In the Flow of Lightbody Energy

This channel with the Goddess came as somewhat of the first anniversary from the time the Lightbody energy began to contact us.  We all have light bodies within and around us that work to support who we are.  The actual lightbody energy that comes through as a consciousness is different.  This is a very high vibrational energy that is now available to us in our daily lives.  This is a part of the crystalline vibration.  It is also what will take us to the next phase within our lives. 

During this channel the Goddess took us into the All That Is which is where we go as a part of each channel.  This time, she opened a door into the Omniverse!  It created a bridge and was a beautiful thing to see. The lightbody energy had a representative who speaks for this consciousness.  While androgynous, he often times manifests as a male energy.  He assisted us in experiencing the Omniverse.  For many, the expanded out to experience stars, planets, solar systems; whatever it was they wanted.

Rather than working with the hologram of the earth, the Goddess assisted in creating a direct column of light down into the earth.  At that point, Gaia came through and spoke.  She spoke about the changes.  She spoke about the balancing.  She also spoke about the oil spill taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.  Many others have commented on the spill, this was the first time the Goddess or Gaia has spoken of it to this group.  As she spoke and all the energy of the Omniverse was being infused into the earth, it created a huge vortex.  What I realized as the Goddess was speaking was that this vortex was moving through the Gulf and covered approximately two thirds of the space!  It was a brilliant light, it was open and the energy flowed with ease. 

There is so very much that took place in this channel!  I encourage you to experience it for yourself and see what comes to you as your focus.

Nama sika: venia benya               I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family.  I reach out to each one of you; I reach out and send forth my love, my awareness, and all that I am so that I may be of assistance to you in any way that you need.

This time upon the Earth is filled with many different levels of transformation.  If you consider back over the last 15 to perhaps 20 years or so when the Earth's consciousness made the decision to move forward with the ascension process of the Earth, it was as if humanity itself stepped onto the fast track and so many things began to happen.

Many of you were at the forefront of everything that's gone on and even so you feel the shift taking place.  There are many others who are just beginning to open up or awaken and they too feel those same, similar type of feelings. 

So no matter where you are, be aware that not only are you yourself moving through whatever is happening in your life, be aware that the Earth too is transitioning.

I would like to share with you that this is a time in which there has been a greater amount of the higher vibrational energies flowing consciously into the Earth than there ever was before.

As you allow yourself the opportunity to let these energies blend with you, flow with you and assist you, you will find that there is so much that is to your benefit.  Turn around and go with the flow of the energy; there is no need to push against it or push into struggle.

Breathe deeply once more; breathe all the way down within yourself and then as you do so let your consciousness release.  Have a sense of letting your energy shift into the space of the magnetic grid.  As you do so you can feel your consciousness as it expands within this space.  Open up and take in the many different pathways that move through here. 

You find that this is the space in which your higher self resides a good bit of the time, so perhaps there's a message waiting here for you from your higher self.  Perhaps you'd like to send out a message to someone else. 

From here you shift through; you move through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline vibration.  The crystalline grid itself will give you a sense of dimensions, a sense of shifts in consciousness, a sense of the various layers of energy and light.  You feel the space that resonates with you.

I then invite you to consciously allow your energies to move into the soul plane.  As you arrive here within the soul plane, feel who you are.  Allow yourself to merge with your I Am presence.

As you reach out and embrace who you are as your divinity, let it all flow through you.  With all that's been hectic and frantic upon the Earth in the last couple of weeks, I invite you to take just this moment to truly let yourself feel that flow of your divinity as it moves through you.

As you do this feel the love, feel the support, feel the awareness.  I have a sense of each one of you expanding even further as you allow for this flow to move within and around you.

I the Goddess take this as an opportunity to move here within this space.  I reach out to each one of you and embrace you.  I merge my energies with yours.  And as I do so you can feel yourself expanding and shifting into the space of the All That Is. 

As you allow your focus to move within and around this space, I invite you to be open to look at the crystalline energies.  It was right about this time last year that the lightbody energies began to make themselves known to you.  So in a sense I wished to have tonight be somewhat of a celebration.

I am going to step aside and allow the lightbody energies to come forth and speak with you.

Lightbody energies speak:

We greet you.  We remember how that very first time we came to speak with you in this manner, it was so very awkward.  It was awkward for us it was awkward for Shelly because the shift in vibration was quite different than anything that we have experienced.

I speak as the voice of a collective consciousness; for what is known as the lightbody energy.

Each of you as a human have had various energy fields within and around you for your entire life.  You are made up of multi-dimensional aspects of yourself.  You're made up of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Those are the four that humans have focused upon for quite some time.

This bringing forth of the lightbody energy is actually giving you an opportunity to manifest a more crystalline vibration.  So that it can be there to help you through your days, to help you with whatever you are doing within your life so that it gives you an opportunity to have as much or as little growth as you may so choose.

I invite you to take a moment and truly consider what it feels like as you blend fully with your lightbody energy.  Some of you feel it as just an expansion of your consciousness.  Others feel this energy as a particular type of vibration that is unique unto us. We see others have a perception of a color, a shape, a sparkle.  There is of course no right or wrong; it is simply one's perception.

The reason that I wanted you to consider it in this manner is that I would like you to also have a sense of turning around and look back over the past year.  Whether or not the lightbody energy has been with you for that entire time, you can still allow yourself to merge with these energies and see what has happened for you.

Change comes in many, many different forms.  Sometimes there's a sense of being stagnant; of a lack of motion or movement.  I wish for you to have a sense of recognizing how while it may seem as if you are not moving in your life, or things are not happening as quickly as they are, look at the other dimensions around you because in many cases you are actually quite busy and still setting things up for yourself.

As the Earth itself continues to integrate more and more of the crystalline energy, each of you will have greater access to how it affects you.  You'll have greater access to opportunities; you may find your potentials shift.  You may find you actually end up moving in a direction of which you had no previous notion.

I am going to take this moment and manifest more of this crystalline energy as I speak with you, so I invite each one of you to open up your senses with the conscious intention of becoming aware of my expansion.  What I see happening is that it is as if there is an expansion within me, but it also is as if it is creating a doorway for you.

As I open up this door it creates a view into the Omniverse.  It makes me chuckle because as soon as I mention opening the door, so many of you rushed to move through.  There is a bit of a jam so I'll expand the door. 

This is what we so dearly love about humanity. That continuous urge to learn new and different things; that sense of adventure for going new places.  That is what has led you to where you are today; that is what will take you this next step.

We've now moved through that door and we merge with this area.  At first I had thought to just speak of what was there but now that I see how each of you prefer to actually interact with this, I invite you to let yourself fly. 

As we are out here within the Omniverse, as you are looking at this, I encourage you to open up your awareness to perceive the planets, the galaxies, the aspects of the Universe that are in alignment with you at this time.

There is so much of this crystalline energy that is available out here within this space and as all of you come forth, as you look at this, it's as if you see streams of light and streams of energy.  Some come from specific planets; others come from a sense of manifesting out within the Universe or the Omniverse.

This is lightbody energy; this is pure crystalline energy.  Some of you consider it the new energy.  Allow it all to stream down through this place and see it as it comes back in here within the All That Is.  Have a sense to send out a stream of light for some of those who are really going far out within the Omniverse.

If this is your choice to do, whether at this time or another time, I remind you that you are fully connected with the Earth plane and you will always be drawn back within the Earth at the end of our little excursions.  So I would advise you not to let fear hold you back; this is pure consciousness, pure energy, pure potential.

As you look around the All That Is, you can see this energy as it has manifested.  As you consider whatever may be happening within your life, bring it here into this space at this time.  Here within this space of the lightbody energy, not only are you present as your I Am presence but you are present with your Earth-bound consciousness and you are present with all this energy.

Now that I have brought this into this space I'm going to turn it back over to the Goddess so that I too may blend with this energy and you may tap into my essence with greater ease.

Goddess speaks:

You will find that there is less of a distinction between my essence and my vibration and that of the lightbody energies.  There are less lines of delineation than there has ever been before.

As you look around you, become aware of how this lightbody energy is not only in the space around you but it is completely blended within you.  If you so choose you can reach out and allow your consciousness to blend in such a smooth manner that there is no separation of you and this energy.

Indeed when you align with this within yourself, it is completely integrated.  It is only because we are working with the energy in this manner that you have that sense of separateness or something more than you. 

Consider your life.  Consider if there is anything that is holding you back at this time.  As we move into something that is more analytical, your consciousness stays expanded but it is not quite as expanded as it was a moment ago.  This is because of bringing in that sense of categorizing your life or analyzing the various parts of your life. 

For some we have a sense that you can put your finger on something specific that you would like to see transition in order to get from point A to point B.  If that is the case for you then I invite you to draw up within these energies the end result of where you seek to go or what you seek to have.

And here within these lightbody or these crystalline energies, let that flow through you; let it flow through whatever this is.  In some cases it is as if it cleans out the energy.  In other cases it assists in creating a greater clarity for you.  See, sense, feel yourself as having accomplished whatever this may be. 

There are others who have a sense of wishing to just feel better without a particular end result.  They just want to feel different than what they do right now.  I invite you to release the resistance and breathe in this crystalline energy.

As you breathe in this energy with the intention of being open and allowing it to flow up and down through you in every manner, feel how good that is.  The crystalline energy gives you the opportunity of creating change with greater ease.  It gives you another manner of being able to be in the light of your divinity.  To have it reflected back towards you.

As you are here within this space, as you recognize that you have access to the entire Omniverse if you so choose; then know within you that you have the answers.  That you have the resources available to you for whatever it is that you seek within your life. 

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your awareness.  I know that we usually work with the hologram but this time I would like for you to work directly with the Earth. 

As you shift your focus in such a way that your consciousness once more is looking towards the Earth; sometimes people just slide down, returning their full consciousness to the Earth. But if you can, remain in this space of the All That Is but look towards the earth so that you may have the perception of what's going on. 

As you look at the Earth you can actually see a pulsation that emanates.  This is the heart beat of Gaia; it's the heart beat of the Earth itself.  It is also a means of showing you the shift between dimensions.

More and more of those higher vibrational energies are becoming available to each one of you.  But here in this space of the All That Is, as you look down have a sense of opening to or seeing the ways in which this energy merges with the Earth.

There are some immense portals in various locations.  There are portals that blend with various dimensions.  There is also a flow of the lightbody energy that comes into the Earth through humanity. 

So as you shift your focus in such a way, allow yourself to open as we blend with the Earth itself.  And we can feel Gaia as she comes forward to speak with you. 

Gaia speaks:

I greet you beloved family, beloved friends.  I know you so very well.  Many of you reach out to me, loving me, supporting me, honoring me on a very continuous basis.  And those of you who are less aware still have a bond with me that is there and running as if in the background.  Indeed you may call me the background music of your life. 

Many people have expressed concern about the changes taking place upon the Earth.  I have deliberately chosen not to speak of some of these changes so as not to give it the entire focused attention that would come with speaking.

Now of course in the way I did this, it's as if it's that elephant that everyone knows about but we try not to speak of it.  So as the energies shift around that, I invite you to let yourself blend with the Gulf of Mexico where the oil has been leaking.

Now as we speak of this, immediately I feel many people going into fear.  And I would like to say that everything that happens upon the Earth happens exactly as it needs to.  If you will once more step back from the Gulf and really, really look you may notice the immense beam of light that takes up almost half the Gulf that beams out from that place.

You will remember how this part of the world has numerous hurricanes.  That swirling of the energies, that blowing of the energies that come with the hurricanes are often times brought in through this portal.

With what's occurring right now it was in part a shift in the vibration and a shift in the intensity that has created some of the difficulties, as you the humans call this. 

Before the time that you as a humanity would consider it history, things not perhaps exactly like this but similar to this would happen from time to time as Earth was moving through its transition. This is one of the reasons why I can move with the flow and the understanding that all is well.

As you look at this space, as you look at this portal of light, you see how there is an alignment that goes back to your ancient times.  It also goes back and creates an essence or an alignment with the energies or people who live within the Earth. 

There is also a beam of light that connects directly with that crystalline energy that is coming in from the Omniverse.

This is not the only place in which it is infused; it is but one of many.  As you move through your days be aware that equilibrium is being created.  An equilibrium in a very physical manner from the solid Earth to the water, to the plant life, to everything that is within this space.  Indeed the humans who work here are also a part of that alignment and that anchoring.

There have also been a multitude of other lightworkers who have focused upon this space; some with the intent of healing and balancing, others as a means of highlighting what is wrong.  We see transition that leads to a balanced energy that allows a much greater and easier flow of lightbody energy into and around the Earth.

So as I said this is but one space.  Look around at other parts of the world and you will find places of earthquakes, places of other natural occurrences, and I ask you only to be aware that it is all a part of the normal transformation of the Earth. 

So breathe deeply, come down, blend with me as Gaia, feel and know for yourself that all is well.

I do thank you for your love and your devotion.


Goddess speaks:

And with that the energies come back up here within the All That Is.  Feel yourself integrating that experience.  Feel who you are.  Know and understand within you, accept within you that you are deeply aligned to the Earth and that the Earth's energies and the Earth's experiences are there as a support to you. 

Here within the All That Is it is as if you standing in the midst of the flow coming in from the Omniverse, moving through you and moving down into the Earth.  So too in your daily life you stand in the flow in just such a manner.

Let's go back again for just a moment to what you are considering about your life; what you would like to have.  And as you balance it here in this energy, have a sense of tossing it up and then breathing deeply and breathe it down through you.  Breathe it through your consciousness; breathe it all the way down into you.

Feel it, accept it.  You may find you want to do that two, three, four, any number of times.  There is no limit; it is for you to enjoy. 

With that I would say to you have a sense of shifting your focus in such a way that you merge once more with the soul plane.  As you do so, look at how much more you are able to perceive.

As you look around, there is a greater clarity as you look at your divinity.  You may find that the larger portion of your divinity or just a portion of your divinity remains within this space as you shift into the crystalline grid.  Absolutely, you are blending at this moment within a higher aspect of the crystalline grid than when you first arrived.  This is a direct result of what you have moved through.

Allow your energies to shift once more until you find yourself merging with the magnetic grid.  Here within this space you once more feel that magnetic pull of the Earth. You find your energies once more coming back into this space of what it is to be human.

Allow your consciousness to return to your physical body.  I invite you to breathe deeply and for those of you who went out far, far into the Omniverse, you've already been pulling yourself back.  But as you breathe deeply, breathe in all of your consciousness, breathe all of your consciousness back within you so you may ground within your physical body. 

Expand the energy field around you so that it will accommodate this new and expanded you.

As you are grounding back within your human self, take a moment and consciously become aware of your lightbody energy and increase that flow; work with it, allow for it to move through you.  Also reach down and feel the energies of Gaia, feel the energies of the Earth as they come up within you as another means of grounding you.

Know that you are connected.  Feel that and integrate what it is to have accomplished what it is you seek in your life.

As you continue to breathe deeply, as you come back within your human reality, I invite you to come back within this conference room if you so choose and I am here to answer any questions that you may have.

[The Q&A will be added as soon as I can complete them.  I apologize for the delay in giving you the answers to your questions.]

Okay, so with that we're going to take one more moment and I invite you to just swirl out of those energies of the individual people and find yourself once more as if you are standing there in your life; standing there with everything happening within and around you.

And consciously bring down or flow into you the crystalline energies and the lightbody energies, and then consciously send it through you and out into your life and into the Earth and into everything around you.

You are the creator of your life.  You are here as a part of this magnificent experience of Earth. 

Allow that crystalline flow to move through you and remember to stand in the flow in such a way that it assists you.

I am ever with you.




Shelly Dressel 19th August 2010 5:38 am

I agree! I think this is a reflection of all that has been coming in and it's creating new opportunity. We've been waiting for so long for things to get easier and in many respects I think they are. It's really interesting! I just know that when i'm open to this energy and flows with ease I feel really good~~~

Thanks for writing!


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