New Year Intentions & Electrical Energy

This channel from the Goddess of Creation begins by talking about the year to come in terms of intention. She speaks of the shifting energy and our reactions. She mentions that this year the energies we've been working with will become much more accessable to people. Those of you at the forefront will manifest with greater ease, those who are as yet unaware will find that 'something' is different.

While working with the energies the Goddess assisted us in creating a greater flow with our lightbody energies. This flow allowed for amazing energies to come into us with ease. We worked with it in the All That Is, then created a shift to allow it into our physical reality. With that shift, there was an electrical jolt that went through me. It was felt by those people on the call in a myriad different ways. It was quite energizing!!

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send forth my embrace. I reach out to each one of you, sharing my love, sharing my light, inviting you to allow yourself to open up to as much of this energy or my energy as you can find yourself within alignment.

I have been celebrating with each one of you over the last couple of weeks since we were together. I've been celebrating this New Year that you have upon the Earth. This is a time of change; this is a time in which the energies and the light will be even more deeply integrated within each one of you.

I know when it's the beginning of the year people are asking me what to expect. What is this year going to bring? Is it going to be a better year than last year? And these questions are sometimes a little bit of a challenge to answer because everything is so individualised. For some people this year will be a dramatic improvement over last year because last year had significant changes for them.

Other people may find that this year brings about the changes. One key ingredient to anything that may be going on within your life is that there are more and more energies available to you than ever before and that the more that you utilise these energies within your life, the greater ease that you will have - no matter what is happening to you.

Some overriding transformations that I perceive will take place in this coming year is that there will be a more distinct shift into the fifth and sixth dimensions of the Earth. You have already been doing that as you integrate the lightbody energies and many of you have been shifting into those higher vibrations for a portion of your day.

The difference will be that this is a vibration that will become more available for people just in their everyday life. Those of you who are working with this will find that you are much more conscious of when you are in one space versus another.

There will continue to be large influxes of energy throughout this year. There are portals of light that will seem to transmit greater intensity at certain times versus other times. I so love the human mind because already I can hear people saying ‘Oh, when's that going to happen? What can I do to prepare?'. And truthfully you need not do anything to prepare; you need only allow yourself a greater link within so that as you are living your day be it minute by minute, day by day, whatever it is; that you are listening to your own self and then following the inner guidance that is there and available to you.

There is going to be a settling down in the energies of the world. Already people are feeling the effect of this; people are feeling as if there are more opportunities available. I know that many of you have had concerns about your work. Some of you have been laid off; others of you have transitioned into different work than you have done in the past.

Many have felt a challenge in their economic situation. As I view the alignment with prosperity as it's moving through and around the Earth, the overriding sense of that is that people are expanding into greater prosperity. Over the past year there have been many people that did extremely well, so in any given time there may be those struggling and those that are doing very well.

When I say that I look at the vibration and the patterns of light and the overriding energy is of greater prosperity; what that means is there is more potential for people to tap into. When I look back in the year that just ended and the year before that, there was a constriction because so much was being re-organised through companies, through governments, through countries. Much of that is getting towards a place of completion although there will always be transitions that take place.

If you find yourself getting caught up in things that may be going on - either worldwide, within your government, within your company, within your families, within your community - I remind you that when you take the time and allow yourself to breathe in your divinity and allow it to come through you and you breathe in the lightbody energies and you feel that come through you, and then you send that out either into that situation or into the spaces around you, you will find that you will be less affected by what is going on.

You always have choices; you always have free will to become a part of something or not. I invite you in everything you do from the smallest particle of your day to the biggest things in your life to be guided by whatever it is that makes you feel good. If you struggle with a decision go to the basic question - do I feel good if I make this choice in my life?

Oh beloved, beloved family, I am excited! I am happy for all of you. I appreciate the amazing work that you have done within your lives and to assist in this transformation taking place. As the vibration of the Earth rises there will be a closer alignment with the New Earth.

You may find yourself shifting, feeling as if you are living your experience in one place and then you come back around and you think that you've been there before and you have that sense of de ja vu. All of this is as you move between the dimensions.

I think I've spoken quite a bit longer than usual but I did want to share with you some of my awareness of what is to come in the year - in this coming year.

So with that take one more deep breath in, breathing down deep within you; allow yourself to anchor once more. And then as you are ready to do so have a sense of releasing your physical body and allowing your consciousness to shift into the space of the magnetic grid.

Here already there is such a dramatic change from where it was a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago. Allow yourself to appreciate just how much you have been a part of this transformation. Feel your higher self as it is within here. Have a sense of the pathways of thought and intention that move through the area. And as you feel and know who you are, release this space.

With your intention you move through the interlocking grid until you arrive within the crystalline grid. Now here if you look back ten years, over the past decade, you will find it was but a potential in the year 2000. And look at what it is now. This is a very specific result of the work that so many people have been doing upon the Earth through their personal transformations. You have created the opportunity and the potential for this crystalline vibration to come in so close to the Earth.

Let your energy have a sense of flowing through this space. You may feel your own space within here or you may have a sense of the various shifts in consciousness that are a part of this area. I invite you to let your focus shift so that you may arrive within the soul plane.

Here you are in a space of alignment with your own divinity. Reach out and invite it to come back within and around you. You may have a sense of your I Am presence and as you find this alignment, allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you may open and perceive all these various life existences that have created your I Am presence. You are magnificent. You have had so many experiences; some upon the Earth, some out within the Universe, some as simply a pure energy.

Those experiences are here, gathered together as a part of your divinity. Allow for that to flow through your perception. I the Goddess come more fully present within this space and I reach out to each one of you. As I embrace you feel yourself shift; feel as we all move into the space of the All That Is.

I have to chuckle a little bit as we arrive because immediately I find that party that was created the last time we were together is still going on but now it has shifted into a New Year party. I think perhaps people need to have that sense of rejoicing, that sense of having a party, of relaxing, of singing and dancing, making music; whatever it may be. I think you need that as a part of your life. If you are not able to integrate it within your physical reality then allow yourself to come here as much or as little as you need to.

I would even say to you, put forth the intention that you may find an alignment to this any time that you feel yourself falling into the doldrums or falling into a place of struggle. Then come here if for only a short period of time and let yourself relax, let yourself enjoy.

But for now let's shift our focus to another part of the All That Is. Allow yourself to feel as if you are moving into a place of pure energy. Have a sense of feeling yourself as if in suspended animation. Allow your energies to come to a point of stillness and within that stillness feel who you are. Feel that sense of love that comes up within you. Feel that sense of knowing that you've had more experiences and existences than you could even count, nor would you probably want to. But you have the result of all of that here and present for you.

As you feel these energies flow around you, let yourself experience what that is. As you feel these energies moving through you may have a sense of an almost electrical light vibration. And as you allow your consciousness to open you may recognise that this comes in alignment with the lightbody energies.

The lightbody is now simply a part of you; they are around you, within you at all times. This vibration that has that almost electrical kind of feel to it is but another part of that energy and this is infusing you with another aspect that is now available to you in your life upon the Earth.

As you feel these energies let them flow through you and your consciousness creates an alignment so that you will have a greater perception of what that is to you. This vibration is something that is more in alignment with what you would call the fifth and sixth dimensions upon the Earth. This is creating a link within you so that you will find a new perception when you allow your consciousness to expand.

Breathe gently and easily. Feel it moving through you; allow the enhancement to move through your consciousness at every level. What is your intention for this upcoming year? I see some of you have gotten out your lists; I see some of you have made resolutions. I see others of you stand in amidst of indecision.

Before you consider what you seek to manifest in terms of specifics, I would invite you to focus first of all on what the end result is that you are seeking. For example, if this year you seek greater prosperity within your life what does that mean to you? An endless flow of income? More money in the bank that you could count? Perhaps enough to pay all your bills with ease? Perhaps it means buying a house, buying a car. And still others a sense of having the groceries and the clothing that is needed for the family.

So the point of this is there is a very broad range of what people are seeking to have. But no matter what it is that you seek to have, when it is accomplished you have that feeling perhaps of security. Perhaps it's a release of anxiety, perhaps it's a sense of confidence that you are able to manifest. So let that be what you feel right in this moment. You have in this plane already done it; it's complete, so look around you and feel what it is to have already accomplished what you seek to have.

Next I would say to you, as you consider where you are right at this moment in your life and you have a sense of looking towards that feeling or that essence that you seek to have, ask yourself to be made aware if there's anything that stands between you and the manifestation of what it is you want.

I have a sense that for some it is a course that is still filled with obstacles. You may find in your daily life you have to go through this one by one by one, but for here and now have a sense of sending an impulse of light - perhaps that electrical light that you just worked with or just integrated - send that through any obstacle between you and what you seek to have so that it will clear out the path; it will resolve anything that stands in your way.

And as you do that, look at how much closer you are to what you seek to manifest. Is it more of a reality to you now? Feel yourself breathing in deeply and easily as you blend with the completion of what you seek to manifest. I am finding that many of you are perhaps a little short sighted on what you seek. So consider that this is already done; you're here. Have a sense of expanding into an even greater perception of opportunities that are available to you.

Perhaps there is something that you had not considered for yourself. Perhaps there is an easier way to get to where you are going. Perhaps this is an even better opportunity for you. Even when you ask for change to come within your life, you feel hesitant or fearful when it arrives. Take this opportunity to just breathe in change, breathe in and feel as if your life is perhaps changing on one small tiny level; or perhaps an immense level that affects every part of your life.

As you feel this change within you, let yourself become comfortable. What about fear? Is fear a part of your life? Have a sense of opening up your consciousness and then letting the energies flow into supporting and surrounding any fear that you may have within you. Fill up every part of your consciousness with the knowledge that you can accomplish what you seek to have. Feel it, trust it, believe in yourself.

I hear some of you when I say that making a comment of ‘I do believe in myself, I do trust myself, but why does it still take so long?'. And for some I see that you waffle back and forth between trusting and believing and then if it doesn't happen you move into distrust and then you go back and forth. And that is one reason for a delay. Another is that there may be more things happening in the big picture that have an effect upon this and you are not as yet aware.

It may be that there is a difference in your vibration and the alignment with whatever it is you seek to have for any multitude of different reasons. Therefore if you find yourself in a place of frustration or a place of doubt - all of which is completely a part of the human nature - rather than giving it energy and focus, simply flow to it that impulse of electrical energy or the lightbody energy. Let that flow through you; let that assist in anything you do within your life.

Now I invite you to have a sense of looking towards the Universe. There are various blends of energy or light that are in alignment with the crystalline energy that flow through the Universe at any given time. As you look towards the Universe you may have a sense of seeing some of the stars and planets; you may see patterns of light.

For many of you there may be a particular planet or star with which you align at this time. The reason I am bringing this up is because this is going to give you another focus or a different focus which will allow you to integrate the energies more fully within you.

Therefore as you are looking around is there anything at all that seems to draw you in? It's here, it's present. I have a sense of many of you encountering aspects of yourself from within your I Am presence. Those parts of you that have lived in the Universe or in this non-physical form. It may be represented as a star or a planet.

As you blend with this energy you may feel within you that sense of the infinite. What is it like to be as big, as expanded, as fully integrated as you truly wish to be? That which perhaps has been your dream in the past can be a reality.

Feel who you are in this presence. You are still that same person walking along in your daily life on the Earth. But you are more. Here is that feeling of being more; here is the feeling that you have accomplished what you seek to have and new doors are opening up for you. Here it is; opportunity that is without end.

Each of you have felt this experience and have felt yourself expand until each particle of your consciousness shifts and blends into a sense of nothingness. Gather it back so that you once more are focused. As you gather this back within you, you feel yourself becoming centered.

You feel yourself becoming more of who you are through your perceptions in your daily life. As you allow your consciousness to come back within that focus or that awareness within you, you may find that it seems like it was not a reality to be in that expanded state. So remember that just that moment ago you were as hugely expanded as the Universe.

And it's still there. As you allow yourself to come back within that center, I invite all of you to come back together as a group. Here is where we have the hologram of the Earth come up within the center of the group. As you see this hologram I invite you to look closely.

It is as if within the hologram you can actually have a sense of the various dimensions, a sense of various what almost look like angles of light. And what these are are various pockets of energy that are shifting as a result of coming into this space with you. As you transmit into this hologram that electrical energy that you were working with this evening, we have a sense of seeing just particles of light burst from within the hologram.

What this is showing us...oh goodness! (a big jolt of energy and noise went through the electrics of the conference call) What this is showing us is through this energy that each of you is transmitting, it is releasing pockets of old energy in the Earth and it is part of what is creating this new alignment.

So now as you look at that hologram you can see that there's a greater clarity, you can see that it has a sense of one hologram within another and this energy is creating a greater balance between your current physical Earth and the New Earth.

Have a sense of releasing this hologram; you see it as it moves, it blends first of all with the crystalline grid and then there's a sense of separating as if part of this is going out towards the New Earth and part is going towards the current Earth.

The New Earth does not necessarily need this energy as a means of transformation. It is more so to create a communication that links it with what's going on with you as the humans and with the energy of the Earth. And therefore what is going into your physical Earth moves through the magnetic grid; it goes through the grid, it moves down almost as if it's a ball of energy that moves through the Earth and it goes down within the center of the Earth aligning with the core essence of the Earth.

You may have a sense of those immense crystals that are within the Earth receiving this energy as it comes within. And as that happens the energy moves outward from there. Feel it as it comes up through the Earth. It moves up through your house, it moves up into you, it comes up through the trees, the grass, through the oceans and the lakes.

Let yourself feel it in your very physical human self and know that you are in alignment. Shift your focus back once more. I have to laugh at you; there is such a sense of joy and celebration this time. As I brought my focus back within this group I saw many of you high five-ing one another, some of you dancing, some of you jumping around.

To me this is indicating that there is so much more of a conscious awareness of everything that is happening. You know it for your truth and you can accept it as your reality. I invite you to now have a sense of shifting back; you move through the soul plane. As you do so you have a sense of releasing the majority of your I Am presence. More and more of this comes with you down into your reality upon the Earth.

You have a sense of shifting; you move into the crystalline grid and as you merge within the crystalline grid, feel this energy or this essence. It has shifted even since you arrived at the beginning of the journey. In part it is shifting because of all that you are doing, but more so it is shifting because of you; because your conscious awareness has expanded.

Allow yourself to continue to move as you come back within the magnetic grid; you feel that magnetic pull of the Earth. Some of you may have a sense that there is less of a distinction between the crystalline and the magnetic. It used to be whenever we aligned with the magnetic grid it was a distinct feeling of the gravitational pull and for many of you now that is much less discernible.

Again, this is but a reflection of all that you are doing. Allow your consciousness to once more come back and integrate within your physical body. You may have a sense of needing to expand the energy field around you. You may feel parts of this consciousness come back down through your head center and down through your body but you may also find that it surrounds you.

Allow your consciousness to come back within and as you breathe deeply within yourself you can feel yourself anchoring once more.

And as you anchor within your physical body take this moment and consider everything that you created while in the All That Is. Remember your alignment to those aspects of your I Am presence; remember the alignment with the Universe. Remember that electrical jolt of lightbody energy. It's still here; it's still around you even if you have less of a sense of it.

Breathe deeply and gently within yourself, allowing yourself to anchor. Consciously feel the flow of the lightbody energy as it moves through you. Allow it to create an alignment within your heart center and from there within the rest of your physical body. Let it then move through your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies until it once more links with the lightbody energy that creates who you are right now in this human existence.

As you continue to anchor in this manner, I invite you to press *7 upon your telephone. And as you do so, allow yourself to come back within this room and I am here to answer questions that you may have.

Question: Thank you Goddess, that was so beautiful! (You are welcome) My question has to do with my relationship with my son. I'm wondering if you could give me any insight into the current situation there.

Answer: We feel like we are linking with him, but if you could give us his first name please to make sure. (Brad) Okay, as we link with Brad we have a sense of him being troubled. We have a sense of him feeling angry, frustrated and he gives us a sense of not being heard by you and the other people around him. It feels as if your relationship feels strained because of the lack of communication and all that he is going through. It honestly feels as if the majority of this is due to what he is going through because of this transformation taking place in his life. Even though you may say I can appreciate what he is going through, but what can I do to help it? We have a sense that if you don't mind, we are going to take a moment from his higher self and invite him from his higher self to come into this space for a minute so that he can feel our presence. Oop, okay there he goes, whew. It feels to us as if he is actually quite a sensitive individual. It feels as if he has struggled with things his whole life because he is so sensitive to energies and he feels so sensitive to whatever might be happening within his life. This is we believe why it has caused the feelings of separation within him. So what we are doing is sending a message from you that you would like the communication to open. And what we feel is important to say is that you recognize his independence. It's like there is a part of him that feels he doesn't think you recognize his age or his maturity. He needs to have some sort of confirmation that you trust him and believe in him. He mostly needs the confirmation. Does this resonate with you what we are picking up on?

Oh, very much so!

So we are continuing to flow to him that sense of being heard, that sense of being aware, that sense of what he has been asking for. As we transmit that to him it creates for him that sense within himself that he gets it, that sense from his higher self perspective. What we are transmitting to him also is just how much you care and that you are willing to listen to him. It feels like there may be some trouble at school or that he doesn't want to talk about it, he's holding it inside. So we're letting him know it's better to talk about it than hold it inside. As we're doing all of this we transmit it to him. We send the transmission that it may go down into him the human that he is. Of course we release it and let go any expected outcome. But we give him the opportunity that he may accept and allow that this communication will help him in his daily life. Because we know he is a bit troubled and frustrated. We have a sense of him feeling soothed as if he'd gotten heard. Hopefully there will be an opening that will come up in the next day or so between you guys that you may find a shift in the conversation. But I think even saying words like I do trust you, I do believe in you; just little things like that. While it may seem that he doesn't hear at first, just the affirmation that you love him, things you can say like that will get through to him and will help to calm him down, which will open up the door.

Is this to be done on an etheric level? Because he and I have had no communication for at least a year.

If that's the case, then absolutely do it on an etheric level. We had a sense of you being closer than that, that you actually had communication or that you were closer to one another than not having communicated for so long. What that tells us is that from an energy perspective, there is more of a closeness between you than what you are seeing on your physical reality. We sense that by creating this type of dialog on a non physical level will help to bring you together on a physical level.

Okay, sounds good! Thank you very much.

You're welcome beloved. We will continue to flow energy and light that this will move with greater ease.

Thank you!

You're welcome.

Question: Hello, thank you very much for this beautiful meditation. I wanted to ask how I can clear my channels so I can hear my guides more fully. Also, how can I remove obstacles to my abundance and have more control of my life.

Answer: Okay beloved. As we're looking at you, it's like we see 2 different parts of you that are separated side by side rather than being fully blended together. The sense of being out of control in your life is from being disconnected. When it comes to not being able to hear your intuition or not feel yourself, it's again the disconnection. But it also comes from a sense that you get caught up in your mental body. Your mental body consists of your beliefs, the thoughts that you have; the many things that have to do with the analytical. If you can take this as an opportunity.... well we are going to assist you in blending these two parts of yourself back together. Then if you take an opportunity over the next days or weeks to consciously breathe into this and create it on a daily basis or as often as you need to; then we have a sense the energy channels will open up and you and receive the information you are seeking. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Yes it does, very much.

The way we would like to help you in blending is to ask you to close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath in. As you breathe in let all of your focus go down within your heart center. As we go into your heart center, we feel the constriction you were speaking of. We invite you to take a breath of light in, as if this ball of light goes within your heart center. As you breathe out, consciously breathe out and let that ball of light go out in every direction from within your heart center. (Deep breath in and out) At first we had a sense that it pushed out all the walls, then we had a sense that there was more constriction; like there may be layers of this. So if you take in a second breath and this time, once more breathe deeply into your heart center. Breathe that beam of light outward as if to push out any barrier, push out or release any constriction around your heart center. There, that feels much better. Then you will feel as if every breath you take in is able to expand further because your heart is more open. Then as you consciously reach out to your divinity, which is already close to you because you have just been on this journey, as you consciously invite your divinity to come down. As if you are breathing it in, it comes like a stream of light that comes down through the top of your head, the back of your head, through your third eye. It comes down through all these energy centers and it comes within your heart center. As it does so, it begins to swirl around within you. From there you can have a sense of breathing further down, having this energy move down through your lower energy centers; you solar plexus, your sacral center and your root center. Consciously send it down within the earth until you can feel the energies of the earth that are blending and grounding these energies as it is linked to you. With that intention, you are bringing more of divinity down within you, you are grounding it into the earth and then letting it flow back up within you. It comes back up within your heart center once more. As we do that can you feel a shift taking place within you? Can you feel more connected?

Yes, yes I do.

Okay. We know that you are not the only one experiencing this and that is why we wanted to share that experience. So if you feel disconnected, out of sync or as if your life is out of control; this is the way to create a deeper blending within yourself. From there as you look at the various aspects of your life, if you come into a situation where for example you don't feel there is enough money right now; then breathe down that divinity within you and let it come up and fill that feeling of fear or anxiety or being out of control; whatever it might be in the moment. Bring it up, then have a sense of letting it flow away from you. What you are doing is releasing the energy associated with that, then you can look around and see what needs to be done then you can use that in your daily life. Does this all make sense to you beloved?

Yes it does, thank you very much.

Okay, so we feel the key issue has been the disconnect within you. The more you are connected, the more that energy can flow through all your energy centers. Some of the other energy centers feel as if they could a little work with expanding also. Once that is open and consistent, you will find you will get more intuition. You will hear your inner thoughts more easily. It will help you shift out of your mental body that you have been so predominantly within and that is how you will get the greater balance within you.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome beloved. We see this as not so very difficult for you. It is something you do unconsciously but then forget about it. Getting into the pattern of working with it will only take a very short time then you will see a difference within your life.

I very much appreciate this.

Alright beloved you are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, Thank you very much for that lovely gift you've given all of us. That was fabulous! (You're welcome.) I had an experience the middle of this morning. I was awake during it, but I'd like your perspective of what happened. What dimension did it happen in and what was actually happening; then your perspective.

Answer: When you spoke of that, we had a sense of seeing you standing or sitting, like an actual person and a lightening bolt moving through you. The sense we got was that is was similar to what took place with the lightbody infusion during this journey tonight. The sense we have is that it occurred this morning as a means of preparing you or assisting you for the deeper integration that took place this evening. It took place for you in the 3rd / 4th dimension reality that you were in at that moment, but it also was a means of expanding you into the 5th and 6th dimensions; we say more so the 5th dimension than the 6th. Basically what that was doing was shifting your energy body in such a way that you could more fully be cognizant of the 5th dimensional energy around you. Our sense is that once this occurred, like in a split second afterwords, we have a sense of you looking around seeing things differently; seeing things you had not seen before, seeing things with a greater clarity. This is our take on that situation, is that what you were talking about?

Yes, and also I really have had a sense all day of looking behind and that I had left an old me behind.

That is a wonderful way of looking at that! It's a part of stepping forth into these energies with a much greater amount of your consciousness. As you had that sense of looking behind or leaving behind that aspect of you that no longer works for you, you were letting go of the vibration that was holding you back, or the vibration keeping you from being fully present in the 5th and 6th dimension. That is our sense of what went on. We concur with your take on things.

Thank you so much!

We love this image because as we were saying that we had a sense of you looking back and reviewing it and that part of you that was leaving was standing there smiling and waving 'bye bye'! It was almost as if it was out of joy and fun which is the best way to transition an aspect of yourself.

Well, it really felt like a blessing all the way around.

Excellent, excellent! Well, enjoy this coming year. Enjoy becoming more fully integrated into these dimensions of energy and light. We see this coming year as being one of taking a quantum leap forward for you.

Okay, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Question: Thank you Goddess, this is Norma. I am wondering what is going on with my knee? It's really sore, it's really swollen, Im having trouble walking. Sometimes my knew gets so stiff and it gets really hot. My pain level is really high.

Answer: As we're looking at it we see all the inflammation and the debris. With the surgery that was done on it, it feels like a sliver or a bone or something was left behind. I don't know, it just feels like debris as it's coming across. Now it may be energetic debris, it may be physical. Let us take a moment and work with this so that we can work with the energy and draw off some of that inflammation. We are surrounding it with light and feel a need to infuse it with a cool blue energy. Let that blue energy move through and release some of that swelling, release some of that inflammation. As it does so, it feels as if yes, there's debris. It's the best word to use for that. So we are clearing out as much as we can energetically. We also have a sense to go back within you and as we looked at this we can see all this physical manifestation but there was also something about belief systems or patterns for the way things have been in the past. It feels as if anything you have had done has been a struggle. As if anything that was a big change had to be re-done more than once like you couldn't get it right the first time. We're picking up on a belief system or mental body around this. Does that resonate with you at all?

It does because for most of my life, even when I was a kid, doctors have said why can't you be like everybody else? Nothing works on you. I've been told this over and over by the medical profession. It's to the point that I rarely have anything done. I went tot he point where I could hardly walk before I got this done. (right) I decided I was going to and it was all going to be okay.

We remember even working with you before the the surgery and we did not have a sense of this being the outcome, we had a sense of a different potential outcome. So what we think is the main thing to work with now is shifting your belief system. This has been your experience in this whole lifetime, you've had that as your reality, it's a cut and dry thing. But with a lot of these lightbody energies that are coming now and integrating within your body you can use that sort of energy and vibration to shift and release things. What we would say is let your focus be for awhile upon creating belief systems that have to do with 'My body heals with ease' 'my knee is free of any debris or inflammation' 'my knee functions at it's highest ability' and the biggest thing is 'my knee is pain free'. (Yeah!) We have a sense that this is something that will occur for you. Part of the reason for this 10 weeks you've gone through and the discomfort you've experienced is that it's giving you and opportunity to really work with this energy and work with transitioning. As we look at you now and as we look at this journey we just saw we saw we saw you as where you perceive yourself to be now and we saw you where you perceive your knee is completely healed and pain free. So be sure not to let your focus be on the beliefs that are not working for you. Be sure to instead recognize that this is all intermixed with each other (deep breath) and you breathe through and release it. Then you can even go back in and create the belief that you heal with ease, you are pain free and you walk and move with ease.

Thank you so much Goddess, I really appreciate this.

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess. The last time we spoke, we talked about the fact that I had let go of shields and once that happened, I underwent a lot of psychic attacks, which I still am. I was before, but it has stepped up. I've since sought help and talked to people. There are people who believe in not having shields because shields are like a bandaid and the real protection comes from within and letting go of your stuff. I haven't been able to build a strong enough shield around myself. It takes all my energy just to keep it going you know, let alone anything else I have to do. I think my main problem is my 3rd chakra. What do you want to tell me about all that.

Answer: Well, this is something that may be too complicated for us to completely work through at this time because we only have a few minutes. (okay) We see that people believe in shields and that people believe there does not need to be a shield. My personal belief is that you do not need to have a shield. Especially when you are in a state of balance, things do not affect you. So if you are feeling psychic attacks it's because you are out of balance. Anything that you can do, either through breathing, clearing your energy fields, anything you can do that brings you back into a state of balance is what strengthens you and what allows a greater amount of your divinity to be within and around you. That to me is your first step, finding the way to breathe in your divinity and your balance.

The next question we have is ‘is there a lesson or something in this to be learned'? Or is there a reason, because it feels to use like it's from work or something outside of your family. It doesn't feel like a direct close link to you but something more external, is that correct?

Yes, this is a long drawn out situation that is complicated and very big.

Because our question to you is how can you walk away from it? How can you disconnect from this individual; it feels like it's primarily one individual, what you can you do to just simply no longer have any connection to them? It also feels like there are hooks in you and that's what we think is around your solar plexuses that you were speaking of with your 3rd chakra. Those hooks that you may go in and release then through the attacks and your feeling vulnerable, they reconnect again. So it's release and reconnect, release and reconnect. So if you can have a sense of going back within yourself and perhaps back to the first life existence with this individual, because it's more than just this lifetime; but go back to whatever it is you need to do so that you can disconnect from the very first time. Then we sense that would be another way to keep from reconnecting again and again in this lifetime. But any time you feel attacked.... okay, let us back up. If you practice breathing in your divinity and feeling balanced on a consistent basis then it keeps you in that space. That is the prophylactic care you can give yourself. Then when you are doing that if you consciously go within and ask ‘is there a hook within me' ‘Is there some sort of a link that binds me to this individual'. Then consciously disconnect from any of those. If you have to consciously use your hand and physically remove it and let it go. Whatever you need to do to make it more of a reality is what you need to do. If you just begin to do that in prophylactic way that will diminish this experience. Then the asking yourself ‘is there anything else I have to learn from this' or ‘am I ready to let this go completely and walk away. It feels like it's linked to an ex-husband but there feels like there's still an involvement, either through children or another party. Perhaps you can't walk away, but anything that you can do that allows you to disconnect from them and move on to create a new life, then the better things will be for you.

It's not an ex-husband from this life and there are no children. It's not anyone that I know real well but yes, there is the Karmic connection.

Okay, so then to me in this example, in this case we sense that if you consciously disconnect from any communication, any sort of anything to do with the individual...

I have.

Okay but it feels like they are still coming around..... excuse me?

Only in energy maybe, not in person. But it's a big situation. It affects every aspect of my life. But I have nothing to do with this person, I haven't seen him in over 3 years.

Yeah, okay, we can see that it is something big and it does encompass many aspects of things. We've given you some tools that you can use. We think that also making the decision that it's over, it's done with, I'm moving in a new direction and I'm completely free of that person is some of the best things you can do.

Okay, can you just tell me what you meant by prophylactic?

By prophylactic I mean that you create that balance and disconnect before you get into the place of feeling the psychic attack. You create that strength and inner connection within yourself so that if an attack comes all you need to do is take one deep breath in. You have that foundation already set up. You have foundation you are used to using and that's what makes the attack less strong and less impactful on you.

I can't see where I'm out of balance. I don't know if you have time to get into that.

We really don't. We just see you as being out of balance. When we spoke to the other individual about blending her divinity more deeply within her, that's what we see with you. Your divinity is not as infused within you as it could be. We also see you in your mental body too much because of everything to do with this; analysing the attack, analysing what's causing this, analysing how long it's going to last. It goes on and on. That is how we see it's out of balance.

Alright, thank you.

You are welcome.

All right everybody and so thank you for this opportunity. And I appreciate as always having these experiences with you and having the opportunity to be able to communicate in all the various levels with which we connect.

So as you are creating the foundation of this year that you have now entered, remember to create through joy; remember to create through the intention of what it is you do want in your life. And allow all to unfold within and around you with ease.

I am ever with you and within.





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