Kwan Yin Speaks of Self Love and Compassion

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you Beloved Family. I come into the space in which you are located. I join each one of you, reaching out with my embrace to flow love; to flow connection; to flow the energies of acceptance, of openness and of pure love.

Let these energies flow through you. Let yourself open and feel what it is to allow yourself to just in this moment be in a space of acceptance. Accept all of who you are right in this moment.

As you remain grounded and in this space in which you are physically located let your focus go within you. Allow yourself to connect within your heart center, sending a beam of light from within your heart. Let it go down from you into the earth; into the ground. Connect with Gaia; connect with these energies. And then allow that flow to come back up within you and link once more within your heart. As you do this it allows you to be able to release your consciousness even more. Let yourself do that now.

Release the energies of your physical body. Let your consciousness shift so that you may link with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you come into this space let yourself feel the vibrations that are all around you. From within here, look out; open to perceive the various pathways that are moving all around you. There is a space which is uniquely yours. Your higher self will reside here. You may open your awareness to perceive what this is. As you do so, you are able to take in an even greater perception of your Higher Self.

You may now release the energies, or the magnetic pull of the earth. Allow yourself to move through an interlocking grid so that you may link with the energies of the crystalline grid. Feel this vibration that is all around you. There may be aspects of it that feel even more comfortable to you now because your own energies are shifting into a crystalline vibration. This vibration is very soft, subtle, very gentle. It is without the energies of the magnetics. There is not a sense of positive or negative. It is a unique and different vibration which is slowly being incorporated into the earth plane. Each of you who are drawn to these types of journeys is opening up to receive the crystalline energies as they flow within you and around you upon the earth. Have a sense of looking around you. Open to become even more aware of how you are aligned within this space.

As you are ready to do so, perceive a column of light. Allow your consciousness to move through this column so that it may assist you in shifting into the energies of the soul plane. As you move through this column, you may have a sense of perceiving various levels or dimensions. You may also feel as if you go from one space to another in a moment of time. As you come into the space of the soul plane you are able to feel as if you stretch in every direction. Allow your consciousness to expand. Allow yourself to feel what this space is to you. For some it may feel as if you have come home.

There is a greater amount of your soul essence which resides within this vibration. You may blend with that, or call it to you at this time. Some of you feel as if it comes up from within your consciousness and your consciousness simply expands. Others may have a perception of an essence, perhaps an image, perhaps a light as it moves towards you. Howsoever this comes to you allow yourself to truly reach out and embrace. Embrace this essence which is you. Connect on every level with your soul essence. This is your divinity. This represents the many experiences that you have had as a soul essence. This is you. Allow yourself to open and receive the love and acceptance for you the human in this lifetime; from you, yourself, as your soul essence. I have a perception of everyone expanding even further as you allow for that to become your reality.

I, the Goddess, now move into the space in which each of you are located. Let yourself open to receive my energy. Feel my essence as I reach out to embrace each one of you. You may have a sense of me enfolding you within my arms, or you may feel as if my energies blend with you so as to reflect and amplify all of who you are.

As you merge with me, your energies will shift into the space of the All That Is. This space is even lighter and finer than the energies of the soul plane. This space allows you to expand even further if you so desire. This space is infinite. You may feel as if you are there in a space by yourself. You may feel as if you are in the space of a void; as if you are suspended and just in a space of existence. You may also have a perception that there are a multitude of other energies here; some human, some angelic, some the masters, some extraterrestrials, some those that are without definition. Let yourself perceive who you are and the energies around you.

I invite you to gather in somewhat because we have another guest who is coming to be with you this evening. You may already begin to feel her energies as she comes into this space. She’s known as Kwan Yin. She is an essence that walked upon the earth. She is an aspect of the divine feminine. She is oftentimes represented as the purest essence of compassion and selflessness. Feel her energies as she moves among you. She reaches out to touch each one of you and creates a connection.

I invited her to share this time with you because her energies are becoming stronger upon the earth. They are also needed by every human. And now is the time for her to come forth, sharing her wisdom, sharing her energies. As she makes her way to the front of this group, I will step to the side and she will come forth and speak with you.

Kwan Yin speaks:

I greet you each Beloved Masters, Beloved humans. I greet you each with the energy of love, the energy of compassion, but the energy of I, Kwan Yin. For some of you, my energy may feel somewhat foreign to you because you have not connected with me in the consciousness of this lifetime. Others of you may already feel a deep connection to me and have worked with me on numerous occasions. Howsoever it is allow yourself to open so as to feel an alignment. Feel my vibration as I speak to you.

There is power and energy in every word that is spoken. There is a vibration that radiates off every person, every energy, anything that is living. Become aware of the words I am saying to you, the energies behind those words. Also become aware of the vibration of the unspoken. Feel for this moment in time what it is to have complete acceptance.

I wish to speak to you of compassion. Compassion is a word that creates many different vibrations as it is spoken. Let the word and the energy of compassion sweep over you and through you. I can feel how many relax even further. Compassion is a choice; it is a state of being; it is a vibration. Let yourself become aware of what it is when you breathe compassion into you and into your consciousness.

For many, you may feel as if you are filling yourself with the essence of love. But compassion is different. Most, when they bring to mind the word compassion, they think of what they may feel for what another individual is going through in their lives. They may perhaps consider the wars in various parts of the world and feel compassion for all involved. They may look at one of the disasters, as you call them as humans, and feel compassion for the experience that people are going through.

Tonight in this moment, I ask you to turn that compassion inward to yourself. I invite you to feel compassion for you. if you are at a place in your life in which there has been a great deal of turmoil, fear, pain, suffering and anger, whatever it may be, look at your life with compassion. It is so easy for each of you as humans to look outward with the eyes of compassion. This is your opportunity to look inward and have compassion for yourself. Let it flow through you. If there’s anything that comes up or comes to mind surround it with compassion. If you are in a place in your life in which all is running smoothly, all is exactly as you seek to have it, then from the eyes of compassion feel good about that creation. Honor yourself for the creation that is your life.

Consider what you may have been seeking to manifest within your life and perhaps it is slow in arriving. Again, surround all of it with compassion. When you are in a space of feeling this sense of compassion and love for yourself; release judgment, regret, irritation. Release any of those emotions or energies that you may have about why you have not manifested this as yet. Compassion is the number one way in which you can release judgment. If you are in the flow of compassion, if you allow yourself to be filled with this energy and vibration there is no space for judgment. There is only acceptance, allowing and love. Let that be your reality. Let yourself feel what it is to fully accept and honor who you are in this moment.

I feel some of you asking a question about pity. So I invite you to connect with the energies of pity. Think of what it is when you feel pitiful within yourself. Think of what it is when perhaps a family member, a friend, a co-worker, someone you see on the television is either experiencing something challenging and you feel pity for that individual. The energies of pity are completely different than compassion, are they not? From a space of feeling pity for another individual, the underlying energy is of judgment – judgment about that individual and judgment about you, yourself.

Call into you the energies once more of compassion. You immediately feel the difference as the energy of compassion comes back within you. Allow yourself to become very comfortable with this and understand what compassion is to you. Bring up to mind those same images that you were just looking at with pity and once more flow the energy of compassion. With compassion you release a judgment that there is a right or a wrong. With compassion you feel only love for another human being, another situation. You feel only love for yourself.

Again, reconnect within your own life. Feel how different you are now that you have allowed so much of this flow to move within and around your consciousness. See what it is like to create from this space of compassion. Draw that into you; let it flow through you and then consider what you are creating within your life. You may create it as images right now within your mind. Your consciousness may send out an impulse of light. You may open to something that you have never even considered before. Whatsoever you create do it from this space of complete love and acceptance. For when you are feeling compassion for yourself, about yourself and within yourself; there can be only love, joy, peace and contentment.

I, Kwan Yin, am going to step back and I will turn this back over to my beloved friend, the Goddess of Creation. I invite you to remember this link that you have made to me at this time. I make myself available to all who choose to walk the human path. You may call upon me anytime that you so desire. And I will be there for you.


So I, the Goddess, return, coming back within this space. I embrace my beloved friend Kwan Yin, and she does not go far. As I’m looking out over this sea of energies of light, each one of you is pulsating a beautiful light, or vibration. I, too, remind you to be gentle with yourself. I take this opportunity to say that as each of you are manifesting upon the earth, there are many, many things that come into play for every manifestation that you create. Therefore, even when things seem to be impossibly slow to come to you, be at peace. Allow yourself to acknowledge that, yes; you want whatever it may be right now; and then again release.

I felt that in addition to assisting you to open to the compassion within and for yourself that this would be another wonderful opportunity to create the energy spa. We have done this before. Many of you come here on a very regular basis. For those of you who are new to this experience this is going to be our time to nurture you. When you are in that space of compassion, it creates a deeper opening within yourself. From within that opening you are able to allow for others to support and nurture you. So look around. We see materializing, or coming into this space, many different angels. We see the ascended masters, the Ray lords. We see your teachers. Each of you are surrounded by a group of energies.

Create for yourself an experience as if you are going to the spa. Feel as if you breathe in a very delicate scent. A scent that is very soothing and relaxing. As you breathe it in already you feel the energies around you shifting. Allow yourself to be greeted by your angels and guides. Each one reaches out to embrace you as they welcome you into this space. Just that embrace fills you with a sense of anticipation and with a sense of peace.

Allow yourself to shift once more. What do you like when you go to the spa? Open to receive an energetic massage. Feel as if this beautiful loving energy is moving through your consciousness and into your physical body so that your actual physical muscles of your human self relax. Some of you enjoy a sauna. Feel that heat as it moves through you. Perhaps as that human body is sweating, you are releasing toxins. Others of you enjoy steam, breathing that steam into your lungs and cleansing from the inside out. Allow yourself to have whatever the experience may be. Some are enjoying a facial. Others are getting the manicure and pedicure. Let yourself be completely pampered.

You may also realize that this experience has a conversation going on in the background. You do not need to even know what the conversation is about, but if you are curious open your awareness so that you may understand. I know how much you enjoy communicating with your guides and teachers. One of the most important, if you want to call it that or the strongest messages, that they would like for me to convey to you is about trusting yourself: trust who you are; believe who you are.

Always acknowledge that you are special; that you are beloved. Let that move through you. Let yourself move through your experience in the spa, allowing it to be all that you need for it to be at this time. You may come back here at any time. You may bring an aspect of this with you into your daily life upon the earth. Once you have created this connection and have moved through this experience, you may return with taking in a breath and intentionally connecting. Your intention is everything. Your breath is everything. When you link the two of these together, you can create shifts within and around yourself at any given moment.

Now is the time that I invite you to release the energy of your personal spa. I invite you to come back together as a group energy or as a group essence. There is such a sparkle and a light that emanates from each one of you. You each have that feeling of being completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Allow yourself, if you so choose, to come back within this group so that we may call forth the hologram of the earth. Many of you are choosing to remain in the space of the spa; that is fine. Those which have chosen to be a part of this circle, you see coming up from within the center the hologram of the earth. You see Lady Gaia as she emerges from the earth. Observe the way Kwan Yin moves up to and embraces Lady Gaia. See the two of them as they stand side by side as if coming out of the earth. This allows you to have the opportunity to link with their energies at an earthbound level. Reach out. Send the compassion that you have tapped into in to the earth.

At the forefront of each one of you let it be compassion for yourself. You will find that the more you are able to allow the self-love, the self-acceptance that comes with compassion, the more amount you have of that to share with others and this is all accepted by Lady Gaia and Kwan Yin and they send it back to you magnified once more. Both of them merge together, blending back within the hologram of the earth.

The earth itself, or this hologram, begins to shift, moving out of this space of the All That Is, moving back toward to the physical earth upon which you live. It pauses briefly in the energies of the crystalline and magnetic grids. You see an aspect of this vibration moving out through the impulses of the magnetic grid work.

The remainder of the hologram will then move down, moving into the physical earth itself. From there, the essence of Lady Gaia expands and moves in every direction. She comes up through the earth, the trees, the rocks, and the water. She comes into every human; she comes into the animals; she comes into every living aspect upon the earth. And she spreads even further the energies of compassion. You are linked to those energies. You have access to them at any time you so desire. You contribute towards those energies yourself. Each time that you breathe in self-love, self-awareness, self-acceptance; each time that you breathe in compassion for yourself it will amplify these other energies that are around and within the earth. So you do that simply by being you; by simply doing what you do during your days.

Release the energies of one another. Allow yourself to come fully back within your own essence. As you are doing this allow yourself to once more reconnect with the aspect of who you are within the soul plane. As you come from this more expanded state, you pick up on greater amounts of yourself that were their before, but of which you were not aware. Open to this awareness at this time, if you so desire.

Allow yourself to begin to come more fully back within your human body. Release the energies of the soul plane. Allow your consciousness to link, even if but for a moment, with the energies of the crystalline. They are even more sparkling and vibrant as a result of your journeys this evening.

Allow yourself to continue returning, letting yourself move back into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you come into this space let yourself feel the energies that are all around you. You are now linking with it from a higher vibration. Allow yourself to perceive the space in which your higher self resides. Know that you can come here at any given time. Understand how you utilize this space when you are working with your intention and your manifestation. This is a form of communication.

From here, I invite you to come back even more fully within your physical body. As you come back within your body, you may find that you need to expand the energy field around you. Let yourself be fully aware of who you are in this human life; of who you are as a person of the creation that you have made which results in the person you are right now. Bring into this space those energies of compassion, bringing into your physical reality all the compassion that you felt in the space of the All That Is. Ground it within your physical, human self. Let it move out through your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that make up this human existence. Through your feelings of compassion let yourself open to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.

Let yourself breathe that into your reality. Take some deep breaths, following each breathe as it moves in. As you are doing this you ground yourself more fully into this physical body.


As you do that I invite you to come back within this room. And I am open to receive questions. You may press *7 upon your phone and as you press the *7, it will allow you back into this room and I am open to receive your questions.



Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for this lovely journey tonight. It was really wonderful! Recently, I’ve experienced several, large financial setbacks. The very opposite of what I would want to consciously manifest. Can you tell me why this is? What’s this about?


Answer: I bring with me the energies of Kwan Yin and she is first of all expressing to you to once more go into that space of compassion this time for yourself and your husband and this situation in which you find yourself. Now her energies continue to be here and they will be flowing to you but I will shift over and talk, speaking the words, but her message is conveyed within these words in addition to my own. As we link with you and attempt to get some idea of why this is all happening to you, it’s coming across as if this is more a closure rather than a setback. You perceive it as a setback because you’ve been seeking to make changes and as you said, it’s the direct opposite of what you were seeking to make. But we’re getting an essence or a feeling or a sense that this is actually putting closure to something that needed to be let go of before you could open to greater abundance. We’re not quite sure what that is yet, but the essence is mostly about closure and releasing this pattern that you have been in, so that you can then shift into a different pattern that will allow for greater abundance. It’s almost as if … one of the things we’d like to say is that when people create debt (and we’re not saying that this is what you have done, but we know that many humans upon the earth do have debt in their life), debt is sometimes a way of you affirming your future potential, or your belief in your future potential for yourself. Many times and often times, people will get into debt because of a feeling of lack; feeling that I don’t have this so therefore by charging it or using whatever means they may have available to them, they bring something into their life. It is always a very varied vibrational energy that people find themselves in when it comes to matters around finances and money. You are by no means alone when it comes to this type of thing. People ask over and over about manifesting abundance in their life. What we say to everybody, not just to yourself is that when you have experiences in your life that seems as if it’s not what you’re seeking to manifest look and see is it putting closure to something else or is there another reason why you have created such a situation. Then, as you begin to – sometimes there may be no reason that comes to you; it may just be as it is. If that’s the case then allow yourself to shift your energies and once more bring in the energies of compassion and feel compassion for yourself and the stress that you feel at this moment. Feel compassion for how you’re going to go about paying off the debt. Feel compassion for the anxieties, for all these other emotions and energies that have to go with it and then from that space of compassion breathe out and send out to the universe that essence or that energy of security. Now this is a very esoteric response and we know that people don’t particularly like this kind of response because it’s not giving you A, B, C…X, Y, Z-type of an answer that you can hold onto, but for so many people when they are seeking to manifest within their lives, they don’t realize how much their vibration has an impact on what they are seeking to manifest and what they actually do manifest. So by going through a process such as I just explained to you, you will find that you will create a vibration that you’ll emanate out to the world that will create shifts and changes within your life. We see you talking to some people – perhaps it’s a lawyer, or an accountant, or someone in a position of authority or knowledge -- who can assist you in restructuring or doing something different that will bring some relief to this. The essence as we said behind it is actually putting closure one time of your life and then we see you opening to a higher vibration and to a new experience. Does that resonate with you? (Absolutely, I’m glad for the esoteric explanation. Person says yes and speaks further about this being giving up a condo, rather than having debt.) Debt and giving up something that you felt was a possession of yours... they have a similar vibration from an energetic perspective. So you were releasing something that you thought of as value to you; that you thought of as part of your equity, you could say. The energies of all this still come across similarly and that’s why from this perspective in which we look at each individual and at the people on earth, sometimes the energies can blend over or things can merge. When you speak of the condo in particular, it is a release that is going to allow you to open to greater energy or some sort of greater potential to come into your life. (Thank you.) You are welcome.



Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for a very beautiful and healing meditation. While I’m in this type of supportive community, I feel very connected to Spirit, however, lately, when I’m alone, I don’t sense that connection to Spirit. What suggestion do you have to address this feeling of separation?


Answer: What we see happening in you is something in which when you get to be in your daily life, when you the human, is walking around and you’re working with people, you’re talking with people, you have projects that you do, you get pulled in different directions that’s when you have a tendency to get disconnected within yourself. That’s what we see happening to you. It does not come across to us as if it’s a really deep disconnection like some people may have. There’s always a very deep core aspect of you that is linked with spirit and it is linked with your own soul and divinity. So this disconnect, then, is something that you feel within you and it feels very profound to you, but it is because you are going in so many different directions. If you can work on practicing the breathing technique such as we used at the beginning of the journey where you go and you breathe within yourself, and you create that ball of light within your heart center and you send that ball of light – let it move up and down through your physical body so you are fully connected in your physical body. Let it go down into the earth and link with Lady Gaia within the earth and then bring those energies back up within you. When you feel that connection to Lady Gaia you will begin to feel yourself once more connected within yourself. You don’t have to connect with Lady Gaia, but we sense that within you that’s an extra thing that you like to do. Then, from within your physical body if you expand it into your mental, your emotional bodies, you are actually expanding that ball of light that you started within your physical body and you are linking the energy fields around you and then lastly your spiritual body, you can then, from that space, draw down a greater amount of your essence or your divinity. All of this is done through your creative imagination; through your expanded consciousness and through your breathing – just breathing deeply and easily, letting the energies flow. That’s a way of grounding you; of bringing everything back into a space of connection within yourself and you will feel once more that you are divine. And we want to say to you also that this journey is no mistake that it happened tonight. Let yourself go back into that space of compassion. You have a tendency to put yourself last and put everyone else first. That is also a part of that reason you feel so hopeless sometimes, or so lonely and almost a hurt feeling. So feel compassion for yourself. When you feel hopeless or you feel those emotions you mentioned, shift it with compassion. Bring in the compassion and let compassion flow through you because from that space of compassion you can open more to perceive the other energies that are within and around you. Alright, Beloved? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You are welcome.



Question: (paraphrased) As we were in the journey tonight, I sensed that I was given a necklace with a lighted, crystal pendant. Could you tell me what that was?


Answer: As we look at this, we sense that you like to have around you in your physical plane different things, oftentimes crystals, but other things that to you symbolize your journey in life. Or they symbolize your expansion in energy or consciousness. What we’re seeing now with this necklace or this crystalline essence is it looks like it’s a way that you put within it the energies of the journey. So it’s got within it the energies of compassion, it’s got the energies of this crystalline vibration that you are seeking to move more fully into. We sense it was something you were open to, you received. It was created for you and you allowed it come in to your reality tonight. We actually have a sense that you do not ever have to manifest it one the physical plane; that this is going to work beautifully as it is. But there is a potential that it will come into your physical reality, too. Not necessarily in the form of a necklace, but perhaps as a stone or something that you will see and when you see it, it will make you feel, oh, that’s my necklace. There will be something about it that the essence will remind you of your necklace. Does that make sense to you? (Yes.) These types of symbols are a way of amplifying energies; it’s a way of giving you a focus for the energies so, for you, when you breathe, when you expand your consciousness, we see you bringing the image of what that was to you, or putting on your necklace. And it will be a way of shifting your vibration into such that you are more in that crystalline vibration, or more of a space of allowing or more of a space of the compassion and the self-love that everyone worked with tonight. It’s beautiful. It’s a gorgeous necklace and we honor you for creating such a unique way to allow yourself to express this. (Thank you.) You are welcome.



Question: (paraphrased) I’ve been working on a more complete blending of the masculine and feminine energies within me. Can you tell me how I am progressing with that intention?

Answer: This is perhaps not the best time to ask us this because we see you as a perfect blend of one energy. Well, maybe that is the best time! This journey that you went on tonight, you were such an immense, bright light when we were up in the higher vibrations. We sensed that what you’ve been doing this week (with that blending) was in preparation for this experience tonight because there is no… we hear your feminine voice and we know that you are a female (person) asking the question – but as we look at you we see one energy, we see one essence. You were in a space of brilliance in this expanded energy and especially in that spa setting, you actually have been going into that space of complete balance whenever you go into these higher realms and so with this journey tonight we had a sense of you incorporating it more within your physical reality. So we see that there may be times when you feel as if you’re out of balance, but that through your breath-work you can easily go back into balance. We salute you for all this hard work that you have done for yourself and we see it as complete. Therefore, if in your own conscious reality or your physical reality, you think, well, she though it was complete, but I don’t get that perception then allow yourself to acknowledge that you the human may feel differently than what we perceive for you, but trust that from our perspective, we see it as complete. We see it as done. Shift into that perspective if it feels comfortable to you and if you want to allow that. (Am I at a different place than I was four months ago?) Most definitely. We have a sense that for you, you became more of a balanced blended energy in March perhaps or early April and that it’s only coming to your awareness and your conscious acceptance of it this past week (The first week of May). Then this journey was like the ceremony at the end of the road. (I can’t speak.) That’s okay. Just breathe it in and allow yourself to accept, accept and accept even more. We love you, beloved.



Question: (paraphrased) Some time ago, I created a portal in the woods where I walk my dog. I was guided to create this one and I think I’m supposed to create more, but I’m not sure what I did the first time. Can you comment?


Answer: You need not be sure about what you did because when you feel drawn to create an energy portal as you spoke of, when you feel drawn to do anything with the earth energies, it is quite often about shifting the energies in that space in that moment. What we saw going on there is that you created that energy or that portal of light that allowed for a greater amount of this crystalline or this higher vibrational energy to come in and as it came in it kind of flowed in and out of the earth there and it moved out in a horizontal pattern, too. It was not just a vertical pattern. We have a sense that that one in particular did not remain longer than perhaps a period of a few days and that was what it needed to do. You have been working with Mother Earth in many ways and that was one way that you could do it. You actually do this more often than you realize. Like you may see something and you just send out an impulse like a beam of light from your heart and it creates this little portal. Then, we have a sense of seeing you create bigger portals that will maintain and stay open for much longer periods of time. A portal is but a means of allowing energy to flow in and out of the earth. It may be connected deeply out into space from your earth-bound perception or it may go into inter-dimensions that move in an out and up and down and in every direction. You don’t have to analyze it or put any specifics limits or understanding on it. Just simply, if you feel that need just as you did that first time, let it happen. Sometimes, as you walk your dog, we have a sense to suggest to you go in with an eye of saying what have I done in the past and you may see all these bright, sparkling highlights all around you and those are spaces you’ve worked on before that you may not have consciously been aware of doing so. Does that make sense? (Yes. I’m glad I can do it on a super-conscious basis because I worry that I may not be doing what I’m supposed to be doing.) Everyone is always doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. When you feel that statement you just made, that’s judging yourself. When you judge yourself it creates a little bit of a barrier around you. Especially with Kwan Yin standing here beside me, the one thing we want to say to you and to everybody else is just accept that you are doing exactly whatever you need to do. If something comes to your mind, then do it. If it doesn’t come to your mind then you might be doing it on another level or it doesn’t need to be done. Release judgment of any and all situations. Release a space of criticizing yourself or others and you will find that more awareness’s will come to you. (Thank you very, very much!) You’re welcome.

Alright. So with that, we will bring this evening to a close. I do thank each one of you for your time in participating with this journey tonight. Be aware that your questions, even if they weren’t physically answered, that you are receiving the answer within yourself. And be aware that your question even if it was answered in a way that was not totally about you, it was answering in such a way that others could also benefit from what was being said. Each of you is an individual and you are unique soul essence. But each one of you is also a part of this bigger community of souls; of this essence of light. And we thank you for this opportunity to be able to work with you each, as a group and individually. And we thank you for being able to share our energies with you.

This evening with the spa, or this day with the spa, howsoever you want to think of it, was a day for you so that we in the universe could acknowledge all that you are doing upon the earth.

Let yourself be loved; let yourself be open. Feel the compassion for yourself, from within yourself. I am ever with you and within you.





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