Message from the Blended Energies of Yeshua, Sananda, Melchezidek, and Buddha

Nama Sika, Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you Beloved family! As always, I welcome you to our time together. This is the time in which I come to share with you. This is an opportunity for each of you to nurture and support yourself. This is your time.

Let yourself truly feel who you are. Let yourself feel the energy of your physical body and breathe gently and easily, letting each breath move up and down. And let it move throughout your body.

Take this moment to revel in having a physical body. No matter how you may perceive this body that you have incarnated, if it has problems, if it's not what you may envision. No matter what your situation is at this moment, honor and acknowledge that you are human; that you are fully present within this space. Let yourself know that you have chosen this human experience and to be this person that you are.

I see and know each one of you, and I value who you are. I value this individual that you have created for yourself. Allow yourself to also open up to honor and value who you are.

Again, breathe into your physical body and let yourself anchor within. As you do so, you may allow yourself to expand more easily and more fully as your consciousness shifts and you move into the space of the magnetic grid.

As you are moving into this space of energy allow yourself to perceive where you are. You are linking with your Higher Self. You are linking with the energies that move through this space. Open your perceptions to take in whatever may be around you.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to release the pull of the magnetic grid. Release the energies of the earth plane and allow yourself to move into the crystalline grid. There is more and more of your consciousness which is in alignment with this space. Allow yourself to open and perceive what is around you. Some may perceive various colored lights or energy. Others may perceive specific crystals of an image. Still others may just feel a vibration without any other perceptions.

The energies that are located within here are becoming more and more prevalent upon the earth. Therefore, the time in which you spend within this space allows you to open to a greater amount of the crystalline energy within yourself.

From here, take a moment to call forth a column of light. As you do so, you may move through the column until you emerge into the space of the soul plane. This soul plane is also filled with different dimensions or various energies as people link on a soul to soul level. You have the ability to link with your own divinity. Let yourself call forth your I Am Presence. Open to allow it to come into you.

As you merge with this greater amount of who you are let yourself expand and let your energies open in such a way that you may have a greater perception. Your divinity is immense. You have lived a multitude of different experiences and all of those experiences have created this soul essence which is you.

Therefore, as you are linking with these energies allow yourself to perceive other experiences which will be of use to you at this time. Let yourself open. Let yourself receive. Allow yourself to believe that this immense energy is truly you. When you are linking with your soul essence, you open to the immense potential which is you. You open to the immense experiences that you have had.

As you become fully acclimated with these energies shift your focus so that you may perceive I, the Goddess, as I begin to move in and amongst all of you who are here. I reach out to embrace each one of you. I embrace you and enfold you within my arms. As I merge with your energies allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is.

As you move into this energy or this essence, you find that it also assists you in moving deeper within your soul consciousness. You may find that you are able to perceive an even greater expansion within. Let this be your reality.

Allow yourself to take this moment and just feel who you are. Take this moment and release any restrictions or confines that you may have had due to this life that you are living. Let yourself, for this moment in time, fully accept and allow all of who you are. Let yourself, for this moment in time, understand that you are perfection. Let yourself understand that no matter what has occurred within your life, you still are the essence of love and you still are the essence of light. Allow that potential to flow through you and allow it to be everything that it can be within you.

Over the last several months, we have worked a great deal on acceptance. We have worked on finding a greater understanding of your masculine and feminine. We have worked with creating balance. And you also have worked a great deal with tapping into energies of the universe and allowing them to assist you in what was going on in your life.

As humans, you tend to enjoy, or you feel a need to always be in motion; to be doing something; to be moving forward in your life. Sometimes you might get bored if everything remains the same, or if everything is simple for you. For this moment in this journey, I invite you to release a feeling, or a need, of doing anything. I invite you in this journey and in this moment in time to simply be who you are without reservation, without judgment, with a pure and complete sense of inner knowledge that you are beautiful; that you are radiant; that you are all that you need to have within your life. So let that potential flow through you, around you and within you. Release a feeling of needing to change anything and simply be.

As we are doing this allow yourself to feel as if you are perhaps floating. You may call forth a cloud to sit upon, if you so desire. Or you may create for you a sanctuary, and perhaps you fill it with trees or water or ocean. Let yourself create a space that is uniquely yours. Allow yourself to create a space in which you can fully be who you are; in which you are able to feel a deep well of love and acceptance, simply because you are you.

We had anticipated that there would be a number of people who would like to hear from Yeshua because at this time of the year he often does come in to speak with you. And so he is here; he is waiting to speak.

As I shift the focus and draw him into this space let yourself remain fully at peace, remain fully in whatever space in which you have created. Shift your attention so that you may perceive Yeshua as he walks up and he joins me within this space. I shift so as to allow him to speak.

Yeshua speaks:

I send out my greetings to each and every one of you; Shalom. I send my love. l link with all who are here in this present moment as I am speaking and to all who may be reading this at a later time, or even listening at a later time.

I come to you as Yeshua, but also as Sananda, an aspect of Melchezidek, and truly even a link with Buddha. Feel all of our energies as we come into this space. My soul essence has lived in a myriad of different experiences. The essence that each of you link to when you consider Jesus who walked upon the earth is but one part of who I am. That life upon the earth was very pivotal for me, of course. But it was also a change for all of humanity. The change which occurred as a result of my walk upon the earth and as a result of the energy and light that I brought in was actually set forth long before I walked upon the earth in that life.

I did not walk alone. There were many, many others that I worked with in my sleep state. There were many others who chose to incarnate into the physical so as to be a support to me. So while I was fully able and grateful to be able to take on the role as Jesus, I want to acknowledge that I was by no means alone.

Christianity was a religion that was created as a result of that lifetime. In truth, that was but one aspect of what I did as I walked at that time. The light, the energies, the shift in consciousness that occurred upon the earth as a result of that existence was facilitated by everyone upon the earth. It was facilitated by the multitude of angels and guides that were working with all of us from the non-physical perspective.

I invite all of you to take a moment and move into the space of when I was walking upon the earth. You have become so accustomed to the energies in which you live it may feel as if you are constricted; as if you have to diminish who you are. You can feel how dense the energies of the earth were at that time. All of humanity and all of those who create the support system for life and existence upon the earth had come to an agreement that it was time to create a change. That is what that life represented. So often the focus is upon me, but I was but a portion of everything that was going on.

So feel as if you are strolling along the road. Use your perceptions to take in what you see around you. There may be people. I hear some of you saying there is a lack of pollution; that is pollution as you know it, of course. Perceive the grass, the trees. You are coming into a town. Perceive the town; the structures. See me as I am walking into this space.

And now, I invite you to move inside of your consciousness, or inside or yourself, and ask what you might have been doing during that lifetime. Were you one of the angels in the non-physical? Were you one of the humans that walked and lived with me? Were you one of the humans that was unaware of what was going on? Do you feel completely disconnected as if you had no part in this? I invite you to open to this awareness simply for your own knowledge.

As I walked upon the earth during that life there was a very large part of me, of course, that was human. There were aspects of my divinity that were shielded from me. I did move through the veil so as not to fully remember who I was. I used that lifetime as a means of showing everybody that it could be done: that an individual could come through and be human and be without their conscious memories, or link, and yet they could still be driven by that inner knowing, that inner awareness, that knowledge that they are more than who they appear. I had that within me. I knew that there was more to that lifetime. I knew there was more to me. I therefore followed my heart and I followed my path.

I spoke the words that came into me that oftentimes I knew not from which they came. I had a deep-set belief that if I touched someone and I could see that they, as a blind person, could truly see; that someone who was crippled was truly not crippled; my vision and my perception of their perfection is what allowed them to step into that space. Others called it a miracle. I simply understood it as seeing, or perceiving, the perfection in every individual.

Some of the people with whom I worked did not truly wish to be healed, therefore, it either didn't work, or they found themselves back in the same space after a time. It was no up to me to judge. I simply continued to feel love and compassion for that individual.

As we continue this stroll through that lifetime, the years have passed. And again, I invite you to take a moment to look around you. Perceive if there is a shift in the energy. Or perceive if that shift was within you. I could tell that great change had arrived upon the earth. I knew that with the end of that life, by dying upon the cross and then coming back to be able to fully speak and connect with people, was the act that was needed to finalize all that was occurring within that life.

Allow yourself to shift your focus now. Let yourself come back within this space in which you started and you release the energies of that timeframe upon the earth. I wanted you to remember, or to understand, just how dense the energies were at that time so that you would have a greater perception of the shift which has occurred over the past 2,000 years in linear timeframe.

Take yourself to your current lifetime. Take yourself to, I will say, ten years ago. Perceive the energies of the earth as a whole. You may tap into your own life, or you may look at it as looking at the earth and the energies that surround it. The difference is dramatic when you consider what you felt when you walked upon the earth during my life, and when you walk upon the earth right now.

Just as you were able to perceive the difference towards the middle of my life and towards the end of my life, so too there is that dramatic shift which has already taken place upon the earth. Let yourself become aware of the shifting in energy that is occurring right now. It is happening in your life. It is happening to all of consciousness of the earth. And it is happening to every individual. The difference is: is that individual aware, or are they completely unaware of all that is going on. And again, I, as Yeshua, do not feel it makes that much of a difference when people are unaware.

Now then, beloved family, move yourself into your life and into the energies of the earth as they are right now. Whew, it feels as if there's been a blossoming. There is a distinct shift in the energies over your last ten years upon the earth. Just as you are able to link with my energies of my life as Jesus, you are able to see the changes that have taken place over the last 2,000 years. So too, where you are at this moment in life; where you are at this time upon the earth, there is an even more dramatic shift taking place.

The time is here. The time is now for the earth to move into the next dimension. The collective consciousness has already been shifting into the higher dimension. Because it is the life in which you are living right now, many of you are very sensitive and aware of the individuals who are quite open and are definitely in the process of this shift. You also may dramatically feel and understand those who are as yet un-awakened. And you perceive this because you are so open and aware.

One of the reasons that we came to share this time with you, that we came to speak with you, was to be able to give you the opportunity to know and understand what is going on with you right now. I wanted you to recognize and honor yourself for all that you are doing. I wanted you to understand that everything you do needs to be for yourself. The fact that it has an impact on the collective consciousness and the rest of the world is an added bonus. Therefore, I do not want any of you to think that you need to save the world.

Allow yourself to believe that through your own individual and unique path upon this life, or within this life, is your own personal creation and evolution. Just as every other human upon the earth is moving within their own creation as a human, and that too, is having an impact upon the collective consciousness. Perhaps in that regard it keeps too dramatic of a shift from happening too quickly, which would become so uncomfortable for people.

Let yourself understand and believe in yourself. Allow yourself to accept that you are who you are. As I have been speaking to you throughout this experience, the energy of the words spoken have flowed between myself, Melchezidek, Sananda, and Buddha. When you link with us and hear the words spoken, each of those names represents various dimensions or aspects of a soul essence. So while there are but one set of words being spoken, the energy contained within those words allow people to align at whatever level they are most comfortable. It need not be the same for everyone. It is that it is.

I acknowledge each one of you for living your life upon the earth. I honor all others who move blithely through their days as yet unaware of their potentials. I invite each one of you to allow us to come into your life. We are here to assist you. We are here to give you the opportunity to see what has occurred in the past and what is occurring right now. We are here to remind you that you, too, are divine. We are here to let you know once more that as you move through your days, we walk with you hand in hand. You are not alone. We are ever present. Allow yourself to trust in that belief. Allow yourself to feel me in this moment.

We as an essence move through this space, linking once more consciously with each one of you. Feel your resonance and let yourself open to the knowledge of who you are. With that, I will allow myself to step back. I return this energy, or this space, to the Goddess of Creation so that she may take you further upon this journey.

I am ever with you. Shalom.

I, the Goddess, come back within this space once more. It gives me such great joy to look at each one of you. Before my beloved friend began to speak with you, you had each created a link within yourself to your divinity, to that higher aspect of who you are. That had created a brighter light as I looked out to perceive each one of you. As I observe you now, it is as if each one of you has become infused with an even greater light, or an even greater dimension or depth. And that is represented by the energies of Yeshua that has been speaking with you.

Look within yourself and know that you are linked. You may be more deeply linked to Sananda, perhaps Melchezidek, perhaps to Buddha, or perhaps other aspects for which I may not have a specific name for you at this time. Just as you know and understand the multitude of different lifetimes that you have had, know and understand that you may link with these energies at the depth or at the perception with which you will have the greatest amount of understanding.

Many of you may find that the energies of Yeshua are actually within you. Many of you may find that you feel a deep link due to combined experiences. Allow yourself to open to a greater acceptance of whatever this may be. Just as Yeshua was a light as he walked upon the earth, as he brought an increased light into the earth, so too are each one of you doing the same. You are a light. With every breath that you take and every step that you move through your day, you radiate that light from within. Even the times when you feel depressed, disconnected, unhappy, overwhelmed; if perhaps you feel that your light has been extinguished, it has not. You are always a light. That light cannot be extinguished because that light is just you being you.

Perceive that flame within yourself. Allow yourself to link with this so as to become better aware of who you are. Feel what this is to you. As I look out across this vast expanse of soul essence who have joined within this experience become aware of the myriad of different torches, or lights, that I see flickering. You too, may look out and perceive this for yourself.

Okay. I invite each of you to come back into a sense of a circle. One of the things I so admire about each one of you is that you make your own choices for yourself. As I invite you into this circle many of you choose to come, but there are many others who choose to remain in their own space. And so be it. All are honored.

As you perceive this circle coming together, you may have a sense of each individual soul essence or you may simply have a sense of seeing flames, flickering and radiating light. Some flames contain one color; some contain a multitude of colors. Open to perceive what you look like.

From within this circle, we see the emergence of the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes forth it rotates, moving in a gentle, slow direction. Lady Gaia herself comes forth and she shows to each of us herself as her flame essence, or as her light essence. As she links with everyone from this perception, it's as if there are beams of light that move out from each one of you, connecting with her.

She opens her energies to receive the embrace of each one of you. She sends forth her embrace to you. Let yourself pulsate your own radiance. Let yourself pulsate an acceptance of being who you are in this moment. Let yourself pulsate all of your creation into the earth at this time. And the hologram itself becomes more radiant.

This hologram then returns. It shifts down from within the energies of you, the group. It moves into the space of the physical earth. There is an aspect that links with the crystalline and the magnetic grids as it goes through. But the vast majority of the earth, this hologram of the earth, moves into a blends fully with the physical earth. As it does so it radiates out the essence and the light that each of you have injected into that hologram. This is also an aspect of how the consciousness of the earth is shifting. You can see it shift for yourself as you perceive this blending.

You may tap into those energies as you move through your days upon the earth. Let yourself be fully physical. Let yourself be fully energetic.

Your awareness comes back within this group. You may take a moment to link with one another. You may embrace or converse with those friends that you link up within this space. And then, as you are ready to do so begin to bring your consciousness within the space in which you are located. You first shift into the energy of the soul plane. As you are within this space, you again find that aspect which is yours. You perceive how there is an even greater amount of your own divinity flowing through here. Acknowledge who you are.

You then release this space, allowing your consciousness to travel back. You pause within the essence of the crystalline grid. As you come into this space, you perceive the magnificent radiance; the light that is shining throughout.

As you continue to bring your consciousness back down within your physical aspect of yourself allow yourself to become aware of the energies of the magnetic grid. This space is much more expanded as a result of the energies which you sent through with that hologram of the earth. You pause here momentarily and then continue on so that you may bring your full consciousness back within your human essence.

As you come back within this space, you may feel a need to expand the energy field around your physical body. Some of you do this automatically. For others, it feels as if you are feeling pressure within your physical body. Expand your energy field as large as it may need to go so that you may allow for a greater and greater amount of your divinity to be within you.

As this is becoming acclimated, allow yourself to once more return to this conference room that we have created. You may come back into the room by pressing the star and seven upon your telephone. I am open to receive your questions and the essence of Yeshua is with me also and he too, will speak if you so desire.


Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for all that you do and being available to us; Yeshua also. Last week I experienced a physical loss of a loved one I had some unfinished business with. In spiritual terms, I have forgiven, but I still grieve that we did not get to finish and have a good connection. I have also been experiencing some headaches this week and I'm guessing they are connected. I'm wondering if you can give me some guidance so as to move through this time with grace and ease.

Answer: Alright beloved. Let me begin first and foremost; sending out my love to you. Feel my arms as they come around you. Let yourself open and feel my embrace. As I am doing this, know that everyone else who is listening is also sending you the love and support as you move through this time of transition upon the earth. We feel that this is very deeply felt within you; this transition of your loved one. We know and understand that it is much more than what you spoke of in this moment.

Let yourself grieve, let yourself understand that in truth this relationship is not finished for you. Know that the two of you have actually continued to move into a different level of awareness. As we link with your loved one, he is still in a state of trauma; it's difficult to explain this. He has fully transitioned to this side of the veil, we will say that much. But it is as if he is still shell shocked because his transition came so unexpectedly. His human self was not anticipating that this would happen. Therefore as we look at him and link with him, he is able to express an awareness that you are asking about him, express an awareness that his family is grieving for him; that they are asking to know how could this happen, what is going on.

Let us just say that he too is sending out his awareness to everyone. We have a sense that perhaps a short time down the road, it's very difficult to give any sort of a linear time line; several weeks or months perhaps until he will be in a better space to create a greater resolution. What he is saying now, from the awareness that he has already begun to move into, what he radiates out to all is that he was very disconnected from many people in his life, you are but one. We have a sense that he is beginning to come into a realization or an understanding that things were not as he perceived upon the earth, that he could have made different choices. It's almost as if he's sending out a blanket apology so to speak to people or blanket awareness that he is sort of coming into, but is not yet there as yet. So let yourself know that he has transitioned, that he is becoming aware of things, and that there is a sense of an apology or love; a shifting in awareness that is radiating from him.

Now allow me to say that as far as the headaches go; he and many others have been working with you through this process of transition. Because you are the individual that you are, you have become the antenna that other family members link through to connect to him; if that makes sense to you. These headaches you are feeling is that you have been taking on or blending with all the family members, then trying to convey that to him and receive a message from him to take back to them. In that respect, it has created headaches, but also digestive problems or muscle cramps, something like that as if there is more of a physical impact than what you have put together. We ask you to take this moment and let yourself clear out these energies not yours. When you were in the space of the All That Is, in the space of simply being you had already released at a higher level, what was not yours. So let yourself on this physical, conscious, human level, release what is not yours. Let the energy wash over you and through you; then allow yourself to understand that anything you choose to do for your family, you are doing from the goodness of your heart. But you are not responsible for being the communicator; you do not have to take on anything you do not desire. Does that make sense?

(Yes it does, is there anything I can do for him?)

There is nothing you need to do at this time. Sometimes people will get stuck in limbo, but he has fully transitioned. He is simply in that space that every soul essence goes through whenever they transition and realize "I don't think I'm human anymore!" He's in that state of shock you might say. He is surrounded by angels. He is not alone. There is definitely support around him. Simply releasing the distress, the feeling, the regret that you have and sending out a sense of allowing is really the best that you or anyone can do at this time of his transition.

(Thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) This has been a very difficult period for me, the past few weeks. I have been very depressed, upset, and angry. I don't feel as if I'm getting any support from other humans. I know I have it from the spiritual plane, but at the moment that doesn't seem enough and it hurts. Do you have words or advice for me?

Answer: For you too, let me send out our embrace and out loving support for you. We know and heard your acknowledgment that you are aware of this from our side of the veil, but we will give it to you physically and we will give it to you verbally at this time. We know that you feel the wash of energies as it moves through you. This transition you have been going through is one that you started about six or nine months ago. It is one of those transitions that has a multitude of different levels within the release that you are going through. We want to say that in looking at you and looking at what you are talking about in the release, you have actually done a great deal of work and we acknowledge that. Because you are in the space where you are right now, the anger that you are feeling is a very appropriate way to create change within your body and within your life. The anger and resistance is also what keeps you from being able to manifest other humans around you. Or, it's what keeps you from being able to link at a deeper level with the ones who are there.

There are certain people you will always have a deep link and connection to, but they also seem to aggravate you at this time. It's because of the transition that you, yourself are going through and feeling the unrest within yourself. Perhaps by telling you this it will open your awareness of what is going on within your life. If you can acknowledge that you are at a place in life where you know you are very angry, you know you are consciously releasing things, and you know that you are creating a shift for yourself. Still, consciously send out an opening or awareness that you will; by sending out a conscious acceptance or allowing of people to come into your space or into your life, you will begin to assist this transition for yourself so that you may fully move into the change you are seeking. When your focus is about the anger and your focus is about what is not happening in your life, it creates barriers within your life. Even someone open and aware of what they are doing in their life, these barriers can be there; they just may be very subtle and you are not aware they are there. So by consciously choosing to allow people in and consciously accepting that even though you are angry you want people around you and in your life; that is what will assist you in more fully releasing the anger and allowing people to come into your life. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does, thank you).

It's difficult to put a time frame on in human life. But we see this as a transition that began awhile ago. We do not see it as a space where you will be remaining for very much longer. Therefore, we sense that you can create changes and complete this shift at any time you choose to do so. So allow yourself to accept and allow yourself to BE who you are. Then as you look around, perhaps reading the newspaper, perhaps hearing about a group, perhaps just meeting people at random places; you will find that there are indeed more people around you than you perceive at this time.

(Okay, thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess I have a very clear picture of the life I am creating for myself. When I am in touch within me, I feel such connection and flow but I am struggling with periods of doubt right now. What words of support or advice do you have for me now?

Answer: This is something that happens to everyone, even the one who asked the question ahead of you is in a similar situation. When you are creating and manifesting within the space of the All That Is or your space of meditation or in the space that you feel, find, and know your perfection of who you are; that space of joy you just mentioned. It is very easy to know who you are and what you want, that is what you choose. Then it sometimes feels as if you have made a 180 degree turn and your life is actually the complete opposite of that; I'm speaking in the extreme, not necessarily you. This is what I see in humans so many different times, the sense that I am manifesting one thing, and what I have is something completely different. It is about the vibration you emanate, it's about allowing and accepting things into your life, but also what people tend to do sometimes when they know is that they begin to judge themselves; saying I must be vibrating right or I must not be allowing things right, or I must be doing something wrong because this has not happened yet. So that in itself creates a resistance within you because it is a judgment of yourself. That is something that is a purely human existence or emotion and I hope that it will shift as time goes by; it will cause less headaches for people down the road. In looking at you and what you are seeking to manifest and what you want in your life be aware that you have created the energy pattern around you for all that you are seeking to have.

Be aware that where you are right now and where you are seeking to go is but a breath away. It is very close, it is around you, and it is in your energy field. That is why it is important for you to recognize that when it feels like it is not arriving when it feels like it is not what you anticipate, when in your worst moments it feels as if all your spiritual work is not doing any good at all and why am I doing it. So let yourself honor and acknowledge that just because you are human and in the human process you are going to feel things like disappointment and that things will be different. Let yourself whenever you feel that consciously make the choice to honor that this is where you are right now and then again, expand and consciously invite in and allow in what you are seeking to have in your life. While we know that you are doing this to a great degree we want to confirm for you that it is working, it is what you are doing; it just has not yet arrived in your reality. We say that without judgment or preconceived notion of when it will arrive. I can only say to you that the vibration you send out consciously, unconsciously, and energetically is having the affect on why it is not coming in the time frame you seek to have. We also have a sense this has to do with other individuals and when you link your vibration with other individuals it also creates shifts in time. A little bit I find I have walked in a circle with this. Do you understand what I am saying?

(Yes, yes I do.)

So, the main thing is of course to accept that this is moment in which you are living and know that it is all around you and but a breath away. Accept and honor yourself in any giving moment of the day.

Question: (paraphrased) It is very similar to the previous one. I feel when I sit down to meditate and create that I am manifesting the exact opposite of what I want. This makes me feel as if I am not a good creator or afraid to create or I don't trust in my creation.

Answer: Exactly! It's no mistake when people ask these questions. There is always going to be a thread or similarity in the thread of what the questions are. This must be something that all of humanity needs to hear at this time, that each one of you who are speaking up and asking questions need to hear for yourself. Let me link with you specifically to see if there is something for me to say.

(It has a lot to do with creating balance in my life. At the time I try to create balance or decide specifically that I'm not going to carry the load for the entire family or company, just the opposite occurs! The phone rings off the hook with things for me to do.)

The perception I get with you is slightly different than what I get with the other individual. First and foremost as far as your statement about trusting in yourself and your creation I always, always, always want to say to you to trust yourself and to believe in your creation. You really do create with a very analytical mind but also very abstract. When I say that it makes me chuckle because analytical and abstract seem to be polar opposites of each other, but this is what you are feeling in your life. So, know that how you are creating and what you are creating can be your reality. The difference in balance came up when you mentioned carrying the load for your family that's where we felt the biggest resistance was. Not from within you, but those around you; the people who think in their life or act in their life in a different way from you. That may also carry over to work; it's those we feel around you on a consistent basis.

So, in this regard, we are feeling more of an influence from these outside sources, of which you have no control over. If you in your instance and your case will take the opportunity to go into the space in which you are creating, to continue to create what you wish to have in your life and how you wish to communicate with these individuals, and how you wish the flow to be within and around you; then bring it down around you and allow yourself to breathe it in. Recognize it's just not there right now. At this time in your life, it is as you said, almost the opposite of what you seek to create. We sense that because you've been a part of this and your energy bodies are so deeply connected to these individuals this it is like you are caught up in their trauma, their drama, and their life experiences. Until you can release that connection from them; you can still be in relationships with them, you can still work with them, you can have conversations; but it's about releasing energetically to a degree where you are no longer pulled in to what is going on with them. That allows you to be more fully within yourself. That allows you to be able to draw from within your own self your creation and your reality. That is what will allow it to come down into your physical reality on the earth. Does that make sense?

(Yes, it feels like I am trying to unplug, so that's what creates this.)

Yes, you are absolutely right! Sometimes when people feel you pulling away or releasing them, they tend to cling more tightly. That's why it may seem as if the times you want most to be disconnected, you are most pulled into it. It's your response to them, as they are responding to you! These types of interactions and relationships happen on many, many different levels. If you give yourself the opportunity in your meditation or private space or private time; then look at yourself with that individual on a one to one basis. Then you can let yourself release the ones who are holding you back. Then keep the ones who make you feel enriched and happy. We sense a group of individuals in particular, about 3-4, do it with them one on one. Then trust in your ability to create. Continue to believe in yourself and know that you are connected deeply within yourself. From that process you will find yourself creating the new reality you are seeking to have.

(Thank you)

Again, let me say that we appreciate this because there are so many people creating changes in their lives and creating a different reality for themselves. When it doesn't work, it's important to remember that you are still the creator. You are still doing what you need to do, but it's a matter of relationships with other people; allowing and accepting who you are, where you are, and what is going on. First and foremost release any judgment of where you are or what's been going on in your life.

(Paraphrased) I recently found out my soul lineage and it is that I am a healer of those who are moving into another dimension. I am wondering if you can give me any insights.

Answer: You have been a healer in many, many life times. You have worked with healing in many different ways. You were very connected to the Druids and lived a multitude of lifetimes with them. With the Druids you were about healing, connection to mother earth, flowers, fairies and those type energies. That is what we sense is the strongest energy you brought into this lifetime. So, you on your personal journey has been about healing yourself and allowing yourself to move into another dimension, into a higher dimension; then perceiving what that is for yourself. Therefore through that experience you have developed a font of information that will be a part of your daily life that you will use and share in your daily life in communication with other people. Indeed there have been a multitude of lifetimes as the healer in many different forms. Indeed in this lifetime we do see the healer within and around you as we have mentioned various times.

The greatest growth for you over the last 1-2 years is believing you are truly as magical as you want to be, then allowing that to be a part of who you are. We sense you are moving more and more deeply into this at this time. You will find yourself manifesting other people who will be saying that you are interested in such and such; then you will be able to say ‘hey, I've been there and this was my experience'. Does that give you more clarity?

(I wondered if it would be a teaching experience or if I would help people shift by being around my vibration and radiating: light, love and intention.)

Exactly! It's both. It doesn't have to be one or the other; you are each linked to the collective consciousness of the earth and you each have an impact. So by healing yourself, doing this, sending out the conscious intention; that people will shift with ease and gentleness; indeed it will have an affect. There is also what you yourself are experiencing and you will have individuals come to you. It is going to happen in various ways.

(Thank you, that sounds great! I didn't know I was a healer, I can't seem to get past my ego.)

That statement that you've just made is what creates a barrier. If you begin to go inside of yourself with your breathing and consciousness, then someone says I have this perception you are a healer; you can go inside and ask ‘am I a healer'? Then you can recognize if this is a truth within yourself or something that is outside of yourself. So, there are times when, myself included, others may say something that will trigger a response or open a conversation within yourself, but the true awareness of your reality can only come from within you. Nobody else can tell you what your reality is. They can only reflect back to you or perceive things. So, when you go inside and ask a question; then hear within yourself or believe within yourself you can then incorporate that within you. For example, instead of saying "Am I a healer?" if it resonates with you, then say "I AM a healer".


Question: (paraphrased) I am wondering about John Lennon. I know Yeshua was part of our channel tonight. I know that John was very much a part of the earth and concerned with the earth, with the transformation we are going through, so I'm wondering what John is doing now and if he's aware.

Answer: The initial reaction we have from your question is that when he transitioned back to this side of the veil; he's actually had a multitude of different lifetimes and this last life time as the individual you know as John Lennon was a lifetime of high profile. Where he is now in terms of his soul essence, his divinity, it's like he went back into a space of healing, recovery, and assimilation of all that is going on. We sense that he is actually linked to many energies; that his energies have come through in many different ways. But the pure essence of John Lennon who walked upon the earth has not incarnated again at this time. He is linked to other energy aspects so; there are similar soul energies who are in human form and other parts that are in the non-physical at this time. In part, if this is coming through a little unclearly or vaguely is due to the fact that Shelly is getting tired. It's also due to the fact that his soul essence is one that is brilliant and filled with light. He has had many, many different life experiences. He had such a strong personality which is still so prevalent upon the earth that it carries over and somewhat shadows the perceptions we are able to pick up from the soul essence so you have to look beyond that and see who is at a soul essence. That is why we say his of a similar vibration and those vibrations are already linked with others upon the earth. The sense that we get is that the core essence or aspect that is him still remains in the non physical form at this time.

With that we will bring this to a close. We appreciate everyone for coming in to join with this experience this evening. We appreciate the questions that are so prevalent upon the earth at this time. That so many people feel a difference between what they seek to manifest and what they currently have as their reality.

Again, let yourself flow with the energy of belief in yourself. Let yourself flow with the energy of a deep connection within yourself to all of who you are; both as a human in this life experience and as your divinity. Allow through that connection for your life to be filled with joy, with potential, and with excitement.

I am ever with you and within you.




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