Infusion of Planetary Configuration

Nama Sika;  Venia Benya                      I AM the One;  I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light, as always I thank you for this opportunity to come in and join you as you move through this journey and this experience that you will have at this time. Each of you as you move along your path upon the soul plane and upon the earth plane are moving in ways that are in conjunction with one another. You might find that you are moving in a way in which it feels as if one foot is in one dimension the other foot is in another dimension. This is the way that you are shifting and moving so that all the rest of the world is able to come up to these higher dimensions or these higher planes of reality. There is a great deal of change that has been coming about for a great deal of time now. This coming week is the celebration that is bringing to fruition all that you have embarked upon. While it may seem as if you are getting to the top of the mountain, it is indeed a at the top of one of the cliffs but this mountain continues out even higher as the evolution continues on even beyond what is going to happen and occur in the next several days.

As you connect within yourself, and as you are connecting with this group, allow yourself to move into the magnetic grid. As you move into this grid work, you can feel the subtle shift and changes that occur within your consciousness. This is a part of what keeps you grounded or closer to the earth plane. In this place we are bringing in and storing those amounts of your I AM presence, which you are not able to store in your physical body. The more that you work with these energies and the more that you are bringing the I AM presence into the magnetic grid, the more you are actually working and living you life through your I AM presence. So you find yourself expanding, becoming aware of the various pathways that are around you. You connect up with the others who are within this group, those both consciously with you and those who are unconsciously with you.

From here we move through and into the crystalline grid. As you release the magnetic pull, you find that there is a greater expansion that occurs within your consciousness. You notice the iridescent sparkle that is a part of these crystals. As you connect with either the grid work as a whole, or one particular crystal, you find yourself adjusting to the vibration of that crystal. This may shift or change each time that you come into this space, because your consciousness is aware and knows the energies that are best for it to connect with at this time.

Call forth the column of light. You see or sense this light as it surrounds either yourself or the entire group. This light is taking on more of an iridescent sparkle and it is taking on more colors with subtle shifts and changes that reflect the evolution that you have been going through. As you move into the light, you find yourself shifting and moving into the higher dimension. As you come to the place in which you emerge from the column of light, you have a sense of stretching and expanding, you are without limits. You are in this space of your infinite expansion. This is a place in which you housed any part of your I AM presence that you have not brought with you down to the earth plane. This is where you are able to connect up with all aspects of your soul presence <meaning your Monad>. As you do this, you find yourself becoming aware of other lives our existence is that are going on at the same time that this one is that you are currently residing within. If any of these lives are made known to you, allow yourself to find out the reason why. You may find that you are evolving more lives than just the one that you are currently within. As you look around at the other energies of light that are here within this space, you find yourself becoming aware of the guides, the essences of light. If it is necessary for you to connect with them at this time you will do so.

Open now to receive my energy. You may feel the essence of the Goddess as I move in and amongst your consciousness. As I connect with each one of you I embrace you! I blend more fully with your consciousness. Allow yourself to feel this expansion. As you look around and become aware, you realize that each one of you has become a brighter light. There is a shift in your perception of yourself and there is a shift in your perception of everything that is around you.

We call forth the energy of God. The energy of the divine masculine. Feel the shift or the subtle change that occurs as this energy is moving amongst you. You allow yourself to embrace and more fully blend with this energy of the divine masculine. You are in a space of completion; you are in a space of balance. We do this at one of the lower dimensions connected with the earth plane, that it more fully infuses the energy of what this is or the essence of this blending into this space. Your I AM presence is complete! It feels the blending of both, it feels the balance within. As you recognize this, there's an even greater expansion that occurs.

Allow yourself to move into the space of All That Is. You may already find yourself there by blending with the God and Goddess. You can also enter this space as a conscious decision to move either through a doorway or into a space in which you feel that finer vibration all the way around you. You know this space, you are home! You are in this space of where all is in perfection, you have everything that you have sought and you have the knowledge of the All That Is.

You have worked in the past with the shape of the diamond; we're going to work with this again now. Allow your consciousness to be at one point of the diamond. The other three points can be represented by any other energy of light. Perhaps two of them will be the God and the Goddess. You find that by moving into this formation once you have already blended with the God and Goddess that what you are doing is actually extending out your own consciousness and you may find separations within yourself to encompass all four of the points. You may have, a sparkle of light for which there is no name to you, or it may be in energy of light that you work with on a very conscious level. What you find is that you are building from the sacred geometry a vortex of energy. As you become conscious of this energy as it moves from one point to another, you begin to realize that it is taking on a different shape.

When you are ready, have a sense of all four points coming together and blending in the center. As you do that, you have a sense of exploding or moving into yet a new dimension of reality. What you become conscious of, is that you can have a knowledge of everything that is occurring within the universe, or you can cone down and become aware of one minute particle. As you expand throughout the universe you may find yourself also blending over into the Omniverse. You may also find yourself simply in a space of existence. Feel the joy and excitement that is so much a place within this existence. You cannot separate one from the other. As you are aware of each particle, you are aware of the infinite love that you have for yourself, for all aspects of yourself. You realize that as much as you are able to know from within this space, there is a great deal that you do not know, but to are able to let go. You understand and trust that everything that is important for you to know or is a part of your pathway is made known to you at this time.

Ansania, ishta aluensa alluisha namanishka alua.  As I play among the stars of the universe I feel the sense of joy and love that is within.

From this place this space of being in infinite joy, infinite love you accept your perfection. For how could you be anything less than perfect when you are the essence of the All That Is? Allow yourself to move through these energies. Take note of anything that you wish to bring back with you when it's time for you to return to the earth plane. You come to a point in which you begin to gather all aspects of your consciousness which you sent throughout the universe. You realize that as you touched on some of the various planets, stars, moon, you found that you were able to tap into the energies of what ever it was so that you could receive information. You also recognize that some of these had asked for you, had asked for you to join with them during that moment of time.

You have a sense of coming back into your consciousness, bringing each aspect back together into one thought form. You remain in this higher plane of reality. I wish for you to come back together and see yourselves as forming a group. Again, you have a sense of those who are the humans together in a circle as you look around behind you or across the circle from where you are, you begin to see the Angels, the guides, the entities of other planets, there are a multitude of these energies of light that are here in response to your call, and in response to what is occurring upon the earth plane at this time. You see before you in the center of the group a part of your universe in which you see the earth, but not totally in the center but in its place, and other planets around it and there are some stars. You see those formations that make up the Star of David. If you look beyond, you begin to realize that they're even more than these six planets that are involved in everything that is happening at this time. You realize that through sacred geometry there are many different shapes and forms that are surrounding the earth. At any given time these planets are connected with one another and influenced by one another just as they do the energies of the earth plane. You allow yourself to see how everything rotates around the other and through this energy, there is a blending in which you have a sense of moving through at the same time that they are moving around <this is talking about the planets and stars that surround the earth>.

There are some energies which appear even brighter are stronger than the other energies at this time. You find, that there's a great deal of emotion that is being brought up as a result of this configuration. You realize, that in particular in the coming week, as these stars and planets continue in the path that they are on that some of these emotions are going to be enhanced even more. This is a time of transformation upon the earth. That transformation takes place at this at this time in the ethers. You have already been sending energy and light to this vision, and at this point have a sense of connecting even more deeply so that you may receive insights, but also that we provide this space that allows for the expression of all these energies. We ask that as each person moves through it they can move through with comfort and ease. You have a sense of all the energies of light that are surrounding you also transmitting to this situation. You may find yourself drawn more fully to one planet or star, or another. Or you may find yourself blending with everything that is occurring. As you begin to allow this to go to an even deeper level, you are sensing the diamonds and the triangles, and the rectangles, and all the various shapes of the sacred geometry forming within your group. Simply connecting as you are, you begin to find yourself rotating. You are transformed! You are the energy! You are a part of all that is occurring! <I had a sense at this point of becoming a part of the hologram and actually blending with and becoming the energy around and within the earth>

As the time is right, the rotation comes to a place in which you are able to separate your consciousness from the rest. Become aware of the ways in which you are electrified. Observe the iridescent sparkle that radiates from you! As a result of this blending you realize that you will be one of the anchors of light in the week to come, as so many others are feeling the transition of what is occurring. You will find yourself in the space of having experienced this so that you are detached to a degree from everything else that is occurring. As the emotions are brought up to be transformed they can be acknowledged and released without reliving the experience. You may find yourself in a position of transmuting emotions for other people, and you recognize that and allow these energies to flow past you.

As the time is right, the image of the earth plane, the stars, and everything else that has been involved disappears. You need not send the ball of light as you have sent it <the earth> in the past, because through your complete blending with it, you have already infused it with the essence of light you have worked with tonight. Take this time to acclimate your I AM presence to the shift that has occurred. You may have a sense of being in the space of the All That Is by yourself, or you may have a sense of talking with a guide, or teacher, or friend.

As you are ready, have a sense of moving back to that doorway or back into that space and to the upper soul plane, that space in which the greater amount of your I AM presence has been housed. This has now become the way station. The more that you shift and move into the even higher and finer vibrations or dimensions the higher this one <soul plane> moves along with you.

In this space, we are going to blend more completely with our physical bodies. You call forth the image of what your physical body is upon the earth plane, as you do so you may see a hologram of your body, or you may have a sense of the actual physical body moving up here. However you wish to do so, you see before you your physical incarnation in this lifetime. As you are looking at your physical body, is there anything that needs to be transformed? Do you see any denseness or anything that stands out to you? If so, allow yourself to send that part of you a sense of love and acceptance. Ansa-eeya ---- accept your physical body as it is at this moment in time. When you are ready, you embrace this physical body with your soul essence. In this manner, you are infusing every aspect of your soul with your physical and every aspect of your physical with your soul. There is no separation, there is only one. You are infusing these energies that you have just worked with directly into your physical body. You allow for your physical body to adjust to it<these higher energies>. You almost have a sense of rightness, or a sense of clicking into place when you sense that all is complete.

As you are ready, call forth that column of light through which you can descend back into the crystalline grid. You may also just put forth the intent to be in that grid work. You feel the shift in your body as you move through these dimensions; you recognize the lightness of the infinite when you are in the higher, finer dimensions. Your body takes on a different depth or feel to it or perhaps a thickness as you move down into the lower dimensions. But you are in a space, of bringing more of that finer lighter energy back into the spaces.

As you are ready you leave behind these crystals and move through the magnetic grid. You find that shift within yourself as you are again within the magnetic pull. You feel yourself coming back within the earth's atmosphere, within the texture of the earth, you find yourself becoming a part of the earth. You feel Gaia there to embrace you. You have a sense of your physical body as it is acclimated with these new energies. You have a sense of the perfection that you can see at that higher level. You bring that perfection with you to the plane in which you live and on a daily to basis. As you come back and are becoming acclimated to these energies I ask if there any particular questions you have for me tonight. As you come back you may press the 4 on your keypad to come back into the group.


Question: <paraphrased> The question was whether or not as we begin to bring more of the crystalline energy into a physical body are we going to be more sensitive to the solar flares and the other energetic exchanges that are out in the universe?


Answer:  Thank you beloved. This is indeed a shift and a change that will be occurring in the future. Your bodies are moving through a place of transition, at this time yes indeed you will be much more sensitive to these energies, and then there will be other times in which will be less so. This is always the way it has been, but what is happening is that you are going through a period of adjustment. You will get to the space in which will not be as sensitive, but for right now especially the solar flares that were discussed last week, that had a great deal of impact upon the magnetic grid also. Indeed, it was due to the fact that you are bringing in so much crystalline energy within your physical body. The solar flare came in and have an effect on the magnetics that are surrounding the earth plane, that it jarred the crystalline that was within you. Yes it was because you are of the crystalline body but it was more a reaction of the crystalline body within your physical and to the magnetics that were surrounding the earth.  Does this answer your question?  <the person affirmed yes> Alright my beloved.

Indeed, I wish to say more about this. For as we are bringing more and more of this crystalline energy into the earth plane, as we are stepping up into a higher dimension of reality from within the earth plane, a part of the reason that people will be having greater amount of intuition, their clairvoyance, clairaudience, all of these different psychic abilities are going to become easier for them to use because of the crystalline energies within their bodies. So, not only do you become more sensitive to the geothermal, if you wish to call it, or the activities of the universe, so too, are you able to access in a more purposeful way those other gifts or instincts or intuition you if you wish to call them within your own life time upon the earth plane. Therefore, you are bringing your personality aspect, or your ego aspect, more fully blended with your spiritual or your sole aspect. So, that as you move forward there will only be the one and this is how you are able to have these greater amounts of intuition and psychic abilities. The next set to come from this will be telepathy and teletransport we have discussed this before, and we will be discussing it further as the time is right.   <the person asking the question expressed gratitude and stated he had a much better understanding>  All right my beloved, are there any other questions?


Question: <paraphrased> You are asking me if the reason you had difficulty concentrating tonight is due to the physical illness that you have had or if perhaps all of this combined is a form of resistance.


Answer:  All right my beloved.  With you in particular, you have gone through such a transformation and I know that we have had this discussion before, but you have been taking huge such steps and such strides that especially in particular the last six weeks one month to a six week period of time, upon the earth, you have been doing even more in that period of time and perhaps the last six months or a year. You have been consciously asking for this and consciously bringing this in. You are moving into the space of the healer. You have always been a healer, but have not acknowledged that within yourself until recently. So as you move into this space of the healer, you are indeed purging and releasing a great many toxins that were within your physical body, as a result of the years upon the earth. So too, as you blend with the I AM presence and you are releasing toxins and experiences from other lifetimes. So while you may not have your finger placed upon a specific incident within your current life, there is a great deal of releasing that has been going on within you, and now you're at a place of detoxifying. That is where a lot of your physical symptoms have come from. When you ask the question about resistance, we see within your energy field that there is no resistance. But because you ask the question is their resistance that will tell you that perhaps within your personality aspect or your physical aspect there is a place of resistance. Does this make sense to you? So, for that space within the physical body, continue to allow yourself to blend more easily with the higher vibrational field or the higher dimensions. That will allow the resistance within you, you don't even need to go in and find its and analyze it and evaluate it, you need only connect with the potential that it is there a or your thought that it is there for you to be able to then release it. It is the acknowledgment of a potential for something or is an acknowledgment of a specific experience and the release of it will come much more easily. And you are welcome my beloved.


Question:  <paraphrased>  I recently was talking with the person who channels master Kireal.  He mentioned that I am going a large change and that what I’m starting now will be finishing in about May of next year.  What is your insight on this?


Answer:   The shifts that master Kireal is talking about, how to speak, you know what you are talking about, I don't have the specific words that I wish to put with this because my sense of this is a little different than his. When I look at you and I connect with you, and I see you as you are, I see you as the perfection of who you are. Every moment as you are moving through that day there is a perfection in that moment. When you talk about a shift lasting a certain period of time, where you give it a beginning and an end to it. I do not see that with you. What I see with you, is that all of existence and all of your soul experience is one continuous movement, shifting, and changing, experience. So you are always going to be changing, there is always going to be an evolution and a growth to who you are. I believe he is talking about is in deed it simply a matter of you stepping into these energies and accepting the perfection of who you are which is what she did at the higher levels tonight. This tonight was like opening up and meeting these higher aspects of yourself not true first time, but maybe perhaps for the first conscious time. And now you'll be able to work with that more fully because you are now conscious of it. As to when it will all and, it is not important. <the person was talking more about this response and commenting> exactly beloved!  As you move through your days, with that feeling within yourself, you find yourself more accepting of who you are because you don't need to constantly change who you are. You don't need to study program to change who you are. You may study anything that is of interest to you because this is all a part of the human experience. But you do it with the consciousness of finding joy and excitement not to a consciousness of changing to become different or “more better” because you are already perfect.  <acknowledged thanks> absolutely beloved, you are welcome. Is there anybody else?


Question: <paraphrased> you are asking how we are in a position to help those who are just waking up.


Answer:  All right beloved. By we, I am including you. I don't feel you separate from me.  What you as the humans who are walking upon the earth plane who have been through this process can do for the others, it is simply living your life. As you move through your day, and find yourself able to be detached from much of the trauma and trauma that is going on your find yourself in a space of peace and contentment. This is something that will attract others to you. Mostly what you will do is by living your life as an example to them. The people that are humans and upon the earth plane right now enjoy taking classes or reading books, or finding things. So how you wish to go forward with this, for all of you are teachers in one form or another, but some of you will be moving into a space of teaching class's in which people will come and they will wish to have a curriculum and they will wish to have notes and this is the way it has always been with the old energies. It is impossible to read teach the new energy in that same format, so you are going to find what will be necessary to do is perhaps find that time or create a diary, if you wish to call it that of your experiences and your own transformation. What will come known to you are certain things that need, oh how to say, will stand up to more so than others. As you begin to look at those certain things, that will be the basis for what you will begin to create and place into a book form or perhaps a seminar form. Then you will find it as the people are finding you and wishing to discuss things with you this is a way to be organized in such a way as to be able to express this in a means that they can understand. The first and will be released as we're moving into this is the rigid structure of a rigid schedule. It is impossible to teach non-rigid <ideals> through a rigid format. Does that make sense beloved? You are welcome.


Question:  <parpaphrased> Can you give me any insights on my path and what direction I might go.  What can I expect?


Answer:   all right beloved you are asking with the path.  You have been moving through especially over the past 18 months and letting go and moving into a space of what brings you joy and asking for insights on what may be a job for you, what may be your place upon the earth is this what you're asking? All right my beloved. As we connect with you, we sense to see so much within you that it is hard for us to put our fingers on any one thing. You truly are the epitome of being open to anything that comes your way, for indeed as we connect with you there is such a diverse number of paths that are available to you, that there is no one that stands out as strong and then another. This is indeed a glorious way in which to be and glorious way in which to move to your life upon the earth. It is going to allow you the ability to move into or as the unfolding is occurring, you'll be able to find that is a very smooth transition as you go into what ever your next that maybe it. So as you ask us for insights as to what it might be is a little bit difficult to say because we see so many different potentials. What we do sense, is that especially over the next several weeks to a month with you is that new opportunities are going to be coming your way. We see a shift in your energy that You will be making some decisions and that there will be, we somewhat hesitate to say a move because it is not a move as an across the planet, but there will be a move in either to another city or another part of the city in which you are in and whether this is this is something that will bring you joy. We sense strongest within you a working with people. We see all different age groups, but in particular those who are older children or young adults. Those who are going into are beginning to become more independent and finding their own way. This was something that was a bit of a challenge for you through your own personal experience you will have a lot to offer others. As you have come into this space of being in the joy, or being in acceptance of whatever is there, you find yourself living and being able to convey this with others. So we see many different potentials for this difficult to find anyone other than this expression of this communication. Is there anything that comes to mind as we speak to you of this? <the person indicated no> Ok, that’s all right.  Allow yourself to continue as you have been.  Allow yourself to be open to what comes your way, for it’s almost as if a dancing in the energies is what we wish to say to you is how we sense you or see you.  Continue to dance in these energies!  Know and trust that it is your ability to communicate with others that will bring you greater joy and purpose in your path.  We wish to be more specific when we are able to be, but in this instance we are unable to be so. <due to the person’s vast amount of potentials and openness to ideas>  Is there anybody else?


Question:  I would like to ask for a special blessing for the channel. I am so grateful for this beautiful gift she has that allows us to connect with you.  Because of the channel’s gift we’re able to connect at a deeper level than I ever have before and I’m really glad you’ve come into my life.  <at least 5 other people agreed with what was said, some elaborated>  Also help for the channel to complete her website.


Answer:      The channel cannot talk; <she is weeping>  I can speak for her now!  She is overwhelmed by the feelings, the joy, and the love that is being sent her way! <I felt wave after wave of love and joy flow over me at this point and had to pause to collect myself> She does this with joy and through her communication and connection with each one of you and with me.  This is a great part of what her life expression and experience is upon the earth plane.  She feels this love and connection and she’s overwhelmed with the words that go along with that and she is very grateful that you would bring that up. Thank you!  Is there anybody else?

Alright my beloved family; you will find as you move through your days, that there is a greater and greater amount of the love flowing within you and around you.  In this week to come, be aware of these energies as they come closer to earth plane and the ways that they interact with one another.  You will be finding things that are unique and different perhaps.  Accept them for what they are.  Simply the transition of energies.  We are meeting together again very shortly and that will be on the day in which the shift has actually occurred.  As you know we spoke of it before, much of what was done when we opened the portals back in the summer months when people began to feel a lot of the physical symptoms, when people began to feel this bigger shift in energy.  This is now coming to an end so to speak or coming to fruition.  It will be completing a cycle of what is started on Saturday.  As we get together at that time, it will be a time of joyful expression.  It will be a time of shifting and being in the space of the new expansion and awareness that will be so much more readily available to the general public upon the earth plane.  You are the forebearers of this energy as you are each well aware.  Everything that is being done by you and the other Lightworkers upon the earth plane is coming to its peak so to speak at this concordance that is occurring.  Then over the next 2-3 years, or perhaps even a bit longer than that, it will a matter of allowing and assisting the mass consciousness to then move up to this level. It will then not be long until all people will be much more aware of these energies and this light as it is moving through the earth.

I thank you for this opportunity to bring me in.  I thank you for this opportunity to blend with each one of you.  You are such joy and light!

I am with you.

I am within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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