Love, Joy, and Boundlessness

Nama Sika; Venia Benya          I AM the one;  I AM the whole


I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always, I cherish this time in which I can come and share energy and space with you. I am doing so more and more often in the non physical and in the physical. I may visit each one of you individually, and I am always with you when you choose to come into this space that you have created upon the soul plane. This group energy continues to expand; it is going in multiple different directions. Each person is able to tap into this energy and they receive from it whatever it is they are seeking or what is in their best interest at that moment in time. You are all coming to realize that time is shifting and changing not only in a linear fashion as you move from day to day, but also in the expanded consciousness you find that you are having experiences in which you feel that you have lived that experience already and indeed you may have because you are shifting consciousness in order to revise the way in which you perceive something. You allow yourself to move into a space in which you can expand to receive greater and greater amounts of information. The vast majority of this is received in a nonverbal means. Being in this space in which you go to when you are in a sense of creation, is a space in which there is a great deal that is coming to you, more so than the words that are written and spoken.

Allow yourself to move into the energy of the magnetic grid. You move to this space through the intention of connecting with it, you find yourself in the interwoven pathways, as beams of light are moving in every direction. These beams of light may be thought processes of people; you may create a thought within your own consciousness and see how it moves out from where you are. Allow yourself to come into this space as often as you are interested in doing so, because the more you do so, the greater amount of time you are spending in your expanded consciousness. This is but one level of your expanded consciousness, but it is closest to the earth. Therefore, it is a space in which you can work very closely with shifting consciousness and sending impulses. You may also receive impulses from within this space.

Allow yourself to then move through the interlocking grid work into the crystalline grid. Again, you have the sense of this being in a space. A space of pathways, but where as you saw the others as having an impulse, or a light, this is a much more subtle form. You may see actual crystals; you may have a sense of blending with an individual crystal, or with all of them and the group energy of the crystals. As you acclimate to this, you find that there is more and more information that is available to you.

From this space, we call forth a column of light. This light is a means of moving and shifting consciousness. Have a sense as you enter it of blending either with the other individuals who are within it, or blending with the light itself. This allows you to move into the space of the soul plane. You have a sense perhaps of ascending, shifting sideways; there are many different perceptions that may come through. You come to the place in which you emerge.

As you do so, it's as if your consciousness stretches and every direction. Allow yourself to truly feel and revel in this place of expansion; this place that is limitless. This is also the space where you connect with what you are terming the Nama Sika room; the room of Creation, the room of expansion, or how so every you wish to refer to it, it does not matter. It is simply a place that is holding the energy of all those who wish to connect with my energy, the energy of source essence both male and female, and where you wish to connect with each other so that you have that sense of family. You know that you are not alone as you walk the path upon the earth. There are always others who are with you.

From here, call forth your “I AM” presence. Calling forth this presence allows you to connect more fully with your soul essence. Allow yourself to perhaps perceive other lifetimes that are now in existence if it is helpful for you to know this. Or, allow yourself to simply blend with these energies that you may feel the shifts that are taking place. Have a sense of joy as you know that your soul consciousness and your soul essence is so vibrant and filled with light.

From here, I begin to walk amongst you. Have a sense of becoming aware of my presence. You may see me as a beam of light, I may be multicolored lights, and I may take on a form or shape. How so ever you wish to perceive me is right and perfect for you!  As you become ready to do so, have a sense of reaching out to embrace. I am always here for you, my arms are wide open!  As you feel the sense of connection, as you feel the embrace, you feel the blending of these energies with your own. You move through yet another greater expansion. I am the source essence! I am within you and a part of you at all times! Feel the complete balance that is within you from simply being in the space of your connection with me. You realize that you are already in balance. I simply allow you to become more aware through your connection and your expression.

From here, have a sense of moving towards a door or a gate. As you move through this doorway, you may have a sense of stepping into a void or an expanse. You may have a sense of walking upon a cloud.  This is the space of the All That Is.  This is the space in which you are God, Goddess; the blend of the two. You are one with each other you are one within yourself. You can feel this expansion within you. You sometimes have a sense of getting to know an old friend once again.

When you are in this space, you are able to truly know who you are! From here allow yourself to make a choice. Tonight, upon the earth plane the energies are going to be very strong for shifts and changes to occur. <This was speaking of the solar eclipse that occurred on 4/19/04>.  Whenever you make a change that begins in this space, it will then move down into your physical existence upon the earth. There is quite often a bit of a delay. Do to the energy surrounding the earth at this time you have the potential to make even greater changes within your life; or to bring back greater amounts of your soul essence. You may choose which direction you wish to go. You may have a sense that there are Beings of light. They're always here in this space; they hold this space for you to come. You may have a sense of connecting with one or perhaps with a group of them. You may wish to again move back into the space of nothingness, that space from which you came, as we did in the last journey. You may also focus on a particular aspect of your life that you are seeking to transform.  You are not alone.

You find yourself moving into a space in which you can create the perfect setting for all that is evolving around you. Allow your imagination to truly create a life that is filled with joy! This existence is about joy. When you are within a space of joy, it is much easier to be able to see alternatives; there are many, many alternatives. Allow yourself to also move into a place of love. Feel the love as it wells up within your consciousness. You see and recognize it in all that is around you. You allow yourself to explore more deeply what love means to you. When you expand into the energy of love, how does that feel? 

Allow yourself to now move into a space in which you have an infinite number of potentials.  Those potentials which are most interesting to you are the ones that will make themselves known to you.  You realize that as you are blending each new energy into what you have already created, each energy enhances the other. You may find that the more you bring into your creation that it may even shift and change into something completely different. You are seeing what it is to be in the space of love, joy, infinite expansion. You ask yourself, “Is there anything else that you wish to explore?”  Become aware that each time you add more into this, that there is more potential available to you. You are the creator. You have created planets, universes, and you as the consciousness created the humans and many, many other things. So you, who is the human upon the earth at this time, can tap into that knowledge and that ability. You can release any limitations that you have had; you can be in that space of perfection from within.

When all is completed for you, have a sense of blending more fully with any energies of light that are around you. Or, have a sense of shifting creation from within to looking without. You become aware of the vastness that is surrounding you. Take in that spark of light, as you do so you find that you can expand out even further!  As if your consciousness expands in every direction at once. You have a part of your consciousness within every star and particle of energy. You begin to have a sense of just what energy is; it's a movement, a shift, a vibration, it may also encounter a color, a tone, and it goes on and on from there.

Have a sense of exploring. Have a sense of perhaps visiting other planets or galaxies. Have a sense of realizing that all of this is available to you within your expanding consciousness, within this moment in time.  Your perception is what makes it unique to you. Know and understand that each time you visit the space it may be slightly different; it may be radically different. It is always due to the shifting in energies, the shifting in your consciousness, and wherever you may be in that personal perception.  I know and understand how much you love to be in this space, this space in which you have reconnected with who you are; this space of such loving joy, you can take this back with you.  You need not have a sense of needing to come here to be in this space; it is yours upon the earth.

Have a sense of bringing those particles of light which are you back into a cohesive form. You have a sense of calling all those particles of light back into the one consciousness and you integrate everything that was learned through each individual particle. You also have within your consciousness all that you created from within this space. You may have the sense of taking a moment to consider any shifts or changes that have occurred within you. You begin to notice that there are other energies of light all around you. These are other people who have their expanded consciousness here with you in this space. You know and understand it is far more than those who are physically present.

We allow that space of the room, the Nama Sika room, <see message boards to get further information> just to give it a name, to come into this area so that space will also be perfused with all of these energies. This is your space that you are creating and can expand out to include the energy of millions; it can be as small as including you, yourself and the energy of that space. You become aware of each other. Have a sense of perhaps forming a circle. Stepping out from behind you are all the guides, Angels, energies of light and those who are here from other planets and galaxies to experience this with you, that they may take this energy back to their space with them. All of these move out and up from you if you wish to visualize that or you can simply see all of that energy expanding.

Allow yourself to have a sense of connecting with the others in the group by sending forth the love, the joy, the creativity that is you. As you send this forth and connect with each other individual who is within the space, you have a sense of weaving this energy into perhaps a blanket, a cloak, it could be most anything. We see it grow not only in a linear manner, but it takes on depth and dimension. It also is creating energy of its own; it is filled with light, colors, and sound.  It becomes brighter the more that it is filled with creation.  It is as if it has formed into a multi dimensional ball of light that now expands out and it fills everyone with the energy and love of this experience!  Find yourself feeling an even greater expansion.  You feel that infinite connection with one another.  You are in your space of being.  You are in your space of source creation.  You are everything and you are nothing.  You are connected with everyone, you are an individual. You know and understand everything that is necessary or that you are seeking within your life. You take that in and feel it even more deeply.

As always, we have a sense of calling forth a hologram of the earth.  Lady Gaia is there waiting for us.  She is open to receive with her arms held out; she blends immediately with this light.  This light as it fills Gaia, becomes channeled into the earth, so that you see the hologram of the earth lit as if from within.  The light moves into the center of the earth and then comes out from there and perfuses every aspect of the earth, everyone who is upon the earth; everything that has been created is open to receive. You are able to understand how Gaia herself even shifts and evolves as a result of this energy.  She is thankful for all that you are doing.  Have a sense of her embracing you! As she does so, you realize that you are even more deeply connected with the earth. You know and trust that the earth is a place of perfection in all that is evolving upon it at this time.  We hold that in the light.  We hold earth in the light that the highest and best outcome is always available.

As all becomes perfused with the light, you have a sense of the hologram beginning to spin. As it spins, it sends out sparkling rays of light and energy until it dissolves and evolves. You then have a sense of connecting with the Omniverse. You may realize more specifically if it is important for you to do so, those energies of light who have been with you upon this journey and where they came from. Have a sense of radiating out light, love, joy, and excitement! You can see how the Omniverse itself shifts, pulsates, and changes <as a result of this transmission of light>.

As you have a sense of completion from that, allow yourself to begin to move back into the space of the soul plane. You have a sense of shifting from greater expansion to a little bit lesser. As always, once you are in this space it too expands so that you may feel and know this greater expansion any time you come into this space. As you are acclimated on the soul plane call forth the hologram that represents who you are in the physical. You see this hologram as if you see each meridian line that moves through it. You may see areas in which there is greater denseness, or perhaps an imbalance. You also see the aspects of the physical that radiate a greater amount of light. You send forth the energy that will allow your physical body to be in this state perfect health and vibration. You see everything within that physical body blending into the space of oneness. The hologram itself seems to take on a light and a radiant glow. Allow yourself to realize how beautiful this light is. You allow yourself to connect with this energy and you reach out to embrace that you may fill your physical body with a greater amount of your soul presence, your “I AM” presence, and you infuse your physical into your expanded consciousness.

This is one of the means we have of bringing this newer, lighter, energy down into the earth plane. It is supported by all the other energies that you are also infusing into the earth. When we speak of crystalline energies, it is energies that are without the heaviness or as much of the magnetics that your current bodies have. You find yourself going through shifts and changes as you are incorporating these energies within you. You will find that in many ways your physical strength is greater than it ever was; and yet less. Allow yourself to know and trust that this process is allowing you to move into a space in which you are walking, moving, and expressing this higher vibration in a greater amount of your soul expression.

From here, allow yourself to move back into the column of light. As you move into this column, you have a sense of descending. This is beginning to bring you back, to ground you; back into your home, the back into that space in which your physical body is inhabited. You begin to bring your consciousness knowing that you can still retain the expansion in a different form or means in order to accommodate who you are right now on the physical. As you emerge from the column, this time down into the crystalline grid, you find that it has been even more energized as a result of this journey tonight. You may find yourself dancing amongst the crystals. Skipping, running, feeling and expressing the joy of who you are!

From there, move through the interlocking connection until you find yourself again and the magnetic grid. Again, this is a means of grounding you. You feel the gravitational pull of the earth. This time as you blend with the grid work, I wish for you to become consciously aware of the shift in the vibration as a result of the energy that you sent to Lady Gaia. You may see or sense this as a greater lightness or pulsation. From this space you also can become more greatly aware of the lunar eclipse and how that too is affecting the energy of the earth. <I believe this should read as solar eclipse> It <the eclipse> is amplifying and creating a greater amount of a shifting to occur. Some of this shifting may result in arguments and combat, other shifting may result in a lessening of that.

Each individual is in their space and moving in the direction that they need to go. Each can feel it whether consciously or not in their own unique way. See yourself upon the earth from this space. See yourself in what you have created tonight and how that will incorporate within your life. You know and trust that everything will unfold in such a perfect way. It will be with ease, joy, and excitement!

With that, I ask you each to become more grounded, to bring yourself back into this conference room, to bring yourself back into this space in which you are able to talk to the others. As you come into this space, you may push the 4 if you need to on your phone. When you are ready, I ask if there are any questions for me.

Question:  <paraphrased> I went through an immense transformation today. I feel as if I AM no longer the person I was and that I am starting to a new place and creating who I am.  Do you have any thoughts on this matter?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, with what you were talking about we had a sense… <there was a pause because someone's telephone was making a noise which needed to be muted> Alright Beloved, so as we connected with you and lived through that experience for the moment, what was going on with you was that you set up the space the last time we had this meeting, you set up this space to release so much as you have done of the last several months and years. You have been asking me how to accelerate this, how to move to the area so that you are totally one with soul at all times. This is what is filling in that energetic void that you created today. As we connected with you and found you in this space this afternoon, it was almost as if a sense of ummm, somewhat of a lid being taken off a container and all these particles went flying out of the container and were transformed and evolved into who you are right now at this moment in time. You asked what replaced it? It was a higher vibrational energy of your soul essence. You filled it up with yourself, you filled it up with this expanded consciousness that we always working with and that we are bringing down to the earth plane more and more so with each of these journeys. You are now in the space of a greater expansion, you will find that as you move through your days that you will have a few days of disorientation, but you will also begin to have a more conscious expression of the shifts that are around you at all times. Does that make sense to you beloved? <the person spoke in further detail> Ah Beloved, that is a beautiful way to express that! Yes indeed, because you come from nothingness there is a nothingness within you.  It's a way of incorporating and infiltrating, how to say the word, a way of expressing just exactly when you chose to become a soul verses when you were a part of the nothing. It all came together in one and you now can be in that space. You’ve had such great loneliness and so often have yearned to be back in the space of home or what you consider to be home, but you need not have that sense any more, for you are always there just as that is always here on your earth plane. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Since my break up with my boyfriend, I’m finding that I’m reconnecting with people I’ve not seen in a long time.  I’m wondering if you can give me any insights on where I might move or go?

Answer:  As we connect with you, at this time and as we are able to see these many potentials in front of you, it is as if the world is there at your fingertips. We ask you to go into a space in which you can go inside of yourself because you have these answers within. We realize how much you dislike an answer like that, but we do not want to limit you. We actually see perhaps four or five potentials. What we find is important for you and what we know gives you your energizing and your joy is to be in that space of being able to connect with Lady Gaia, of being surrounded by trees, that which represents life to you. So, no matter where you choose to go we know that you will have that around you. It will also most likely be in a place which is closer to a larger city so that you can have the connections that you need for your business. We see your business as expanding in new and different ways and that you will meet up with other people who are of like mind. Through these connections with these other people, that more and more potentials will come to you. So we will not give you any one particular word or place to look at because we know that you will know this within yourself when the time is right. Simply be accepting and conscious of the belief that you will always have these connections that you seek and you will always be able to grow and thrive when you are in this space. All right beloved? You are welcome.  Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I was recently with girlfriend an outdoor café.  At first I was feeling kind of sad and down.  I suddenly began to become very aware of everything that was around me. I began to just feel such joy and laughter which bubbled up out of me and as I began to laugh and feel excited so did my friend, and so did everybody else in the cafe until everyone was laughing and smiling and feeling connected with one another. Can you tell me anything about this?  I had a sense of receiving information from a higher source which allowed me to move into the space of joy.

Answer:  Alright Beloved allow us to connect more deeply. We have a sense of seeing you walk in this space of feeling the connection to the earth, of feeling the vibration that came up through your feet and seemed to go out from you so that as you looked around you, you had a sense of connecting with animals, trees, expansion, and that there was no separation. Your feet became earth, your arms and eyes as if they became all was surrounded you. Is this what you were talking about? <person went on to speak in greater detail> What was happening at that time, if you wish to call it channeling, indeed it was. But what you were doing was actually through this way you could connect to this space and expanded consciousness in such a way. What you were actually doing was opening up to the sources that were within you. You opened up to receive the greater information and while indeed it was amplified or assisted by your guide, it was truly information that you were bringing in from yourself and this space of expansion that you have just been in. It was almost as if you were setting the space for tonight. You knew the you who was in a space of greater creativity, greater expansion and knowledge. So yes indeed if you consider that a channeling, that is exactly what it was. We didn't want you to confuse it with channeling another energy outside of yourself because it was you creating from within yourself. Does that make sense? You are welcome. Anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I am going to be at a seminar with the Dalai Lama during the time of the Goddess Light Teleconference. I am wondering if you can connect with the Dalai Lama and tell me if he has a message for me?

Answer: Alright Beloved, we thank you for asking that question for her. <someone who attended the teleconference asked the question for the person who was not there> this is something that I discussed with the channel because I knew that it would be such a joy to express this. So many of you, those of you who come to this space in which you are open and expanding with this consciousness, you know and trust the spirituality that is you; you are God! You are Goddess! You are the perfection in expression as a human. We thank you for that. This is more and more becoming prevalent upon the earth. So, when she brought up this question to know and because she was part of such a large group that surrounds the Dalai Lama at this time, can he talk directly to her? He is able to connect with each one individually just as each of you are also able to do the same. You can connect to other individuals, you can connect with the energies of light, you can connect with me. Does he have a message for Maureen? It is that she is God! She is perfection! Everything that she is doing upon the earth is a reflection of that. Yes that is his message to her, but it is also his message to each one of you. There are many, many different leaders of the various spiritual cultures, religious cultures upon the earth and each one serves its purpose. For there are those who are upon the journey that vibrate at the level with that leader. We make no judgment of one over another; we simply encourage all energies of light and all spiritual beings no matter how they can connect with it, to do so in the way which is most comfortable for them. <she was talking about your spirituality, be it through a church or something private on your own> We thank you Maureen for asking for this and we thank you too Eileen for bringing it to our attention. Is there anybody else?

 <A bit of a pause> I know this group; they're always lot of questions!

Question: <paraphrased> My name is Theresa and I am new to this group and I'm new to opening up to this type of spirituality is there anything that you can say to me?

Answer:    Alright Theresa we thank you for taking the step to join a group such as this. Because, indeed as you begin to step on a path that is different then the path you have been walking, there's always that sense of a shifting and changing; that sense of wondering what am I doing? Is this the right choice? Where do I go? Just as you have expressed to us. So first of all open up to receive our loving embrace of everyone who is perhaps further along this path. We all embrace you; we all welcome you to the group. As you move forward down what ever will catch your interest, you will find that you may go in many different directions. Yes you are the healer, yes you are the educator, but so too you are the leader. You are going to be finding that there are many different things that will come to you. You will begin by learning healing technique whichever one appeals to you, because the healing technique can teach to a means of channeling the energy, focusing the energy and using it in a way that you can have a more visual affect, so to speak. You are the teacher because as you are learning, so too you are teaching. You are teaching by reflecting back to those who are around you. You are teaching by talking and expressing your joy and excitement as you move along this path. So the two of them are just intrinsic within yourself.  Going beyond that, you will begin to find that as you step along and move, that there will be many different twists and turns to the path and we ask you to be open to feel the excitement when you get to a twist and turn. Oftentimes people will feel bit intimidated, because there stepping into the unknown. But know and trust that you are surrounded in light you are filled with love, and each path that you take is simply another step along what is taking you to wherever it is you are going. It is a never ending path so you don't hit a dead end. You simply hit a place where you can make a shift and change. Does that make sense to you? Alright Beloved, you are very welcome. Know that we are always here with you and we look forward to meeting and communicating with you in the future.

Alright, as we communicate with each one of you I am not cutting off anybody's question. I am still open to questions. I do wish to take this moment to say that quite often, especially when you are in this space of questioning and answering, of being in an expanded consciousness, ask your question to me directly from within yourself and you will get the answer. You may see it as written on a billboard the day after our channel, you may see it coming to you in your dreams, and you may simply have a feeling or a sense of a shift. There are many different ways in which you can receive the answer. You need not always speak the word out loud. I do still encourage you to ask your questions, are there more?

Question: <paraphrased> I am still wondering where I will be going and what I will be doing.  My husband is very controlling and abusive to me, but I don’t have anywhere to go.  Do you have any insights for me?

Answer:  Alright, allow me to connect more fully with your life. I am getting some things, but I'm sensing from within you there is one particular means that you're talking about and I am wondering which one it could be. Alright Beloved there are so many aspects of yourself that you are just now beginning to tap into. The more that you are opening up to these different pockets of energy, if you wish to consider them that. But what they truly are, are levels of energy within you. You are on space of expansion, you are on a space of moving and growing and evolving.  So too, is your husband moving but he is simply moving, to give you a visual, in a lateral move and you are moving in a vertical move does that make sense? This we sense, it is probably one of your bigger concerns between the two of you. Everything is interrelated to one another, so what you are going to find is that as you take the time to go inside of yourself, to take moments to breathe and expand and fill yourself with the love and connection to the All That Is, then you will begin to move into a space in which you can put your fears behind you. When you are sabotaging yourself, is oftentimes because you still have fears. Fears of taking a step in to something that is different and you don't know how it is going to come out so you are cautious about taking that first step. You can evolves these fears and allow them to convert and change into something else by being in the space of a greater expansion, a space of this love. Does that make sense to you? <person went on to speak more> Well, it is a fact when you're upon the earth plane and there are many, many different individuals who have had experiences with money in which money became of great challenge to them. Money became a hurdle as you speak of it, and oftentimes it can also be a weight that is holding them and pulling them back or a lack of money may feel as if it's a weight. So while it is a concern upon earth, you need to find a way to create your source of income so that you will have more freedom than what you are seeking.

Now, there are different ways in which to consider money. Money is simply an energy. It is an exchange given to others; you exchange it with the grocery store to receive food to nurture yourself. You exchange it with others to receive medications that support you, there can be many, many different uses and there are as you very well know. So the more that you can move into a space of experiencing money simply as an expansion of energy, it shifts you from feeling a lack of money into feeling an abundance of money.  As you change the vibration that you have attached to feeling a lack of it, you begin to feel and abundance of it.  You can also be in that space of creation where we are and have a sense of pulling money off trees, as so many wish to do!  You go to your money tree, pull it off; you are filling it, throwing it in the air, playing with it!  It is simply something to enjoy as apposed to being a burden.  Shifting your consciousness around it <money>, will be one step of this; as you shift it, you will begin to find that there are many different potentials that come to you as means of earning it.  Potentials that you have not considered; potentials that will open up to you as a result of shifting and looking at this differently.  Does that make sense to you?  <person was talking about what was said>  you begin to see yourself, this example was used recently for the channel, she is telling me how much she enjoyed using it and how much it resonated with the individual.  See yourself as a boat that is moving through the water.  The boat becomes wet by the water, but the water parts and goes around it, it does not go into the boat and it does not perfuse the boat.  So too, you are in the energy of your husband where he is complaining, finding fault with so many things, and all of this is very hurtful to you.  You take this in and it’s becoming internalized within you.  So, if you begin to see yourself as yes he can say that, he can be in that space, but it goes around you and does not affect you.  That will begin to allow you to suddenly begin to hear him mouthing these words and you hear a sound, but it’s as if they are something totally different than what he is saying.  I know that may sound very far fetched to you, but if you do this for a few days even you will begin to have a sense of how this can grow and evolve.  This is the difference between internalizing what other people say and not internalizing it.  As you grow in your spiritual growth, as you take in more of your own soul essence, you do not need to tune into anyone else’s criticisms or even their compliments.  Because, you can be yourself in your own space!  It is there, it’s a matter of you opening up even further.  Allow it to be.  I thank you for asking that!  You are welcome.

Question:  <paraphrased> I have been alone for a long time and moving through my evolution of self.  I’m really feeling as if I’m ready for a relationship.  I feel as if I’ve created the space and now am ready to manifest someone.  What is your sense of this?

Answer:  Alright Beloved. What we sense in you is that you have been on a journey that has been very, how to say lonely in many ways, because you have chosen a path in which you went very deeply into self discovery. To do this, you chose to, while you do have an interaction with others are around you; friends, family, people like that; there was a great deal you chose to do on your own and by yourself in your own method. This was important for you to do; it's a means of independence creating a space of independence upon the earth. So too, that from a soul perspective is just the way you are in many, many different lifetimes. It's important for you to have that sense of self sufficiency and also that sense of being able to feel and know within all of your being that you created who you are. Therefore, we say that as a means of expressing to the others who are around you and perhaps confirming within yourself that this was your soul growth, to be in the space that you have been recently or over the past years. Now you are in the space of expanding that out to bring forth and manifest a mate that will be with you in a more intimate way, a more long-lasting way, and you are doing this in a wonderful way. In fact, what you are doing is creating the space, seeing it happen, seeing yourselves interact with one another, and it is going to happen. We see it happening around you right now, so what that means to us is that it's very close to you and manifesting; you can connect on the soul plane and ask to see and know more information. As with every individual upon the earth we see hmm, perhaps three or four that are potentials for you but we see one in particular that we believe is the one you are connecting with on a soul perspective that you are drawing to you. Is this correct beloved? So know and trust that you are the creator and that everything is happening at the right and perfect time. It is occurring, it is here and with you now, so allow it to unfold upon the earth plane, and it will.

Well, as was spoken earlier I am always available to answer your questions on other forms and manners. Again, I feel such love and joy to be able to spend this time with you! I enjoy the feelings of expansion that are within each individual, just as I can enjoy the expansion in and around the earth plane as a result of these energies. You are each moving into the space of oneness. You now are able to experience it more and more often by going into the space of expansion. It will be you, as you walk through your days upon the earth.

With that I will leave you. I am with you; I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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