Illuminating Your Unconscious Thoughts

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This is about illuminating your unconscious thoughts with the crystalline energies and the light of your divinity.  When people wonder why their desires are not manifesting, many times it’s because their unconscious thoughts are contrary to what they think and feel. This channel gives you the chance to illuminate through clearing out your energy and shining the light of your divinity into that huge amount of your consciousness that for now is UNconscious to you.

While in the All That Is, the Goddess invited us to consider something we’re seeking to have.  From there, we created what it would look, see, feel like to have already manifested our desire.  We then looked at what it’s like right now, with the frustration, fear, irritation and more that surrounds it NOT happening.  As we align with that, we illuminated all through our divinity. 

Ultimately as we keep expanding into higher, lighter dimensions. As we live in these dimensions, we’ll be utilizing more levels of our consciousness.  This journey creates an alignment that will help you move into this expanded space.  As you integrate more and more of the Crystalline energies, the Lightbody energies, you become aware of so much more of what’s taking place around you. This is how you live in the higher dimensions!  So too it helps you manifest with greater ease. 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I feel such joy, such excitement, such anticipation every time that I come into these teleconferences with you.

It is my joy to be able to work with each one of you. It is my joy to bring more of the universal light into a physical reality. It is my joy to have the opportunity to not only get to know each of you in a different perspective through your own consciousness but also to allow you to create a new relationship that will assist you with aligning to your own divinity.

You may question sometimes, “Why am I upon the earth? What is my purpose with living this life? Why do I do the things that I do? Why do I find what interests me? Why do I find myself sometimes going in a circle and questioning, what will ever interest me?”  And much of that is represented by you in this human experience.

There are some questions that you may never find an answer to. There are other questions that may take you down a pathway or in a different direction than where you were before so that you may have whatever the experience of your life is.

You are here upon the earth, I was going to say for one reason only, but actually there is a multitude of reasons, but the primary reason that a soul chooses to incarnate upon the earth is to experience the human life formation. That includes having a physical body, having a world associated with free will where every single of the billions of people upon the earth have a free will to make a different choice. You choose to come into the earth plane to manifest, your divinity in physical reality.

Ultimately, life is about love. Ultimately, life is about expressing who you are from the space of your reality. Open up to whatever that may be. Open up allowing yourself to really be your true authentic self.

I love to have these discussions with you at the very beginning while everybody is still so grounded because it’s a means of bringing in the energy of who you are as your divinity and letting it settle in around you. Life is about the manifestation; therefore anything that I can do to assist with that manifestation it is my choice to do as much as possible. I am here to assist you in stepping into your own power, into your own strength, into your reality that is associated with that complete awareness of who you are as your divinity.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Have a sense of sending a breath of light down into the earth so that as you link with the earth you can feel those energies of Gaia. Allow that to anchor you, holding you still within this space so that all of that flows up within you anchoring you here in your physical body and then as you breathe out let go your consciousness. Allow your consciousness to stream upward moving through you as your physical person. Allow yourself to link with the energies of your higher self.

As you flow within the space of your highest self, take note of what is here within this space. You may have a sense of seeing with your eyes; you may have a sense of feeling or knowing. Allow yourself to realize that your higher self is a plane of existence. For most people nonphysical that is a go-between for your divinity and your human self. Therefore as you allow yourself to feel up or strengthen that alignment it will assist you in your everyday life. If you seek an answer, you shift into your higher self and you allow it to flow back within you.

From there, I invite you to shift your consciousness even further.

As you do so, allow yourself to stream your energy into your divinity.

As you feel yourself align within this space, become aware of the unconditional love that your divinity has for you.

You as the soul essence are the foundation of who you are in this human reality. Recognize that you’ve had many, many, many realities, some upon the earth and some within the universe and this is your place where you can access all of that information. Peel away any layers, so that you may more fully blend with your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace each one as you allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the All That Is.

Feel how your energy expands even more. Let yourself know who you are not only as your divinity but as the consciousness of this person and then in the All That Is  you have access to the universe and who are you in relation to the universe.

It makes me smile because I can hear some of you say, “Oh I’m a tiny little speck”.

The importance of your consciousness is that it’s giving you an opportunity to be able to express yourself as this human, express yourself as this divine individual, express yourself in a multitude of different ways.

Consciousness flows through all the limitless dimensions of the universe and the earth. Consciousness is your alignment between you as the person, and everybody else as their person. The consciousness, by definition, for so many people is what you are aware of, the thoughts that you have. For some, the emotions they have and how that nudges them along. There is a relationship between your thoughts, your emotions, your physical, between everything.

You also have a great deal of your consciousness that is what you call unconscious, and by this I mean the energy that represents experiences, vibrations, intentions, thoughts, emotions, everything that’s a part of your consciousness has an alignment with your unconsciousness but you are less aware of what that may be.

When people seek to manifest they seek to manifest quickly, efficiently, something that they desire and then it feels as if it never happens. So perhaps it’s something in your unconscious that is sending out a vibrational message that pushes away what you seek to have.

So you are saying to the world, “I am open to receive all the financial abundance that is there or that is here and available for me”. At the same time your unconsciousness is saying, “But I got so much debt, where is it going to come from? How can I pay my bills? How can I pay my rent? How I’m going to do what I need to do to have groceries on the table?” And therefore the universe is receiving mixed messages where you are consciously saying one thing and unconsciously saying another.

Each one also sends out a particular vibration. So, you’re vibrating at one level with your conscious thoughts and at a different level with your unconscious thoughts.

Let’s take a moment and I invite each one of you to bring up from within you something that you have been seeking to manifest that as yet hasn’t come into your life.

We’ve done this many times before where it comes up and most often it’s in that space or in that vibration that’s the pattern that perhaps it’s not been working for you. So as you bring up whatever it is that you are seeking to manifest, do so here in the space of the All That Is and look around.

As you consider that which you have been seeking to manifest, as if you lay out in front of you, see yourself having already accomplished what you seek. Consider what it would look like in your mind’s eye as if you create the imagery that goes along with it. As you are looking at this and experiencing this, consider perhaps, what does it smell like? That may seem a silly question to ask but your sense of smell can have a dramatic impact upon anything that you seek to manifest.

If you were to touch it, to reach out and touch whatever it may be, how does it feel to you?

Now, as you consider what you’ve been seeking to manifest, you’ve brought it up and you’ve used a number of your different senses. Take a step back and as if it’s there, we’ll just let it be suspended in midair, shift your focus over to where you consider you are right now, which to me is saying, “I don’t have it therefore I’m in a place of lack”. So, how does your life looks right now in this process that you seek to manifest?

You now have two different perspectives of something that you seek to have and you brought this to light by the things that you are consciously aware of and then when you use all your senses that adds more of that information.

Now, let’s have a sense of asking to shift from the unconscious into the conscious. How do you feel about these manifestations? How do you feel about where you consider yourself to be right now? How do you feel about where you’re going to be?

Ok, what I’m hearing from you is there are feelings of resentment because you are in this holding pattern, feelings of frustration, feelings of sadness; there is a lot of emotional energy associated with where you are right now. And then as you were considering where you wanted to go there was a sense of anticipation and hopefulness, but for some also a sense of, what’s the word I want to use, an inability to get there as if it was unattainable.

So, allow yourself to encompass that which represents where you are right now; and as you do so have a sense of breathing down deeply within your consciousness considering that alignment with where you are right now. And as you do so, bring up all of those emotions, all the thoughts, everything to do with where you are right now that most likely is not working for you and as you bring it all up as if you were reaching out everything within your consciousness and we also bring from the unconscious anything that you may have no idea what it may be. Let that flow through. Bring that through and then breathe in into the moment ~ whew ~ and clear it out.

As you now look at where you consider yourself to be you will notice it’s different and as you look at what you seek to manifest that is shifting also. Your thoughts and your beliefs have a very dramatic impact upon your unconscious. So in the same experience that you seek to manifest you have your conscious thoughts but let’s let those unconscious thoughts come to the forefront. Ask to know what thoughts are present within my energy that are having an effect upon manifesting of which I may not be aware.

What I’m hearing from almost 100% of you is a belief or thought, “that it’s never going to happen” and that sense of “it’s never going to happen” has such a deep connection emotionally, mentally, almost physically in some of you that it is skewing everything else.

So, in particular, let’s bring up anything around “what I seek to manifest is never going to happen”, let’s reach in and bring up those energies about the thoughts, the beliefs, the emotions, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~ whew ~ very good.

And if you look at the end result it’s getting even bigger and it’s taking out a more solid formation and as you look at where you are now feel love, feel compassion. Recognize that although you may be feeling all these many things that we spoke about you are but doing the best you can in your life. So, let that go. Let that swirl through you. Allow yourself to experience who you are in this life ~ whew ~ and again we see your energies shifting once more.

We are here in the All That Is. We are in a place of creation. You are deeply connected to your divinity. Allow that lite light that is you as your divinity to shine forth into all of your consciousness, that of which you are conscious and that of which you are unconscious. As you take in a deep breath as if it’s a beam of light that moves through, let it shine through all levels of your awareness.

As things may perhaps come up into your consciousness from that which is previously been unconscious feel only  love, feel only appreciation, because it’s probably been something that was deeply felt or rooted within you. So, allow all of those roots, allow all of whatever it may be. For some maybe it comes from a past life, for some maybe it’s been your whole entire life. Whatever that foundation is that has kept you from being able to manifest what you seek to have let that white light of unconditional love in your divinity flow through all of you in every level going into whatever that may be, feeling it up and bring it in to consciousness so that you may have only love.

There is only love.

Consider everything that you’ve been working with in this now moment. Is there a way now that you can allow yourself to merge your current status with what you seek to have status, but then blend together fully and then let it merge completely into your consciousness so it moves into all of who you are as your consciousness, the unconscious, that which you seek and that which you consider you are right now.

You breathe in and you breathe out. You breathe in and you breathe out.

Now, from this space of balance, from this place of awareness consider that which you seek to manifest in your life. Feel the difference, become aware of what you may see around what you are seeking to manifest. Perhaps it’s giving you ideas. Perhaps it’s showing you new ways that this may come into your life. Perhaps you already have it within your life and you did not recognize it for what it is. You allow yourself to breathe through, experiencing everything on every level.

As you work with the energies of your unconscious, as we are calling it, what you are doing is activating strands of your DNA that will give that support to your physical, mental, emotional, bodies in terms of a bridge into your divinity.

When you activate more energies of your unconscious, you are opening up the door to allow the lightbody energies to come within you. As these light body energies move through your unconsciousness it will swirl through allowing more and more to come into your awareness.

As a part of the human experience, there will be always those things of which you are unconscious, but if you have the ability to illuminate the energy of your unconscious what you will find are alternatives to doing things the way in which you’ve been doing them. If you are stuck in a place that is not working for you illuminate your unconscious. If you have been seeking to manifest and nothing’s happening, illuminate the unconscious.

That doesn’t mean go and try to analyze and figure out anything, it means allow your divinity to more fully be present within you in every level and allow as if that flashlight is there throughout your unconsciousness to illuminate the unconscious and then merge or blend these energies.

You need not know every single step that is taking place. You need only open to the potential that something’s happening. Open to the potential that yes, there is a new and different way for me to live, to look at life, to anticipate or to experience all that is here.

We invite that crystalline energy to flow through the All That Is coming from that level of the unconscious into the conscious. You realize how this is so much more integrated now within our place of creation. So as you consciously ask for the light body energy you find yourself shifting and opening and feeling it as it flows through you. This crystalline energy is feeling you up. It’s creating changes in your physical body. It is what is assisting you in manifesting more quickly when you are doing so. Recognize, “Ok, that’s working for me”.

As you consider your energy, as you consider where you are right now, I invite you to bring up within you an intention for the next, be it days or weeks upon your life, I ask one thing it is not that which you’ve been seeking to manifest but instead something else you would like to manifest or just experience.

Perhaps, let it be, “I would like to experience the lightbody energy in a fully conscious way in my daily life”. Perhaps, “I would like for my unconscious to be illuminated in such a way that I become more fully conscious of my thoughts and my emotions in my life”. Perhaps you could put forth that over the next days and weeks to come that you are open to simply be in the space of love. Now I see you moving. Now I see many of you choosing these delightful things that you anticipate.

As more and more of the crystalline energies integrate within you, your vision is going to change, your third eye is going to open more fully. You will hear things differently. You may speak in a new way. The cellular makeup of your body is changing. Be open and allow that experience to be whatever it may be for you.

I invite you all to gather together. I see some of you say, “No, no, no, no, I’ve got much more I would like to do”. So, stay out here for as long as you would like. Come back anytime you so choose. Come back as often as you would like, but for those who choose to do so, come together as a group and then see flowing up within the group a hologram of your world.

As you look at this hologram, take note of that which represents the status quo, so to speak, but also take note of the crystalline energy that is shifting so dramatically during these days so that you may perceive the hologram at the different dimensions and levels of consciousness with which it is associated; and as those energies flow through I invite each one of you to put forth the intention of what it is to illuminate your unconscious, allowing it to shift into the forefront of your consciousness. I invite you to put forth that intention that there’s an easy flow that moves back and forth filling you up and as all of that moves down into this hologram open to see, sense, feel or know all that is here.

As the hologram takes in this energy, we see it adjusting and shifting. You have a sense of stepping back and releasing it and that hologram itself begins to move down towards the earth. As it comes into contact with that crystalline grid, you have a sense of it shifting some out to the universe and some down into the earth. This is creating a greater ease in the flow and a greater balance so that those out in the universe that learn from us and those that assist us have an easier flow in communication.

You allow yourself to proceed the ways in which that hologram is creating new balances. It moves into the center of the earth linking with the crystals and the energies of the earth and as it does so it expands. As it expands it comes up through all the layers of the earth. It comes up within each one of you in the physical person that you are.

Let it come up through all your energy bodies so that it can feel you up and balance you with all the work that you did in the All That Is. So too, that shift in consciousness that bringing the unconscious into the conscious moves up through all the grass, the water, the trees, it goes in into all the animals, into all of humanity. It clears out the collective consciousness creating a new potential, creating a higher potential of awareness because it will bring in too the consciousness or into the knowing, that which was hidden or that which was unknown.

I then invite you to let your focus come back once more where you were holding that space as you send the hologram down into the earth and allow yourself to shift from the All That Is into your I Am Presence.

As you do so you feel yourself within the space. Allow that consciousness to flow with you, allowing it to come down. You move through the space of your higher self. You let it flow down into you, the human that you are. You let it stream down. It comes in through your head center and all your energy bodies and everything that came in to you from within the earth from the hologram.

Let that flow up from the earth and let this flow down from the top so that everything within you is merging and balancing. You may want a sense of consciously expanding outward into your mental, your emotional, your energetic bodies around you.

Recognize that you cleared out a great deal of energy in the All That Is. Recognize that as what is unconscious within you comes into your consciousness it may feel awkward or uncomfortable but feel only love so that you may transition that which was holding you back.

Recognize that as you step into your power of who you are it is always based within your divinity and then reflected out by your human expression and you feel that flow moving through you.

Ok, so as we’re coming together. bringing together the energies of this conference, I invite each one of you to take an opportunity to really be aware of what your focus is in any part of your day and within your life.

Be very conscious of stepping outside of your mental body. Be very conscious of stepping outside of the emotions that may be holding you back. Remember to illuminate your unconscious by allowing your divinity to flow within that space with much greater ease.

You are in the flow of the All That Is. Be open and accept whatever that may be for you and know that I am always with you.




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