Merging Your Light and Dark into Balance

Nama Sika, Venia Benya.  I am the One, I am the Whole.

I greet you, beloved family.  I greet you and welcome each one of you as you come into this space of love, this space of connection; this space that you have created for yourselves. 

We spoke in the higher planes of the Nama Sika room in the past, a room within the soul plane where you could go to meet with your own soul and these other souls and energies of light that you work with.  But you could also call this an earth-bound Nama Sika room.  Anytime that you get together with the intention of linking with each other, you are creating a space that is sacred, you are creating a space that is filled with light and love.  You can do this for yourself with your intention.  Or it can happen simply by two people getting together and speaking of who they are. 

Allow your energies to shift.  Release your physical body.  Release the space in which you are located so that your energies may expand until you are connecting with the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within this gridwork, you find yourself within the space that you call your own.  This is where an aspect of where you Higher Self resides.  So make it your own. 

Allow your focus to shift in such a way that you send your intentions throughout the grid.  You may see this throughout as if it’s an impulse.  You may see, or sense, interlocking pathways that you can perceive as beams of light.   Take this moment to become aware of just how much more cognizant you are within this space.  It has been here like this for a long time.  It too, grows and expands as there are more and more individuals on the earth who are working with it consciously.  So take a moment to appreciate how much it has to offer for you.  Feel the vibration within this space.

As you are ready to do so, shift, moving through the interlocking pathway that you may blend or merge with the crystalline grid.  You leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth.  You leave behind the density that is associated with that magnetic pull.  These crystalline energies have a different feel to them.  You may perceive them as light, perhaps airy, perhaps flexible.  They are different. 

So let yourself be open to receive any information of what this is.  Then, as you are ready to do so, call forth a column of light. Let yourself merge with the column, shifting your energies that you may ascend until you arrive in the soul plane.  As you emerge from that column, as you blend with these energies of the soul plane, feel as if you are expanding in every direction.  Feel the freedom that is associated with this space.  Let your joy bubble forth.  Let this be your sanctuary. 

Call forth the energy of your I Am Presence.  Each of you is already so attuned with this presence that it is oftentimes there waiting for you.  You may perhaps blend with it the moment that you come into this space.  So feel yourself in this expansion.  Feel yourself within your divinity. 

You have probably noticed that there are times in which it seems as if your divinity is more expanded than you perceived, and then other times it may not feel the same.  You may have a different perception.  You divinity is immense, no matter who you are.  Therefore, if there are times in which you are able to perceive only a portion of this, it is due to the space where you are in your life upon the earth. 

Sometimes, it may come across as a security blanket, as if this is as much as you can handle and it’s comfortable for you.  Other times, you may feel as if it is a constriction, as if you would like to know more about your divinity, but you have not.  So be aware that there is indeed more and more that is your divinity.  You may tap into it through your intention.  You may also ask to release any barriers that may keep you from knowing who you are in your entirety. Part of these journeys are to assist you the human in releasing the human boundaries.  That is what this is all about. 

Now, I move through you.  I make my presence known within this space. Just as you are perceiving more and more about who you are, so too you are perceiving more and more about who I am.   Open to receive.  Feel my love.  Feel my presence.  Know that I am here for you.

As you blend with me and allow my energies to come within your space, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  For many, this is considered a void.  For many a void, or ‘the void’, if you want to call it that, as if it is the main one or the big one, is perceived as a space that is oftentimes dark.

I wish to speak with you about dark and light at this time.  As you are each ascending to a higher plane of existence upon the earth, you are taking in a greater amount of light within your body.  Light is an illuminator.  Light assists in transitioning density.  Light vibrates, most often, at a higher vibration.  And that is why people seek to be a greater light.  They wish to be a light in the world; to shine forth their light to illuminate the darkness.

As you are connecting with light, be open and receive all that you may perceive about it.  Feel as if you are suspended in the midst of a brilliant light.  Let your soul energy, or your soul essence, feel as if it is floating within this illumination.  Look at the light and perhaps you will perceive prisms.  Perhaps you will sense areas where the light is a fraction of what it is around it.  For some, it may be perceived as a hall of mirrors where there is a reflection, but each reflection is subtly different.

So float and be in this space of light.  As you perceive these various aspects of the light, think within your consciousness of love.  Send forth from within you the vibration, or the energy, of love.  Observe how this may have an impact on the light.  It may now take on a color, a rainbow of colors.  It may now give you a different perception, perhaps of depth.  You are the observer.  You are observing and taking in all that this means to you.  Love as reflected within this light.

You can do this with many different words.  Take a moment to see how joy is reflected within the light.  For some, tapping into these emotions, or energies, it comes very easy to you. For others, it is a little bit of a struggle, but realize you are here within your divinity so all is possible.  Again, see what joy looks like as it emanates from you and is reflected by the light. 

Now, let’s consider fear.  Is there anything that you are afraid of?  As you are considering the word fear, continue to observe the energy that is emanating within this light.  There is a difference to the light.  It is reflecting back the fear that is within you.  For some, you may sense it as diminishing the amount of radiance.  You may lose color.  But perceive the energy of fear when in the midst of light.  

Let’s take that another step further and consider illness, or disease.  As you think of that within your body know that it is a part of the human process.  It is not something that every single human has to experience, or even if two humans have the same thing will they experience it in the same way.  But take your own self, and any illness, disease, ailments that you may have in your body.  Bring it into this light at this time and see what happens.  The light is still there.  It is all around you:  the prisms; the accents.  It is all there. 

Observe it to see if you can get any insights about why this illness, disease, whatever it may be is affecting you.  Look into the light and see or perceive if there is anything for you to know.  For many, I could sense a dimming of the light when we tapped into these last couple of energies.  The light did not dim, but your perception of it did. 

I ask you each to know and trust that this illumination, this light, this vibration is always here.  It is always available, and it can become enhanced or dimmed depending upon your perception of it. 

Revel in this vibration. Let your consciousness move out as if you are exploring different aspects of the light. 

As you take all of this in you are creating for yourself a sanctuary where you may return at any given time.  Most of you who are interested in the ascension process feel very comfortable within the brightness of this light.  It is where you seek to be.  But know and understand that each is within this area at a space which is your own comfort zone. 

We are now going to shift our focus and move into the space of the void that is dark.  As you do this, again, you may find yourself suspended within the energy.  As you come into this energy how does it make you feel?  Are you as comfortable within this space? 

Allow yourself to perceive as if it is black that just moves on and out in every direction.  The vibration within here is the same vibrational level as the light you just occupied. But it feels different, does it not?  Take this moment to send your consciousness out as if you are touching it, as if to get a feel.  Is there a depth, a texture?  The first perception that most humans have when they are in this space of dark is that it is flat, and that there is no depth.  And for many, it may even feel heavy. 

The darkness that you are within is your vibration.  It is a part of you, so focus on the energy of love, just as you did within the light.  When you are within this space and you transmit love, how does that feel to you?  Are you able to perceive a shift or a difference in the energy?  There is indeed a depth within this darkness.  A difference is that the darkness tends to absorb energy rather than reflect it. 

Consider joy.  Radiate joy from within your consciousness.  You may find that you are tapping into an aspect within this energy that is holding and reflecting the joy to you, or it is creating a space where the joy will bounce off of it and come back into your consciousness.  There is joy within this space. 

Again, consider fear.  Many of you may have felt fear the moment you arrived within this space.  Let yourself feel, or transmit fear, and see how it is absorbed within this darkness.  Just as that joy was there in support of you, so too, is the fear.  And as you consider you physical body; any illnesses, or perhaps consider your human life and the problems that you may have within your life, see how you perceive them within this space. For some, it may be as if everything is magnified.  It may be that you feel your fear, your illnesses, whatever is around you that is disturbing to you, become larger and bigger. 

The darkness works with the energies that you emanate in a different way than the light.  Part of the purpose for this darkness was to create a receptacle or storage for you to put your fears, your illnesses.  Therefore, when it was said that the darkness within you is your divinity, this is what was being spoken of.  This is all around you.  You tap into it from your divinity.  But this darkness is very willing to hold whatever you want to put there.  It may hold it for many lifetimes.  It may hold it for this lifetime.  It is there for you.

When you are comfortable within this space, when you know that it can actually be a neutral energy; then let yourself expand so that you may begin to take in the light as it is blending with the dark.  On the earth you perceive these as duality.  You perceive them as opposites.  You perceive one as good; the other as bad.  But in truth, they are equal.  In truth, they enhance one another. 

Let yourself release any judgment that you may have.  Feel as if you are in the center of this darkness and the light is coming in all around you.  You may see it coming in as if it’s a beam of light.  You may see as if coming up from the center within radiating out that the light and the dark are working together with one another.  As glorious and beautiful as the pure light was, perceive the added depth and dimension it takes on when you have it blended with the dark.  It gives it a new vibration.  It gives it a new way to interact.

Allow your perception to shift, so that you may take this in for yourself. 

Take this moment to fully blend with these energies.  Take in all that is present for you.  Push your consciousness a little further so that you may perceive even more.  Those beautiful light prisms that were filled with color: see them blended and mixed with the darkness.  Consider back in your own life what was magnified when you perhaps tapped into fear, illness, diseases, when in the dark and it seemed like they were even bigger. Allow it to be neutralized at this time.  Allow yourself to let go and let the darkness release these energies that they’ve been holding for you.  Feel the balance within yourself as these colors are blending together.

As you are in these higher vibrations, there are colors that you don’t have words for.  An example of that is the color clear.  Look around you and you see just clarity or a clear energy, but yet you have a sense of a color within it.  That is but one perception.  There are so many subtle variations of all of these energies.  Allow yourself to take what you need at this time in your life.  Open to receive the loving, nurturing support.  Open to release what no longer works for you.  Release illness.  Release fears.  Let yourself be in a state of complete balance. 

Now, feel as if you are looking around yourself.  Is there anything that you would like to explore?  You may shift outside of this space that we have created and go to a specific part of the universe.  You may choose to go into a complete balance of the light and the dark.  Or if you find a need to blend with either the pure light or the pure dark let yourself do it at this time.  Feel what this is for yourself.  You are changing your own vibration by accepting your divinity. 

As you accept greater amounts of who you are, that includes accepting all that is occurring within your life.  You are each so beautiful.  You are so radiant.  It brings a well of emotion up within me as I observe each of you.  You have such depth.  You are each so willing to explore within yourself.  You are each so willing and dedicated to your personal soul growth.  This I truly admire in each of you. 

Allow yourself to reform as a group.  You may choose to come back and explore these energies again in the future.  You have created a space for yourself.  Therefore, it is always here and available for you to come back into.  You will come or you may return with ease.  Just as with anything that is new to you, the more that you explore it, the more comfortable you become with it, the greater your perceptions. 

Look around at all who are here.  As you see each other and you see yourself, you are noticing a blend of dark and light energies.  This has always been a part of your divinity when you connect with one another.  The difference is that because of this journey they are more prominent, or prevalent, as you are looking at each other. 

You look with acceptance.  You perceive who you are, feeling the energies as they flow through and around you. 

As always the hologram of the earth comes up from within the middle of the group.  This time, as the hologram itself is rotating, you may perceive aspects of the earth where there’s a great deal of light, or a great deal of darkness.  There is always a perfection to the earth and what is happening upon it.  You also have the ability to transmit and shift the energies in a way that allows for greater balance. 

If you transmit energies, or you perceive the dark areas becoming light, the light areas balancing with dark, it is a way for each of you to play with the energies.  It is a way for you to also play with aligning your own energies.  It does create a shift upon the earth.  It creates a greater potential. For instance, when you see an area of the hologram that is more densely perfused with dark energy, then you, as a group, transmit the energy of light or balance into it; it creates a potential for that part of the world to move into.  It creates a potential for change; for a shift to occur.

Now, as with any change that you are seeking to make, it is important to have that space of acceptance within you.  So you, from within this space within your divinity, can accept that all that has been occurring upon the earth and is occurring has its own divine intervention.  You can accept that you are transmitting different potentials for individuals to try out or step into.  You are not controlling, and if you release judgment, it shifts everything into this higher vibration that you are seeking to have upon the earth.

Observe the hologram.  Observe how balance permeates the entire earth.  Observe when you send forth acceptance. 

You feel the presence of Lady Gaia.  She emerges to send forth her love to each of you.  You embrace and honor her.  She then returns inside this hologram.  The hologram itself descends from within the space of the All That Is.  You can each observe it as it moves down. 

When the hologram connects with the magnetic grid, there are aspects of it that spread out perfusing the energies of the magnetic grid.  The core essence continues down until it moves into the center of the earth, and then from within the center it radiates out the balance that you infused into the hologram.  It also radiates out acceptance; acceptance in the divine perfection of all that is.

Bring your attention back to each other.  Allow this space to become a celebration.  Become aware of the angels, the guides, all who are present with each of you.   This is your time to connect, to celebrate, to play.  Feel how much fun that is.  We always enjoy these impromptu parties that come about.  Each of you enjoy this time of celebration because you are celebrating and honoring yourself, first and foremost, but then, each other also.  You are honoring each other.  You are expressing your love and connection.

Let the joy and the excitement ring forth.  Let yourself connect with any you choose to connect to within this space.  Some may choose to remain here awhile longer, but for the rest, begin to shift your focus so that you may return to the space of the soul plane.   As your energies come back within this space, you find yourself expanding the area so that it is comfortable with your expanded consciousness and divinity. 

You may choose to create a hologram of who you are on the physical plane.  As you do so let yourself blend, merging completely your divinity and your physical aspects.  Again, feel the balance within yourself.  Understand that there is light and dark already in you, not in a form of duality, but in a form of reflecting each other.  Open and accept the beauty of this. 

You may find yourself shifting through a column of light, or simply through your intention, you may connect with the crystalline grid.  As you stop within this space, you may find yourself aligning with the various vibrations.  Let it nurture you and support you because these are the energies and the vibration within which you are beginning to live your days upon the earth.  So be nurtured, be supported.  Understand that you are glorious and bright.

Allow your consciousness to shift further.  You feel the energies of the magnetic grid; you feel the density of the earth, you feel the magnetics' pull.  As you do so, you may take this moment to look and perceive the interlocking pathways. 

Allow yourself to begin to ground back within your physical body, feeling the magnetic pull of the earth immediately begins to ground you.  As you are bringing your consciousness with you let it flow down.  You may find it moving through your head center, through all of the chakras within your body.  But it’s bigger than that.  It fills up your non-physical bodies that are around you. 

Allow this energy to move down into the earth, blending with the energies of the earth as they assist in grounding you.  And then let it come back up, settling within your heart center or your solar plexus so that you are anchored and becoming grounded back within the earth’s plane. 

Allow yourself to become more fully conscious of being within this space.  And we will shift into the question and answer mode. 


Question (paraphrased):  I have not been feeling well recently, but realized through this meditation that I can choose health instead, and I feel good about that.

Answer:  That is very beautiful, Beloved.  We always appreciate when you come to these perceptions within yourself.  I am here to honor you and acknowledge that you are absolutely correct in what you perceived.  Illness is not something that has to be a part of you life.  This experience you are having right now with the cold you’ve had recently is indeed something that can transform and release and it’s giving you the opportunity to do that on your own through your own choices and your own intention.  Be aware that in the future it may be that you will have a cold again, or you will have another illness and that is not to be taken as a judgment.  It is simply to be acknowledged as a way your body is detoxifying.  It’s a way of releasing something that may or may not even be conscious within you, that you may or may not be conscious of yourself.  So, it is something that can happen in the future, but the difference is that you will transition it much more quickly rather than being caught up in it for days on end. 

(Person speaks and asks another question:  I am wondering if my initiations with Kuthumi are assisting me, and is he my Master Guide?)  Yes, indeed, you do have a band of light around your energy field.  Yes, these initiations are having an impact upon your life.  And yes, Kuthumi can be your master guide if you seek to have him. What you will find within your life is that at different times, these various guides will be of importance to you.  You are, at this time, aligning with the energies of Kuthumi because his vibration is what can bring about the greatest amount of transformation within your life. He is aware that you are seeking to work with him.  He is around you.  If you are not perceiving him, or you feel that he is not answering you then it is because you are either putting restrictions upon yourself, you are putting a certain expectation on how you want him to answer, and when you put expectation or specific guidelines upon yourself, what you do is you close down, rather than open up.  His energy is there.  The white light is there.  The initiations are working.  So simply be aware of creating a greater flow and opening to this flow.  We’ve spoken before of acceptance and our sense is that you need to begin to accept greater amounts of your own divinity.  In your perception, you don’t hear him, you don’t see him, you don’t know, therefore you are not as ascended as you think you are, or should be.  So, this is about judgment and acceptance.  So release the judgment of how the communication will occur and accept that it is working, it is happening, he is around you and at this time working mostly in your dream state and your meditative state because that is when you release this agenda or these energies around you.  (Thank you.) 


Question (paraphrased):  My dog is sick and appears to be ready to transition.  I feel that it might occur this week, and I don’t want to see him suffer.

Answer:  We have a sense of a little head perking up and looking around when you said his name and we echoed that back to you.  Our sense with this dog is that he is not quite ready to transition.  That he is an older dog and there’s an energy around him of tiredness, as if he is tired and he is ready to transition at some point.  Not, however, within the next week.  It may be longer than that.  What we encourage you to do is take this opportunity – you already have been communicating with him telepathically – but also take this opportunity to create a bridge between yourself and the dog to just flow the energy of love which is, you and your whole entire family are already doing.  But as you are doing this put forth the intention of letting him know that you release him and you honor him on his pathway and that you assist him in whatever way he may need.  Now, you have already done that and the response that we are getting back is that it’s as if he is releasing bit by bit.  But we sense that he is going to have a resurgence, and he will perk up again in another week or two and transition more so in the springtime.  When he is doing this, he is giving everyone in the family the opportunity to work with the death and dying process because it does affect everybody on many different levels so be aware that the energy of dying is about transition and transformation.  The energy of dying is about letting go one of physical existence and then taking whatever was learned within that life back into your soul essence.  You are not dying completely, whether it’s a dog or a human.  You are not dying and releasing the energies around you completely.  You can always reconnect, just as once your dog is gone, you will be able to reconnect with his energies if you so desire.  Now, once he has transitioned and followed the rainbow bridge it will be a different aspect that you will be tapping into.  But he is never fully gone from you.  So when you are in the space of being able to simply love, honor and accept that creates an ease in the shifting and transitioning that’s occurring.  Does that make sense?  (Yes.  Thank you. I thought it might be a silly question, but as I listened, I realized there was something there for everybody and perhaps it was for more than just me.)  Yes, indeed there was.  We thank you for all that you do as a part of this group and that you are doing with your family right now.


Question (paraphrased):  I may have a scholarship opportunity to return to school.  I haven’t previously been able to focus here.  Is this a good step for me?

Answer:  We see several different things at this time when it comes to getting a further education.  You are well aware of why it was such a challenge for you to be able to complete a program in the past, and you are also aware that you have done such transformation over the past year that you have left that behind; you have let it go – that resistance within you.  We sense that if you choose to go back to school in a different area than what you’ve been doing, it is a good time for you and you have a higher probability of completing it.  You also have a great deal of information that’s just there, just available to you, and you don’t necessarily have to get a formal education in order to do the writing you are seeking to do.  So you may find that you begin with perhaps a two year degree or even just taking classes that can be put towards a degree and do it out of a place of joy and do it out of a place of learning and expanding your knowledge base, but without having the pressure of having to complete a certain number of years.  Does that make sense to you?  (However, I may need to make a full commitment to the program to qualify for financial assistance.)  Correct, so if that is needed in order to qualify for the financial support, then go ahead and do so but know and understand within yourself that you are not going to take on this constriction and you are not going to feel it as the pressure that you have felt in the past.  You are doing what is necessary that will bring that financial assistance to you but by the same token you are also going to be taking everything that you need out of each course that you take and you will attend the classes with a sense of joy and anticipation because there is a lot that will be very helpful to you.  But you can also honor yourself with the knowledge that you do have a lot of these answers within yourself, that you do open up to your own intuition and so doing one does not preclude the other.  You can open and receive the best of everything. Alright Beloved?  (Yes.  Thank you.)  We do see you starting school and it gives you some new potentials.


Question (paraphrased):  My brother is ill.  Is there alternative medicine that might help him that he would accept?  Also, do any of my relatives in spirit have any input?

Answer:  As we are linking with Nick, we are getting a great deal of information.  We have a sense of a chronic illness, whether it’s the same thing he is dealing with now, or if one thing has led to another, but we see that for a number of years he’s been either debilitated or had one form of illness or another.  We see that part of this was he came into this lifetime as a means of transitioning illness and transitioning ideas and transitioning thought process, if that makes sense.  Many people from their divinity or their soul aspect may have a certain idea or put forth a specific intention for their lifetime, but then when they get down and they’re caught up in all of it it’s hard to take that step outside and see a bigger picture for this.  So we sense that because he’s been ill for a while with these chronic problems there’s also an aspect of the emotional component to everything that is going on. We’re being dumped on, hold on!  We are transmitting to you a download of information that is going to be giving you ideas that you can do for yourself.  What we will touch on is that first, the reminder that this is his pathway, this is his journey.  That from his soul’s perspective, he is learning a great deal from all that has been happening to him.  His divinity is here and speaking to us and gave permission for us to connect with him at this time and so that is saying that yes, he is open and willing to try something new and different.  One of the things you can do, begin to hold him in the space of wellness.  Begin to create for him an image or a vibration of health.  With the journey this evening, when we spoke of light and dark and balance, there is an imbalance within him of many different energies.  We see chronic digestive problems, we see other organs are not functioning to their full ability and it’s as though one thing has led to another.  So if you begin to hold for him the vibration of wellness because he cannot do that for himself at this time, you are creating a potential for him to step into.  His divinity is asking this of you at this time.  When you spoke of relatives on this side of the veil, he’s got a great number of angels around him that are working with him.  We have a sense that some of these were relatives to you in the past.  There’s no one energy that’s standing forth – perhaps a mother energy… grandmother.  Okay, grandmother, she confirmed it.  There are many who are working with him at this time.  He seems to have a feeling of despair.  We are flowing energy to him of this potential, we are flowing to him the energy that he can turn around much of this illness in his body and that he can move through this experience and come out of it with a great deal of knowledge within his soul aspect, his soul growth, but also within his human growth.  In terms of alternative medicines, there are always many different potentials available to people and we always like to encourage a blending of whatever works for each individual.  Sometimes you may have individuals that say only the Eastern medicine is good and don’t like Western, or visa versa.  But there is much about the Eastern and the Western medicine that’s good.  For him, meditation; for him herbal supplements that can strengthen his body are a part of what will assist him in creating this potential of wellness for himself.  He does try to work with meditation, but he feels a frustration because he has an expectation of what that will be for him.  He’s got an analytical mind.  If you can talk to him about releasing expectation and about releasing expected outcome and begin perhaps by listening to an auditory meditation or something that will assist in keeping his active mind busy yet flow a deeper vibration of relaxation and change into him that may help him. Is all of that making sense to you?  (Oh yes! Thank you.)  There is no mistake that you had the opportunity to ask about this tonight and there is much you have already been doing.  So simply by shifting your focus and letting him know that he is not alone, that will be a huge step forward for him.


Question (paraphrased):  I have been looking into Arthurian past lifetimes I lived.  I would like to know what is the essence of my learning with those lifetimes, are there any tools that would help me in this lifetime?

Answer:  There was much within that lifetime that is the basis for what you are shifting in this lifetime and that is why you are so drawn to it.  You actually had a multitude of different lifetimes within that time frame and in different lifetimes you were once various characters, if you wish to call them that, or various people so that you could start from this aspect, or that aspect.  But much of what is important to you in connecting with that time is that it was bringing the light into the time of darkness.  It was bringing new potentials for people to think about each other. It was bringing in that sense of cohesiveness and creating one group that could come together and work together as opposed to all the singe people in their individual factions.  That is what is most important for you to know and get from those various lifetimes.  Each time that you regress and go back to that space, you are opening up to these various potentials within yourself so that you will know who you are.  Does that make sense?  (Yes.) You are very close to finishing all that you needed to do to get what you wanted from this.  We have a sense that we’ve said as much as we need to at this time but the final piece of the puzzle will be coming to you in the next days or weeks to come and when that happens you will feel a sense of completeness.  It also will give you a greater sense of purpose in your current life.  There will always be a nostalgia that you feel for that time of history, and that’s glorious and part of the fun of past lifetimes.  But be aware that you have done the majority of the work that you needed to do and this is all coming to completion and we admire you for the ways you have persisted in this and for the way you are bringing it all together.  Have you been writing an article or working on a book about this?  (No. I have been journaling about it.)  We have a sense of a book that says ‘Lessons from Arthur brought to modern time” or something along that line.  Part of the reason you feel so intensely is that the lesson learned is going to be applied to a number of different people in this lifetime.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome and we thank you for asking about that.

For all who remain present, we will take this moment to bring this time to a close.  It has been a time of celebration.  It has been a time of perception.  Opening to greater potentials within yourself and know that everything that happens to you, within you, and around you in the days to come are going to be enhanced by these greater perceptions that you have opened into this evening.

I am ever present for each one of you.  I honor you.  I thank you for all that you are doing.






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