Lightbody As Abstract Energy

This next step with the Lightbody energies is about becoming more abstract. Essentially what the Goddess meant by this is to release control. We are so busy with our lives that sometimes we go directly from one thing to next rarely enjoying the moment. During this journey, as you release the control and focus that has so long been your intention, you will find that you can actually allow a much greater amount of the lightbody energies in. How many times do you manifest in life by focusing on what's not there or what hasn't happened? This journey will assist you in shifting so that you may be open to greater potentials ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach to each one of you sending forth my love, sending forth an embrace. Allow your energies to open up and receive. Each time that you reach out to link with my energies, you are reaching out to link with love; with love and the purest form of acceptance. I am here for you, I support you in all that you are doing. I am here as the Goddess of Creation but I am made up of each one of you and all the other forms of consciousness from the universe. Well, I guess I should say the form of consciousness that's in alignment with love, acceptance, joy, abundance.

Pure consciousness is that; it's intention, it's thought, it's emotion, it's energy, it's crystalline and it's more. As each of you are allowing yourself to open up and feel this greater amount of your own divinity, you are feeling a greater amount of me and the universal consciousness.

You are so much more than you think you are. You are beginning to realize how to let go the human limitations, and many times it works. When you allow yourself to feel the alignment of your divinity, everything else falls into place. So take a deep breath in, as if you are breathing down your own divinity. It's there, it's around you, it is never very far away, although there are times you may think it is. Feel the essence of your love, feel what it is to accept this love within you. As you move through your days remember that it's available to you at all times.

We've worked consistently with the Lightbody energies. The more that you allow that to become a part of your life the easier it will be. This is the next step that humanity is taking. This is what will allow you to create change within your life. It will allow you to step into the new energy and to step into new perspectives with a greater and greater ease.

So breathe deeply and then have a sense of letting go of your physical body, allow your consciousness to shift so that you may more fully align with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you align within this grid; look around, feel what this space is to you. Many of you have been working within this space for a very long time. Take a moment and open to perceive the differences.

The differences are very subtle but yet significant. You may still send an impulse of light or intention, and it will move through the grid in the way in which it always has. One of the subtle differences is that the magnetic grid is less sharply defined in the manner that it has been in the past. The reason for that is because more and more of the magnetic grid is integrating with the crystalline. Allow your perception to expand in such a way that you may see what this means to you.

Take a moment and allow your energies to shift. You move through the interlocking pathway and then to the crystalline grid. As you come to alignment within the crystalline grid feel what it is to be without the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel what it is to look around, see, sense, all that is here for you.

The crystalline vibration is becoming more and more integrated within the earth. As this occurs each of you will find that your perception of the crystalline grid is strengthened. That greater amount of alignment allows you to have greater perceptions as if you are opening your eyes and looking around. Do so at this time, see if anything in particular comes to your awareness. Take in the energy of this space and allow it to move through you.

I invite you to shift your focus once more, this time allow yourself to move into the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, you may find that you immediately link with your divinity, if not, have the sense of calling forth your I AM presence so that you may allow yourself to fully merge with this energy. As you put forth the intention or as you consciously blend, you merge fully with all of your divinity.

Allow your heart center to expand even further, which allows your consciousness to also expand. As you allow yourself to feel the full presence of your divinity, for this moment know what it is to feel unconditional love. Can you allow that into your perception?

The more that you allow for this love and acceptance to become a part of your consciousness while you're here in this space of the All That Is, I'm sorry, while you're here in the space of the soul plane, you will find that it becomes easier and easier for you when you are upon the earth. I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. I consciously embrace each one of you merging my energies completely with your own.

Allow me to reflect back and amplify who you are, as I do so allow your energies to shift and then take a look around. The All That Is is very similar to the soul plane. There is a slight difference in that we have created this space that allows for each one of you to be here and supported by each other and yet you are completely connected and aligned within your own essence. If you so choose, you may have that sense of being here completely on your own. Is that how you feel sometimes in your life? As if you are completely on your own? As if you walk a path that is separate from everybody else?

Become aware of how no matter what is happening within your life, you have the ability to feel this love, to feel this completeness within you. You can do it completely on your own. Sometimes it's helpful to reach out and allow myself or one of the angels to be there to assist you and we do.

As the earth is ascending, heart centers are opening in ways that they never have in the past. We have been speaking about the Lightbody energy for the last few months. We will continue to speak about it in the months to come. But it will come through in many different forms. So many of you felt a sense of anticipation. You didn't know what was coming. You knew that you consciously asked to have more and more within your life. Be aware that any time you seek to have greater clarity; you may do so by allowing these Lightbody energies to flow within and around you.

There are various energy centers within your body, and these Lightbody energies may integrate within your physical through these energy centers. Take a moment and ask to become aware of how you are receiving these energies. Some find it well defined, others find it completely undefined. No matter what your perception, be aware that through your intention to link with these energies, you are doing so.

We have worked with creating a structure within and around you to allow for the integration of these energies. We now would like for you to take the opportunity and have a sense of letting go of structure. You seek to manifest changes within your life, for the majority of you they are very specific changes. You would like something to happen. You would like to have something within your life. It might be, you want to get from point A to point B.

We have worked with these energies in such a manner because it gives your mental body something to work with. For this moment, I invite each of you to have a sense of letting your focus or your consciousness go within yourself as if you are looking inward or as if your focus is moving within. As your thoughts are about looking within, have a sense of opening up all your other senses and perceptions and take in the Lightbody energy that is swirling around you. Many of you felt it, you knew that it was there, some of you begin to perceive it as I speak of it in this manner. As you let go analyzing, let it consciously move through you and just feel.

Through feeling the energies, there may be thoughts or ideas that go through your mind or your mental body. Allow them to do just that, move through. Allow your perception to expand. Feel the difference, let your inner knowing become strengthened. As you allow your consciousness to mix and mingle with these Lightbody energies, they work with you in such a way that you expand and take things in, deeper and deeper within you. The more comfortable that you are with this energy, the more you are able to open your awareness to your own divinity.

You have blended with your I AM presence; you are here in the All That Is as your I AM presence. But your perception takes in as much as your consciousness is able to perceive. Well in reality you are taking in more than what your consciousness perceives but as you think about or consider your I AM presence, there are some limitations. As you consciously choose to let or accept the Lightbody energy swirling through you, allow yourself to feel the subtle changes that are taking place. As you've done, shift your focus once more; look at who you are within your divinity. I have a sense that you are able to perceive even more than you did before. It may come across as color, as a feeling, as an energy. Some of you are seeing past experiences and how they affected your divinity.

Your divinity is always in balance. It is always open and expanded. Allow yourself to merge with your divinity in such a way, that you can let that stream into your consciousness and become a part of your daily life. See how good it feels to be in that flow. I feel in some a giddy laughter bubbling up within you. I feel others relaxing in a way that they have not relaxed for a very long time. Whatsoever it may be for you let yourself go let yourself feel.

As you allow this Lightbody energy to swirl within and around you, it is a pure energy; it is also completely without intention. As each of you are integrating this within your life, it allows for more and more of that energy to move into the earth. It moves into the physical earth, it moves throughout the collective consciousness, it moves throughout everybody's daily life, completely as pure energy. If anybody taps into that energy and then you create an alignment or a focus or perhaps an intention, it enhances whatever that is for you. If you consider for a moment this pure energy that is beginning to move through and around the earth plane, completely without form, what would it be for you if you began to let your manifestation come to you in the same way?

I put forth that you release that list of specific intentions and things that you would like to have in your life and simply let yourself move through your day feeling these energies and allowing them to support, love and nurture you. The universe is very well aware of what you would like in your life. As your focus becomes, feeling good, feeling in alignment, feeling supported, feeling connected then all the rest will fall into place with greater and greater ease. For some, you may find that suddenly your focus has shifted. You find that what you truly want is different than what you always thought that you wanted. Now, of course, if you think that and it brings up within you a feeling of dread sorrow nostalgia, then that's not something better for you, that's still saying this is where my focus remains. OK...that's okay.

Breathe deeply, gently, easily and let that loving completely pure Lightbody energy swirls through you while you feel those emotions. Allow it to assist you in releasing any form of resistance that you may have. This is working with new energy, with crystalline energy with Lightbody energy.

There is a similarity in all three of those. In some perceptions they may all be one and the same. Release control, release forcing a specific outcome, release sorrow, release pain, release anything that causes you to feel heavy or weighted down. As you do so immediately breathe in the Lightbody energies. As it shifts your vibration, you find your perception transforms also.

As the Lightbody energy becomes a part of your daily life, you begin to think, what was it ever like without it? Each time that you consciously make a choice to let go of the struggle and invite in the Lightbody, you will feel that much more secure with these energies. This is about finding the ease, the joy, the passion, the excitement within your life.

I have a sense as I look at you and as you are each moving through all these various energies that you will find things stay with you for a shorter period of time. You may find that relationships transition, jobs transition, you may find the time in between is different. How often did you find yourself falling into limbo and feeling a sense of being stagnant, unable to move? If that comes up with all that you are doing, then consciously let these energies flow through, let them move through with ease, let them move through until you feel good.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. You are each expanding into something that in many ways is completely different than anything you have done before. I sense that some feel awkward. Therefore as you come back together as a group, I consciously move between you, I touch you and I allow my energies to assist in whatever form makes you feel better.

You may see as if coming up within the center of the group, this essence of the hologram of the earth. As you look at the hologram you notice it's different. Just as the earth is changing, just as each one of you are changing, it is all reflected in the hologram with which you work. So this hologram is less detailed than what you've seen before.

The hologram is showing you the various levels of integration taking place upon the earth. For some it may be perceived that certain places upon the earth have less amounts of this energy, for others it may be that within the layers of the earth there is a change and some hold these energies better than others.

The hologram represents your consciousness, so consider the completely abstract aspect of the Lightbody energy as it pertains to you and let that flow through you and into this hologram. We've been practicing with letting go the analytical, and yet this is pushing you back towards analyzing and thinking. Since that is a part of your daily life, take this as an opportunity to recognize how you can think you can take in and process what you may be seeing about the hologram and yet as you consciously transmit the energy of your own crystalline vibration or as you transmit into that, the energy of the Lightbody that surrounds you. See how they have an effect and once more feel within your consciousness, and let go the analytical. Excellent! I could see how you shifted from one to the other with ease.

All that you have just processed, all of that energy that you flow into the hologram moves throughout. And then you release the hologram and it shifts moving back towards the earth. You may have a sense of a part of it that breaks off and moves towards the new earth. You may have a sense how the energies of the crystalline grid amplify and enhance, but the core essence of the hologram moves down, it moves through the magnetic grid, it moves down into the earth that goes into the core center of the earth.

Feel the link with the immense crystals that make up the center of the earth. Feel that magnetic core as it maintains its balance, as it always has. Then all that energy moves from there, coming up, it comes up through the earth itself, it comes up into your physical presence, it comes up through the water, the trees, the flowers, the grass, the dirt. It comes up fully integrating everything that is within and upon the earth. You can release that energy. Shift your awareness once more back within your consciousness and then allow your consciousness to begin to flow. You move through the soul plane, you flow and align with the crystalline grid.

Feel your perception, as you link with the grid. It's then as if you flow down through the grid, you move to the interlocking grid and you pause briefly within the magnetic grid. Here within the essence of your higher self, consciously expand. Allow it to feel the integration of the Lightbody energies and to feel it in an abstract way without shape or form. It just is. Then, you can let your consciousness move back down within your body.

As your consciousness is coming back within your body, it may be more expanded than what your physical body could hold, but that's okay, you allow as much of it as can to come down and you breathe deep within yourself, breathe in as much of your divinity into your heart center, down through your body. You may have a sense of reaching down and linking with those energies that the hologram brought and blended within the earth, and let that come back up within you, feel it within you. Consciously invite the Lightbody energy to swirl through and around you as we speak. Let your-self feel it and recognize it for what it is. Put forth the intention that you live and manifest through this energy and all the assistance and ease that it brings to you.

If you feel yourself uncomfortable, lightheaded, over expanded, howsoever, it may be that you perceived it, let you focus, breathe within, breathing through your lungs into your heart and breathing downward. As you do this, this is allowing you to anchor your consciousness once more within you. As you allow for all of your focus to come back within I am open to receive questions that you may have. You may press star seven upon your phone, and that will put you in the queue and I'm happy to answer what questions I may.

Question: Goddess I have a question. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and I've had a lot of complications come up as a result. I had a lot of swelling and bruising, a basil cyst that I had which is not gone. I'm wondering if you could give me any feedback about what you think has taken place. I just came home from rehab 2 days ago.

Answer: Umhm, as we look at you and as you speak of the surgery and what is going on with you it's as if we see two different things happening or shall I say layers of things happening. There is an aspect of you that is doing beautifully and everything is coming along exactly as it should. There is another part of you and this is a part of your mental body that is also saying "I've had so many problems every time I've done everything. Nothing ever goes right for me, nothing ever goes easily for me". It's as if you manifested this as a result of past experiences we shall say. Now as we are saying that it feels as if it brings up within you "I didn't manifest this! I didn't want this, I wanted the easy route"! So what we're saying is that we see within your experience of this surgery and all that is going on it feels like this is another way of letting go of old beliefs or you are in the process of letting go of old beliefs. As we look at it and where the surgery was, as we look at the flow of energy it feels like there is more healing that needs to take place. As we flow energy from the top of your leg down, it gets stuck in the middle. So it does not feel as if it's completely open to the flow energy as yet. We can't take a long time to talk about it, but we're going to leave an aspect of energy here to work with you on this to see if we can't help you improve the flow of energy. It feels as if the cyst is blocking the flow of energy. It feels as if we are working with it as we speak. We are trying t remove it. It feels as if there is an energetic block and this is what we are picking up from your energy body. Take a second to breathe all the way down into where you had this surgery. Not only where you had the surgery but above and below it. Consciously focus on that for a moment. Then as you are ready to do so, have a sense of breathing out. As you do so, release this old energy, release the stuck energy. Whew, whew [Shelly was breathing for her.] Okay, that feels like that was a beginning of what needs to be done. It feels like there is more that needs to be done, not a huge amount but just that that took of a layer and here are a couple other layers underneath. Could you feel how that shifted the energies for you?

I feel lighter.

You feel lighter, good. As we said, Rafael is going to stay here with you for the time being, he is going to work with you specifically on increasing the flow of energy. We know you've been doing energy work. We know you've already done a great deal of this healing. Us coming in from a different perspective see things from a different perspective. We go with the perception that the vast majority of this is exactly as it should be and you are doing beautifully. We will help you to do some of this release work, to do some of this healing. We will amplify it so that you will feel better in a very short period of time.

Question: Hi, this is Katie. I am experiencing intense energies, very much like the other lady. Just before the call it increased and lodged in my feet and leg causing limitation in my activity. The second part is that I had a swoosh of a revelation when it came to what is your purposed. I have so many writings and things I want to accomplish and publish. However the swoosh was just to be in the energy of God was my real destination or intention. That once I do that everything will fall into place.

Answer: This is so beautiful the way that you put that together!! when we looked at you we could see this block of energy that was holding your lower legs and your feet. We feel as if this was holding you back, keeping you from moving forward, keeping you from stepping outside the boundaries you had placed around you. So when you spoke of the experience you had during the channel when you felt that breath of air go through the feeling of being connected to God. God we fully believe is you; you as God, you as representing God, you as your God essence and then all that God represents to you. This was allowing you to get away from feeling like there was a burden to writing these things that as yet had not fully been accomplished-- to where you can now be in the space and feel the energies and whatever does get accomplished will be with ease. The sense we get is that some things will be consolidated. There are somethings that aren't as important to do right now. It feels like there is a shuffling of your priorities and things are going to change with that. Does that resonate with you?

Yes it does. But I am so anxious to release.....

We'll help you with getting rid of this energy you feel around your feet. Now it feels like cement blocks. It feels like you have your feet in cement blocks that are connected into the earth. It feels like you have been mired in this place for a very long time. It's as if you started being mired there and it built and built on itself. What we feel a need to do is like we're digging down. We are digging all around these blocks of cement around your feet. We are loosening up that dirt and taking it out from there. What we want you to do is take a deep breath in breathing into your heart center first of all. Then you breathe all the way down to where you have that cement around you and consciously send a blast or what is that thing called that people use to break up cement... that blasts away that cement of that stuck energy. We are using it to break up the cement and stuck energy around your feet. [The Goddess breathed deeply into the area.] Okay, now we don't see the square blocks of energy any more. We have a sense there is still more energy, but now it feels like energy rather than solid cement. What we'd like you to do is kick your legs around in the physical moment. As you move your legs, once more breathe within, breathing all the way down and let even more of your energy and consciousness move down your legs and clear out all that is around your feet. We scoop it up and we blow it all away.

I also have this little dry cough as if I can't get enough liquids inside of me even thought I drink lots of water. But I feel very dry.

We feel that is your focus is on balance and movement then all of these symptoms you are having will resolve. Now we want to say to you that we feel there is a tingling and sensation in your feet. It feels like you have let go of the density but it's been a habit for you for a long time. When you've had a habit or a belief system for a long time I always recommend that you be aware that over the next be it days, weeks, whatever that you may feel it come back again. So anytime you feel the heaviness in your feet and legs consciously breathe through it like this and clear it out. Breathe in the lightbody energies. Breathe in and let them come around you and within you before you even feel that sense and it will help to keep it from coming back. You will be in that state of movement and you will be in that connection with God that you spoke of and you will feel movement within your life. Okay?

Uh huh. Hmm I had it right on the tip of my tongue.

Okay, well I have to go on to someone else.

Okay, thank you. Oh I know, what angel is around me?

That is a completely different question and we can't go there.

Well you told that other lady that she did and I just wondered if I had somebody with me.

[pause as Shelly regrouped] Everybody has angels around them. Everybody has their own divinity around them. It's not always that it's a separate energy but there are angels and light around everyone. If you will reach out to whatever energy that may be then it is there for you.

Alright, thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Question: I was wondering how I could best move forward inwardly or outwardly right now.

Answer: As we look at you we have a sense of a flower that is beginning to blossom. It's as if you have been taking in nutrients, taking in water, taking in all that is needed and now is about to blossom. This is what we see you've been doing in your life. You've been gathering information, you've been reading, you've been practicing different things, you've been trying out different things. The next step for you is to begin to look at your life as if you can accomplish anything you wish to do. It's as if you are building up a new confidence within yourself than you have had in the past. It feels as if you have come from a space of strictness or limitation and you are stepping outside of those boundaries. Sometimes boundaries can actually make you feel secure. That is why we think we are getting a little bit of this feeling.

As you begin to step out and move forward, the sense we have is that by breathing in your divinity and your lightbody energies it will allow you to keep feeling that sense of security, that sense of awareness, that sense of being. As you do this you can look around. We see that there are certain things in your life like decisions that you are making regarding relationships that are in transition. It feels to us actually as if potentially your work, your relationships; many different things are coming to a head right now. As you consider what is the core aspect of what makes you happy or that gives you the sense of being most fulfilled or present within you; that is the direction you need to take. A little bit we hear you saying you are just not sure, you feel so many different things. If you are not sure about it then be aware that no matter what steps you start to take all of that is about how you can define what makes you happy. If you start to go in one direction and you think 'oh you know what, this is just a pain, this is not happening, this is just a struggle!' That's the indicator to look in another direction. That is how you allow the energies to guide you, to assist you. You are working within yourself and listening to yourself. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes, thank you very much I really appreciate it.

You're welcome. We have a sense that that decision that has been hanging over you that you feel you just don't know which decision to make; just go with the one that makes you feel light and happy, it is the one that is best for you.

Thank you, I very, very much appreciate and I appreciate your calls.

You're welcome and thank you for joining in.

Question: Hello Goddess? I recently received a personal meditation from you and it's been working great! My question is about two days ago. Right after I did the meditation listening to yours I went into my own little imagined journey and it seemed surreal. I just wanted to ask you about it. I imagined myself going off playing with the dolphins, being a mermaid. I then flew with the eagles and the hawks. Then I went down and played with the wolves. From there I became a stream. I went into the earth and down into the center. I fused with the crystals and the other light-beings that I guess were there. From there I went out past the earth to the new earth and into the universe. I pictured the earth getting vibrance all over again. This is actually the short version of all this!! I ended up being in my bedroom which is where I was doing the meditation and I felt wind above my head and I thought it was [I couldn't understand what she said] I thought it must be rain. I could sense both my room and the journey at the same time. I also thought it was raining outside. I didn't want to look because I knew I would break what was happening to me. When I did stop I knew it would be raining outside, but it wasn't. In fact it was sunny! Was that all real? I'd like to know what was real.

Answer: Absolutely it was all real! That was an explanation that many people are going to be able to use in their daily life. What you did was by starting with the meditation that I created for you; it got you into the energies that you are used to using from the All That Is, from the crystalline and whether I said them or not, they were still in direct alignment with you. Then using that as a spring board you went into what you were already doing. What we see happened is that it was all real, it's what allowed your consciousness to shift into different energies. By shifting into the various animals, by shifting into the consciousness of the earth, by shifting into these various energies and allowing yourself to fully merge with them; that is how you are able to receive the full benefit and receive the enhancement. It's of benefit to you, but it's also of benefit to what you link with. We applaud you for your brilliant means of working with these energies! Not every time may not be as brilliant and dramatic as that, but that doesn't mean you are doing any less work. It's excellent! And of course it is real! What is reality? It is something that is changing moment by moment. Especially when feel things; when you could see it, feel it, taste it; feel the rain, feel the breeze, all these various symptoms or added expressions of the energy. All of that is what made it feel more real for you.

Wow! Okay, that was very cool. I love that meditation by the way.

You are welcome. We are glad that you like it. Thanks for sharing with us how this has allowed you to take your next step forward.

It really did because sometimes I have a hard time trying to bring stuff up within my own self. I'll have my eyes closed and try to envision it, but with this it was right there and I went right there, it was very easy and very cool.

Excellent! Well thank you for sharing.

Question: Hi Goddess. Thank you again for the meditation this evening. In learning about the lightbody and trying to integrate it. I've been trying to work a lot more with my physical body and physical fitness. I've been almost at a loss. I feel like there is something that is coming to me and coming through me but I can't get it out. Can you give me any assistance?

Answer: We feel in looking at you as if it's right there in your energy body. It's as if... hmmm, we're trying to describe this to you in a way that it's understood. It's as if you are at 14 degrees and this is at 16 degrees. It's just the slightest bit off in a different vibration. So what we sense needs to happen before it can all fall into place is that you need to work with your physical body in the way that you have, but with a much greater intention of expanding your physical more than you have in the past. What we mean by that is that as you work with the cellular structure of your physical body; if you consciously put forth the intention that your physical body is expanding what that will do is raise your vibration or shift your vibration is such a way that these things around you that you have already created you have already prepared will be in alignment with you. Does that resonate with you?

Ah, yes it does, thank you.

We don't have a sense of any sort of lack on your part. It feels as if you are doing everything right. Another way to look at this is that the timing is just not quite right. Now that we're bringing in so much more of the lightbody energy and it's more available to people who are not as evolved as you, who are not as far along as you; it's going to make it something that they can tap into with greater ease and you are going to be the one to flow that energy or create the space that they can step into. That is what you are in the process of fine tuning as we speak of this.

Okay, thank you.

You're welcome! It's going to be great! We see such abundance around you and a flow of clients. We see you vibrating and getting younger and younger by the day or so it seems.

Alright, thank you.

Question: Hello Goddess this is Kim in Lansing. My question is: back in early May I had a wonderful experience that I called soul illumination, where my heart chakra got totally filled up and for 3 or 4 days I felt like I was living a soul with a body instead of a body with a soul. By Monday it all went away. That is the experience that I long for and want to go back to. I wonder what you guys saw as to how soon this will happen, if I'm close to it, I want it back more than anything.

Answer: As we're looking at you we have a sense it's already there, it's already in and around you and you are going in out of it all the time on a daily basis. I often times hear about people saying they have a very dramatic experience and then it seems like the experience goes away. Part of the reason the experience goes away is because you have now raised your vibration to integrate the experience and it's no longer outside of you, instead it feels like it's normal for you. If you think of what your life has been as you've been along this pathway, as you've been ascending in your own vibrational energies; every step you took felt like it was a little bit different and outside of you but then it became the norm. Part of the reason it didn't feel as dramatic was because you had integrated the energies. As we look at you now, we see the energies are still there, we see you going in and out of them. Your mental body doesn't think you are linking with them because you are not having the same dramatic affect. If you can shift your perception in such a way that you can allow yourself to trust that it is happening, that you can believe that it is happening; then what will occur is the energy bodies will open even further and you may feel a more conscious surge of the energies. Especially working with the lightbody energies in the abstract manner is about letting go of just these mental ideas or thoughts. Bringing in the lightbody energies without a conscious form or intention, just letting it flow through you is what will assist you in bringing that alignment into a more conscious perception. We see that it is there, it's still there it hasn't gone away in any way, shape or form.

So there's no blockages? There's nothing in it's way? It's almost like I have to get my mind out of the way. You know what I mean?

Exactly! If there is any blockage at all it's your belief system and your mental body.

I want it so bad!

That's why we say work with releasing the analytical and allowing the flow. Partly as your mind begins to believe in it then it also lets you feel it more. Everything is integrated with one another.

What's the best way to get there? What's the best way to reach it?

Do these exercises like we've been doing where you breathe into your heart center, where you consciously bring down your divinity and when you let it flow up and down your physical body. You let it then expand out through your energy bodies. Then you take this next step of bringing in your lightbody energies. Anything that allows you to focus on your breathing and expanding is what will take you to your next step or your next level. If you find your thoughts are focusing on what is NOT happening, then work with each thought one by one to shift into more of a space of allowing and less of a space of analyzing or disallowing.

Perfect! Thank you so much, that was beautiful.

You're welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, I felt this tremendous healing going through me this evening during the meditation. I think my question is, was it my lightbody doing the healing and if so, how can I continue this healing? I've had so many physical challenges for so many years now! I just felt so much lighter than I heave for many years. I just wondered what it was that made me feel so relaxed and free and lighter and younger!

Answer: Especially after that other individual that we were talking about, where we saw her getting younger and younger too; maybe we'll call the lightbody energy the fountain of youth! For one thing what you did was open up to your divinity and allowing a greater amount to be within and around you during the journey. It's much easier to do that when you are in the All That Is, I understand that completely. So if you create an intention and you create a meditation or a time for yourself while you are in your physical reality; you mind send your consciousness up there to link with it, but then you bring it back down. Let it flow through your body with the intention that it flows through your muscles, your joints, your ligaments, your organs; every part of you in a manner that is clearing out old debris, old energy or resistance.

Another way of doing this is to link with your divinity and allowing it to come down with the sole purpose of loving and nurturing you, just supporting you. Then the lightbody energy can come through as this sparkling, twinkling energy that just goes through and cleanses everything without focusing on any one particular part of your body. Just let it go through your physical body, your mental, your spiritual and your emotional bodies. Either of those ways can assist you in continuing to have that feeling and continue to work with healing. We see you as having a completely healed body. It's as if it's there and very close to you as if you've been working with this for a long time. It feels like you just have been in the final phases of letting go, letting go, letting go. If you can believe in that possibility then that will allow you to let go even further and the next step then is about integrating the true acceptance and true integration of a body that is physically healed. Does that resonate with you?

Absolutely! I don't have the words right now Goddess but thank you! This has been a most profound evening for me. I appreciate you very much. Thank you very much.

You are very welcome. We see what is in your heart and we send that back to you with our love and support. We thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Thank you, good night.

Alright, well I feel one more needs to be done. We'll take one more Vilma.

Question: After that one my question feels kind of insignificant. But thank you Goddess. My question was going along with some of the healing taking place this evening. I've been carrying around this weight for the past year and a little bit more keeps adding on gradually. I'm wondering if this evening's healing and all that has had an affect on releasing some of this.

Answer: It feels as if there is more of it there. It feels as if what you released was not complete. It feels as if there is something else you need to accept within yourself and will then be complete. That's what feels as if it's being held back. We feel that during the journey tonight you did have moments and time of complete release of everything; complete alignment and balance with this ultimate person you are and you can be. Then when you came back, the more you were back in this physical presence, the more you came back into this space and now as you ask this question we can feel it hanging around you like a huge pressure. It's something that you need to make a choice to let go of. It feels as if you are putting more of a burden upon yourself. It feels like a choice of letting go of something and you don't want to let go because then it will be gone and over with completely. But the sense we have is that you really need to let go, release, let go this burden. Then it feels like it's about a relationship that will come back around in another way so that you can start from a new level. To us it feels like part of this burden are the fears or umm, sorry we can't get the words out of Shelly; it feels like it's more of a burden than it needs to be. Does that make sense at all? What we were saying?


Okay, so if you can recognize that letting go of something energetically is a means of cutting ties, of releasing all the different levels of what something has to do within your life; be it a relationship, a job, a home, an experience - no matter what it may be. Then if it's something you still choose to have in your life and you want in your life then you create a new relationship from this new space without all the energy linked with the last number of years that have been building up within you.


Are we confusing you?


Let us work with you for just a second, we are going to take a deep breath in. We invite you to breathe down within your heart center as if you are pushing up or taking off that cloak, breathe out and release that cloak, let it go. Let go of the tension and all the pressure that is hanging onto you like that. Whew, there that feels better. That can be all that you need to do. We still see that there's a part of you saying no, no, no, no there is this other thing. There is something else. But we feel it is something that can be released. You've been doing a lot of really good work with it. Let your mental body accept that it is done.

Alright, thank you so much.

You are very welcome. Then remember to work with the lightbody energy. Let that abstract misty feeling flow through you and help you with this.

Okay, I will.

Alright beloved.

Well I'd like to thank all of you again for choosing to spend this time with me and work with bringing in and working with these glorious Lightbody energies. Let yourself remember, during your daily life to be in the space of love, of compassion and of awareness.

By nurturing yourself you can allow some of the burdens, some of the everyday life to just flow away from you. Let the Lightbody help you with that. Let that abstract energy just move through and around you, and through it all, allow yourself to feel loved and nurtured.

I am ever with you and within.





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