Integrating Aspects to Create a New Beginning

This channel took place on the 9th anniversary of Goddess Light!! I’d like to thank each of you who have followed our messages and all the support you’ve given me over the years. It really means a lot!

This channel was about recognizing the many different aspects that make up who we are. When in the All That Is, the Goddess had each of us call forth the aspects that make up who we are in this life. For many people this was as I looking at a group; some are supportive, others hold you back.

She began by inviting everyone to open to those that were holding them back. It was as if they shuffled to the front of the group and people had the chance to understand why they came to be in the first place. Most often it started out as something supporting or protecting you. Once these aspects were released, they blended back into the person’s I AM presence. This then gave you the opportunity to work with that which is supporting you. People then cleared another level if that was needed. From there people were able to balance and integrate all the remaining aspects so as to strengthen and balance themselves.

Once balanced, the Goddess invited everyone to look out towards the universe to see if perhaps there were aspects from other lifetimes having an effect upon you. You could release any that were not supporting you and realign with any that would enhance your life right now. From there the Lightbody energies came in even more strongly. They merged with everyone to support and assist in creating a new beginning.

So often people talk about feeling stuck in their life; they talk about how long it takes to manifest. Therefore, the Goddess had everyone release everything they are seeking to manifest, then once balanced and integrated with the LB energies, she had people put forth their intentions once more. This allowed everyone to let go what is no longer working for them – but they could also ask or seek the same thing, but it would now be from a new level or a new beginning.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I move amongst all of you who are here at this time because this is a celebration. This is the anniversary; it is now nine years that Shelly and I have been working together in this manner and I wish to celebrate with each one of you.

No matter where you were nine years ago it was an intention of not only those who were with us in a physical sense, but that potential for a much bigger group that brought all of us together, and kept nudging Shelly and I to begin to speak and reach out to everyone in this manner.

A lot has taken place during this period of time. I still vividly remember those channels from the very beginning; there were perhaps six or eight people. And some of you are still here. I see you, I remember.

But those six or eight people assisted us in creating a foundation of what would reach out to many, many more people.

None of this can be done alone. It is all about your connection to each other. It’s about your connection to me. I so appreciate life. I had not had the ability to come this close into the Earth until the year 2000; many of you already know this.

Therefore when I first began speaking with you I was somewhat more distant as if speaking from afar. As I have become anchored within and around so many different people, it has allowed me to have a different experience than what I have had before.

I am source essence. I am also in alignment with each one of you and created from not only each of you but all of humanity, all of the energies of the Universe and then aspects of the Omniverse.

The consciousness with which you align with myself is that which is most beneficial to the Earth. I invite you to reach out to me, embrace me, invite me to come and be a part of your life. I feel such love for every one of you.

There is a lot taking place on your Earth during this year. There are still people who speak of catastrophes taking place. There are still people who think the Earth will come to an end. There are still people who wish to hold onto that which they already know and sometimes that holds them in a space of fear, a space of pain, a space that may be disconnected from their divinity.

I am a light that is able to show you who you truly are. You are the individual living this life. You are a soul essence that is way more immense than you are able to comprehend. You are in alignment with many, many other people, sometimes around you in a physical manner and sometimes aligned with other people around the world in an energetic manner.

Everyone has alignment with others. It may feel sometimes as if you are isolated and alone. If this is the case I invite you at this moment as everyone is still very grounded to let that come up within you for a moment and then breathe it out, let it go. Allow yourself to feel the alignment with all who are here.

I wished to speak in a little bit greater detail so that you would have the opportunity to feel how you can shift the energies and you can discern the energies while you are still so grounded upon the Earth.

Everything that we have been doing in the All That Is is now becoming much more integrated within your everyday reality.

My intention as I began these meditative journeys was for each person to have their own experience so that you would know what is real for you, what is a potential for you and how to manifest that. This is still my intention for you.

We take this as an opportunity to let our focus or our awareness to be here within this place but for the moment we are shifting and I invite you to take this moment, allow your focus to shift as you reach out and align with the magnetic grid.

As you feel yourself here within this space, I invite you to open your perception and take in all that is here for you. As you look around become aware of the flow of energy. Your thoughts, your impulses, move through here with ease and with great speed.

I invite you to let go the magnetic pull of the Earth and allow yourself to shift into the energies of the crystalline grid. As you arrive within this space, I remind you how when we began these journeys the crystalline grid did not exist as you know it today.

The crystalline and lightbody energies had been gathering for quite some time. People were tapping into them sometimes unconsciously but there was not this same sense of a formation that would transmit energy as what you have today.

This group and the many other lightworkers upon the Earth have created this as a means of transmitting energy and integrating these higher dimensions within your Earth. So look around at this space, feel what it is to be outside the magnetic pull and just feel these crystalline energies as they move through you.

From here I invite you to shift into the energies of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space it is where your divinity or your I Am presence resides. You may have a sense of it coming up within you. You may see your divinity as if it’s a white light and you are walking towards this essence until you reach out and embrace your divinity.

As you do so allow yourself to open, feeling the flow of energy. It moves up and down through you and it allows your consciousness to take in as much as is possible for you.

Your divinity or your I Am presence consists of the many different experiences that you have had as a soul essence. Some of these you may be very aware of; some of these actually represent aspects of yourself that are living at this time upon the Earth. Some of these aspects consist of pure conscious experiences that you have had or that you may be having right now.

You need not be concerned about knowing the full extent of your divinity; you need only recognize that you are more, much, much, much more than what you can realize from your human perspective.

I the Goddess begin to move in and amongst all of you. I reach out to embrace each one of you. As my energy merges with you, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you move within this space, feel the ways in which you expand. Sometimes it’s almost as if you are stretching out your arms, sometimes you have a sense of looking within yourself and you can see deep, deep within. At this time I invite you to look around.

I am creating a space where each one of you can have the ability to look at various aspects that make up who you are right now in this life. For some you may sense a crowd has arrived, others may sense one or two people, but each aspect will come to you as if an individual, perhaps as if a pure energy; it may be a color, a sense, a smell.

I invite you to open up your consciousness and just ask; ask to allow any aspects that are here and pertinent to you right now to come forth and make themselves known.

There may be aspects that come to your awareness that are associated with perhaps a time in which you became stuck in this lifetime. You may sense it as if an inner child. You may see yourself as you were at a particular time, at that particular age, whatever it may be.

You may also sense just a pure energy form that represents a time in which there was deep pain, sorrow, perhaps betrayal. Let any of those aspects come forward at this time.

You may have a sense of seeing or feeling yourself as standing in front of them and they come to your awareness as if detached from you; as if coming to you, as part of a group.

You may reach out and ask is there a message that you need - is there a reason that they are coming to your awareness right now? Is there something that benefits you by having them as a part of you?

For some it was as if there was suddenly this loud noise of a crowd, every one yelling, shouting, speaking at once. So if you become overwhelmed have a sense of taking in a deep breath and let flow through them a sense of calm and a sense of peace.

Allow yourself to then, as if you link one by one, that you may receive the message that they have for you. And as you receive whatever that message is, now is an opportunity for you to perhaps thank them for whatever it is that they were doing in service to you.

Every aspect was created from a part of you that started of as being in service, and then as you continue to change and evolve and these aspects did not come along with you. They then became something that was holding you back.

This is your chance to acknowledge whatever that may be and then you may see at the back of this crowd this immense white light. That white light is you; it’s your I Am presence and it has come into this space of the All That Is so that it may receive these aspects back within.

And you from the consciousness of the person you are right now, you have the ability to acknowledge whatever they represent, and then take in a breath if you so choose or let your focus go within through your heart center and then let them go.

And you breathe out as if you just let them go, let them go, let them go, and they merge back within your divinity.

You look again at some of these other aspects of who you are that remain here in this space. For most everyone it is a much smaller group. Now you may see that aspect of you that perhaps gives you that strength that you know is just a part of you.

There may be an aspect that represents you in your work place. An aspect that represents you in your family. There may be an aspect that represents you in other relationships.

And now as you are looking at these aspects of you, open to see is there a common thread of energy that links you in your conscious state and these aspects of who you are. And if there is then you can immediately feel the vibration of alignment that is moving through not only your consciousness but that space.

If there is any one aspect that feels out of alignment with these others, but perhaps it’s not something that you thought was holding you back, then let yourself reach out to whatever that may be and ask to know what is its purpose.

You may see, sense or feel that answer and as you do so you may work with the energy. You may find that it also returns back into your I Am presence. You may find that you want to keep this as a part of your current consciousness but it needs to be in alignment with these other energies. So let that flow again move from you as your consciousness out through these energies that represent aspects of you right now in your life.

As you look at your divinity, as you look at your I Am presence as that white light that is there standing behind these aspects, ask it to illuminate any thing of which you may not be conscious.

In many cases we see these little things that are popping up from the energy, the pure love and acceptance of your divinity. It reaches towards you and it clears out anything of which you are not conscious but that is out of alignment with you.

Take in a deep breath and release it, send it back within your divinity. Again you have this sense of your divinity, you have this sense of these aspects of yourself that make up who you are in your current lifetime. And I invite you to reach out and embrace all of that which you choose to keep that strengthens you, that balances you, that allows you to be the best of who you are.

Oh we saw that there were some people who invited all of their aspects to return to their divinity and they wanted to start fresh. That too is an opportunity. Whatever you so choose, you are creating a shift in your consciousness that will allow you greater balance, greater clarity and to become more effective in your everyday life.

Now we invite you to have a sense of turning around as if you are very well aware of your white divinity standing behind you. And you turn around and you look outward.

As you look outward in this manner it may be that you see aspects of yourself in other lifetimes, some of which may be affecting you in this lifetime.

It may be that some of these other lifetimes are here as a support for you. If there is anything that is of benefit to you, reach out and embrace whatever that may be.

Bring that consciousness, bring that experience back within you in this now moment and if there’s anything at all that is instead holding you back then consciously let it go. And as you let it go it returns back within your divinity.

As this is completed you may suddenly have a sense of looking out at the Universe. You may see, sense, feel your lightbody energy. You may sense it as an aspect of you, you may sense it as something separate from you.

You may have a sense of that pure lightbody energy that flows throughout the Universe and throughout this space and it is yours to reach out to and embrace. So howsoever it comes to you, I invite you to reach out and embrace that energy.

Your lightbody energy is what will assist you in moving into this next phase within your life. It will create an alignment with the higher dimensions that are coming into the Earth. It will create a greater ease in the flow of communication with your divinity. It will also assist in transforming your DNA so that the higher, lighter vibrations may be more fully integrated within your biology.

As you have a sense of yourself as your consciousness, be open to receive the flow of this lightbody energy as it comes within you. Embrace all of what it is to you and as you are doing so you may have a sense of also feeling your divinity as it wraps its arms around you. It too is allowing you to once more merge back within.

The intention of this is that your divinity will now assist you in acclimating to these energies. It will also assist you in having the balance that you seek to have within your life. It will also assist you in moving into that next step or that next place that you are seeking to have.

There is a sense of your I Am presence then backing up so that you as the consciousness of the person you are may have a greater sense, a greater knowing, of not only who you are but your abilities. As you consider what abilities you have in this lifetime, take a moment and look at your life.

If there are things that frustrate you, flow the energy of this balanced individual into whatever that situation may be. As you consider change within your life, consider it in this moment from a place of awareness and by that take this moment to acknowledge how perhaps some of those aspects that you just transitioned were what was holding you in your current space.

So send a breeze through and you just clear out everything, clear out everything you would like to change, and then starting fresh take a moment to acknowledge that which you like, that which you appreciate.

And then as you consider perhaps some of these things are what you’ve wanted for a very long time and they have not as yet manifested, let go the way you’ve been looking at them and then you may decide to invite it back in because you still want that same end result.

But invite it to come back in a new way, invite it to come back into your life in a way that more fully supports you. Invite it to come back in to bring about the change that you seek.

And as you are standing here in these sparkling, crystalline energies of who you are in this life and with this lightbody alignment, let yourself be open to receive. Let go what no longer works for you. And I sent the energy through you.

Let us take but a couple of minutes to celebrate once more this anniversary that we are having. Look around you at all the energies that are coming here to be a part of this celebration. Throughout the years we have worked with so many of these energies.

You may see Sananda, all of the archangels, the ray lords, Metatron, Melchizedek, you may sense the ancient ones, you may feel Saint Germaine and the list goes on and on and on.

Many of you have your own private angels and energies that you have also worked with. Allow them to come in to the celebration.

Feel the joy, listen to the music, dance if you would like, this is a party that will go on for quite some time. Be open and let some come and chat for a while. They may be your friends upon the Earth.

Perhaps you have a question for somebody and you let yourself go and ask that individual or that guide, that teacher, whatever. Be aware that anyone you seek to communicate with is here right now. Be aware that as you create these alignments you are creating change within your life.

I invite you to remember that you are more than this individual in this lifetime. You are more than these aspects that have made up who you are in this lifetime. You are more than your lightbody. You are more than all of that put together because you are your divinity and that’s an amazing experience.

Your divinity looks at you in this lifetime and celebrates you. Your divinity believes in you, embraces you. So celebrate all of that, dance and sing and drink, do whatever you would like, but enjoy the moment.

There is a place within this party where the energies separate and bring in the hologram of the Earth. As this hologram comes in allow yourself to perceive the transition that has taken place over the last nine years.

It is so much more transparent. That is the energy work that you have done and its affect upon the Earth. The energies of the New Earth are also integrated within this hologram.

So allow this balanced and aligned you as the human to infuse your essence into that hologram. As you do so feel who you are, feel how it’s represented and see the brilliant light that is you.

This hologram then begins to descend or it shifts, moving through these spaces, it aligns with the crystalline grid which is when that aspect goes out to Ariellis and the remainder goes down until it aligns with the magnetic grid.

As this happens it will assist in clearing and shifting the energies in the magnetic grid and then the rest goes down anchoring deep within the Earth.

As these energies of balance, these energies of integrated aspects, these energies of alignment with lightbody become infused into the core essence of the Earth, it creates a greater stability that the Earth will then draw from.

And then you as the human, you as the individual, may have a sense of those energies coming up through the Earth. It comes up within and around where you are but it also comes up through every layer and level within the Earth.

Through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the water, through everything, creating a deeper integration that is available for all who live upon the Earth. And as you let go that energy your focus comes back once more within this party.

There may be a part of you that wishes to stay here and celebrate. You may do so for as long as you so choose. But it is also there and available to you whenever you choose to come back.

For now have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. This time as you let go of your I Am presence you can recognize how you are much more aware of who you are and how you are represented.

In addition to that you recognize how you have shifted and transitioned during this journey so the you coming back within the Earth is someone who feels good, who feels strong, who feels balanced.

You are someone who has chosen to let go what no longer works for you and you therefore integrate even more of your divinity and your lightbody energies.

So let all that consciousness move back with you. You find yourself moving down through the crystalline grid you move down briefly into the magnetic grid and as you do so you allow yourself to once more stream your consciousness back down within and around your physical body.

You may need to expand your energy field out so as to find that greater balance within your physical body.

As your consciousness continues to integrate, have a sense of releasing any of those old energies that no longer work with you so that this new more balanced, more integrated essence of who you are can now become your physical reality.

You feel this flow as it moves through you. You acknowledge it. You may find that over the next days and weeks to come there is a part of you that will feel disoriented and if that happens then just flow love and awareness into your everyday reality.

Be comfortable within your skin. Allow a new beginning to go forth from this moment. Be open to accept changes in what you seek to manifest.

You’ve let go what has not manifested and you have created a new beginning. So let that new beginning be a part of your everyday reality.

You breathe deeply as you anchor this within.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. As always I thank you for taking the time to be here with me and taking the time to participate in these journeys.

As you step forward remember that you have done a great deal of work during this experience. Remember that you have reintegrated all that needs to be reintegrated. And as you step forth into your day let it be as a new beginning

Let it be as a new balanced, more integrated you as the representative of your soul or you divinity.

And whenever you so choose go back up to the celebration and remember to celebrate life.

I am ever with you and within you.




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