Living Through Compassion & Lightbody Energy

This channel worked on two specific areas for people. The Goddess began even while people were grounded talking about how there is sometimes a discrepancy between what we want in life and what is actually happening. During several recent channels and conversations people said ‘I thought I was further along’ and ‘I should be able to do better by now’. These statements spoke of how people can be hard on themselves and she worked with everyone to be able to move past it.

When people are stuck in a rut, they can breathe in compassion. When someone is ready to move forward and they aren’t, they can breathe in compassion. Compassion is an emotion that can shift the deepest, most stuck energy. It is filled with love, acceptance and allowing. Compassion takes away a need to figure out anything, it just is.

In the All That Is, the Goddess worked with everyone on opening to more energy in their daily life. She assisted people in seeing the difference when viewing life from a constricted place or expanded. In addition to that; she invited us to infuse it all with lightbody energy. When we did that, it was like it was suddenly supercharged! It was as if everything became electrified, yet there was a greater ease and smoother transition. This is how to truly move forward in life.

The Goddess then invited whoever wished to go, to a special place where we worked on the energy of the Middle East. This was referencing Egypt’s recent unrest with the government. She spoke at length about how this year in particular ‘truth’ or that which is hidden is going to be coming out. She said that is why there has been such unrest. She had us all fill up with our own balanced divinity. This balance was then infused into the area. It was as if a place that was fragile, became infused with a stabilizing force. This is not about what one believes vs. what another believes, this is about flowing the energy of balance and stability as transition takes place. This allows for the highest good of all to emerge.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I reach out to all who are here; I send forth my embrace.

As you come together as a group I invite you to reach out to all the others who are here. This is your time for companionship; this is your time to connect with others who are of a similar vibration to you so that you can enjoy their essence and so that you can enjoy your own as it is reflected and magnified by all who are present.

As you do this, feel as if you allow yourself to expand even more. Each of you is upon your own journey. You are seeking a life that is filled with intention. You are seeking a life in which you wish to manifest specific things. You are seeking relationships that feel good to you, that support you.

And as you are doing all of this, you emanate an energy. That energy moves out from you, it moves around the world, it moves out to the people in your community and while sometimes it may be on an unconscious level, you are linking with others.

Sometimes it’s very conscious; sometimes it’s the people in your own family. Sometimes it is within your own self. You are not alone. You are supported by your divinity, by myself and the others out in the Universe, but you are also supported by the other people upon the Earth.

Sometimes it may feel as if you are all alone. Sometimes it may feel as if you have been doing so much without seeing any results and it causes you to question; question what’s happening, question your beliefs, question all that is taking place.

I invite you, whenever you feel this questioning, to let yourself come back into this moment; to let yourself reach out and feel the others who are here within this space. To let yourself know that there is so much more that can help you with these energies.

As we gather together I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus, shift and allow yourself to expand into the magnetic grid. As you do so you can feel yourself linking with your higher self. As you come into this space you feel how your own consciousness expands, you feel how your vibration shifts, you feel how there is more within this space than just you.

Sometimes you get caught up in looking at those pathways. Sometimes you allow your focus to remain only within yourself. So in this moment as you reach out, look towards the other energies who are here.

Feel the flow, feel the light, feel the essence. This is another way that you can strengthen your own energies; by creating alignments with those that are here within this space.

Allow yourself to let go the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you do so you can feel yourself shifting into the crystalline grid. Feel what it is to leave behind the magnetic.

As your energies blend completely within this space, allow yourself to shift and expand as you feel your own alignment. From there have a sense of allowing your consciousness to move into the space of the soul plane. You can feel how every step along this way has drawn you into this space.

As you come into this space look around; allow your consciousness to open up, creating an alignment with your ‘I Am’ presence. As you look, as you sense, as you feel what this is to you, allow yourself to take in all that you are able to perceive. As you feel this flow moving through you, you can feel your own expansion.

I the Goddess now come here within this space. As I do so I reach out and embrace each one of you. As our energies blend, feel your essence. Feel how you expand; feel how it assists you in shifting into the All That Is.

Here within this space you look around. Open yourself, open your energies, open your senses and truly take in all that is here for you. Here within the All That Is you have an opportunity to create shifts, to create what you seek to manifest, and you have the opportunity to receive information from a more expanded or an expanded state.

There are a lot of energies that are swirling through this space right now. There is a lot of intensity; it is here for several reasons. The first thing that I would like to do is invite you to once again look at your life.

As I spoke earlier I have heard from a number of people recently who have said they thought they would be further along in their journey by now. They said they thought they would manifest certain things by now. They said they thought they were past some things and yet here it is again.

Perhaps this resonates with you in one of these forms or something else. The underlying energy is two-fold. Firstly the disappointment that things are the way they are in that given moment. But secondly, what I’m also hearing from people is that you are judging yourself and where you are right now so often as not good enough; ‘I haven’t done a good enough job’, ‘I must have done something wrong since that didn’t happen’.

Different statements like that, if you feel them swirling through them, it’s an indication that you are out of alignment with your divinity and with what you seek to have. Now I can hear you as I made that statement saying, ‘well yes I realize that’, but that’s the point.

How can you stay in balance, how can you manifest what you seek to have, why is it that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? All these various questions.

My sense for you is that I always invite you to put forth first and foremost self-love. And what goes along with self-love is being gentle with yourself. The world around you can sometimes be perceived as harsh. So always, always, always I invite you to be gentle with yourself.

If things are not happening in your life I invite you to open and feel the flow of your divinity move through you. The reason I recommend this is because if nothing else, you will feel loved and nurtured and that’s a better place to be than feeling harsh with yourself or disappointed.

So here in the All That Is, open up. Take a look around at your life. Look at your everyday life and ask yourself. Is this where I want to be? My, the response I got that was quite strong for many of you was ‘absolutely not’.

So let’s look at this. Is there a reason why you are wherever you are in your life? Is there anything that you should know? As you look at your life take a moment to peel away the layers or to shift out of whatever feels stuck or whatever is no longer working for you and as you do that you breathe in and you breathe out. Breathing out, release. Breathing out, a letting go.

As you look around the All That Is, as you look at your life, as you consider all that is here, allow yourself to open to compassion. As you feel compassion let it swirl through you, let it fill up everything within you. Compassion is an amazing emotion. It fills in all those little nooks and crannies; it just is that it is.

At the same time, compassion allows you to find a place where you can feel good about yourself, where you can feel acceptance about your life. Now then, having shifted and looked at that, look once more at your life.

And when you look at those things that you would like to manifest, that you would like to have within your life, when you look at those things that you feel disappointment that have not occurred, let it all come together right here, right now.

As that does so, you can feel everything shifting and lining up in a new manner. This is an opportunity for you. As you continue to look around, as you continue to work with what you seek to have in your life, invite the lightbody energy to create a new focus for you.

As you expand your consciousness and feel its flow through you - as you feel its flow through your consciousness - let it go directly into all that you are manifesting. As you do this you can feel or sense a greater clarity coming into your perception.

What you realize occurs when you invite the lightbody energy in is that you invite it within your consciousness and you can feel it flow up and down through you and that’s all that needs to take place.

This vibration that emanates out from you, it emanates into anything that you are creating and it creates a fine-tuning so that there will be an easier manifestation. If you ask me how come some things manifest with ease and other things are such a struggle, most often it is your intensity that has an effect on the difference.

If you are very intense because it is so important to you to have it, it shifts your vibration; it creates almost a roadblock that the manifesting must now go around. Or sometimes what happens is it bounces off of that roadblock and it comes to you either in a different manner or at a later time.

If you move through the days in your life analyzing and thinking at all times, ‘Do I need to release? Do I need to do this better? Do I need to do that better?’ All of that thinking is a part of what creates the greater intensity. Now I understand, because I’ve been with you guys for so very long, how when it’s something very important to you it’s very difficult to release any intensity.

So again my focus is to invite you to simply breathe in compassion and let your focus be upon feeling good. When you feel good, when you feel that alignment with your divinity, then what you seek to have manifests with greater ease.

I say that simply as an explanation, not as something to be taken as a criticism. In fact if I could I would reach out to everyone present, to everyone on the entire planet, and pull from you, draw from you self-criticism, self-judgment. Let it go and let me just draw that from you.

All you have left is openness and allowing, allowing only your divinity to be there and to be present. When you are in this space, when you feel everything happening, the next emotion that goes right along with it is joyfulness. You feel joy and excitement bubbling up within you. You feel your awareness as it expands.

And again as you look at what you seek for your life, be open to the potential that some of those things you thought you wanted no longer resonate with your vibration. It may be that now is the time to either reach for something else, reach for something as yet unknown and to allow everything to simply manifest in whatever way it will. You breathe in and you breathe out.

There is a breeze that is flowing through the All That Is. This breeze is bringing with it change upon the Earth. For those of you who wish to continue working on your life and your manifestations, I invite you to do so. For those who are interested in looking at the Earth or working with the Earth, I invite you to shift your focus and come with me.

I know that there is a very intense transformation taking place upon your Earth. I speak of the upheaval in Egypt and we can see how it generates a similar vibration in other parts of the Middle East and it feels as we look at this as if this and other parts of the world are somewhat fragile in their energies.

What I would invite you to do is to have a sense of breathing down your divinity, feeling it move all through your consciousness, and then as you feel yourself in that space of balance, that space of awareness, let it flow with your intention into these places around the Earth.

There is no need to change what is taking place. You infuse balance as a means of creating stability. During this year upon your Earth, truth becomes more monumental. Now I recognize how truth is in the eye of the beholder but if there is enough of a conscious thought or a desire within a group of people it’s going to rise up until it can no longer be denied.

People upon the Earth have spent thousands of years pushing down and denying themselves, sometimes their cultures, sometimes their reality. All of you who are here, who are participating in this type of an experience, have already had a desire to create change within their life, to create a blending within yourself.

Many of you have already found that there are times that you have to reach out and speak your truth, you have to speak what you feel in your heart of hearts. What’s happening right now is this truth or this reality that many people have been feeling for a long time is rising up. It’s been happening in various levels throughout every country within your planet. Sometimes in very subtle ways, sometimes in very open ways, sometimes in violent ways.

As a group of people come together within a conscious intention and you flow balance through you, you flow balance into the world itself, it creates a stabilizing influence. It also allows for whatever needs to come out to come out with greater ease.

As you look at the world, as you look at the transition that takes place simply during these few minutes or more when a number of people are consciously infusing balance, imagine the difference when millions of people infuse balance.

There are many who are calling for peace. There are many who are calling for the specific type of reform that they believe in. But again it’s all the perception. By staying in a space of neutrality such as the state of balance you can find yourself having a much greater impact upon the situation.

Sometimes it’s easier to see this as you infuse it into something outside of yourself so be aware that everything you are doing be it in the Middle East, be it in a specific country, you can also do it with yourself.

In fact, as you expand your energies, as you intentionally transmit balance, it is already strengthening it within you. But you could take that awareness and that expansion and infuse it into your life, infuse it into all that you are seeking to manifest.

Again, you can see things shifting around you. I do invite everyone who is here in this moment to have a conscious intention of transmitting a soothing calm or a sense of tranquility and for some reason I’m seeing this blue energy just flow through everything. Perhaps as a cooling off vibration.

As this calm moves through everything and everyone involved you can see how things shift back into a greater balance. You can see how this transition can take place with greater ease. That’s why there are so many masters upon the earth at this time, because this is a time when people consciously choose to transition, to shift, to expand, to raise the vibration through conscious intention.

There will be those who continue to fight because that is there focus and their intention but more and more and more people are also focusing upon feeling a balanced energy and stepping into different potentials.

You breathe down your own balance and you transmit that into the world and it will go wherever it needs to go so that the world itself can find a greater balance.

I now invite everyone to come back together as a group. Many of you are already here as a group but there are others that we gather up. As you do so we invite the hologram to come up within this group.

For those who are just joining us, they very easily and smoothly transition into the already balanced energy that you are emanating. The light that shines forth from this hologram is already creating a particular vibration.

I invite you to have a sense of breathing in your balance, breathing in your lightbody energies and consciously flow into the hologram what you seek to manifest in your life, infusing with it all the essence of alignment and ease.

I invite you to infuse the energy of balance; the balance within you, the expanded divinity and perhaps your own lightbody energy. See how the hologram itself immediately transitions. This is an indication of how you can create the transition for yourself.

As you are ready to do so, have a sense of letting go of the hologram. It shifts down, it moves out from this group. As it does so it creates an alignment with the crystalline grid.

It flows down, it flows through the crystalline and there is that point where the portion of this hologram moves out into the alignment with Ariellis or the New Earth. The remainder of the hologram continues down; it moves through the magnetic grid. As it does so a portion of the hologram blends in this space creating a transition.

The remainder continues to move down, it goes within the Earth. As it does so it anchors within the core essence of the Earth, activating those crystals, those immense crystals. And the lightbody energy creates an attunement or a new alignment, all of which then responds back.

It comes back up through the Earth itself, it comes back up through the surface, through the water, the trees, the rocks. It comes back up through everything. As it does so I invite each one of you to breathe it up within your physical body. You may feel it come up through your root center, perhaps through your feet; let it come up all the way within you up into your heart center.

And let yourself radiate out the balance and the essence of all you seek to have in your life. As it moves through your physical body, send it forth transmitting it into the world around you. Perhaps part of that essence goes out to assist with meeting new people, perhaps finding a new job, a new place to live, a new car. Whatever it is let it move out from you creating alignments all along the way.

And then breathe in deeply and receive it all as it comes back at you. Have a sense of letting go. You may find your consciousness shifts once more into the All That Is but in the way that you just grounded it may be that you are staying more firmly back within your physical body.

It takes just a moment as you return to the All That Is and release the energies from this space, allowing your consciousness to shift back into the soul plane. You swirl through your divinity, you swirl through your ‘I Am’ presence and you feel it all move through you. You continue on letting the rest of your consciousness come back with you.

You find yourself coming back through the magnetic grid. It’s as if a stream of energy is coming back down into your physical body. As you anchor those energies, it came up through the Earth through your root center, perhaps your feet and emanated out from you through your heart center.

As you feel this energy or this essence come down, feel it as it comes down as if from your head center. And as it all meets within your heart feel your anchoring energy as it moves up and down through you and let it blend with your higher vibrational essence.

Consciously bring in your own lightbody energy let it swirl through you. You feel it as it moves up and down you and you radiate out all that that is.

Feel what it is in this moment to be in this balanced state. Look around; are there changes regarding what you seek to manifest? Be open and allow for that which is in your highest good but also that which in the long-run will most nurture and support you.

Let that be the primary energy that is moving through you right now. Feel it, allow it, embrace it, and breathe it up and down through you.

And so we will bring this journey of the night to an end.

For all those who were feeling the physical ailments or the physical responses in their body, I invite you to once more breathe in; breathing in energy and light and flow and then breathe out and let go any physical pain you may have and any physical imbalance.

As you do so, breathe down the balanced energy that you have worked with so extensively this evening. Allow that balanced energy to move through you; let it go to that place within you that you feel discomfort because that is indicating a space of imbalance.

Breathe down and allow yourself to manifest all of who you are. Manifest that sense of awareness that you emanate from you into your Earth-bound reality.

Know that you are never alone.

I am ever with you and within.




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