In the Flow of Expanded Consciousness

As we live our lives, we are always seeking to manifest something new. So many people find themselves struggling or trying to ‘make' something work the way they would like it to work.  Are you willing to be open to the possibility what you already have in your life is more than you perceived?  How about if everything you sought to manifest was even more than you anticipate?  Have you considered what life would be like if you took off any blinders you may have on?  Quite often we see what we are ‘programmed' to see. We see potentials where we expect to see them.  It's a challenge to open to more than that.  This is a journey to assist you in expanding your perceptions.  It assists you in releasing limitation moving specifically through your physical, mental and emotional bodies.  

The more that you are aligned with your divinity the easier is the flow between you and your divinity.  I've spoken before about how the crystalline energy is about creating alignment and then allowing the flow.  This journey is the next step in that process. Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya                   I AM the one, I AM the whole 

Welcome! Welcome to our time together! 

Feel my energy as I move through each one of you.  I move through your consciousness while you are still here focused and grounded upon the earth, and I choose to link with each one of you so that you may feel me and feel my alignment while you are still here and fully present within this space in which you live. 

What a time to be living upon the earth.  What a time of transformation it is.  You all are in a very unique place in the history of the earth.  You are each in a place in which you have the opportunity to expand your consciousness in such a way that you are fully present in your daily life and yet you are present with other aspects of your I Am presence.  

The more that you bring this information into your daily life, the more you recognise that there is so much support; there is so much energy available to you.  And you also know that when you seek for answers within yourself, it comes from your divinity; it comes from your alignment with the angels and the guides, it comes from your alignment with me. 

I feel such love; I feel such joy whenever I have this opportunity to speak to all of you.  As I am linking with you I feel your vibration.  I feel your energy and it is glorious to me.  I hope as you allow that energy to reverse and you feel my own, you too can feel this glorious energy of alignment.  You may think ‘ah, that's the Goddess' energy' but you are also feeling your own energy as it is enhanced by me, so breathe deeply.  Breathe in just this pure sense of energy, this pure sense of love and awareness. 

I now invite each one of you to take one last breath of focused intention and breathe it all the way down within.  Let it move through your lungs, let it move all the way down within you so that it grounds within you and then consciously let go of your physical body and allow your consciousness to move into the energies of the magnetic grid.  

As you are moving within this space you find that which is your higher self.  Feel how you expand as you align within this space.  So much of you is very conscious of this energy. You know that you come here on a continuous basis or a regular basis.  You know what it is to feel this essence of yourself.  

As you look out you may perceive the pathways and these pathways link with one another as they move in every direction.  As you seek to manifest within your life and you send your intention out from you that intention moves out through these pathways.  So take a moment and think of one thing that you seek to have within your life.  And as you send it forth from you, perceive the path that it creates.  

You may have a sense that it links with many others as it moves through the magnetic grid.  You are linking with others at the level of their higher self and these may be people or individuals or a part of the collective consciousness that assists you as you manifest within your life.

We release these energies.  You find yourself moving through the magnetic grid, moving through the interlocking grid and into the crystalline.  You have let go that vibrational pull you feel whenever you are upon or within the gravitational pull of the earth.  Feel this crystalline energy.  Have a sense of allowing your consciousness to become very still for a moment; as if you take in a deep breath and through that breath your consciousness centers and you open up.  Open up to feel the energy of this space.  It too feels very comfortable to you.  

Your higher self is creating a space within the crystalline grid that is in alignment with its vibration. It is different than the magnetic grid because there is more of a blending of consciousness within the crystalline. 

I invite each one of you to feel as if the energies of the crystals create a sense of a waterfall or a wind or something that just cleanses away anything that may have been holding you back and as this does so you can breathe even more deeply and you feel lighter and you actually shift so that you move into a higher vibration.  This is your place; this is everyone's space.  It's a space of clarity and balance.  I invite you to shift your focus so that you may move into the energy of the soul plane. 

As you feel this space, there is yet another shift or change in the vibration.  This is the space in which you may access your I Am presence.  You may have a sense of seeing yourself as it comes towards you.  You may sense it coming up from within you.  As you align with your divinity, reach out to embrace.  Reach out and accept this which is you within your divinity.  

As you are blending within your own essence of self, let those energies flood through you.  Consciously choose to accept and open to this which is the love and the acceptance from within yourself.  As you are finding this alignment and as you are opening to this essence, consciously open to feel or sense if there is one particular colour or a multitude of colours that represent your I Am presence.  

Allow your consciousness or your focus to open and perceive if there is a flow of light or a vibration.  The more that you allow your senses to open, the more that you allow your consciousness to open, the greater perceptions you will have. 

I the Goddess move in and amongst you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace each one.  I see you; I see you as the human that you are, I see you as your divine essence.  You are each filled with such brilliant light.  As I am merging with each one of you, you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is.  

Within the All That Is, as you look around, there are very subtle waves of energy that move through to support each one of you.  Open your perception and take in what this may mean to you.  As you consider yourself in your daily life, it may seem as if you are without the answers that you seek.  It may seem to you that life is a struggle.  

You may have the perception that no matter what you do or how hard you try or how much you open, you are still without what you seek to manifest.  Bring into this moment any feelings such as that or whatever it may be that is weighing upon you at this time. 

You are blended within your divinity.  From the eyes of your divinity, open and perceive or open to understand how you as the human perceive yourself and perceive your life.  It's quite interesting to watch that because it was as if suddenly all of you, or the vast majority, shrunk down and became much less than what you were but a moment ago.  

So many have an understanding that as a human there are limitations, there are things that you are unable to do, there is understanding that feels as if it is just beyond your reach.  All of these are what create the impression or the illusion that you are less than who you truly are.  

Consider your life.  We will look first of all at the things that you seek to have within your life, perhaps abundance, perhaps a family, perhaps work; whatever it may be that you seek to have.  Look at it now from this place.  For so many of you, I perceive that it is there, it is around you, but it's as if it's on a different vibration or a different wavelength and therefore it is not coming into your physical reality.  

Take a breath in or have a sense of leaning back and let yourself once more feel your I AM presence, feel your divinity, and as if you feel arms that come around you, supporting you, loving you, acknowledging you, let that energy flow into you within this moment.  And once more look out at what you've been seeking to have.  Does it look that same?  Do you see more potential?  Is there something even better?  What is here for you and what you may have?  

For so many I sense that there are things that could be moved out of the way and that will assist you in fine tuning, so from this perception of your I Am presence, send forth an energy that will cleanse, that will clear out, that will remove anything that keeps you from manifesting what you seek to have.  As if that has cleared off a layer, take another look.  I see for some you've been going about this in a manner that's been holding you back, so what changes do you need to make in your life that will assist you? 

There is now a greater amount of light, a greater amount of potential that comes within your space or your perception.  I see for some of you, you may recognise that what you thought you wanted to have is not really what you wanted to have, so let it go.  I see for others there has been so much anxiety wrapped up around whatever it was you were seeking to have, that it kept it tightened down and out of the flow.  So let go those constrictions.  

I invite you to stand as if you perceive who you are right now, right this moment in your life.  As you stand there, be open and allow the flow that places you within the vibration of all that you seek to have.  It may be as if you step into a flow that is already in motion.  It may be that you have a sense of bringing that flow to you.  

Howsoever that comes across, become aware that all of this is a means of allowing you to create greater clarity in what you seek to manifest, and then you create the alignment so that you are in the space of receiving.  If you've been looking at a number of different things that you've been manifesting in your life, they each have their own vibration.  So it may not be that everything comes in at the exact same moment. 

Let's release for a moment that which is outside of you that you are seeking to bring into your life, and come back once more.  Have a sense of yourself as the individual within your life, as if you stand before your I Am presence or your divinity.  Feel the flow of light or of love or of energy that comes from your divinity into you as the human.  

As this flow aligns within you, consciously let go of limitation.  What is there within your life that feels as if it's beyond you or beyond your ability?  Consider it in this moment and then in the face of your divinity, let it go.  Within your physical body, perhaps there are diseases, perhaps there is something about your body that you are not satisfied with.  Whatever it may be, perceive how that keeps you from being as huge as you are within your divinity.  So let it go.  

Are there emotions that have been holding you back?  Fear, pain, sorrow or something else?  In this moment as you stand in front of your divinity, let it go.  And we see moving into your mental body, your thoughts and your beliefs, how so often this is what keeps holding on.  This is the part of you that says ‘you can't let go of that so easily.  It takes a lot of work to lose weight... you're gonna have that illness no matter what you do...the sorrow will never leave you so why bother to try.' 

These are the perceptions that I'm hearing from many of you.  But they are grounded in your ego or your personality.  It is a part of your belief system.  I say to you, is that doing you any good?  And here within your divinity you can see, sense, feel how no it is not.  Let go those beliefs.  Let go those limiting thoughts.  Let go anything that is holding you down.  

In this space, look at your divinity.  As your consciousness has released each of these aspects or each of these energies, you have become bigger and bigger, expanding and growing.  Look at you the human once more from the eyes of your divinity.  There's so much greater clarity.  There's so much more of who you are.  

Shift once more so that your consciousness is back within that essence of you, the human in this lifetime, and create a bridge or a link so that you may be in the flow of energy from your divinity.  Feel how it fills you up.  Open to hear the thoughts and beliefs that come from your divinity.  The beliefs that you may do anything you seek to do, the thoughts that the world is a place filled with potentials and you need only reach out for what you seek to have. 

This and so much more is your reality as you allow that constant flow, that constant love, that constant awareness from your divinity.  This is how you create a transformation within yourself.  Here in the I AM presence or the essence of who you are, you have answers to those questions; some of which you've never even thought of as yet.  Here within your divinity is an endless supply of love and belief in who you are.  No matter what you've done or not done, no matter what you seek to have, you are divine. 

Let that flow stronger and stronger through you.  Once more as you look outward bring up what you seek to manifest within your life.  Since you have cleared out your own energy field, has it changed yet again?  I want you to recognise how much you have already manifested.  From that recognition you will develop a greater understanding of how much more you have the ability to bring in.  

I spoke another time of how the crystalline vibration is about creating an alignment and then allowing that flow to come within and surround you.  This is a perfect example of what I spoke.  You put forth the intention of what you wanted, in some cases you gave it a great deal of detail, you looked within your own self, you released any resistance, you released anything that kept you as being less than who you are.  You then stepped into that alignment with what you wish to have and you allow that flow to move within and around you as it brings to you what you seek to have. 

As you consider your daily life, you may find yourself going to work, taking care of your family, doing your usual things that you do in the evening or the morning, but your vibration is different.  There is a greater sensitivity or a greater awareness within your energy field.  It's as if you have all these little sensors, like millions of little sensors, and they're at awareness or standing up at awareness.  It may be that this is uncomfortable for you, it may be that you need to create an alignment in such a way that it doesn't feel like you are over stimulated.  

I would say to you, put forth the intention that your vibration raises or aligns in such a way that you can fully live your life from that state of awareness, that state of perception.  During this year, there will continue to be influxes of energy.  This state of awareness of which I've spoken allows you to tap into that energy as you are living your life.  Allow the energy to move through you in such a way that you receive the answers to your questions.  Allow it to move through you that you have the physical body, that you are the receptacle that moves through the days in perfect balance. 

It is your choice, it always up to you.  Breathe that in.  As a group I invite you to gather together, feel your energies come back forming a circle so to speak.  Look around and you may perceive how others mirror back to you who you are within this state. All of you are way more expanded than you have ever been.  All of you have the ability to bring the alignment of this expansion into your daily reality.  

From there allow the hologram of the earth to come up within the center of this group.  As if you are seeing one earth within the other, you may recognise that one is the new earth and one is your current, first physical earth.  Each time we do this, the new earth becomes more and more real or more physical or more into everyone's vibrational awareness. 

Allow these holograms to come up and they move and each one of you feels an alignment that moves out.  Lady Gaia comes forth with her arms outspread.  She looks at you; she embraces you; feel how you are aligned with her and then send these energies into these holograms.  As you look at the energy you can actually see the hologram of the crystal and as Gaia returns into the hologram she merges with that crystal and her energies merge with the hologram.  She is showing you how each one of you have that same ability. 

Let it move into your senses and you will feel it.  I invite you to release the holograms.  As they move down from within the group, there's a sense of separation as if the hologram for the new earth moves in one direction, it reaches out and it aligns.  The hologram of your physical earth moves down, it moves through the crystalline and the magnetic grids.  It continues down until it moves into and merges with the center of the earth.  That crystal which is within the center merges and aligns with this hologram. 

As it does so those energies reverse and they move through the earth.  They come out; they come out through the grass, the ground, the trees, the water, the rocks.  And it moves up through the vibrational essences that are upon the earth.  Shift your consciousness in such a way that you align with your human self and allow yourself to feel the alignment or absorb the energies of alignment. 

Each time you send your energies or your experience into that hologram, that experience gets transmitted through the hologram into the earth, it becomes a part of the collective consciousness. And then as it's moving up through the earth and through the atmosphere so to speak, it finds you or you find it and your alignment expands.  

Let your focus once more return to where you are in the All That Is.  Release your connection to everyone else and allow your energies to once more focus or feel the alignment that you have with your divinity.  Let it soak through you, strengthening you as the human.  You release that essence or you release the majority of your divinity, but there is still even more of it that comes with you as you begin to come back down.  You move through the soul plane, you move through the crystalline energies and you move into the magnetic grid.  Feel how this anchors your energies and your perception of your divinity.  

Again, you allow your consciousness to continue to return.  Have a sense of opening up within your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to move back down through your head center, moving through your chakras, moving through all parts of your body, and let it anchor within your heart center allowing your heart center to expand.  

Once more while you are still connected to your divinity infuse throughout your consciousness who you are. You are this person that is able to manifest whatever you seek in life.  You are a person with unlimited skills and ability. You are a person that is in the flow of abundance; abundance that comes to you in every manner.  

Remember that everything within your life is a part of the flow of energy.  I invite you to step within the flow and then allow yourself to receive.  Release force, release old beliefs, release anything limiting, open and feel who you are.  Yes, this is you, the person living your life, yes, this is you the person who gets up everyday and goes about their business.  Yes, you are the human and you are the expression of your divinity in this life.  Your divinity is you; you are your divinity, howsoever you wish to consider that.  

Breathe in that balance and alignment and do it as often as you need to in your daily life.  If ever limiting thoughts come into your awareness, remember to breathe in your divinity and your expansion.  You are all that is divine.  

If you wish to ask me a question, you may press *7 on your phone and it will bring you back within this room.


Question: (paraphrased) I would like to ask a question about balance problems that I have had,   I've been stumbling as I walk around.  Someone has said perhaps it's due to some bones in my inner ear that have thrown it off or changes going on in my body from the 5th dimension? 

Answer:  Beloved, for you as you were speaking of this two things came to our awareness.  We think there is something in your inner ear that is the foundation of this as if it's something you have had your entire life and off and on there have been times you've had trouble with your balance and it's affected you in one way or another.  Our greater sense is that it's actually about the shift in your vibration or the shift in energies.  You are currently walking between dimensions you could say.  There is an aspect of you that is fully balanced in the fourth and another that is fully balanced into the fifth. But as you try to blend the two of them together as you bring this into your reality; we see that as you expanding into the fifth dimension to get your answers to questions then come down into living in your daily life.  That back and forth expansion and constriction is what causes this imbalance to occur.  It feels as if there is not as direct or consistent an energy. What I would recommend you do is to take time when you are doing your prayers and meditation and let yourself breathe--consciously reaching out from your heart center sending out a balancing energy that reaches out into the 6th or 7th dimension and send it as high up as your I AM presence; then let that come back down and ground within you as the human.  What we sense will happen is that it will allow you much more so feel the balance in many different ways.  Does that make sense to you what we speak of?  

Yes it does.  Will that take care of the numbness that I am feeling?  

The numbness you are feeling goes more so back into what we were picking up with your bones or your physical reality.  We sense the balancing of your energies will help to a degree but will not fully get rid of it.  The numbness we sense has to do with your circulation, it's a little unclear right now.  But it feels like it will respond to a degree and then you will need to revaluate yourself on a physical basis.  Then it will open to greater potentials.  It's as if there is a limiting belief that is holding your back from being able to fully integrate that. 

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. 

You are welcome, so work with the balancing and see if the numbness and physical traits don't improve.  

Thank you, thank you very much.  

Question: (paraphrased) This particular journey feels as if it totally addressed my situation but I feel as if I need to ask you the question that I ask every month.  How am I doing?  I've made so many breakthroughs and so many realizations and I've been moving a lot of energy.  But those who would appose me continue to do so.  What would you like to say to me? 

Answer:  As you were speaking this time, there was not a brilliant or wonderful breakthrough that we can tell you.  (Ohhh)  Excuse me?  (I said Ohhh.)  [Light laughter] It feels as if-just as you've said-you've done this amazing amount of work.  It's as if you have totally recreated yourself.  You've gone from one totally different person, into another.  So yes, you've done all the work you need to do.  Yes you have integrated all you need to integrate.  So this stuff that feels like it's hanging on, these individuals who just will not let go; there does not feel like a direct reason why they are there, but in your energy field because they keep hanging around and having a focus within you, it keeps sending them energy.  This is what keeps them hanging on.  We know you've worked with releasing them and any time you do so, it is certainly not going to harm anything.  But the more you give attention and focus the more they will stay in that space.  We realize that this is a part of your life almost on a daily basis.  It's not real clear to us anything different you can do.  We believe we've recommended before you should speak with them from the level of your higher self.  Have you done that? 

No, there was some reason I couldn't before, but I could try it now for sure.  

That would be the only thing that came to our awareness.  We've been feeling all these energies and have rambled on this answer, so we will try to make it a little more concise. First of all, if there's a way for you to think of them less often, it will keep their vibration out of your energy field.  That being the case, knowing they are there all the time, what you can do is expand like you have done on this journey and go into the crystalline energy or the soul place or even the magnetic in your higher self.  Then create a room of communication with them.  Within that room as if from a soul to soul level, express to them where you are and where you are going in your life; with the intention of honoring them but at the same token honoring yourself.  You can then ask them to cut out the behaviour and leave you alone, whatever it is you are seeking to change.  Keep in mind that you express as what you do want to manifest and let go of the behaviour that you don't want.  

What if I say I'm a lightworker and I want to do good in world and they say we don't need that much good in the world?  That is an issue. 

You can state I'm a lightworker and you state I want good in the world but you don't even need to state that much.  You can state I AM who I AM and let it go from there. That will not give them anything they can create a confrontation about.  If they state we don't need any more light in the world that is their perception.  But every time you respond back and forth and get into a dialog with them it is drawing you into their energy it's drawing you into an argument, it's putting you into a space of being defensive.  So to keep from being defensive, don't get into the conversation, don't get into the dialog and don't talk to them about it.  The sense we have is that you would like to talk to them and have this become enhanced in the relationship but our sense is that with this one individual in particular this is not going to happen.  So the choice remains to let them have their beliefs, let them do what they want.  You have your beliefs and you have what you want.  

What is their belief is to have me off the planet? 

Are you speaking of to hurt you in a physical way?  (Yes)  To us it doesn't feel as if that will happen.  If it's a threat they are making something they are saying, it makes it very real.   As we look at you now, as we look at your time upon the earth, as we look at what's happening with all of this it does not feel as if you will transition.  We can feel the potential for violence is there but you are so surrounded by light that to us from this perception we don't see that happening.  We can share with you our perception and we can share our belief and hopefully it will allay some of your fears. 

Okay so when I talk to them you're telling me talk to them but don't get involved in a conversation that will pull me back into old thinking so to talk to them I'm to be very strong in my space and to declare that I AM that I AM so buck off.   

Well, you can say that within your mind but saying it out loud is already drawing you back into those energies.  The more that you see yourself as standing there, as being solid, as being surrounded by that brilliant light, if they talk to you and say things,  you will learn to have  statements like; Okay, or Okay, or perhaps Really?  [These were stated without energy attachment, totally disconnected]  But none of those are engaging them or opening your energy to engage back and forth with you.  You are standing there, you are surrounded in your light and they can say all sorts of whatever to you; but you look at them and say ‘okay or really' something simple, something short and are not defending yourself or reacting.  It is you being in the space of who you are.  

I see. 

Then that talking to them on the level of the soul plane that is something else. [she interrupted to say] That's what I'm talking about.  This is getting too complicated for here.  You may contact Shelly for a one on one channel.  

Okay, thank you. 

Question: (paraphrased) I have a claim with the VA to get more money.  It's called individual unemployability.  I've had this for awhile now and I'm wondering if I'm going to win this?  If I am is it going to be soon? 

Answer:  As we look at this now, we have a sense of a disconnection from this flow of income or money.  It feels as if with so much transitioning within the government, within money, within cuts and within spending; at this moment we do not have a sense of it coming to you.   We have a sense there is something you've been getting that will continue to come in; but in terms of raising or having a secondary is that what you're speaking of beloved?  

Yes, to get more money each month.  

That to us feels as if it's not going to happen any time soon.  We're not saying it's totally out of there and not going to happen, but the energy around it feels as if it's been shut off.  Not from your end but from their end.  It feels as if things are being cut back, or shut down, or as if there is a transition going on.  It's a little difficult to say. At this point if you shift your energy away from that or depending on it coming in we sense it could always come in, but the next 4-6 months has a hold on everything.   It may then be re-evaluated at that point.  It also feels like you may need to resubmit everything.  We're not saying they've done this but there's a sense of throwing stuff out and starting over fresh and new.  It's as if they starting from scratch.  That's what it feels like to us. 

Do you think I should continue with this claim or just abandon it and get a job?  What do you think is in my best interest? 

We see getting a job is something in your best interest, especially for the short come.  We see that if you want to continue the claim then absolutely do so.  But in terms of raising your income in a quicker manner some sort of a job feels to us like it's in your best interest.  

If I get a job it will ruin the case.  Do you any suggestions for finding an under the table job? 

You would know that better than us from this side.   We sense there are always jobs available for you.  It feels like small companies or organizations.  Perhaps something small would give you that availability.  We do sense a greater flow of income coming to you, but it does not feel like it's coming from this claim you were talking about. 

If you will go back and listen to this journey again and listen with the intention of being in the flow, letting go of the struggle you've had for so long for the claim taken care of, getting this increase in income.  If you feel the journey and as if you are letting go, feel it like a river going past.  If you stand in the river or flow and let it cleanse you, you can let go and see what happens.  We sense that it will shift the energies around this and you can have a better idea if you need to reapply for the claim or what you might do to bring in money right now.   Be open to whatever might happen. 

Okay, thank you Goddess. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) The last time I was on, I was stagnant and ya'll fixed that.  I'm wondering if I'm still fixed.  

Answer:  What is your perception of that?  Do you feel as if it's fixed? 

Yes I do. 

Well, we concur with that!  We see you as being in a flow.  We see a lot of energy around you.  We see a lot of potentials around you.  We are seeing an image of you standing under a tree with all these potentials fluttering on this tree and you reach up and take what you like.   We sense that while you may not have made a lot of decisions, there is a lot of flow and opportunity.  

Oh wow!  Thank you, that sounds great.  I'm retired and not looking for a job or anything, but I am getting into the creativity and potentials that way. 

Potentials do not only mean a job.  It can be hobbies, interests, things you like to do for fun; it can be whatever you want to fill your days and gives you a sense of enjoyment.  

Well that is great and thank you so much because that is what I am doing!  Thank you thank you! 

You are welcome.  

Question: (paraphrased)    Hi Goddess, thank you for this wonderful journey and trip.  The ethereal beauty of it was wonderful.  My project with my agent didn't go through.  She decided to go in a different direction, a different route.  She told me for a year that this would happen. This disappointed me but I didn't put all my eggs in one basket.  I didn't make the move in January like you thought I would.  But I know 2009 is going to be an exceptional year, a prosperous year, one filled with new opportunities.  What do you think is going to come around for me in my career or moving or any opportunities?  I just know it's going to be a good year. 

Answer: On the one hand we want to affirm for that we agree, it's going to be a great year.  As you stated in your statement, things did not turn out as you had anticipated and we could feel your disappointment but at the same token we had a sense of you realizing that while that didn't turn out there would be something else equally strong or even better for me.  So that openness, that awareness, that perception is very much a part of what is going to create these changes for yourself.  So the next thing we'd like to say is that for now we see you staying in Las Vegas, isn't that where you said you were? (Yes!) So we see you staying where you are.  With the economy as it is, we sense this is part of the reason things didn't manifest.  There are aspects of the economy that are full fledged moving forward with many opportunities and then there are other aspects that are stagnant or bogged down with old energy.  It feels to us as if this agent or this person you were working with got stuck in that in between space.  We sense there are different people you will be meeting in the next 5-6 months and through those people, new opportunities will come your way.  We see there are things you can do in Las Vegas and you still have the opportunity at some point to go to Las Angeles.  But we just don't have the energy around Los Angeles like you did before.  We sense there are more opportunities coming to Las Vegas that are available to you.  We also have a sense of you looking in another direction, like perhaps to the east coast.  But it all just feels to us like opportunities that are dangling out there.  For now we sense that some of these things you are no longer interested in and other things you are very strongly or more strongly interested.  Let your focus become very clear.  Let yourself create the alignment of what you seek to have; then be open to the flow, be open to the awareness and work with your higher self as you did in the journey.   The sense is that we agree first and foremost this is going to be a tremendous year for you.  That awareness and perception of opening to the flow will assist you a great deal.  

So just stay put for right now, keep doing what I'm doing, change my energies and go into a totally different direction and just go into new channels of opportunity.  (exactly!) Just forget about the disappointment, learn from that, know that the universe has bigger and better plans for me.  If it's not LA right now then just stay put and focus on my career and my income will be put nicely.  

That's our sense of things. 

Okay, wonderful.  I don't about the east coast.  But you never know what will happen in the future.  I don't know what's going on over there! 

Exactly.  That is just something we saw, this little shooting star that took you to the east coast.  Who can say what that might be about?  But be open as you are going through your days.  Then something totally out of the blue will come along to gather your awareness. 

Can you get a geographical location as to what part of the east coast I might be going to? 

It felt like New York or Boston.   

Oh Wow!  That's really interesting because I've always been talking to my husband about going to New York, not New Jersey, but New York.  That is fabulous! I love New York! 

Yes, it just is this potential that is dangling out there; it's there, not sure what for.  This is why for example when you had so much focus and energy on Los Angeles, now that that didn't pan out in the way you thought, you let it go, now when you look around we see now maybe something will come from New York.  Chicago briefly came to us, but it wasn't as strong.  You open up to other opportunities whenever you let one opportunity be released. 

Exactly, when one door closes, another door opens. 

Or two or three!! 

Hahaha New York, New York!  Thank you so much, have a wonderful night and I can't wait to speak with you another night.  You are absolutely wonderful and I appreciate your help. 

Question: (paraphrased)  I'm wondering if there is any clarity I can get about my path at this point to help me move in the straight forward direction.  I want to be of service and assist people with breath work, I want to do breath work with people but I also want to support my family.  What is it more precisely that I can get into and what is a clear path to get there. 

Answer:  I sensed when you talked about not having a clear path or you were not walking a direct route is we saw you meandering to the left to the right, to the left to the right.  It was as if anything would keep you from being on a direct path.  The sense we got around that was that this was how you were gathering information.  You were taking classes, building your foundation, doing what you needed to do so you could become the person you are right now.  So it feels to us as if everything you have been doing has been about creating a foundation.  It feels as if there's been an energy not of resistance per se, but an energy in your mental body that this is something you like to do, is fun to do; but it's not something that will support me or my family.  We know that you have consciously worked with that to release it so that you can open to greater abundance.  But we still feel the energies of that belief around you.  What we would recommend is that you do is take an opportunity to work with your beliefs and work with any beliefs on limitation in any way.  Work to let go of the beliefs, work to let them flow away from you.  For some reason, we have a sense of seeing you standing in a breeze, so let the breeze be what you are seeking to manifest.  Feel this as the flow of the energy.  We have a sense of you as a healer; we have a sense of you as a communicator.  We sense you working mostly on your own as you develop clients.  But it feels as if there's something else that needs to happen to bring people into you.  Excuse me [referring to me coughing for the 4th time or so] we have all this coughing suddenly in Shelly and we realize that when she has the physical symptoms there's probably some metaphor or link to you.  Is there something that is keeping you from speaking out or speaking up?  Perhaps as you do speak out, there is a feeling inside of you of limitation, struggle and effort.  It feels like this is all related to what needs to be released so that you can have this greater abundance.  We do see you working with an already established with a doctor or chiropractor or something like that that is a means of getting your name out there to people.  

Okay, it all makes sense what I hear.  It's just that somehow I do have reluctance and I just want to clear whatever keeps me from moving forward.  That's what I'm trying to see more clearly. 

We sense we gave you a few ideas.   But with the reluctance sometimes you go into the mode of giving yourself a hard time; thinking ‘how much more do I have to clear this, how much more do I have to do'? It's as if you are hard on yourself or harsh with yourself.  When you feel reluctant, be aware that it could be a little aspect of yourself or a sub personality or however you want to consider it; all of that was created as a means of protection at one time or another in your lifetime.  So if you will be more loving or nurturing about yourself or this aspect of yourself that will allow you to integrate it in such a way that you will be more open to the flow.  

Okay, still working with the breath work mostly for now? 

Absolutely.  We still sense as we said that there are established individuals or companies, small companies that you could work for that are around you.  You need to have that sense or feeling of worthiness is one thing that comes to mind, or that belief in yourself or that belief in the flow-that you are actually in the flow in order for it to fully manifest in your life. 

You are right.  I thank you so much.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for this evening tonight.  I relocated from the Virgin Islands to Colorado Springs.  I've been here looking for work.  I do a lot of energy work, healing, sensing energies; I don't know what it is but I keep hitting - there is something just not flowing.  I also have a tremendous sorrow for a relationship and when you said to let go, I started crying and said I can't let go, I don't want to let go.  I went through the 40 days and 40 nights to be shown... I don't know I'm discombobulated.  I've been unemployed.  I thought for sure I'd get a job.  I'm very well trained to run a company; now I'm over qualified, I'm under qualified.  I feel a road block and don't understand what it is. 

Answer:  The road block that we are picking up on comes from an aspect of you that does not want to be where you are.  There is a sense around you that Colorado Springs is not where you going to end up being.  It may indeed be that you decide to go to another city.  It doesn't feel as if you will go back to the Virgin Islands.  It feels as if there is another move you are going to make.  It doesn't feel like you will leave Colorado Springs or even Colorado.  It just feels like this is not the space where you are going to end up, the vibration feels off to us.  Now the releasing of this relationship is something that we feel is going to take through layers upon layers upon layers.  You've done it in many different degrees but within your heart of hearts or your core essence this part still feels very connected and aligned with this individual.  It's not something you can force; it's not something you can do.  For example when you said in the journey you sought to give up the relationship, let it go, open to a cleansing energy or light; it did let go of some of the layers, it did let go of some of that energy.  It feels to us as if there are unanswered questions or unfinished business with this individual.  Until you can find a way to resolve those questions, it's going to keep hold of you.  It's as if you keep letting it go, letting it go, letting it go; then those unfinished questions come in from underneath and it grabs a hold of you.  That is why you've gotten into this struggle of release-it's there, release-it's there.  Our sense is that you know what it is and you should look at it and why it's still holding onto you.  It feels like there is something you need to recognize or realise.  There's a part of you that just needs to allow yourself to mourn.   It's as if you've allowed yourself a period of time; perhaps the 40 days and 40 nights you mentioned.  But to us this feels as if it goes very deeply and you have given yourself a limitation.  We would recommend that you let go that limitation and when the time is right you will be done with this.  You do need to function, you do need to live where you are, you do need to create new relationships; in essence, get on with your life without that holding over you and pulling you backwards.   Knowing that there's going to be something that malingers or stick with you longer, let that knowledge be that it is.  Let go the surface things that are holding you back so that you can cleanse it, let it go.  You will then look around you in Colorado Springs and see things from a different light; you will perceive things from a different manner.  As you look for a job you will find availability of things that have not come to your awareness as yet.  

I figured they were combined and interchangeable.  You're right about this unfinished business. I've discovered that in 2 past lifetimes we had unfinished business and he died before we could finish it.  I do have unfinished business.  I left the island and was still very connected on a soul level.  I'm still connected on a soul level.  I can still pick up his energy.  I sent him a letter and I bi-located as he read it.  I just can't let go.  So when you said for us to let go -- I don't want to let go, I'm not done with this yet.  I've been at this for 7 months. 

Again, it's 7 months!  As a human you become critical and as a human you think you need to be further along.  All of those are just judgments.  As your divinity, let yourself open to your divinity, let yourself feel the nurturing, let yourself feel the love.  Quit thinking in terms of the human reality.  Much easier said than done, I recognize that, but don't let yourself get bogged down in these surface levels.  Let go of whatever you can let go of and recognize that you will get to the basis of all this and it will release and it will go on. 

Sometimes it's very difficult in the human world when other people say ‘Maya you should just get over it'.  I'm like well you didn't see the divinity in that person before we went in this other direction and a lower vibration.  I kept hearing God say ‘just stay don't go, don't give up he's never had a fair shake in this life'.  Then me being the divine person I know I am gave him what he never had in this life and he turned his back on it due to his own fears.  So I keep hearing myself ‘don't give up'. 

Well, and yes what we say to you and remind you is that you are YOU, he is HIM.  You are not responsible for him.  You are not living his life for him.  You are not making his choices.  He is.  So let go that responsibility and let  yourself find the peace and find the acknowledgement within yourself. 

Well, okay.  I'm working on it.  Every day I'm working on it.  I allow myself to go with the healing.   I'm just going to be honest about the feelings; I don't care what anybody says.  I'm just going to honor my feelings and my emotions.  

That's all that you can do. 

As for job hunting, oh wow.  I came here because of my kids to share custody.  It wasn't my choice.  I wanted to go live in England because that feels like home to me. When I touched the ground when I landed there I felt I was home, so I was planning to go back there, but now I'm here.  So I'm making the best out of it. 

You say you're making the best out of it but in the energies we're picking up from you; it feels very cluttered and as if there are all these things that are unresolved. Not only for this person.  If you choose live there because of your children then recognize that you are CHOOSING to live there.  It may be because of your kids, but you are choosing.  Let your focus be that this is where you are at this point in your life and that will help to ground you and it will help to keep your energies or more aligned with that space. 

I feel at peace here, I feel content that this is where I need to be and I'm glad to be here.   But there is that ‘but' you know? 

And your ‘but' is what I'm picking up on.  We have to draw this to an end.  

Thank you very much. 

You are very welcome and always remember to be true to who you are and live in your divinity. 


All right, so I thank each of you as always for sharing this journey with me, for sharing this experience.  And as you continue to move on in your life, remember to be in the flow of your divinity and also remember to be in the flow of anything you seek to have within your life.  You are divine. 

I am with you. 



Crystal 12th February 2009 3:11 pm

This was awesome. I was reading the words and following each part with an open eye meditation watching things unfold about me. Awesome. I really could see how I look at myself and how I limit myself compared to when I connect with my I AM Presence. I felt so expanded and open when I was connecting with my divinity. I could definitely see why my perception might be that things are blocked. I got a real sense of just how much I do limit myself - incredible feeling. Even now at the close of the meditation I can still sense those ribbons of light and energy entering into my energy field at a hundred different points around me. This, to me, feels like being "in the flow" :) Thank you, I AM very grateful to have had the opportunity to grow in awareness.

Shelly 15th February 2009 9:40 am

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much for your comments! It truly is amazing how much you can shift your enrgy when reading. I too find that any time I step aside and look at myself that i am perceive limitations around me. I'm all for being as big as we can be!!

May you continue to flow through your days with ease....:)

Much love,


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