Manifestation: Before and After the Quantum Shift

Nama Sika; Venia Benya.  I Am the One; I Am the Whole.

Greetings beloved family.  Feel my presence as I come into this space in which you are located.  Just as you are feeling my presence, so too am I feeling yours. I so appreciate this opportunity to feel as if too walk upon the earth.  More and more is my consciousness able to blend more fully with you when you are at this vibration.

The changes that are taking place continue to multiply and expand.  Each change builds upon the previous one, so that each one of you may be on your own personal journey, but the world as a whole is on its own journey. 

Let yourself take this moment and acknowledge who you are.  Let yourself take a deep breath in, and as you are breathing in know that you are a special and unique individual.  Know that you are upon a journey of life that is filled with many potentials.  Know that you are human and it is a wonderful person to be. 

There are the many changes of the quantum shift that we have been focusing upon for the last several months. The majority for the work for this is complete, so that now at this time you are each in a place of learning how to live in a new vibration.  Most likely, for the majority of people, it feels the same as what it did yesterday, or last month.  But there are many, many others - those of you who choose to come and be a part of these conferences, or the other organizations that have been focusing upon this - you are the ones that have felt this change; that have become aware that something has occurred.

Allow the integration of these energies to assist you.  Allow it to be something that works with you.  Release struggle.   Release the need to effort or climb uphill.  Whew.  Let that be your existence.

With that I now invite you to release your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you let go your physical attributes and you allow yourself to link with the magnetic grid.  As you link with this grid work, let yourself take a moment to just feel, listen and absorb the energies. 

Become aware if you may perhaps hear a sound that is similar to a humming. You are hearing the vibration.  Can you feel what this is to you?  Let your inner eyes open to look, and you may perceive the interlocking pathways.  As you are in this space allow yourself to absorb the energy that you may align with it. 

From here, shift your focus again.  Allow yourself to move into the crystalline grid.  As you move within this grid, you find that there is a greater amount which is integrated with the magnetic grid work.  Let yourself move into the space in which you release the magnetic pull of the earth and you let your inner sensors open to the awareness and the vibration of this crystalline grid.

Feel what it is to you.   Perceive if there is one particular crystal that resonates with you, and you align with that crystal. Allow all of this to move through your senses. 

From here, we shift once more.  This time allow yourself to move into the soul plane.  As you arrive in the soul plane, you find yourself linking with your I Am Presence.  You may call this to you; you may perceive it as outside of your consciousness and you reach out to blend.  You may feel as if you are coming up from within this energy space.  Know that you are blending with the remainder of your soul essence.   You take in as much as you are able to take in.  You allow yourself to open and perceive everything that is here. 

I now allow myself to make my presence known.  Just as you are able to perceive a greater amount of your own divinity; so too you are able to perceive mine.  I reach out and embrace you.  I welcome you into my arms.  Allow yourself to be open to receive the love that I have for you.  

As you blend with my energies, you shift into the All That Is.  Allow your consciousness to expand in every direction.  Allow yourself to feel what this space is to you. 

This is a time of great change and manifestation upon the earth.  Many of you have been very aware of what's going on.  Sometimes you have simply felt that there's something going on, but you didn't know what it was. 

I would like you to take this opportunity and consider your life as it is right now.  What is your life like?  Is it everything you have been seeking to have?  Are there aspects in which you may feel stuck?  We have worked a great deal over the years with creation.  In this journey, I would like to work with creation once more.  This time, the alignment will be within the fourth dimension of the earth.  I anticipate that you will feel things differently than you have in the past when we have worked with creation. 

I invite you to let yourself be open and perceive any differences so that you may be more aware for your own benefit. 

Here we are in the midst of your life.  Sometimes it is easier to come up with, or be in touch with, the things you do not like, or the things that you would like to change.  Take this moment and acknowledge it.  As if you are inside your body look outward and perceive the vibration that you emanate when this is your focus.  You may perceive the vibration as something that you see as waves.  You may perceive it as heavier light.  You may perceive it as a color.  You may not perceive any one particular energy and that's okay.  Just let yourself feel or know what it is to emanate this vibration. 

Alright, I now invite you to take the opportunity and consider what you do want to have in your life.  Sometimes it's the opposite of what you don't have; sometimes it's completely different.  This is your opportunity to just be open and honest or clear with yourself.  Without judgment simply state this is what you want. 

Once more go inside of yourself, looking outward.  Perceive the vibration that you emanate.  Again, you may sense it in whatever form comes to your consciousness.  It may be that you can't put any definition to it.  I simply ask you, can you feel or discern a difference in this vibration than when you focused on what you lacked?

As I am looking at you, I can see the difference in this vibration.  When you consider your life upon the earth, the majority of you will move between these two places.  You choose what you wish to manifest.  Perhaps it doesn't come right away or in the form you anticipate, so then you move into a space of doubt.  And then you once more come back into reaffirming what you want to have.  It delays; affirms; delays; affirms.  So that as I look at each one of you, it's as if I can see a spiral around you in which you have time, in which you have times in which you align with what is lacking and times with which you align with what you seek.  

This difference in vibration is sometimes one of the reasons why whatever you seek to manifest is slow to arrive.  It's as if the universe sees a red light, green light; red light, green light.  You as the human may not be aware of how your emotions or your thoughts can send out such a mixed message. 

I, the Goddess, and all the other angels and guides working from this side of the veil want you to have everything that you want in your life.  We see you as manifesting whatever it is you seek to have. It is there.  It is yours.  It is your creation.  Your life is your creation. 

Let's take that another step further.  And I wish to ask you how you feel about allowing.  Are you able to allow all that you seek to have into your life?  If you allow this into your life how is it going to impact you?  If you allow this in all its way, shapes and forms are you worthy?   If you consider allowing and stepping one hundred percent into what you seek to have is there any fear associated with this? 

These are the types of questions that you may not consider asking yourself.  Yet the impact of these unanswered questions may be felt in many different aspects of your life.  Let yourself fully acknowledge if any of these aspects are keeping you from manifesting completely all that you seek to have.  If so, this is your opportunity to acknowledge it, embrace it and let it go. 

Once again, go back within.  Consider what you seek to manifest.  Bring all of that into your heart and into your consciousness and send out that vibration.  Each one of you emanates a stronger, a much more clear signal to the universe of what you seek to have.  As you radiate this vibration or this energy it may be linked with another individual or group of people upon the earth. 

I now invite you to send forth a vibration that will place you in alignment with anyone else if that is what is needed for you to manifest what you seek to have.  Picture yourself as complete.   Let yourself perceive that you have accomplished whatever it is you seek to manifest.  Let yourself take note of this vibration because this is the vibration which will assist you in manifesting with greater ease upon the earth. 

Everything that we have just done for you to experience; you may have already experienced within the space of the All That Is.  There is a greater ease for you to find clarity within your life. 

I now invite you to link with the crystalline energies that are within you.   It's within your consciousness; it's within your physical body.  Many of you have a crystal that's actually within the heart center of your consciousness.  Many of you have a multitude of various crystalline energies throughout your body and they vibrate at different frequencies. Allow yourself to truly link with your own crystalline vibration.  It is as if your consciousness takes on a greater clarity. 

I now invite you to let yourself merge with one or all of those crystals and then look outward as if from within that crystal.  Again, consider the vibration of what you seek to manifest.  As you allow this to emanate let it be amplified by your crystal.  You may also find that the crystal gives you greater clarity.  There is a very fine, subtle difference when you seek to manifest or vibrate through this crystalline energy. 

Open yourself to perceive if there is anything holding you back that was not clear to you before this moment.  Open to perceive if there perhaps are some steps you need to take, or if there is some action that needs to take place in another form before you can manifest what you truly seek to have.  Allow this crystal to bring you greater clarity. 

From within this space of the All That Is, through intention allow yourself to link with your human self.  In doing so, you may, from your physical perspective, feel this energy coming to you.  From your expanded consciousness allow yourself to send down a beam of light, linking you crystal to crystal; heart to heart.  In this manner, you create a direct connection within yourself. 

Take a moment and send the vibration of what you seek to manifest or create into your physical self.  You find in this case that the crystals within you act as a receptor.  Assist your human self with feeling the alignment and the balance of what you are seeking to manifest.  Send the vibration into you, your physical, and then if reflects back to you, your consciousness. 

This is another way of amplifying and clarifying for your human self exactly what it is you seek to manifest. Again, consider the vibration.  Be aware of the vibration that you emanate.  Be open to receive everything that comes back to you.  If it is not in alignment with your vibration, let it flow on past.   You will find that things will not even come to your awareness because they are not in alignment with you.  If something comes to you, and you believe this is what you are seeking to manifest, let yourself feel the vibration, feel the energy.  And allow, within and around you, all that you seek to have. 

This space is very fluid.  The energy is fluid.  When you are vibrating in this alignment, very subtle changes can have an effect.  Therefore, if you change your mind, let it go.  If you receive what you seek to have and then realize that's still not quite right, let it go. 

I invite you to affirm for yourself that you are manifesting.  You are also continuing to create in an ongoing fashion. 

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you are coming into this group, there may be individuals that you recognize as friends.  The group itself is ever growing and changing.  It encompasses all who read or listen to these (journeys) later, in addition to all those who are present in this moment in which I speak. 

As this group forms look at how each person sparkles.  Coming up from within this group, you see a hologram of the earth.  The earth, many of you may perceive, is different than what it has been in the past.  Let yourself become very aware of how the hologram is more translucent as a result of the shift taking place.  Lady Gaia energizes that crystal within her heart center.  You may see it begin to pulsate.  Immediately your own heart triggers a response to this.  Let your heart link with these energies from Lady Gaia.  You may feel the crystal within your heart.  You may feel as if this is simply coming from your heart center.  Allow yourself to link with her, so that you may feel the connection to her, and as she sends out her love and embrace to each of you.

Consider again what you seek to manifest; what you have been creating.  It is already a part of the energy of your heart center that you have been pulsating back and forth with Lady Gaia.  Let yourself focus.  See as already complete what you seek to manifest and send the energy of that into the earth.  This is an example of how your focused attention may amply or enhance anything that you do. 

Gaia reaches out to embrace you.  Let yourself feel her connection.  Then, as you are ready to do so, let go so that you may release this hologram of the earth.  Lady Gaia returns within the center of it.  Her crystals continue to sparkle and emanate energy and light. Perceive how this hologram then begins to return. It moves downward, moving through the various dimensions or shifts in consciousness.  It links briefly with the energies of the magnetic grid. T here is an aspect that moves around the earth, allowing the magnetic grid to expand even further as it incorporates these energies. 

The reminder of that hologram goes into the center of your physical earth.  As it moves into the center, it anchors, aligning and vibrating with all other aspects of the earth's energy.  Those energies then come forth from within the earth.  Feel your alignment to these energies.  Feel yourself once more reconnecting with what you are seeking to manifest. 

Throughout this experience you have linked with your alignment on many different levels or vibrations of energy.  Allow the consciousness of whatever will bring what you seek to have with greater ease to send out anything and all which is needed to assist you. 

Once more, your focus returns within the All That Is.  You may find the majority of your consciousness is already beginning to shift back into your human self, or your physical self.  Pause for a moment in the soul plane.  Let yourself perceive the essence or the energies of your I Am Presence.  Feel what this is to you.  Let yourself become aware. 

You shift again, moving into the crystalline grid.  This grid work is beginning to feel more and more comfortable to you.  In many respects it feels as if it's become home; home for your consciousness; home for your higher Self. 

Allow your focus to shift, moving through the magnetic grid; moving back into you in your physical space.  Allow yourself to feel the alignment from within your heart center.  Feel your physical, your mental, your emotional and your spiritual bodies, so that all are balanced and aligned with one another; so that you may be centered and focused within yourself. 

Allow these energies to ground you.  Allow your focus and attention to come fully back within this space.  As you do so, I invite you to return to this room.  I am open and I will receive questions from you. If you press *7 upon your phone that will allow you to return into this space.

Question (paraphrased):  Thank you for tonight's journey.  In alignment with our journey tonight, I'd like to know of any unconscious block I'm holding that's keeping me from moving forward on my path.

Answer:  When I perceive you and what you speak of in terms of an unconscious block, there is something.  It's not anything I'd consider huge and it's not something that overpowers you or anything like that.  But consistently for you has been about allowing.  You are by no means alone in this and this is one of the reasons why I address this from the space of the All That Is.  The reason for this is because you have lived for so many years with certain preconceived notions.  And then you began this journey over the last five to seven or eight years and as you've taken each step along the journey, you've allowed yourself to open, to expand, to grow.  And there is so much more of you that has expanded.  There is so much more of you that's integrated the energies than what you allow yourself to perceive. 

So if there is a block of any sort that is what I perceive within you is that you don't always believe in yourself, you don't allow these energies to be your reality and there's somewhat wanting of the brass band and the cymbals, the drums, saying ‘here it is.'  In truth, it's much more subtle than that.  So when you do receive subtle information from your guides, from the group of energies you work with, you don't always trust that that's where it's coming from.  So I would therefore encourage you to really believe that everything you've been working for is accomplished.  I'd encourage you to allow that to be your reality so that the more you allow it and believe that it is already true, and it is already here, then that's when the door will open up more and you will even receive your experience of the drums pounding and the cymbals playing.  So simply allow and when you struggle for this, then that pushes it further away.  Release judgment and it's kind of difficult to say more than just the word allow.  But consider what allow means to you.  When you do your meditation and see if that doesn't have an effect. 

(Thank you.)

  You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  I am finding myself somewhat bored lately with my pathway, even though I'm fairly busy at work and in my personal life.  Can you address this as well as the work I've been doing to rewire and balance my brain and being?

Answer:  As you were speaking about this, I see several things that are coming to mind.  Hold on while we download to you and Shelly to speak these words.  The first thing I want to address with you is the feeling of boredom.  What we're picking up on is there's an aspect of you that realizes there's much more that you can be doing in your life.  There's much more that you are capable of doing or that you could manifest.  It's something that has multiple layers to it.  Part of where this is coming from is it has to do with your spiritual expansion and your belief system.  It also has to do with bringing that out to the world around you.  By that we mean talking about it with friends, talking about it perhaps at your work place.  Talking about it in such a way that it becomes a part of your daily existence in terms of integrating the life that you already have as opposed to it being something that you study at times and then you put it away on the shelf the rest of the time.  That sense of boredom is when you can embrace this and allow it to integrate all aspects of your life; you'll find that there's a great deal more that's present for you to do. 

We're not saying this as a duty to you.  We kind of feel some resistance as if you feel there's a duty involved and that's not the least what we're talking about.  What we're talking about are thing you consider fun, exciting to explore.  It's about you opening to this greater depth within yourself.  That is where some of that boredom is coming from.  It's almost a sense of anticipation, as if you know this but you don't quite know it and you don't know where it's all going to go.  When it comes to the rewiring and the classes you've been taking and other things you've been doing, all of that has been a part of setting this foundation.  Or creating a foundation for what you're going to step into.  We see you changing careers in such a way that you'll be doing something.  We're getting mixed messages.  Are you involved in a healing modality?  Because we also see you working in a more traditional office space. 

(I do both.) 

what we see is a shift into more of this healing modality, but we see that what will pull everything together is that there's a great deal that you know from this office.  We are downing more information.  What we sense is the office work is what you may have been doing for a long period of time and that's where some of this boredom is coming from.  But it's been very important for you to have that office work because that's going to bring in somewhat of the left brain or the structure or some of those aspects.  But where your heart lies, and what you are truly going to enjoy doing is the healing aspect.  We see you taking from these various courses you've been taking, we see you creating your own type of healing practice and it's going to encompass a number of different things.  We see you doing this with either at least one other individual or perhaps a group of individuals.  It's unclear as to the complete direction of this because it's still in the process being created.  As far as the rewiring goes, we have a sense that's another step along this pathway.  You are continuing to create a foundation.  We see you'll continue to do this rewiring and then there are other aspects of healing that need to continue to take place or to manifest.  It's not as if we want you to wait to begin until all of that's complete because the healing is all a part of the process.  So continue doing whatever feels fun to you, but know that there's more you can allow into your life and that as you do so, it's as if what feels overwhelming to you now will no longer feel overwhelming to you because you'll have a better trust and a better understanding of whatever it is you need to do to seek to manifest.

(Recently, I also had some intense dreams that coincided later in the day with a very intense, altered state of awareness that felt positive.  Can you comment on that?)

As we look at that experience we see that you were living in two different dimensions, or you were living in two existences at the same time.  It was giving you an experience, essentially knowing that you'd have this opportunity to speak with someone about this, to let you see what it feels like to be in this expanded state and in your regular state.  What we see you moving into is an existence that is more so in that expanded state but it won't feel to you like an altered state, or as if your mind is altered, because by then you'll enter into that more fully blended.  It is a greater opening, it is a greater awareness.  That's a great example of what you'll be moving into.

Question (paraphrased):  After making shifts with the recent quantum leap celebration, I opened to a potentially new opportunity with my work situation that I originally believed would be wonderful for me.  When I traveled to meet with this other business, I felt rather deflated by the results and I'm wondering what happened.  Did I shift or did what's outside of me shift?

Answer:  As I'm looking at you, Beloved, I'm seeing two things occurring here.  First of all, it's as if during the quantum leap period for you, there was a distinct choice that you made and put out to the universe.  From that distinct choice, when you go to point B, which is the second aspect, which was you going to this meeting?  This meeting was the end result of what you put out there and were seeking to manifest for a very long time.  We see it's something you working diligently towards that you wanted to have and you knew it was coming.  You'd anticipated it, but didn't know how or why or when.  It's as if you manifested and brought into your life that which you were seeking to have. 

Well, you changed yourself during the quantum leap ceremony, or during that time frame.  It was not a change that came around abruptly only in that moment.  It was a change that you began a year ago if not eighteen months ago.  You had put forth that okay, I'm going to seek this manifestation and, again, this is partly the manifestation at work, and the manifestation for your personal stuff. And when you arrived and you went through these experiences, it was as if the quantum leap opened a door, or turned on a light switch, or did something within you and you said, okay, now I'm choosing this.  You made a new choice for yourself, or you changed your mind.  If you remember in the journey, when I spoke of how you may arrive, or you may manifest what you want and it comes to you, but then you realize it's not what you want, that's exactly where you are.  That's because you yourself has changed. 

The situation has not changed.  The people involved are not changed.  We sense that merger is not one hundred percent complete and that there may be other things that come to light about that or something else needs to take place before it can actually happen.  So partly, what we're picking up on is that what you perceived as something being not quite right, or it didn't feel the way you anticipated it would, it's in part due to this other aspect that we're not entirely sure what it is, but we just feel as if a piece of the puzzle is missing, and that's why you picked up on the fact that it wasn't quite right.  In addition, from your space, where you have this new expanded consciousness within yourself and around yourself, your own perception of things is different.  Your own perception of your life is different.  What you're seeking to have in your life, you may say on paper, yes it's still X, Y, Z; but what you are recognizing is that you'd truly prefer to have something different than what that is.  You may take it in an aspect of it, or you may take it into something completely different.  We sense you continuing to work with this company.  We sense that things will come to fruition but the way it comes is not going to be the way you're anticipating at this moment.  What we mean by that is this aspect that still needs to come into play, or be a part to bring this all to closure,, is the aspect that's going to create this element that's going to resonate with you more fully from your new expanded state.  Does that make sense? 

(I need, then, to allow things to fall into place, if I understand you.) 

It's important for you to allow things to fall into place.  That's correct.  But what's more important for you to do for yourself right now is to recognize that you opened this door, you turned on this light, you allowed something new and different to come to you, the human.  So let yourself take this time and focus on that so you may more fully understand what it is.  So you may more fully integrate it and then, when other things come into play with this business, it will feel more of a resonance to you. 

(Thank you.) 

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  I feel much more expanded in the past few months from the quantum shift.  What do you see as potential pathways for me in terms of relationships and career?

Answer:  As we're looking at you, and we're looking at these pathways, we're sensing things have shifted for you.  Over the past two to three months, it's almost as if certain of these pathways are no longer there.  For example, we see that relationship that's been with you for a long time, it's not that it's no longer there, but it doesn't have the same illumination of light it had before.  It seems as if the relationship has shifted in such a way that you'll either let it go or you'll come back into the relationship from a new and different point of view or perspective.  For a long time, we've seen you potentially moving to a new location with work.  We still see you working in the writing field, editing, because we know you've mentioned that before.  It's almost as if a pathway that leads further north.  We know you've talked about the Northeast.  For some reason we're seeing up towards Oregon or Northern California.  Seattle is now illuminating.  It's almost as if there's something else, a new potential that has to do with writing and we're picking up on a magazine as opposed to working with books.  Through this new opportunity, you'll meet new people; new individuals, new location and all of these new ideas are what you're seeking to have in your life.  We also see that the relationships around you now with your family and living situation, it's almost as if that has shifted.  And a lot of it's because you are integrating more and more of these crystalline energies.  We do see you as being more balanced than what you've been in the past.  And because you're more balanced these pathways are brighter and more illuminated than what they've been in the past. 

(Thank you.) 

We sense you questioning, where's this job coming from?  We hear you.  We see an advertisement in part through the internet, but we also see you talking to different people that you've worked with in the past.  There's a little bit by word of mouth.  We see this magazine has something to do with the outdoors or gardening or house and home.  We can't read the title of the magazine.  We see it around you right now.  When we spoke of vibration with you earlier and how to manifest through your vibration, if all of this resonate with you and this is what we see in alignment for you, then let yourself perceive either moving, being in this new job, meeting the person you need to meet, howsoever it needs to come about.  You can be somewhat specific, but then take a step or two beyond that to allow for a potential that you're not aware of to be able to come in as a part of this manifestation.  Let yourself remain focused on your goals which is to find new relationships that are fulfilling to you and allow you to truly be your natural self.  Let your focus be upon manifesting a job or a career that truly brings you love, support, and the joy you wish to have in your job.  Let that be the focus.  See yourself working in that specific job, and then leave the details on how it will come to you to the universe and then be open to what may be said to you or what may be delivered to you. 

(Thank you.) 

You're welcome.

Question (paraphrased): Basically my life is very good, but lately things have happened that threw me for a loop. I'm having some trouble with a financial misunderstanding with my bank and incorrect records over bills that were paid yet incorrectly recorded.  Also, I have a concern over my eyes and the need for possible surgery. I am trying not to live in fear and feel like I need some support.  Could you please comment on these two concerns?

Answer:  Beloved, we're linking with you as we listen to you speak of this and we're also following you back on your journey tonight.  When you were on your journey and creating and manifesting, we can see the fear that was within you and we saw you letting go of that in many different levels.  But we also see that now you're back within your human aspect, that human self hasn't gotten the memo yet.  It's like, wait, it's gone, we let go of fear.  So it comes back to you as you return to the human self.  Be at peace. 

We know this is a hassle for you in terms of the financial situation that you just mentioned.  We see it as working out; we see it as involving some letters that need to be written.  We see it involving speaking to people.  Unfortunately, the individuals that you speak with are used to working with people that are not always in the same space where you are so they tend to be belligerent and hard to work with.  We see that.  In order to expedite things for yourself and allow for greater ease, when you're getting ready to write letters or when you're getting ready to make these follow-up calls - we see you faxing in information from your finances that show you've paid everything - so let yourself, before you do all of that, just take the total situation into your heart for a second and then see it flowing up from your heart.  See an aspect of it going to your bank, another aspect going to this other individual; see another aspect of it going to your higher self.  See it almost as if you're bringing a group of energies together and you're all going to sit there and be in this flow of accordance - meaning everyone is on the same page, everyone understands and everything is going to be just fine.  We see it working out very shortly.  But we also encourage you to do follow-up with it because we sense that sometimes the ball gets dropped and, again, rather than be concerned that they didn't finish up what they said they were going to do, let yourself just anticipate that you'll do the follow-up and then we'll all be in the same flow. 

We sense that when you're working with these crystalline energies or these new vibrational energies, this is the way you can work with other companies, other individuals and create a bond or a flow or a vibration which will allow for things to resolve more easily.  Does that make sense? 


Now, onto your eye.  As you were talking about your eyes and the pressure and the surgery that needs to be done, we sense that part of that physical reaction has to do with your body's DNA changing and your body physically changing as a result of the shift in vibration that's going on.  You are very much at the forefront; you've been doing a great deal of work on yourself.  What we encourage you to do is give your eyes a few weeks or so and focus on seeing your eyes as being balanced.  Focus on your eyes as functioning and working 100 percent.  Then, go back and get them tested again.  We see there's a potential that you will need the surgery, but we also see that your eyes can be strengthened and they can be balanced with your own conscious balancing within yourself.  A part of the reason it's exacerbated is because of the shift in vibration that's taking place. 

When someone spoke with you about focusing on love, even if it was me and I don't remember it, but focusing on love and relationships, the sense I'm getting is that when you remove your focus from bills and worrying about paying things and shift it into love, peace, community, relationships, then you're shifting away from what you don't want happening in your life, to what you do want happening.  So we always affirm that for you, that the vibration to emanate is what you do want in your life.  We also understand the human trait to focus on what you don't want, or you can't fully release it all the time, so in those places, acknowledge it, release it, shift it around and manifest what you do seek to have.  Does that make sense? 

(Yes.  Thank you.) 

You're welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  I did a distance healing, my first since the quantum leap.  How did it go for me and the other?  Is there anything I need to know about doing healing work in the future?

Answer: Distance healing is one of the things that is profoundly affected by the quantum shift.  The reason for that is you used to send your consciousness up to the magnetic grid and higher and then you'd send the intention and link with the person at that space as you were working on them.  As the vibration of the earth is shifting and there's more higher vibrational energy available to people, what's going to happen is there's a greater ease and flow of energy so that you are not going to feel it as distinctly within your body as you did before because you're already aligned with that expanded vibration.  Does that make sense?  You didn't feel as if you weren't going out as much? 

(It didn't seem very different for me.  How did it work for the other person?) 

We sense the healing was accomplished.  We see that individual as receiving the healing and allowing it to flow through them.  We see a great deal of shifting occurring within that individual.  We also sense it was step one, and they'll need at least one, if not two more sessions because this was something that went very deeply within that individual and it needs to be healed in layers.  It was effective on that end.  If you didn't feel differently just know that the expansion in your energy field was already there, more so in your everyday life and that when you shift into the space of healing, whether it's to do healing on yourself or on another individual present with you or a distant healing, that shift in consciousness is already close to where you already are.  Therefore, to amplify it, to create that space, there's less that's needed for "creating the space" to heal.  You can just set the intention, send it off and it can be handled in minutes or moments or in a longer period of time, too.  On the whole, energy healing that might have taken, for example, 10 minutes in the old energy, can now be accomplished in just a few minutes because of the flow in vibration, because of the flow from one individual to another.  All of those things are what allow it to manifest in such a way. 

(How do I know in the future how many steps are involved?) 

We were linking with this individual again to see what kind of information we were getting and one of the reasons you didn't feel the need to take the healing into further steps is because the other individual is not aware yet of their need for more healing.  From looking at it from this soul perspective, that's how we can see that they need to go through the step they have and then they'll become aware and then they'll say, oh, I think I need the healing again.  For you, when you felt it was complete and you didn't feel that need for more healing work, that's because you were linking with that individual and their perception was they didn't need any more healing.  What you can do is detach from this situation, consciously shift yourself up to a higher vibration and where you're working with that person and do more of a scan of the individual from the space of being detached as opposed to from that space of being linked when the healing occurs.  That's how you may get a different perception. 

(Thank you.) You're welcome.

Alright, I thank each one of you, as always.  Our times are just rich; they are just filled with energy.  Our times together have a flow and an energy that is unique to each encounter that we may have. 

I invite you each to believe in yourself.  I invite you each to allow all that you seek to have to become a part of your reality.  I invite you to find joy in whatever way you can within your life.  Allow your life to be joyful.  Allow your life to be filled with love and abundance.  It is all here.  It is for you.

I am ever with you and within.




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