Manifesting In the New Energy

Wow, what a time we are in!  It's a time of unlimited potential.  It's a time of opportunity.  It's a time of transition on every level.  I invite you to remember you are the creator of your life.  I invite you to choose a life filled with all that you seek.  

I considered as a name for this channel ‘It's Your Life-LIVE IT'!  How many times do we look for answers, success or purpose in the people around us?  How often do we want other people to make our decisions for us?  This channel will assist you in reconnecting within yourself right now!  The Goddess gave us three potentials to work with; happiness, passion and compassion.  She then moved into manifesting.  It's very easy to manifest instantly when we are in the All That Is; it's taking it into the earth plane that is the issue. She assists us with doing that during this journey. 

In addition, the Q&A had a couple questions that many of you may be asking; one about faith and forgiveness, a second about how what the Goddess does aligns with other teachings ~ Shelly 

Nama sika; venia benya                   I AM the one, I AM the whole 

I greet you my beloved family! 

As I come into the space in which you are gathered I send out my energy of love, of acceptance, of awareness.  I send it out to each one of you.  You are beloved to me; you are precious to me.  Whenever you make the intention to reach out and link with me, I am there for you.  

I am there with unconditional love; I am there with acceptance and awareness.  I see you and I know that you are the essence of divinity.  I know that you are aligned with your own divinity and it does flow through you. 

Take a deep breath in with the intention of reaching out and linking; feeling your divinity, feeling your essence as it flows, swirling through you, moving through you.  Yes, you may feel my energies but the predominant energy that is moving through you is your own divinity.  Breathe it in.  Accept it; allow yourself to truly know that you are so divine. 

There is much happening upon the earth.  The transition of energies is in full swing.  There's been a great deal of transformation that we have spoken of for the last several years.  There have been many landmarks that we have passed.  The consciousness of the earth is reflecting this on the many different levels.  Some of you who have been a part of this process from the very beginning can fully acknowledge where you were and where you have come. 

Others of you may begin to look around you and recognise something's going on; something is happening.  So no matter where you are within the process it is where you are at this moment.  Allow these energies to flow through you and around you and seek to find a balance or an alignment so that you may be in the flow of this process and therefore truly reaping the benefits of all that you have sought to have within your life. 

A part of the earth experience is living with gravity, living with all these varying emotions, living with people that have tremendously wide variances in personality, emotions, their choices of what they want in their life.  Perhaps a simpler way to call this is the free will of being on the earth.  Part of the result of that is that sometimes you find yourself feeling adrift; feeling as if you are being battered or bounced around.  

What I seek for you is to be able to understand your own alignment with your divinity so that you may more fully be balanced within who you are.  Indeed you have relationships with many other people; indeed you live with people who have many varied ideas from your own.  But it all comes down to you and your relationship within yourself.  

You cannot live your life through somebody else or somebody else's experiences.  You may only live your life through yourself and through your own experiences.  So as you look around you, as you take in all that is going on, I invite you to remember that you are here first and foremost to experience living upon the earth with the free will and all these varied potentials so that you may have that experience.

Breathe deeply.  Breathe into your heart, supporting your heart, allowing it to be open so that you may feel the flow from within your own essence.  

I now invite you to release the energies of your physical body.  Have a sense of expanding your consciousness so that you may align with the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within this space, immediately your consciousness or your focus moves into the space of your higher self.  As you are taking in everything that's around you, allow your essence to first of all feel how much bigger you are within this space.  You come here on a regular basis; you create relationships with other people from within this space.  But ultimately it is your own.  Feel how comfortable it is for you.  

As you are ready to do so, have a sense of shifting your consciousness.  You may feel as if you are moving through an interlocking gridwork but you move into the crystalline grid.  As you move into this space feel your energies.  You may have a sense of expanding simply by letting go of the gravitational pull of the earth.  You may have a sense of feeling that sparkling energy or essence that is you.  This is you as your consciousness is within this vibration. 

I invite you to have a sense of letting that crystalline essence or that crystalline vibration move through you as if it's sparkling or showering you with the energies or the essence of you from your crystalline energies but also this space that is made up by the crystalline vibration or the new energy.  Sometimes we spend more time within this space than others and tonight I would like for you to have a sense of opening your consciousness in such a way that you simply feel, know, sense the energies of this gridwork. 

For some of you, you have a visual impact that comes to you and that vision may be filled with colour, with light, perhaps sparkles.  Others have a sense of sound or tones that they resonate with; open to perceive if there are any that you may hear.  Use all of your senses to perceive this space. 

I now invite you to think about you as the human being that you are.  As you consider what it feels like to be in your physical body - to be going through your days in the manner in which you do - by bringing that awareness into this space in this manner, let yourself become aware of the aspects of your life that are in the alignment with this crystalline energy.  Let yourself also become aware of the ways in which you are influenced by this energy. 

To some of you it may feel as if this is what your divinity feels like.  To others of you it may give you that kind of a zinging or that kind of an essence that just makes you feel good and you don't really know why.  As I describe this and as you spend time here, open your awareness and feel what this place or this essence is to you.  

I now invite you to shift your consciousness into the soul plane.  There is a subtle difference but more and more the soul plane has become immersed within the crystalline grid.  Have a sense of consciously opening to your divinity or to your I Am presence.  As you look deep within - or perhaps you have a sense of it walking towards you - let your consciousness expand further so that you may have a greater understanding or take in more information. 

Breathe in, feel yourself, know yourself and understand this is you.  For some of you I have a sense that there's a part of you that's saying ‘oh no, this can't be real' but yes indeed it is.  You always have the ability to come back and link within this core essence that is you.  

I the Goddess now make myself more fully known to you.  As I come into this space, just as you're able to discern greater amounts of your divinity, so too you are able to more greatly discern more of my essence.  

Feel my flow of love, my flow of energy as I come in and embrace you.  As I reach forward, as I merge with your I AM presence and with your consciousness you find yourself shifting into the All That Is.  This is our space of creation.  This is our space of awareness.  Feel it, know it, recognise how familiar it is to you.  

We spoke at the very beginning about you as you are living your life.  My series of intention during the early part of this year has been about assisting you in having a greater understanding of who you are.  When you open and you feel the love of your divinity, it floods through you first and foremost; that sense of love that we worked with on the last journey.  

In another one we spoke of the many ways in which your soul essence has all those various experiences from which you may draw as you are moving through your days.  Again, feeling, looking and knowing within your own self there are limitless supplies of strength and experiences. 

Let's speak of where you are right in this moment.  As you are here in the All That Is, most often you feel good; you feel loved, you feel the abundance of energy, you feel the flow and it's very real.  It feels great.  It's how you would like to live your life.  I then hear from you as you're back in your daily life and it feels as if there is no connection between the two.  It feels as if your daily life is a struggle.  You may have pain; you may have worries, whatever it is.  It feels as if the All That Is is but a distant dream.  

In some regards I understand how that is your perception.  But the more that you work with these energies, the more that you create the alignments within yourself, there is an even greater amount of this divinity that is there for you in your daily life.  Sometimes you are seeking to know what it is to live in the other dimensions.  Sometimes these experiences, these alignments that you have created are in the expanded dimensions.  And what may feel as if it's very far away from you is actually but a breath away.  

The more that the crystalline energies are integrated within the earth plane, the easier it will be for you to tap into these experiences and these alignments that you have created in the All That Is.  Indeed that will become easier and easier in the future, but it is already available to you. 

I invite you to place yourself at this moment in your imagination.  In the space in which you find yourself, we'll say for the majority of the day or for a good part of the day, consider what you feel at that time - anxiety, frustration, contentment, anger, irritation?  What are the emotions that align with where you are for the majority of your day? 

I'm hearing from some of you that it feels as if there's a disconnection, as if you might say a particular emotion but you don't really feel that, or you are saying an emotion that you would like to feel but it does not feel real.  If you feel disconnected then consciously take in a deep breath and as you do so open up your consciousness even further and as you do so let the flow of energy from your divinity move through you. 

It washed through your consciousness, it washes through where you are as a human, and it is from your divinity.  And again I ask you what emotions are most predominantly a part of your life?  Ahh, now I am able to see how everyone is aligning with whatever it may be.  

For those of you who are aligning with a sense of joy, excitement, anticipation, I invite you to move even deeper into those energies and look around you to see how from this perspective of the All That Is the many ways in which this will manifest for you.  For those of you who find yourself immersed in energies that are holding you back such as pain, suffering, anger, frustration, fears or something else; now is the opportunity for you to bring that up. 

Why is this within your life?  Why has it become the focus of your life?  As you are looking at this and seeing how it all comes forth and how it is all influencing you, take this opportunity and open up a door or a window and let it just flow away.  I understand that in your daily life you're not able to let it flow away as easily as you do here in the All That Is, but for this time, for this moment, let it go.  Give yourself this opportunity to feel something different; to look at other potentials.  

And for those of you who continue to hold onto those energies with both hands; it's okay.  It's obvious that that is all-consuming to you.  Feel the essence of your divinity come around you till you feel as if you have arms that surround you, loving you, hugging, holding you and supporting you. 

No matter what it is, you are not alone.  It's good to see that you allow yourself to relax a little bit.  It may be that you wake up tomorrow, you go about your day and everything is exactly the way it was before we shared this time together, but that is only on the surface.  You are creating new potentials for yourself. 

So here's the first potential-- open up your consciousness; allow your energy to be flooded with happiness.  You are just happy for the sake of being happy; no reason, no rhyme.  You don't have to do anything; you don't have to prove anything.  Let yourself bask in what that is.  You may find yourself giggling, maybe laughing out loud.  Has it been a while since you've allowed yourself to be just happy for the sake of being happy?  Oh, let that breathe, let that move through you. And yes, you can be happy. 

What about passion?  Has it been a while since you have felt passionate about yourself, about your body?  Have you felt passionate about the choices that you've made in your life, perhaps your work, perhaps your beliefs?  What is it like to allow passion to come in and fill you up in this moment?  Passion has immense energy and movement within it.  This is a passion that is integrated with the crystalline energies and I invite you to become aware that passion is not about you being right and someone else being wrong. 

This passion is not about trying to convince anybody else to believe what you want them to believe.  This is the purest passion simply for the sake of having passion within you and your life.  Breathe in this crystalline energy of passion.  Feel how it motivates you; feel how it gives you strength.  Feel how it gives you ideas and potentials for your life. 

The next energy that I would like you to work with is compassion.  Breathe compassion into your self and let it move through your consciousness.  You've allowed happiness; you've allowed passion to create a space within you that's aligned with change.  As compassion moves into that space it fills it up and overflows into the rest of your life.  Allow compassion to move through every one of your energy bodies, allow it to move through you as the person you are.  Allow compassion to become so much a part of you that as you look at your day, you look with clear vision of new potentials.  

Indeed everything that's been a part of your life is still there.  Indeed you have your responsibilities, perhaps your stress, perhaps your anxieties.  From this space of the All That Is, allow compassion to fill up all those little nooks and crannies within you that have previously been filled with fear, anxiety, frustration or perhaps anger.  And as compassion takes the place of those other emotions within you, look at how you are now able to discern more information, perhaps more answers, perhaps more ideas about how you can live your life.  

I know that you seek to live your life in such a way that you manifest everything instantly, that you have everything your heart desires, and that everything within and around you is a reflection of joy.  As you are here in the All That Is, that is your life if you so choose.  When you are in your divinity, you manifest instantaneously, you have all that you seek to have, so the difference arises when you seek to shift all of this into the earth plane.  

The earth plane with its magnetic pull, the earth plane with the collective consciousness of the diversity of billions of people.  The earth plane with free will that allows every one of those billions of people to think, say, do whatever it is they seek irregardless of anyone else.  

Now there are layers upon layers of that which is common to so many of you.  The collective consciousness is shifting as each individual person transitions in their own life.  In some regards, you may have the ability to manifest things instantaneously upon the earth.  You are driving along, you think I want a parking space in a particular place - and there it is.  You are seeking to have something pretty that makes you feel good within your life and you look around and there it is.  And then we get to those things that you seek to manifest, perhaps such as a relationship, a particular job, increased abundance or flow of abundance, perhaps to lose weight, perhaps to have children.  I could go on and on and on. 

Suddenly when you consider that instant manifestation it no longer feels possible.  It feels like there's a tightening up of the emotions or the energies around you.  And it is because you care much more deeply about these manifestations than you do about whether or not you get the first parking space or you find something pretty to have in your life.  But these big things can be manifested with ease.  They can be manifested in such a way that you enjoy the process of bringing them into your life.  

Whenever you find yourself considering what you seek to manifest, ask first and foremost what energies are around this that you seek to manifest.  If there's anything such as desperation, anxiety, fear, lack, that is a part of what keeps it at a distance from you.  Because those are all energies or emotions that are your ego telling you ‘I can't do this, it's not gonna happen.'  So let those energies go; be loving, be gentle, be nurturing to yourself.  Fill yourself up with compassion.  And then come back around to what you seek to have in your life.  

And as you fill that space with compassion, this is compassion for you; perhaps compassion for your partner, your family, for other people.  Fill up with compassion; fill yourself up with the unconditional love and acceptance of your divinity and then put forth what you seek to manifest with that pure essence of awareness or acceptance or belief, howsoever you want to consider it.  Know that it is yours.  Open and feel it come to you instantaneously.  It is there; it is right around you.  It may at this moment be in the non-physical.  It may at this moment be in a different dimension, but it is there.  It is with you.  So believe that.  Allow that in to your reality. 

And then once more consider how much this manifestation is going to enhance your life.  How much stronger you will be how much joy it will bring to you; whatever it is that you seek to have or the reasons behind it.  Focus and believe and then feel the compassion in between that clears the way and allows this to come to you.  I so often hear you when you ask me, ‘when, when, when is this going to happen'?  And if I could give you the date and time and then that would be your reality it would be exquisite. 

There are more things than I can describe or that you may even be aware that come into play, but I encourage you to always feel compassion for yourself, for your journey, and for anything that you seek to have.  So that from that space of compassion if it takes longer than anticipated, you are letting yourself fill up with that love, with happiness that you are where you are right now; contentment perhaps.  

Sometimes I hear you tell me that if you become content then that means you no longer want what you want.  That is not the case. Contentment is an energy that helps to release barriers so that you may be more fully present in the moment.  So saying all of that, where are you right in this moment?  Where are you in your life?  Are you fully present in your own life?  Are you able to believe in yourself that you can and will and that you already do manifest what you seek to have?  Allow. Allow this to be your truth; allow it to be your reality. 

I now invite all of you to come back together as a group.  As a group have a sense of creating a gathering or a loose circle.  Coming up within the center of that circle you perceive a hologram of the earth.  If you look closely you may also perceive the hologram of the new earth and all those levels of the crystalline grid that blend the two into alignment.  

As this hologram comes up it rotates.  I ask you to look with your inner eyes and I ask for the collective consciousness of the earth as it is right now to become known to you in a way you may be able to discern as you look at this hologram.  And as you are doing this, begin to flow that essence of compassion into the hologram.  But I also invite you to flow all that you seek to manifest; that intention, that awareness, whatever it is that you want.  Send it into this hologram.  

Look again at the collective consciousness.  By all of you sending a flow of compassion and light and energy into the hologram, the collective consciousness takes on a greater lightness.  It releases some of the heaviness that is a part of it at this time.  So too your intentions of what you seek to manifest go out and mingle with these energies, finding alignment in such a way that it will come back to you. 

The hologram becomes illuminated; it is filled with light, it is sparkling.  It continues to spin or rotate in such a way that you discern the various aspects that may perhaps represent where you live upon the earth.  

And we release this hologram.  As it shifts down you may have a sense that there's an aspect that shifts outward, aligning with the new earth and creating an alignment within the crystalline grid of all that you are seeking to have and of all these energies that you infused.  

So too the hologram of the earth itself moves down; it moves through the magnetic grid sending forth an aspect of this energy.  It moves until it moves into the physical earth itself; it goes through that crust on top of the earth.  The hologram continues down until it merges deep within your physical earth.  And there the crystals that have become activated merge and create an alignment with all that you put into this hologram. 

There is a wave of energy that emanates out from those crystals, from the center of the earth.  It moves through the earth itself.  It comes up through the waters, the trees, the rocks.  It comes up through your floor; it comes up into you.  It comes up and mingles with the actual collective consciousness that surrounds the earth and there is a subtle adjustment that takes place.  

As you have a sense of looking downward or looking inward you may see yourself as you are in your place upon the earth.  Look from this perspective; see the shortest way or distance between you and whatever it is you seek to have.  Release that perception.  You've set it up; you are open to receive. 

Allow that it is in place.  Let your consciousness shift in such a way that you release the others who are a part of this group.  There is a sense of excitement or a sense of anticipation within you as your consciousness begins to return more fully into you the human or into your life.  Allow that flow to continue.  Let your consciousness release the All That Is.  You may stop momentarily within the soul plane.  There is much of your divinity that is unable to come back with you into the vibration in which you live.  But it is still there; it is always available to you. 

Allow your focus to shift in such a way that you move into the crystalline grid.  Feel how so much of your consciousness is as if it's been activated by this experience.  There is a greater alignment within you to the crystalline grid.  That is a part of your daily life.  Let your focus shift once more.  You may have a sense of coming down, moving through the magnetic grid.  You may pause to take in how the space of your higher self has shifted but you continue down.  You continue down until your consciousness merges completely with you in your physical body.  

As you allow your consciousness to come back within this space, feel your head, shoulders, arms, your legs, your torso; feel yourself and know that it is glorious to be in this person that is you.  Remember those potentials; remember what it is to feel compassion for yourself and your life.  Remember what it is to feel happy. 

As you perhaps once more affirm what you seek to have in this life, do so in this moment from that space of being completely full of your divinity, of your love, of your essence.  Breathe it all the way down; let it be a part of your physical body and your physical reality.  Send it outward through your home, perhaps into the job or into your relationships.  And fill yourself, any empty spaces, with compassion.  Fill everything with a sense of awareness, of openness, to draw back to you all that you seek to have. Feel at peace.  Feel content.  

As you do so, I invite you to come back within this room and if you wish to ask a question, press *7 on your telephone and I am here to answer as many as I can.  

Question: (paraphrased) First of all I'd like to say thank you!  The last few days have been particularly bad and I asked for help and it's like this channel was specifically for me and I do want to say thank you!  I think I've learned that a lot of what I was feeling again it wasn't about me, I am trying to take on a lot of things to help other people and I got stuck.  I do think this helped me to shift things but I'm wondering if you can give me any other comments. Thank you very much.  

Answer:  Let me say to you first of all that what you speak of taking on and helping other people.... (there's a pause) I'm sorry, I'm trying to shift these energies with you as I speak this and that's why it's hard for Shelly to get the words out.  There we go, we ask you to take a minute and take a deep breath in and blow out and feel the swirling letting go of releasing (the person took a deep breath) .... whew! There you go, now we can get through and we can feel your energies more easily.  Does that feel better for you? 

Oh, much better thank you. 

Excellent!  So what you were doing when you were reaching out to help your friends, reaching out to be someone people could talk to, reaching out in the many different ways that you do; you were taking on their energies.  You were aware of not wanting to do so, but having inadvertently done so.  Even when you would tell yourself this is not mine, this is theirs, you would still feel the after affect of having been with them and working with them.  What I remind you about - I know I've told you about the boat that moves through the water and while it gets wet, the wet doesn't go inside the boat-that is one analogy to think about.  But more in alignment with this journey tonight is to consider compassion.  When you are talking with friends, when you are working with groups, when you are working with individuals; whatever it may be, if you will just breathe in compassion and center yourself first and foremost then as you are talking to them assisting them, whether it's doing physical activity, perhaps you are someone who is talking or is the sounding board; it will keep you from taking on their energies or their essence.  It will also keep you from becoming entrenched with something that is not yours.  What we see from the last few days is from that personal experience of those people you were working with; it set you up to be in such an alignment that you were aligning with the aspects or energies of the collective consciousness which kept you from being able to more fully be yourself.  Does that make sense to you? 

Yes it does. 

So remember that you do have the ability to create these alignments within yourself.  Remember that you are already such a strong, strong individual and there is so much compassion within you that you forget, you take it for granted.  So quit taking it for granted if I can say that! Let yourself be your natural essence of who you are.  In doing that remember to always nurture yourself first and foremost because then you will have more to share with others. 

Good, thank you. 

You are welcome beloved.  And we sense that swirling at the beginning was enough to assist you in letting go of what you were still holding on to. 

Yes it was, thank you very much. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Name and location of the next job; city and name of company. 

Answer: hmmm.  It feels like there is resistance around you so as we are looking at this we feel as if we are looking at a blank slate or a blank wall.  So what we would invite you to do is take a few seconds and consciously take a breath in, breathe into your heart center, as if you are opening your heart center, let these energies move through you and swirl your energies.  We sense that this has been something that is a great concern to you and you are very worried about it, that it has actually shut you down and kept you from being aware of potentials around you. We're not getting a name specifically of a company you are going to be working for, but we do see interviews coming up with two companies in particular.   One feels as if it's been a part of the work you've been always doing and it feels like it's with an organization that would have you working out of your house.   It's as if you would be working as a representative of that company and making house calls to other individuals.  We say house call and it makes you think of a doctor, but it's like a salesman position.  That is one thing we see as a potential for you so the location would be working out of your home with the business located in another city and you would be the representative for the area in which you live. 

We also have a sense of a second job that would be about one or two towns over.  This would be you going there and you being there all day long as you work.  It feels similar to the type of work you've done before.  Where as you have some management experience, this is where you would go and put in your time.  It feels like a lot of energy of resistance or boredom around it.  It's doing stuff you've done in the past and you do not want to do it anymore.  Therefore, perhaps that's where that resistance was that we picked up on at first.  Does that make any sense to you? 

Yes, any manufacturing aspects? 

Ummm, the manufacturing feels like that's in alignment with the one that's about the sales where you would be working out of your house.  Um, it feels as if there's a company that you have known in the past. When you are doing a search on the internet or doing a search for jobs there's someone or some name from the past is going to come up and recommend a place to go and speak to someone else or perhaps this individual is someone you would actually be interviewing with.  So for some reason that one has a link to something in the past but you are both in a different place or a different position. 

Okay, thanks. 

It's still a little bit abstract, but as we said at the very beginning your energies were shut down around this; perhaps due to resistance, perhaps because things have not been working for you.  We wish for you to be conscious of swirling energy through your physical self and your energy bodies, these potentials around you so that the energy of movement is there.  That is what will bring these other opportunities to your awareness. 

Thank you.

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess?  Can you talk about faith and forgiveness? 

Answer: Faith and forgiveness sometimes can be very challenging for an individual.  Forgiveness is something that I would invite you to do for yourself.  The way that society has looked at forgiveness is always that if someone does something wrong that is hurtful to another individual then that second individual is to forgive the first and it's alright and it all goes away.  That is kind of the old energy of forgiveness.  The way that I would look at forgiveness and the way I would encourage you to work with it is that whenever a person has been hurt by another individual, a situation, or an accident; whatever it may be -- that individual has underlying these emotions the energy of hurt.  But there are also the energies of blame.  There is blame of the other individual but you take on blame of yourself maybe conscious or unconscious that a) it was allowed it to happen or b) that it was an experience you had in your life that you really didn't want to have.  

What I'm getting at with all this is that when there is something that happens to you and you consider the energy of forgiveness, forgiveness is the letting go the attachment or connection of energy to the other individual so you can let go the ways in which you are holding onto it within yourself and it is hurting you over and over again.  As you consider what it would be for you to forgive the situation or as you release the energies around that experience you are thinking of at this time what we see within you is what we are talking about.  It's those parts of you that have been so hurt.  But also there's the part of you that feels as if-it's not that you consciously blame yourself, but unconsciously there's a part that is even harder on yourself than what I would ever want to see.  Of course I NEVER EVER want anyone to be hard on themselves! But this is what I see is happening in your situation.  I know I‘ve been talking in an abstract way here, the reason for that is that I've been working with your energies to help you in letting go some of this.  Some we feel is on a very deep level that you have not been able to tap into or touch.  

So beloved what I would like to say to you is in the moment to take in a breath and breathe in the love, breathe in the compassion that we've been working with on this journey.  Then as you breathe out, have a sense of letting go.  If you consider the word forgiveness it's forgiving any energies that continue to impact you in a way that holds you back.  Let forgiveness be about cleansing yourself.  Let forgiveness be about stepping forth and coming out of this experience with a new understanding, perhaps of yourself or other individuals or situations.  Let it be about you as becoming a stronger more connected individual as you are more connected with your divinity.  

Now as to the other person, the one you are to ‘forgive', they are on their journey.  They are going to be doing what is right for them.  So if you could more so disconnect your energies from theirs and move forward into the space of letting forgiveness be that release of energy... then see if that doesn't help you in your daily life.  Does all of that make sense to you? 

Yes it does. 

Now as for faith; faith is something that is completely individualized.  No one can tell someone else to have faith.  No one can say this is what faith is therefore you have the same thing I have.  Each person is going to interpret what they believe, what they trust, what they understand in their own way.  Faith is that belief, that understanding; be it a situation, be it occurrences.  Faith in God is something we can speak about for a moment.  Sometimes people have faith there is a God or Goddess, myself, of which I am both!  You may have faith that yes we are here, that we are here in some disconnected part.  But faith is actually the belief that I am within you, I am as a part of your divinity. I am within you as I am within every other person who is upon the earth.  That faith or that belief comes from within you.  It comes from knowing that you are connected to more than what you are in this life experience. You are in alignment with that flow and that flow is constantly filling you up and assisting you on a day to day basis. 

So if you ask for assistance from outside of yourself, if you ask for something that is coming from a different source and it's not there and therefore you think your faith is shaken and your faith is not founded; I remind you to go back and let faith come from within yourself.  From within that belief or that inner connection, you will then see how other things will come to you from a new perspective or will create new alignments that come to you in a different way.  Alright beloved? 

I like that, thank you.  That totally makes sense.  I never know when I hear people talking about faith if I have what they have, if I have enough; exactly what you said.  

Well good!  So perhaps as this is something you continue to work with and integrate it into yourself, you will find that there will time you speak up and speak your mind; but you will also find that you will disconnect from situations which in the past lead to confrontations or something that ended up letting you walk away hurt or unhappy.  Simply that knowing that faith is individualized then of course it's always enough!  Because it is whatever it is for you.  Also be aware that there may be days when you will be more connected to your divinity, therefore that sense of faith may be stronger within you.  There are days when you may be more distant, but that doesn't mean that it is gone, it's just a perception.  

Thank you!

 You are welcome and we thank you for that question that is something we sense many, many people will derive information from.

Good, I'm glad. 

Question: (paraphrased) I have a question for you.  Lately I've been manifesting a lot of things in my life and everything seems to be going good and very positive.  Like affirmations that would be good for me, do you have any for me? 

Answer: As you are speaking of so much that is going right for you we feel underneath  it all that sense of yeah it's all good for now but when is that ball going to drop or that shoe going to drop; whatever those phrases are that people say on earth.  What I would like to say to you as an affirmation is that you have created these alignments and you have created this manifestation.  It is falling into place and it is what you are seeking to have.  Therefore the manifestation comes from that choice and desire within you, setting up the alignment and then you find the alignment in which it all comes to you in such a way that you recognize it, understand it, and appreciate it.  That's very much long to be an affirmation.  To bring it into the cliff notes version: "I am at all times in alignment with whatever it is I seek to have."  

If you take that and look at these things that you have manifested recently you will find that is why they came to you with the ease in which they did.  You were in alignment and you allowed it to come into your life.  Manifestation as we said during this journey is about alignment, it's about allowing, it's about the fact that you are creating.  This is the shortened version again of all that was said, but you are extremely good at this.  You are much more so in a space of knowledge or inner knowledge than you give yourself credit for.  So remember that, honor that within yourself and as you look about your daily life as you seek whatever new direction you might take, be aware that you have just an unbelievable connection to your divinity and it's always flowing around you.  There was one last thing we wanted to say, what was it....oh take it easy for a little bit.  You have been working so hard and you have the kind of personality that is always on the go, always seeking something new, always looking for something else.  So we say to you take a little break, go on a vacation, give yourself some time to savor and enjoy all of this and you will feel more energized.  

Okay, thank you so much I really appreciate this. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I want to thank you first of all and I wanted to tell you about my life really fast.  My body in the last 6-7 months, I don't get sick any more.  My energy in my body feels full.  I think I'm somewhere and I'm there.  Very fast now, it's almost like I'm not human like. I want to know where this is coming from.  Not one day am I depressed, I am always happy.  There is knowledge I can't put into words that comes through my body.  I'm very excited every day now. 

Answer:  What we see has happened to you over the past 7 to 9 months length of time is that you have shifted your human existence into a much greater expansion so that a dramatically increased amount of your divinity is now residing in your human body.  Some people have called this walk ins in the past, like you walk in a higher essence of your divinity.  It's not necessarily that that is happening any more because it's going to become much more common.  As the earth is shifting into the 4th dimension there is a greater ease of moving into the 5th dimension, the 6th and others.  What you have done is let so much the old energies that held you back for so long.  You truly embraced your divinity you embraced all that you are.  In doing that, what you have done is allowed this divinity to be a part of your daily life.  That's why we see that things are happening for you in such a way.  It's only going to get stronger. It's only going to become much more integrated within your cellular structure.  Then in some regards you won't notice it as much because it will be the norm.  Right now you notice it because it's so different from the way you used to be.  But as it becomes integrated, you will just think ‘oh yeah, this is it' and you will forget what it was like before you had it.  This is where we see you in this process.  You have done the hard work, now things are coming with much greater ease.  

Oh, I see.  Now just one more thing.  I was always clairvoyant and I would call different spirits, I don't know their names.  Now I'm able to see those and not be afraid of them as well.  I don't know their names and it sounds like someone going crazy, but I am able to talk to them like I talk to you on the phone.  

Well enjoy it and recognize it's all a reflection of what you are choosing to bring into your life.  

Question: (paraphrased) I want to thank you for this journey tonight; it has touched me deep in my heart.  I've done some work with healing Buddha, Quan Yin and I've asked to ground compassion into all my chakras.  When we work with energy with you Goddess, you send it into the earth.  When I work with the cosmos, the galactic, the over soul; where is that energy being sent to?  Do I need to be concerned about extending my light body? 

Answer:   Everything is inter-related with one another.  When we are in the All That Is..... when you are linking with your I AM presence, well, okay let's talk about your I AM presence.  When you are linking with your I AM presence, that's another word for your over soul.  Your I AM presence is actually more than your over soul, it's the multitude of all the various life experiences you have had.  As I'm looking at you, within your I AM presence there are 2 over souls that have taken different dimensions or living lives and experiences.  So each time you follow one of my journeys you are linking with and aligning with your over soul.  When those energies are in the All That Is and it may be myself, but Quan Yin of course or all the other teachers and guides are there as a part of that process.  When you are working with any of them it is in the universe, it is in alignment with the universe.  Anything that you might have been doing on a daily basis outside of the journey with us is brought to you in the space of the All That Is.  In this way you are linking with the other work you are doing.  At the time you are doing your other work, you are also bringing into it the work you do on a journey with me.  Does that make sense to you? 


So everything is inter-related.  Everything especially when you work in these high vibrations, while there are many different aspect or attributes that one may align with, there is that common denominator you may call it that or it's that common  aspect that is the reflection of the vibration of the universe but also Quan Yin, St. Germain, Kuthumi, myself; whomever it may be.  So she is here.  She has been a part of this with you and if you want to look at the universe and universal energy; all of that is also a part of what is gathered in the All That Is.  The All That Is is a dimension you could say.  It's a gathering of literally all that is within universe. It is also made up of the individual soul essence that choose to go to that space; its' a place of creation as I said at the beginning.  When you work with the universal energy, it's drawing from the All That Is.  Plus it may draw specifically; if someone say chooses to go to the Intergalactic council or something like that then that may not be a consciousness of the All That Is but it is something that is still aligned within the universe.  Alright? Have I made you more confused? 

Umm, umm, pause.  By connecting with you today I do not need to concern about spinning the lightbody at all, it's already naturally done.  

Everything that I do is working first and foremost with the individual's light body because the light body is that aspect of you that is aligned with the crystalline grid.  So you are working through your lightbody in any of these journeys that come through here.  Anytime that you seek to connect to your divinity or your I AM presence or your over soul, however you want to consider it, then you are activating those aspects that in alignment with your lightbody and bringing it back into you in your human existence.   

Thank you Goddess. 

You are welcome. 

All right everybody, I thank you for this opportunity to share some time with you. As always it is such a joy and such a pleasure to be in this space of creating.  Remember who you are as your divinity.  Remember as you move through your daily life that you are the physical incarnation of your divine essence.  

You are complete; you are whole.  So as you seek to manifest in your life do so from that space of being complete within yourself.  Allow compassion to clear the way so that you can more fully manifest within your life all that you seek to have.  

I am ever with you and within. 




Shelly Dressel 17th April 2009 12:07 am

Hi Lilly,

I just found your comment and wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write! It's amazing how it is to integrate these energies. I certainly can appreciate that it may take time!

Wishing you love and joy in your life,


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