Metatron and the Vortex of Light

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During the Winter/Summer Solstice (Dec 2014) there was a powerful Vortex of energy!  Metatron, the Goddess of Creation, Jesus & Lady Gaia all spoke during this channel of releasing the imprint of old energies from the earth and its dimensions.  Since the time of Atlantis, the earth has been stuck in a rut of control and manipulation.  You can see it individual people and their response to others; you can see it played out in the worldwide politics.  This channel has a VERY powerful infusion of energy to release the old patterns and integrate the crystalline or Lightbody energies.

Metatron or Lord Metatron spoke of how has created an alignment with every soul who’s incarnated upon the earth.  Therefore, through him, we have a direct link to everyone upon the earth.  He’s directly aligned with the collective consciousness as a ‘holder’ of the energies.  During this channel he creates many, many vortices of light that link the universe and the earth.  Through these Vortices, as we infuse the crystalline light; it was clearing and shifting the old patterns of control. 

Because this took place a few days before Christmas, as we were starting to close I could hear people saying ‘what about a message from Jesus, Yeshua’?  He then stepped forward and spoke about how all that he initiated the 2014 years ago is coming to fruition.  He said the God within you or YOUR God source energy is now your first link or line of communication when reaching towards the angels and beings of light. His energy was so strong and flowed with great ease. 

Lastly, as we worked with the hologram, Lady Gaia came forth and she was just laughing~~  She’s filled with joy and the transformation that took place and was pleased to speak of this to all of us.  It’s created new path ways in the energy around the earth and she fully supported this change. 

This is a powerful channel filled with great change and no matter when you listen to it, you will be in the energies of transition. 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever you may be in your life. There is so much taking place upon the earth. There is so much taking place out in the universe and this is an opportunity for you to make choices within your life that will set the energies not only to the next year to come but for an indefinite period of time.

There is a portal of energy that moves throughout the earth and moves throughout the universe which is open to a very wide capacity at this time. This portal is one that has multiple sites throughout the world, but all of the energy that is infusing through it comes from that light crystalline vibration of the universe.

This is God source energy. This is the energy of universal light. You have an even greater opportunity to allow it to not only infuse you within your physical body, but infuse your life, your experiences, your family, anything at all that may be going on within and around you.

As I speak of this I invite you to take this moment while you are here upon the earth and consider whatever it is that may be on your mind. It may be something that’s frustrating; it may be something that feels you with joy. Be open to receive, be open to accept, be open to allow whatever that may be. And as you do so know that throughout our time together this evening you are going to create a transition, you are going to create a new opportunity.

You may do this every minute of every day if you so choose although you will get quite bug down, but you may do this as often as you feel inclined to do so.

Beloved family, I’ve told you before about the opportunities that come with the solstice, be it winter or summer depending on where you live and also the opportunities of the equinox. They each have their own unique energy and vibration. They each serve their own purpose but this day, December 21, 2014 is a day of immense transformation of energy.

The earth has been moving through many, many, different layers of release and layers of transition. The earth has integrated over the thousands and millions of years the energies of past experiences that people have had. By that one might call it an imprint; one might call it a cellular memory. These are vibrations of experiences that continue to have an effect upon humanity. Tonight we will work with releasing them even more fully.

The consciousness of the earth is transitioning. The consciousness of the universe is also transitioning and that flow of energy that moves back and forth in between is opening up to an even greater ease or an even greater flow. As humanity is able to tap into the higher lighter dimensions it allows the integration of the universal light. When there is the residual energies of the earth that keep anchoring people into patterns that no longer serve them, patterns of control, manipulation, abuse, it makes it a challenge to fully integrate something so drastically different. This is why you see such contrast in your society at this time.

I invite you to take this moment to breathe in the essence or the energy around you in this now moment, allowing that to move through you, breathing all the way down into your heart center and let it go all the way down anchoring into the earth. Allow yourself to be anchored within Gaia, by the elementals and the divas so that that may flow up within you.

You then release your consciousness as if you breathe in to the earth and then as you breathe out you send your consciousness upward. You let it move out to your head center. You let it move out, throughout all of your being until you find yourself aligning within the space of your higher self.

As you do so, you look around. You look around at all that is here and perhaps clear out ~ whew ~past energies. Clear out anything at all that may be associated with projects, decisions, transitions that you have sought to integrate but have not as yet happened., Let’s clean out so that we have a clean slate moving forward.

Allow your consciousness to shift further, follow that beam of light that links you directly into your divinity.  As you do so, allow yourself to feel who you are as your God source essence; who you are as your I AM Presence. You as your divinity are immense. You have many, many lifetimes, some upon the earth, some out in the universe and this essence of your divinity is like the record keeper.

Therefore as you allow yourself to link with your divinity you are linking with the essence of your many, many life experiences. Breathe in the fullness of what that is for you. Breathe in and allow your consciousness to fully merge with your divinity. Allow yourself as the human that you are to know that this is you, that this has unconditional love and support for the person that you are.

Sometimes in life you feel alone, you feel disconnected. You wonder, “Why am I here? Why am I leaving this experience?” No matter what questions you may have or disconnection you may feel allow your consciousness to open up even more fully and just let the wash of your divinity move through you. Let it fill in every space, not only within your consciousness but stream down into your physical body filling in every part of who you are.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all who are here. As I do so, I reach out to embrace you as the human, you as your divinity. As our energies merge together, allow yourself to shift moving fully into the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is, look around. Become aware of some of the changes taking place. For many of you it will be as if you are creating an alignment that is brand-new, because the vibration of the All That Is has risen as if you are making a clean start or a new beginning within this place of creation.

Look around. You still have all the beings of light here with you. You still have your Angels; you still have those other aspects of who you are sometimes, that are here within this space. Become aware, open to receive, open to accept.

I spoke at the very beginning about the immense changes that are taking place both in the universe and upon the earth. As you are here within the All That Is, you have the unique opportunity to see not only the earth and your own part of that energy but the universe itself.

Most of you come to the earth from other planets or stars, some that are quite, quite far away from the earthbound experience.

Many, many of you have lived upon the earth lifetime after lifetime. Your energies may be quite anchored within the earth itself.

There are so many energies that are here, right now, that would like to speak with you and I’m trying to consider the best way in which to move forward during our experience this evening. I believe that I would like to speak about control and manipulation.

If you think about your life, everybody at one time or another has attempted to control other people, situations, the environment or I could go on and on with what people seek to control. So too, as you consider life there may have been times you have tried to work with the energy of a situation, you may have tried to work with the specifics between people, you may have created subtle shifts or differences in an attempt to have a particular outcome that you would desire to have.

We speak of this and have many, many times throughout the years. As you consider what you would like to have in your life, it is a choice that you make; it is something you would like; therefore, you would like to have it and all is well. As I speak of that everyone can kind of feel the natural flow that moves through.

Consider a situation in which you needed the cooperation of others and perhaps they did not wish to cooperate with you. It’s somewhat of a sticky subject. A lot of people don’t like to think about it, perhaps it was something you might have done in the past and you’ve made a very diligent effort to transition that. So if it does not personally resonate with you then ask yourself to become aware of wherever that alignment may be within you, be it conscious or unconscious.

As you consider that which is control, I invite you to take a deep breath in, allowing yourself to breathe down within you and any part within your life. Let that control come up from within you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ Let it go.

When you seek to control a situation you are in your mental body or your ego. When you seek to create a change in a situation allowing yourself to be in the flow of potentials with the intention that you become aware of whatever that may be you may still get that same outcome you are looking for but rather than making it happen it unfolds in a way that is perhaps different than what you anticipated.

With all of the new energies that are coming into the earth at this time the more that you try to force a situation or make other people do what you want them to do, the greater discomfort you will feel inside of you and the greater separation you will have between yourself and others. You are already seeing this with the unrest that is around the world. The more that people are disconnected within themselves the greater they may lash out.

As I spoke of before this channel, that energy that has been imprinted within the earth that says, “I am hurt, I lash out to hurt someone else”, is still present although it is transitioning and has been transitioning. The imprint or the energy of “I’m better than you therefore, I make the decisions and you do what I say” is still a vibration present within the earth. The belief that people have that says, “I own this place therefore, I am better than you”, anything that causes a sense of discrepancy between people leads to that control and that manipulation and just as each one of you were looking within your life, be it past, present, conscious or unconscious there are times in which you stepped into those energies. My intention is that we shall create a change in that right now.

I step to the side and invite Lord Metatron to come in and speak with you.

Lord Metatron Speaks:

Greetings family! I am the energy known as Metatron, Lord Metatron. I have other names that I have been called; The Keeper of the Souls.

One of my jobs has been that every time someone comes into the earth plane I am given an alignment to their divinity. One may say that the collective consciousness of the earth resides within me. One may say that my direct alignment with the earth can have an effect upon the collective consciousness of the earth. One may say that the influence from the universe to the earth or the earth to the universe moves through me. In one form or another all of that is true.

Here we are in this time space reality in which there are very powerful energies moving through the universe into the earth and from the earth out into the universe. There are many, many beings of light out here with me who work diligently, not only with humanity upon the earth, but with the energies of transition that are taking place.

You may say that humanity is moving backwards, they are not moving forward. I’ve been hearing that from many people. You may say, that they tell me I’m living in the fifth dimension, but it looks exactly like the third dimension to me so I don’t understand this dimension business. These are but a few of the many statements and questions that I am hearing from humanity at this time.

Not only is the winter solstice or the summer solstice for those of you who are experiencing the summer solstice, not only is this date a very powerful time of transformation; so too with the many holidays that are taking place that is amplifying the energies again of discrepancy, those that are filled with joy, laughter abundance, those that feel more disconnected from it than ever. So for many, it’s that feeling of separation and you may ask, separation from what? It is always separation from source energy and source energy of your own divinity.

No longer need you look for God outside of you. No longer need you look for God or Jesus or Abraham or Mohammed to take care of you to fix things for you. They are all indeed very connected to you and to humanity and they are all working very diligently with you in your life.

But going forward from here, it’s the human to your own divinity and then from there to these other sources that are of support for you. So rather than it being the human straight to them, it’s that human to your own source and then out to the others. It may seem like there’s not a big difference but there is a profound difference in this and that is that you as humanity are acknowledging your own divinity and the power and the strength that you have within you.

We see you, we support you, we love you. You are never alone.

We keep speaking of the new energies that are coming into the earth that allow you to have access to the higher lighter finer dimensions that are more readily available upon the earth.

When the other more lower vibrational energies seem to be more prevalent you’ve had difficulty reaching that which you seek. So with the assistance of all who are here, it is my intention now to release those old energies so that humanity, the earth, the universe, everybody, may move forward into new potentials.

I gather around me, Archangel Michael, Melchizedek, I Metatron, St. Germain, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, the Goddess of Creation and the many, many others that are equal to all of us that have various higher and lower vibrations to create a vortex of energy and all of you are within this vortex and you are also a part of this vortex.

I invite each one in the space of the All That Is to tap into and breathe in your divinity. As you do so let it fill you up, fill up your consciousness to where you feel unconditional love, you feel ever nurtured and you are completely in touch with the lightbody energy of the universe. Take a moment, allowing all of that to flow through you.

I then invite you to have a sense of looking down or outward, whatever your perception is from the All That Is to the earth plane. With this group there are many, many, many places with which we are aligning with the earth.

Each of you may feel yourself drawn to a particular place. Have the intention that as we are all in balance and alignment with one another we have that direct focus and send forth that, that energy and light into Gaia.  ~ Whew ~

Lady Gaia as the center of the earth, at the core of the earth is always in balance and she receives this energy as if she’s gathering in beings of light that come from within every part of the planet and as she does, she weaves it together.

I now invite each one of you to have a sense of sending the intention of balanced energy down through that beam of light and let it move through the earth itself. Let it move through the imprint, let it move through the many, many layers of the earth creating a sense of mutual respect, mutual honoring, living from the heart, living in balance. And let that move throughout the various layers and energies of the earth. As it does so, recognize that it’s clearing out anything that is not in alignment to that. So it clears out the old residuals, it clears out the past histories, it clears out all that no longer serves the highest good of all. ~ Whew ~

I feel such joy welling up inside of me as I look not only at every one of you but as I’m looking at the earth itself I can see that energy transitioning through the earth. The layers have been peeling away for many, many, many, many years. So this focused intention, all the amplitude of this solstice and knowing that many, many groups of people have had a same or similar focused intention is creating an immense transformation within and upon your earth.

I Metatron, feel no burdens. I feel only all that is the energy or the essence of humanity. I will say this that as this continues to move it’s like I see waves and waves and waves and waves moving through the earth. Every single wave leads to greater lightness. Every single wave brings out joy. Every single wave is clearing out that which no longer serves humanity.

Take a deep breath in. As you are aligned within your own self consider controlling a situation and let yourself discern the difference in the energies.

I have always believed in humanity. I have always trusted that everything happens exactly as it needs to. I have always supported every individual, no matter their journey. I can say this; such great pleasure is felt by all who are here by this release at a such a very deep level of these old energies.

This is profound and I wish to amplify all that went through so that people can feel it now, it will of course become deeper and deeper and fuller and fuller and going to every single cell within and upon the earth. But the change is done and the time is now to understand that the new earth is here. The new earth of the higher lighter vibrations has arrived and you are all present.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

I the goddess, walk forward into all who are here and I thank you Lord Metatron for allowing us to feel the energies of the earth through you, for leading us in such a profound change upon the earth.

The free will of humanity will continue as it always has. The layers of heaviness, the layers of old energy have been peeled away and as you look down or look out towards the earth you may discern the greater light that emanates from the planet.

Look around you at this group that is here in support not only of each of you, but all that is taking place. Perhaps through them or through your own energy, open up to receive your lightbody energy, to receive much more fully the crystalline vibration that is in pure alignment with you as your own. And as your consciousness opens to receive it let it wash through.

Let it wash through on every level; let it wash through moving down. Let it wash through as it integrates every cell of the earth. As the crystalline vibration and the crystalline grid itself integrates more fully assisting in anchoring of the new energy and the releasing of the old.

This is profound and will continue to move through layer upon layer upon layer. If your perception is of anything outside of the balance and outside of the respect and outside of the honoring then breathe deeply your own energies so that you may center and balance and anchor in this now moment and then breathe out. Breathe into whatever that situation may be, with the clear focused intention that it clears out that old memory and it replaces it with this new.

With the billions of people upon the earth, many are still in that old rut, in that old pattern; so let’s have a sense of sending down and shaking up ~ whew ~humanity and send it in again shaking up ~ whew ~humanity.

New potentials are limitless. Take a moment and consider your own life as if you are coming here or as if you are looking at your opportunities for the first time ever. What do you see? What do you sense? What do you know?

Some of you may be letting go of old ideals and old potentials and opening up to new opportunities. Feel the essence and the flow of what that is.

I invite you to gather together. You are already somewhat in a group and we have already worked with these energies of the solstice.

We just heard from some, they would like for Yeshua to come forward with his message.

Yeshua Speaks:

Greetings beloved! At this time of the year that celebrates my birth, I wish to rejoice about how much is coming to fruition that I set out a foundation for those 2000 years ago.

I have with me, Abraham, Mohammed, Krishna and many, many others who have worked to do the same thing, which is bring in the light, bring in the new opportunities and we have done so; sometimes seemingly walking in the same space, other times with great transition.

So now with this phenomenal alignment of the universe, with the influx of energy, with the releasing of control and the influx of balance, mutual respect, self-love, all of those energies, that which was my message is coming to fruition in a much greater way. I always spoke of the God within and now humanity is beginning to understand that much more fully.

You are God, God is you. Allow your God source energy to be your foundation. Yes, I am very present in all that is taking place and I thank you for reaching out.


The Goddess of Creation speaks:

I smile because I just heard someone say, message from Mohammed, message from Buddha, we could go on for hours with everyone delivering their personal messages. They would love to do so, so if you would like a different one then open up your heart and know that you are heard and they transmit that message directly into you.

Take this opportunity to discern the hologram of the earth as it comes up within this group. It was already approaching and it’s much more fully here.

Lady Gaia would like to make a comment.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

I cannot stop smiling! I am so happy to be a part of this. I am transitioning as the consciousness of the earth is transitioning. I as Gaia, I’m considered the soul of the earth, and I have been here from the very beginning, and I knew that this dimension or this level of consciousness was always here. This peeling away of the layers, this allowing to emerge that which will bring greater peace and abundance is truly wonderful to behold and I am open to receive all that was said to me. Thank you.

The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

And with that we see Gaia as she merges back within the hologram. Let go the energies of the hologram and it moves down. As it moves through the crystalline grid it flows, creating new balance and alignment throughout that process.

The hologram itself follows the pathway for all those beings of light and vortices that you created earlier. It moves down into the center of the earth. It’s as if it gives full circle or it brings full circle back which you began in the early part of the channel and that which you were finishing up with.

It merges with Lady Gaia and then from there moves outward coming up through every layer of the earth, coming up through every dimension, in particular clearing out 3rd dimensional energies, any residual that was there we send pathways of light, pathways of crystalline energy. It comes up to the surface of the earth, it comes up through each one of you flowing up through your energy bodies and anchoring within you.

Allow yourself to receive that greater balance and strength. So too, the energies we threw out the surface of the earth letting go and clearing out old densities. Each animal, each tree, each river, each body of water receives and balances naturally. ~ Whew ~ Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Allow your consciousness to once more begin to shift backwards. You let go that space of the All That Is. You feel yourself as you move through the energy of your divinity, bringing as much of that as possible back with you, flowing down through you, flowing through your higher self and then coming back within your physical presence. You’re already anchoring and linking with those energies that were anchored into the earth, so now you bring your full consciousness of this transition back within you. Stretch out shifting your energy bodies so that all is within balance and you may integrate much more fully all that is here.

As if you are looking up towards the universe tap into all those energies that you were just working with at the All That Is level. Look at it from the earthbound level and again feel the flow. Know that you always have access to these energies but now it’s a very powerful time to create change within your life, to clear out anything that brings you sorrow and infuse anything that brings you joy. I invite you to seek balance, balance in all that you are doing.

So my beloved family as you move through this next year upon the earth, as you move through your life experiencing your divinity, experiencing your everyday occurrences have that full intention that you live from your heart center.

Have that full intention that your life is still not only with you living to your best ability, but you living as your divinity, allowing your divinity to flow within and through you on every level.

Know that you are directly linked to your divinity and know that you not only as your divinity are fully supported, but you as the human are fully supported by the All That Is.

Beloved family I am ever with you and within you.





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