with you! I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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