New Level Communication

I was trying to decide between several different names for this channel.  I finally came to this name because it describes it and leaves things open ended. 

At the very beginning, the Goddess had everyone go through a really deep grounding. I could feel how some people were more grounded than they have ever been. She encouraged you to feel as if you were walking in the sand, the meadow, the woods; whatever allows you to connect with Gaia.  This deep grounding at the beginning is a way to secure your energy so that you can more fully expand into the higher levels of energy.

From there, when people arrived in the All That Is, she encouraged you to go back through what you are seeking to manifest.  The reason for doing this is that you move beyond what you were seeking to have.  Sometimes it’s not the right time.  Sometimes there’s something better that’s come along.  Still other times, it’s as if you don’t even realize something is on your desire list.  So the cleaning out of these past things is what cleared out old stuck energy.

Once this was cleared, the Goddess parted the energy of the All That Is and a group of ET’s came into the space.  I’d say there were 9-10 or a representative of that number.  Some of them I recognized, some I did not.  It was kind of funny.  The energies said they were going to speak as a whole; but almost immediately the spoke as individuals!! lol  They spoke of changes.  They spoke of shifting consciousness.  They spoke of being able to manifest through consciousness in multiple areas. 

When the group came back together, I could see how some were emanating a color as a vibration, others tones, still others completely nonverbal communication.  It was powerful and I sensed it taking people to a new level of awareness.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I invite you to come and play within this energy; to come and be a part of all that we are bringing together this evening.

These times of celebration are each one unique unto itself and at the same time it builds upon every previous encounter that we have had. Most recently I have been focusing upon the energies of you in your physical life right now.

Everybody has the opportunity to create change. Some change is quite challenging, other times it happens with ease. As you allow yourself to be in the moment, as you allow your energies to focus upon the things that you do seek to have within your life then everything else begins to fall into place as you are creating change and as you manifest within your life.

We can spend our time being very specific or we can spend our time in a space of expansion that is limitless and without boundaries. Either one is perfect and complete in its own way.

There are times in which people seek those specific nuances or those specific energies and how they are creating or what they are doing within their lives. There are other times when it’s important to be in the essence of that energy and let go anything else.

I invite you to take another moment with one more breath, this  breath being one that you take it in through your nose, your mouth and as it moves into your heart center you have a sense of sending that energy down into the earth.

We have not spoken for a while about grounding. Therefore I would like to take just a few moments to speak of that and to assist you in grounding in a deeper fashion.

As you allow that focus of energy to go from your heart it moves down through your energy bodies and then it goes down into the earth. As if it’s a beam of light that moves into the earth you have a sense of opening up all of your consciousness as if your consciousness itself is merging with the earth.

And as you feel the earth, whatever resonates with you, perhaps you envision walking in the sand, the dirt, the forest, an open meadow, anything at all that makes you or shall I say gives you the opportunity to truly become one with the earth is how you can more fully ground yourself.

There, I can feel as you are beginning to merge with the earth. As you allow that beam of light and more of your focus or your consciousness to align within the earth it anchors you much more fully.

You may also choose to reach out to Lady Gaia and invite her energies in or the elementals, the devas. There are many, many, energies that are available to you if you so choose. Ask for them to come in and they are there.

So in this space of grounding you just feel these energies of the Earth. Some of you it is as if it’s all the way coming up towards your knees.

By grounding yourself in this manner, you can then let the flow of your consciousness come back up within you and you send it out and it moves up through the top of your head and you allow your energies to move into the space of your higher self.

Because we did such a deep grounding you may have a greater perspective of the energies. Not only of your higher self but of the magnetic and crystalline grid work. Have a sense of looking around or see, sense, feel, whatever may be here for you.

This is a place where you come with great consistency, this is a place where you constantly flow your energies if you are seeking an answer or if you simply wish to be rejuvenated. That flow just moves openly through your consciousness and back down within you in your physical reality.

From there have a sense of letting that stream off your consciousness as if it leaves that space, you reach out to the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane look around for your divinity. This is your I AM presence, this is you as your God self, this is you with all the experiences that you have had.

Many times as you find yourself aligning within this space you have a sense of who you are and you can sense perhaps some of those lifetimes or experiences around you but your perception is of a place of limitation.

Allow your energies to merge more fully with your divinity as if you embrace who you are or as if you allow this flow to move through you, have a sense of expanding your consciousness so that you may feel, see, sense an even greater amount of your divinity.

And now I have a sense that many of you are open to perceive these other existences.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. As I come within your space I reach out and embrace who you are. As we do so, it shifts the energies into the space of the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is look around. You know this place well. You’ve been here many, many, times. You will return many, many, times. So this is an opportunity to make a clear choice in what you wish to have within your space.

Consider some of those things that you were seeking to manifest in your life that have not occurred. Perhaps some of them you decided, “I no longer want that”.  Perhaps you realized that, “It’s not going to work out”, “It’s too much trouble so let me look at it again”. Perhaps you’ve decided that you won’t get there from point A therefore you’re coming from point B, C or D.  So as you are looking around you in this place of your creation there may be echoes or you may actually see those potentials of what you’ve been working on.

I have a sense of some of you like you’re flipping through, like you’re in a store and you see all of those things lined up and you flip to the next and the next like if it’s a card catalog or like it’s, it’s all listed or illuminated for you.

If you allow yourself to experience everything that’s here, make a conscious decision; “I no longer wish that, I’m letting it go”.  You may still seek to manifest whatever that was but you will do so from a new place. So you flip the thing and you come to the next energetic potential that you have had.

Some people may have hundreds of things here. The majority have, perhaps, 3 to 5 to 10 that are the most primary about their life experience. So you flip through, you may pull it out, some of these things have been hanging around for quite some time. Perhaps as you look at it you realize, “Aha, it didn’t happen then but now it’s happening, so now is the right timing”. You take it down; you put it by the side because that’s something you would like to know more about.

You flip through some more and again I invite you to clear out anything at all, that no longer works for you.

As you give yourself this opportunity, I invite you to consider that as you let things go you are actually honoring yourself. You recognize that in this moment, at this time, “I know where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what’s occurred and this is no longer in my best interest”, so you let it go.

Some of you have been very harsh with yourself about decisions. Harshness is never in your best interest. I invite you to consider if this resonates with you.

Is there anything that you have had in your life, perhaps you’ve hung onto it too long, perhaps you wanted it manifested in a particular way that didn’t work, perhaps you had a dream or an ideal and just couldn’t let go. If there’s anything like that within your life, now is the time to just reach down inside of you or reach into all this energy around you, just allow any part of that to come up, come up, come up, come up, --WHEW-- and let it go.

Anything that is in your past, anything that pertains to your past, is exactly that, past. You have the opportunity to look at some of these past experiences and recognize that it was an opportunity for growth. It was an opportunity for a lesson, it was an opportunity, you can fill in the blank.

So indeed, remember that part of it. Remember what gave you information allowing you to grow within your life but then anything else you let it go.

Look around the All That Is. Look around at what’s left within your space. I see that some of you have cleared out just about everything. I see that others of you still have things in various shapes and sizes around you. There is no right or wrong it is only what works well for you and allows you to be supported.

We are coming up upon the equinox during the physical time that this teleconference is taking place. Whether you are listening to it at that exact time or at a different time you are open to the energies. They are always available to you.

Because of this being the equinox, because of that balance and the shifting of energies, I invite each one of you to have a sense of opening up not only to more of the energies upon your earth, but there are energies of the universe that would like to come in and share this space with you.

As if you look to the side, as if there is a separation of the energies there is a group that walks through coming into this conference. Within that group, you see many different ET’s. The Pleiadians are represented, the Sirians, Aucturia, the Great White Brotherhood; to name a few. There are in total about eight or nine.

What you will find is that whichever is most in alignment with you, will find you. Everyone upon the earth came at one point or another from the universe. Everyone upon the earth has had lifetimes out within the universe and even the omniverse that goes beyond the galaxy of your own universe.

If you think perhaps you are not aligned with any of them, I invite you to take a deep breath in and as you do so let go any energy, maybe preconceived notions, --whew--let that just wash past you and then as you allow your consciousness to come back into this moment you will see there is somebody there with you.

I the Goddess will continue to speak with you, but I am drawing the energies from all present with messages. Some of these messages may resonate with you more than others. Some of them may turn out to be a trigger or a jumping off point for something else in your life.

We will begin.

The Pleiadians Speak:

I know that the Goddess of Creation said that she would continue to speak to interpret for us, but some of us seek to speak directly. I am the energies of the Pleiades or I represent them and there are vast numbers of you upon the earth. The Pleiades represent a group of planets and within these planets there are many levels of consciousness and existence. There are some that have physical reality although many can flow between that which is physical and that which is pure consciousness.

I am here to speak with you today because it is time for you to take that step, if you so choose.

You may ask yourself, what does it mean? I have a choice to be physical or non. Because of the density of your physical reality, that is not going to change. It may become lighter, finer, more transparent, but the next step for many of you is to be able to shift consciousness so that there is a non-physical part of your consciousness that is able to speak, cohabitate, experience life in another part of the universe or of your planet. You are doing it right now. This will come with greater ease the more that you open to accept that. I am ever here to assist you if you seek.

The Ashtar Command Speaks:

I am Ashtar.

I speak with you about the ships that patrol through your galaxy and out into the Omniverse. We are becoming more known to those of you upon the earth. There are immense stations bigger than some of your islands or countries that are filled with many levels of these, the other energies of the universe and these, the people of the earth. It is a place of teaching, it is a place of healing, it is a place of communication.

I am working with many people because the definition of a warrior is changing. I am known as a protector, I am known as a communicator and if you find yourself in my energies you may recognize that there’s something within you that is a facilitator, a warrior through peace, love, acceptance. I am ever available to you.

I the Goddess return.

There are other energies that seek to speak but their vibration is seeking an adjustment to be able to speak through this channel and so as not to leave you with several minutes of quiet time, I will step in.

The energies of Sirius are ready to speak now.

We come forth to talk with you about the dolphins and the whales. Many chose to come through our planet and have the existence of these animals of your oceans. Your oceans create an immense support for you in your life. It generates energy. The whales and the dolphins contain the tones and the vibrations that have anchored humanity for these thousands and thousands of years. They still have a direct link through their instinct to those of us out in the universe.

These instinctual experiences and ways of living are being transferred, some from them into humanity. It has to do with the expansion of your DNA and as your DNA continues to open up in spirals; as it gets into that space that is pure energy, pure vibration, that which is completely non-physical the energies of your dolphins and whales let go and you take that within yourself. I am here to assist you if this is something you so choose.

The Goddess Returns:

There is an essence. Again, this is the Goddess that reminds one of the elves and the sprites and the fairies. It’s as if there are these flickering lights and is just pure unconditional joy that is flowing throughout everything that is present here and everyone. And this is a universal energy, but it is also a flow between, that will take an energy from the universe and into the earth.

So when you feel that alignment or that affinity to the fairies or perhaps the elves or the gnomes, it is but another means of communication or a link that invites all of these energies to be more available to you, with of course the intention that it helps you. It creates greater ease for you.

Ah…There is just an amazing sense of community. Within this space you have many different planets, galaxies, stars that come together.  There are other vibrations in energies that are also present here that have not directly spoken with you, but they are here and they’re working with you.

This is giving you the example or the experience of how things are shifting upon the earth. I wish I could say that indeed, this mutual collaboration is already present in every level upon the earth. As yet, it is not but it is more and more and more and more coming into fruition and it is doing so because of the groups here in the All That Is, because of the shift in the transformation that you are accepting and allowing within your life.

The more that you are at one within yourself the more everything else around you falls into place and you manifest that which is in alignment; where you always manifest what is in alignment with your energy. But what I’m speaking of is that very specific clarity that you are seeking to have.

For some of you, you may have a sense of following that energy going out into the universe. Let yourself have a sense of flying, expanding, experiencing all that is here and go beyond that into anything that just feels like fun or that you can enjoy.

When you consider creating change through play you are creating change in a way that will more fully support you. Life is indeed an experience filled with joy, sorrow, ecstasy, intense sadness, we could go on and on we just named the same thing twice, but the point is that being upon the earth is about experiencing emotion. It’s about blending your beliefs, your thoughts, your ideals with your everyday reality. It’s about living in the experience of your emotions and this alignment and having a physical reality.

If you allow yourself to get caught up it can be overwhelming. If you allow yourself to look for that fun or look for anything at all that might be lighthearted; accept it, accept it into your life.  

When things become very intense, when things feel as if they are struggle after struggle after struggle after struggle; let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. Find that moment of ease and if it helps you to come up here within this space, do so. Come into these energies of the universe, allow yourself to be in the flow, allow yourself to feel as if your arms are spread wide and you soar, you soar throughout the universe, you soar throughout the energies, you tip toe or hop from one to the next.

Experience this.  Let yourself laugh, let yourself rejoice and as you do so, bring it in, bring it in, and let it move through you on every level.

We’ve spoken about the fact that you may be seeing more of the ET’s in your energies. We’ve spoken and you may have heard upon your news or television or Internet that there have been sightings. Many people see them in the clouds. Many people see the dots or whatever you wish to call it.

Be aware that as one opens up to their source energies and allows from this space of the All That Is for that alignment to take place and then let that energy flow within you; that you are then bringing that potential closer and closer into your everyday reality.

As I said that I could feel some of you stepping in to fear. This is a place of very high light fine vibration, therefore there’s nothing present here that could cause you harm. You also have the free will to let it go. Let it go, let it go, let it go if it is not something that you would like around you, you let it go. If this is something that you would like to have in your everyday life to assist you, you’re invited to come in.

You are the creator of your life. You have done a magnificent job so far and everything that you are doing is the stepping stone to take you to whatever it is that will unfold for you next.

I notice that people are beginning to come back from their experiences as they went out. I therefore invite you to gather together as a group. As always the number of people here is much larger than when we begin.

I would also like to share with you my observation. As I see people coming back together, it’s as if there are communities of the various energies and within these communities I see variations in color; as if some of these groups emanate a color and that color is what creates a sense of communication from them.

There is a vibration, there is a tone that goes along with that color and everyone else around them can feel, see, sense, know, the essence they seek to communicate. There are others that seem to vibrate with a particular pitch or tone and as they vibrate in this presence it creates like a reverberation that goes around the circle.

It hits this and that and that and that and as it goes in this circle it creates almost a concert of sound. The Angel’s music has been spoken of as just so beautiful and glorious. This is something similar. There are colors, there are tones, there are sounds and there is also what is a sense of a wave. Pure vibration, pure energy and it flows.

As all of this comes together within this group you are integrating not only what you yourself experienced but what everybody else experienced. You don’t have to do it all yourself. You need only tap into that essence or tap into that energy and the experience or the results would then flow through you. Be open to receive.

You may see coming up within the center of this group a hologram of the earth. Look at this hologram. Look with new eyes. Look with a greater clarity at what it represents. There is a much deeper integration between what we’ve been calling the new earth and your current earth. There is still a separate planet but what’s happening is as if a bridge that crystalline grid that binds the two of them together is creating an integration where one merges with the other.

Consciousness and the crystalline vibrations are that bridge and that merging. So as you perceive this hologram you may see all of that merging taking place.

I invite you to infuse within this hologram all of what your experience was for you. And as you do so the hologram itself takes on all these various energies. It’s like blues and pinks and greens, some of it is as if it’s a sparkling energy and it all flows together.

There is a sense of that hologram then being released. It moves down as it hits the crystalline grid it has a sense of going in both directions and that which goes into the earth flows all the way down until it moves within the physical earth and from there it goes down into the core essence of the earth.

As it merges with the crystals that are within the earth and with that magnetic energy that emanates out it comes up through the earth, it comes out through the surface and as it does so it comes up within you wherever you are in your life, wherever you may be physically located.

Allow those energies of the journey and your own experience to move up within you. Just as you anchored so deeply at the very beginning those energies come up within that and allow yourself to just receive.

Allow yourself to integrate that alignment with greater knowledge, that alignment with other life experiences, that alignment with the way that you can live, breathe, experience life upon the earth, energetically, physically, telepathically on many, many, many different levels.

And then the remainder that is still moving up through, its creating a shift in the collective consciousness and that potential flows out. It moves around the earth, it moves throughout all the various dimensions and anybody at all who is open, who is ready to step into that, who is ready to receive, they are there, they are open and they accept. --Whew--

As you let that go have a sense of coming back up. Gather your energies as you are within the All That Is and as you do so you have that sense of letting go this space. You let go that space of the All That Is and you find yourself back within the soul plane.

As you are there, you allow yourself to once more receive messages, feel, see, sense, whatever that may be. And as you do so, allow yourself to know that even this relationship is more open and has a greater flow than it ever has before. You allow that to come with you and you shift your focus or your energy as you move into the space of your higher self.

Let yourself acclimate. These are the dimensions that are closer in to your everyday existence and as you look around here within this space, you may see that a lot of that information from this evening is already integrated, it’s there.

There may be a pocket of it here, there may be a spread out energy right there, but it’s here, it’s available to you. You may use it whenever you allow yourself to expand, you link with it or bring it down and it’s there in your daily life.

Your higher self is exactly that; you, the individual that you are but at a higher vibration.  Know that this is there, it’s completely a part of you and it’s available, so you breathe it down, you breathe it down within yourself and you allow yourself to anchor, returning back within your physical reality.

Alright beloved, as you move through these next days or weeks in your life allow yourself to open to that flow of energy from the universe. Allow yourself to recognize that there is so much that’s going on in and around you.

You have resources available to you. You have opportunities available to you and there is just a great deal of energy that is generated from within you as a response to the universe, as a response to the earth. You are in the flow. You are divine essence. You are the exquisite beautiful being that you are.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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