Living Through Your Heart Center

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This channel is exactly what we need at this time!  We’re living in the 5th dimension, but don’t always know what that’s like or what it is really be in that space.  During this channel the Goddess takes us into that place where we can feel what it is we seek to have in life – then experience it from different perspectives. 

She first of all invited us to experience our desire.  Then she spoke of the various levels of perception and how those levels create a new reality.  So if you’re in a rut and something’s not working, by letting it go and opening to a different manifestation, you can receive in a new way.  Within this she then integrated the Lightbody energy.  If you are seeking to manifest in these higher dimensions, having the crystalline energies of the lightbody will assist you.

She also assisted us in understanding what it is to live from the heart center.  It’s about realizing how to fill your own energies up from your divinity; then reach out to others.  This is a very empowering channel about living a balanced life through a heart centered reality.  


Nama sika; Venia benya,   I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  As I flow my energies into each one of you who are here I send out my love, I send out my light and I invite you to take this moment to really be fully present within yourself.  No matter what may be going on around you allow yourself to feel the energies of who you are. 

You may feel your body.  You may feel your thoughts.  You may feel your emotions, your spiritual, and your light bodies.  Have a sense of just drawing in all the energies that are within and around you right now in this moment.  As you gather your energies whether it is for this teleconference, or if it is anything else you may be doing, be very conscious of how that focused intention, that focused awareness of breathing in your energies, breathing in the light can assist you in balancing within you and all the energies that are around you.

As you seek to find that balance within your life you find that things are just going to wash off, moving out from you so that once more you are here together in this now moment, there we go.  I can feel everyone coming together I can feel as if there have been a lot of energies and people were all over the place and now this is bringing us all together as a group.

I invite you to let your focused breath move once more so that you breathe deeply taking that breath in and sending that breath all the way through you.  Send it down into the earth so that you once more feel those energies of the earth and then let that come back up within you and anchor within you, around your solar plexus. 

From there as you are ready to do so let go your tension allow your energy and your expansion to move up as you connect with yourself as your higher self.  Here within this space of your higher-self open up to look around and feel the energies that are here with you. 

This is where you come on a consistent basis.  This is where you reach out when you need to know more about a situation so that you can get that perspective as if looking at your life from an overview.  This is your place that was created by you, for you, so as to support you.  There we go. I could feel as people to expand even further within their higher self. 

From there have a sense as if sending that stream of consciousness out even further.  As it moves out from you, you send it out into the Soul Plane and it reaches out until it aligns with you as your I AM presence.  Feel what that is to you. 

So often when you link with your divinity you have a perception of what it is, of what is here, how big, what is available to you. And sometimes that is from a perspective that is limited by your human consciousness.  So as if to peel away any restrictions, or any limitations, do so and look again at your I AM presence.  You may notice that it is even bigger than your perception of just a moment ago.

As you merge with your divinity allow that stream of consciousness to move through you in your conscious awareness to go down through that stream of energy so that it may much more fully align; not only with you the human in your life right now, but you as your divinity. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you and as I do so I reach out to embrace you as your consciousness, you as your divinity, so that it shifts you moving you into the energies of the All That Is. 

As you arrive here within the All That Is as always it is a place of transition.  It’s a place of creation.  It’s a place that is filled with everything that you are currently working on and all of the many potentials that are available for you.  As you look around you may become aware of the various energies. 

Take this as a moment to ask yourself what is it within my life that seems to be just a recurring issue or problem ~ so to speak.  This somewhat brings a smile to my face, because as I think over the last several teleconferences you have had the opportunity to not only change the pattern of your consciousness, you merged with the energies of Yeshua and Buddha, you created a shift in  awareness that has allowed you to expand even further into your energies.  So when I ask that question you might think that all is smooth sailing and all is in balance.

But because you are human and having the human experience the sense is that there is always something else.  There is always this or there is always that and I sometimes wonder that it is part of the human experience to be incomplete, or to feel as if you are incomplete. 

I wonder if the human experience makes it a challenge to have a sense of total contentment within your life, shall we say on an ongoing basis, and perhaps that is what nudges people along in whatever transition may be going on. 

The reason that I speak of it in this manner is that when you look back over the last perhaps thousands of years many of the changes, especially when you look globally, have occurred through discontent, discord, frustration with your situation so one would say I am going to change and let me find something new. 

How would it be if humanity were to say ‘I love where I am right now, but just out of the pure joy of it I would like to experience what is over here?’  I see more and more people are beginning to lean towards this type of mindset and as we are living, meaning we as humanity, are living in the 5th, 6th dimension you are going to be living from a space that is based in your heart center.

Consider what that is to you.  How much of your life is lived from your heart center?  It makes me smile because I am hearing people shout out kind of percentages.  I am hearing other people say, “Oh I live from my heart center”, because I am feeling discontent, I am feeling this, and I am feeling that so the feelings are coming through the heart center.  Then I hear other people having other various reactions to that statement.  Of course there is never a right or wrong answer, but let’s speak for a moment about what these higher dimensions represent. 

We will speak of the third dimension for a moment for that is the place where so many of you grew up and it creates the foundations for who you are and the perception of life experience is. 

Third dimension, especially now when you look back to it, has the feeling of being heavier like you are walking through a kind of murky muddy perspective.  The third dimension if you think about it is sometimes associated with your second chakra, the forth with your third, the fifth dimension with your forth.  We are having to get these numbers associated!

But more so when you are living from your gut instinct or you are living from a place which is grounded in the lower vibrations, not the lower vibrations but the vibrations of the earth, and those Chakra centers that keep you grounded and a part of the earth.  It therefore gives one the perspective that is a little bit more of that flat monotone so to speak. 

The heart center is that which blends your upper chakras and the lower.  So the heart center is where you have suddenly infused a lot of the energies of the universe and you’ve merged with the energies of the earth so that you are beginning to transition the energies of the earth with the energies of the universe. 

Therefore when you are living your life from your heart center the foundation is most often compassion, love, co-creation.  It’s less of the competition or that survival instinct that you have with your first chakra and this is the part of the transition into the fifth dimension that is taking place. 

So as I have been speaking of this and defining it in this one way; this is of course just one definition, there are many, many, many more; but I can see each one of you integrating the words and the energy and finding your space of what the fifth dimension means to you.

Feel the light as it moves in to this space.  Allow it to move through everything that may be going on within your life as you are here within this consciousness. 

Here within the All That Is you have the unique perspective of experiencing, not only the various dimensions, but taking a particular opportunity to saying here is what it feels like in this perspective, here’s what it feels like in this perspective and you can go on and on and on. 

Now as you consider your life once more consider it from the perspective of your heart center.  This time as if you send out love and compassion throughout your life, this time as you send out the vibration and the essence of a balanced energy.  There we go. 

So no matter what may be happening in your life if you shift your perception in such of way, and you look at it in a space of balance and a space of your heart, it may give you a new awareness of things that may be going on.

If you had your heart’s desire what would that be for you?  This is one of those instances or experiences that then people can call up to a greater understanding.  For many people when I ask that question ‘what is your heart’s desire’ you immediately bring up your list of things that you have been seeking to manifest. 

How about if you peel away the layer and take a minute to really go within your heart center and bring up the first thing that comes to your mind.  ‘What I choose to have in my life …..’ and ask yourself, ‘is this something I truly wish to have or am I in a habit of wanting it and one way or the other I really don’t care’.  And in this way you receive a little bit of clarity. 

Let’s go on to the next thing as several people have several things upon their list.  ‘Another thing I desire to have within my life is…….’ and what is my perspective from this higher view or this place of the All That Is.  Why do I want it?  What is my intention?  What does it mean?

I find as I am speaking of this to you that indeed there are instances when you don’t have that same desire or that same intention than what you thought you did.  As you look beneath the service at something that you have been seeking to manifest and you find yourself in a greater understanding there may be times when you realize that you perhaps wanted something for a reason that really no longer suits you, or that perhaps you wanted something and you should look at it from an bigger perspective opening up to even more than what you thought you wanted, or desired, or needed.

 If your life is lived from your heart center what does that look like to you?  If you look out with eyes of compassion and love for you, for you first and foremost, and then for you as it relates to everything in your life.  What would that be?  Unconditional love is available for you.  Unconditional love is that stream of energy and consciousness that comes from here within the All That Is from your I AM presence and it flows down into you on a continuous basis. 

As I just spoke of that I felt so many of you having that feeling of AHH.  That feeling of when you step into something that just feels warm, loving, nurturing and you take a deep breath in and you just feel good.  That is unconditional love for you from you as your divinity.  I the Goddess can amplify that energy and I can assist in directing it or creating a shift in if need be; but you have the ability to be open all on your own. 

Each one of you are so much more than what you comprehend with your human perspective.  When you think back to when we began our journey this evening and that perspective you had, take a look around you now and you will realize that you have really expanded the energies of your perception; honor and respect yourself.  Open to allow love for yourself.  Experience life lived unconditionally for yourself. 

Another human trait that goes along with the others that we mentioned before is that sense of judging, sometimes others, but if you are judging others you begin first and foremost by judging yourself.  So what does that mean? Are you critical as you look around your life?  Do you feel as if you should have done more, or you should be in a different place, or somebody else should have done their part of the deal and all of those should, should, should’s are a way of judging. Most often in a way of judging that is negative or pulling you down. 

So if we could peel away the layers of anything at all that relates to being judgmental, take in a breath and feel how good it is to let that go.  You may complete this journey and go right back into that old pattern, but at least for this moment you are opening up your eyes, opening up your perception and letting it go.

Life lived from within your heart can be even richer and filled with even more energy than ever before. 

We continue to speak about the lightbody energies as they infuse the earth.  As you are within this space of your heart center and you are within this space that is so fully open and in the flow, then reach out to that which is your lightbody and invite it to come and be here present within you. 

Your lightbody energies represent that part of you that is a part of the universal light.  Your light body energies is that which represents the crystalline energies that have always been out within the universe and have always had an alignment into the earth with that flow of everything moving up and down in between. 

Here within your heart center feel the flow. Know how you are aligning and know that as you accept that part which is crystalline it is going to create a greater foundation within you as the human.

As we are here within the All That Is and you are feeling that energy of your light body as it’s infusing it is almost as if we sense this wave that is just kind of moving around you.  So much of energy upon the earth goes in specific directions, a linear pattern.  The crystalline energy is without that type of a foundation so it is as if there is a different type of movement that is associated with it. 

The expanded flow in movement allows you the ability to expand your consciousness even further.  In the All That Is you were already solidly within the universal light.  Therefore the more that you align with the light body energy, integrating down into your physical it is going to create a vibrational receptacle, there’s a good word for you that allow s that crystalline energy to be more a part of you. 

Consider what it is right here right now in the All That Is.  Within your DNA you have the strands, or the layers, or the energy that assists you as you continue to expand. As you feel that alignment of the light body energies, not only first within your consciousness, it then goes into your physical body and your physical body is the receptacle for everything that comes through you into and around the earth plane.   

As you continue expanding your energy and feeling all of that love, light and joy that is associated with your heart center it is even more and more and more amplified by the crystalline light.

My intention every time that we have these conferences, or that I work with you, is that I may assist you in becoming empowered within your life.  True empowerment can only come from within you, and it can only come from that stream of consciousness that moves down into you filling up the energy of this space and then expanding out further so that you know that the physical human that is you with your name, your body, your person walking around on the earth right now is indeed who you are. 

But ultimately that divine essence that is true empowerment because that is you receiving more of you.  By allowing that crystalline light, or this lightbody energy, it is opening up the spaces from within every cell within your physical body.  It is allowing that alignment to amplify that which is you, to amplify that divine energy that is already flowing within you.  It gives it a place to expand further so that it doesn’t go through you into the earth. 

There is nothing wrong with that, but when you feel it more and you recognize it more as a part of you in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, lightbody energies all that creates you in your complete experience as a human becomes amplified by these energies.  Now you are really talking as you talk about going back connecting with your heart center and living with your heart center.  It is indeed a difference.

When you come back again considering that list that you were looking at of things you were seeking to have and you are in this space of empowerment with your lightbody you have a different perspective of how they will come into your life. Ahh, for some I am hearing that you didn’t really want that after all.  So don’t get bogged down thinking that you have to have something in your life when from the space of your divinity and the space of your light body it is old energy.  It no longer suits you.  You have moved beyond it.  Let it go.

As I look at each one of you right now there is such a balanced energy.  There is such a brilliance and a light that fills you up!  This is who you are as your true authentic self and it is here in the All That Is that you are bringing it down into you and the earth plane. 

So have a sense of doing that and send that energy down.  You may do it in a number of ways send it down in a column of light that is you, or if you so choose we can gather within a circle and infuse it in the hologram.  As I see everyone gathering together as a circle you are sending the energies down through you, but you are also sending it into the hologram and it is creating a vortex.  So it is not just a loose group that has the hologram suspended it is now a firmer or a more complete sense of a vortex and that is amplifying the energies that are going into the hologram even more. 

So you let that go and it flows down into the earth.  There is a certain aspect that moves out into the new earth, into the higher vibrations of the earth and everything else goes down into your physical earth linking with the energies of Gaia, linking with the energies of the crystals that are inside of Gaia, so that it then comes up to the surface. 

You as the individual that you are you have already brought down all the energy into you, so reach down and link with the rest that came up from the hologram and it is as if you have created a circular energy; that which came through the hologram and linking with the earth and coming back up to you and going up to the All That is.  

You can feel it going in one direction or you can shift and come up from another direction.  You can feel how it reconnects or clear out the energies in a different way depending on how you sense or see that flow.  With that conscious intention that living from the heart center, living with an infused energy of the lightbody or the crystalline, is flowing up through the earth, coming up through the collective consciousness, coming up through the grass, the trees, the water and it is available to everyone upon the earth. 

Allow your focus to return once more to within yourself in the All That Is.  Every time that we start grounding like that I can feel you getting excited to get back, excited to go back into your physical reality so you can experience the changes.  There is always someone who says ‘No, I would rather stay here.  I will stay here longer’.  It is your choice. 

Allow those energies to flow through you and allow your consciousness to return.  You may have that sense of leaving the All That Is, of merging once more in the soul plane with your divinity, and then you move further as if to come down within the energies of your higher self.

Take a moment to rebalance within this space as you infuse it with that heart centered energy and your crystalline energy.  ~~Whew~~ clear out the clutter that may have been present within here.  There we go.

Then allow your focus to continue to come back down as you once again feel the energies of you the human.  Allow that stream of consciousness to come back within you.  You may feel it filling up every Chakra every energy body within you.  Let it clear out those non-physical energies that are around you so that as you can, as you come back grounded within your physical body, you are able to be here in your expanded state. 

Take a moment to find the balance within you and as you find the balance consciously bring into alignment the crystalline energies, consciously bring in a heart centered awareness so that everything that reflects out from you is from here within the space of your heart.

And as you are moving forward in your life as you live a heart centered life, honor yourself for how-so-ever that looks or is for you.  Allow that heart centered life to be of balance.  Allow that heart centered life to be filled with the energies and the acceptance of you as your divine essence and you as your lightbody. 

Beloved this is you in your everyday life.  This is you as you create change within you.  This is you.  Allow yourself to accept all that is your perspective and all that is here.  I invite you to continue to be in the space of those energies and allow yourself to come back within the room.

All right beloved family as we bring this evening to a close I invite you to remember to live your life as we spoke in this journey from your heart center and from that place of your heart center allow it to be the balanced energy; to allow it to be a place with love; to allow it to be a place that is filled with compassion; that compassion being first and foremost for you and then reflected out to everyone else.  

You are such an immense being.  You are fully integrated into the universal light and the human reality.  Accept that for yourself.  Know that you are moving forward in your life.

Allow that to be with ease and allow that to be with joy.  Beloved family I am ever within you.




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