Linking Crystals with Lady Gaia

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

Greetings family! Welcome to our time together, to our time of sharing. This is a time upon the earth of immense changes. It is a time for change which has never occurred in such a way. Allow yourself to be aware of who you are as an individual. Take this moment and let yourself breathe into the core essence of who you are; open up to your divinity which is already fully present within you the human.

This is aspect of your divinity that is with you as you walk thorough your days. Allow yourself to link with it, feel it, and know it right now. Your breathing can create immense changes within your physical, your mental, and your emotional bodies. It can have an impact upon your spiritual self by allowing more of your spirituality into the blend that makes up you the human.

Each time that you breathe consciously, you are choosing to connect within yourself. You need only do it once or twice and you can turn around any situation that you may find yourself within.

By linking within yourself you will find that you are creating an anchor, if you wish to call it that. But it is something that will link you more fully with your expanded consciousness as you move out upon this journey. Therefore, anything that you create when you are within that expanded state will more fully incorporate within your human self.

Take this moment no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what is going on in your physical body; to just honor who you are. Let yourself feel an embrace of love from me, but also from within yourself and from all the others who are present. You are not alone. You are all extended family that surrounds the globe.

With that I invite you to release your physical body. Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you link with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you are linking with these energies you may find yourself aligning with the aspect of the grid which houses your higher self.

Allow yourself to look around. Be open to any perceptions that may be within this space. I would like you to also take this moment and send your awareness out. Look at all the changes that are occurring within this magnetic field.

There are profound changes taking place upon the earth that is having an affect upon this space. There is more of the crystalline vibration aligning within the magnetic impulses of this grid. There is much less density within this space due almost entirely to the work that you and all the other light workers and energy workers upon the earth have been doing. Your choice to create changes for yourself, your choice to move through and experience your divinity upon earth is having an affect upon way more than just you. This is but one example.

I invite you to now leave behind the energies of the magnetic grid so that you might shift into the crystalline. Within the crystalline grid work, the energies are completely different. You have released the magnetic pull of the earth. The pathways are not the same. You may find yourself linking with an individual crystal or with the energy of this grid work as a whole. Feel how this is activating within your own body your crystalline vibration.

Some of you may feel this within your heart center; some of you may feel it in other aspects of your physical body. Everyone has at least a portion of the crystalline vibration within their heart. The fourth dimension is lived through the heart therefore all that you are doing, all of these vibrations, move through you on the heart felt level.

Consciously release the energies of the crystalline grid, allow yourself to shift into the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, you find yourself within an even lighter, finer vibration. Energetically open up your arms to embrace this space in which you are. For many of you it gives you a sense of home.

Invite your I AM presence to come forth so that it may fully blend within you. As you do this, you may feel it coming up from within yourself or you may feel your own energies outside of you and you reach out to embrace. As you open to perceive this greater amount of who you are, allow your perception to take in this glorious energy, this light. You may feel as if you are expanding your consciousness even further to be able to take in more and more of who you are.

Many of you come to this space on a consistent basis. You are very comfortable with it and you know exactly what it feels like for you. I encourage you to look even further this time. There is more of your divinity available for you to connect with. Have a sense of looking even deeper within yourself. Perceive colors, feelings, perhaps experiences; whatever it may be, allow yourself to open and recognize who you are.

Now I the Goddess make my presence more fully known to each of you. You may perceive me as walking towards you. You may perceive me as a light or as an individual. Allow yourself to open to my embrace so that you may expand even further. I amplify who you are. I reflect back to you, who you are.

As you fully blend with me, you will shift into the space of the All That Is. Here we are! Look around you, so many are present within this space.

We have spoken several times now about the Quantum Leap or the Quantum Shift which is taking place upon the earth. We had another experience in which you actually felt and experienced, participated in the shift itself. Over a matter of months it is becoming more and more fully integrated with the pinnacle coming within a matter of days (from September 16, 2007). So many of you have felt as if life has been a struggle. You have felt illnesses. You have felt disoriented. You have felt as if experience after experience has been on an uphill climb. I am happy to say to you that you are nearing the top. Some are already at the top, straddling and starting to move downhill.

This time upon the earth in alignment with the equinox, in alignment with the other energies, we are going to once more experience what is occurring right now. I invite all of you to come into the amphitheatre. We are using this place quite often; that is what it is for! It was created by all of you as a gathering place. Find yourself within this amphitheatre; you may perceive columns around certain portions of it. You may perceive different places in which you sit, stand, or exist.

It's different in some regards than where you were during July because some of the energies are different and all of you are different. One of the aspects that is truly magnificent about this space is that everybody sees, hears, feels; no matter where you are.

There is the energy of a celebration. It is filling up quickly. Many of you recognize one another or you see or sense friends and loved ones in the space around you. It doesn't matter when you listen to this, read it, or hear about it; it is always in the now moment. There is always space for more.

There is a hush, a sense of expectancy that comes over the group. As you look towards the front, I come forth in my entirety. I shine all of who I am outward to all of you. See walking beside me, standing beside me God; the male aspect of myself. Or you could simply say we are the male and female aspect of God. We move into this space and we feel a swell of emotion. We each step to one side.

Perceive it is almost a parade but that is not the correct word; a procession perhaps. You see the angels as they come within this space. They spread out linking with various people with whom they are aligned. We see the order of the Arch as they too come in, male and female aspects of energies. They find their places. The Crimson Circle comes through. The Great White Brotherhood comes through. The Ascended Masters move through. The Ray Lords move through. Kwan Yin moves through.

There have been so many energies of light that have played pivotal roles throughout their time upon the earth. Some you may not have a name to give to them, others you do. Muhammad, Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Yeshua to name a few of those who have been a part of some of the major religions. These are the ones who make themselves known as they come into this space, but know that there are even more. There may be an energy or a light that you particularly work with; you will find that they are here. Ashtar and the many extra terrestrials that have worked with you come in and take their place.

Lastly, the Ancient Ones as they are referred to. I will once again defer that the Ancient Ones may speak with you. You see them standing in front of you. I release and shift to them:

(The Ancient Ones Speak)

Greetings greetings one and all!! It was a very short time ago that I first stood before you to speak to you about the quantum shift as it is taking place upon the earth. As the Goddess has already spoken, it was as if it was the opening of the door that began the process for this final shift into the fourth dimension. We are nearing the peak and then the shift will be complete by the end of the calendar year in which you find yourself (2007).

Look at all who are gathered here. Look at all of you the humans who are doing the human aspect of what is needed for this shift to take place. There is an emotion that wells up within me and my counterparts as we look out at all who are here.

When we began all of this, it was unknown what would happen, how it would all end, or even if it would ever end. I can honestly say that never at that point in time would I have believed that a shift could take place in the manner in which this one is taking place. I bow to each one of you the humans because if not for you it would not be as peaceful, it would not be as smooth, and it would not be this type of a transformation.

When we chose to have this experience upon the earth so many things were unknown. Thousands of years would go by without any change and that was okay because that is what it needed to be at that time. I know that some of you, just as some of us, are amazed at just how much is taking place right now.

Consider for a moment the electronics upon the earth, how completely they have changed your life. Consider for a moment the shift in vibration and how that is allowing for more and more potentials to come in. Consider for a moment how so much that was in the past considered magical, a witch, mystical of some sort and it generated fear. Now it still in some cases will generate fear; but it also generates excitement and new potential for more and more people. That is part of the change.

You are standing on the brink of living your life within the fourth dimension upon the earth. The fourth dimension is lived through your heart center which means it's lived through love. As each one of you have learned or are in the process of learning; it is essential to love yourself first, then you have more to give to everyone else. If there is one lesson or one transformation, that would be it. Have compassion for yourself and all that you are going through in your life. Have compassion for the other people that you see around you.

We are going to assist you in seeing, knowing, experiencing what is happening upon the earth. I create the essence of being within the center of the earth. Let yourself feel this for a moment. Within the center of the earth there is a pulse. There is an essence and of course you know this as Lady Gaia. Gaia, the soul essence, as beautiful and glorious as the earth itself! She invites you into her embrace. Allow yourself to align with her. Feel what this is.

There is a crystalline energy that is in alignment with Gaia herself. You may consider it in the heart of Gaia; you may consider it in the heart of the earth. You may perceive a multitude of various crystals because indeed there are; but there is one crystal which is truly within the heart of Gaia. This crystal is the foundation within the earth of all that is taking place. Many aspects of the fourth dimensional vibration are in alignment with the crystalline vibration. This crystal within the heart of the earth is way more than just the fourth dimension, but that is the entry level, so to speak, in which you are able to link with it.

Each of you have a crystal within your own heart. You may not be aware. You may not have invited the essence or the energy into you, therefore it is not activated. But it is there, waiting for you. Many of you have already linked with and activated that crystal within your own heart. Wherever you are along this process, let your own personal crystal within you link with and align with this crystal within the heart of Lady Gaia.

Feel yourself expand. Allow your alignment with her to assist you in opening further and further and further. Let your radiance explode out from you. Feel this; know this, allow it to be in the core aspect of who you are.

Allow yourself to move outward leaving that aspect, that crystal within Gaia. You may find yourself linking with other aspects within the earth. You may find yourself aligning with various levels, dimensions, energies. There are people, there are devas, elves, fairies; all within this essence of the earth. Allow yourself to connect with if you so choose, any of these energies.

Move outward again until you find yourself upon the earth. It may feel the same but slightly different; it may feel completely different. From here, return to the amphitheatre.

This is a place that will give you another perception. As you look at the earth, you see the crystal within it. You feel the pulsation within you that aligns with it. We have an essence or an image of the earth that is supported by the four of us; the Ancient Ones. As we show this to you, we have a perception that the crystal within each one of you creates a link, a beam of light, or an energy stream into the center of the earth.

I invite each one of you to take this moment and transmit the purest form of love that you know. There is a rainbow of color that moves into the earth. Let your heart pulsate in time with the heart of the earth. We perceive that residual densities are flaking off so to speak; breaking off, dissolving, shifting, as a result of this love being transmitted into the earth.

I invite your perception to look at the earth and let yourself feel, sense, see as it shifts more fully into the fourth dimension. When we worked with these energies in July (2007) it was a shift that had not taken place before. Now that that shift, that door was open, that shift took place; what happens today settles into place more permanently or more fully as a result of what happened in July.

It feels good! It feels complete! There are balancing and alignment aspects that will continue to take place over the next several months. But this shift is settling in. It is off its peak. Your crystalline bodies will become stronger within you. Your heart will be filled with love, filled with compassion. As you move through your days you will find this transformation becomes easier and easier. You can see for yourself how the earth is now more fully aligned: crystal to crystal, heart to heart.

That aspect of the earth that you are so deeply linked to returns to the actual physical earth and it blends. All who are present within this space are linking with the center of the physical earth, but you are also linking with your human self: aligning, opening, and balancing all these energies within your physical body.

Take this moment and let yourself release anything in your physical body that has been causing you to have problems or holding you back. Allow this crystalline vibration to more fully incorporate you on every level as a human; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You are still human, you have your biology and you have your non physical forms. But you also have your crystalline vibration. You will find these other aspects within you align and shift more easily as a result of the crystalline vibration. Allow that to encompass all of who you are.

We the Ancient Ones have been speaking for all present. Some of you may be able to sense or feel different energies speaking through us because we may be represented as ourselves, but we are also linked to each one of you.

This was not something that we fore did or a small group of people came forth and did. This is a transformation and a shift that was consciously facilitated by hundreds of thousands of people. One might consider that amazing; we consider it the perfect way for the shift into the fourth dimension.

Our aspect of this is complete. We come and go as needed. You may call upon us if you so choose, but we will once more return these energies to the Goddess and she will take you forward from here throughout the rest of this journey.

Igna ishla estaluea ----It is complete. (Words spoken from the language of creation regarding the quantum shift.)

I honor you and salute you on your movement into the crystalline.


(The Goddess of Creation returns)

I the Goddess return. Feel the joy welling up within you! There is a cheer or a roar of energy that needs to be released. Let it go! Feel the excitement. I see people jumping up and down, clapping, embracing and celebrating. Celebrate life!! Celebrate alignment with one another. Celebrate you the individual and then celebrate the whole.

Nama sika, venia benya (IAM the one, I AM the whole) ~~~ You can truly feel that within this space. Everyone is special. Everyone is important. Everyone makes up this glorious whole.

Allow yourself to stay here and celebrate if you so choose. There may be an aspect of you that remains within this space. It is important for you to take this opportunity to mingle with others who are present here. There are many who move through the crowds; acknowledging and connecting. Let yourself move through so that you may link with, blending your energies with all you choose to connect with.

Some of you will remain here; some of you will come back with greater and greater ease.

For now, I will invite you to begin to return to your human self. Allow your consciousness to begin the stair step process by shifting first into the essence of the soul plane. Feel the beauty of this space. Allow yourself to release that aspect of your divinity which will remain within this space. There is a much greater amount of your divinity that comes back than ever before.

Allow yourself to shift into the space of the crystalline grid. Perceive how vibrant it is at this time. Perceive the expansion. Feel what this is for you.

Allow yourself to move into the magnetic grid. At this moment the crystalline and magnetic grids fully blend with each other. The more permanently or the more fully the earth is within the fourth dimension, the greater the integration of the crystalline within this magnetic space. There is no longer a distinct separation.

Perceive the space in which your higher self resides. Perceive how it has shifted. Allow yourself to align within this space.

From here allow yourself to move down, once more grounding into your human self. You may need to expand your human essence. You may need to allow for this expanded consciousness to be more fully incorporated within you the human. Breathe deeply allowing your consciousness to once more ground within you. Breathe into your heart and perceive the crystalline energy within. Breathe into all aspects of your energy field and feel the alignment to that crystalline vibration.

Let yourself feel whole and complete. Let yourself feel balanced. Let yourself know who you are. Accept it as your reality.

As each of you are coming more fully back into your human self, I am open to receive questions that you may have for me. If you wish to ask a question, you may press *7 to un-mute your phone so you may come back into this room.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much for this fabulous journey tonight, it was truly incredible. During all that's going on, my higher self has led to me a series of tapes with discourses by AA Gabriel. This has shown me and taught me who my divine I AM presence is, who it is within me, how to pray, etc. I'm finding this to be life changing and I'm just so grateful! I'm wondering if you have any insights on this.

Answer: Alright, you pretty much have said it all yourself. You have the realization within yourself of how this is impacting you. You have the realization of how having a step by step process is for you. If this is what works for you, it helps you feel good and more expanded then it's exactly what you need to be doing. It is not always necessary (to have a step by step process) and another individual may have another process so that they may not go through that process; then for them that is perfect and right. We are happy for you that you have found something that works so well for you. Just keep it up. Do whatever feels good. You are following your heart. You are following your higher self. That is exactly where you need to be at this time. You will find that there will be a greater and greater flow of energy and it will be easier for you to understand and follow the inner guidance given to you.

(Thank you!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I have gone through my own quantum leap in consciousness this week and I'm wondering if you have a message for me about what my next step should be?

Answer: As we're linking with you and looking at you in terms of what has been going on over the last several months; most specifically this past week. This week was a culmination of what you began to do 6-8 months ago. You began a releasing process. That releasing was fully necessary so that you would be able to fully integrate this crystalline energy within you. You've been hard on yourself in the past. We have a perception of you having given yourself a set of rules or guidelines that you felt it necessary to live by; or what you wanted to accomplish; whether this came across as goals or personal choices. This is what we have a sense of freeing from within you over the past several months. Within this past week we see you actually allowing yourself to step into a much greater aspect of your divinity. We see you opening to embrace that you truly have much greater abilities or potentials within yourself. It almost brings tears to our eyes to see you in this space of allowing that you have opened up to.

Beloved, we honor you, we embrace you, and we support you! This is truly glorious to see. Now, moving forward from here I'm getting an aspect your whole perception of the world is changing as a result of this. We see you looking out at others with more compassion. We see you being less hard on yourself and more compassionate for your own self. As a result, some of the relationships that you have been struggling with; some are going by the way side, others will have greater ease or greater balance. We also have a sense that your job is going to change or you are going to get a new job. It's difficult to say: are you developing new relationships, new job, new living situation; it is like a whole re-vamping of your life. Are they all going to physically change or is it that the perceptions within you are changing and it gives you the perception of physical changes. Does that make sense to you?

(She stated yes.)

Okay so, going forth from here we sense there will be greater balance and greater potentials. There might be times in which you still stay "what the heck am I doing? Why am I doing this or thinking this?" but we always encourage you to once more be gentle with yourself, have compassion with yourself. We see you as being brilliantly illuminated and the path ahead is really expanding out. It's like you are standing at the beginning and your potentials move out like a half circle from you.

(Cool! Thank you.)

You're welcome, enjoy!

We wanted to say with this question especially many; many people are going to be feeling the same thing. They may step into this change from one day to the next, or week, or month or year. But for everybody, your potentials are changing a great deal of this because your perceptions of yourself first and foremost, as are your perceptions of the world. Allow yourself to accept this shift in your perceptions. Thank you beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) My industry, Real Estate has been in a recession and I've been unable to find work. As a result of that, my landlord sued me for back rent, I'm being evicted from my apartment where I've lived for 8 years, I'm having to move into a place where I don't know anyone and it makes me fearful. In addition, I've taken a job in an office just to have some work.

Answer: Give me a second to link more fully. I have my initial perception but believe there is more to this than my initial perception. So I invite you to open your heart for just a moment, breathe gently, and let me align more deeply. Just as this quantum leap is affecting people on many different levels, these last several months is affecting you on many different levels with much of it culminating with your living situation. We're going to begin with the esoteric then come back with a more practical answer. In an esoteric fashion, it's as if the eviction represents a letting, a forcing out, a releasing of where you have lived your life for this past number of years. It's as if that experience is propelling you into a new life, a new experience and into a new perception of what you will be living. That is the esoteric energy behind what is going on with you.

We also have a sense and we recognize that the industry you speak of has been changing. As with so many different industries and companies, there is a flow of peaks and valleys. During the last 5-6 years we are picking up on there has been a huge upsurge. Now as a result of that there is a rebound affect where it has gotten worse and will be better and even out. You were staying true to your heart, you were staying true to what you wanted to do, you were continuing to market; then most recently you got a different type of job with a steady income. We sense that there was a part of you that resisted doing this because you wanted to stay within what was in your heart.

Now, as you are moving through this transition, as we see you in this job, as we see you moving into this new home it are surrounded with a feeling of despair a feeling of being overwhelmed; partly due to the suit and the financial burden, partly due to loosing this place you loved for the last 8 years. This has many different levels in which it's affecting you. What we want to say to you is to be at peace about this place where you are moving. It is no accident you are going in there. It is going to turn out to be an eye opener in different ways. As you have been in this journey and trying to be true to yourself, you were shutting down and went into a place that had blinders. When you got this job, you did so with resentment because it's not what you want to do with your life. If you can look at this in terms of being a clean slate, if you can release this harsh judgment and criticism about yourself and open to compassion, you are going to find that as you go forward in some respects it's a place where a burden has been lifted.

We sense it may still feel like a burden for the next several weeks or so, but in truth you are opening new doors for yourself. We see you changing careers, you will be taking classes, the real estate you love will not be totally gone, and you will take that knowledge with you and work in another aspect. Let your dynamic personality come full force from there. As far as this living situation, we see you there for 2-3 months, perhaps a little longer. Once you get back on your feet you will bringing in this income, not as much as you like, but will feel as if you are letting go of this burden. We feel there is more than what we are tapping into right now.

If you want to consider this a means of cleansing, then take a deep breath and let this flow of light move over you. Let it cleanse all aspects of yourself. As you are doing that, let go of the frustration you are feeling, let go of the fears, let go of the burdens, let go...... let go....... let go. When we are done with this journey and you hang up the phone, it will still b there; but let yourself perceive it now from a place of letting go of the energetic burden. Let yourself perceive with new eyes, new perception, and new lightness. Let yourself recognize that a few months down the road you will find yourself in a whole new situation as if you have been re-born or re-created yourself into a new person. The years as a real estate agent have not been lost they have been very much a part of who you are; but they are not WHO you are. Who you are is this divine essence within yourself and that is getting stronger and stronger. Let yourself be aware because there are other potentials, other jobs around you and other things you will move into that will bring you better peace and light. We don't feel you are as heavy or burdened as when you asked the question. So again, stand under the flow of energy and let yourself be cleansed.

Question: (paraphrased) I am not feeling any kind of big change, any changes with the quantum leap. I'm wondering where I am in all this.


Answer: you are through it all already. You are already running down the hill, like the children in the summertime who are running down the hill, flopping, rolling, tumbling and having fun; that is where you are. We don't sense anything big and dramatic around you right now. You have had your moments. As I mentioned at the beginning of the journey, the world as a whole is coming right up to that peak. But there are others who have straddled it and gone beyond, there are others who are coming up behind. You happen to be one of the ones who are over the peak and running down the hill.

(Any pointers for those of us on the way here? I had a really interesting experience in the thrift store, I'm wondering if it has to be where I am in this quantum leap process.)

I have a sense with you if this is the situation we are tapping into, that you have felt times of being disoriented. As if you are standing there but you are not really standing there. As if there is a body there, but not your body. It's as if there are two different people inside of one. It's almost as if it's disruptive to people because they don't know who they are talking to; it's like they look at you and see two of you. They may not be conscious that they are doing this, but that's what's happening. So this is the sense we get. As if this experience of perception on two different levels at one time. This was not anything you did or said but it caused a reaction in anther individual of confusion or anger. That is what can happen with so many people.

People may think "I'm just being myself, why are they so upset?" it just is. It's the difference in vibration. This is what we get if we're tapping into the situation. We know your sense of humor, you have a very joyful sense, so if this happens again, just go inside and chuckle a little, open up your heart and let a little burst of light come out of you. You will find that it will shift situations. Now if you happen be talking with someone who is very sensitive to energies whether they know they are or not, it may be that makes them even more upset, angry and frustrated; whatever their emotion may be. But it is not about you, it's about them and their perceptions. The only thing you can do is reconnect within yourself, stay in the space of balance, and know that you are integrated but stepping back and forth between the two. Does that make sense to you?

(It does very much. So, is this going to be happening a lot now?)

Maybe, maybe not, it not something that has to happen, it's something that just can happen. For one thing as a way to show you where you are right now, you may experience it with more consciousness. So you may never have that experience again. As the earth itself is in the fourth dimension, as the earth itself is vibrating in that way, it's going to take away some of that distress or disconnect that so many people are feeling.

Question (paraphrased): Goddess I have a question. I too, like the other person, am feeling nervous about my work and keeping my home. I'm also moving from one type of work to another; I'm being gifted to learn new healing and modalities. I'm wondering where that is going to go.

Answer: As we're looking at you now and talking about all these different potentials, this is a wonderful way of expressing the many different potentials around you. Everything is going to be incorporated into what you are doing. We see you doing less of what you were doing, because it's something you are a little bit bored with, you've been doing it for a number of years and you have created it, made it your own. We sense that your interests are changing; therefore your job will be changing. We sense that you may choose to move to a different location, and then some of that financial burden is released with the move.

There is an aspect of you that is very good with the analytical, with the organizing, with putting together contracts or projects; something like that. That is something that will always be a part of you. You may be looking at something different. You may be selling something different and the healing modalities that you are learning about are very much for your own benefit, but you may incorporate the healing and the being able to talk to people; it's something not real clear right now. Something about that analytical aspect, the potentials you've worked with will come into the healing modality. It will align with people in a different way or you will draw to you a different type of person. In the past it's been people with a very type A personality, very left brain. You will find that people come to you and ask what is this new stuff I've been hearing about and you can align with them on what I will call an old energy vibration then show them the new energy vibration and healing. Does that make sense to you?


This is how we see you combining the old things you've been doing and linking with the new. We sense certain aspects you will completely leave behind. Not over one to two months, but over six months or a year perhaps.

(Thank you!)

You're welcome.

Alright beloved family. I thank you as always for this opportunity to be able to experience this deeper level, this new level, this peak; or how so ever you will end up referring to this, (aspect of) the quantum shift. It is an amazing time to be upon the earth.

You are each moving into a new aspect of who you are. You are more crystalline, you are living your life from within your heart center. Be gentle with yourself. Be open to new potentials. Let go judgment of what's happened or perhaps choices that you have made.

Allow yourself to feel even more deeply connected with Gaia and with all of those in the non-physical realms. Through the link of this crystalline vibration you are more connected than you ever were before. Allow it to assist you. Be open to receive.

I am ever with you and within,




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