Open to Compassion and Gratitude

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you, Beloved Family. Welcome to our time together. Let yourself truly feel who you are in this moment. Let yourself take a moment to really feel your arms, your legs and your body.

Become very aware of this human form that is yours in this lifetime. Let your consciousness move up and down, taking stock, feeling what it is to be you. And once you have this perception within you, let your consciousness expand. Allow yourself to release the energies of your physical body. Allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the magnetic grid.

As you come into this energy pathway, allow yourself to look around. Take in any information that is here for you. This (magnetic grid) has a space where your Higher Self resides, so let yourself become aware of what that is to you. Let your perceptions open so that you may take in a greater amount of information that is within this space.

You may release the energies of the magnetic grid. Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may connect with the crystalline grid. Feel what it is like to let go of the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel what it is to be in this crystalline energy. Many of you come into this space as you are moving through your days. Many of you are incorporating the crystalline energies into your physical reality upon the earth. Look around you and see if there is anything within here that reaches out to you or catches your attention. Take in these energies. Let yourself truly feel what it is to be within this space.

From here call forth the column of light. Allow yourself to shift, moving through the column into the space of the soul plane. As you find yourself emerging from the column, it's as if your consciousness expands in every direction. You are able to take in more information because when you are within this space, it is a finer vibration which therefore allows you to perceive more subtle details or information.

Call forth your I Am Presence. Allow yourself to connect with this essence which is you. Feel yourself expand as you blend with these energies. Just as you took the opportunity when you were grounded upon the earth to take stock of your human aspect take this opportunity to truly recognize and understand who you are as a soul essence. Let your consciousness expand further, taking in more and more details.

Sometimes as you connect with this greater aspect of who you are you don't quite reconcile the perception of how expanded you can be. You each have more gifts than you are ever aware of as a human. Those gifts are here within this space. Some of them you are already working with; others have yet to be found by you.

I, The Goddess, now make my presence known. As I move into this space, I blend with each one of you. I can assist you in truly looking at who you are within your divinity. Let yourself open to perceive how I am able to reflect back to you who you are. Let your awareness expand as you shift more fully into the space of the All That Is. Some of you may already be there; others arrive as we consciously move into this space.

This is a higher vibration than the soul plane. So if you so desire, look around and see if there are others that you take note of. These may be angels; they may be others who are part of the teleconference; they may be friends or family that you will often times connect with when you are in this expanded state.

Let yourself take this opportunity to open to a greater understanding or awareness within you. I invite you to now link with the human that you are within this lifetime. It may be as if your human self comes up and is sitting beside your spiritual self. Or perhaps you're walking or floating upon the clouds. You can make this space whatever you would like it to be.

This is an opportunity for you to create a more direct link between your soul aspect and your human aspect. This is an opportunity for you to receive greater understanding about this physical life that you are living at this time. Your human self will also be able to reflect back aspects of your spiritual self that you perhaps are unaware of during your daily life.

So as you are taking stock with this human existence, I invite you to consider where you are in your life right now. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? For some, it may be what they have accomplished; for others what they have not accomplished as of yet; for some, it may be a means of viewing yourself with judgment or criticism; for others it may be that you look at this human self with complete love and acceptance. There are a multitude of potentials that you may be picking up on.

As you perceive where you are right now, ask yourself what has occurred that brought you to this place. For some, they may feel the roller coaster effect of their life. Some may feel one trauma and drama leading to the next trauma and drama. There are those who have had smooth sailing out upon the water, and then there are those who feel as if they've had nothing but turbulence throughout their lives. For most individuals, it's a combination of these things. You can recognize and honor the times in which you've struggled. You may also recognize and honor the times in which you are at peace and contentment within yourself.

This is the space of the All That Is. There is always complete acceptance when you are here. So if you have been judging yourself, perhaps judging the choices that you've made, I ask you to release that judgment. I invite you to bring in compassion; compassion for yourself.

What does it feel like to be compassionate about the choice you've made, about the life that you've lived, about where you are at this moment in your life? If you look at it with compassion let that move through you, soothing the times in which you've been harsh with yourself. If you will allow in compassion, it will shift your perception.

How often do you feel compassion for the others who are around you? Compassion for what you see on the television, compassion for your family and their experience? You may forget to use compassion when looking at yourself. I believe that each of you should allow compassion for yourself to be at the center of all that you do. If you feel compassion, then let go the harshness with which you've judged yourself. Let it flow away from you in every direction.

I hear some of you asking, ‘Am I worthy to have compassion for myself?' Absolutely, you are worthy! Every human is worthy of compassion from within their own divinity, from their human self; they can know that it is always there for them by the angels, the guides, God and Goddess. We all love you. We honor and support you. We therefore hold you in compassion as you move through your life.

If you are struggling to feel it for yourself, then open up and let me flow it for you so that you may see what that feels like. And when you are ready, I invite you to open up and feel the compassion that is within yourself. It is there. You need only remove any barriers that you as the human may have placed. This is where you can allow your divinity to flow that to the human.

What does compassion feel like to you? What can you do in your daily life that will be more compassionate to yourself?

This time upon the earth for many of you who participate in this conference is coming up to a holiday about Thanksgiving. (Observed in the US on 11-23-06) There will be many, many energies of people focusing upon what they are thankful for and that opens a potential to create a shift among all the humans.

So you first of all create the space of feeling compassion for yourself. I then invite you to open up and ask, ‘what are you thankful for?' Is gratitude a part of your life? Is gratitude perhaps something that you consider only on rare occasions? Just as with compassion, a sense of gratitude and thankfulness may also shift your energies. So take a moment and go deeper, finding gratitude or thankfulness within your life.

As I look at each of you doing this, it is a glorious sight. It is as if there are fireworks being shot off by each one of you. There are times in which, you are thankful to be able to breathe; something as simple as that. There are other times in which you may create a list that can be as long or as limitless as you would like.

Feel the joy and the excitement that comes in with these energies. Feel the lightness that is perfusing each one of you as you allow these two emotions to become a part of this experience. Go back to that communication between your divinity and your human self. For many of you, your human aspect is able to have a whole new perspective of what your divinity is. It may be that your divine aspect is working with or talking to your human self so that there will be a greater communication and understanding.

Let yourself reach out and blend fully your human self with your divine essence. It is as if you have split your consciousness and it is now coming back together. As I see this blending occur, there is a spiraling that occurs between some of you. Others, again, create that sense of fireworks as the two aspects of yourself come back together. In all cases, it results in an even greater expansion. Through compassion, for the life that you have been living, or perhaps the limitations that the human aspect of you has believed, let yourself truly feel and know that they may be released. There need not be any limitations of any sort. Breathe in perfect health. Breathe in a life filled with relationships - those that allow for a deep and heartfelt connection. Breathe in prosperity and abundance. Breathe in an ease in manifestation.

Can you feel a shift occurring within yourself? Through your commutation and gratitude, you have opened in ways that you may not have been opened before. Feel what this is. Feel what it means to you.

We spoke earlier of the crystalline energies that are coming to the earth. Allow yourself to shift. It may be that you go and blend with the actual crystals that are out in the universe. It may be that you go to the crystalline grid. Whatever you so choose.

Let yourself align with the crystalline vibration that will support this new opening that is occurring within you. Take note of what this crystal may mean. Perhaps it is what will assist you in having the perfect health that you are seeking. Perhaps it is what will assist you in finding the heartfelt relationships that you are seeking. Perhaps this crystalline vibration will assist you in vibrating in a way to manifest the abundance that you are seeking. This is uniquely yours. This is your creation. As with all of your life, you have been creating, sometimes with intention; sometimes with unconscious intention. You may now consciously choose to enhance your vibration in such a way that you manifest with greater ease. This is you. This is your reality.

Allow yourself to let that reality be in alignment with your human form. Your human self was a part of choosing an opening to this alignment. Therefore, it is open to accept and understand.

I invite you to now come back together as a group. Allow yourself to become aware of the others who are also gathered. You may find yourself talking, playing, or interacting with those who are here. Let yourself take in as much information as you are able. Now is the time to connect with others. You recognize and know who you are. So look around to perceive and become aware that you are not alone.

From a space within yourself that is filled with compassion and gratitude look again at the others who have gathered here with you. Does that change your perception in any way? You will find that when you can feel compassion for yourself first and foremost, there is even a greater abundance of it that you may share with others, if you so desire.

From within this circle we see the hologram of the earth as it comes forth. Drawing on your own compassion, your gratitude, let your energies flow from each one of you and into this hologram. We have the perception that some areas soak it up easily and readily. And there are some aspects of the earth that have not been as open to these emotions. Through your intention allow these energies to simply flow from you and as they move into the earth, it does disperse throughout the entire hologram of the earth. If there are areas that are not as open to compassion or gratitude, those of the earth that are (open) can share that energy and allow it to flow around so that every aspect has this potential.

Perceive how much the hologram is shifting as a result of this. There is a greater amount of light. There is a greater amount of illuminated colors. This is available to each of you and to every human who is open to receive. They need not be conscious of it. They can still receive these energies.

With that, the hologram begins to shift once more. It moves down from within the group. As it connects with the magnetic grid, there's an aspect that remains within the grid work allowing for greater change at that level. And then the remainder moves back down. It goes into the earth and then it radiates out from within the center of the earth, coming up as always through the grass, the trees, the rocks, the water, making available to everyone compassion and gratitude.

And again I put forth my heartfelt encouragement that both of these you take in for yourself first and foremost, as does every human feel compassion for themselves and gratitude. Form there, everyone may look out at others and the rest of the world.

Allow your focus to come back up within this group. With the change that has occurred within each of you tonight, I invite each of you to create a ball of light. Each of you creates a light that represents who you are, your divinity, your human aspect. Take a moment and see what that ball of light looks like to each of you. This is one way of illuminating who you are. I invite you all to toss your ball so that they all meet within the middle of this group. See what a glorious sight that is!

I now invite you to send that ball of light outwards from you into the omniverse. As you do so, it moves through connecting with the many energies that are also observing and participating with what's happening upon the earth. It moves through the new earth. It moves through the various planets and stars, going beyond and beyond. It is also linking with you at your much higher vibrations - those levels of which you may not be conscious. There is a shift that occurs as a result of that. Feel it and know that it is having an effect.

Once again, come back within this group. As you are ready to do so, you may release this energy, allowing yourself to shift into the space of the soul plane. As you begin your descent, it is as if you stop here temporarily. This space expands so as to accommodate you. You may also have a sense of releasing perhaps a part of your I Am Presence.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to shift even further, letting yourself align with the energies of the crystalline grid. You may find yourself once again linking with that particular crystal with which you had linked earlier. It may be an aspect of that crystal. This space radiates and sparkles with an even greater light.

Allow yourself to shift once more, moving back within the magnetic grid. You feel the pull of the gravity as you come once more into the earth plane. You notice this grid work and the ways in which it too has shifted as a result of your journey tonight. Perceive again this space in which your Higher Self resides. You looked at it earlier on your way up. So open to understand how it has shifted as a result of this journey.

As you are ready to do so, you may release the magnetic grid. Let yourself come back once more within your physical body. Let yourself feel what it is to be this human that you are. Take note and perceive how as you are once more grounded, what it is to feel compassion for yourself; what it is to feel gratitude for yourself or your life. Let this expanded awareness firmly ground within your physical body and your human self. It expands to accept these energies.

As you are grounding and coming back within this space, allow yourself to come back within the conference room if you so desire. You may press the *7 upon your telephone to un-mute your line so that you may speak. And I am open to receive questions that you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for a really wonderful journey and great energies. That's really helpful for me now because on prior visits with my family I've been irritated and annoyed. I will be traveling a great distance to be with family including five children. I am asking for guidance on how I can be more mellow, more in my body with myself.

Answer: We thank you so much for this question because it is exactly in alignment with what this journey was about. When you speak of this trip you have planned and the experience with all these people we get this feeling of a bit of chaos. Because with the number children it sounds like there is always talking going on, there are always people coming and going; sometimes argument, sometimes just a lot of loud voices and such. Is that correct? (Correct and also somebody who needs my space. So I feel like I'm going to really be out and that is what I'm concerned about.) Yes, so first of all let me digress a little bit. When you encounter a situation like this, in the past or your perception of what was coming up you feel this concern because you know you might be irritable or things might happen. You might get frustrated and won't have your personal space that you normally might have in your daily life. So that creates an irritation within you and you wish you felt different about it and you wish it would not be the situation as it is happening. So when you have a look at that from a space of compassion, you can feel for yourself the compassion you are actually thinking and feeling. Rather than judging yourself and perhaps thinking that you shouldn't feel that way; because you do and it just is that you do, let yourself from a more loving experience or expansion of yourself, let yourself just realize that there may be times during the weekend when you feel irritated. Now, we also have a sense that if you work with this energetically before you leave, you can create a space for yourself so that when you are there you don't feel as if you are being intruded upon. Does that make sense to you? So what we would like you to do is create a space for yourself where you will see yourself with all these people together or you see yourself with those who may annoy you or something. What you can do then is create a bubble of light or expanded area around you that you then fill with compassion; just as we have been working with upon this journey. From that compassion, it will diffuse energy such as irritation, frustration, or anger. You will then feel calmer within yourself, but it will also affect those who are around you. They will feel that calmness because it may originate from you, but it will link with each of them in the same space. It will be coming from a space of feeling calm and expansion. When things like this happen to people who are not as open or aware as you are, they don't necessarily know or even understand what is going on, but it can still have an affect on them. Does that make sense to you? (It makes a lot of sense, thank you very much.) We wish you well upon this journey. Take us with you so that we may enjoy your dinner and family with you. (You got it!)

Question: (paraphrased) One of the ascended masters is giving Ray information. If you could access that information for me; the 12 Rays as it pertains to me; one that's physical, emotional, mental, light body, and monad. Is it possible for you to get that information for me?

Answer: So, we'll tell you what we think we took from this. You are working with an ascended master about the 12 Rays. You are asking if this information you are receiving is accurate. (Well, I was wondering. He mentioned a person incarnates with a certain ray that they are aligned with. Different aspects of themselves are aligned with different rays and I'm wondering which aspects of myself are aligned with which Rays.) First of all, we haven't fully linked with you to look at this. There is a great deal of information out there and as the world was opening up to understand light bodies and energy bodies that are around individuals. When you think back, it is all fairly new information. As you think back perhaps the past 30, 40, or 50 years that was when you began to read about these things.

There is a great deal of information that is still being gathered. It is still somewhat subjective because different people will perceive different things. It is kind of difficult to say that a person comes in on only one ray and they are then aligned with that their whole life. Because what is happening is that as there is more and more of the crystalline and new energy that is coming into the earth, it gives people a flexibility to shift, expand, create, or whatever they want in their life; far more so than what was anticipitated when they began these studies or greater understanding of where people are. So, in saying all of that I will look at you and give you my perception of this. You may have come in on the green ray; again everyone has different perceptions as to which ray everyone is aligned with. Now my perception of the green ray is Hilarian.

Each person may come in and be in alignment at that moment in their life with certain aspects of these or certain characteristics of these. It can change over time. Some people believe it is set up and doesn't change over time, that it is there because that is the pattern you set for yourself in this lifetime. You could even say that in the past that was all true. Part of the new energy and part of what we are all doing is about being able to change your destiny, so to speak. Change what was pre-ordained for you by yourself before you came into this earth. You can look at it and say, "Sure I did want to that, but now I'm choosing something different for myself." That is where you can then choose to shift and go into a completely different direction than what was set up for you when you came into this lifetime. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does.)

Now, I realize that I've digressed from your somewhat simple question, but felt that his was important to be aware of just how powerful this new energy is and how impactful each one of you can use this new energy to create within your life. Alright, now let us link with you.

You know, it is very confusing. We are not getting the specifics. We are seeing you with Hilarian and perhaps that is why that came up earlier, but we are seeing lots of energy around you that has to do with creativity, we see the energy of the healer, we see the energy also of the analytical. So it's almost as if there is a rainbow around you at this time. But we sense that when you came in...... it's all very jumbled, so I don't think the information I'm giving you is super accurate at this time. Because, the first thing we saw was a green ray of light around you, then it changed and became a rainbow of light around you, it indicated so many different potentials available to you that you are tapping into. Then we saw a bright yellow ray that was coming to us as creativity or sunshine, or light. It just is making us think of creativity. The sense coming to us is that we have not answered your question and we are giving you completely different information than what you believed you were in. Is this correct?

(I didn't really have any pre-conceived ideas. I thought it would help to understand my orientation better.)

Our perception from the way you had been saying that was that you were reading a book or taking a class and you already had a sense of where you already stood in all this. So, if that's the case, we will tell you that the strongest that came across was the green ray. We also saw the rainbow around you then the bright yellow color or light around you. So did you come in on one and shift into the yellow? Perhaps that is what this is indicating for us. We very much see the energy of the healer around you. We see the energies of creativity around you. We see the energies of art around you. We also see that this has been a lifetime that you chose to release a great deal of cellular memory or old experiences that you had. That in turn has created some struggle for you and from that we sense that you have cleared, released, and shifted great deal of energy in this lifetime and perhaps that is why you have moved from the green ray to the bright yellow.


Alright, we feel as if that was quite a round about answer there! Is there another question?

Question: (paraphrased) With the lady ahead of me, you said she was releasing cellular memory. I know I'm doing that also and I want to know; why am I doing this?

Answer: Quite frankly, both of these questions go along quite beautifully with what this journey was. In this journey you were your divinity, your spiritual self. You also had a split in your consciousness and there was your human self. You chose to come in to be a human, to live a human life because it's a way for the soul to evolve. You can also look at it as a way for the soul to simply have fun, explore, and expand. You can make it very complex; you can make it very simple. So as you were in the higher plane and you were looking at your divinity, you were looking at this expanded aspect of yourself. What you were doing was integrating those higher aspects into this human aspect that is living and walking upon the earth. The reason for doing that is so that as you the human is moving through your day and living your life, you can incorporate the higher vibration. Now when you speak of cellular memory, some people may consider that to be a past a life experience, sometimes it's something that may have happened to you in this life and it's still incorporated within the cells within your body. But it's quite frankly a combination of experience that you the soul have had.

There are some things that are not even impacted in this lifetime and they remain somewhat detached. Then there are other aspects which quite predominantly affect your life; such as illnesses you may have, relationships, abundance; it can be any myriad things. So when you speak of releasing cellular memories or cellular energies, what you are doing is releasing those aspects which have been life experiences of yours. Sometimes they were even experiences of yours as a non physical entity in a completely different dimension or vibration. But all of that goes into who you are as the soul essence. So as you release it in a human life and as a human existence, your soul itself ascends to a higher aspect. Or a greater amount of your consciousness that you the human has within the soul is able to shift to that higher aspect of yourself. Does that make sense to you?

(It does, but why do we have the cellular memories? Why do we do this? So we reincarnate, why don't we just incarnate with a fully clean slate?)

There are some people who reincarnate with a clean slate. They don't have a cellular memory; they have only what they have in that lifetime. If someone chooses to come in, in such a way, that is absolutely their prerogative to do so. First and foremost as a soul essence all of the experiences that you have had; good, bad, or in between, go into what you consider the cellular memory of your soul essence. It was an experience, it therefore created a memory, and it just is. So as humans coming into this lifetime, when they want to ascend consciously as a human, they do so through releasing cellular memory. Do you have to do it in that manner? No you don't. But lifetimes coming forward from here, considering it in your linear earth terms, there are going to be more and more who do not come in with these old memories as a means of expanding. But those who were born in the last century that are now living out their lives; especially those who have had a few years upon the earth I shall say, are the ones who have already been in that pattern and they came into this life with the intention of releasing cellular memory. So that was why you chose to live this life. You could have come into this life and said ‘blink, no memory of anything else, it's only this lifetime'. That was certainly a potential for you. But you and the vast majority of people did not do that. It's only the newer generations beginning with the past say four or five years to perhaps say the past 15 years. Those are the humans choosing to come in with less on their slate or a clean slate.

(Okay, alright thank you.)

But everything that occurs as a soul consciousness does go into a little particle of a cell or whatever you may want to call it. When there are a great deal of experiences that are very similar, it's like that one cell grows and grows and grows. Sometimes these cells get expanded to a state that it hinders your growth going forward or expanding into higher vibrations. So these are the times in which you may say I need to release that. Does that make more sense when I describe it in such a manner?

(Well, yes, when you are releasing it, it's because that is not who you really are. In believing in it, you are not connecting with who you really are. It's holding you back. Is that what you mean?)

When you look at from the perspective of your whole entire soul, it just is. It cannot hold you back it's just a matter of well, yes, that's my one cell over there. When you look at it from a perspective of a human and what this human lifetime, this human experience is, it can hold you back from being able to connect with the much higher aspects of yourself as a soul entity. We feel like that didn't come out right! lol You as the human are a human and soul. When you link with your soul and go back to the divine essence of yourself, you link with as much as your consciousness is able to comprehend. There is always a great deal more that is higher than that, but it is not always available to you in your space as a human. So when we spoke of the blocks and things holding you back, that's where your cellular memory is able to hold you back from perceiving your higher consciousness. So as you release this as a human from this perspective, which may be limited in the big scheme of things, and it is indeed, but as a human who is growing, shifting, and evolving by releasing this cellular memory, by releasing these blogs, blobs, whatever you want to call them, that is what allows you greater access to who you are as your divine essence. Does that answer it fully?

(It does. I still have a little confusion but its fine because I know it will come to me. That is plenty. I thank you for that.)

Okay you are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, what is the soul and where is it?

Answer: The soul is something that you created from a spark of nothingness. A soul is a consciousness. A soul is something.... people will say that it is something that was created to reflect God, Goddess; indeed you could say that was it. But when back in eons ago there was a spark that was created in the universe. This spark was created multifold. Each one was created and became a soul essence that was unique and different from all the others. It was created from nothing and it came about as a result of consciousness choosing to live. So, consciousness, soul it's actually maybe more simple than this and more complex than this. I am using consciousness as a means for your human to understand. Your soul in essence was something that you created which then began to experience, upon experience, upon experience. We have actually done journeys in which you can go back to where you created yourself as an essence. (See the channel of 11-21-2004 at the following link ) For the majority it was just a blank, black space, you then began to perceive light, you began to perceive sound, you began to perceive other energies and you would sometimes bounce this off of other energies around you. As all of this came into your consciousness or your perception, that is how your soul began to create yourself.

We are speaking of this from a space or vibration that is out within the universe. It is not human, it is not alien; it is nothing. It is just you in your purest essence. There is no male or female, there is; just one energy. Then it was only through these thousands or millions of years and experiences if you want to look at it in a linear way that you take on experiences. All of you have been in pure non physical existences for many, many times. All of you have been human more than this one occasion. There are other planets in the universe which also have gravity and you've lived in those planets. You have lived more than I can ever say in this simple answer. That is your soul and it was created by you. So the very first creation you ever did was in creating you as a soul essence. Does that answer your question?

(Yes thank you.)

I'm sorry if there are more questions, but I'm going to need to bring this to an end. We love having these discussions, we love being able to talk with you, unfortunately sometimes the channel herself gets more tired than at other times, unfortunately this is one of those times.

Indeed take a moment in the days to come to let yourself open to hear because there are answers available to you. There is awareness within you. I invite all of you to bring in compassion as a part of your daily life, to bring in gratitude as a part of your daily life. See how these two energies can assist you in shifting your perception, shifting your awareness. Allow yourself to be the highest vibration you can be. Through that, you will have greater awareness; you will find greater peace and contentment within yourself.

I am always here with you and within you!





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