Opening & Expanding Communication

There was a lot that took place during this channel! On August 8, 2012 there was a large portal that opened into the earth. As we began this journey, the Goddess spoke of some of the changes and that it’s affecting things on earth, the universe, the omniverse and the All That Is. While this new portal brought with it changes on many levels, one level is about communication.

When we were in the All That Is, the Goddess spoke further about communication and how it’s affecting us. She began by bringing in the Ray Lords, Lightbody Energies to create a new alignment. Each of us, prior to our birth made decisions about what we wanted to do in this life. This gave everyone an opportunity to know more about your Ray and that influence in life.

From there, they directed us back to the time before we were born. They spoke of the agreements; the intention, our life path and all that came into play as we created our life potentials. Then as we were looking ‘down’ the years of our lives, we could see, were we aligned? Did we sometimes disappear off the path? It really was a different perspective.

As we returned to where we are right now, we had the opportunity to make choices. We always have a choice on how we’d like to manifest or experience our life, this gave us a new perspective. As we continue to shift our energies and the vibration rises within and around us, we will communicate in different ways. She spoke of verbal, nonverbal, telepathy, symbols and toning. She spoke of people looking beneath the spoken words to what the true intention of the person was.

The energy was amazing and filled with love, potential and awareness.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you, I flow my energy and my light. I flow the energy of the universe through me and into each one of you.

It is here for you, it is available, it is the flow of the universe, but it is also the flow of you within your own personal body and experience.

As you are gathering the energies for this experience, you bring with you and intention of what you would like to receive during this channel or during this meditation.

As you allow your thoughts to flow, have a sense of allowing that to just gather as if you bring it up within your heart center, as if you bring your intention to be very present within your thoughts and your emotions.

During this time of transformation a great deal has been happening out in the universe and reflected upon your earth. There have been changes on a galactic level. There have been changes in the angelic realm, changes in the All That Is.

We could look at each of these various parts of what make up the whole and you may have an opportunity to take in these shifts and transformations taking place.

Some of it may be an explanation for you that helps you to have a greater understanding and some of it doesn’t really matter the reason or the why. It is simply that you are having the experience that you are having whatever that may be.

I invite you in this moment to just gather up the energies around you, whatever they may be; howsoever they are aligned and allow it to move through you so that it is here and within your consciousness.

I invite you to take a breath in with the intention of reading all the way down through your physical body and into the earth so that you may anchor your energies within the earth.

As you do so, connect with Lady Gaia; connect with the fairies, the Divas, the elves, the elementals. Have a sense of knowing your alignment with all of these energies of the earth. There may be some with which you feel a greater affinity or you may simply recognize that you are all a part of the whole.

You allow them to create this foundation for you, where you can then release your energies and as you release you send that energy up. You allow it to move out from you, from your physical body. You shift your perception into the energies of your higher self.

There is an alignment between that and the magnetic grid. As you look around you, you may have a sense of the impulses that make up thought process, intention, whatever it may be and those are moving through you, around the world in these various dimensions.

You take in your perception of where you are in all of this. From there you may have a sense of releasing the magnetic pull of the Earth. You allow your consciousness to flow through, as it merges with the crystalline grid.

As you feel your consciousness moving through this space, open up and see what is here for you. Open up to the perception, open up to the awareness.

There may be messages here for you; there may be adjustments in your vibration. Everything takes place with ease.

Have a sense of letting go the magnetic grid [the crystalline grid]. As you do so, you allow your focus and your consciousness to move into the energies of the soul plane.

As you feel yourself moving into this alignment have a sense of opening up to receive an alignment with your divinity. You may sense it as coming up within your essence or your consciousness. You may see it as if it is walking towards you or moving towards you.

As you reach out allow yourself to embrace all of who you are. You may feel your own energies moving through. You may feel the energies of your divinity moving through. There is more to you than this physical reality in which you find yourself. Open up to see what that may be.

I could feel all of you expanding even further as you opened to that awareness.

I the Goddess move within this space. As I do so, I reach out to each one of you. As I embrace you the blending of our energies creates a shift that moves you into the space of the All That Is.

As you arrive I invite you to open up, to expand, to feel as if you are stretching out your wings to fly, to feel as if you are stretching out your arms, your legs, you are expanding your energy to be as big as you possibly can be!

I invite you to do this, because with the changes taking place upon the earth, you each have the opportunity to integrate even more of who you are.

Some of you have been feeling disconnected. You’ve been feeling out of sorts. You’ve been feeling as if you’re walking in two places at the same time, and that is due to a number of these changes that are taking place.

First of all there was the portal that opened up on August 8th. This was a portal in alignment with many different things but one of which was communication. How many of you have been experiencing challenges with your communication?

There should be an improvement that is already beginning to take place since this portal has opened. The portal was also based in the heart center.

So many of you have been upon this pathway for a long time. You are very aware of the transformations, you are very aware of your own physical body, sometimes having many aches and pains, sometimes feeling it emotionally, sometimes in your thoughts.

The opening and the transformation that was in alignment with this past August 8th had to do with shifting the collective consciousness of the world.

Therefore, those people who have as yet begun to open up found themselves running into walls, being nudged and in some cases actually receiving the kick in the butt as you speak of it.

Now, indeed a great deal of this culminated with the opening of this portal but that is not the only thing that has been taking place. With the summer solstice or the winter solstice-- whichever you live in, live within-- back in June you began a transformation that was going to take place during these three months between that and the equinox coming up and almost in the center of that was this opening of the portal on August 8th.

So there was a time of preparation, the event and then a time of integration. And it happens with anything along this line. There are those of you who experienced everything several months before it even began and there will be those of you that will experience it several months later. There is no right or wrong when it comes to this. It only is that it is.

So let’s come back to each one of you and let me ask you. How are you doing in your life? Um hmm.

For those of you who are feeling as if you are in a state of balance, in a state of integrating, I invite you to shift into the space where you can continue to work on that taking in more and more of these energies, and I will come back around shortly.

For the rest of you who have been feeling more acutely these changes and transformations that are taking effect, I invite you to come with me for a moment.

I’m laughing because some of you that even though you don’t have something going on right now, you still said, “Oh I want to come”, so absolutely whoever would like to come with me I invite you to do so.

As you find a place that is comfortable, I invite in, the energies of the Ray Lords. You may have a sense of one or more walking past you.

Each of you when you came into this life and you were seeking to have certain experiences, you found yourself in alignment with one particular Ray Lord, some of you with two.

You may have a sense of that energy creating this alignment with you right now. As you do so, I invite you to be open and just feel the essence of their energy as it begins to flow within and around you.

I am feeling from so many of you as if you are just raw right now. It feels as if your emotions are wide open. It feels as if your physical body is wide open, and it feels as if there has been a constant influx of energy that almost gives one a battered sense.

So, whatever that may be for you, have a sense of allowing the energies of these Ray Lords to just move through you. They emanate a particular vibration. Allow that vibration to create a wave and that wave as it moves through you let it neutralize everything that’s been feeling painful to you.

Here within this space is your opportunity to be completely relaxed, completely pain free, completely in a state of balance and vitality. Allow those energies to flow.

You may now have a sense of the light body energies as they move in through this. The light body comes then as if it’s a ball of energy or ball of light, and that ball begins to move through each one of you.

You have your own soul essence that has an aspect within this light body energy. That comes to you. It also creates in alignment and it works on all the levels of vibration through which you find yourself.

As we are here within this space of energy, I am considering a couple of different potentials for where we will go. Allow us for a moment to have a sense of using these energies of the Ray Lords and your light body to let your consciousness flow back within your divinity as if you come back through the years. You go backwards and backwards and backwards until you get to the place before you were born.

As you arrive within this space, you may see yourself or sense yourself in conversation with a group of angels. You may have a sense of conversation with aspects of your own divinity, the Ray Lords and there were a group of emissaries that were recruiting people to experience this transformation upon the earth.

So there may be something of them also within this conversation. It may be that you are here with a large group; it may be that you had a sense of going and talking to this group and then the next and then the next and then the next.

There are many, many people that moved through that process without giving it a great deal of thought or intention, they simply knew, I want to come back, I want to my come back, I want to come back and they came back into the person they are; in which case all of this was done on a less conscious level or delegated to the individual’s higher self or I AM presence.

Perhaps that is you, perhaps that is one reason why you feel disconnected from this life. Ask now to know, ask for as much information as is available to you.

Then as you receive whatever this information may be I’m going to pull back a veil or pull back anything that keeps you from understanding at a deeper level. Be open to receive.

Now then, recognize that you put forth an intention, a blueprint, a footprint; whatever you want to call it for your life. Recognize where you are right now today. You may feel your energies come back to the now moment or you may have a sense of looking as if down that long road.

Let’s actually have a sense of looking out from what your intention was to where you are now and as you look as if down a pathway, you can see where your path twisted and turned in some directions that went into such a completely different direction that you don’t even see it and then it comes back.

As you take all of this in, it is for your information.

Allow yourself to now shift your focus away from before you were born and into where you are right now in your life. As you move through those years again, you may see with more clear vision why some of the things happened the way they did. You may have a greater clarity about what you might truly wish for your life.

As you stand in this moment, consider your life as if you see all that is your reality in your everyday perception. Perhaps your work, your family, where you live, your friends, all those many things that make up your daily life and then consider as if opposite that, just asked out of the blue, ‘what was my intention for where I would be at this point in my life before I came into this life’?

As you ask yourself that question relax and allow that potential to move through you.

Some of you have a sense of being exactly where you wanted to be. Others of you feel as if you were where you intended to be now five years ago and others feel as if, I’m getting there, not quite there.

So take it all in and look to the one side with what your current reality is, look with what was your intention and then as if within the midst of both of those have a sense of creating a new reality.

This reality is a blend of where you find yourself in your everyday life, what you have put forth as your intention but where you can make any modifications or transitions with your life path.

Now I can hear you saying ‘your life path is your life path you can’t change it’. You can change it by shifting the dimensions, shifting the awareness.

Everyone has even more opportunities that come through for them in their lifetime than what they recognize. If you’re wondering how to get to where you want to be and you don’t know where to go, what to do, how to create a change, begin with becoming aware of what makes sense to you.

Now, when I say that I’m not talking about what makes sense in an analytical place, but what makes sense in terms of, it feels right, it looks right; it falls into place with ease. It’s more than just the analytical.

Feel the assistance that is here for you as you work with your vibration. You may hear the Ray Lords, the light body energies, the Angels, speaking to you as they work with your vibration and as they work with your energy to help clear out what may have become a distraction to you in your life. They help to clear out any stuck energy that you may have in your life.

As all of this is happening within and around you here in the All That Is, your vibration is finding a new place of balance and a new awareness.

Step into the creation of your life. Step up or to the side until you find the vibration that resonates with you.

Now, there is the vibration of where you are right in this moment and then there’s the vibration that you reach towards as you seek change.

I have a sense of you reaching out your hand as if to take the hand of the Ray Lord or the life body energies and they assist you in moving into this new direction.

As you are here, as you are creating, as you are allowing yourself to participate in this transition have a sense of shifting your focus, so that you can see from within the All That Is, the changes that are taking place here.

Each one of you have in essence created your own space that you come to every time you are here within the All That Is. As the alignments between the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets are changing and shifting it creates a ripple effect that goes through everything.

So therefore, you look around from this place that is so familiar to you and you may see that there are colors, shapes, images, potentials, opportunities. There may be a myriad of different things that are now available to you than was previously available. Let the energy of that flow through you.

We just had this image of people stepping as if through a curtain to go from one side to another. We had this image of someone as if swimming through the energies and shedding their old energy and starting fresh. Still another was kicking off the shackles and kicking off the weighted energy that was holding their feet and then leaping into this new beginning.

As you look towards the earth you may wonder that portal that we spoke of before, was it in any one place or did it affect the many dimensions? There were certain places around the earth that were more prominent than others, but it was as if a ripple in the energy of the earth and the dimensions around the earth took place that allowed for this transformation.

Change is occurring. Some of the change may be as if it’s a challenge and some may be a relief. As you are looking at the ripples and the rhythms of the energies, allow your focus to move through. Allow your focus to see what this is and as you gather up what is coming through your perception. As you bring it back into your consciousness, you are going to realize some of the changes taking place will have to do with communication.

The communication with words is definitely there and is a part of your society. There are going to be more and more instances where the communication will come through in a nonverbal way. And this may be what someone would say, “Oh, that’s their body language”, and indeed body language is a part of it, but nonverbal is also a vibration and an energy. It is also in alignment with telepathy. So that’s the next step of communication that will be opening up, is that telepathic means of sending an intention and people receiving an intention.

People will begin to communicate through tones. There may be tones that are in alignment with the bells or chimes. There may be the tones that people use as they speak.

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta. I invite you to be open and accept communication in any form.

I intend to continue to communicate words from the language of creation, because they too create a vibration for change that goes beyond the thought or the emotion.

You may see people communicating with symbols, and by that I’m not speaking of the symbols that make music, although that is a type of tone, but you may be seeing more through your Internet about symbols that overlap one another, triangles, diamonds, circles and the various radiances that emanate from them.

Some of this may be a process to be enabled to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Some of this is to allow you to be able to communicate with the people around you in a way that is more effective or feels better.

How many of you have people that it feels as if you just can’t connect or they don’t understand you or you just don’t understand them? This gives you an opportunity to experience it differently.

Communication as it comes through astrology is changing. I have spoken numerous times over the past year of how this year of 2012 is about the truth coming out. So many people find themselves saying things they didn’t intend to say or saying things that may not be perceived as their reality. It may be that you are a conduit that is opening the door for somebody else.

If you find yourself in a situation that is frustrating, then consciously let it go. If you find yourself walking through your day and every 5 minutes or 10 minutes you’re saying I let this go, I let this go, I’m letting this go too, this is long gone, and over and over and over you are consciously, verbally and energetically letting go, you are speaking your truth.

Because by letting go of other people’s perceptions and thoughts and beliefs, you are being true to who you are and what you seek to have. By letting go of anything that feels painful to you, you are opening to a truth or a reality that is filled with joy and light. By letting go, whatever it is that you’ve done, that is no longer working for you, you are now opening up to opportunities that will work for you; communication in many different forms.

As I look at each one of you now, I see how you have transitioned into what you are seeking to have. As I look at you now, I invite you to be open. Accept all of your strength and accept all of who you are.

It is real, it is you and you can do it!

With that, I invite you to gather as a circle, coming back around with one another. Look as you merge with the Angels, the Ray Lords, everybody who is here. You are not alone. You are interrelated and connected to all. And so coming up within the center of this is that hologram of the earth.

As it comes up within here, you may have a sense of seeing the levels and the dimensions and the layers of everything that is represented by your earth. Ask to see the changes and the differences from the opening of this latest portal, and as you look at it, it is as if you see expanding in a new direction or adding a layer or adding a greater depth, there are many different ways to perceive what this is.

And you feel that as it moves through. You take a deep breath in and you breath out. You take a deep breath in and you breath out.

And as this is happening you infuse a stability and intention into this hologram. You know what you put forth for your life, you know where you are, you know where you’re going and all of that flows together in balance. It moves through on many different levels.

As it all infuses within the hologram, you have a sense of just letting it go. As it goes you have a sense of seeing the hologram as it moves down as we come into that part that is in alignment with the magnetic, I’m sorry, with the crystalline grid. There is an aspect that flows out into the new earth. You have a better perception of how these are related to one another, and as you do so, you can see the greater balance and the greater flow of support and energy that moves through here.

The rest of that moves down through the magnetic grid into the center of the earth. As it does so, it’s anchoring everything that you have done for yourself, but it’s also linking within anchoring all those energies that have been flowing through since the portal opened up, and that comes up from the center, moving through all the various layers of the earth and up into everybody walking upon the earth.

You may look around and sense it for yourself. In addition, put forth the intention to magnetize within and around you, whatever it takes for you to move into that new place, that new state of being.

And then your focus returns once more to the All That Is. You may feel yourself opening up to a greater excitement; excitement about change, excitement about new communication; excitement about all that’s coming here for you.

You allow that to flow, and you allow your focus, your consciousness, your awareness to begin that transition coming back. You move through the soul plane, you feel the energies of your divinity and a great deal of what you were just working with will stay within this space, but you have that direct alignment and you bring as much of it as you can back with you.

It moves through the crystalline grid, it moves through the magnetic grid and it comes down into and around you in your everyday reality. Wherever you are right now in this moment, expand, accept, the greater awareness.

Feel these energies and accept your opportunities and accept that you can be as big, as expanded, whatever it is that you may want.

As these continue to anchor within and around you look around and consciously let go at this level, everything that you let go off at that higher level. Clear out your living space, clear out your workspace, clear out old relationships that no longer work for you. -- whew – As you do, so it’s as if it creates a space of awareness around you and you can bring down and anchor more fully what you seek to have.

And some with that I will bring this whole evening to a close. It has been such a delight to talk with you about communication and about the new transformations that are taking place.

I invite you to always step into what feels good to you, what makes you excited and what gives you a sense of being or a sense of resonance. There are always more than one opportunities for how this can play out in your life. So select what feels good to you, select what makes you happy. Know that you are never alone.

I am always with you and within you.



Mermaid Deb 30th August 2012 10:53 am

Thank you Shelley and Goddess of Creation. This channel helped me see the reasons for all that has been happening of late. It is perfect that you posted this the day before the Full Blue Moon. Mermaid Deb

Shelly Dressel 3rd September 2012 9:59 am

You're welcome Deb! I felt as i was going through August as if I was a ball in bumper pool! lol It really helped to shift things for me too. I'm glad it assisted you~~

Have a lovely week~


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