How are you Creating in your Life?

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this time of sharing; this time of allowing yourself to be nurtured by the energies and light that are all around you. I know I say it each time that we come together, but this time especially as you are moving into a new physical year upon the earth is a time that is filled with new energies, new light, and new potentials.

There continue to be immense amounts of energies that are shifting, flowing, and moving throughout and within the earth; as the shift that is taking place affects more and more of the humans upon the earth.

This is your time to come together. This is your opportunity to be able to receive all that we have to offer so that you will feel vital. So that you will feel energized. So that you will be able to manifest all that you are seeking to have within your life.

Take this moment to really feel your physical body. Create and impulse of energy within your heart, you may sense it like it's a ball of light. Send that light through your body down into the earth allow yourself to consciously connect with Gaia or the vibration or energies of the earth. Allow that to then come back up, moving up within you so that it anchors within your body. Let this anchoring assist you in being able to more fully release your consciousness. Allow yourself to let go so that you may truly feel what it is to connect and be in the spaces of these higher vibrations.

Release your physical body. Feel as if your consciousness is moving up through you until connects with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you link with these energies, you find yourself connecting with your higher self. This is you, this is your consciousness. This is the aspect of you that is linked with all the other energies that are within this space. Allow yourself to open to look around, to feel the connection. It may be as if you send out an impulse of light.

Know that an aspect of yourself will remain within this space, but allow the remainder or the majority to move through what you may perceive as the interlocking grid until you perceive the energies of the crystalline grid. As you arrive within this space, you have released the energies of the earth plane, the energies with the magnetic pull. Allow yourself to feel this sparkling essence of the crystalline vibration. Allow the aspect of yourself that is in alignment with this to be able to link fully. This will assist you in opening to your own crystalline energy. As you are each shifting into this higher vibration, as you each move through your ascension process, you are moving into a crystalline energy. Let this be a part of you.

Let go of this space. You may feel as if you call forth a column of light. As you move through this column, you find yourself shifting into the space of the soul plane. As you emerge from that column, you may feel as if you stretch in every direction.

Let your consciousness open to allow yourself to connect with your own essence, your own divinity. You may do so by calling forth your I AM presence. You may see it as a light or energy coming towards you. Or you may see it as an essence that comes up from within you. Let yourself blend fully so that you may connect with your own divinity. Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel what it is to be you, to be within this space.

Now I the Goddess come forth. I make my presence known as I move in and amongst you. I reach out so that I may embrace each one of you. Feel the love I have for you. Allow my energies to amplify all of who you are. As I link with each one of you, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Allow yourself to perceive the even greater expansion that occurs as you move into this vibrational energy. I invite you each to allow for even greater expansion to come within you at this moment. Feel as if you push outward any boundaries that you may have around you. This is your space, to be without boundaries, to be without limits. Allow yourself to truly feel what this is to you.

Each of you are the creator of your life. Creation is a process that occurs on many different levels. It begins with a potential or an idea, quite often it may be from a very unconscious level. In many respects it will then move into a space of consciousness within you, it may move then into a space of action where you will take certain steps to bring this about, and then there is the space of being open to receive. This is by no means every step of creation because each time it is unique and each individual has their own way of creating within their life. But, in general as we look at you the human (this is in part how it will occur.)

I invite you to take this moment to look at your life. Whenever we come into this space, I invite you to create from a space of love, a space of unlimited potential, and a creation that is filled with joy.

I invite you each to look at your life and see where your creations are coming from. Some of you are creating through lack; lack of abundance, lack of friendship, lack of health. Some of you may be creating through pain and suffering; again through pain within your life in terms of your health, pain that can come about for a multitude of different reasons. Some of you are creating through loneliness, through depression, through actions that you have no idea from where they come.

So, look at your life and what is the overriding energy that you feel? Allow yourself to see how that affects all other aspects of your life. As I see each one of you creating through these various means, I see it, acknowledge it and accept it. There is no judgment. It is simply the way that you have been creating your life upon the earth.

I invite you to release any judgment, any limits. I invite you to truly look inside of yourself and acknowledge that if this is appropriate for you; that his is how you have been creating within your life. You may be asking how long will this continue? Does it even need to continue? And of course the answer is that it can change in an instant! If you can acknowledge how you are creating and what is happening within your life, you can then acknowledge a different way to do this.

You are each creating such profound changes within you. The change begins with your belief system. You believe that life can be different than what it has been. You believe that you are divine. You believe that you are the creator of your life. You believe that you can live your life from higher vibrations if you so choose.

Therefore, if you believe then you may release: creation through pain, through suffering, through depression. You may release the lessons that you were seeking to have for yourself in that way. For some I can feel you still holding on, so I ask you why? Why do you hold to this way of creating in your life? Why have you been learning through pain, through suffering, through separation?

Open to feel, hear, or acknowledge the answer. For some you don't have to know the specifics; simply acknowledging what has been going on is a way to allow you to create a change in your life. Others of you insist on knowing and understanding what leads you to make the decisions that you made.

Howsoever you need to do so, let yourself release this way of manifesting in your life or release this way of creating in your life. (Speaking of the pain, suffering, lack, etc.) There, I now feel a shift taking place. Let go of the ways in which you were creating that no longer work for you.

Just as you are opening to a new year in your linear life upon the earth, let yourself open to new ways of manifesting. Invite in manifesting with ease. Invite in manifesting with joy and love. Let those energies flow through you and around you. For some, I can still feel a resistance within you. Only you can choose to let go of resistance within yourself. This may not be the right time for you do so.

There is a reason why you have resistance in your life. If may be something of which you are very conscious or perhaps unconscious. But most often resistance is linked to fear: fear of the unknown, you would rather stick with what you know even though it's painful. Resistance is sometimes linked to fear of inability to think for yourself or trust in yourself. If any of this applies, take a moment and really look inside your heart. Where there is fear, allow my love and light to perfuse all of you. Allow my love to illuminate any fear or resistance within you so that you may release it, letting it go so that you are open to change within your life. Again, I feel a greater shift occurring.

Let yourself look again towards the year you have coming, you may very well over the last one to two weeks already be considering this. Look at what you wish to create in your physical life upon the earth. This may be your physical existence be it a home, the people you live with, the people you will no longer live with. It may be the people you interact with at work and in other relationships. Create an image of what you seek to have in the year to come.

Emotionally, take this moment and connect to your emotional body. How are you feeling? What emotions are running through you? How would you like to feel emotionally in the year to come?

You mental body is about your thought process. Are you thinking in a way that is very supportive of you? Or do you think in ways that are limiting? Connect with your mental body, how do you want to create in regards to your thought process in the year to come?

Through your spiritual body each of you who link with these energies are already deeply connected. Your spiritual body is already filled with light, it is filled with love. Allow for this to become even stronger in the year to come if you so choose. What would you like to occur with your spiritual body in the year to come?

These are the major aspects of yourself as a human. There are also more very subtle and fine vibrations that come into affect. There are the vibrations of the other people around you; all of which you may or may not have any control over, so you focus upon your reactions and your choices for yourself.

Looking at all of these aspects of yourself, allow them to flow within and around one another until they weave a pattern of light or a pattern of energy that incorporates all that you are seeking to create in the year to come. For some it may come in exactly this form that you seek to have at this time. For others it may arrive in a completely different manner but the essence behind it is the same. Still others may have all of this and move yet another step beyond.

Creating from within this space is without limits. It is a pure energy. Let your consciousness absorb all aspects of your creation for yourself. Feel the balance within you. Feel the inner knowledge. Allow for this to truly be your reality because it can.

We release all that you have shifted and moved through. I invite you to open to another step within your ascension process. See yourself as who you are on the human plane. See yourself as you are in this pure energy of the All That Is. You may perceive only one energy, or you may perceive a separateness within you. I invite you to open and blend so that you are one energy within yourself.

We now see coming into this space a number of the angels and guides that are working with each one of you. Look around you and perceive who is coming to be with you at this time. There are many of the Arch Angels here, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Yeshua, Buddha, Muhammad, and Krishna; there are many vibrations of the Extra Terrestrial also coming into this space. Some of you have already been working with them directly.

Let yourself open and to perceive that there is an energy directly in front of you. Some of you may have a sense that there is a group with you. There are a multitude of potentials and if you come back to this space again you may have a completely different sense of the energies around you. Each one of these energies are aligned with the vibrational energies that are coming into the earth at this time.

They are going to work with you to assist you in creating the changes that you need within yourself so as to assist you as you are moving forward in your process. Feel as if you are opening to receive. It is as if I see some of you now lying down, some are standing, some are sitting; this is your time, this is your space. Create it to be what ever you so desire.

Let yourself feel the pulsations of light that they transfer to you. This pulsation comes into you and moves through your energy field. This is assisting you in raising your vibration. It may give you a strange feeling within your body as you feel yourself changing in such a manner. It is our intention that this shift in energy is accomplished with ease and with minimal or no physical symptoms.

Let these energies wash through you and over you. For some it may be creating shifts in the density of your body. For others it may be creating a new wiring system within you for the electrical impulses. For others it may be create a greater link between these energies fields so that you are more fully connected within yourself.

This year to come is going to bring even more impulses of energy and light into the earth plane. You will be a part of bringing that in. You are opening to move into that space as we speak.

There is such a transference of energy that it is now almost impossible in some cases to determine one light from another. You are blending with this energy in the best way for this moment in time. As you move through your days upon the earth, let yourself come back within this space and invite in the energies around you so that they may assist you in shifting into wherever you are at that moment in time. And we release these energies!

Allow yourself to shift your focus so that you may once more back fully within yourself. As you reconnect within your essence feel the changes that have occurred. You vibrate at a different level. You are manifesting at this level. What is it to you? How does it feel? What does it mean?

As you are moving through your days upon the earth if you find yourself back with that space that you have been letting go of and releasing; acknowledge it for that moment and then shift back into where you are right now. This can be your reality upon the earth. This vibration will assist you in opening to even greater potentials than you have considered for yourself.

As I gaze around this group, some of you that had the most resistance are the ones who burn the brightest at this time. There are an immense number who chose to come and be a part of this process. Some are unconscious of what they have gone through, but all of you; conscious or unconscious are assisting in creating this shift upon the earth.

Within this energy of light that you have all created, the hologram of the earth comes up. As this hologram is moving through, I am able to perceive that there are particles or bits of density that are released as it is moving through this light. It then seems to hover as it is rotating slightly so that each of you may send forth you intentions. As I said earlier, manifestation occurs on many different levels. Allow the earth to support you in what you are manifesting in your life.

The hologram takes on a glow. It radiates this energy. Feel what it is to be a part of that. Lady Gaia emerges from the earth and she acknowledges what each of you have done through your experience tonight. Let yourself open to feel a connection to her. Let her work with you as you move through your days. She then returns, blending back within the hologram.

The hologram itself rotates as it moves down throughout all the energy and light that is present at this time. It continues down towards the earth, the physical earth, and as it connects with the magnetic grid, there is an aspect of this that blends or stays within this space. The remainder of that hologram moves down connecting within the physical earth until it anchors within, sending out the vibration and the energy within all aspects of the earth then coming out (through the earth) and connecting with all who are upon the earth.

There is so much happening upon the earth at this time. Some react with greater pain and suffering as they fight against these new energies. Be aware of continuing to link with this energy that you have just transmitted with the earth.

This group that remains within the All That Is reconnects with each other. You find yourself mingling. You have created a family through this energy and light. You enjoy being able to reconnect with one another. Allow yourself to let go of these energies of the All That Is. You will find yourself moving back within the space of the soul plane. This is a shift in vibration, a shift in the energy around you. Allow yourself to feel the connection. Feel what it is to be within this space.

From here you let go of the greater amount of your divine essence and you find yourself moving back once more within the crystalline grid. There is always a greater radiance as you link with these energies.

Take a moment to perceive the interlocking grid as you move through to the magnetic grid. There is less and less of a distinction. This is due to all of the energy work that you are doing. You are able to perceive the smoothness of the link between the magnetic pull of the earth and the crystalline energies. This is another indication of how you have been truly having an impact upon the earth itself and the energies around the earth.

This also shows that there is a greater ease in the flow of the crystalline energies. With the shift that occurred with you during this experience, feel how you are more connected or linked with these energies. Again you may perceive the impulses going out from you or coming in towards you. You may connect with some of them or you may simply move through this space allowing yourself to come back into your body.

Feel your consciousness come back in fully within your physical body and the energy fields around you. Once more, you may have those energies of light present in your physical location as they fine tune or make adjustments to your energy field as you are physically present within your space. Open to breathe this in. Allow it to be.

We release their energies. They are ever present if you seek to call on them as we are still all linked within this energy of this channel; it is very easy for them to move back and forth. When you find yourself as an individual returning to this space and inviting the guides and angels to come in, you may perceive them differently than what you do at this moment. That is because there is not the combined energy that is present at this moment. You may always call on this group energy or my energy to assist in amplifying any connection that you may seek to have.

With that, let us all come back to the earth plane, let us all be fully present within your physical bodies. Let yourself bring your awareness back within your human aspect. As you do so, I am open to receive questions you may have. You may press *7 upon your telephone to come back within this room. I am open to receive.

Question (paraphrased): I want to thank you so much for this journey tonight! It was so helpful. I already made a New Year's resolution that I want to manifest my psychic ability and release any resistance from my mental body. After this journey tonight I want to know if I have released any resistance to this manifestation.

Answer: From my perception I can see that you have released the resistance. We know that you have worked diligently in this regard for several years. We see you as releasing it over and over and over. Then there is the physical aspect of you and your mental that you were speaking of; that continues to pipe back in there saying "nope, there's still a little something, nope there's still a little something." So, in this moment and in this time we see you as completely open and completely free of any resistance and there is a deep and abiding desire within you that radiates out from you. So it is here. You have created this and you have manifested it.

Now, as you move through your days and you find yourself struggling, or you find yourself in a space where it is not working as smoothly as you might anticipate, then bring yourself back into this moment and reconnect within this. That is if you believe and if this is your reality. (Okay, that's wonderful news. Thank you so much). You are welcome beloved and it is not I who did this. It is you who has done this. I simply reflect to you what you have created for yourself.

Question (paraphrased): I ditto, it was a wonderful timely and very appropriate journey for me. I know I have lots to continue to uncover from that journey. One thing I wish to manifest is to create a job that is joyful and that I'm passionate about; oh and brings me lots of money. I have lots of skills and ability but I'm not sure where I should focus my job search.

Answer: We agree with you in terms of the having difficulty focusing. As we link with you and see the job potentials around you, it is massive. It's like we see about 6- 8-10 different things; there is no one job that is jumping out to say pick me. It is because you have such a broad mind; that's not the right word we want to use. You have a multitude of different abilities within yourself. You have the ability to look at these different potentials and see each one as a reality. With that openness you are basically saying to the universe that you are open to receive whatever may come that will bring you the joy, the abundance, etc. So what that does is bring you a multitude of potentials with none of them coming to forefront, in front of another. Does that make sense to you? They are out there around you, but staying out there at a bit of a distance because you have not brought them in close to you. Does that resonate with you? (Yes, that is why I am asking you for clarity. I do feel them out there, but I don't know where to put my focus.) What we see happing. First and foremost what we sense as the strongest thing for you to happen is your healing ability. But we don't necessarily see you setting up a practice that is alternative healing. We see you working with other people in a business world, but it's not necessarily the traditional business world. We see you working with people and we see you working with children. So it is as if these things: the healing, the working with other individuals, some aspect of the business world, and potentially children. We can see this broad broad range that you have opened to yourself. What we see as the strongest is for you too is that there is such a deep intellect within you, yet you find traditional business to be constraining. There is a great deal of the communicator within you and we see the healer; but we don't see you again as just the healer, we see you as healing through your communication. We see you talking to people or counseling. Do you have any degrees in that kind of thing? (Well no not per se. I do enjoy doing guided journeys or guided imagery). Exactly! We sense that the more we are talking and linking with you, it's as if it is creating strength. At this point we sense communication, healing, and working with people, be it adults or children are where you can create a niche for yourself. We see you again as business coming into this. So we see you linking with a business that is already established. We see a couple of different things. One is a salon that is offering alternative healing. We also see something that is more of a traditional business and you are working with them or as a liaison for you. We feel as if we are being a little broad. Partly it is because we are getting so many potentials and none of them are standing out at this time. As we speak to you of these various things, we sense there is a deep flow of energy that is working with you on a heart based level. So what we are going to encourage you to do is be aware of what I coming to your attention in the next few days or weeks to come. We see you in the flow of abundance; we do not see you in any resistance to the flow. It is just that you have been in such a broad expanse that it has kept it from being any one thing that comes your way. So, let yourself be aware of what you see in the newspaper, be aware of who you meet and what they may say, be aware of allowing yourself to be more in focused around healing, the communication, and the connection to people; and see what potentials will manifest at that point. Does that make sense to you? (Yes it does, thank you very much). We have this feeling of a desire in you to want me to give you more specifics, but at this point there is nothing more we can say. Other than the fact that you have been standing still and now I see motion around you, I see you moving forward. Be aware that anything you do is moving in the right direction. If you start something and it doesn't work out; then don't judge it just understand that you can now fine tune things even further. We sense maybe one thing that is like a start and stop, but you may never go there. Be open and see what comes your way. So focus on the joy, the connection to people, and the flow of energy; then you will get greater and greater insights for yourself.

Question (Paraphrased): You mentioned in the journey that our bodies weren't going to have any physical sensations my body was really vibrating and I wondered what you meant. I also have a vision to help with poverty in the nation and in the world and I think I'm on track to manifest that. When you told us to look a little deeper for any block, I did so and don't know if this is past or present, but I think I was manifesting out lack and tried to change that. The other vision I have is to loose 30 pounds and I found some fear which I was hanging on to for that. I'd like you to look and see if these are cleared.

Answer: First of all when you spoke of the body not feeling the physical symptoms; what I meant by that as I was speaking was we do not want the body to have adverse symptoms. You will feel physical vibration; you will feel shifting occur in your body. But so many people have felt it through digestive upset, respiratory upset, headaches, muscle cramping; those types of symptoms. That was the intention I had when I spoke of the body not feeling things. But you will feel the shift in vibration and those sensations that you were describing were exactly the type of things that I was speaking of. So, I appreciate you setting it up and Shelly is putting her two cents in from the back here and she will put in clarity when she transcribes it; that that was the intention. (What the Goddess meant was that we would not have as many adverse affects from shifting and transformation. We definitely will be more sensitive the energies, but in a smooth, comfortable way.)

As for these other two things you are seeking to manifest and you are asking if you are blocking, it was very clear to me that the goal of wanting to help in poverty and hunger around the world is something you have experienced through the poverty and hunger; not hunger necessarily as much, but through poverty for yourself. We sense that what you did in the journey tonight was recognizing that you had the poverty mentality within you. When we speak of manifesting and having many different levels, there was an aspect of you that has been in that place of poverty for old reasons hooked back to past beliefs of what it is to be spiritual. Now when you spoke of wanting to assist in relieving poverty and helping people world wide; your focus has still been on poverty instead of creating change. Energetically it was another reason why you were holding it around you. Now, we know that you also focused on creating change as you looked at this and you know it is the potential you put forth for yourself. We actually see you doing this in many different ways. But part of what you were tapping into when you were looking at blocks and looking at this for yourself, that is the way you were linked on many different levels. Yes, it was cleared and we have a sense that what it opened up was your ability to manifest this; it will come to you in a different way than you anticipated before. We sense that you will meet people you will work with; well we see an established organization that you will work with, but we also see you creating something that begins small and grows. You are one of the individuals who has learned and created changes for yourself that you will share with other people. We have a sense of you needing to go through the experience. You have done so, you have let it go, you released that and now you are open to a greater flow of energy. As a result of that; what you let go will also affect your weight. You will loose that also. (Oh, okay thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) I want to thank you for the journey tonight and I just want to make sure I was on the journey. I get lost sometimes and I'm not sure what happened. I'd like confirmation that I let go of a lot of energy.

Answer: What we want to say to you beloved is that you were a little coming in and out, so I am tapping into the energies I felt around you as you were speaking. When you said you were drifting in and out towards the end; that is completely fine. What happens is that your consciousness takes in as much of this vibration or this energy as it is able to handle; the energy then continues to work. We don't want to say that it short circuits, because that is not what it is. But your consciousness releases because it has taken in as much as it can. It's almost like you as the individual got saturated, so everything else was flowing past you without you actually consciously processing it. You were still in the space, you were feeling the energy, it was still having an affect on you; but it was more at an unconscious level rather than a consciously processing level. You did release a great deal. When we look at you now versus how you were just a short time ago at the beginning of this journey, the sense coming to us is that you are a radiant light. You have been letting go, and letting go, and letting go for the past six months or a year. You have been letting go of things on various levels within you, so with the journey tonight you let go at a deeper level some of the things you had released before. It was just a different type of shift for yourself. We do have a sense that you will feel the changes in the days and weeks to come. You will feel a greater ease within yourself. We sense that you were one of the individuals who was having a lot of the physical discomfort and that we see changing. Does that make sense to you? Yes, thank you. You are welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) Much like the woman earlier, where it was very broad for her, I am wondering if you can give me any insights about where I am going.

Answer: It's very interesting. As we link with you, we feel as if there is something. Have you recently within the last one to two months gone through a dramatic shift either within yourself or your physical body? (Yes) We sense such a deep change within you, it's as if we are connecting with a blank slate right now. It's as if you have really let go of many many different things. It's more than we can tap into right now. Be aware that the person we are speaking to at this moment; it's almost as if it is not the person we would have been speaking to three or four months ago or six months ago. (Yes, I'm not the same person.) You are not and that is what we sense is the most important to confirm for you. That everything you have been seeking to do for yourself is having an affect; it is coming together and it is coming across as a blank slate. Now, we sense with you that you are still in the place of being intrinsic; you are still working inside of yourself. You still need time by yourself to be able to continue to process everything that you have been going through. This is where we sense the connection with others: there is a deep connection to people so we see you as a communicator, we see you talking to people, working with people. It begins very casually, perhaps with friendship or perhaps you will be doing other things that are already established for you. Just as you talk to people and talk about your process; now, by no means do we mean as a preacher or anything like that. Simply little phrases or words such as "I have found the peace within myself" or "I have found this within myself"; that are going to have a big impact upon the people around you. They are going to see the difference in you and they are going to hear you begin to talk about this and acknowledge this. For the time being we see this as what is most important to you. To continue the process that you began and that you are really bringing to fruition now. When your guides worked with you energetically to assist your vibration, to moving into this higher vibration that was a large part of what allowed you to move into and be able to manifest more fully. It's as if you have gone from one level to a higher level of manifestation. So let yourself continue to feel it, let yourself continue to evolve. We see you working with people on a very casual basis. Looking at things down the road, there is nothing really clear that is coming to us, but there is a great deal of the healer and communicator within you. It may seem that we say that to everyone who comes in here, but that is just a very common energy that most everyone on this ascension process has in common. We sense that for you right now it's all about finding the peace, being in the space of peace, and accepting that the changes that you have created are your reality now. In doing that it will be as if you wake up some days and see things around you that make more sense. There will be other things that go by the way side. We sense that you have been going through that and there will be less of the trauma of that in the future and more of the transitions that come about through peace and inner knowledge. (Okay, thank you very much.)

We thank each one of you for allowing us to be able to come in. when it comes to these questions and answers there are other energies besides the Goddess that help her out in speaking of this because she is somewhat detached. She is very much a part of this and we shift over and remove ourselves now!

So it is actually a very smooth transition. (During the question and answers) there are ways in which I come through and speak directly and then the other energies directly. We are tapping into the energies that around each of you and we tap into the energies that are around the earth as a whole. So let yourself be in this space of creation. Let yourself acknowledge and understand where you have been and where you are right now. Because, you have been on a path that is filled with many hills and valleys but it is also a path that is filled with light, with love, and with infinite potentials.

Let yourself create that for your reality. I am ever with you and within you.




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