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So often the Goddess speaks of aligning with your Divinity and receiving information, support or balance.  During this channel, she speaks very specifically about the cord that links you as a human, to your higher self and then your soul.  She helps people create a greater flow which in turn opens up people’s perception and in particular their mental body.  Once this energy flow expands, people experience the Lightbody and interaction with the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Arcturians. 

At the beginning of the channel the Goddess speaks of the levels of consciousness between the human and one’s divinity.  She speaks of a thread of energy or a thread of light which comes from your divinity and anchors in your physical body.  It’s this thread that you can work with so that it opens to a much greater amount creating an easier flow between your soul and your human awareness. 

She first creates the knowledge of you as human, then you follow that cord to where it ends; this is your soul, with your higher self is somewhere in between.  The intention of your higher self is to have a space where your divinity can be perceived by your human awareness. 

People have the experience of looking from their human self to their divinity; then from their divinity into their human.  It was interesting to see how one perspective may be open where other is not as much. 

Once the alignment was open and flowing, the Goddess assisted people with moving into the universe where they could link with emissaries of light from Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus.  During this time, they created a place that cleared out people’s energy fields so they would open to their gifts of perception.

You will feel an amazing shift with this channel!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out my arms. I send love from my heart to your heart. I welcome each one of you who have chosen to come and be a part of this experience this evening.

The effect that these channels or this type of a community of people has upon the earth is even greater than you may be aware. It creates a sense of community. It creates a vortex of energy that can focus that universal light and it creates an opportunity within the collective consciousness that allows for a shifting or transforming of energies.

This is a key opportunity for you to be able to align not only within yourself as the human but yourself as your divinity.

People have many different perceptions of what that may be; I will therefore speak of it for a moment or two. Everybody who walks upon the earth is human. I’m laughing because I can hear some people behind saying, “Oh no, there are a lots of aliens that are here too”, but indeed, we speak of the humans.

These are people who have chosen to come in and have a life upon the earth. You have the physical reality that is your body. You have the thoughts and the mental body that is a part of you, your emotions are a part of you, your spiritual and your light body energies also create who you are as the human in this lifetime.

There is a cord of light that is anchored within you and it flows through all your energy bodies and it ends within your divinity.  Every single person upon the earth has that cord of light or energy which is their alignment as the human or from the human to their divinity. For some it may be as if you are disconnected, for others it may be as wide-open as something 2 to 3 times the size of who you are. It is flexible, meaning it constricts and enlarges as it needs to.

When we speak of your divinity or your I AM Presence it is that immense ball of energy or light that is out within the universe that is at that other end of the cord and it’s always there for you. When I speak of linking with your higher self, it is that place that merges your divinity coming down from the higher dimensions and your human essence coming up from where you are today.

Therefore, your higher self gives you that expanded perspective from looking at your life. So too, it allows a place where your divinity may be close to you but maintain that higher vibration, it is not as high as when you link with your divinity and many people when they go to their higher self, go straight to their divinity. There is no right or wrong. I simply wanted to take a moment to talk about this, because especially in this year to come that alignment of your divinity and you the person, is going to be more important than ever before.

You are always completely supported by your divinity whether you feel it, sense it or know it, it is always there. Your divinity is what makes you the unique individual that you are. Your divinity is what you communicate through as you reach towards the Angels, the teachings, teachers and the other beings of light.

Your divinity is the foundation of all that you are in this lifetime and in every other.

Let’s take a moment then in which you breathe deeply sending your energy down into the earth once more. Allow yourself to link with Gaia or link with the energies of the earth and then let that flow up through you so that it comes up through you and then send your consciousness streaming up until you find yourself aligning with your higher self. It is a space; it is a place of consciousness. You may create within the space in whatever way, resonates with you. Let it be your sanctuary.

From there, stream your consciousness even further as if you follow that cord of light until you find yourself blending with your divinity. There is an even greater ease with which you flow from your earthly experience to your divine. Let yourself feel, see, sense, know, all that is here for you.

For some it gives you that sense of coming home. For others, almost as if you are looking and seeing things that just resonate with you that of which you’ve forgotten. You may have a sense of just a blank energy. Be not concerned. Know that that cord of light terminates within your divinity and therefore you are there.

I now have a greater sense of people opening up their awareness or their consciousness and then receiving a flow of love into who they are and in their consciousness.

I the Goddess, walk within and amongst each one of you. As I reach out I embrace all of who you are as the human and as your divinity and as our energies merge you will find yourself shifting and moving into the space of the All That Is.

Look around, see who is here. These gatherings always attract a lot of different energies, and many of them are the Angels and the beings of light that work with you. So perhaps you find yourself drawn into conversation with or just to be in the presence of one of your Angels.

I spoke of you as your human versus you as your divinity while you were still grounded upon the earth. As we are here in the All That Is, now as if you are looking from your divinity down towards your human self, take a moment to open up, realize or recognize your perception of what that is.

I notice several different things as I’m looking around at people’s perception. For some it is as if it’s segmented; you the human, you the higher self, you have the divinity, and there is no constant flow moving back and forth. For others, it’s as if streaming up to this consciousness was through a one way valve and you could come up quite easily, but as we look backwards it’s as if we are bouncing up against density or something that’s keeping you from perceiving you as your human experience.

At this moment, I invite you to close your eyes, open your energies, allow yourself to feel who you are in this moment of expansion within the All That Is. Many people find that question to be challenging. When I say, who are you, you might not have an answer because you don’t really know how to put it into words, like concept.

As I asked that question or I put that intention out there, take a moment and simply feel the washes and the waves of energy that comes through you from your divinity.

As your divinity, you may see yourself as pure white light. You may see yourself as God source energy. You may see yourself as a pulsating energy filled with consciousness and experiences from many different lifetimes. You may see yourself as a mist that expands out into limitless infinity. It may be something completely different from that. But anytime you ask yourself, who am I -- allow yourself to experience first and foremost the limitless potential of your divinity.

A very popular phrase upon the earth is, “I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience”. Other people may also consider that they are an earthly being having a spiritual experience. Two sides of the coin. You are both, you are human having a spiritual experience but you came from source energy to have a human experience. So as if you are feeling the balance or the shifting and movement of that, allow it all to simply be within and around you.

Consider your mental body. Consider your beliefs in this lifetime. What would you say is the foundation of your beliefs?

Ok. Let us take as an example something that is taking place in your life right now. As you think about whatever that may be, consider your thoughts or beliefs about the situation.

It makes me smile because whenever I say something like that many of you get out your list; it’s this, this, this, this, as if you are so used to talking about it or thinking about it or considering whatever it may be you instantly have a perception of what your beliefs are around the situation. I remind you that the last time we gather together, we cleared out a lot of those beliefs. So let’s clear it out again. ~ whew ~

Consider a situation within your life, and if you were to stretch the boundaries, so to speak, are there new ways in which you may consider this situation?

So too, take as an example something that you have been seeking to manifest in the past, that you did manifest at some point. Perhaps it’s big, perhaps it’s little.  Do you remember how things shifted when you shifted your beliefs? Do you remember how that opened up a door for a new awareness to come within you?

Open as if you are opening up a door in front of you and look at the situation from new eyes. Perhaps you just sense or feel it. Howsoever your perception flows through you be open to that potential of something different.

Consider your emotions. Are there emotions that have been consistent throughout your life coming up again and again and again? Many times they are rooted with a belief, so having cleared the mental body and the belief, are your emotions shifting also? Let that flow.

As we’ve spoken about your spiritual body your perception is that your spiritual body is that which is your divinity in this lifetime. Perhaps your perception of it is from a place of limitation or lack. Perhaps it’s aligned with belief systems that say, “You have to believe my way, it’s the only way”. So, your mental, spiritual, emotional bodies, all have a link or an alignment with one another that can create great resistance or it can really amplify the flow of energy. I invite you to open up and allow it to amplify what is here within your life.

Your light body energy is sometimes associated with your spiritual, but it is indeed distinctly different because it is you as your universal light, it is you in alignment with the crystalline energies, it is you as a link to the immensity of the universe.

As you allow the flow of that perception to move through you, let it flow gently, aligning who you are as your consciousness and then let all of that move through into your unconscious. Indeed, as I said that I saw some of you edging up against something that felt more rigid. In this now time space reality I send an impulse of light and energy. ~ whew ~ We clear out anything at all that may feel rigid or solid within your own consciousness.

I invite you to open up that flow, open up that movement as if that of which you’ve been unaware flows easily within you and then the other flows back into that that is a movement back and forth.

As we speak of these, the clearing out, the alignment, the balance, look with your inner eyes towards your divinity. Open to the potential that you may have a greater understanding of not only the immensity of who you are but the balance and the unconditional love.

From there, again have a sense of looking down towards your human self. Be open to recognize that there is a greater flow or greater awareness after having cleared up this energy. My perception as I look at you is that indeed, there is.

I invite you to have a sense of looking towards that space of the All That Is that is leaning towards the universal light, and I shift the energies or I shift the perspective so that even more of that light body energy flows within you in this now moment.

As it moves through you, allow it to integrate or find a balance that supports you. We speak of that expanded consciousness and the light body energy is a higher vibration, it’s a more transparent vibration, it’s filled with the crystalline energy so that it assists you with your perceptions within the higher dimensions. Allow that to move through you. You may feel yourself expanding as it moves within and around your consciousness.

I invite you to have a sense of letting yourself move out into the universe more fully. You will find yourself drawn, perhaps to a particular star, perhaps a planet, perhaps a place where you are just talking to or interacting with other beings of light and as you do so, have the intention of being open to receive a greater integration from the universal light. This may open up your third eye, your throat center, your heart, your solar plexus. This may assist you in clearing out all those preconceived notions from your mental body so that you may now accept, “Yes, I Am this universal being of light and therefore I have all of my senses open. I receive a constant flow of energy from my divine essence” and from within that you see all of these places with which you may communicate or align.

I will be quiet for a moment. I invite you to have the intention that everything becomes very clear for you and that you become aware of where you are out within the universe.

I know that you would like to spend a lot more time in this perception of awareness, know that you can shift time space reality and be here as long as you would like. I do ask you though, is perhaps through this clearing out that you’ve been doing you are now already able to discern even more about these energies of the universe? Are you able to see, perhaps where you are or feel or know? Be open to accept your message.

The energies of the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, in particular support this expansion of the earth. They have created a great deal of the alignments and the perceptions that assist you in your life. You have the free will to open up as much or as little as you so choose. I invite you to recognize how so many of these beings of light are here for you. Perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps this time upon the earth is the rare occurrence and you are much more comfortable out here within this space. Let yourself know, let yourself acknowledge, let yourself experience all that is here for you. May you be open to receive.

Have a sense of coming back together as a group, coming back together in that space of the All That Is.

As you feel yourself returning into this vibration with which you already have an alignment, take a moment to consider the ways in which your energies have shifted. Is there a greater thing that you perceive? Do you feel things in a different way? Can you allow yourself to simply know, whatever it is that you may need to know? Breathe down deeply into your consciousness. Allow it to expand so as to support all of you within this space and within this moment.

As you integrate this even more within you look again towards your divinity. Perhaps now, you have that even greater perception of how immense it is. Perhaps you are able to discern some of the various lifetimes that created your I Am Presence.

You are wide open. All of your senses are working for you. Your consciousness is moving even deeper and deeper into your unconscious thoughts and awareness, so as to fill it with light, so that it may expand so that you may have a greater knowledge.

Feel what that is. Let yourself know.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you do so feel the flow of energy as it moves around the group.

A dramatic shift has taken place during this journey. The All That Is with which you usually work has shifted into a higher dimension. All is accommodating for you, and therefore this flow of energy that moves within you is accommodating also. Allow your perception to be of the earth coming up within it. This hologram of the earth is one with which you work for quite some time, but it to automatically aligns to the vibration of the dimension with which you are. Therefore feel the flow, feel the movement, feel the alignment.

As you do so, infuse the energy of that wide open alignment between your divinity and you the person that you are. Infuse that into this hologram so that as it begins to spin in time all of who you are in this expanded state, without any veil, without any resistance infuses the hologram.

There is a gentle movement as it releases the connection from all of you and it flows down moving into the center of the earth. As it moves through the energies that are on the surface of the earth, it clears out debris, it clears out old energies and it moves within the core essence of the earth aligning in that place of crystalline vibration and then it begins to expand. It comes up through the earth itself, it comes up through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the water, and it expands up within each one of you.

You have the ability to integrate all of this, so that in your everyday life you are as wide open as you are in the All That Is.

Allow your focus to return once more into the All That Is.

I’m smiling because I see some of you saying, “I’m going back up the universe for a while. I’m going  to go over here for a while”, whatever you so choose but for the rest I invite you to have a sense of shifting your awareness into the space of your divinity. It may be right there within the All That Is. It may feel different. From here, allow yourself to become very conscious of that cord of energy or that cord of light that links you from here, your divinity into you the human. As if your consciousness follows that stream of awareness it flows until it finds that balance between human and divine. And as you arrive within your higher self, send out a ball of light. ~ whew ~ Clear it out. Allow it to fill up with the spaces. Allow it to fill up the spaces with your divinity and with all of that information that you created with your alignment in the universe. It may reside within your divinity. It may reside here, it may reside with you in your human experience.

Allow your consciousness to flow back, moving even further. Let it come down within and around you as the human. As it does so it may feel as if it’s a mist that is moving through you. It may feel as if it’s a warm embrace that surrounds you. Let it move all the way through you, clearing out all of your energy bodies and then send that light directly down letting it move into the earth. Let it anchor within the center of the earth aligning with what you’ve already sent into the earth from the hologram and then as you link and merge with that you once more bring it back up within you; this time in a much more conscious way and in a much more physical way. Feel that flow through your physical body.

Allow yourself to become illuminated with light. Allow every cell within your body to be filled with light as it communicates with every cell around it. Allow this to move even deeper within you as you anchor yourself into this energy.

Alright beloved family, as you continue to move through these days upon the earth, I invite you to open up to the flow of that column of light that links you as your human with you as your divinity. Recognize that that is always there. Recognize that that is where you greatest support comes from. Recognize that, is as your divinity that you are linked to all else within the universe. You are in alignment. You are in the flow. I invite you to be open to receive.





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