LOVE: Your Creation of Yourself

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I am the one: I am the whole.

I greet you beloved family! I come into your space at the beginning of this journey so that I may connect with you in the physical plane in which you are located. More and more of my energy is becoming anchored upon the earth. This allows for a greater ease of my energy to be with you as you are moving through your days. Know that I love and support you in all that you are doing. Know that I come into this space with my heart wide open with joy singing through me for this time we have together.

Allow your consciousness to shift so that you release your physical body. Let your focus or your consciousness blend with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you do so, you feel yourself moving out of your physical location and linking with this energy pathway that surrounds the earth. Let your awareness blend so that you may perceive as much information as is available here for you.

There is a space within here which is yours. Allow yourself to connect with that space. You may find yourself linking with your higher self. You may find yourself linking with other energies that are of a like vibration to you.

If you wish to see how this pathway works, send out an idea or thought. Then follow it as it moves, linking with the other energies within this pathway. You may choose to link with others who vibrate at your same energy level. You may choose to link with the collective consciousness that is located within this magnetic grid. You may find that all of this is more easily available to you through your increased perceptions.

As you are ready to do so, move through the interlocking grid so that you may leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth. Allow your energies to connect with the crystalline grid. This is considered a grid work because communication and information is passed along or moves through it. But it is completely different than the magnetic grid. The energy is more subtle. You my link with all the crystals or one in particular, you need not even choose. Let yourself simply absorb the energy of this space as your consciousness aligns with this crystalline energy.

From here you may call forth a column of light. From within this column, you may find yourself shifting, ascending, or moving into a different level or vibration. You will find as you emerge from this column that you connect with the energies of the soul plane. Allow yourself to stretch out, expanding your consciousness in every direction.

Feel how much more vibrant you may feel within this space. Perceive the energies that are around you. You may find yourself interacting with others or it may be as if other energies are there, but at a distance. This space while connected to others is also your space. You may do what you would like!

Call forth your I AM presence. Allow yourself to perceive who you are in all of your entirety. Feel your energies as you expand. You may feel as if you are shifting in different directions, all at the same time.

When you are within your divinity, it is a place of complete love and acceptance; acceptance of you as the human, acceptance of the aspect of your divinity that is living upon the earth, acceptance of all that is moving within and around you at this time. Let yourself bask in the love. Let it fill up every part of you!

I now come into this space and make my presence known. I move through all who are present here and as I link with you, I reach out to embrace. I embrace you as the human consciousness; I embrace you as all of your divinity. Allow yourself to expand even further as I assist you in doing so.

You will find that you have shifted into the space of the All That Is. This is yours. This space or vibration is created from everyone upon the earth, everyone within the universe, all of those who are a part of the angelic realms, the guides, and every other aspect that links with consciousness, with the planets, and with all that is around here.

You may find this space can be the void. You may feel as if you are suspended and nothing is happening around you; you are simply in a space of existence. If you open to perceive, you may also find that this space can be quite crowded with people and energies of light who come here to communicate, to share, to enhance one another’s energies, to amplify, reflect and evolve.

Everything that occurs upon the earth has already been created and lived through in various potentials from within this space, or a space similar to this.

We have been speaking over the last several months about the dramatic changes taking place upon the earth. With the spring equinox, there was a large influx of energy. That energy has been a part of the shifting and changing that you have been involved in over the summer. This energy has permeated the earth and sought to find the balance within the earth. There will be several more influxes of energy over the next one to two years that will be more dramatic than others. There is always a constant flow of energy when each individual seeks to create changes or shifts within their lives.

When there is a mass consciousness or a greater number of people with the same intention or focus; it creates these increased or boluses of energy. So too, it comes in with the alignment of the planets and with the vortices that become available.

You upon the earth are moving into your fall equinox. With this shift, the majority of the energy that has come in will be balanced and settled. Therefore the symptoms you have been feeling should be easing off. Our journey this evening is to allow you a bit of a review, but also a space to create and accept.

I invite you to think back to the spring, or the fall if you are in the southern hemisphere, but to six months ago and where you were within your life. Specifics may come to you; an overall feeling may come to you; for some I am hearing that you don’t even remember six months ago!

Allow yourself to simply know that you have changed. Take this time to see where you were four moths ago. Perhaps there were certain activities within your life; perhaps there were emotional or spiritual changes that were taking place. Consider two months ago. At this time, so many of you began to feel the physical results of what you were doing, meaning that your physical human self was shifting to accommodate this higher vibration that you were bringing into your life.

Look at yourself now. See your physical body as it is. Sense or feel the greater balance that is now a part of your physical life. If you do not feel as if you are in balance, open your perception to ask what would it take for you to feel balanced and whole?

From within this space of the All That Is, let go of any mental constraints that you may have. Feel as if you might be taking off, literally, the restraints that are around you. This space of the All That Is, can give you a new and different perception of who you are. You may see or perceive that in some aspects of your life you are way more balanced than you realized. So, look at yourself without expectation.

Consider what you are seeking to manifest within your life. Has it manifested? Did it perhaps come in a different form than you anticipated? Do you perhaps feel as if what you are seeking to have is no closer to now than it was at the beginning? This is an opportunity to see or perceive more or different potentials about yourself than what your human aspect has been able to take in.

Consider the word LOVE. Is there love within your life? Beginning with yourself, do you feel a sense of love for who you are within this lifetime? Do you feel a sense of love for your divinity as you perceive it? Is there a difference between these two? If there is, seek to see them blended and balanced.

Allow yourself to truly feel the balance of self love; for you the human that you have created, for you the soul essence that you have also created.

One is your creation over a number of years; one is a creation of yours over a number of millenniums. You are the creator. So, I invite you to love all that you have created.

As you look outside of yourself and consider the word love, what comes to you? Be aware of those energies that are closest to you and see the flow of love. See how the energy of love surrounds you and be it a single individual or a multitude. If there is an imbalance, ask to know if there is anything you should know to assist in balancing this flow of love.

Take a step further and as you consider love, what would be the next level or group of energies; be it people, places, the environment. Whatever it is that comes to you, perceive this connection and consider why it invokes within you a sense of love.

Alright, feel as if you are now taking a step back. Now, as you consider the word love, you are much more aware of the many distinctions that it may bring up within you; be it for yourself, for others, or whatever it may be.

If you find yourself feeling very irritable or angry, if you find that your emotions seem to be rocky or in turmoil; seek to feel or find the balance once more within you. Call forth this feeling of love and let it flow through you. Love from within this space of the All That Is, is always completely balanced. So, you may link with this space through your conscious intention. Let the energy of balance flow into you.

Make a subtle shift. Consider what you might be seeking to manifest within your life. For some it has been the same thing for a very long period of time. Whether this is something new to you or something that you have been seeking for a very long period of time, take this moment to see it from within your consciousness or within your heart of balanced love.

So many seek a greater abundance upon the earth. Look around you within this space. Do you sense any lack? From within this space of the All That Is, connect with the abundance that is present. This may be an abundance of love we are looking at, but perhaps consider an abundance in the flow of prosperity, in the flow of clients, an abundance in the flow of energy; friends, lovers, whatever it may be. If you perceive an imbalance from within this space, see how that can be corrected and allow for it to truly flow through you.

Again, perceive what you seek to manifest. Ask yourself why it is not yet manifesting upon the earth. You may hear your answer immediately or you may know it instinctively. If it remains blurry to you, the ask to know different potential outcomes that are available to you. There are always a multitude of various potentials. You play with each of these potentials within this space of the All That Is.

Therefore, as you open to receive upon the earth plane, the potentials may be different than what you anticipate. So ask to know which potential is to your highest benefit. Accept that this potential or something similar is how it will manifest within your life. Then see or connect with the human that is you upon the earth and create an alignment for this potential to come into your life. Then release and let it go.

Once more come back within this space. I invite you to consider the word acceptance. Acceptance will sometimes bring up many different emotions for people. Acceptance begins first and foremost with yourself. Going back to how you opened to love yourself and you allowed the love to flow through and around you; well then, accept it as who you truly are.

Looking at the individual that represents you upon the earth, understand that all that is occurring within your life has been your creation. Even if there are aspects you do not like, accept that there was a reason why you made the choice that you did. If you feel resistance within yourself, enfold that resistance within your arms; love it, acknowledge it, and accept that that is the way that you feel.

If you have not manifested and you’ve perceived resistance, then open to accept that this is the aspect that you seek to change. Accept the alternatives. Release the resistance that goes along with perhaps disappointment or frustration. So breathe in the love. Breathe in acceptance of all that is occurring and all the potentials that are coming your way.

There is a greater and greater amount of the crystalline energy within and around the earth. You have brought it into your physical body, into your biology. Allow yourself to recognize that with crystalline energy there is an easier flow. Crystalline is without duality, there is no right or wrong, there is only a flexible vibrant energy and that is what you have been aligning with over the last few months.

Looking towards the next one to two months coming up put forth what you would seek to manifest within your life. Send forth the impulse of love from within you.

Now, taking a step back from your creation, look around at the universe; at the stars, the sun and the moon. How can the placement of the universe assist you in what you are doing upon the earth? You may feel drawn to link with a particular star or planet. You may do so at this time. You may feel as if you are just bouncing around the universe touching on many different aspects of energy. Let this be joyful and fun!

If you find yourself linking with a particular planet or perhaps the sun or the moon; let yourself blend fully so that within the next one to two or three months coming up, your alignment to this planet with assist you.

Feel as if you take a step back and link with the sacred geometry that is created through the pattern of the universe. There is shifting which occurs out here as a result of what you the human are doing upon the earth. There is shifting that occurs on the earth as a result of what is happening in the universe. So these energies flow both ways. Allow yourself to open and understand anything which is of benefit for you to understand at this time.

Alright, I invite you each to come back inside this group. I invite you to connect with one another. Look around and perceive how many more people or energies of light are here at this time. Some of these are the people who will be linking at a later physical date; some of these people are simply drawn to the light. Whenever there is a group energy that is shifting and playing in the way that you are at this time.

As this group is coming back together, you renew your acquaintance with one another and make new friends. This always creates an atmosphere of a party or gathering where people come together to celebrate. Allow yourself to celebrate your deeper connection within.

From within the center of this group we see emerging a hologram of the earth. This hologram is actually changing from the way that it came through in other channels. If you consider back to what it was like six months ago, a year ago, or perhaps longer. You will notice that the hologram represents the increased amount of the crystalline energy generated from within the earth. There may be some pockets that vibrate at a much higher level and there may be other pockets that are hardly moving. No matter what you perceive in the various parts of the earth, on the whole all are in balance and all are exactly as it needs to be at this time.

Send forth into this hologram the energy of love. Perceive how love is able to completely illuminate the hologram. Allow yourself to be drawn to an area of the earth that you feel connected to.

Transmit a focused intention of love into wherever that area may be. There is always a radiance of color that is reflected whenever there are impulses sent into this hologram. There is such a sparkling light that is represented by the love that each of you is giving.

Allow yourself to shift and now transmit the energy of acceptance. Transmit all that you accept within your life. If you so desire, transmit the acceptance of who you are on the various levels of your being; from your physical up to the highest vibration of your divinity.

The more love and acceptance that there is upon the earth, the greater ease there will be for all who live upon the earth. Allow yourself to truly feel your own love.

This hologram takes a moment and we see a pause as Gaia emerges to send forth a love and embrace to each of you. This is also her way of linking with you so that as you are moving through your day you have access to her energies. She returns within the earth and the hologram moves down.

It moves through the crystalline grid, it moves through the magnetic grid; an aspect of that energy releases and moves through all of the levels of the magnetic grid. As this hologram goes into the center of the earth it anchors and then sends forth the vibration to move through all the levels of the earth, out through the top layer; it transmits the energies of love and acceptance.

As you move through the next few days upon the earth, let yourself be more conscious than you normally are, of the love and acceptance that is available for you to tap into. It is there for you. It is there for every single human and animal upon the earth. The love is also going to nurture the trees, the grass, and the oceans. It is an energy that can enhance everything on every level if it is allowed. So allow love into your being, into your life, into you.

Release that hologram completely. With these energies of the universe shifting, create a ball of light by sending that impulse of love around this group. This ball becomes a sparkling mass of energy as if it is shooting off sparks and colors. We send forth that ball of light out through the universe so that all levels of the universe may also encounter this energy of love and acceptance.

You will be connecting in such a way with aspects of yourself that live out in the universe. There are others who watch what is occurring upon the earth and they too tap into that. Allow this reality to be your reality.

We release this space of the All That Is. You may already find an aspect of yourself beginning to ground, beginning to go back within your human self. Let yourself re-group within the energy of the soul plane. As you come into this space you can feel who you are, feel the expansion you have gone through.

Allow this greater aspect of your divinity to then come with you as you shift your focus; moving into the crystalline grid. As you come within this space, you will find that there are certain aspects that resonate more fully with you as a result of this journey. Take note and again you may return here any time you so desire.

Allow your focus to shift back into the magnetic grid. Here you once again feel the magnetic pull of the earth. Again there are various levels or aspects within this space. You find yourself aligning with where you are and who you are in this moment. Allow that magnetic pull of the earth begin to ground you. Allow your consciousness to begin to come back within a focus or within the level of energy that you are comfortable with to be back within yourself.

As you do so, allow yourself to shift, bringing that energy back within your human self. You may feel it come in through your head center; you may feel it come in through all of your physical body. Bring in this close energy and if you need. You are comfortable with this higher vibrational energy that you have brought in. let yourself feel the love; again, the love for yourself, about yourself, within yourself.

Let yourself feel the acceptance; the acceptance of who you are, where you are, and what you are doing within your life. Allow all of this to fully permeate within your physical body. As you do so, you are becoming much more grounded. At this time I am open to receive any questions you may have. You may press four upon your telephone to come back into this room and ask any questions. I am open to receive.


Question: (Paraphrased) I want to say thank you. First I was feeling some very beautiful love, some abundance, it was marvelous! Then as I asked why this hasn’t manifested as yet and I got the answer that the time just wasn’t right yet. Then I found myself getting really angry because it was yet more waiting. Then I thought I don’t know what to do while I’m waiting and I thought perhaps others may feel the same way. When you mentioned acceptance I felt at this point I really kind of hate that word. I did get to feel better about it as time went on. So I’d like some insights from your side of what to do while I’m waiting.

Answer: First and foremost, open to feel my loving embrace as I come into your space and give you this extra bolus of love, this extra bolus of acceptance that I can feel if you can’t feel it at this time. This was a really good question because we know that you are by no means alone in becoming impatient with the time frames upon the earth. So, there are two answers that come to me to give you about this. The first answer is to simply love yourself and love whatever is around you; no matter how simple or small it may be; no matter how large or grand it may be. Rather than looking into your future or thinking about your past, be focused in the moment. When you are in the moment, there can only be peace and contentment. It’s when you touch into feelings of frustration, that anger you feel because you have been very patient, you have waited, we know exactly what you are talking about; but it’s the wishing for the future that takes you out of the moment. That takes you out of the space of peace and contentment. So, we know what you are seeking to have within your life. When you heard within you tonight that the time hasn’t been right; it’s not as much that the time is not right for you and what you have done but more so for the individuals around you. I spoke in this journey that there is so much happening upon the earth at this time; that only now is the latest influx of energy becoming grounded within the earth.

By saying that, you are going to be feeling an ease and a speeding up of the things that are happening around you. It’s as if things have been put on hold for the last several months in order for the balance that I spoke of to become more of a constitution between you the human and the physical reality that you live within. Because, you your spiritual self has done so much and come so far, you don’t need to do anything else. You are perfection. You are in a state of perfection. We have been seeking to bring the energy around you to match this high vibrational spirit that is you. We realize that I am touching on several different things here and that you are getting the deeper answer to this.

So when you feel the anger and frustration that you don’t want to accept; just recognize “Okay, I feel this way today. I am going to feel my anger. I am going to express my anger”; realizing that that is as much your creation as the peace and love is also your creation. Acknowledge and express it then let it go and let yourself once again open up to feel the love. You will look around you with a new perception. From that new perception you will realize that there is more available to you. Does that make any sense to you?

(It does, thank you very much.)

Know that everything is in place and that time is shifting very quickly and that all is happening in a very dynamic way.

(Thank you)

You are welcome. Is there another question?


Question: (Paraphrased) My dog has been very restless; won’t settle down or sleep, he just keeps pacing. Can you tell me if there’s anything behind this?

Answer: We’re picking up several different things about your dog. Yes, for one he is sensitive to the energies around you because he’s a non human energy who’s been working with you on your spiritual path. It’s as if the dog reflects back to you many things that are going on inside of you; not only you but many family members. So the sense coming to us that 1) there is just a general shifting in the vibration around the earth, so he’s picking up on that. 2) But more so, I don’t know if it’s clashes within the family or if one person has made a decision and another person has not. The sense coming to us is that there is a transformation going on within the family that we see is going to balance out, that it will move forward smoothly. It is as if the dog is picking up on that variation more so than anything else. Does that make sense to you?

(I only heard about half of that. Thank you so very much.)

If you only heard a part of this, then recognize that the dog is picking up on more than just the universal energies. So seek to understand the shifting going on in your family and the other people around you. You will find that the dog calms down as these other energies calm down. We are ever with you.


Question: (paraphrased) I want to thank you for this very important and relevant journey we had tonight. I have been thinking about potentials even before the journey began. A few months ago I told you I wanted to start a meditation group, but absolutely no one has come forth. So, I wanted to ask you if that was still a potential or if there is something else that has a stronger probability.

Answer: Allow us to connect with you and the location in which you live. It’s very interesting you say that because as we look at this meditation group and as we look at your location, we don’t see the energy around it that we did before. We don’t see lines of energy going out from you and linking with other individuals as we did before. That is what gave us the strong sense that that would work. The sense coming to us is that there is more occurring; for one thing within you but also in the energy of your physical location. Let us see what is happening. It’s like there is an undercurrent that has been released. You are going to see more and more people waking up. They did not pick up on that potential put forth earlier. The sense coming to us is that there needs to be more of a shift in the general energies of your area; your city, your town, perhaps a 15-20 mile radius. We don’t have a sense that there are a great deal of changes that you need to do. We also have a sense that you were very excited about this, that that was generating the potentials we were tapping into. Now as we link with you, we have a sense of disappointment that it didn’t work out the way you thought it would, but there is also a sense of distrusting yourself. So, what we want to say to you is that it was a potential, we did see a lot of energy around it, if it didn’t manifest in the physical then it wasn’t the right time in the community.

The people in the community were not at a level to seek more spiritual guidance within themselves. The energy is changing and shifting so that’s not to say that this group will join at a later date and time. Don’t judge yourself and your perceptions. You were right on the money before and just because things change, or have not manifested doesn’t mean it won’t manifest at a different time. Just as we spoke of with the other individual, let yourself be in the moment, let yourself expand. Let yourself create the links to others around you. We see you talking to people and opening up about what your spiritual development has been; about what you are reading, about your meditation, you prayers. So, while it has not had a lot of people interested, that is going to shift. The energy of your community is shifting and changing. It’s just been slower than what we and you anticipated. Release any sense of dissatisfaction within yourself. Release any sense of judgment. Simply accept that you were correct in the perception you wanted to create for yourself and it will perhaps happen at a later date or you may choose not to ever go there because you do have other choices in your life.

(I understand and I have become more active in my neighborhood community, I think that is perhaps what you are seeing.)

Be aware that when we say just talking to people and communicating, it doesn’t have to be about spirituality. Let us tell you that there is an energy that you are emanating from yourself that is about your spiritual self. This is linking with other people’s auras or energy fields. So it’s almost like an energy to energy communication that I going on even when there may be a completely different type of verbal communication going on.

(That’s good to know!)

Exactly! So release any feeling of disappointment. Continue to love yourself, love your awareness of yourself. Then remain open for whatever other potentials may come your way, because there are always more. At this point if you say what it is, we have a sense of an array of different things and nothing is standing out more than another. We see you going into a place of looking more internally over the next one to two weeks or months. You will come out of that again. It’s as if you go through a cycle where you are out to people, then you go inside; you’re out, then you’re in. We see you going into a place of greater introspection again. We also see from within the introspection you are making connections with others, but more importantly more deeply within yourself.

(That’s wonderful! That is true, I find I require a lot of quiet time. One last quick thing, my doctor has said I need a cataract operation and I’m wondering if you sense a reason I shouldn’t have it?)

We sense it is something that will go smoothly and easily for yourself. Put forth the healing before it even occurs. Then the day of the surgery we sense it will go smoothly and you will heal quickly.


Question: (paraphrased) It’s time for me to start getting back out into the world and creating greater abundance. I have many skills and abilities to share so I’m asking for guidance of where to focus this. I get excited about doing various things, then life comes in and I seem to have a difficult time focusing my energy. I get pulled and distracted.

Answer: You are standing on a threshold beloved and we thank you for bringing this up. Part of the reason you find yourself in this space is due to your personal development. You have been on a dedicated path for actually quite a number of years. What seemed slow at the beginning has sped up so that you have been on the fast tract for the last several months; probably amplified by the energies brought in. You and so many others who find yourself standing here with a definite feeling of who you are in your expansion, who you are in your abundance, who you are in your spirituality. Then you look at what you need to do in your life or what you perceive you need to do in your life as put forth by the old you. It’s like there is a new you and an old you. The old you has one set of responsibilities and the new you has a different set. Does that resonate with you?

(Yes) So what we would like for you to do is take some time and really go back and look at the old job opportunities you had. They are coming through to us as being constricting and doesn’t allow you bloom, simply to work within someone else’s format. When we tap into these other potentials at first we saw a bit of a scatteredness. Well, what came through as scattered were the many different potentials and that you have not made up your mind. So what we encourage you to do is to get in touch with what you seek to have within your life. Our perception is you are seeking to have a greater meaning in whatever you do, you are seeking to have a greater abundance in the flow of money; but truly from a spiritual or higher perspective what is most important is that you need a space where you can truly feel as if your energy is expanded as you move through your day. There are aspects of the old you that did enjoy the job and what you did; but on the whole you didn’t care for it. Can you go back but shift your focus so that you can breathe and expand in the old job? Can you expand in the old job so as to accommodate you? If so, and it gives you a sense of comfort, and then do so. But we have a sense it would be short term and a means of putting closure to it. We see you working for yourself or with another who has an equally expanded view of the person so they are open to new, different, abstract ideas. That’s how you come across to us; an abstract thinker who is very creative and wishes to express that in ways that may not be the normal business way.

Breathe deeply, breathe in the love, send forth the love in each of these situations and you will know the answer of which of these directions to go. Whatever you may choose to take, it may be short term job or experience and there is nothing wrong with that. What is important is knowing this is what I choose at this time in my life. Next month I may say now this is what I choose at this time in my life. Then a year from now you may say now THIS is what I am choosing at this time. It’s about accepting yourself in each given moment and place and find a job that reflects you at that time.

(Could you give me any suggestions on how to maintain my focus?)

Your breathing. Breathe in and remember you are breathing all the time. So, if you find yourself becoming distracted, you are very sensitive to energies, so when you loose your focus it’s because you’ve been bombarded by other energies and you are allowing other people to take up more space around you than is necessary to do. You can be around other people and perceive what they are saying, but need not be a part of you; it can go past you. If you find yourself becoming irritated, pulled, or loosing your focus, the focus inward even as you are listening with your human ears; and take a deep breath down into your heart or center, then breathe out and release whatever is not yours. You can get so that you do that with one breath. It may be at first you need to do so with a dozen breaths! You are focusing on your breathing and your deep conscious breathing is a way of shifting your focus and what is within and around you.

(Great! I shall work with all of this.)

You are welcome. We see you flourishing.


Question (paraphrased) Thank you for this evening and thank you for this vibration that is extremely beautiful and powerful. I have several questions, one I am taking private lessons from someone and I notice that there seems to be some balancing with his vibration. I don’t know if it’s the one to one or what it is. Second, in regard to a resume I put in the end of August, I was told by spirit I would know when to respond and I’d like to know about that.

Answer: Alright, now with the individual you were speaking of, we sensed several different things in terms of the energy vibration between the two of you. First of all, he is a bright and vibrant energy. From the way we are tapping into him, we like the vibration he is putting forth. We see how he is working with you and what that is doing to assist you. Then we see your vibration and we do not see that the two of you are vibrating on the same level. There are many aspects of yourself in a more expanded state than what he is, so when you are working with people in a group energy, he’s connecting with the balance of all the people in the class. So, when there were more people, your vibration was blended with others and it was to him, the group energy. When he’s working with you one on one and there are not buffers around you, it’s as if he connects to you on a level where he can, but there are other aspects of you that senses but cannot connect with. You are feeling that too. You do not feel the full connection is there. It comes across as feeling disjointed. We also have a sense that he is someone who is not allowing himself his full potential. He is not allowing himself to truly expand to the immensity that he can be. So, perhaps one reason he was drawn to work with you is that your higher or expanded vibration would assist him in moving into his greater potential. That’s not to say what he’s giving you is not helping, it is. But there is always a common communication going on. You may continue as long as you feel joy or are getting something out of it. You may even bring this up to him if you feel he is open to receive or amenable to receive it.

We have a sense he may not agree and that is of course his perception. While we see him as a beautiful and huge light; he sees himself as a light, but with limitations. Before you go to your next class with him, see the two of you as communicating and release any limitation in the room be it his or yours. That may assist him in a very unconscious way and he can step into that.

(It sounds like a charge I really didn’t want. I needed an instructor but I am willing to step up to the plate, but it is really delicate.)

Correct and we’re not saying to make this any big deal or a burden to you because that is not our intention at all. We are giving you our perceptions of you and this individual and why you feel the sense of disquiet. We also give you a way to perhaps help it. If you choose not to verbalize and just go and get out of it what you can, than you will still receive something from it that will help you.

(Are you saying he was surprised by the vibration when we began to work one on one, because I am shifting?)

The perception that is coming across is that he is able to perceive as much as he can and he thinks there’s something different. Whether he perceives there’s more than what he can perceive or that you have something waiting to be shifted and then there will be a greater alignment. You hear what are saying? He perceives something different than what you are perceiving. Again, this is human free will; the choices humans make, or will shifting to a more comfortable vibration for you. You may put forth the intention to go to the session and leave with feeling of balance and opening that you are seeking. Putting forth the intention can also help you in creating a greater connection.

Let us connect with the resume.

(A resume I sent in August 18th and I was told I would know when. I don’t know if I’ve experienced shifts that keep me from hearing the communication. I’m just not sure.)

You are shifting within yourself so that you are opening to a higher level of communication. As we link with this potential, we sense that in early October they are going to be doing tryouts or things like that. Two things are coming across. We see you going to the theatre and attempting to get in and talk to somebody. We also see you perhaps sending a whole new resume or a follow up letter. We see you trying to decide between these two different ways but we have a sense that a connection from your part would be beneficial at this time.

(Going in)

You could go, talk to someone, and that way you would be putting a face to a name on a piece of paper. You could also have a more direct contact with someone. We sense that that is probably what would be most effective. If you are not comfortable with that, then we see you sending in a new resume or a follow up letter. We have a sense that there are a large number of people applying so the physical connection would be more beneficial than a non physical. It is your choice.

(When do you think I will know when to walk in there?)

We sense within one week to ten days. So listen to yourself when you do your breathing and meditation. We see you getting up and doing stretches or exercising and that is the way you get your focus in the morning. Let yourself open at that time and say “Is today the day?” If it doesn’t even come to your mind then let it go for that day. Release any pressure. We know the expectation is there and we know the anticipation is there so through your breathing try to release all of that and just be a pure energy of love that is in this moment and in this place of acceptance.

I thank each of you for choosing to be here and a part of this journey. I appreciate the energies that are put forth in all of these questions. No matter what the question that is asked, there are always others who can read the question and feel a resonance within it.

We know that many of you get impatient with the lack of moment upon the earth at times, so open and trust that you are doing all that you can do. Allow yourself to be focused in the moment. Look for the joy within you and around at any given moment in time.

You are all ever radiant and bright!! I am with you and within you~~~






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