Messages from the Creators of Religions

Nama Sika, Venia Benya; I AM the one, I AM the whole.

I greet you my beloved family. I thank you for this opportunity to come and be with you as you are moving upon your journey of expansion. You are each a glorious and vibrant light! You are each experiencing anything that comes your way; you take it in, experience it, and then you let go what is no longer working for you. In this way, you are allowing yourself to truly expand, to truly be in this energy and be in this space of love. All that we are working on is about love. Bringing the love of the universe, the love of your soul’s connection into who you are on a daily basis. Into who you are as you are walking through your days.

As I speak at this time, I am connecting with each one of you. I ask you now to release your physical body, allowing your consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid work. The magnetic grid work surrounds the earth and it works in conjunction with the magnetics that are within the earth. It is pathways. It has places where people can communicate, where they can grow and expand within themselves. This area is shifting and evolving as a result of all that is happening upon the earth.

Those of you who have been following these journeys can see and sense the differences that have occurred and much of that is due to exactly what you are doing right now. Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid, until you move into the space of the crystalline grid work. This is an energy field that is parallel to the magnetics, but you release the gravitational pull of the earth. You release the energy of the magnetics until you are in a pure crystalline energy.

You may wonder why we often focus on this and the reason is that as each of you are evolving and growing through these journeys and through your personal development, you are taking on and becoming more crystalline within your body. This is assisting in the shifts that are happening within your physical body in addition to your consciousness.

As you are ready to do so, call forth a column of light that allows you to shift your consciousness. Shift and move through this column until you find yourself emerging onto the soul plane. As you emerge from this column of light, you feel as if your consciousness can expand and stretch in every direction. You feel as if you are truly expanding and growing in many different ways. Allow yourself to recognize that this is where you are within your divinity.

Call forth your I AM presence. You may see or sense it as something outside of yourself. Or you may have a sense of it coming from within. You may find that your presence, your soul essence, is here waiting for you and you don’t even need to call it forth. Allow yourself to blend fully that you know in all aspects exactly who you are. Feel the joy that bubbles up from within you because you are fully reunited within yourself.

Feel the excitement that comes from being in this space. Through your intention, allow yourself to now shift into the space that is known as the Nama Sika Room. You put forth the intention to shift your consciousness into this space, and you find yourself in an area that is similar to but has a subtle difference from where you just were.

The Nama Sika room, as it is known, is a space where everybody can come to be in the presence of the Goddess; to be in the presence of all who connect through these journeys. This is a room where you know and feel your support. This is a room that is used for healings, for celebration. Whatever it is that you are seeking; you may come and share time within this space.

Have a sense of looking around from within your inner eyes. You may sense colors, textures. You may sense that there are many more people and energies who are here than are connected through your telephone call. With most every journey, we come together, at least at some point, to be within this space. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. And now that we are bringing it to your awareness, I invite you to utilize it. That is the way that this energy will become strengthened and more easily accessible to all who are seeking.

Have a sense of perceiving my presence as I now make myself known to each of you. As I come into the room, it is as if there is a white light that comes into and blends with each and every one of you. As you open to blend with my energies, I assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is. This space of the void. The space of complete balance and tranquility. You can find an even greater expansion takes place from within.

This is always a time for you to go inside of yourself, for you to connect with who you are; to bring your consciousness into this moment. If perhaps there is something within your life that you are transitioning, make it known to yourself at this moment. Through your acknowledgement, you are able to shift it into this vibration which will assist in resolving or evolving whatever you may be going through upon the earth plane. There is such a welling of love that comes through at just such a moment. Feel it within you. Know that you are the essence of love.

We are going to take this journey as a means of linking some of the major religions that are available upon the earth. We have spoken with in the past Yeshua and Buddha. We have spoken with Malchizedec. Now is the time for everyone to realize how all of these are related to one another and what their purpose was when each one came into being. I step aside as Mohammed has asked to speak to you.


Mohammed speaks:

Greetings Beloved Family. Greetings and feel the energy of Allah as comes through me. Feel the energy of Allah as is spoken and our acknowledgement of Him throughout our day and throughout our lives. I came in at a time in which ritual was very important to the people. So many felt lost and abandoned. So many people did not know where they were going, why they were doing, what they were feeling. And as I came through to speak, my message was of love. My message was of connection and reverence to Allah.

Allah means God. But Allah is also the All That Is. And we are in the space of the All That Is; therefore we are connecting to the God that is within all of us. I knew this at the time that it came through, but perhaps it was not the right time to share that message. Some people heard that message; others did not.

When I spoke of the rituals, it was decided that throughout the day, we would have a way of reminding ourselves of our connection to God. We created a space of gratitude. Gratitude that God was there, overseeing our lives. Gratitude for what we had within our lives. And from this space of gratitude, we could also feel the gratitude for being alive and on the earth.

At the time that I first came in, there was a heavy denseness that permeated the earth, and I brought a new and different message. As times have shifted, the centuries have passed, things have moved forward until they are in the space in which they are today. As has happened with so many of the world religions, some aspects have been taken out of context. There are some who have been in this space of taking things to the extreme. There have been others who have taken it to the extreme in terms of judgment. But realize that all comes from this space of love.

As I came into this space, there were many energies that I worked with; there were many people who assisted in grounding – in bringing this, what became a religion, into a reality. I made a number of different appearances, coming back to the earth in various forms. Each time that I would do this, it was to assist in redirecting and reminding all of the space of gratitude and love, and the connection to God and the All That Is.

There are others who are here to speak with you at this time. Feel my love that goes out to each and every person who feels this energy. My love only grows stronger the more who connect within me. But we have a large group here today, and others wish to speak with you also. I thank you for this opportunity. Ansaluia.


Krishna speaks:

I greet you and I am Krishna. I too have been a part of the energies that was to bring people together upon the earth. I did not live upon the earth in the way that so many others did. I would manifest upon the earth to assist people in shifting and transitioning, and then I remained more so in the space of a deity.

Those who follow my religion recognize that everything is sacred. They see, sense, and know the sacredness that is within each animal, within each tree, within all that happens upon the earth. There have been many forms of this which have shifted and evolved over the years until there are many different sub-sects within. But through all of this, my message has been to recognize and honor everything that is upon the earth; to recognize and honor all that is here for you. Be aware of the abundance. Be aware of your potential. And while much of me is placed as if up above and cannot be reached, in truth I am within you. And I ask you to reach within to connect with me.

I too thank you for this opportunity. And I will take a step back because there are others who are here and wish to speak. Ansaluia my Beloved Family.


Gaia speaks:

I am Gaia. I am Goddess of the earth. I am Goddess of the energies that surround the Druids and the Celtics. Many might not consider this a religion, but in truth, the energies behind it are the same as those of these other religions. These peoples were very connected to the earth. They all were in touch with their own natural abilities to heal. They nurtured the earth and they survived from the earth. It was a rapport that grew and evolved over time. There were many different sections. Some chose to connect with certain aspects <of nature>. But throughout all, who came into and were in this space of these lifetimes, and many of you were there, you knew that the connection to Goddess was opening to that divine feminine within you in an effort to bring greater balance that was needed at that time.

There are still the Druids upon the earth; the Celtics. You simply are now oftentimes a part of other energies. But those of you who were with me, you know and you can feel it. Reconnect within this space.

I have never left you alone and you have always honored me in all your various ways. I am so deeply connected with all of you that my energy feels as if it is your own. After this connection with all my other brothers and sisters who are here with me, you will feel each energy as if it’s your own. And again, I allow the others that are here to speak. I will remain, but I step aside. Ansaluia.


Yeshua speaks:

Greetings, this is Yeshua. Feel my love, feel my energy. Feel all aspects of who I AM. Connect with the energy of Jesus as he was the beginning of bringing the Christ energies to the earth. In reality, the Christ energies had already been put into place with the others. But Jesus brought in something different, something very dramatic, and a shift that was required and needed at that time. As you follow that down throughout the years, you see how it has changed and evolved in so very many ways.

But all of my energy and all of my message is about love, beginning with loving yourself and therefore loving all who are around you. And in that, you are releasing judgment. Judgment of yourself; judgment of others. And yes, I am well aware of how so many who say they follow me can be so very judgmental. But again, it is taken in a context that was derived for a certain period of time or for certain individuals. Nothing is created without a need that creates it.

I thank you for this opportunity to come through. I will remain and hold this space of the Christ throughout this journey. Ansaluia.


Buddha speaks:

I am the energy known as Buddha. I had many different names in that lifetime. Buddha is easy and it brings forth the representation. At the time that I had my last lifetime upon the earth, I knew as soon as I became conscious of thought that I was there for a purpose and one purpose only. I conformed with the energies of society, I stepped into my place, and I thought that I could do all that I sought to do within that one life experience.

I then felt my need to go into solitude, I could not find that space of ascension and that space of peace and a balance within myself unless I was by myself. But my intention in doing that was to show every human that they, too, could do exactly what I was doing; because I was a human.

At that time, the energies were much denser, and so it was different. Each of you are moving along, and each of you are ascending and doing exactly what I did. And you can still keep your life as you know it. Of course, if it no longer works for you, you move forward, and you create a new life. But the energies are so different now as I feel everybody moving and ascending is assisting each other.

I cast around connecting to each of you. I feel the love billowing up even more within me. I am here and I am fully present. Ansaluia.


Greetings Beloved Family. It is I, the Goddess of Creation, once more. See before you a circle of energies of all who spoke with you throughout this journey. See each energy as unique and special unto themselves. There were many, many more who would love to speak. But this is the time for this group who has spoken. There will be other times in which you may speak with other energies of light. You can feel how each was so unique, so precious, and they had such a specific purpose upon the earth. I ask you to follow them from this origin in which you are connecting. And as if you were seeing the years pass by in front of you, notice how the pendulum has swung moving out from each of these individuals who brought a certain aspect to the earth. How the people who were living in various times would interpret the energy of that religion.

We have an energy who is making himself known, who wishes to speak and be recognized and he is saying it is not complete without me; this is Abraham, Ahbraheem. As his presence comes in it is different from the others, and he is here.


Abraham speaks:

I send forth to each of you my love and my light. I smile and joke with the Goddess that she would think to let me miss my turn to speak! And yes, granted, there are many, many others but I will be heard at this time in which some of these others are heard because I am of like vibration to them.

There is not the hierarchy from our perception when you are in this space of the non-physical. But from the earthly perception, there is. People sense the subtle shifts and differences in energy and it creates in their mind a hierarchy. I came forth at a time in which it was necessary to bring together a people. For I see and I recognize that so many people have had their trials and tribulations throughout the many centuries. My people have a heart that is deep and binding. And they have opened over and over to energies of sacrifice. Yes, and some, it can be played out as feeling guilt. But to others, it is as if you sacrifice for God, you sacrifice of yourself. I am here and fully present to say that I and all who follow me do so with the knowledge that God is present in all that they are doing. And that while they pray to God as somewhere in the heavens, they also bring God into who they are.

I too send my love out to all. Ansaluia.


This is the Goddess and I have this sense of chuckling. As we take this moment and connect with everybody, there is that sense of the seriousness, but there’s also that sense of the joyful laughter and expansion. There are many others who are stepping forth to say, “I will not be left out”. And we acknowledge them all energetically and each of you are feeling and knowing the download that they are presenting to you.

So simply allow yourself to see all these energies as they form a circle. See them as they send out their love and light to each other so that they are linking with each other.

As they do so, this light becomes very bright and vibrant. As we were doing before, you may have a sense of following each individual energy on its pathway moving out from who they were. But you can also turn backwards, as if to say backwards <meaning follow from present day in reverse> and follow this energy as it goes back to within its source. As you connect with this source energy, you know that all have come from within the energy of God/Goddess. From within the energy of the All That Is. That energy or space that can hold the infinite potential of all the Universe. It can hold who you are.

You know that just as each of these energies represents a specific religion upon the earth and each of them comes from Source, and each of you comes from Source, you are therefore the source of each of these religions. Not just the one that you may have grown up with; not just the one that you may currently follow. But you are the source of all religions as they manifest upon the earth. You in your core essence, when you go back to that particle that is you, that particle that was created from the pure love and connection of the original perception of Light. That space that created God/Goddess, also created you.

Just as you can see their vibrant light, so too you see your own blended and connected in with each one of them; with this energy of the whole. As you move forward in the months and years to come, the battles that are currently going on will begin to evolve and resolve. It won’t happen immediately, but it is coming. The more that people are able to connect up with all of these energies; who can connect with this source and recognize how each religion, comes from the same space and so too, each person comes from the same space, then there is no need to fight. There is no need to judge another. There is only the essence of love, the essence of acceptance and connection.

Feel that within you. Allow yourself to fully become this energy of Source. Allow yourself to take it into all aspects of your I Am Presence that it may therefore permeate all aspects of the lives that may be occurring at this time. This ball of light that was created by all of these energies begins to spin and move. I have a sense of seeing some of you make a leap or jump into that ball that you may blend more fully with it. You may do so, or you may hold the energy of another circle outside this inner circle. If you blend with this energy, you have the potential to feel yourself expand even further.

I ask you now to form a group, perhaps a circle of light, a circle of energy. From your circle, create a vortex or column of light that connects you with your physical earth. Have a sense of sending this ball of light that was created from all these energies down through that column. It again splits and goes around through the magnetic grid and then down further and further into the earth.

As this energy comes into the earth, it’s as if it is jarring to a degree. But the earth quickly absorbs it and blends and aligns with this energy. It then is reflected out from within the center. It comes up through all the particles of the earth; the water, the oceans, and the streams; the grass, the trees. It even goes into the rocks, the mountains. And what is permeating this energy of the earth is the knowledge that all religions are one. That all religions are a part of the whole and the essence of that is the love and the spiritual acceptance first and foremost within yourself and then of all the others who are around you.

Have a sense of absorbing that, as if your physical aspect that remains on earth is pulling more energy up from the earth into your physical body. Know and trust that it will permeate all who are upon the earth. Some will not be conscious of it – many will not be conscious of it – but those that are sensitive will feel the shift.

Bring your energy back within this space. You need not take this within yourself because you are already a part of the light. To bring a greater connection out into the omniverse and into the beyond, have a sense of sending this energy and light out into the space of the universe, the omniverse; into all aspects who are a part of creation. Have a sense of shifting your awareness back within yourself. Allow your consciousness to fully focus on who you are.

How have you shifted and changed as a result of these energies? What can you now perceive within yourself that may have been unavailable to you before? Feel and know that you are complete and you are whole. Have a sense of shifting now, returning to that space of the soul plane. You may stop briefly in the Nama Sika room. See how these energies were very much a part of the journey tonight. There is a celebration going on within this space. A celebration with dancing, music, talking. You see all energies blending, connecting, and communicating with each other. What is created within this room is what will be upon the earth.

From here you shift and return to the space of the soul plane. Find yourself in that space which has housed your I AM Presence. You are each so completely expanded from this journey. Allow yourself to create a shift in the soul plane so that it will feel comfortable with this new you, this new perception of who you are.

Within this space create the hologram of your physical body. Create the hologram that represents you as you are today. You may shift it into the you that you seek to become. As you see this hologram, know that all is in perfection. Reach out to embrace and take it within you. As you do so, you realize that you are incorporating greater and greater amounts of these higher vibrational energies into your physical body and your physical body is growing and acclimating in conjunction with your spiritual growth. You are in the space of balance. You are in the space of oneness. Feel and know it within you.

Allow yourself to move into the column of light which again will shift you so that you may return to the space of the crystalline grid. As you move into the crystalline, there is a different vibrancy to it, there is a greater alignment. And you take this in recognizing that it is aligning in a better way to support you.

As you are ready to do so, move into the magnetic grid work. Recognize the way that there is an infusion of crystalline energy into this grid, that it does not feel so jarring to you as you enter it. But you do feel the pull of the earth. You do feel the magnetics and those changes which are a part of the earth plane. You find yourself grounding. You find yourself coming back, bringing your consciousness with you into the earth plane, back into this physical body that is you.

So breathe in the energy, breathing it into your physical presence. Bring your consciousness more fully back within your physical body. As you are ready to do so, you may press the 4 on your telephone that you may come back within this conference room and I am open to receive questions.


Question: <paraphrased> Will there be more earth changes within the next two months (March and April 2005)?

Answer: The earth is always in a state of flux, in a state of transition. There are further earthquake potentials in Asia going further east in Asia. There are potentials in the United States. There are potentials in Russia and moving down through the eastern European areas and also going into the southern Pacific there are potentials for earthquakes. That is what comes to mind first and foremost. In any one location we do have a sense that in those more northern climes are more inclined to have earthquakes. But again, all of this is a means of releasing energy; a means of releasing that which is no longer working for the earth. And all that happens, we remind you that no one transitions without it being their time to transition. So nobody is in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are always in the right place at the right time. And they are perhaps a part of a group that is transitioning.

Now we do not sense that there is anything to the magnitude of what occurred at the beginning of this year (Goddess is referencing the Tsunami in Asia), but there will be other storms and earthquakes and things like that throughout the rest of the year but this is not unusual. There are always going to be storms and earthquakes and there’s always going to be transitions that are occurring upon the earth. So we ask you not to be in a space of fear, but to be in a space of acknowledgment that all is evolving in the right and perfect manner. In the belief that anyone who transitions is doing so at their right and perfect time, and the trust and the understanding that earth is growing, ascending, and evolving in the way that is absolutely right and perfect. [the person speaks further] As we said, there won’t be earth upheavals to the degree that there was. Alright Beloved, thank you, is there anybody else?


Question: <paraphrased> My work environment has many negative energies. Please advise me as to why this is and how to create more harmony there.

Answer: Alright Beloved. You are speaking of the upheavals and the changes that are taking place at work. In truth, the overriding energy that we sensed when you spoke of this is that this is not about what’s going on with you, it’s about you being the catalyst for others to change. And you are saying to yourself, “well, I don’t want to be the catalyst in such a horrible way.” That it’s very uncomfortable for you to be in that space and we recognize that and we see that within you.

So what is coming up in this for you is that you are having opportunity to be able to shift, transition, and move out of the space of duality. Because what is happening when you are in this negativity and in this backstabbing that is going on there, it makes you very much realize the trauma and the drama that people will become caught up in. It will be about people in their own little stories and what is their story, what is real to one versus real to another. And so, you can observe this to a degree and you will begin to learn how not to become caught up in it.

Now what can you do to assist in shifting this? To assist in letting it go? To assist each individual in being able to move through this space to make it more harmonious? You can set the intention for the day. You can do this from home, or you can do this as you arrive at work. We suggest perhaps as you are driving to work because we don’t want you to walk into that energy. But see the office space as it is and have a sense of sending forth from within you the energies of love, communication, peacefulness; whatever it is that comes to your mind. And as if coming out from your heart center, let those energies move throughout the entire office. Now, for some people that are sensitive to these energies they may feel uncomfortable in this space, but for the vast majority it will create a sense of calming and a sense of peace. But some will become even more irritable because they are actually sensing these energies and it’s creating more of a fight within them. But the overriding and the long term effect from this is that there will be greater peace. At least, peace in your perception and in the people that you are dealing with directly. Does that all make sense to you? [Thank you] You are welcome beloved, we thank you for asking.


Question: <paraphrased> What does this year of 2005 have in store for me?

Answer: You are continuing to be in transition and you have been looking at work and looking at new potentials of what to do with your life. What you sought has not been manifesting for you in part because you are still creating what is it you want to do with this year, what is it you want to do with yourself, what is going to bring you the greatest amount of growth. Is that correct beloved? [the person acknowledged yes] Because you have been in this state of not entirely knowing what you want, it has left you with a feeling of imbalance or a feeling of unrest within yourself. So, we sense that you are coming to a point that you have reached or will reach within the next few days to a week or more, of really being able to tap into that which you are seeking within yourself. And then, you will be able to more readily create it within yourself. So that you will then have the energy that you are seeking.

If you had manifested what you sought say four months ago, then it would not have brought you the joy that you are seeking. You have been growing, changing, and evolving at a very rapid rate. So, what you are creating from here forth is going to be different and that is the reason that it has not come to fruition as yet. What we sense is that you will still be in a searching mode for the next several months, but we see that by summertime you will find a place of greater balance within yourself. You will find new opportunities coming to you. We see you working with people. We see people coming to you for information, coming to you for advice. And also just being in the space of that you might be a consultant that they are seeking information. And that by the end of the year, that in itself will shift and grow into a new position. Also a new location. Does that make sense to you? [person answers yes and says thank you] Alright, you are welcome beloved and we thank you for asking.


Question: <paraphrased> I am seeking the right partner for me and I’d like some advice about what work is best for me. I’d also like more clarity about my work situation, whether I will stay or leave.

Answer: The energy that comes forth most strongly is about your work place and what is this going to bring forth for you. Energetically around you, that is the overriding emotion or focus within your life. Our sense is that changes are occurring at work and there is a very good possibility that around May – June there may be a new opportunity that comes your way either within this same office or in a different place. That you may physically move and go to a different place of work. We see a change coming about and it may be change within the work place, within your physical location. It’s not very clear because you are still creating what is going to manifest.

In terms of your mate, or your life partner, we do see this energy around you. We do sense that this is very close to coming into contact if you have not already met him in a very casual way. Our sense is that he has been moving into a space of beginning to find himself. He’s not quite as evolved as you would consider yourself. That’s simply that you are in two different places. So, when you first encounter him, or any individual, be open to the potential that they may have to evolve because our sense is that right now he is not where you are and that is in part why you have not met because the two of you need to be in the space of alignment that will allow you to encounter each other in an essence or in a vibrational way that is comfortable for the both of you where you can connect, you can communicate and it will evolve. Does that make sense beloved? [she said yes] So, in terms of when you will meet, we sense that it will be this year, that your job will transition or shift before you meet this other individual. [Thank you]


Question: <paraphrased> I feel overwhelmed in my life. What do I need to focus on for myself and my service?

Answer: You are continuing to evolve and shift who you are as an individual and this is what is coming through in what you are going to offer to people. You will continue to be in a service capacity. You continue to offer to people healing modalities, or the space for them to heal, to come to, to heal. You are bringing in more and more. You are feeling a feeling a deeper connection to the earth and you are using the energies of the earth as you are working with an individual in assisting them in shifting and releasing a blockage.

You are moving into the space in which you are, instead of just using the energy and working with the energy within and around a person; the physical touch and manipulation of the energy field is now a part of going into a deeper level. You cannot use one without the other. They are all a part of the whole within you and that is what is important. You are already well aware of it. You are coming to realize how everything is simply going to move into a deeper capacity. You will know what you need to do with each individual. Some will require more of a physical touch; others will require less of a physical and more of an energy alignment and it will all be whatever it needs to be for that individual and you will be perceiving it and you will know what you need to bring forth as you are working with the person. [the person says they are getting too distracted to allow that focus] You are getting distracted by other people’s thoughts and opinions. You are getting distracted by all that’s going on within your life and so this is not in the forefront. When you’re at work, or you’re working on these energy classes or things like that, you are still being inundated by the other family matters, the other things that are going on. So you have this sense of feeling overwhelmed with everything. So we ask you to take more time to breathe and expand your energy field. Because if you bring in greater energy, you can bring in greater peace within yourself. That space of greater peace allows you to focus more specifically on whatever your task is that you are doing. Have you been doing that? [the person answers no] The more that you practice for instance, driving your car, breathe in and expand your energy field. When you’re walking down the hallway perhaps going to a meeting or meeting a person breathe in and expand your energy field. It does not have to be a set time you set away from your daily activity. Incorporate it into all that you do during the day so that it becomes as natural as breathing - it is breathing! [Thank you] Alright beloved, we thank you for that question. Anybody else?


Question: <paraphrased> Could you talk about the DNA shifting that humans are going through?

Answer: The DNA is shifting and changing in many, many different ways. The two strands that have been known by the scientists have expanded in very many people into the twelve strands and it’s now going beyond that even further and further. What the difference in the DNA represents is the difference within dimensions. So, an individual who has more strands of their DNA activated is an individual who can shift their energy between dimensions. They can perceive a higher vibrational energy either within themselves or around themselves. And it’s more than just someone who may be clairvoyant and can see non-physical energies. It’s more a matter of how are you living, breathing, expanding within yourself.

When your DNA is shifted, it’s a part of the ascension process and this moving forward that all of earth is doing. The dolphins and whales have held that energy for you and more and more humans are now taking it on, incorporating it within them. That is what all of you who are at the forefront are doing. And in turn, as that becomes more prevalent, it may feels as if “Well, I’ve come this far. There is no way I can go back.” And it is very true. Once these energies are activated within you, you don’t want to go back. You don’t want to do less and it is a part of what prompts you to learn more, to seek more, and to take in what may be happening around you. [person asks about their own DNA] We sense you have activated 10 to 12 strands. You have moved through and released a great deal of the duality. You have opened yourself more fully to a greater consciousness within yourself. When you begin to walk through your days in this space of expansion, this space of oneness that is when all of these will be more fully activated. You will have time during the day but it’s as if you go in, come out; go in, come out. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This is simply a part of the process. Most often with the human, they find themselves looking back and saying, “Wow, something happened a month ago. Or six weeks ago. Or two months ago.” And that is probably when you will take that switch over into being fully activated. Does that make sense, Beloved? [person answers yes. Thank you] You are welcome, I will take one more question.


Question: <paraphrased> What choices are before me for this year?

Answer: There is nothing in particular that is coming to mind other than what you have already been doing. You have been needing to make choices of who you are, where you are, what is moving forward in your process. You have needed to make choices about who you choose to communicate with, how you choose to live your days, where you are living, where you are going to be in the future. These types of questions. It is just going into more of the same. Some things that were “I don’t really like it” may become more intolerable to you. You may feel as if you need to shift your location. You may feel as if you need to make the choice on what you are accepting for your reality in this life. Choice is about creating and creating your own reality through your divinity. How much of your divinity are you going to bring in and living, breathing, expanding through your days. Does that make sense? [the person speaks further] You are already connected with your Twin flame. When you speak of that, we don’t have a sense of another individual on the earth. You connect with your wholeness when you go into your I AM Presence. You are connecting with this energy within yourself already. So for you to more physically connect with it as you are speaking of, is for you to be more present and conscious in your daily life and bringing that within yourself. So, it may not be another physical individual, separate from you. [the person speaks further] It’s more a matter of going within and blending within yourself as opposed to who you are with or who you may not be with. [person speaks further] Everybody is seeking that and we ask you to come together as groups. When we spoke earlier, on the message board, many of you are already doing this through communication through the internet, that through your message boards on your computers, and your communication with each other. I always encourage you to form relationships that may not be physically present with you, but where you can have these conversations of support and love be it through the internet, telephone or whatever it may be. And recognize that you may not be physically living with the person and you may or may not choose to make a change to that. That is all going to be up to you. [person speaks further] No one can ever make a wrong choice. Every choice that you make, no matter what it is, is the choice that was right in that moment. So release judgment of yourself. Release criticism of an outcome or release the unexpected outcome. Accept that whatever step you take on whatever path is the path that’s needed for that moment. And it may change and shift and go in another direction immediately, or it may change and shift several days down the road. It doesn’t matter. It is all a part of the process and you would not have made that choice if it was not important for you to do so. So this is about accepting and acknowledging who you are and of releasing judgment of yourself. [thank you] Very good beloved, of course you knew!! We ask you to begin to trust yourself.

[A person stepped in to say thank you, Goddess, for a wonderful journey]

Thank you very much for that acknowledgement. I enjoy talking with these energies myself whenever I get together with them. They enjoy being in each other’s presence and when they have the opportunity to come through and speak with all of you, come through and blend their energies as one; that brings them great joy and a great sense of a deeper depth of love and connection within themselves and to each other. So they are all very grateful to you for asking for this opportunity. It all works both ways. And I am, of course, happy to provide the medium for everyone to come through and speak.

With that, I acknowledge each one of you upon your journey. I thank you for sharing this time with me and I am always here for you. You are each on your own journey. You are each beloved. You are each a ray of Light.

I am with you. I am within you.




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