I AM that I AM and It's Enough

Is there anything in your life that you have wanted for a long time and it just never seems to manifest? That is the focus of this channel. The Goddess took us into the All That Is as she usually does, and then created a space of perception. She invited us to consider something we’d like in our lives, looking at the creation or the desire as it is right now. So often there is something we’ve been seeking to have and it therefore becomes very detailed; as if we consider it, change it, enhance it, shift what we want, going on and on.

She then had us look at how long we’ve wanted whatever that may be. In doing so, it was interesting to see the energy of what people desired. For many, there was an energy consistent with what they wanted from past years into how it looked now. Then even in looking towards the future, still the same. So, the Goddess worked with us on changing the past. We did this by aligning with the emotions associated with what we were seeking. We could release whatever may have been stuck or kept us from being open to receive.

From the emotions, she then considered our thoughts and beliefs. Within this it was evident how many people had over time created beliefs about why it has not manifested. These beliefs were no longer in the person’s best interest, so she assisted in shifting them. In addition, the thoughts that people had around what they were seeking to have were sometimes creating resistance. This is where she began to say accept yourself because ‘I AM that I AM’. Meaning, you deserve, are worthy of, can create and manifest anything just because.

The Goddess lastly spoke of judgment and the way it influences your life. Are you judging yourself? Do you have an expectation that leaves you feeling ‘less than’? When you are in a place of judgment, you will always come away feeling bad or less than. So let that go...


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out waves of love, I send out waves of energy to each one of you. I thank you for choosing this time to come and share this space with me.

You are doing this as a means of supporting yourself, but you are also supporting the other people that are here. Everyone is linked to one another, and therefore the strength and the awareness that flows through all who are present can be amplified.

So too if you have something you seek to release or transition, draw from the energy of the whole and allow that to assist you in letting go. You breathe in gently and easily and you breathe out. There is a lot of transition taking place within your world at this time.

Any time that we come up to either the equinox or the solstice you are in a state of preparation for whatever is ready to be transitioned at that time. Today we are in a place of bringing to conclusion the opening of communication that has taken place.

As we worked with the energies back in the summer solstice it opened a doorway allowing in more energy and more light that would assist in balancing and anchoring the Earth. As we move up into the energies of the equinox, a time of balance, a time of the harvest, what you are doing is bringing into the moment the completion of this new energy of communication.

It is a part of what we will do this evening, but I encourage you in your everyday life to ask yourself, ‘is it possible that I may accept more within my life?’ Indeed most often the answer is yes.

As we are all here gathering upon the Earth plane, I invite you to take this moment, allowing yourself to take stock of whatever it is that may be around you right now. You may look around at the room in which you find yourself, but then close your eyes and look with your inner eyes, allowing yourself to open up to whatever else may be present here for you.

In many cases it may be the angels, it may be the lighter vibrations of energy, it may be opportunity that you have been seeking to have within your life. Take a deep breath in, allowing yourself to open to receive whatever is around you right now.

I invite you to breathe deeply once more this time, consciously letting that breath move in through your lungs, through your bloodstream, sending it all the way down within the Earth so that you may anchor within the Earth. And then you let those energies come back up within you.

As you do so this will allow you to even more fully release your consciousness. Have a sense of sending that stream of consciousness up from your head centre. You send it up with the intention of linking with your higher self. You may also feel, see, sense the magnetic grid as it is here around you.

Feel your expanded self. Feel your presence. And take in what this gridwork may mean to you. You may see the pathways. You may sense other energies around here. Use this as a means of acknowledging a space in which you have the opportunity to work with not only yourself but with others and that is if you so choose.

As you are ready to do so, let go the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you release that space allow your focus to move through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline grid.

Here within this space allow yourself to open, feeling what these crystalline energies have available to you. You may sense a flow. You may sense the energies of the Universe. This is a place of movement and transition.

I invite you to shift your focus once more, allowing yourself to move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, call forth your I Am presence. As you bring this energy up within your consciousness, you may feel it coming up from within or you may have a sense of seeing it as if it is walking towards you or you are walking towards it.

Your divinity is purely your own. Allow yourself to merge with those energies, accepting and feeling the alignment with all that makes up who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst you. As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you. As I embrace you here within your divinity, I can assist you with shifting into the All That Is. Feel this place of creation as you enter it. Allow yourself to look around, taking in what is here from the previous times in which you were here to work on your creations.

This is a place that is without limitation, without dimension, and by that I mean it is without a defined space or energy. You have the opportunity to do as much or as little as you would like to within this place. As I’m gathering the energies from all of you who are here, I am seeking what direction I would like to go.

It feels as if each time that we come together there is so much that I would like to talk with you about and to share with you. So recognize that there may be times in which I may be saying certain words or phrases but you are feeling something different that is taking place. I infuse into each word, each phrase, each experience, multiple different energies of transformation.

I heard someone say, have I always done this? I always have to a certain degree, but now as the energies of the Earth are moving into this next place of existence and awareness there is an even more complicated transition taking place. So that is why I felt a desire to explain this infusion of energy to you.

As you consider your life, is there anything in particular that you have been seeking to have? In terms of manifestation, there are so many different levels in which it takes place. So bring it up right now.

Some of you may have a list of things; some may have one or two things in particular. What I invite you to do in this moment is have a sense of putting it in front of you. It may be an image that reflects what you are seeking to manifest, it may be words as if written on a wall, it may be that big screen TV that we have used at times in the past.

For those that have a long list of things, you may need to limit it to one or two things at a time otherwise it gets too complicated, and then you can go back and do things again and again.

Now have a sense of shifting your focus or your direction a bit and look at whether you want it to be six months, a year, two years, some point in time in which you were seeking to manifest this same thing. For some of you I have a sense of year upon year upon year showing up with the same desire. For others I see it’s been a shorter period of time and still others it may skip years but randomly show up within your desires.

I so often hear people expressing frustration over why things have not happened and why they get stuck in their energy. Therefore as you look at whatever this desire may be in the current now moment and then you gaze as if looking at the past, what was your perception of what you were seeking to have in all those different occurrences? Did it have the same energy, did it look the same, did you have the same intention?

If it always had at least a part if not the majority of it that was consistent then now is the time to break that mold. Because as you look towards the future, look at the potential, look at the opportunity of how this is going to manifest. Now here’s where it really looks beautiful.

Many, many of you manifest it within your life. It may come in a different form, it may come at an unexpected time. But there are still others who have that same sense of desire, almost like a single vibration or note or tone, and that unfulfilled desires continues on into the future. That is always one of your potentials.

But I recognize that that is not what you would like to have. So as I said a moment ago, let’s break out of that mold so that you may increase your chances of manifesting what you seek to have in your life.

As you look at this pattern take a step back. As you look at the pattern again, is that enough to give you a sense of what is consistent and what may be holding you back? Ask yourself what are the emotions around what I seek to manifest? As you ask yourself that question, what comes to you in terms of desires? Are you feeling anxiety? Are you feeling excitement, joy or anticipation?

Your emotions have a profound impact upon what you seek to manifest in your life. Because time is non-linear, take this opportunity to look at those emotions that were spread out in your past and transition them into something else.

If you felt a lot of fear, infuse it with love. If you felt a lot of frustration, infuse it with calm. If you felt a lot of anger, infuse it with whatever energy will neutralize it but make you feel better inside of yourself as you look at all that is taking place.

As you transition those energies that were holding you back in the past, look at what comes available to you right now. Does it change what you seek to manifest? Is there something you were missing that you can now see?

Consider your mental body. Are there thoughts or beliefs that have held you back in the past keeping you from getting what you wish to manifest?

One of the first that comes up always is deserving. Was there a part of you that felt you did not deserve to have that within your life? Is there a part of you that felt you were less than other people? Is there a part of you that had a belief that you’ve done everything you should do, you’ve taken every class, you’ve read, you’ve meditated, you’ve done everything but it still just isn’t good enough?

That’s a big one. Recognize how the energy attached to any of these beliefs may have held you back in the past and sometimes as you look at it from this perspective you open up to a new awareness.

Shift your beliefs. Is it possible that you could embrace a belief that says ‘I don’t have to do anything or be anything. I can manifest this simply because I Am That I Am.’

I invite you to open up to that potential. If you can have as a foundation for your life ‘I Am That I Am and that is enough’, just imagine what doors that will open up for you. Look at what you seek to manifest in the now moment as you integrate ‘I Am That I Am and that is enough’.

Look at what you seek to have, be open to understand if there is anything that you are missing that is now becoming available to you because you are changing the past so that it will manifest more fully in the present.

Your physical body holds on to all of these energies and more. You hold it within your cellular structure, you hold it within your organs, you hold it within your energy bodies. In doing so it can sometimes make you physically ill. You may feel pain, you may experience difficulty breathing or in your digestive tract.

Your physical body is in part a reflection of all of who you are, be it physical, non-physical and more. So consider how your physical body has been when you are taking in what you seek to manifest. Have you been holding on to old energies within your physical body? Has it served a purpose for you, perhaps carrying weight, perhaps illness, perhaps drama around your physical body?

Allow yourself to connect within your physical biology, clearing it out and releasing anything at all that was holding you back. As you do so you release the history that may have been associated with that so that you now take in what you seek to manifest in this now moment.

Can you perceive any change in what you seek to have? The essence of it may remain the same but perhaps there are more potentials for how you will manifest it. Perhaps it will come in a different form to what you first anticipated.

As you have created greater clarity with your emotional, mental, physical bodies, you can open up to a new beginning or a new belief or a new experience around what you seek to have.

Have a sense of shifting your focus as if to look towards what might be your future. As you do so, allow yourself to look at what it is to have what you seek to have already within your life.

Does it look the same? Or is it different? If everything has remained exactly the same before and after clearing in what you have right now and in what you see as you look towards future opportunity, then let yourself take a deep breath in and as if you are shaking up the energy, shake them up, shake them up; and – phew! - breathe them out.

The reason I recommend that is because if things have not happened in your past or your present and you are on that exact same plane toward your future there’s a higher potential you’ll just continue to be in that place of not receiving.

So shake it up, clear it out, let it go, whatever it is that you would like and that makes the most sense to you. And then again create a new opportunity to manifest what you seek to have.

It may be the same thing that you’ve always wanted but allow it to manifest in a new way. Allow yourself to open to something even better. As you are living your life, this year in particular has been filled with many influxes of energy, some of you feel it as if you are walking through quicksand, some of you feel it as if it’s very energizing, others of you do not feel any difference.

What this means as always is that there is no right or wrong way in which to experience the energies of change that are taking place. The question that you may ask yourself is that if things in your life seem to be moving slowly or stuck or as if it’s one problem after another then ask yourself ‘am I outside of alignment with the energies that are coming in?’

As you ask yourself that question you may get a particular answer or it may simply create a subtle shift in your energy so that you may balance more fully with all that is coming in.

As these energies continue to move through the Earth’s plane, it is creating transformation in all the many dimensions there are out here within the Universe, some of them in alignment with your Earth plane, others quite diverse from your Earth.

As the consciousness of the people continues to move into a space of greater expansion, the shift will become more comfortable for people. Those of you who have been seeking to expand your consciousness or to expand your energy bodies have a greater opportunity to be in this flow of these lighter, finer vibrations and energies that are coming in from the Universe.

You are your higher self or as your divinity are working with everything that you do in this place of creation. You are looking at what’s happening out here in the Universe, you are looking at your life upon the Earth and the many different potentials that are taking place. Sometimes your divinity is working with you to assist in creating these alignments with the universe so that things will happen more easily within your life. But it’s not all about the manifestation.

I invite you to ask yourself ‘what does it mean to be me?’ You are the person walking upon the Earth, having these various experiences and yet you are so much more. Have a sense of looking as if to see your I Am presence. This is your divinity, this is more than just your consciousness, this is you as this unique soul essence that you are.

From here within your divinity you have countless number of experiences that make up who you are. Therefore as the Earth continues its transformation and the vibration continues to rise with these higher lighter alignments, open up and accept that alignment that is already yours, that is already you.

It’s coming from your divinity. As I look at you, I see you embracing your divinity, I see you embracing this higher or different part of yourself. It is not somebody else, it is you.

Yes, you are that individual that is filled with so much light and love. Yes, you are that individual that already knows those answers that you ‘ve been looking for. Yes, you are that individual that has the perfect physical body and reality. Yes, you are that individual that has manifested all that you seek to have.

Allow it to wash over you, allow it to merge completely with your consciousness, from there moving through your mental body, your emotional and your physical body. Accept. Ansaeeya. Accept who you are and what you seek to have in your life.

We worked so often about the creation that you are seeking to have. We’ve talked many times about being open to receive and that is indeed a part of the creation.

But my perception at this moment as I look at you is that so many people move into a place of judgment. ‘I may create but I’m not open to receive. I know I’ve created but it’s not here, I must have done something wrong’. And I could go on and on with phrases and perceptions like that.

Therefore releasing judgment will create a new beginning for you. You may ask yourself how do I do that? How can I make sure I move in a different direction? Allow yourself to feel love, love for every experience that you have. Love for whatever may be happening in your life. Love and compassion because you are who you are.

It need be nothing else. Each time you affirm I Am That I Am you are integrating and allowing yourself to receive more of your divinity within and around you. This also can take you into that next step or that next level, whatever it may be.

All of you have shifted your consciousness in such a way that you are even more open than ever. You are taking in the energy and perception from your divinity. Therefore look at your life again. Be open to see it with greater clarity. Open to accept whatever is here in your perception right now.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you do so you may see, sense, feel yourself in this expanded state but also have a sense of the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within the center of all of you.

As this hologram comes up within you there is a flow or a shift as it rotates moving through these energies. I invite each one of you to put forth your intention, not only about what you seek to manifest but the vibration that represents you as you receive what you seek to have.

As that infuses within the hologram, the hologram itself may take on kind of a sparkle or an energy. you may sense it as a flow of a rainbow of colors. Allow all of that to move through this hologram and then you let it go.

It moves through the energies of the Universe. There is an essence that moves through the crystalline grid creating that alignment with the New Earth and then the remainder of the hologram moves downward aligning with the energies of the Earth.

As it moves through the magnetic grid there is an aspect of it that flows throughout. It creates a transition in the space where your higher self resides and the remainder of the hologram moves down into the center or your physical earth. As it moves within the center it anchors within those crystals and those energies that make up the foundation of your physical Earth.

And then that transition and that balance of energy moves out through the Earth’s core, it moves through all the various dimensions associated with the Earth, coming up through the crust of the Earth, and it moves up through each one of you. And it moves through your environment creating the environment that is most supportive of you, and in that it assists you.

Allow yourself to flow with ease and allow your focus as you transition moving your own energies down. You move through this space going through your I Am presence, returning allowing your consciousness to move through the crystalline grid you may feel it as it adjusts your energies.

From there you have a sense of bringing your consciousness with you moving through the magnetic grid and you once more feel that magnetic pull of the Earth.

As you feel that pull of the Earth you have a sense of allowing your consciousness to come back within and around your physical body. As you do so take a moment to breathe gently and easily and expand your energy if you need to so you may more fully integrate these changes that you accepted for yourself while in the All That Is.

Be open to feel those higher, lighter, finer vibrations of your own divinity. Be open to discern the potential of all that’s here. Reaffirm who you are not only as the human but as that divine essence of pure love consciousness and divinity. Open to accept that you have the ability that you are that you are. Breathe in, and breathe out.

And so with that beloved family we will bring this evening to a close. As you continue to move through these changes and energies that are infusing into the Earth remember to be open to that alignment with yourself, remember to accept that you are who you are just because you are.

Feel your divinity and allow that to be your foundation as you move through your days.

Know that I am ever with you.



spring 4th October 2012 9:52 am

Thank you Shelly....this is a truely wonderful post and just perfect timing for me - I find this so liberating! Thank you so very much :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 4th October 2012 8:45 pm

You're welcome! I'm glad it resonates with you. I think it's so important for us to allow ourselves to be 'enough'. We so often will push, do more, be more, study more, etc. It's like a breath of fresh air to allow ourselves to be enough!!


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