Living Through Compassion & Lightbody Energies Q&A

As you continue to anchor within this space, I invite you to press *6 upon your phone. As you come in and create the queue, I’m open to receive any questions you may have.

Question 1: Hello Goddess. Hello. Do you have any suggestions on how I might release some back pain that has been going on for a long time?

Answer: Okay. If you will please take in a breath and allow me to blend with you more fully, that will give me to have a greater perception.

Okay, this back pain feels as if your back is out of alignment. It feels like there is a great deal of strain and tension on the muscles and the ligaments. So it’s more than what I can do. I don’t feel like I can completely resolve this in this moment, but what I’m going to do is I am going to infuse energy with the intention that it flow up and down through your spine. But as we get to this part things feel such strain…it definitely feels out of balance or like there’s a disc that’s out of space. And, we are allowing it to …whew there it goes…it’s trying to fall back into place, and then it feels like there’s still that tension.

So, what I’m thinking would be helpful to you is not only to work with breathing into that space, and releasing by breathing out, but using heat, perhaps massage, and focusing within your mind on seeing this come into an alignment and seeing it smooth out the tension that is down there. We are doing it a bit as we speak.

But we would invite you to take one breath in, breathing all the way down into this part of your spine, into this back pain, and as you breathe into it, connect with it for a moment, whew, and then as you breathe out, consciously release that tension, release that imbalance.

And again breathe down balance, and feel as if balance is moving all the way up and down through your spine. There. It feels better for the moment. Can you feel a shift through yourself?

 Caller: A little bit, yeah.

It feels like this has been going on for quite some time. So you can go back and get this off of the recording. And if you listen to it every day for several days in a row, it puts you back into this space. And it puts you into the space of extended healing. Just because we quit talking to you doesn’t mean these energies will stop.

So, there is going to be a continuous flow of energy that is going to continue to work with this. But it feels like heat, massage, breathing and balance, breathing and alignment – those types of things are what will cause it to transition completely, and then you will feel much better.

 Caller: Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

 Question 2: Hi. Can you hear me? Yes I can. Okay, good. I wanted to find out, with my youngest daughter, she has something going on physically….like a higher perspective, or what I may be able to do to help.

Answer: She feels disconnected within her. It feels like, as we’re looking at her, we have a sense of…okay, sorry, we’re going to backtrack a second because we downloaded too much on Shelly.

If you yourself will take in a breath as we are breathing in, it allows for a deeper connection and it will also help to anchor these energies that we are transmitting to her.

Okay. So as we look at her, we see her as someone who has an amazing energy. She has a very high vibration. She has a lot of resonance; she has a lot of just intrinsic energy that’s always within her. And it feels as if, it’s either through sports, or something that feels very physical, like that got knocked out of balance or she feels like she’s out of balance or disconnected within herself. And so it’s like she’s reaching towards or trying to find that sense of balance or that sense of connection inside.

So, what we’re doing is we have a sense of okay, her own angels are coming up behind her, we see them behind her, and we see them kind of enfolding her with energy. And what we are doing is we are amplifying their energy. Whew, there it goes. Whew. And what we are doing is we are trying to transition out some of this discomfort that she’s feeling, and we’re helping her to see, okay, whew.

Whew. Okay, it felt to us like, as it was shifting, we felt her going back into, like when taking a deep breath and someone falls back into a more comfortable place. Ah. We could just feel her just breathing like a sigh of relief.

And as that happened we could see like all of her organs. We could feel her organs were creating a new vibration, her physical body a new vibration. And it was like it’s creating a better communication between her mental, emotional, spiritual bodies and her physical body.

Her light-body energy is actually quite bright. She was using it just normally and intrinsically, and so that too is a part of what got disconnected. So, it feels like as we’re working with her, and as we see her now, it’s like we see her reaching out and drawing it into her, and it’s like her vibration is coming, or it’s going back up into it’s normal high.

As we speak of this, could you feel that transition taking place also?

Caller: No, I don’t notice anything. My concern was, first of all, was it something new that came up in the last couple of days. My concern was I didn’t know if it was a concern of some kind of disease, first of all.

And my second thing was I didn’t know if nutritionally – my sense, intuition or whatever was wondering if it was some kind of nutritional or supplement that she might be deficient in. So, if there’s none of that going on, then that’s fine. Maybe what you just did will shift out whatever it is, or could have been. I don’t know.

It feels like an injury, so that tells us that something, whether it was a physical injury or energetic or whatever. It feels like something that happened like in the moment, and she’s been responding since then.

When you said a couple of days, it feels to us like it’s been longer than that, more like a few weeks or so.

Caller: I’m sorry to interrupt – it has been a couple of weeks, but we just had an x-ray done in the past couple of days showing that it could be maybe more than what we thought it was.

Okay. We don’t have a sense of a long-term disease process. It feels like everything is transitional.

With her she’s got such a purity to her energy, a clarity to her energy. Sometimes she can get bogged down with too many either supplements or things in her diet. So, keeping it simple and keeping those things that just kind of like do an all-over nurturing is what’s going to be best for her.

Caller: Okay. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. But we have a sense of her having shifted back into her natural or her normal.

Caller: Great. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

 Question 3: Hello. Hello. Hi. Thank you very much for this journey tonight. I love that new energy, it was glorious!

Answer: Yes. That was glorious, was it not?

 Caller: Yes. Just if you can, what you see if my partner is around me, but nothing manifesting yet, but still I feel that love around me. And also this community energy, this community I keep envisioning, feeling like it’s starting to vibrate. So, just anything you see for me.

We think that this journey was very much in alignment with you. We see that you were, that you have been seeking to manifest on the Earth a number of different things, and all of them seem to be around relationships. Beginning with your partner, but also beginning with a type of community where people are mutually supportive of one another.

And so what was happening in the All That Is was exactly what you’ve been seeking to manifest in your physical reality. And so, we feel that what you were doing was actually bringing it closer into you. It was like you were really bringing it down into your physical reality.

When we look at a partner for you, it feels like the energy has been there. It is there and as to why it hasn’t happened, we don’t, there’s not really, there’s no one thing that is sticking out, other than alignment. It feels like there’s just this slight torque in the alignment.

But, with what you did tonight, especially when you created that balance for yourself, and you were emanating the balance of – we could feel as if there were a number of different people that were just kind of lining up, and that sense of community was getting much closer.

So, our sense is that it is something that could happen at the drop of a hat. It feels very casual. It feels like you’re doing something that you enjoy doing. For some reason we see music around it. So, like a sense of just going to a party, or going to a concert or doing something that’s just fun and something you’re just doing for the joy of it, and things just grow and occur from there. Meaning you meet people, you meet your partner; it all just feels like it’s very easy.

 Caller: Mm. Thank you, yes, it does feels like it’s coming in that way and I just feel that – yeah, I can feel that vibration almost.


Caller: I have been with him. I haven’t been with him in a few months, but then I’ve just taken the face of and thought well maybe it’s with someone else. Just let it be because he had just shut down, and that was a few months ago. But I feel the energy much closer to me and I’m trying to just let in the love and not put a face on it and just be open to how it comes.

We would recommend that because this essence feels like it is someone who you have not yet met. But it’s similar to that prior one that you’ve been speaking of, but even better. He was in alignment with you in many ways, but it’s been like you’ve been fine-tuning things.

And we have a sense of a man that’s coming in that’s actually going to bring in some diversity to your life. And what we mean by that is that there are many things in common with you, but yet he has different or varied interests. So, we have a sense of seeing you saying ‘oh, how interesting’ or ‘I never thought of that’. Or, ‘I never tried that’.

So it feels like just diversity and other things coming into your life.

Caller: Beautiful. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

 Question 4: Aloha Goddess, thank you for that journey, it was exactly what I needed tonight! I was very upset about something when it started and I’ve let that go. I wanted to ask you about…. For the longest time now I’ve been seeing this future and this path that it appears I’m supposed to walk at some point in time. Yet I continuously find myself both physically and mentally consumed by the day to day things that have to be done for survival to just get by. But there is nothing left to work towards this future. So I’m wondering, am I seeing it, is it real, will things every settle down enough for me to move forward instead of just running place with survival.

Answer: This sense that we get of you running place with survival is because you are stepping outside of your balance and you’re stepping outside of your greatest balance with your divinity. Because of who you are, what you seek to have in your life there’s probably a stronger flow in you than in many other people in the world, in the general public we should say. But you have gotten focused on certain things and you are cutting yourself off from an even greater amount of your divinity.

So while you are doing these daily things in your life, it’s as if you need to let go of your daily life. Certainly will continue to do whatever you need to do, but it’s as if that gets pushed to the back burner and instead you let your focus be on what it is that is fun to you. Then those things that are on the back burner will continue to get done but you will find that things will happen with greater ease, it will feel you are getting out of the tediousness of you everyday life and you are creating the space to allow for the more expanded reality to come in for you.

That’s what we see is in the process of taking place here. We see that you reach towards it, it begins to happen, then something comes up and you get focused on your everyday life and you focus on the lack again; the lack of income, the lack of time, the lack of things. That’s what gives us that sense of constriction around you or when we said that you cut things off.

You realize that you say that’s not the way you want to live, so you try to go back and forth and it’s bouncy. Does that resonate with you beloved?

CALLER: Absolutely! Yes, yes. The things that are yanking me back are mini crises’; illness, injury, somebody around me or animals that need to be taken care of. There are things I can’t avoid; they need to be taken care of.

Exactly, so you are not going to avoid them, you are still going to do them. But when you become consumed with all your emotions and all your focus on what those ‘things’ are, that’s what’s keeping you…… I mean if you got all consumed in working with an animal but yet it was from that state of expanded awareness in your divinity and it felt really good and if felt really easy and in a flow then that’s one thing. But because you do these things that you want to do, that you choose to do; it’s what you are choosing for yourself. But you come at it from a space of ‘oh I’m doing this but there’s not enough time to do everything else’ that’s what’s cutting you off from the more expanded state. By continuing to do it but not giving it the energetic connection that you have been or the energetic alignment, what we see happening is that it shifts things into a higher perspective or a greater potential.

Client: So I just need to take more time to be in alignment to I don’t get thrown off so quickly. Correct. May I quickly ask you, I’ve been having this thing going on with my stomach or my digestive tract on again off again? I can’t clarify whether it’s part of the energy of being out of alignment or if there’s something physically going on I need to be concerned with. Is it all connected?

It feels like it’s all connected. It feels like it has to do with the alignment. It’s another physical way of showing you that you’re not paying attention to yourself. So by allowing yourself – and what we always encourage people to do is not let it feel like it’s a burden to reach towards your balance or reach towards your divinity, but simply see it as something that you do automatically. As you let this flow move through you, let that be your means of doing it so that you can do it with your breathing, you can do a couple of different breathes, and it’s less a burden for you.

Caller: Okay so there’s a way to do it quickly in other words rather than sit down for an hour long meditation.


Caller: Okay and do that with the breath. (Correct) Thank you for letting me know that what I have been seeing is real! I’ve been holding on to it being real for so long, it keeps me going! Thank you for that. (Excellent!) Namaste


 Question 5: Hello, oh thank you for picking up my question! What a wonderful journey! It’s been so empowering and so timely. My question is regarding – and this you covered very much in detail in the journey, it’s about the energies and changes going on in the Middle East. Basically what I summarize from this is that what I need to do for myself is stay in a place of neutrality and balance and radiate out all that which is what I do on my own.

But what do you do with the people that are more in the regular 3D and send you the emails about the fear of the Muslims propagating their culture here and there and I’ve been responding with as much wisdom as I can. Today I noticed this continued especially with a very close friend of mine, she had a very good point. What do we do? Do we just sit back and wait for the changes? I mentioned I think it’s wonderful that all this is happening and so many people are awake. But how do we stop them from going back to the Stone Age, in other words where women don’t have any rights, and where they don’t take a step forward. How do you tell someone in the 3D to meditate and radiate energy?

Answer: Well, you don’t. You’re not going to tell anybody about taking a step back. None of that is going to be effective. By expressing to them that you continue to see the world as moving forward, that you continue to see the transformation taking place is about knowledge and information and truth coming out. That you have the utmost belief that ultimately what’s happening is that things that have not been balanced are coming up so that they can become balanced; different things along that line.

When you get into a debate and try to change somebody’s mind that just brings you down into the vibration that you are trying to dispel. So any way you can remain detached from the debate will allow you to instead just express – you have the words you need to speak. When you get quiet and you breathe deeply and you respond to the email, then you are speaking the words that need to be spoken. There are other times that you don’t have to respond to every email that comes your way. Instead what you can do is transmit the email, transmit the essence and either not responds back at all or simply respond back with I emanate a sense of peace, of balance; whatever it is. That is saying you acknowledge that they have written to you, but you are not getting caught up in what they are writing to you. Does that make sense to you?

Caller: Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But if I can just speak a little more about it is that okay?

Very quickly please.

Caller: Very quickly, yes. For example, the Koran says to kill non-believers. I’m saying well the Christians here were talking that we’re so wonderful but what about the bible and an eye for an eye and the inquisition. We’re all one. The Muslims are no different than the Christians or anyone else.

Yes, so again, stay in your state of balance and stay disconnected. There are always going to be those who want to debate. There’s always going to be interpretation. There’s always, well for now at least, there’s going to be fear and everything is going to be magnetized through fear. So any way that you can diffuse fear is going to help diffuse any of these energies.

That was exactly what was done as all of you transmitted energy. That blue light, that blue energy that was infused; let yourself focus on that as a means of transmuting it. If you choose to get into a discussion just recognize I am getting into a discussion. You can feel how you get pulled down. You can feel how your energies shut down as you debate back and forth. There are times when people can debate with others and there’s a sense of expansion because there’s a mutual respect and honoring of others beliefs. Then there are times when debates take place and it becomes ‘I believe this, I believe that’ and you go nose to nose. That never proves or satisfies anything because you are not going to change your opinion and they are not going to change their opinion.

Caller: it doesn’t wake them up in other words. (No) Okay. Well yes it is based on fear. Thank you so much! Thank you thank you!

You’re welcome.

Question 6: Thank you Goddess for the journey tonight. I also have a physical issue that I have been dealing with for 6 or 7 years. My shoulders, I’ve had surgery on the left one and now my right one is causing problems although they both ache. My question is, is it more just the balance? Because tonight during the journey I was aware they were not hurting. Or do I need to see the doctor for the right?

Answer: It feels like there is something pinched in the right one. It feels like there’s a ligament or tendon or something is not in the way that it should be. It feels like something that either through therapy or massage can create assistance with it. But it also feels like the energy underneath it all or the energy underlying it feels like you have a lot of pressure or a lot of stress that you are carrying on your shoulders. So I would recommend to you that you also work on shifting the energy away; as if you breathe in let yourself connect with your shoulders and breathe out (whew) consciously have a sense of letting go. There we could feel something was let go as we spoke of it.

Let go of all this stuff. It feels like it’s not your own. It feels like you take on other people’s worry’s and concerns and they just get piled on top and on top and on top. It feels like a lot of that heaviness and pain you’ve been having is a result of that but it’s also manifesting in this physical reality like something’s pinched or something’s not quite in alignment.

Caller: okay, that sounds good! I did not want to go through another surgery.


It does not feel at this point like surgery is needed.

Caller: well a massage sounds wonderful also.

Yes a massage where they really know or a physical therapist where they can really work with it in such a way that it allows you – and work with consciously releasing as they are doing this massage work so that you are consciously releasing and letting go of whatever it is around you. You don’t even have to analyze it, just let go of anything and that will help you.

Caller: Thank you very much, I feel better already.


Good, good. You’re welcome.

Question 7: Hi Goddess, how are you this evening? (Hi I’m fine thank you.) And hi to Shelly, I know you’re doing well. This is Heidi in Michigan. (Oh, hello Heidi). Quick question; a couple days ago I started having an intense pain in my back, upper neck and back. It felt similar to the energy I had that was in my left thumb at one point in time. It could just be light moving through, but I wanted to just see if there was something there I should be concerned about. If it is just the light moving through, I can continue to work with it and move it through, but wondered if you could look at it.

Answer: It does not feel like it’s anything serious. It feels like it’s something that’s a blockage. When you very first began to speak it, it feels like someone doing a karate chop or something on the base of your neck or your shoulders or that area. It feels like it left behind this block of energy. Let us focus for just a moment – WHEW, there is comes. And whew, whew, you are holding onto it for some reason. So take a breath in and breathe to let your focus go to where you are feeling that pain. Whew – really let it go. There that allowed it go more quickly. So now it feels like you can move your neck and head around a little more easily. Are you able to feel that?

Caller: a little bit more. Still some pain there but I’ll work with it.

Umhmm it feel like we’ve taken out the majority of that block of energy. If you work with the sense of a flow or letting the energy move up and down through your neck it will help you to be able to open up that flow more completely.

Right above that spot is where a lot of the lightbody energy comes into your body. From there it then flows outward. So it may be that the lightbody energy also was getting stuck and re-accumulating there. We would say put your chin down towards your chest and let your neck expand in such a way it opens up that whole area and creates a greater flow.

Caller: Okay, thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Okay, I see that there are still a number of people who would like to ask questions and I apologize that I can’t answer all of them tonight. I do send out love and response to each one of you. I invite you to open up and feel the flow from within me.



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