Integrating Balance, A New Beginning

There were a number of different things happening within this channel. At the very beginning, the Goddess spoke of how there is so much more feminine energy coming into the earth to create a greater balance. She spoke of how each person is moving towards a balance of masculine & feminine within themselves. There are a number of different people who've been speaking of this recently.

Once in the All That Is, she again invited everyone to look at their lives, to take stalk of where there focus is for the majority of the time. In doing this, she had everyone create an immense screen with which to look at their lives. As people did this, it began with right now. Then she had everyone look back to; 3 months, 6 months & a year ago. In doing this, you can get a perspective of what has changed and what has not. Then she had everyone work with the energy going forward; 2 months, 6 months & a year. She also spoke of everyone creating a symbol that represents change or letting go. A symbol transcends judgment and/or boundaries.

As the hologram was created of the earth, Lady Gaia came forth to speak to everyone. She spoke of balance within the earth. She reminded people to ground and re-connect with the earth. She expressed that the earth is clearer than it's been for a long time because of the work people are doing, but also because of the crystalline energy coming in. She re-connected with everyone offering love and support.

As you seek to manifest; begin with finding balance. Creating a balance that moves through all levels of your being is the way to more fully step into what you seek.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. As I reach out I send my love, I send my light, I send my awareness into and around each one of you. No matter when you listen to this, no matter how many times you listen to this; I am always here creating an alignment with you.

I love each of you very dearly. I am a conscious energy that is now able to integrate much more fully into the earth plane and to become available for each one of you. Through you reaching out to me; through you inviting my energies to come within you, you are assisting to anchor more of the divine feminine energies.

There have been a large number of people speaking about the influx of the feminine energy. Sometimes it’s about being able to create a balance to the masculine. Other times it’s about finding a balance as a feminine and bringing in the masculine.

Howsoever you are experiencing this lifetime I would invite you to look towards a balance. If one wanted to get technical, you could say, within the feminine there are masculine attributes; those that are about movement or push or forward energy and those that are feminine about receiving, accepting, allowing.

And then within the masculine energies there is the masculine that is about movement and the masculine about receiving. So within these energies there is a great deal available to you as a means of finding balance and as a means of strengthening your own perception of self in this lifetime.

I invite you to take in a deep breath allowing yourself to breathe down within, so that you may feel yourself as you focus or center within your physical body. And then have a sense of letting go as if you allow your consciousness to stream outside of your physical body and into the space of the magnetic grid.

As you arrive within this space let yourself open to feel what it is to you. You may have a sense of an expanded self. You may have a sense of pathways. You may have a sense of a more deeper experience of who you are. Allow that to move through your consciousness.

I invite you to have a sense of letting go the pull of the magnetic grid; releasing that pull of the earth and allowing yourself to stream outward into the crystalline grid. As you arrive within this space, allow yourself to feel the flow of energy as it moves within and around you.

As you feel this essence you may receive information. You may feel more so, who you are as your divinity. You feel these energies as they move through you. I invite you to let go of the crystalline grid and allow yourself to merge more fully within the soul plane.

As you arrive within the space of the soul plane, reach out to your I Am presence. As you reach out into this space, you may have a sense of feeling your divinity come up within you. You may see it as if it’s walking towards you and you merge with it from that perspective, but allow yourself to blend fully with your divinity.

You are taking the consciousness of this reality in which you are living and allowing it to merge with your divinity so as to create a deeper bond or a greater understanding. Allow yourself to relax, allow the energies to flow in such a way that you receive them and acknowledge that shift.

From there have a sense of looking outward and feel, see, perceive, I the Goddess, as I begin to move in and amongst each one of you. As you move into this higher vibration, you may have a sense of aligning with much greater amount of my energy. I am here available to you.

As I reach out to each one, I have a sense of embracing you and as we do so, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As everybody arrives within this space there’s a sense of shooting stars as if everyone just is shifting, moving, flying, as if there’s movement throughout and each one of you is finding that space of balance, that space of awareness.

There is much that I would like to speak about and work with you upon this evening. I’m not quite sure where to begin, so I think I will begin by speaking of the energies of the earth. As you are here in the All That Is, there is a great deal around you.

Some people have a sense of it as if you are another star suspended in the universe. Others have a sense of it as if it’s a contained space. The truth is, it is limitless. It is without boundaries. Therefore, you may utilize this space for anything at all that you would like to do within your life.

It is about creation, it is about understanding who you are; not only as your divinity but who you are as the person in this lifetime.

Since the last time that we spoke there have been a number of things lining up within the universe. The solar flares, the preparation for the equinox and within the next two to three weeks there will be another anchoring of the crystalline energies upon the earth.

Some of you have been experiencing this fluctuation in energy in various ways in your life. I know there are some who felt frustration and lethargy. I know there are others who felt a greater lightness and easing. There is of course no right or wrong. It is simply that it is.

I invite you to have a moment of gathering your thoughts together and as you do so, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? As I listen I hear quite a diverse set of comments, so I will try to address as much as I can.

I have a sense of those people where the first thing that comes to them is about the way that things are falling into place in their life and about the ways that they are receiving a greater understanding of what they would like to do and how to go about doing that. It is as if there is a joy or excitement or presence that emanates.

I sense others who are moving down a pathway, and they feel as if they’re in struggle. They feel as if they know exactly what they want, and it’s so close, but it’s just not there.

I sense another group who has a sense or a feeling of just not knowing where to go, what to do, what’s next in life. In all of these wide varieties of things the energies coming into the earth can amplify whatever it is that you may be feeling; so if you feel confusion, you have amplified confusion, if you feel struggle you have amplified struggle, if you are feeling joy you have amplified joy.

Let’s take a moment and let’s work with that screen like we did several times ago. [Speaking of the channel from February 5, 2012 Movement Into Love & Light.] I heard from so many of you that you enjoyed working with your life in that manner. It makes me laugh! I saw all these big screens popping up in front of everybody.

As you look at your screen, put forth whatever it is that has the strongest emotion associated with it. Is this emotion one of excitement, happiness, peace, love, presence? If so, delve into that and let yourself play with those energies. If the strongest emotion you have is that of frustration, anger, whatever it may be, then look at this screen and look at your life and let yourself just simply feel these emotions; whatever they may be.

I invite you to let your screen go blank for a moment and look backwards three months; say to the first of the year and bring up on the screen whatever you had the biggest focus of your emotions or your awareness. Look back six months ago, again the screen changes showing you where you focus was at that time and then one last time let’s look at a year ago.

When you were coming up on the equinox of 2011; where were you in your life and what was your focus? I invite you to have a sense of seeing all four things at different parts of your screen so that you may look at it and this way take in everything, all at once without having to flip pages.

When you consider where you were a year ago, what’s the overall pattern of the past 12 months? As you look at these things that came to your attention as the strongest parts of energy; is there a pattern? Is there anything that’s consistent? Do you have a sense of accomplishment?

For some of you, there is a feeling that parts of your life have shifted and moved but one maybe two or perhaps the most prominent is in the same place as it was a year ago and it therefore gives you that sense of not having shifted as much as you would like.

As you look at whatever it is, maybe its different things, but a common thread. I ask that whatever it is you need to know becomes illuminated right now so that as you’re looking at this huge screen showing you these major things of the last year, that which is most important for you to know comes out to you right now.

If there’s nothing specific that comes to your awareness then just have a sense of reaching in, tapping into whatever it may be without having a conscious focus. Or if there’s something specific that comes to your awareness go to that, then allow yourself to align with whatever this is that’s coming up to the forefront. And then you draw it out and as if you are drawing it out of the screen, let yourself also draw it out from within you and then breathe it out and let it go.

For a number of you, as I continue to look, there is a sense of alternatives coming to the forefront and then for others it is as if you let go of that one layer and then there are more things that are still holding you down and holding you back.

So if you have to release layer upon layer, I invite you to reach out towards that screen and pull off every layer that needs to come taking in a deep breath and breathing out to release. You let it flow from you, you let it shift. As you get beneath, whatever it was that was in resistance within you; look with new eyes or look with clear eyes at what’s here.

Even though these are the months that passed you can still shift the energy of it and open up to a new perspective. Take that in, allow yourself to feel whatever it is it may be that will give you a new perspective.

Now let your focus come back into this now moment. As you consider where you are right now have a sense of clearing out your screen and opening it up so that you may receive a new perspective. What would you like to create within your life?

Consider whatever that may be and amplify it onto the screen. You may look through it, you may change it, you may try out different potentials but I invite you to really go with something that feels good to you. That is the essence of any creation you make for yourself. The foundation is that you feel good.

Now, have a sense of using that screen in the same way. Look at it three months from now, six months from now and a year from now and as you look at these potentials this is a way that you can make adjustments if you need to. One thing that comes around again and again is that you each have the ability to be even bigger than how you consider yourself and by that I mean, you can manifest more in your life, you have a more evolved divinity than what you perceive, you have the ability to create changes on many, many different levels.

So when you find yourself in a pattern where things are not working for you, where you feel as if other people have accomplished that I have not, where you feel separate; then I invite you in this space with this immense screen to take this moment and let the screen go blank and instead see yourself as you truly are. See yourself, the human that you are in this lifetime with the radiance of your divinity shining through.

If it is a challenge for you to have a perception of what this may be. Then I’m going to send an impulse of energy or light through everybody here, that it may give you more clear vision or open your perception. This is not about a comparison with anybody else; this is simply about you.

As you consider yourself; there is you the human, here, listening or reading this experience; there is you as your divinity that is more immense than you can comprehend; there is you as your higher self. So actually, as you consider your everyday life there is even more that you can draw from.

As we are here within this space there is so much of a greater ease in doing this. As you are moving through your days, ask yourself if there is perhaps a key word or symbol that will help you to tap into this moment. So as if your divinity is speaking directly to you or flowing information or energy, be open to receive a symbol, a word perhaps a color, something that goes beyond limitation; it just is that it is. Receive whatever this may be.

I feel some of you trying very hard and in trying hard it’s creating a resistance or a barrier. So take a deep breath in, allow yourself to find the alignment where you may relax and then as you breathe out do just that, breathe out allowing yourself to relax. And there I can now feel the energy flowing within you with a greater ease.

As you look at that screen once more, receive the energy, receive the symbol, receive whatever it may be and then look at your life as if you’re in on an alternative space. What I mean by that is that you have whatever is happening in your everyday life and that has created the reality of which you are aware.

This is what creates the frustration, disappointment, anger, all those emotions and energies that had created the resistance within you. As you embrace the energy of your symbol or word or whatever it may be, then allow the alternative reality to manifest upon the screen. In some regards, it may be exactly what you were seeking. In other regards it maybe some of what you were seeking but also with some changes, perhaps, tweaking that took place.

Release any judgment, release any feeling of not being good enough or deserving and instead feel as if you are merging fully with this new reality. And once you merge with that, it is as if the screens disappear and you find yourself as your consciousness, complete.

As you continue to integrate this shift or transformation, look towards the universe, look towards all the energy that is moving through here at this time. The influx of crystalline energies and light body energies is going to continue. There will be times in which strong amounts come into the earth as if impulses of light.

There are other times in which it will flow with the gentleness and ease. That is going to take place no matter what anybody does in their life. Therefore, as you are here with this intention, recognize that you can be in the flow of these energies and they can assist you no matter what’s going on.

Considering the balance of the male and female, invite that, to move through you at this time. Perhaps you need a little more of one or the other of these energies and as this takes place within you, look out at that flow of energy. It may be that you see or sense things in a different manner. As you put forth the intention of feeling balance within your male and female aspects, so too, feel the balance within your emotions, feel the balance within your thoughts and beliefs. Feel the balance within your physical reality. For some it may be a reversal of any physical processes that you may have had. For others it may be a strengthening or a shifting in your physical body. I put forth the intention or the awareness that you move through your days from this state of balanced energy. I also put forth that you feel the openness and the ease of your awareness.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. I invite you to gather together as a group. As you do so have a sense of the hologram of the earth as it moves up within you all as the group. At this hologram comes up within you, you may have a perception of light or sparkling energies that emanate from within and I have a sense of Lady Gaia coming forth. It has been a while since she’s spoken with you and she would like to speak with you at this time.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

Greetings, beloved family and friends!

I wish to take this opportunity to talk with you about the energies that are coming into the earth and your response. The earth is becoming even more cleansed than it has been for quite some time. There have been several very large influxes of energy that have the crystalline foundation. This is all a part of what is anchoring the physical earth, your earth in the higher dimensions.

Some of you felt as if there was a disturbance in your energies, others felt an easing in the energies, because now the vibrations were more so in alignment with where they are. If ever you find yourself struggling or feeling as if you’re walking through that thick water and things are just not happening, I invite you to remember to ground with me.

You can always ground by sending your energy down and your intention to link with me. But whenever possible, if you can give yourself the opportunity to physically walk in my soil, rest against the trees, the rocks, float upon the water, anything like that will help you to cleanse whatever it is that is ready to let go or be released and it will also anchor the new energies within you so that you feel better in your life.

Much of this is coming to a head within the next week at the time of the fall and spring equinox but there will be many other times in which there are other influxes of energy; so no matter what the time of year, remember to ground within the earth.

There are those in fear of what’s happening. Be at peace. There are those, who don’t understand the transition taking place this year and there is fear of disappearing or something dramatic happening. Again I say to you, be at peace. If you find yourself in a state of fear or anxiety, I remind you to ask yourself first and foremost, is this my fear or my energy or is it someone else? There are times it’s not even your own energies, and it is therefore easier for you to disconnect and let it go.

I reach out to each one of you. I throw my energy and my embrace and I remind you that we are co-creating the world. I am the Earth and I am also in alignment with you. We blend as one.

Thank you for all that you do in support of me. Remember that I am always here for you.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is I the Goddess and Gaia with that returns back within the hologram. I invite you to now let go this hologram. Have a sense of letting it go to flow through the dimensions, through time and space.

It links with the crystalline grid, as it does so there is that part of it that moves out to the new Earth than the remainder comes back down. It moves through the magnetic grid sending an alignment within the grid and then the core essence of this hologram merges back within the earth itself.

It aligns with those immense crystals that make up the center of the earth. It creates a new adjustment and you as your balance self, becomes anchored here within this earth. You as the individual stepping into the reality of what you seek to have is anchored within this earth.

Those energies then move out coming out through the earth, coming up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers, through everything and it comes up in and around you in your physical reality. Feel what that is for you. Feel yourself as you strengthen your awareness.

Allow your focus to once more return here to the All That Is to begin shifting again. There is such excitement in all of you now. You’re excited to return to your physical reality. You’re excited to return back into your life. You move through the soul plane and there is that bit of a separation as the majority of your soul or divinity remains here.

As you flow through the crystalline grid, it’s almost as if you go through an energy bath that’s bathing you with the crystalline energies that will support and strengthen the reality that you seek to have. You move down into the magnetic grid and as you do so, you can feel that pull of the earth. You flow through this space and find yourself coming back, in and around your physical reality.

As you arrive back within this space have a sense of consciously releasing in this very grounded manner, everything that you released during the journey and bring within you the reality of what you want to have within your life. Allow your symbol or message to anchor within you. Feel what all of this is.

So with that we will bring this to a close and as I reach out to everyone, I invite you to allow yourself to move into a new beginning. Allow yourself to shift into the life that you truly are seeking to have. Let go judgment, let go resistance and simply embrace a balanced sense of who you are. Balanced in all your energy field, balanced in all your perspectives.

I am ever with you and within you.




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