Journey Into Your Core Essence

This is a channel to assist you in going within.  As you go within your human existence, you are going within your spiritual existence.  You began as a spark of light.  This light became a consciousness which through the eons became who you are today.  This life you are living is an expression of your divinity.  Your I AM presence is made up of your experiences as consciousness.  This includes lifetimes upon the earth, lifetimes in the universe and lifetimes as angels or light.  Everything came together to create who you are. 

As you look at your divinity, what do you see?  Are there lifetimes that seem to stand out to you?  Is there anything that is holding you back with past experiences or being stuck in past experiences?   This is a unique opportunity for you to see yourself from this perspective.  It allows you greater access, greater love, greater awareness. When you recognize how you have you have created your I AM presence, you also recognize how you truly are the creator of your life.  The more you allow for an open flow from your divinity, the more you realize you have all that you are seeking right here! 

 Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I reach out to each one of you with my arms wide open. I so enjoy the time that we share together as a group. I find that there is more and more that I am doing with many, many of you, during these times in between our sessions together. As each one of you brings me into your consciousness and as you invite me to share a light or an experience with you, I am there.  

As you look around, perhaps at your environment, perhaps at your loved one and you think of a blessing; I am there.  If ever you feel a sense of loneliness or a sense of disconnection and you reach out to God or Goddess; I am there.  I feel an infinite amount of love for all of you. I feel such a blessing to be able to share time and space with you.

There are such immense changes taking place right now and you are a major part of these changes. Open up to allow the flow to move through you with a greater and greater ease.  Have a sense of releasing your physical body. As you do so, you may choose to take in a deep breath and then as you let your consciousness expand, you let go your physical body and allow your focus to move within the magnetic grid. As you allow your consciousness to move through, have a sense of becoming connected to or aligned with your higher self. This is a space in which you come on a consistent basis. This is a space where so much of the communication of the earth plane takes place. Therefore, as you look around and you open your senses to receive, you will receive information.

As you are ready to do so, have a sense of reaching outward. Feel as if your energies are moving through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline grid. Here within this space allow your energies to flow.  As you let your senses just roam freely and easily, it may give you a sense of the various nuances here within the crystalline grid.

As you feel your vibration shifting into alignment you may recognize that this is where there is an infinite amount of information available to you. This may be your jumping off point for the rest of the universe. This may be where you feel your energies transition from Earth to Ariellis.  This may be where you allow your consciousness to just float and flow in whatever direction it chooses.

As you are ready to do so feel your energies as they shift once more into the soul plane. This is where you reach out to encounter your divinity. You may feel your energies as if you sense your I AM presence coming towards you. It may be that you have a sense of opening up and you are there within your I AM presence. It is always here, it is always available, it is you.

I the Goddess move into the space in which you are.  As I come into contact with each one of you I reach out to embrace.  As I embrace you, feel how our blended energies shift you into the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is, you can feel yourself flying free. You can feel your energies expanding even further. This is where you come together; it is here present for you. Each time that we come together as a group; there are various experiences that you are seeking to have.  As I gather your energies to discern what you would like for this evening, there always seems to be a common thread. For this evening, we are going to take an opportunity to reach through your soul essence until you find that core or that spark that is you, that was you from the very beginning, that is you even now, today.

I would encourage each of you to begin by having a sense of spreading out your energy, then begin to feel the flow from within. As you feel this flow moving through you, you need not question it, you need only feel that sense of being, that sense of presence, that sense of awareness. I invite you to begin by first of all considering anything that may be sticking within your mind or your consciousness. Perhaps there are worries about your day. Perhaps there is something in your life that's been holding you back. In other words for each one of you, get in touch with that, that seems to be just always with you, yet always holding you back; and then as you bring it up, take a moment to truly acknowledge who you are in this moment and acknowledge that on the earth plane. This is indeed a large part of your focus right now. But then have a sense of letting it go as if you let it wash away from you. Step outside so that you may be in a place that gives you a break from whatever that may be. Once you have done this look around you and be open to discern whatever differences may be here within your awareness.  

Many times as you let go something that's been consuming you, you find that there is much else that you had not noticed. Yes, yes, I hear some of you saying, there are even more problems than I thought but I also hear others of you saying that there is something beautiful that's been around you, that you've missed. Take a moment to realign your vibration that you may be in alignment with that that is supportive and nurturing to you.  

Some of you I get a sense of expanding even further as you take in these perceptions. You may find that as you are opening to realize or recognize all this energy that is around here for you, that as you go back and you ask to see anything that was either lingering or anything that is still weighing you down, you now look at it from a new perspective.

As you look around, there are so many brilliant colored lights, energies, teachers, angels; there's so much that is here and available to you. So as you allow yourself to take in all that is here, begin to let your focus shift in such a way that you move in inward as if you are taking a deep breath in, you allow your consciousness to go down within you here in the All That Is. The more that you allow your focus to be within yourself, the more you will find yourself opening to this greater alignment.  As you look around from this perspective, there is still that brilliant light that you had noticed before. This time as you look at this light, as you allow that energy of that light to flow within your consciousness, you begin to realize that what you are sensing, is you. This is you, as you are here within the All That Is; this is you as your consciousness is able to take in.

You have had a multitude of lifetimes. Some of these lifetimes you chose for an experience and your energies just floated through that lifetime without a dramatic transition taking place. Other times you had a life experience that pushed you to the extreme. This experience, whether it had a huge impact or very subtle impact came back into your soul essence and it is what has created your I AM presence.

Not only have you had experiences upon the earth, many of you have had experiences out in the universe. During some of those lifetimes you were a pure energy without a shape or form. You had still other experiences in which you took on a form; sometimes for the entire life, other times for only a portion of it.  That came back within your divinity and it made up yet another part of your I AM presence.

Everyone as a soul consciousness is in alignment with other souls. Never is there a time when a soul essence is completely cut off from all who are around it. There may be a time in which someone may feel isolated or separate, but that perception comes from within the human experience. That is one of the reasons why so many chose to experience life upon the earth; to experience that actual separateness that could be attained.  

I so love all of you. I so love how when you set out to have experience upon the earth, and especially in those lifetimes that you sense of going to go the extreme, how that which you have been asking for it so that you may have the experience of it, is exactly what you like the least; this separateness being one of the biggest. So many people have that sense of being different or like they don't fit in or as if there's something just not the same.  They are the very people who come into that lifetime to experience what it is to completely rely upon themselves and to learn how to love themselves unconditionally. Not only that; these individuals are seeking this experience so that they may take that and then realize that when they have the contrast to it; in other words, when they are completely blended with a multitude of other people just have very different that is.

What is your choice for this lifetime?  You let go that burden but I would imagine you still remember what it was about. Is that one of the significant experiences that you are choosing to have in this lifetime?  Is it something that comes around to you again and again? From your divinity open and allow the reason for this choice to come into your awareness. As you look around you are here within your I AM presence.

Most likely you have had something similar to this in the past or in another existence. As we are here in this I Am presence, if you were to look at this in a linear timeframe, some of what you draw from are existences that occur in what you might consider your future. Is there a message here for you to take with you? Can you recognize the lesson that is yours?  And once you have done so, open to receive whatever answers or guidance may be here that will assist you in your everyday life.

Let us go even deeper within this light.  Feel yourself as your consciousness continues to move within your divinity. You may give it the intention of moving towards the center or the core essence and that is where you will be. Sometimes it may be of assistance, if you have a sense of following a pathway or a hallway; whatever works for you so that you eventually come into this space that is you at your core essence of your I AM presence.

Here within this space everything is a brilliant, brilliant light. Many of you have a sense of this light as being white; still others have a sense of the very subtle nuances in color. Here allow your consciousness to merge fully with you at your core essence of your divinity. As you merge within yourself let your consciousness, as if following a path, move all the way down until you were the tiniest spark of energy. This spark was created by you.

There were many, many what some might consider sparkles of potential consciousness or light in various parts of the universe and the omniverse. Each of these sparks would remain in a state of awareness until it blended with consciousness.  This consciousness is what would eventually become, you. Consciousness allows this spark of light or potential to experience opportunity. Consciousness, allowed that spark of essence to be discerned. So from that very first little spark of light you were born.  As you have a sense of shifting you focus in such a way that you allow your experiences to move through you as you begin to move away from that which was your first spark or the very first core essence of your divinity.

For some it is as if in the blink of an eye you are back where you are right now, others shift their focus and their consciousness slowly. I would invite all of you to ask yourself, Is there anyone lifetime, existence, memory, essence, that stands out to you more than anything else? If so allow your focus to go into that moment. I see where many of you are opening to a perception of other life existences upon the earth. I also see where many of you are opening to awareness from the universe in a very abstract manner. Still, others simply feel the awareness of the moment. Allow for all of that to move through you.  When you allow this experience to come into your perception, is there anything that you would like to take from it? Is there a message that you have for yourself?  Within this space feel the complete and utter love and experience as it is here present with you.

If there is any part of your life upon earth that keeps you outside of this space let it merge with this energy right now so that everything is a reflection of pure love. As this love flows through you, you know who you are. As this love flows through you, you recognize how you are combined and a part of everything within and around you. As this energy moves through you, yes, you affirm acceptance of all that is you. As you do that, look around once more at your divinity and you will recognize that you are open now in such a way that you perceive even greater and greater amounts of your divinity. This may come to you as a pure energy or sometimes as experience. Simply allow all of it to wash through you so that you benefit from all your past existences. Have a sense of shifting more and more as if you come back consciously within the All That Is and your I Am presence, while still here and still fully open to you begins to shift in such a way that you consciously are here to take stock.  Take stock of your life; take stock of your divinity.

There is so much more that is present within this space since each of you have reached out and connected with those parts of yourself that you had not seen for some time. As you look around at all of this, what are some of the potential that you had not paid attention to?  Let them come into you here and be a part of this experience. Again, allow for this expansion to become a permanent part of your conscious awareness within this lifetime that you are living. As you incorporate this knowledge within you, have a sense of looking around to perceive the many others who are here, sometimes present on the call sometimes present through other intentions, then have a sense of the shifting in the group as you come together. Feel your presence and know who you are as an individual but then also recognize how all around you there are threads of energy and light that link you to everybody else who was present, and then as you are looking towards the center of this group, sense the hologram of the earth as it rises from within.

You also see the energy of Ariellis or the hologram of Ariellis as it comes here, with its parallel energy to the Earth. I invite each one of you to once more go within.  Remember that you know who you are at the core essence of your divinity and as you are taking all of that back into your conscious awareness of every day, let that flow through you, let it flow within and let all of that then become infused into these holograms. It is as if you are placing your signature of your own energies into the hologram.

As these holograms become infused with the energy and light of all who are here they begin to sparkle and rotate. There is a sense of them shifting and then flowing down As Ariellis moves into the crystalline grid it shifts until it aligns with the new earth infusing the new earth with the energies of your conscious transition of the evening. There is also the hologram that moves down until it aligns with the magnetic grid as it surrounds your physical earth, this to moves through, as it moves through the magnetic grid it continues down moving all the way through into the core essence of your physical earth. As all of this becomes anchored within the center of your earth, it then flows outward, it radiates outward coming up through the grass, coming up through the water, the trees, through everything that is upon the earth and it continues to flow.

As this occurs, feel your own energies as you first come back within yourself here in the All That Is.  But then you shift, you move into the soul plane and you find yourself aligning with your divinity, even more. You have a much greater perception than you had in the past. You can sense and know who you are. You then have a sense of shifting your focus as you once more move into the soul plane, I'm sorry, into the crystalline grid. You find yourself aligning within the grid at a different place than when you first arrived before this journey. This is a means of giving you a perception of how you are able to shift your life, shift the energies, through experiences such as what we have just completed.

There is such flow that moves through this space and you are a part of that flow, allow your energies to shift as you find yourself once more back within the magnetic grid, you can feel all that pull of the earth; you can feel yourself coming back into your human experience. As you are here within the magnetic grid and within your higher self, consciously open to feel the alignment and the awareness of your experience this evening. As you look back at your life, look from the eyes and the knowledge of awareness, and then you shift once more, feeling as if you're energies flow down within and around your physical body. As if you open up your energy field even further, allow your consciousness to flow down within you. As you open your senses allow that flow to integrate completely within, who you are in this physical existence. Integrate the love; integrate that brilliant light from the center of your divinity. Integrate the knowledge of the potential and opportunities that are here for you. Through integrating all of this, feel who you are right now.

You allow yourself to ground once more within your physical presence. Have a sense of sending your energy down within the earth.  Feel the cool earth as it begins to incorporate and ground you in around your physical presence and then as you bring up within you that essence of the earth, feel how you come back within yourself.  As you do this, I am open to receive any questions that you may have. You made press stars six upon your telephone to come into the queue.

Question:  Hello, Goddess. (Hello.) One of . . . probably a familiar issue is, for me, is money, as you well know. That's come up again this past week with taxes and other things. And just yesterday I bought a new car, which is, after I started to look at the bottom line of what I'm going to have to pay every month that started to bring that issue up even further to the front again. So, I guess I'd like to know is . . .  I'd like a little reassurance or something. Is this . . . Did I make a mistake? Where is this issue of money in my life, and is there anything that I can . . . Any comments you have to make about that.

Answer:   Okay, there are several things that we would like to share with you. The first thing is . . . first and foremost, this, the car that you recently purchased is an example or an expression of your abundance. And granted we know that your other one had trouble so you couldn't keep it anymore, so you got a new one. And there's a part of you that thinks, "Well, it was a mandatory thing, it was not an expression of my abundance." But it in truth it is also an expression of your abundance. And we see that there's plenty, plenty, plenty of resources, meaning, even money, available to you that will pay for this car. When you have an experience that causes you to be a bit constricted, that's when the fear comes to the forefront. Or perhaps it's the fear that caused you to feel constricted. Either way. (Mm-hmm.)

First thing that we would invite you to do is to breathe with us and take a deep breath in, breathing deep within yourself, and as you do that, feel our presence as we go within you. And then as you breathe out, consciously just push out the walls around you. Push out. Push, push, push. Now, granted, your walls are not very close to you right now, because we just came off the journey. But simply talking about that fear of paying your bills and making ends meet, it began to bring down that constriction that we know you've been feeling. So anytime you feel that over the next few days, weeks, or however long it may be, consciously breathe down inside of yourself like we just did with you, and call on us if you'd like. Call on your lightbody. Call on whatever you would like. Each one of you - I'm not just speaking you to, Beloved - but each one of you has the ability within your own self to bring in that brilliant white light. And then breathe out and push out those barriers around you. And by pushing out those barriers, what you are doing is opening yourself to greater potentials. We see that your work is going through a slow spot because of economics or something. It feels like a very temporary thing. And it feels like there is more work for you that's been around you that has not come to fruition as yet. So we see you having more work. We see you actually charging more for your work. And so it feels like the resources are absolutely there and available to you. We also have a sense that it may be one, perhaps two, months that you are still in that space of . . . not for the entire two months, but until things kind of fall into place, it gives us a sense of one to two months that you'll still be building this, and so the time that it comes to make your payment, you may feel that kind of cringe within yourself. But anytime that you have something like that, recognize that it's that part within you that's coming forth and saying, "Hey, don't forget me. Don't neglect me. Don't ignore me. And just love me." So if you love that part of yourself, which is what you're doing by breathing deeply and pushing out the boundaries. And that allows that part of yourself to become nurtured and embraced. And in the doing of that, it allows everything else to open up more fully. Does that resonate with you, Beloved?

Yes, it does. Thank you very much.

Okay. So you absolutely are in the flow of abundance. And we see that this is very, very short-term for you, the feelings that you have. (Okay.) We're happy for you. (I am, too.) Excellent. Okay, thank you. (Thanks.)

Question:  Hello? (Hello.) Hi, Goddess. My name's Sylvia, and I just wanted to ask you a question in regard to the last couple of months. I was going through a lot of discomfort within my body, and I have to go on medical leave. And I'm pretty much almost over that, I just wanted to know if it was part of the ascension symptoms that I was going through and clearing?

Answer:  We actually agree with you, Beloved, that it was a part of your ascension process. We believe that what you've been feeling on a physical basis is the end aspect of your movement in shifting your vibration. When you consider who you are as a human, you've got your physical, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, and your lightbody energies, all that make up you as a human, with every one of those levels becoming lighter, finer, more transparent energies. So if you think of it that way, you can feel how you expand as we talk about each of those parts of you. So going in reverse, your physical body is the most dense part of you. It's the solid part. It's the part with the bones and the muscles. Therefore, everyone as a human stores memories, stores energies within their physical reality. So what you have been doing over the last few months is releasing. It's the final phase of the releasing that you've been doing that we sense has been going on for eighteen months to two years. And then you can . . . well, you've already gone through the worst of it, but what we would recommend that you do to ease this and to cause a better integration for yourself, is to consciously work with your cellular structure inside your body. And you do this by breathing deeply within yourself, like we do at the very beginning. When you take a breath in, it goes through your lungs, your heart, and into your cellular structure of your body. If you work with your cellular structure in such a way to bring in light and energy, then what you're going to find is that your organs will begin to function more easily, that all these different symptoms - we're picking up on a number of different symptoms - and that all these different symptoms will begin to diminish and go away completely. Does that resonate with you, Beloved?

Yes, that's what I've been doing . . . a lot of deep breathing and a kind of work through my body, doing some more qigong work, a little bit of yoga . . . work my muscles and breathing.

Right. And we have a sense that you still have some resistance remaining within you. And that the resistance comes from holding on to old beliefs and holding on to old ways of life that you're comfortable with. And so if you will take this final step working with your beliefs and shifting and letting go of that need or that desire to do things the way that they've been done in the past, or the way that you've been comfortable in the past, that will allow you to open to new opportunities and new potentials. On this journey tonight, that's exactly what you did. And we sense that you remember parts of it, and other parts of it are still going to be downloading within you in the next several days. So if you allow that to be your focus, that opening, that releasing of anything that's old or holding you back, then it's as if you just wake up one day, and it's complete. It does not feel . . . like we said, we picked up on a few little resistances, but it does not feel like there's anything major, or a big stumbling block.

Great. And is there anything that I need to know that I can start working on releasing it? My old belief systems? I don't know exactly what it could be.

Well, we would just sense that if you work on going . . . We think that if you keep it more abstract and less specific, that that's one way to do it. And by just breathing and expanding into your mental body, and then just saying something like, bringing up any beliefs that no longer work for me, you align with them, and then you let them go. And what we saw are just, like as we said that just now, we sense that a number of them are just kind of disappearing from your energy body, because you were doing them as we said it. But just feelings of resistance. Breathe in, align with your mental body or your emotions, whichever you feel drawn to. Breathe in. Ask if there's any resistance. And then breathe out. And you let go. It can be done as easily and as smoothly as that. And if it feels like there's something that's still ticking, still stubborn, still not moving, then you can put the movement to it of the qigong or the yoga or, you know, whatever you feel inclined to do. But the next step also, once one has gone through a transition to this, is about accepting who you are right now, accepting that it's done, accepting that you no longer have to do all these things that you've been doing for so long. Alright?

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Question:  Hi, good evening my name is Ariel and I've had trauma and drama in my mouth since birth.  I would like for you to share your insights into the situation please, and also comment into what is the best tooth replacement method that you would recommend.  Thank you.

Answer:  Ah what was the end of that, what replacement method.  Tooth replacement method.

Yes, tooth replacement method.

OK let us look with you and see what we can see.  (Thank you)  Aha. As we move into your mouth we feel inflammation.  It feels as if there was something that was a result of birth, or before birth, and it feels like it - we can see why you say it feels like it affected you your entire life.  It feels to us as if, sorry about that we are downloading.  We are downloading stuff into you but also into Shelley so please give us just a second here. (Yes thank you)  As we look at you and align with you, as your vibrational essence and you within your mouth and jaw, we have a sense of inviting you to allow us in and then as we flow through you we consciously are going to shift our energies in such a way that we release what's there. 

It feels as if there are pockets of energy at all various parts especially back where your jaw is linking close to your ears.  As we link with all these various areas we have a sense of just pop pop pop pop, it's like multiple places where there are stuck pockets of energy, and as we are doing this phuf (there it goes) we have a sense that it is increasing the flow of energy and it is allowing some of this stuck um - it almost feels like infection in some places and it's what that inflammation is feels like is aligned to us.  This is one of those things that has been, it's been related to you in this lifetime as a means of bringing up something that is very physical and kind of in your face so to speak, so that everybody that you come into contact with, anything that happens to you, it is like it is something you cannot hide behind.   It‘s there.  It's apparent, and a part of the process of this has been about you opening to self-love, self-acceptance, because there has been so much resistance for so many years and frustration. Number one with the pain, number two it feels like with appearances.  Number three with the continual cost of all the different things that you have had done. 

So it feels like it is many different layers of things that have been creating the aggravation of this with you.  So our sense with this, as you are going forward from here, that as you get to a place within yourself that allows for - um - just acceptance, this is me; this is my life; this is what we are doing right now, and it is as if that will help you release the resistance.  Then many of these symptoms are just going to disappear and go away.  It feels as if it is never going to be 100% what you wanted it to be.  We are not quite sure why that is.  But we have a feeling that if you shift your perceptions and allow just simply acceptance and self-love to flow within, and through you, then you are going to recognize that you have had all along, or for quite some time, what you're seeking.  It's about perceptions and it is about your experiences.  Now you asked something about a tooth what was that again.

To replace the teeth that has left.  What is the best type of replacement as far as health goes, would it be titanium implants or ceramic implants or some other option.

We see doing this in two layers.  It feels like there is a bridge or like there is something that doesn't feel like it goes all the way down into your gums.  We have a sense that it is important for you to work with releasing these energies before you do any sort of implant type of work and then as we look at that we do see that down the road you do get implants.  As to titanium or porcelain, whichever one, that's not something that we can really say one way or the other as to determine which is best for you.  We believe that you as a human can make that determination for yourself.  If the question is between do we see you getting implants versus not getting implants then the sense that we give you is that you will receive the implants.

Thank you very much I appreciate it.  (Your welcome)

Question:  Thank you Goddess for taking my call.  I've been feeling something like I'm really shifting, like something is really shifting in me, changing in me and it feels like it is more than a knowingness does that make sense.  (uh hum) It's more than surrender, it's more than trust, and it is different to just being.  (uh hum) Does this make, you know it's almost like a state of is.

Answer:  When we are looking at you when you speak of this we see, um.   We will just explain the image to you and then maybe that will help you.  As we are looking at you as you are talking about that, it is as if we see like an inner child or an inner aspect of you is leaving and it's like it leaves, but it is stuck it cannot completely leave.  It's like when you have a picture of someone who is leaving, but their foot is still caught in the door and so what we sense that means to us is that, the old you, the old part of you that has been working and so diligent on all this transitioning for yourself is tired; it is ready to go; it's ready to allow you to completely step into your new perspective or your new place in life, and that foot getting caught into the door feels like it is something you're just so used to working through this aspect and working with the opening up, and allowing, that we just have a sense of asking you to incorporate a clean slate.  Now what we see happening tonight on this journey is as you got into that core aspect of your divinity and of your soul essence.  It felt as if that part of you that had that foot stuck in the door was blended and merged completely with your divinity, and that as you came back and as we look at you now, it's as if you who's here right now is a higher vibrational essence than of your own self than what you were say 6 - 9 months ago.  As this higher vibration there is less of a sense of needing to do things and more of a sense of existence and experiencing, that it's almost as if you go from a space of being in motion to a space of stillness.  Does that all resonate with you?

Yes, yes it does but yet I also feel like I haven't been in the world in a really long time because of my spiritual growth that's been my whole purpose.  Does this mean that I am about ready to move back into the world with my gifts?

Absolutely, as we were pointing out during this journey about how everybody is linked to everybody else and anytime that an individual is separate or alone it is because of their choice to be in that space.  So if your choice in the next phase in your life is to be a part of a community, or to be a part of society, and bring your gifts out into fruition then absolutely that's what we seeing happening for you.  We also see a part of you that will always like that solitude, or that separateness, because it is almost easier to live your life or live in your existence when you don't have all that influence and you're not bombarded by the energies that can sometime be around you.  So our sense is that you are going to do something in between.  You will still have these long periods of time in which you are in your space, in your separateness, but yet there will be more and more times that you will spend with other people.  And we see you setting up a business and that business takes you into contact with others. 

Ok, thank you.  Can you give me any idea what that business might be.

Um the only thing we see is that it has to do with communication with people.  It feels maybe a little like retail; it feels a like communication; it feels like healing.  So, it's as if it's not fully, you have a, it's just a... sorry.  It's a pure conscious potential and you could make it whatever you would like.  If your interest is in creating something that's magical like jewelry, or its retail, or it's healing.  It's whatever is exciting to you and makes your heart just race with joy that's what you are going to be doing.  We sense that you are already considering a number of things and they just haven't fallen into place yet because there was such a strong feeling of you to stay separate.

Uhum, absolutely.  Well thank you very much. 

You're welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess? I've been working on raising my consciousness and I feel as a result of this I'm more judgmental and I'm feeling sad.  I'm wondering if I'm getting to the point where I'm finally moving through this old stuff. 

Answer: We sense a couple of things around you.  When you feel more judgmental it's as if the more you define and understand who you are, where you are going and what is of interest for you; it's a greater contrast between what you see or sense around you as who you are.  So that feeling of being judgmental is because there is such a dramatic contrast between what you are feeling and what you are judging.  We also have a sense that it is not always that you are judging but more so you are using discernment.   It's as if you see the contrast or whatever it may be that comes to your awareness.  Through the perception of that, you have a greater understanding at your own self. Discernment vs. judgment is always an interesting perspective because judgment is when it's something about you being better than another individual or smarter or that someone or something is lacking and you come in such a way you are better than.  Whereas discernment is when you see something and think what a contrast.  You don't think more or less of the experience; simply that it is a contrast to you.  In that way you are not judging the individual, you are simply perceiving the contrast.  Does that resonate with you beloved?


So as we are looking at you, we have a sense that much of what you are talking about when it comes to judgment is that you are discerning the differences or discerning the contrasts between you and whatever that is.  Now when you go back and think about this in the coming days you can ask yourself, is this discernment or is this judgment? If it's judgment that is an opportunity for you to open up and feel the flow of compassion within yourself.   It's as if you take in a deep breath of compassion.  The compassion comes from your higher self, it flows down into you.  Through that compassion let go the judgment, let go the resentment, let go the irritation.  You would not feel this or a need to judge unless it was bringing up something that needed you to look at it or create a decision around.  This is what we would recommend that you do as you go through this process.  Is this going to always be like this? Our sense is no.  It feels temporary and like it's about what is helping you to go from point A to point B.  Alright beloved

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, can you tell me if I'm going to soon be able to allow a flow of a good amount of financial abundance to come to me? I know I've been blocking it. 

Answer: It feels like there is a lot of resistance around you not only about finances but about self-love, self-worth, valuing yourself, valuing your situation, valuing the many different layers of this around you.  Our sense is that the more that you open up to self-acceptance and self-love and we also feel a need to say to you ‘compassion'.  In speaking of judgment like the other question, we feel you very hard on yourself and very critical of yourself.  If you allow yourself to flow compassion and into whatever situation that might be when you feel critical; that will be a part of what helps you open to this greater amount of self-love. That is where we see the abundance is in alignment.  We hear you saying ‘well my gosh do I have to be perfect to have abundance'? That is not at all what we are saying!! What we're saying is that when you feel a balance or an awareness within yourself that allows for acceptance, love and being who you are; that is when abundance flows to you.  When we look at people we oftentimes will see abundance flowing within and around them and they need to only reach out to touch it. When we look at you it doesn't feel as if it's as close as that.   It feels as if there is plenty of abundance around you, there are opportunities; but it feels as if it's at a distance.  It feels at arm's length. 

What we would say to you in this situation is to begin to look around and find abundance in other means; abundance of flowers since its spring time, abundance of green grass, and abundance of trees, whatever it is that is around you.  Sometimes it's an abundance of arguments; sometimes it's abundance of frustration. Just be aware that you don't allow yourself to focus on something that holds you back.  Whenever you think of abundance, think of being open and in the flow.  By doing this, what you will find is that you find abundance in other matters.  Through that it will also help you to open to self-love, self-awareness; again taking that the next step, our sense is that the money and abundance will come into you in a physical matter.  Does that resonate with you?

Yes it does.  One of the problems I'm having, where I'm feeling the block is that my husband controls everything.  If I do get any money he do his very best to control every dime.  I have to get to the point where my thinking isn't going to make me stop because of that.   

Correct, that comes into the self-worth and the self-love; that you are going to be the one who manifests money for yourself.  That it's going to be your own and it's going to be about you.  We have a sense you need to disconnect from this individual, whether you disconnect by moving out or disconnect energetically. But you release those bonds that keep you tied them in such a way that is makes you feel helpless or as if you have no control over manifesting the abundance that you seek.  That is a way that helps you take it that next step.  (Okkkaaayyy)   Does that resonate with you?

The last time I used a CD that was supposed to break the ties, it broke the ties alright.  That same day he threatened to kill me that day. He'd probably do it again.    

Well you see that's an extreme.  We don't have a sense that breaking the ties means he will kill you.  Yes, that's a potential but we always appreciate working with someone or a situation in such a way that it is gentle and easy and makes it more comfortable for you.  You can use that same CD but with the intention you don't have the extreme results; that it comes in in a balanced way to the benefit of you and the other individual. 

Okay, that will work.  Totally financially I can't leave right now.  But I'm hoping the flow will help with that.   

And it will.  We do see that change is coming.  We see change throughout the earth in many different ways.  We see you putting foot into it and testing the waters, but you are not allowing it fully in.   Begin to work with consciously bringing it all fully in. Then work with disconnecting. You will find that things will happen more fully and easily than you realize.    

Great, so you do see a potential that I will get the money and be able to do that, to have the money and be able to do that.

That potential has always been there.

I've waited 45 years for it!!  I know I'm blocking myself.

Exactly! It's come in different manners and you just didn't recognize it.  Be open to allow the flow and see what is here for you.

Alright, yes, okay.

Alright beloved, thank you very much. 

Thank you.

All right, and so with that; we will bring this evening to a close. Again I remind each of you that your divinity is always with you, your divinity is always there to surround you, love you, nurture you. So if at any point during your day you feel that disconnection or you feel as if you were outside of alignment, then take it as an opportunity to once more breath down your divinity and know that you are all that you were seeking to be.

I am ever with you and within.



johneblums 2nd May 2010 2:04 am

Give your 'sel-f' a HU-G for self love, for when you hug yourself you also HU-G-OD-DESS that is your life Ess-ence.
I am the essence of "Sela-Fi-Ve-sta", the st-ar-y abode of the Universal Hu-m-an.

angelika 4th May 2010 10:16 am

Hi Shelley/Goddess,
love your articles, definitely feel some sort of energy shifts when reading them. The question & answer part is very useful as well. There's usually bits that relate to my own situations as well.

Reading through this also helps me realise that I am changing and moving forward. Hurray!

Love & Blessings,

Shelly Dressel 14th May 2010 9:41 pm

Hi Angelika,

Good going!! I'm so glad this assists you in shifting within your own life. We are all linked.

Much love,


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