Opening to and Accepting Yourself

Nama Sika; Venia Benya    I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I come to you with my arms opened wide to embrace each one of you!  This has indeed been a time of many changes that are occurring upon the earth.  These changes are coming in at many different levels and dimensions.  They are affecting many different people in different aspects of their lives.  Some of you may feel it very profoundly, some of you may see it in the people who are around you and others may have a sense of how it is affecting society or humanity as a whole. 

There is a greater community.  There is a greater consciousness within the community is how I should say that.  There is a greater amount of connection, of inner communication, of inner knowledge that shifts between people.  Some of this is verbal and conscious, other aspects are unconscious.  That does not make it any less profound. 

I welcome you to this journey, to this time we spend together.  I encourage you to truly allow yourself to release the energies of the physical body.  Allow your consciousness to expand so that you may fully experience all that will occur upon this journey. 

Release the physical body.  Allow yourself to shift so that you may blend with or merge with the energies of the magnetic grid.  We use this as a stopping point or as a way station because it is so important to assist this space through the shifting of energies.  Allowing yourself to acclimate here, gives you greater access to what is within the magnetic grid.  So too, it allows the magnetic grid to acclimate to your vibrations.  Be within this space.  Send impulses if you so desire.  Seek to communicate in what ever form you would like. 

As you are ready, have a sense of leaving behind the magnetic grid.  Allow yourself to move into the energies of the crystalline grid.  This feels different to you.  You have let go of the density of the earth plane; the pull of the magnetics.  You are in a space of pure energy.  This energy vibrates at a higher level than what you may be living with on your daily basis.  But it is here and available to for you whenever you seek to come into this space.  Feel the support.  Feel the love.  Feel the connection within yourself!

Allow yourself to call forth a column of light.  Through this column you shift easily and smoothly into the energies of the soul plane.  When you connect in the soul plane, it gives you that sense of coming home.  It gives you that sense of understanding who you are.   If you feel disconnected within this space, open your consciousness or heart.  Allow it to be filled! 

You may call forth your I AM presence.  This is your divinity.  This is you in all of your entirety.  This is your soul essence as it has manifested throughout the many lifetimes, the many years, the many experiences that you have had.  As you connect with your divinity you may feel an expansion within your heart or within your consciousness.  You open to these potentials.  You open and accept who you are.  What does it feel like to be this soul, this energy, this individual? 

Allow yourself to become aware of my presence as I come into this space and merge with each one of you.  I send forth my love to each of you.  I reach out and embrace.  I accept who you are.  I accept what is happening to you within your life.  I understand and accept all that you are moving through.  Allow yourself to perceive who you are from my eyes. 

As you are blending with me, it shifts you into the space of the All That Is.  Therefore, allow yourself to truly expand.  You may expand as far as you would like to go.  Take this moment to look at your life.  There are changes occurring upon the earth and you may think well there are always changes; yes indeed there are.  This time in the history if you want to call it that, or this time of your existence upon the earth is even more pivotal than what you realize.  So begin by looking at your life; looking at who you are.  What have you been doing?  What have you accomplished?  Observe from my perception because often times that will show you even more than what you yourselves have conceived of. 

You have each done so much simply by living your life.  Even when it feels as if there is nothing happening to or around you, there is still a great deal that is going on.  And you are having an impact.  Allow yourself to take this moment and consider what you feel has not happened in your life, or disappointments, or what you might consider a failure; anything that is happening within your life that is perceived from a space of judgment.  This is where I would like to assist you in letting go of the feelings and emotions around it. 

Sometimes it is easier to accept what you have done.  Other times you may be very hard on yourself and harsh because you feel a sense of disappointment or you feel a sense of lack.  This is what I encourage you to release at this time.  Consider your life as just being what it is.  It is your life, it is filled with experiences and all of those experiences have created who you are.  From my eyes, I see you as magnificent!!

Yes, I see what you have done, the decisions you have made.  They were but experiences.  So, beloved family, open to the potential of accepting that for yourselves.  Release the hurt, release the harshness; release anything that you have been holding onto.  Let my energies smooth through or move through you and I will assist you in releasing.  I will assist you in filling up all of who you are with divine energy.  You can feel mine; you can feel your own.  It is all there for you! 

Let yourself feel the love.  It may feel to you at first as if this is outside of you, as if I myself am embracing you, or your angels or your guides.  But allow yourself to open and come to the understanding that this love is actually coming from within you.  This is self love, self acceptance, self trust, and self awareness.  Take off any blinders that you may have on and truly accept who you are. 

Now that you have moved into this space of a greater awareness within yourself, we are going to actually work with these energies that are around you at this time.  As we speak the time of the spring equinox (03-20-06) is upon you.  The equinox as you each know is about balance.  The spring time is about sewing the seeds, planting the flowers, planting the trees, the ideas, the changes that you are seeking to bring into your life. 

So first begin by seeing yourself in the balance.  The last six months of the winter has been the time of nurturing, revitalizing, of going inside and allowing yourself to hibernate or go dormant, whatever you needed to do.  Feel the balance of that.  As you are looking at these last six months and what has been dormant within you, have a sense of nurturing or perhaps letting go.  See yourself as now coming out of your winter shell or your winter protection.  See yourself in your space of balance that you may begin to create changes for yourself.  That you may move into these new energies that have been brought to the earth with greater and greater ease. 

At the beginning of this process as you were letting go, that was also another way of shedding the energies that no longer work for you.  As you begin to sow the energies of your life, do so with an open awareness.  Do so with the idea that potentials are always there for you.  There are a multitude of potentials and how they arrive you may never know in advance.  So, seek to have the essence of what you would like to create.  Is it greater joy, greater peace, greater communication; whatsoever you seek to have in your life, look at the essence behind it.  That is what you seek to manifest. Let go of a particular way that it will come to you.  Let go of your own ideas of how that will show up.  You know within your divinity and within your heart how things may evolve, so let your personality or your human aspect release control so as to open to greater potentials. 

As you stand on the equinox, you have that sense of letting go and also the sense of opening to the new potentials.  You are always in a state of change.  You are always growing, evolving, and shifting.  Allow yourself to accept. 

At this time also upon the earth there are lunar and solar eclipses coming within the next few days or so.  There have also been a number of different impulses or what you might consider bolts of energy that have been brought to the earth.  Much of what you have been preparing for is already taking place.  The earth is shifting.  There are many dimensions easily available to all as they walk through their days.  As the earth itself is truly shifting into the fourth dimension, that will create a greater ease for the majority of you.  It will also create greater changes for those who are as yet unaware.  This is what is happening as we speak.  The earth is truly shifting.  It has almost completed its transformation or its shift into this higher dimension.  By that we speak of all the densities within and around the earth, the essence of the collective consciousness. Not only you who are at the forefront of the ascension process, but everybody else who is just moving through their days, living their lives; they too are going to be perceiving tremendous change.

Take this opportunity to look at the earth as it is.  Take this moment and see the moon as it relates to the earth.  There is an inner relation between the moon and the earth as you are well aware.  With the equinox, there is a shift in the way that the moon and the earth are relating to one another.  With that shift you have coming very close together the energies of these two eclipses.  Open up your consciousness that you may become aware of what those energies feel like.  We see the moon and the earth as they rotate around each other, and now the sun comes into this equation. 

Feel the energy of the sun, feel the vibrancy, the warmth.  Many consider the sun to be the male energies, so feel what that triggers inside of you.  Now, as you look at the moon in relation to the sun you may perceive those attributes that are feminine.  Feel what that activates within you. 

Feel as if you are the earth and you have the sun on one side of you and the moon on the other.  Feel what it is to be the energies of the earth.  Who are you as you feel all the levels of humanity?  You may briefly tap into the energies of those who are at war.  You may tap into those who are starving.  You may tap into those who feel so desperate and alone.  Tap into those who have a greater sense of self or awareness; or they know who they are.  Tap into those who perhaps have a lot in some ways, but still feel a lack inside themselves.  There are such a multitude of different interactions, energies, emotions that are involved in being a human upon the earth. 

You may connect with them or observe them or simply be aware that they are there.  Feel how good it is to be the earth!  To feel the ground, the mountains, the flow of water; to be the animals, the birds, the trees, the flowers.  It is a delight to be the earth. 

Shift your awareness to the sun and you feel how the sun has an affect upon the earth.  You feel how it nourishes, supports, enhances all that is upon the earth.  There is such a direct connection.

Shift your awareness in the other direction and feel the energies of the moon.  You know how these energies have an impact on you, how they have an impact upon the currents upon the earth.  How the energies of the moon, sooth and calm after the energies of sun [stimulate and expand].  All is working in direct relationship with each other.  Let go in a sense so that you may feel the way that the sun and the moon rotate around the earth.

You are aware of the many other stars and planets, but our focus at this time is on the sun and the moon.  As you are perceiving these energies, this vibration, feel how the earth itself is shifting due to the pull of the sun and the moon.  You may think you are one little particle in comparison to all the rest of this; you are not.  Each of you has a purpose.  Each of you is unique.  All you need to do as a human is to be in that space of balance.  Be in that space of self love and self acceptance.  As you do so, you will find a greater ease within your life.  As you are able to do this, one by one by one; you will have an impact on all the rest who are also inter-related upon the earth. 

Take this moment to see exactly how expanded you are.  You are the earth.  You also have aspects of your consciousness connected with the sun and moon.  You still have the ability to perceive all the other planets and the stars in the universe and how their energies are also affecting you and the earth.  It is perfection.  You do no need to think about changing anything.  This is exactly where things need to be at this moment in time.  Yes there are changes that are occurring.  Yes you will see changes from the weather pattern, to communications, to politics, to the religions; it is going to affect everything. 

But that is the natural evolution of the result of ascension.  From this perception you realize you do not find fault which you need to change; you realize you are choosing to live your divinity upon the earth.  Through living your divinity you are opening up and accepting yourself no matter what is going on.  Through your divinity you are living a life of self love and self acceptance.  All of that is what comes through and assists in creating these changes.  Let that awareness move through you.  Let yourself be.

We release that conscious focus with the earth.  Allow yourself to feel as if you are an energy that is floating free.  As you do this, let yourself move to whatever part of the universe you feel called to connect with.  Perhaps you wish to blend with the sun.  You can blend with the sun to receive impulses without burning up!  You may blend with the moon or return to the earth.  You may choose to return to your home planet or star; whatever that may be.  Let yourself simply take this moment to be in a space of existence.  Let your curiosity be appeased by going wherever you seek to go.  Let yourself just be who you are. 

As you are ready to do so, begin to let your energies flow back within this group.  As you come within the group you can connect with one another.  Also allow yourself to see which energies or guides may be around you at this time.  Open your awareness so that you may understand.  They have a message for you or perhaps they have a greater clarity they can share with you.  Perhaps it is simply an embrace of love. 

As all of you come back together there are sparkles of many different lights.  Allow yourself to see exactly how you sparkle.  What color are you radiating at this time?  Perceive the beauty of who you are.  Perceive the depth of knowing and understanding of who you are.  As you are accepting just how glorious and bright you can be, we see that there is a shift in energy of the group as a whole.  It becomes brighter, it becomes enhanced.  That is due to self awareness.  As all of you allow yourselves to be who you truly are, there is a greater amount of light that is released. 

Coming up within this, we do still have the hologram of the earth.  You feel differently about it because you were blended with it so deeply. You can still feel your own connection.  You may perhaps feel a greater flow of light and energy from the earth into you and from you into the earth.  It accepts the balance.  It feels the perfection or the permeating energies as each of you sends forth self love and self acceptance.  We expand this circle back so that we may also see holograms of the earth and the sun. 

As they are rotating and aligning with each other, we see this enhancement of the greater alignment of energies.  This will assist in smoothing out some of the transformation that is taking place upon the earth and that will be taking place upon the earth in the next week or so.  We see all three as fully balanced, aligned, moving around and yet in conjunction with one another.   Feel the energy that is emanating.  This may only be the holograms, but there is a great deal of energy that is emanating from within.  Feel the pulsation.  Feel how you pulsate in alignment with all three energies. 

The sun and moon shift back and blend with their source energies.  The hologram of the earth begins to descend and it shifts once more moving back into the space of the physical earth.  There is always an aspect from the hologram that blends with the magnetic grid.  But as these energies merge with the earth itself, feel that part of your consciousness that was so much a part of the earth is still there.  Feel how you are connected to the earth.  And it is so! 

Allow your focus to return to this group essence or energy.  With these shifts that are taking place so dramatically, send forth the energies of balance and connection into the omniverse.  Send forth the essence of your experience throughout the universe.  As it moves through the omniverse, there are other shifts that take place in the alignment of the planets and in the alignments of energies.  Feel the pulse of the universe.  You are completely connected with everything, no matter how large or how small.  You may tap into any aspect that you seek to tap into. 

Let your attention shift back so that you may become aware of yourself.  Go back inside of yourself letting your focus return to the energy of the soul plane.  As you come into this soul plane, you feel it expand to accommodate you.    You may choose to create a hologram and this hologram can represent who you are as a human; but also perhaps open to see or perceive changes you are seeking for yourself and see the hologram as perhaps 1, 6, or 9 months down the road.  Let that blend fully with your soul essence. 

As you are ready to do so, you may release the soul plane shifting your energies into the crystalline grid.  You bring back with you as much of your divinity as you are able to maintain.  There will always be a portion of it that remains in these higher plains.  Let your consciousness connect with this crystalline grid and perceive the crystalline energies.

As you are ready to do so, you move through the interlocking grid so that you may blend with the magnetic grid.  As you are blending with the magnetic grid, you find yourself becoming more aware of those pathways.  You see yourself within that space of the magnetic grid where your higher self resides.  You allow that to remain within this space, but you let the rest of your consciousness to return to your physical body. 

Allow yourself to come back within your physical body.  Allow the energies to expand around you to accommodate this greater expansion of your consciousness.  Allow yourself to become more grounded in these energies.  Feel your connection to the earth.  Allow yourself to connect with that aspect of you who is a part of the earth.  As you are each coming back within your space, allow yourself to be fully grounded and you may come back within this conference room by pressing 4 upon your telephone. 

As you each come back within this conference room, I am open to receive any questions that you may have. 

Question:  (paraphrased) Thank you for this journey tonight!  We have so many energies that are bombarding us that it was helpful to have you navigate through them.

Well thank you!  That was part of the intention with this journey, to allow people to have that experience.  To know that no matter what is occurring upon the earth you can blend and align with it.

Question:  I see, thank you.  Can you please tell me what my message was from my guide and could you tell us about the aspect of ourselves that is part of the earth.

Answer:  The message that you have been giving to yourself if not anything new.  You have been asking for this greater amount of opening, this greater amount of awareness within yourself.  So the message from your guides is that it’s already occurring and it’s happening more and more.  You are receiving greater and greater insights.  It was a message of trust and a message of acceptance.  There are times when you second guess what comes through you and they are telling you not to second guess yourself that you should go with your first impression. 

As far as the message about the aspect of you within the earth; everyone who is a human upon the earth has an aspect of their divinity which is in alignment with the collective consciousness of the earth itself.  That consciousness is also in alignment with the earth, it surrounds the earth on many different levels and dimensions.  It goes into the core essence of the earth.  Therefore each person can connect with themselves in that collective consciousness.  You may also connect with any others that you seek to do so or you may connect with various aspects or perceptions of the collective consciousness.  It can be used for whatever you seek to have.  We worked with it tonight so as to have a means of showing how the collective consciousness [is shifting]. Looking back just five years or so, there was such a great amount of density that was associated with the  collective consciousness of the earth and that density has been released; gradually and gradually over time.  Yes there is still some that is a part of it, but there is a greater balance of energy; a lighter and a heavier vibration.  That is what is allowing this energy to shift into this higher awareness.  You as a part of the collective consciousness, meaning every human upon the earth, that is why when we say it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing; you are still having an impact.  That is how that works.  You are a part of that collective consciousness simply because you are human and therefore every person is on a unique and individual journey but is also having an impact upon the collective consciousness.  Alright beloved?  (Yes! I understand and thank you).  You are welcome. 

Question:  (paraphrased) For some reason I really heard and felt the energy about the magnetic grid tonight.  I have been reading a channeling from Lee Carroll and he says that all the Ascended Masters are on Gaia now and their energies are anchored in the magnetic grid.  I just thought how interesting; we are there, they are there.  Can you speak any more about this?

Answer:  We believe that as you said yourself, you are answering your own question.  We have worked with the magnetic grid on every single journey for quite awhile.  Each of you through your experiences of following these journeys has been creating your own home where your higher self resides.  This has been a part of your experience whether you were conscious of it or unconscious of it.  You speak of the way the Ascended Masters have returned to the earth at this time, and the way they are anchored within the magnetic grid.  It is a space that is a higher vibration than actually walking upon the earth; but because of the magnetics and the density of it, it is very close to the vibration of the earth.  Therefore, when you have whether it’s the Ray Lords, the Ascended Masters; well, the Ray Lords don’t really come to earth in the same way.  But Ascended Masters have all walked as humans upon the earth.  With them coming back at this time that you speak of in particular, the magnetic grid is a space where they can shift back and forth.  They may or may not incarnate as a human, they may simply be an energy there or they may incarnate for a short period of time and then return to their non physical form.  Therefore, the magnetic grid is a higher vibration that is more comfortable for them to reside upon, yet it’s an easy access to be upon the earth.  When you yourself move beyond the veil and you shift into the crystalline energies and the higher vibrations of the All That Is, you can do so with your conscious awareness.  You are still keeping an aspect of you that is fully grounded and present in the physical.  You are only letting a portion of your consciousness move out there.  So, when you have someone such as the Ascended Masters and the Angels who are working in such a way, that they move back and forth [in a different way than you do.]  For instance, in yourself there is a great deal of your soul essence that comes back to the earth, but the majority of it still resides out in the higher planes.  They (the Ascended Masters) are taking the entirety of their soul essence and bringing it in with them.   That is the difference.  That is why it is more difficult for them to walk or live upon the earth.  This is an in between.  They shift and draw on the energies of the crystalline grid so they maintain their own balance.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes it does, it was like an ah ha moment for me.)  That is why it was important for you.  You are doing more within this space on your own.  You are accessing more of your divinity and therefore creating a space for it to live within the magnetic grid.  You are expanding the essence of your higher self which has been residing there.  (thank you.)  You are welcome.

Question:  (paraphrased)  Goddess?  I wanted to ask a question about inequality because it seems in my own life I have been the underdog or had more of a struggle than some of the people I’ve seen around me but yet also I felt bad about those who have things worse than me.  Can you explain this to me?  I don’t understand it.

Answer:  You are speaking of the aspect of being human.  Part of it is coming from a space of discernment.  You discern where you are upon your journey as you discern where others might be.  But also by seeing it as having a hard time or seeing yourself as the underdog is having a sense of judgment.  You are judging yourself as having a hard time or you are judging yourself as having a more challenging time as the underdog than someone who from your perception is moving smoothly or easier through life.  So these are your perceptions of that.  We will take a moment to talk about discernment vs. judgment.  Everyone who is a human will always be seeing things around them, taking things in, that is a sense of discernment.  Discernment most often is perceiving things without judgment.  You may perceive the various aspects of your life and others and if you take it in as ‘that is them and this is me’, you are not judging them or yourself in any way.  When you see someone else as having an even harder time than yourself or you see yourself as you said earlier as the underdog, this is coming from a sense of judgment, which creates the sense of the victim, which creates the sense of lack.  It’s a harsh belief of yourself and what your journey has been.  What I am seeking to assist you in opening up to is the acceptance of your journey no matter what it has been, releasing any form of judgment, and you do so by accepting and loving yourself no matter what your experience has been.  That does not mean that you love the individuals that have hurt you per se but you release that feeling of pain or fear, or degradation, or whatever it was that you have associated with another individual.  That is releasing the emotional and energetic connection.  It is more and more the release that allows you to be able to accept who you are.  You can accept your pathway, you can accept the process, and we sense that you can then have a greater respect for yourself.  You can respect who you are what you have done and where you are right now in your life.  Over and above everything else as was stated in this journey it is all about loving yourself and accepting yourself.  That can take on many many different forms.  There may be days when it feels easier to do this and other days when it’s not as easy.  Through it all go back to that premise of how can I love myself and how can I accept myself.  Just begin by telling yourself that you are open to receive that.  You have come a great ways along this pathway but this is what we sense you are struggling with the most.  The opening and accepting of yourself.  You can love yourself and deserve to be loved by yourself. 

(Goddess, part of it seems like when you say accept it seems like accept yourself as less than and that’s okay and I don’t want to be less than.)   You just said that with judgment.  I am saying accept yourself as the soul divinity that you are.  Accept yourself as someone who came into this life and had many different experiences and therefore you are still divine, you are still beautiful, you are still radiant.  You hear acceptance as accepting you are less than; that is the judgment.  I accept you as no matter what has happened in your life, no matter where you are, no matter what your experiences have been; I accept you as the divinity you are.  Your soul essence accepts you as the divinity you are.  It sees that you are glorious and radiant no matter what has occurred in your life.  That is the acceptance I seek for you.  (Okay, thank you). 

Question:  (paraphrased) I was seeking to have a romantic relationship with someone who’s an indigo or has similar energies.  I am in a relationship now but it doesn’t seem he has the energies I want in a significant other.  Can you tell me if I will manifest this relationship soon or how to? 

Answer:  This goes along with the last question that you asked; that sense of worthiness.  If you look back over the last say 2-3 relationships you’ve had; each one has been with an individual that is aligned with a greater and greater expansion.  When you think back to who you originally began to go out with they were very narrow minded and very closed down.  So what you are seeking to have is another step further and further along the line of evolution if you wish to call it that.  This individual has a lot of very nice qualities and a lot of the qualities you were seeking to have but he is not as evolved energetically or spiritually as you would like to have.  So as you can accept that you are worthy enough to receive that, you will see it in your life.  See yourself as whole.  See yourself as complete and see an individual coming into your life who will reflect that rather than someone who reflects a sense of lack within yourself.  That is what some of these other relationships have done.  So as you are accepting a greater amount of who you are and understanding who you are that is what will manifest within your life.  At this point we see you staying in this relationship for another few months or so.  There are relationships out there and these other relationships can offer you these different things you are seeking. 

Alright, with that we will take this time to close.  We appreciate everyone who has come to be a physical part of this journey but we also embrace all of those who are here energetically.  Many people are open and understand that their questions can be answered without the question ever being asked. 

I am ever present for anyone who seeks to connect with me.  I will assist you in flowing the energy around you.  I see you each as the beloved light and as the beloved energy that you are.  All of you are magnificent energies.  You are just a radiant soul.  Whether you are that in your own perception or something you perceive as less.  I still love you and I still embrace and support all of who you are. 

I am ever present with you and within you!




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