New Energy Relationships Begin within You

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you family! You are family to one another, you are family to me! Let yourself know that I see each one of you individually. Let yourself know that I know who you are. I send my love to you and I send my embrace. This is our time together; it is a time of sharing, it is a time for you to feel nurtured, for you to feel loved. Know that you are not alone; know that with all the changes taking place upon the earth, there is more and more that you are able to do for yourself and within yourself.

Let yourself take this moment when you are still fully grounded in your human aspect to really connect deep within. So I invite you to take in one more breath; breathing deeply, deeply within yourself. Breathe into your heart; breathe into your core essence. As you are breathing deeply within yourself, let yourself feel who you are.

As these changes have been taking place upon the earth over the last several months, there has been a great deal of confusion. Those individuals, who have not been familiar of the quantum shift or the quantum leap, are beginning to perceive that something is different within their lives. Those of you who have already been upon a spiritual journey are finding that there is something different within their lives. You may be more aware of what this is. You may simply know that change is here; it is happening right now!

Open your heart, open your arms. Allow yourself to embrace whatever change is within and around you. I now invite you to release your physical body. As you do so, allow your consciousness to link with the magnetic grid. You have centered and grounded within your physical body; therefore a greater amount of your consciousness is able to transition into this space.

As you link with the magnetics, allow yourself to align within that space in which your higher self resides. Many of you merge with and go immediately to your higher self as it resides within this space. Take a moment to look around. See or sense what is here for you. As you look outward, you see the many pathways in which energy and light move through here. Many of you who are familiar with this space are aware that in some degrees it feels as if it is closer to you the human walking upon the earth.

As you are ready to do so, shift your focus so that you may move through an interlocking grid and leave behind the energies of the magnetic grid. As you do so, let yourself feel the expansion in your consciousness as you release the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel within you those aspects which are crystalline as they vibrate in alignment with the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to merge with this energy so that you may expand even further, letting go of any constriction around you.

I invite you to shift into the space of the soul plane. For some you may call forth a column of light. For others you may find that it is a slight shift or a slight change to place you within this dimension. Allow yourself to align within the soul plane with your divine essence. You may call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, you may feel it well up from within you or you may see it as an energy or an essence that is coming towards you. Allow yourself to blend as you merge completely within this aspect of your divinity. I encourage you to take this moment and open to sense all that is here for you from within your divinity.

You are each upon a journey to find out who you are. You are each seeking to understand and embrace the many different aspects that make up your soul essence. Therefore, as you open to perceive these different aspects within your divinity; take this moment and take it in. As you do, you may feel various emotions. You may feel a sense of recognition for other experiences that you have had. You may feel as if you are just now opening to perceive that you are even more than you thought you were.

Let yourself feel. Let yourself take this in. I have this perception of many of you as if you are stretching as I you are reaching out to expand the energy field around you. You will find that the more you reach, the more there is to reach towards.

I the Goddess now come into this space in which you are. I come to you as the balance of male and female. I come to you as an essence of the divine God and Goddess. Allow yourself to reach out and embrace my energies as I come to you. I reach out to each of you with my heart overflowing; feeling love, feeling joy, feeling compassion. As you blend with me, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Take this moment as you arrive to feel the energies within this dimension or within this shift in consciousness. As you perceive these energies I would like to point out that there is a subtle shift or change that has taken place within the All That Is. Each of you has been a part of the creation that has allowed the quantum leap to take place upon the earth with ease. All of you plus even more; the angels, the energies of light, humans, extra terrestrials have come together to create the experience of the quantum leap. Those energies were transmitted into the earth; the earth itself went through the shift. What you are feeling right now within this space of the All That Is, is the reflection back out into the universe from the earth.

Just as each of you are creating within your life, you create within this space, send it into the earth, it manifests in one form or another; sometimes it does not manifests in the least. But your reaction to that is a part of your experience in life. The reaction then comes back out; it moves through the universe, much of it dissipating. But when you consider the hundreds of thousands of people; perhaps getting closer to a million plus who are consciously doing this; it creates a more tangible impact. That is why it's important for each of you to come together as a group. That is why as you support each other and support yourself, what you seek to manifest upon the earth is now a part of this larger collective rather than one single item.

You are having an affect. It may not always be exactly what you anticipated; but there are profound changes taking place.

I would like to speak of relationships. Relationships always begin within you. Your relationship with yourself should be what you work with first and foremost because the greater understanding that you have of who you are, why you choose what you choose, then how you interact with others; is what shapes your whole life. Every relationship that you have with other individual's branch off from that core relationship you have within yourself.

When you are disconnected from within, when you do not understand why you feel a certain way, why things are happening around you, why certain things might not be happening-- it leads to a space sometimes of simply a little distance; to sometimes completely disconnected and of course everything in between. Therefore if you look at the relationships you have: perhaps with your spouse, your children, and your parents; perhaps with your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends, your lover; whatever it may be.

Every relationship will reflect and manifest that initial relationship you have within yourself. I can hear some of you saying ‘the problem is with my husband, he doesn't understand'. I can hear others of you saying ‘they don't understand me, it doesn't make sense' I can hear still others saying ‘no matter what I do, my life is hard, my life is not worth living'. These types of statements reflect a perception that is outside of you. If you feel a resonance with anything like that, take a moment and let yourself breathe inside and let go that energy, let go that vibration.

I invite you to start new, to start fresh creating and building a relationship within yourself right now. There are many of you here who already have a deep alignment within yourself. For you I invite you to strengthen it. To open to perhaps a new or different understanding from within your I AM presence. Take this moment and let yourself feel, perhaps see, perhaps know; who you are as the person walking upon the earth. It may be that you look at a distance; it may be that you feel your life all around you within this space. This is the human that you created, that you manifested, that you chose as biology for living this life. Look at it, take it in. Let yourself understand without judgment, without criticism. It simply is that it is. This is your human self.

From within your soul essence, from within that core aspect that created you, flow the energy of acceptance into that biology, into that person, into that body. As you allow acceptance to flow into your body, there may be aspects of you that are still critical. That are saying: "But I don't like that body that body doesn't work for me, that body is ready to ‘kick the bucket'". What so ever criticism or thought you may have, I invite you in this moment to honor and accept your body as it is. Feel love, feel compassion, and feel acceptance. This is the relationship between your divinity and your human self. This is the core aspect, allow yourself to honor it.

Moving that a step further, consider your life. Perhaps you've had a number of challenges; perhaps physical, perhaps financial. Very few people have moved through their lives without experiencing this type of shifting or changing on one level or another.

Take an opportunity and go back within this lifetime to the first time that you felt perhaps disappointment, perhaps disconnection; where you felt as if you let yourself down. As you go into that time, let a greater flow of love, compassion and caring just move from your soul essence, from your divinity into you in that given moment.

The times in which you felt so alone, the times in which you perhaps felt betrayed; again flow the energy of love and compassion. By moving into this time where you began to set a pattern, you are re-creating a new relationship with yourself which is based on understanding, love, and compassion.

Take this opportunity to now perceive you the human and you your divine essence; sitting, standing, or walking side by side. You remain within the All That Is, but you perhaps bring in attributes of your sacred space. Take this moment and see your human self and your divine essence looking eye to eye, heart to heart, perhaps hands are touching. Choose to create a relationship which is based on a deep connection within yourself. Your divine essence fully embraces all that you have been within this life. Allow your human self to perceive that you are deeply connected with this soul essence and this is YOU!

Choose to have a relationship with yourself. Choose to let this relationship be based upon love, compassion, acceptance and allowing. Can you imagine what it is to live your life without any critical thoughts going through your mind? I invite you to release those belief systems that have been so hard upon you: self judgment, self criticism. Let it go. For all those aspects within your human self that have been taken up with (old) beliefs or with distrust; let all of that be transformed into allowing and accepting who you are. Feel what that is to expand in such a way.

Let yourself consider for a moment the mental body of you the human. What thoughts, what beliefs move through your mind that keep you from having all you seek to have or keep you from being all that you can be? From this space of deeper blending within yourself, let go beliefs that no longer work for you. Some of you may need to move through this process again and again as you release belief, after belief, after belief.

Consider emotions. Are there emotions perhaps linked with a physical experience, perhaps linked with a belief system which is holding you back; keeping you from being all that you can be. Tap into that emotion and let it go.

Allow yourself to fully merge your physical, your mental, and your emotional and spiritual bodies. Allow all of them to become fully balanced and aligned within you. Allow all of you to be a part of your divine I AM presence. Feel the strength that grows within you. Feel the vitality move throughout!

From this space of being fully blended and balanced take this opportunity and consider some of the relationships around you. You may choose to work one on one with every relationship or you may choose to look at them as a group. From this space in which you are fully blended, fully aligned and fully balanced; let yourself recognize perhaps why the relationship is the way it is. If you seek to change it, put forth the intention of what you would like to be different.

Become aware of how other people respond to you when you are in this space of balance. There will be times in which you will feel pushed off balance, but know that you may come right back to this space of being centered. Consider a relationship that is joyful, that is fun or that helps you to feel fulfilled. See how that is enhanced. As you perceive these various relationships within your life, let yourself recognize the vibration or the energy that is behind the relationship.

Certain people when they interact with you; they vibrate in a way that resonates with you in a particular manner. That manner may be related to anger, pain or suffering. That manner may be joy excitement or anticipation. The more that you are balanced and aligned within yourself, the more that you can perceive your relationship with others.

Therefore if you have relationships in which you are struggling, allow yourself to consciously shift the vibration to a place in which you may relate to the m in joy instead of pain. There will be times in which relationships no matter how you seek to align will come back to a feeling of pain, sorrow or lack. Let yourself be aware so that you may understand why this relationship is what it is. You may choose to keep it or you may choose to let it go. Let yourself be very conscious of your choices.

Take this moment and let the energies swirl around you so that you are once more very connected, very balanced within yourself. Send an impulse of light or energy directly into your human self so that you may transmit these energies into your human physical self walking upon the earth. As you do so, your physical body begins to vibrate and resonate within that balance.

Most especially the crystalline energies within you vibrate with greater ease. Let this energy wash over you, cleansing and releasing from your human self any residual that you may be letting go. Allow yourself to feel whole. Allow yourself to feel complete. Allow yourself to feel fully connected and blended. This is YOU as a human; this is YOU as a divine essence.

I invite you to shift your consciousness so that you may return to the All That Is allowing this group to come back, so that it may create a gathering, a circle, how so ever you may perceive it. Take a moment and look at yourself. You are different. You are complete. You are whole. As you are aware of that within yourself, you see it reflected in all the others who are present.

Coming up within this group is a hologram that represents the earth. This hologram is shifting as a result of the movement into the fourth dimension. As you perceive the earth, there are aspects which are not yet fully balanced within this vibration or this essence. I invite you to take this moment and beam into the earth from within yourself the energy of your own complete aspect or your own completeness. As you send your balance into the earth, the earth itself rebalances in response to that.

There have been changes in the weather, there have been changes in the tides, and there have been changes in the earth. Some of these changes are transient; others may be in affect for years to come. Through your intention, I invite you to focus on the earth as a whole or one particular part if you so choose. Honor and accept where the earth is right now and what is happening right now.

I also invite you to transmit the energies of balance so that the earth itself as it more fully aligns within the fourth dimension; will balance with ease and it will re-align in a manner that is beneficial to all.

We see Lady Gaia as she comes forth. She embraces you; she reaches out to touch everyone. She so loves to be a part of this experience; to be able to directly connect with so many different people at one time. You feel from her the love, the acceptance. She beams forth the essence of the earth. Let yourself feel it. Let her know you CHOOSE to live upon the earth.

Let yourself be in alignment with the earth. It is all exquisite, it is all beautiful. She merges back within the hologram. There is a greater amount of light and energy emanating from the hologram as a result of your intention and the way you link within.

Let yourself perceive that hologram as it moves downward. It releases the All That Is, it moves back blending briefly with the magnetic grid; then the core essence of the hologram moves down into the earth itself. As it moves into the earth it blends within the core essence and that vibration comes outwards. It comes out through all the various levels of the earth. It emanates and aligns with everyone living upon the earth. Become aware of how you are connected.

Let yourself see how you choose to be here at this time. We release those energies. As you do so, allow yourself to once more reconnect within your I AM presence. Allow yourself to begin to shift, moving down. You may pause for a moment on the soul plane. You may feel or recognize that a large part of your I AM presence or your divinity will remain within this space. Allow yourself to continue to move downward.

Perceive the crystalline grid; perceive how it is merging more and more fully with the magnetic grid work. There is a greater amount of integration that takes place each time you come into this space. Allow yourself to align with your higher self. You may perceive how this expands so as to accommodate a greater amount of how you are.

As you are within the magnetic grid, take a moment and send an impulse of balance and deep relationship from within yourself, out into the rest of the grid. As each of you create your own deeper relationship within, you can see how this magnetic grid work just lights up. It assists others in finding that relationship within them, although they are working on an unconscious level. It helps to diffuse energies which are not in alignment with this; therefore there will be a greater amount of balance and a greater relationship within.

Let your focus shift once more that you may return fully to your human self. As you re-align, as you blend, it no longer feels as if it's something foreign to you. You recognize that this can be your reality. You recognize that you have created a new relationship within yourself. And everything in your daily life, every relationship with every other individual will shift in alignment to your relationship within yourself. Consciously open and allow that to be your reality. Consciously accept that you honor who you are as a human!

Breathe that into your human self. Breathe in honoring and acceptance. Allow it to become a part of your daily life.

With that, we will release the energies of this journey. For those of you who are upon the call, I am open to receive questions. If you would like to come back into the room, you may press the *7 upon the phone so that you may speak to me and I am available to answer questions you may have:

Question: (paraphrased) I've been experiencing something I don't understand. I did a distance healing and within a few hours I felt some strange sensations. I don't think I need to go into details, but I'm wondering is it the healing, the new energy, or what happened?

Answer: We are picking up on several different things happening. First of all there was an aspect or essence that was of a lower vibration than you that came into or was a part of this healing. We sense it was on the other individual and something being released. It was an aspect or essence that was a drastic difference in vibration from you. Then we see with you the shifting and transformation taking place with this greater amount of healing work you are doing it allowed for you to be able to expand, encompass, and shift the vibration or this individual and rebounded back into you. It triggered in you a discordance that was of one vibration and then a second that was within you. Are we tapping into what you speak of?


Okay so what we see happened as a result of this is that it was almost a mirror to you; it was reflections to you of something that you had let go of many times in the past. It was something that was not your energy but because you have shifted your energy in such a way it's as if your human self or personality self says "Oh wait, wasn't this ours?" So you felt physical and energetic discomfort as a result of that discordance. Once you recognized what was going on you released it again and then you aligned with higher vibration. The reason you felt so chaotic is that it took a day or two for your body is still coming into balance and this journey tonight was very good for you to be able more acknowledge and align with the vibration of where you are at this time. Our sense is that what needed to be released was released and you spent yesterday and today re-acclimating to this new, higher vibration.

(Good! As a result of all this there is a swelling in a very sensitive place and I'm wondering if I need to do something about that?)

We have a sense it's important for you to have movement. We sense this area where the swelling is. But whenever new energy people have swelling no matter where it is, it indicated the energy is not flowing through, so physical movement will get the energy moving. That is why we recommend stretching, or consciously massaging, or whatever it may be but some sort of movement and flowing energy through and out your body. The combination will help diminish the swelling so that you will release it all from your body. Thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? First of all thank you for that wonderful journey tonight. The last several days I've gone through a really intense transition within myself and I'm wondering if you can shed any light on that?

Answer: As we are linking with you beloved, we sense this journey.... Sorry we downloaded too much! Let us begin by saying you are not alone in the transformation you've been going through. You have been very dedicated in your journey within yourself. You have made choices in the past that were a result of affirming you wanted changes in your life and this is what you wanted in your life. In addition though, you have also been very critical of yourself. You have been giving yourself a hard time for a very long time. So what you began over the past several days and what came to culmination tonight was that you were beginning to more fully acknowledge and you were opening up to a more gentle, loving acceptance of yourself. So what felt as a deep pain and deep sorrow within; we have a sense that while may have felt the same sorrow and pain to you you've felt forever and ever and ever; in truth we have a sense that it opened up something within you and you truly allowed for a deeper compassion to come into you. You opened the door for that yesterday or the day before and now you are truly allowing compassion within your life. If you will be honest about yourself and what you have you done, you have been very hard on yourself, more so than anyone else would be to you. So, this opening up to greater compassion within you has been a humongous step for you to take or maybe it feels that way. That's what I see happening to you. I see you opening up, I see you allowing this compassion into yourself and through the compassion there will be the deeper bond you are seeking to have. Once you release the criticism you can fully acknowledge that you made choices for whatever the reason was and it's over and done with. So as you move forward there is a greater strength you will allow yourself to have so through the strength and greater blending within yourself we have a sense that everything else will begin to fall into place.

(Thank you)

You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I am wondering how I can be in more freedom about expressing who I am and if you can give me any insights about what my path is.

Answer: Alright beloved as I'm looking at you, I have a sense of someone who grew up on a large extended family. There were a great many rules or what was accepted within the family was written in stone without any or much flexibility. We see as a result of this that you were actually a light brought into that family that was one of the reasons you chose that family. We see that you have had a great deal of influence within that family, although they may not recognize that or agree with it. So when you speak of really being true to yourself: we sense that what you have opened up to acknowledge and understand about yourself is but a stepping stone of where you are going to be. It was a big step for you to be able to say ‘I am who I am and this is what my belief is'. We sense it is very non traditional compared to the rests of the family; so it took a lot of courage on your part. It also took a deep understanding and resonance within you to be able to say something like that out loud. You have felt it for a long time but you have not been able to speak it until just recently.

(Shelly had to stop to cough.)

It's no surprise now that Shelly is choking and coughing because it's about speaking the truth. Anyway, as I'm looking at you beloved, as I see the deeper blending that is coming within you, as I see what is little baby steps of opening up are going to become larger strides. It will be easer and easer. I have the sense that the more you are able to be fully balanced an aligned within yourself ad resonate that out to the rest of your family will create an alignment; it may on an unconscious level from their perspective but they will open and acknowledge you in more ways than they have in the past. Does that make sense to you?

So, be aware that much of where you are right now is about stepping into a greater understanding of yourself. As you begin to speak that out to the world, there will be opportunities that come your way. This is developing an inner strength and inner belief. That is what will open doors for you. We see you creating changes in relationships and creating changes in your job. You have created the foundation and it is all going to go forward from here.

Question: (paraphrased) When I first came onto this teleconference I was really anxious and panicked, I almost hung up. Now after going through the journey I am feeling much better and the anxiety is almost gone. Do you have insights for me or anything I should know?

Answer: This journey is one of blending within you. Many of the physical challenges you have had are about not blending within yourself, not allowing yourself to be who you are and not accepting yourself. This is something that goes back throughout this lifetime. Therefore as you can create a balance within yourself or create a greater understanding, that is what allowed you to let go of the anxiety and allow the balance to be a part of your human self. This is a perfect example of how you do have the ability to create these changes.

These changes can be permanent and they can be a part of your physical reality. When you worked in the All That Is about releasing belief systems; what we sense is your strongest opposition is that you do not believe this will go away or that this will be permanent. If you will work with that aspect in letting go and creating new beliefs for yourself that affirm that you are blended, that affirm that you are whole, healthy and strong and then you will find that will become more a part of your reality. You have experienced it tonight so you can experience it again. You are going to move through this and you are going to emerge as if you are a whole new person who has been re-born within this physical body.

Question: (paraphrased) I have always felt drawn to colors and what the colors represent to me. I am also becoming much more aware of the various dimensions around me. So, what I've tried to do is assign colors to the dimensions so I could have a greater understanding. Is there anything you can say to help me?

Answer: What you are speaking of doing; putting colors with dimensions is trying to make from a mental body or an analytical aspect something that cannot be analyzed. It is something that needs to come from your feeling self or inner knowing self. All colors vibrate at their own level and you can see, sense, or know every color within each dimension. For example, let's take the color blue. As I put forth the color blue take a moment and really feel the color blue in lets say the 3rd dimension. As you kind of look at it, sense it, feel it you have a sense of what comes to you with blue at that dimension. Then as you take blue at the 4th dimension there is a subtle shift in it and you pick up other energies and vibrations from that. Then as you take it into the 5th dimension, it changes once more.

(You are right! There is so much information that came to me as I was experiencing that. It was almost as if at the higher dimensions the blue actually changes and shifts into other color. I can see how I've been too mental about all of this.)

What is important for you to do is understand the alignment of vibrations, color and dimension. All you need to have is a greater understanding that there is much that goes beyond what can be described with words and thought. When you open to that potential, you actually gather more information from the non analytical aspects within yourself.

(I can feel the greater information flowing into me at this time.)

Part of the reason you are feeling this now is because of the crystalline vibration within your body; as it vibrates in alignment. That is oftentimes aligned with your heart beat, so it is one way that it links within you; through the crystalline energies. You already have a great understanding of color and dimension so let yourself expand even further through the non-analytical understanding.

(Thank you!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I am able to get to certain depth then I begin to feel the futility of it all, I can't get past the belief that no matter what I do, it's not going to work.

Answer: We understand what you mean because that is what happens to so very many humans. Your divine essence and divine aspect has already gone beyond all that. It is your human essence that places the limitations that feels it's not going any place and will not go beyond, it's not going to change. Just as with the other individual tonight and many people we work with; when you sense you want to change, but change doesn't happen. This is something that occurs on many different levels. The restrictions you have as if you have a ceiling and the ceiling will keep you from going any further. That is when you begin to let yourself feel and open to an inner knowing that will take you into a different space. For many this comes through the imagination. So much of humanity is very focused on the left brain analytical. So if you want to picture it, if it helps your process to picture it, moving from your left brain, over to your right brain then create through your imagination, through pictures, colors, sound, whatever it may be. You can then allow yourself to release that structure of the analytical aspect and open to more of a non-defined aspect and in that way you shift your perception, your awareness; then as you breathe and take this in you will find you expanded a little further. If you will quit trying to analyze everything in each moment, and look back a month from now you will realize you have truly created a change. As apposed to: yesterday was the same, today is the same, tomorrow is the same. Do you see what we mean?

(I kind of do, I'll have to go think about that.)

Well you see, we don't want you to THINK about that, we want you to FEEL about that!! You see how you so beautifully answered your own question?

(Laughter, I'll have to not think about that!)

There you go! We like that better. It is a beautiful example of what we are trying to do as we assist people in doing this. You are analytical; it goes along with being human and is not going to go away. You need to create a new relationship with your analytical mind or your mental process so that your analytical aspect of yourself which is an important aspect of who you are, so that you are honoring it and not judging or criticizing. It also feels a part of this change, expansion, growth within you. But your divinity and your human self is much bigger than your analytical self. It is just a given. If you allow that blending to come in so that you can merge the two on a new level or in a new place; that is how you will shift some of this energy.

(Almost like one side doesn't trust the other side.)

Exactly, often times it doesn't trust because it doesn't understand or it doesn't know. It's all about relationship which is of course why I chose to have this journey tonight. This is about what you were working on and in some aspects of this journey we felt you remained analytical; but there was a great deal that was happening within you that was on an unconscious level that we sense will be coming in through your dream state. We sense you be feeling changes and shifting occurring within you over the next several days.

Alright beloved family, I once more send out my embrace to each one of you. I thank you for this opportunity to share time with you. I honor each of you as you are moving through your days.

Allow a fully blended individual to be who you are as you move through your days. Allow yourself to be spiritual, allow yourself to be human, allow yourself to be analytical knowing that all of this is a part of who you are and you are blended as one essence

You are ever beautiful, you are ever divine! I am with you and within.




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