Love, Love, Love!

Love, Love, Love!  As I titled this channel, it's all about love and relationships.  I channeled the Goddess on February 15th which is why I think she chose to speak about relationships and love.  

This channel is filled with love! As I was just re-reading I could waves of love just running over and through me.  Any relationship we have in life is filtered through our own relationship with ourselves.  Within this channel, you have the opportunity to open to an even greater sense of self love and awareness.  Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget, we get distracted, we become distanced.  Allow yourself the opportunity to reconnect with YOU! 

The Goddess takes us from there into our relationships with others.  Valentine's Day may bring up varying emotions within you; perhaps the bubbling joy of excitement with your partner, perhaps a sense of lack or loneliness.  You have the opportunity in the channel to create the relationships you want! ~ Shelly


Nama sika; venia benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole 

I greet you my dearly, dearly beloved family.  

I feel so much love; I feel so much energy each time I come into this space in which you are.  The group that gets together upon the telephone is growing; the group of people who follow this at a later time is growing.  So whether people are physically present or not, all of those energies come together in this room.  And I invite you to close your eyes and as you take in a breath, consciously allow yourself to breathe in and then out, reaching out to the rest of the people.  It doesn't matter where you are physically located.  

We have already created a room in which we come to gather.  Feel the presence of all who are here.  The majority of you are human, but there are quite a few angels, teachers and guides who are also here within this space.  This weekend upon the earth is called Valentine's Day.  It is a time of hearts, it is a time of love, and for some people it makes them very happy and excited and they feel reconnected with their loved ones.  

For other people it may amplify a feeling of being lonely or alone.  So you have both ends of the spectrum in terms of how people are feeling.  In this moment I invite you to open your heart and feel my love, feel my enthusiasm to be here with you.  I choose each one of you; I choose to share my love, my energy and my light with you. 

You are loved. You are appreciated.  You are beautiful energies of light and everything that you do throughout your day is a reflection of this.  Take this moment while still fully grounded upon the earth and acknowledge that for yourself.  Open your heart; feel the love that is within you. 

Let us go upon our journey.  I invite you to take one more breath that moves in.  Let it move through your lungs, let it ground in through your abdomen.  You may choose to send it into the earth, anchoring in the earth and then bringing it back in within you.  With another breath, consciously let go your physical body.  Allow your consciousness; allow your focus to shift so that you move into the magnetic grid.  As you are moving into the grid, become aware of how you align with your higher self. 

Your higher self resides within this space.  It feels cozy, it feels comfortable.  You are in and out as you move through your days.  Take a moment to make this your own.  As you are ready to do so, have a sense of allowing your energies to shift further. You move through an interlocking grid until you arrive within the crystalline grid.  Let yourself play within this space.  Feel the vibration, feel how light, feel as if you align within whatever portion of this grid you find yourself, or perhaps you have a sense of aligning with a specific crystal.  

The crystalline grid consists of many different types of crystals, some that are mirrored upon the earth, others that have never been upon the earth. It is a way in which energy is being produced.  The more that the earth expands the more it comes into alignment with these crystalline energies.  The more that you work in these higher vibrations--the more crystalline vibrations you have within you or that you are in alignment with. 

This is a space that is utilized by all; there is less of a space which is individualized for you.  These energies are more flexible; they transmit impulses in a different manner.  You are each learning the best way for you to utilize these energies.  You are also learning how to create the alignment within your body so that you may manifest more and more of what this represents.  

As you look around take in as much as your senses allow for you to discern.  I then invite you to take in a deep breath with your physical body, but with your consciousness have a sense of taking a deep breath within that also. And then as you breathe out, feel as if you relax.  

Feel as if you are letting down any barriers that may be within your consciousness.  And as you do so the brilliances of the crystals become enhanced. The light, the vibration, the essence; everything is enhanced.  Let yourself revel, let yourself play, let yourself merge with these energies.  You may feel it in your physical body.  You may sense it throughout all that you take in through feelings, images, sound.  This is for you. 

I invite you to shift once more so that you move into the soul plane.  As you arrive within the soul plane feel your energies as they once more expand.  As you allow yourself to focus within this space, invite your I Am presence to come forth and make itself known.  

I am able to discern a difference with so many of you who have been working with the energies of how you perceive yourself as a human, yourself as your divinity.  My perception is that as I observe you there is a greater amount of divinity or expanded perception of self, howsoever you want to consider it that emanates from each one of you.  

Then as you reach out, as you embrace, as you allow yourself to fully blend let that move even deeper within you.  Take a moment and just feel your divinity as it merges with you, feel the love, feel your connection, feel the presence.  It's right here; it's now a part of you.  I the Goddess now move into this space in which you are.  I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you as your divinity, you as your human essence.  And as I do so you find yourself shifting into the All That Is. 

As you have a sense of arriving, as you feel yourself complete this shift, the space around you or the energy around you is even more expanded than any of those other stair steps that you have taken.  This is the space of the All That Is, the space of creation.  It is a place for you where you can practice all you seek to manifest upon the earth.  

Many of you come here in your dream state, many come consciously as you meditate, others find yourself feeling as if you're in this space just as you move through your day.  It is yours, utilize it; enjoy. 

I decided to bring in a little bit of earthly - oh, you could call it humor or earthly decorations - so the angels and I worked within this space to make it festive like a party.  We have strung hearts, those attached hearts - some are pink, white, red, and then there are all sorts of other colors because there are those that choose other colors.  

We even invited the essence that is Cupid to come and share this space. Cupid is based on a mythological energy, but he's been spoken about over the many thousands of years.  So it's an essence, an energy, a consciousness.  You could in fact say there are hundreds of Cupids present because they can manifest from that same consciousness.  But this is all but a part of the party. 

And the party for the weekend is love.  The last time we were together we worked to be able to open up and see how you are more than you thought you were, or how you practiced perceiving a greater amount of your divinity and then integrating within.  At this time on this journey, I invite each one of you to take this moment, take some minutes, however so long you would like and let yourself simply be in the presence of your divinity. 

Open your consciousness even further.  There is a flow that moves back and forth; it's less discernible as you are here and blended with your divinity.  But even within the divinity there is a flow. Consciously open and let that wash over you.  I see how some of you have created a little space that consists of clouds, some pink, some red.  You've made it like a cushion that you are leaning against.  Others are sitting; whatever is comfortable and however you would like to create this space to make it your own, I invite you to do so. 

First of all, let's take just a moment and consider how Valentine's, as a holiday or as a noteworthy experience, makes you feel.  For some, it's like a warm and fuzzy feeling; others it's a time of feasting and pleasure.  For others it's a time of loneliness and yet others it's a totally neutral word or weekend.  I bring this up only because I would like anyone who feels a sense of resistance or sadness to be able to let go those energies.  

You may have a sense of breathing in your sense of spirit, your sense of soul; and then as you breathe out, let go resistance, let go disappointments.  So that as you look around and you see the hearts and the decorations you feel either that neutral feeling or a sense of calm, peace or joy.  I flow my energy to those of you who would like to have it.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply, feeling my presence.  

Now, consider the person you are in your life at this time.  Don't worry about the past or the future; simply consider who you are right now.  So many of you have worked very consciously and diligently at expanding your heart center and opening to a greater relationship with your divinity.  This is reflected right now as each one of you is opening to just consider your heart center and where it is in your life.  Have a sense of feeling a flow of love that comes from source that comes from your I Am presence. As you allow this to flow through you your heart center expands even further.  

I ask you to consider love.  What does love mean to you?  Does the word itself generate images, feelings, things that you could touch?  Does it perhaps generate other feelings such as lack, disappointment, disconnection, sadness?  Emotions are all intertwined with one another, therefore when I ask you to consider one emotion you find that there are several others tagging along with it.  In this moment I invite you to open to the word ‘love'; feel it as it washes over you and through you.  

Everyone, no matter who you are, no matter what your life, is connected to your divinity.  Through your divinity there is unlimited love and acceptance.  As if you are turning on a sprocket, increase the flow of love.  Some I have a sense are bathing in it, others feel it washing through and over them, still others allow in just a trickle, just a tiny amount.  It is up to you, you may choose.  Open the flow let it wash through you, within you and around you.  

From your divinity, you are always supported in this life.  There is nothing you could do that would disconnect.  There are times in which you become very distant.  You may feel as if you are disconnected but you are not.  So now consider your life, consider your relationships.  How does love come into play with your relationships?  Does it feel as if sometimes it's a battle, a competition, something to control? Does it feel one sided, imbalanced, out of control? 

Now of course in your life you have a multitude of different relationships, so you choose and bring one to mind, whatever you would like.  And there you are upon your cloud bathed in the essence of pure love, pure acceptance, pure compassion, that is always yours from your source essence; from your divinity.  And as you consider the relationship that first and foremost comes to your awareness, look from the eyes of love. 

Does it give you a new perception of this individual?  Can you maybe look at how you interact with each other?  Perhaps you discern an underlying reason or meaning for the two of you to come together in this lifetime?  Perhaps you choose to be with one another simply for the joy of it, the bliss of it.  If there are problems or issues within this relationship take this time to work it out.  You may speak to them; you may have a sense of receiving information from them. 

Again, all those other emotions that are a part of life, with your relationships are there other emotions that come up and make themselves known to you?  Perhaps anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, sorrow; any other emotions that may cause this relationship to be more of a struggle than it needs to be.  Allow any of those emotions to come up.  Let the energy swirl through, clearing out as many or all of these emotions as you are able to do so.  You once more are back feeling the love, feeling the flow of light and energy from your divinity. 

Allow that to strengthen you, allow it to assist you in having a greater knowledge of who you are.  You are not defined by anybody else; you are defined by the choices you make for yourself.  You are defined by the choices that have created this human life that you are living.  But always, always you are this representation of your divinity.  Let that knowledge flow through you and then once more look at this or perhaps another relationship. 

So many people are waiting for a relationship, perhaps for a partner, perhaps for a child to come into their life, perhaps to have friends.  They have a sense of loneliness or being alone.  If this is you, let those emotions come up.  Bring them out and show them to your divinity.  Share these emotions that may have been going through you perhaps for a very long time.  Let them go.  Any sense of lack creates a resistance within you so let it go on every level. 

And again, open to the flow of your divinity; feel it wash through you, feel it lift you, feel it assist you in knowing you are not alone.  You are your divinity.  Let it fill you up, let it nurture, let it support you.  And again as you look out for those relationships you have felt lacking, open yourself to now receive perhaps information or receive a direct link that will bring into your life what you seek to have.  Any time you stand in this space of your divinity you allow it to flow through you, to flow over you, and you release resistance.  Release any emotions that hold you back.  You now see before you wide open spaces, wide open potentials; breathe those potentials into your life.  

And as you do so, allow yourself to align with whatever relationship you seek to have and then feel it flow through you until you meet, until you encounter whatever the relationship is that you seek to have.  And if perhaps it's a relationship that you already have in your life, allow it to become stronger; allow it to become enhanced.  Feel yourself and feel what it is to have what you seek.  Let those energies swirl around you.  There is nothing keeping you apart; you are together here in this space of creation.  Breathe deeply this reality into your consciousness all the way down into your physical essence. 

Your life upon the earth some people might consider to be a struggle; you might consider your life to be a struggle.  You might think that the intention is for people to struggle because they learn through their struggles.  Here within the All That Is you can see the truth that life is about joy, life is about relationships that begin first and foremost with you within yourself and then reach out to everyone from there. 

Life is about experiences, so choose experiences that bring you joy, that are easy.  Let go resistance, let go anything that keeps you from what you choose to have.  And as if I breathe my essence throughout this space, a swirling wind moves through clearing everything out.  Except for you and what you seek to have.  Acceptance - allow it to grow even stronger within and know that in the days and weeks to come your life will be a reflection of all that you are doing in this moment.  

Have a sense of coming back together as a group.  As you do so, once more notice the decorations that we've put out for you.  Perhaps now you feel more in a mood to celebrate.  

Our group has multiplied hugely because now what you are seeking to have in your life is right here with you.  You are celebrating together.  You are so strong within your own energies; you feel the love, you are the love and it radiates from you to everyone else present.  So I send my Valentine expression of love to all of you.  

With that come back as a group.  Create somewhat of a circle and within this circle, see arising the hologram of the earth.  This hologram again represents the crystalline vibrations, the magnetic dimensions, all those various levels that constitute the physical earth on which you are living.  So as it's rotating in front of you, transmit as if you send out a beam of light from within you into this hologram.  

You as you are - secure, whole, balanced and in the flow of love from your divinity - in addition transmit all that you have created during this journey.  What you are seeking to have, see as completed or feel or sense as completed and allow those energies to flow, swirling into and around this hologram. 

Gaia comes forth.  She sends forth her radiant and sparkling smile to each of you.  She reaches out and embraces you as you are.  Allow yourself to feel and know that you are connected to Gaia.  And with that she'll return within the hologram and the hologram itself begins to shift.  There is a sense of alignment that moves out from it and aligns with all the various aspects of the crystalline grid.  It moves downward through the magnetic grid; it moves into the earth.  

And as it does so it moves into the center of the earth, aligning with that immense crystal within the center of the earth and that crystal radiates outward, amplifying and enhancing all that you transmitted into the hologram.  It comes up through the earth, through the water, through the trees.  

You, wherever you are located, have a sense of bringing it up from the earth; bring it up within you.  Feel it within your physical body.  Feel and know that love from your divinity and perhaps radiate out from you in your human aspect or essence what you created during the journey. What you are manifesting in terms of relationship, send forth those energies.  And then you release that.  You have a sense of letting go that perception of following the hologram. 

Come back within yourself out here in the All That Is.  Some of you may choose to remain at the party but for the rest I invite you to begin to shift so that your consciousness returns to you the human.  As you move into the soul plane, you feel that essence or that aspect that is you in this life.  

The majority of your I Am presence remains here but as much as you are able to incorporate comes down within you.  It moves downward with you as you go back you move through the crystalline grid.  You may pause here for a moment and be able to discern even more of the subtleties of these crystalline energies. 

You move through that space coming back through and you pause for a moment in the magnetic grid.  You can feel this; you feel the magnetic pull of the earth once more.  As you align with your higher self you may have a sense that you are now aligning at a higher vibration.  There is a greater amount of your divinity within this space.  

Continue to move through.  Allow yourself to move downward, you come back within your human self; you ground within the energies of who you are.  As you are grounding within, take this moment and really feel your physical body.  You may have a sense of coming back through your head center; you feel your shoulders, your arms, your abdomen your legs.  

I invite you as you ground within yourself to open up your senses and feel what you left here that was deposited from the hologram.  Here within your physical body open your heart and let the flow of love from your divinity just well up within you. 

Allow your heart center to be wide open, accepting, feeling who you are in this lifetime.  If you worked on manifesting a change in a current relationship or perhaps a new relationship, no matter who it may have been with, bring that up now.  And send out the energy from your heart to that alignment; you are bringing it into your physical reality.  

Feel it, sense it, know that it is real.  Allow the flow of love from within you to nurture you first and foremost and then you as you look at the world, as you move through your days, as you move through and experience all the relationships that you have in any given day, you do so from this sense of self. This sense of knowing you are divine, you are loved, you are nurtured, you are supported.  Let that move through you.  

Once more take in another breath, allow yourself to come back more fully present.  Feel yourself in this moment and I invite you to ask any questions that you may have.  You may press the *7 upon your phone and Shelly will select. 

Question: (paraphrased) It is imperative that I have to move from the house where I've been living by the end of this month.  I want to know if I should concentrate my energy in the house I've found or someplace else.  I have not heard. 

Answer:  You are moving and you said you've found a house.  Now bring that house to your awareness for a moment.  (There's a pause the Goddess links.)  We see a lot of light around this but there also feels as if there is resistance.  It feels as if there is something that needs to be resolved before you can move in or something that may possibly keep you from moving in.  In terms of looking at other alternatives of what you might move into; this has the strongest light, this house you are thinking about at this moment.  It has the most energy around it, so we think this is a very good opportunity for you.  But again it feels as if there is something that needs to be resolved before you can move into that space.  There is another house that is slightly further away from where you are currently located in a slightly different direction.  It feels as if it is cozy and feels perhaps a bit smaller.  It feels as if it's nestled in trees and as if there is more land around it so that will be nurturing to you.  Again it feels like when you are looking at these houses, you will have a sense that ‘this is the one I need to be in' and all will flow to you from this space.  At this point, continue to look at that first that you are looking at.  

Thank you so much. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess?  Within the past 24 to 28 hours I've had a tremendous healing experience with my mom. Also, a spiritual healing occurred today with my mom.  I'm wondering if you can me anything more about that and if it will affect my daughter. 

Answer: The sense we're picking up is that the healing experience with you was something that allowed you to move to another step or another dimensions.  It feels as if there is an even greater amount of light within you.  You have always been very light filled; you've always been very open and compassionate.  You've lived your life through your heart center for a very long period of time. The sense we are picking up is that from this healing you are even more steadfastly within this more expanded dimension or more expanded awareness.  It is from this that you were able to look at your mother or look at this relationship between your mother it's as if that higher dimension took out that controversy is the word that's coming to me; that angst or those problems that were so much a part of your relationship with her so that you could maintain more fully a relationship with one another.  It's as if your transformation into the higher dimension created a greater transformation; you will see it in all your relationships.  So yes, you will see it in your daughter also.  When you were in the space of your own personal healing, it was as if you could then with compassion and with an undemanding type of energy-you could hold that out for your mother.  This made a potential for your mother to step into.  She is at a place in her life where she's been re-evaluating stuff we sense for the last few months.  It's as if she is closer to the angels or talking to the angels more.  We have a very strong sense of her looking at life from the perspective of the angels.  It feels to us as if this is a different perspective from what she used in the past.  We sense that you first and foremost by creating what you have done, then you open that potential to her.  But also she was in a place of being lined up and ready to step into it; the synchronicity happened in that way.  With your daughter, she is not yet there, but we have a sense it will affect her also.  You will find that all of your relationships will be shifting.  It was a perfect preface or preview for this journey tonight was it not?  As you went through this journey tonight I saw you blending and encompassing more of your I AM presence than you did before.  

Thank you so much!  Any more that you can tell me about my mom?  Do I need to go back and visit her? How is she doing? She's been ill lately.  

If you feel a need to go back and visit her that is something we see as a potential for you, that you might choose to do that.  If you are asking in a subtle way if we think she will transition; we sense those energies around her but they do not feel eminent.  It feels like there is still more time she choose to have upon the earth.  2009 is a year of completion and a master year; many people feel it in different ways.  She just has that sense of completion within her life, that sense of cleaning up, letting go or resolving.  She herself feels much lighter to us, she feels happier, and she feels as if she's shifting. 

Wonderful, I think that's it.  Thank you very much. 

You are welcome beloved. 

Question: (paraphrased) I am sort of stuck with my energies and I don't which direction to go.  I am wondering about healing which my heart tells me to do, then there is the jewelry making.  Another which my common sense tells me I should go to is to use the internet marketing to make money.  

Answer: Yes, as we see you considering all these various options for yourself, we see that that is where the stuck energy is coming from.  There is actually a potential you can do some or all of these things.  It doesn't feel to us as if it needs to be only one thing or another.  The other thing coming to us we would recommend to you is that especially with healing, that is what has the strongest energy around it.  In part there is a part of you that says I can't make money off this so how will I support myself so I have to be practical.  Our sense is that yes it could be a way to generate income, but it feels like there is a time lapse before you can do this, as if there is something you need to do before you can set up the business; it not yet in place.  The jewelry making business is something that is very creative and you have fun doing.  We think no matter what you do in life, you will always be making jewelry.  We see that as being linked to the internet business, as if you will be selling it through the internet.  We also see trade shows and individual shows, like in people's houses.  It's more so about you taking this time to evaluate; what do you truly want to do that is work from your heart.  Whether its internet marketing, the jewelry, the healing or something we have not even mentioned.  Our sense is that if you step aside from your mental body and the analytical and what I ‘should' be doing and get into what I purely want to do in my life.  You then say how can I have this bring in some income for me.  Then the sense we get is that it will help you to become more fully balanced and then you will get more motivation of how to bring this into being.  Does that make more sense to you? 

Yes, I always try to connect to my soul and go into a direction, but sometimes I just don't know where to go.  

Yes, we can see that you have struggled with that in the past, but in the journey tonight, as I link with you and look at this; you were so deeply connected.  There was such flow, light and energy!  It feels to me as if you created a new relationship within yourself to your soul, your divinity.  If you will practice, how so ever you want to set it up, be it when you go to sleep at night, when you wake up in the morning; breathe gently and easily, sitting in the chair, breathe gently and easily making the intention of linking to your divinity.  You can take the stair steps like we take in these journeys because that's one of the reasons I do it that way, it assists people in expanding.   So if you practice those steps you will find that you get to the place in the not so distant future that you need only take one or two breaths and you can feel that flow of divinity or love.  All you need to do is make that connection, let that flow be there; then look at the jewelry, look at the healing, look at these other things and see if you don't get greater insights.  Right now it looks wide open to us, it's only a matter of you choosing what you would enjoy doing.  

Okay, thank you so much Goddess!  That is exactly what I was looking for.  

Oh excellent! You are welcome.  

Question (paraphrased) Hi Goddess I have an opportunity to finance a business venture with a friend.  I've been reluctant to take that next step.  We both have as individually past records of sabotaging ourselves financially, so I don't know if the two of us are capable of making this a successful venture. 

Answer:  We actually have a strong amount of energy around and think it has a lot of potential around it.   When you speak of both you and your friend in the past having the self sabotage-that is something that happens so often to humans.  It happens so often on several different levels. Sometimes it's an unconscious thing other times it's a matter of as you take the steps into a new venture and things expand; you just go into fear.  You think you can't handle it, it's going too fast, or too much.  Sabotage can come from many many different perspectives.  It can create a specific halt in your life so to speak.  We can see that both of you have had that pattern in your life in the past.  We also see that because of having had that pattern and because of where you are on your journey that you are choosing to create a new life.  This life is from a conscious choice.  Step by step, every step that you take it will keep you from going into the self sabotage as you have in the past.  Our sense is that the two of you can work very well together. 

Now having said that, we also have a sense that especially at the beginning there will be a bit of a power struggle; it feels like communication needs to be very important.  For some reason we feel a need to tell you that there needs to be a special room or separate space that is where you can go and you call it your communication room.  It's a place you can go and really speak from your heart whether it's about your personal friendship or the business or something else all together.  We just have a sense to tell you that there needs to be a sacred space where you can really speak your mind.  We have a sense this other individual has less of a tendency to speak you as you do yet will hold onto things and it will becomes an underlying resentment; which can create problems through lack of communication.  That's why we feel the need to recommend you create a space for a communication room.  If you set up a foundation with all these things and you are open and communicative throughout this process we have a sense of seeing this grow.  But we also want to say to you that we that you have worked with what you want to manifest and what you want to bring in and it feels a little bit narrowed to us of what it can be.  With whatever it is- we don't have a clear vision of what it is- but we do want to tell you to expand it and think bigger than what you are thinking.  You are narrowing down the potentials.  We see a narrow window around you instead of a wide open window.  Does all of that make sense? 

Yes it does and thank you for the advice.  

You are very welcome. 

Goddess:  (paraphrased) Thank you for this beautiful loving energy you have created here!  I'd like to know how I can further open my channels so I may better hear my angels and guides and also what steps I should take so I fulfill my divine mission. 


Answer: You mission to us at this point looks wide and varied.  We see it as very creative as an expression of yourself through music, art, dance; just feels very creative.  It feels as if you are already doing it!  It feels as if you are on the path of what you have created from your divine self.  So we feel as if you are pretty good on tract for what that is.  Now as for opening up and hearing and feeling your angels we feel as if they are talking to you all the time.  Sometimes you actually hear and feel their information but you just think it's your own self talking to you; you don't think of it as them.  What you are trying to do is move into a step where you create a space either at your computer or in meditation.  This is when you are trying to be able to have them communicate to you ‘on demand'.  Then you bring up a resistance within you that comes up from within your mental body.  You enjoy movement within your body.  You enjoy motion within your life.  So perhaps if you were outside walking and the trees and flowers are around you or perhaps you are doing something with motion instead of sitting still; then if you open up your consciousness you can invite your angels to come in.  We even have a sense of you be extremely creative in this.  You can say this one has wings on her back, this one has a yellow light around him; it can be pretty much whatever you want it to be.  The essence of those angels is already there.  They are there for you.  They are communicating with you.  If there is something out of your own imagination you would like to give to them its fine.  It doesn't matter to them.  This is a way that you can give them an image or something that will make them more real to you.  Then you can let yourself link with that and let the flow of energy become greater.  You then have a better chance of perceiving whatever messages they may have for you or even just feeling their energy. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does, thank you very much. 

We see you as filled with light,   we see you as moving forward.  We see all sorts of love and potentials and energy around you.  

Question: (paraphrased) I have done an awful lot of work the last few months and think I've made a lot of progress.  I'm wondering if you can give me some confirmation on that and any assistance in raising my frequency even more. 

Answer: First of all it's a little bit hard to discern.  We have a sense of a steady upward journey that goes back over several years.  Is that what you're talking about the past month or two?  

The past 4-6 months have been a specific change in direction.  The actual working on spiritual stuff has been the majority of my life.  

Alrighty, we just saw that long steady journey which has probably been the journey of your life.  We do have a sense of discerning there is a very high vibrational energy around you. We do have a sense that what you are doing most recently is having an affect on your vibration.  It's as if we saw you in one space and now you have jumped up a couple steps higher.  We hate to use the word higher and lower; it was just to give you a sense of reference.  It's not that it was higher, you were expanding outward also.  But we see that there is a greater translucency to you.  You are letting go of the density.  Density can be old energy you're holding onto, strife, anxiety, fears; any emotions like that can cause one to become more dense as it weighs down on them. 

We see this is a great of what you've been working through and letting go of.  It's made you very transparent and we see a deeper sense of - transparency! (Chuckling) We feel like we're going a little bit in a circle here! But that is really what we see.  What we see going forth in the future is that you really don't need any assistance in moving to a higher place because you are doing so much your self.  You are living and shifting into the 5th dimension on a fairly consistent basis as you go through your day.  You can reach higher than that from time to time and you do so in your daily life.  But we do have a sense you are there much more than you give yourself credit for.  So if you want to become more conscious of it, you can put forth the intention to be aware, we have a sense of you getting a flash of light or flash of heat or something instantaneous like a tap on the shoulder; this will help you to realize ‘oh okay I am aren't' I'?  You can set it up with your intention for the next month to two months or however long you want to help you recognize that you truly have completed so much of this shifting and that from here forth there is not limit as to how high your dimension will raise and how you will bring in this greater energy.  

As with everyone else we've spoken with tonight, you too created this space.  Your bond within yourself is quite deep and it went even deeper within your I AM presence.  That was a given.  But by working with the energies of this journey what we have a sense was happening was that you were using it as an opportunity to bring it much more so down into your physical life instead of keeping it up in the All That Is.  That is what you did for yourself in order to take this to the next level for yourself.  Does that all make sense? 

That did! It made perfect sense.  Thank you. 

Thank you everyone for this opportunity.  Since my words were getting so jumbled up with that last one, I need to bring this to a close.  I see there are still several who I was unable to answer their questions, I'm sorry for that.  Open up your heart and be in the flow of energy and love.  I the Goddess will come to you and share some time with you and transmit as much information to you as I can. 

So with this completion of our Valentine's celebration, I invite you to consciously choose love in your life; consciously choose to be open to the flow of love, of acceptance and awareness, most especially that which comes from yourself and for yourself.  

In this moment you are each so deeply connected and so deeply filled with love, with awareness, with compassion and it is who you are as a human as well as who you are within your divinity.  So beloved, know that I am always with you and within. 

I am with you. 




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