New Beginnings

How often in life would you like to have a New Beginning?  If you are seeking change or to start over, it takes place on a number of different levels.  It’s essential that you recognize a new beginning includes releasing the old energy, releasing the old patterns, cutting ties with other people so that you will be in a place to receive something different.

During this channel the Goddess spoke at the beginning about how often we hear from people that they are tired of their life, they want something different; but it never happens.  We as humans have a tendency to create ruts from our thoughts and repetitive actions.  If you seek a change you have to shift the energy or will see only the same thing again and again. 

Your higher self is that place between you as the human and you as your divinity.  During the journey, the Goddess cleared out this space because your desires can create stagnant energy within your higher self which in turn makes it difficult to create change.

Change and new beginnings are implemented from within your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your conscious & your unconscious energies.  Clearing this energy gives you the opportunity to open and ask for new information or new potentials.  She also stated it’s not about reiterating again and again what we want; but asking for information on the best way to receive.   


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever it is that you may be within your life. This is a time of transformation. It’s a time of integration. It’s a time upon the earth in which there is more and more of the individualized energies available to people.

Even though it may seem as if there is not a transformation or change taking place there is a transformation that is taking place. It’s begun up within the universe, it’s filtering through the collective consciousness, it’s also coming up from within Gaia so that you become anchored from the universe and from the earth creating a space that will support you.

We hear often times from people that they become frustrated because what they are seeking has not yet manifested. They feel as if they’ve gotten so far along their pathway and then they come to a dead end. Sometimes people feel as if they’ve been going around and around for a very long time seeking to manifest something that as yet has not arrived.

Let us take this moment to just clear out everything that has been a frustration for you. ~ Whew ~ Clear it out, release any energy that’s linking you to that old energy, release just for the moment whatever it is that you want.

When you walk in that circle, you create a rot for yourself and the deeper you go into that rot the less you can see around you. Therefore, if things are not happening this is the moment for you to make that change, be it energetically or physically, whatever it is that you may need to do, but for us in this now moment we’re making that energetic change so that you can look around, becoming open to new opportunities.

Things like this make me smile because I can actually hear people saying, “Been there, done that, it still doesn’t work”. Add that “been there, done that”, to that list of things that you need to release for this now moment! I like to do this while we’re all still here, present upon the physical earth because it is on your physical earth that you have become stuck and you are not moving forward, be it a direction that you want or in any direction at all.

There are opportunities available for you, because this is a truth, if you want to call it that or a reality that’s available for every single human upon the earth. So if you have become entangled or become overwhelmed then this is the time to let that go.

Already I can feel more of a lightness infusing into people and more of a lightness that is integrating throughout each one if you. Have a sense of taking in one more deep breath. Let yourself anchor upon the earth so that as you breathe out you can allow your consciousness to stream up until you find that place within your higher self. As you look around within this space become aware of what is here.

Some of you may see, sense, feel the energy that’s here. Others may just have that intention and not have a specific perception. So whether you are aware of what is within this space or not we’re going to take this opportunity as if you breathe down inside of yourself and you are gathering up the focus and the intention so that as you breathe out we are going to clear it all away. ~ Whew ~ Whatever you have within your higher self just move it away, clear it out; because it may be some of those potentials and opportunities that have not been working for you are creating distractions or creating blockages that are affecting you in your everyday life. So this clearing out creates a new beginning for you.

You may also work with your higher self to create a space that makes sense to you. It may be as if in your imagination you are outside, perhaps a field, perhaps the woods, perhaps the ocean, it may be that you are lounging on comfortable chairs. The higher self is your place that is part divine and part human, where you can work through in a problem solving way or where you may go so that it nurtures and supports you in your everyday life; therefore the more that your higher self is in balance and alignment with you in your physical reality the more that it will help you.

Indeed, I enjoy seeing how each one of you are creating this greater alignment through creating a perspective or a visual or an energy for your higher self. There is that cord of light that links you in your physical to your divinity, so follow that as you move from your highest self. Let it just flow out until you find yourself merging with your divine essence. This is your place in which your I AM Presence resides. This was created by that speck of pure light energy that became you as the soul, as the individual that you are. While there may be similarities to other people this is unique unto you.

Have a sense of stretching your consciousness even further. Let it expand outward so that you may have a greater perception of just who you are at the core essence of you.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out my energies to you. I reach out merging who I am with who you are. As we blend the energies expand even further moving out in such a way that you find yourself within the All That Is but this time let’s shake it up a little bit. The more that you come into the space of the All That Is the more that you create your own space. Humanity as a whole likes to go to a place that’s comfortable to them. They like to go to a place where they are used to go; it is as if it’s a pattern.

Tonight it’s time to release patterns that no longer work for you. Therefore, here within the All That Is we are going to let a ball of energy just roll through just clearing out and creating a new perception so as that goes through ~ whew ~ its clearing out the old debris, it’s clearing out the old energy so that you may have a greater clarity.

I invite you to take a moment to look around. The perspective for many within the All That Is is also shifting. You have greater access to the lightbody energy. You have greater access to the constellations that are out within the universe. You have greater access to those essences or those energies that create who you are as your essence. Look around. Take this in.

There are so many Angels and guides that are a part of this place and they all come in especially at this time because they enjoy dancing in this energy as much as you guys do. So perhaps as you’re looking around there is a particular Angel or guide that is either looking to work with you or that you are looking to work with them.

We have been speaking about patterns and new beginnings. It is sometimes difficult to make a change if you are tethered to a situation, a person, an aspect of your own self that keeps you from moving forward in life.

Consider if this is your reality.

What I am noticing is that a number of you are surrounded by your Angels and your guides and their energy flows within your own to help give clarity to each one of you if you are unable to see it for yourself. Many of you appreciate looking at that screen as if you see a big-screen TV in front of you. Many prefer to work within themselves. Howsoever you like to look through this or experience this, open to whatever that flow may be.

What is on your mind right now? I invite you to take that which you may be the whole subject that is not moving forward for you or that you keep playing in that dance of frustration and let it come up and show itself to you. As you do so, as you look at this in whatever the perception is, see it as you perceive.

Other people that are involved in this back and forth, perhaps someone that you’ve been in relationship with, perhaps someone you are seeking, perhaps old dynamics that have gone on for years and years. So if there is something that has to do with people in your life or not in your life that you are seeking let that part of whatever the situation is come forward at this time. You may have a sense of inviting them to sit beside you.

As you consider this situation, is there something that’s a part of it that has to do with the foundation of your welfare, I shall say. Having food to eat, having a place that is safe and secure, anything that has to do with that foundation, that fight or flight that’s associated with your root center, let anything about that come forward and have it just sit beside you right there.

As I’m looking at this and the people around I’m seeing also abundance; abundance, financial stability, always seem to be a part of that foundation for life with people. If this is a part of it if -- if it’s not then just let it flow away from you -- but if this is also a part of it then connect in to any sort of lack, be it lack of abundance, lack of potential, lack of finance. So in essence is more lack than the financial prosperity. So let that part of it come forward and set that to the side. And if there’s anything else that is pertinent for you but that I may not be discerning at this time let that random aspect, let that other aspect that is simply for you come forward and we will put that in front of you also.

Now, as you look at what you started out with in most cases it’s either disappeared, become very transparent or looks different than what it did because you’ve segmented the people, relationships, location, fundamental essences, finance and anything else.

Let us take a moment and with all…with this…Ok…fine. Beginning with the personal aspect of it, if there are people within your life that you are either seeking to create a relationship or that that is keeping you from moving forward in your life, anything at all that has to do with people, relationships and where you are right now, let’s just bring up that energy from whatever it may be especially the unconscious because that has such an impact upon you.

So, conscious or unconscious anything about the relationships, just bring it forward ~ whew ~ let it go. Let it go. Sometimes it’s as if you have to let go the people themselves. Sometimes it’s just about shifting that energy, so that you can create a new beginning because where you are right now is no longer working.

There’s always a lot around relationships, so we are going to swirl through that again. We’re just gathering the energies letting that come up; bringing it up on every level. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ let that go.

If you have something that is a gut feeling or a visual reaction, is holding you back, cut the cords, cut out the roots, whatever you need to do, just let it go. There we go.

You’re also looking at basic needs; we were talking about food, home, flow of energy around that. So as we look at this, fear, do you have fear within you about where you’re going to live, financial income, will you have food? So if there is fear around that, let it come up from within you from within the depth of whatever it may be, again, anything that’s unconscious and anything that’s conscious, we just want to bring that up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ let that go. ~Wow~

We felt a very large shift move through that, we the angels that are here and myself. So let’s look at fear again and maybe it’s something that I’m not even mentioning but if you have fear within you then let it come up. Let it come up from wherever it may be, pull it up by its roots, bring forward from your unconscious ~ whew ~ and let that go. ~ Whew ~ Let it go.

As you let go that fear open up the door and just feel the love of God/Goddess and your source energy flow within you. It’s as if it’s a shower of light and energy. Just let it move through your consciousness feeling up that space that you released the fear from within.

Are you the victim? Are you trying to do everything?...but is not my fault. Are you trying to make change?...but that person won’t help me or I’m just not going to find what I want to find, so it creates that victim energy within and around you. This too can create a limitation within your perspective. Clear out the victim, just pull it up from whatever it may be, let it come forward ~ whew ~ let it go.

Because we had already shifted that foundation shifting that energy went a little easier. Many times those two go hand-in-hand with one another.

We had also spoken about…Goodness…after releasing that it is as if the other things around us just kind of disappeared. Take this moment; again we’ll roll that ball of light and energy through here.

Allow yourself to really open to embrace your divinity. Feel the angels as they maybe place their hands upon your shoulders, so to speak. Let yourself be open to receive the assistance that they may have.

Come back around and as if on that big screen you’re changing the channel, as if you cleared out all those little parts that were in front of you, come back around and say, “What is in my best interest to know as I move forward over the next days and weeks in my life?” and as you say that feel the wash of energy move through you.

Perhaps, it brings up something new for you to observe. Perhaps it’s reminding you of something that you’ve forgotten. Perhaps it’s giving you that opportunity to just say, “Hey, I’m going to start over with a clean slate”.

I wish for that energy to flow through you at every level and I wish for you to open up your heart, open up your consciousness, really feel the flow of the light body or the crystalline energy as it’s moving through you. Take a deep breath in. Allow your energy to shift, allow it to elevate into a more balanced energy or into something that will much more fully support you in this life.

This is a part of how you change. You cannot find the new answer doing the same thing over and over and over. So perhaps you still have those same questions, but it is essential that you clear out what has not worked. You allow yourself to receive a greater flow of your divinity and a new vibrational energy so that when you come back around and you ask that question again rephrase the question, “What do I need to know about?” and you can answer it in the way that you would like.

If you always are saying to the universe, I want, whatever those specific things are that you desire, you are putting your intention out to the universe but you are also saying in a very narrow way I want xyz. It hasn’t happened, but you still say I want xyz as if you are becoming more and more stubborn in your desire. This is what has created that trench and tonight experience what we just did to release it all and clear it all it is a new beginning. So my desire is that you rephrase your desire, you rephrase your question so that you may move unto a different pathway.

There you go.

Let’s try that again, we’ll just clear it out again. As you breathe your more expanded consciousness of who you are into your heart center or into the depth of your consciousness, take a moment and just revel in the energy of the universal light, in the light body energy, in the crystalline energy. Let it just roll through on every level.

As you look around, open to a perception of a new reality. Within this reality ask the question, what will benefit me at this time in my life?

What do I need to know or is there anything I need to do that will support me at this time in my life? And if you feel that immediate response that is exactly like before then acknowledge it, say thank you but I am letting you go and let me move; and come back around again and say, “How can I move forward in my life to manifest these new beginnings from a new perspective?” and then if it as if it’s blank because it’s different, take a deep breath in, allow yourself to acclimate to this new perspective and then ask again. Asking as many ways as you would like for I the Goddess and God, for your guides, for your higher self or whomever it is that you are seeking the information from that will help you to support you in your daily life.

How can I become aware in my everyday reality of that which will most benefit me or that which will be most beneficial to me? Then take in a breath allowing yourself to feel. Some may have a perspective of blankness, some may hear just silence and that’s okay because you are receiving the information. If you need to consciously ask anything of which I am unconscious to come to the forefront, pay attention to the things that come up in your everyday reality; perhaps an ad that you had not noticed, perhaps someone will say something to you from a new perspective.

If you so choose have the intention to have a new beginning every five minutes, every day, every week, every month. A new beginning is not only an intention that you are putting out to the universe, but it is also stating I am open to receive. I invite you to receive all that is here for you, within this light, within this moment.

There is so much energy that is moving through at this time. I invite you to reach out and let more of that universal light come in to you. I invite you to reach out and receive more from your own divinity. Let it all flow through you, so that you may be in a place of motion and new beginnings.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group. My perception as I look at all of you is that this beautiful expanded light that is so balanced, that is filled with deeper connections and that has cleared out great amounts of energy; accept this new beginning. As you look around and as you perceive the hologram of the earth, it comes up within the group.

You infuse into it that which is your new beginning that you are putting out, but so too, the energies of the universe are infusing it with the crystalline light, with the potential for new opportunities so that as the hologram takes in all of these various energies, it begins to sparkle, it begins to spin, it begins to move around.

As that does so it becomes fully integrated with all of these energies. You have that sense of just letting it go. As it does it moves down, it clears out that pathway to the universe and the other planets and it moves into the earth itself. As this hologram moves through all the layers of the earth it anchors within the core center of the earth.

It’s activating those crystals; it’s merging with those crystals integrating more and more of the crystalline grid, the crystalline light or the light body energy. From there it moves up through the layers of Gaia integrating the grounded energies of Gaia. It comes up through the grass, the trees, the waterways.

It comes up within each one of you, your own new beginning, it moves up through your physical body. Let it clear out on a physical level your mental body, your emotional body; just let it clear out all of that, so that you can anchor in this new reality.

It is also working with the energy of the collective consciousness filtering out the old energy and infusing it with this new light body essence.

As this continues to flow within the spaces and as each one balances it finds its intrinsic balance, allow your consciousness to come back up within the All That Is where you had left that remainder of your consciousness. Allow it to move from the All That Is into your I AM Presence. As you open to your perception of your divinity it may be that you have a greater perception at this time.

You allow that then to move through you. You stream down through your higher self. Take a moment and really put forth that intention that this new beginning or the multiple new beginnings that you’ve created are here, so that your higher self that is very easy to flow between your human reality and your divine is available to you and that flow and that motion is always there.

You then allow that to come down, this time bringing all of your consciousness into you, your physical reality. You’ve already created that anchor from within the earth, but now you are creating that flow from your divinity. You allow it to come down into you on every level. Take a moment to acclimate this energy or this essence.

As you move through the days of your life, wake up in the morning and embrace the sun as a new beginning. As you move in through your day stop and pause once, twice, a dozen times to say, “In this now moment I’m breathing into myself a new beginning”.

As you do this, that intention of a new beginning will begin to activate the new opportunities that are around you. It will also begin to bring it to you these opportunities for you to notice.

You need not ask for a new opportunity about…. we don’t want anything specific within this. We simply say to you, to be open to receive new opportunities knowing that you have created a deeper alignment with your divinity, you’ve created a deeper alignment with the angels, your guides; you have cleared out the old energy and the old residual.

So begin to open up asking for new beginnings, asking to see new opportunities, asking to know “What is in my best interest in this now moment?”


You can watch the video of the channel here



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