Opening to Receive & Thanksgiving

This channel took place the week of Thanksgiving in the US. So, the Goddess began by talking about feeling appreciation for us and our lives. She created a space in the All That Is that was for loving, supporting and nurturing everyone. It was as if each person was surrounded by a group of angels who created a space to assist in releasing and opening to greater potential. As the group of angels worked on everyone, they assisted in letting go of stuck energies. Once released, they infused each person with unconditional light, love & energy.

The Goddess also spoke of people being open to receive. She spoke of the ability to receive as also a means of giving a gift. It does not allow others to give if you don’t receive. Being open to receive is really a key part of manifesting. In fact, I belief many, many people are great at creating what they want to have, then don’t know how to allow it in or receive the different possible ways it may manifest. So by first allowing the angels to support and nurture you, you are really creating a shift with will be affected in your everyday life.

Once people were in a more receptive place, the Goddess invited everyone to open the doors to the omniverse. As she did so, it was as if a brilliant white light began to just pour into the room. As this light became infused into each person it shifted them so they could be open to new and different potentials. As people spoke of what they sought to manifest, it was taking things to the next level with allowing the creation into your life in whatever form it would arrive.

I invite you to participate in this channel and allow it help you move your next step forward.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you flowing my love, flowing my energy so that I may create an alignment with you. I love the opportunity to be able to create this alignment that will then create an even stronger bond as we move through this experience this evening.

There is a great deal of talk taking place about the energies of November 11th or 11-11-11; about it being a portal of energy or the opening of a Stargate or the expansion in consciousness. All of these things indeed did take place at that time, but they also took place this summer during the solar flares and the other alignments with the universe.

This expansion can also take place right here, right now. So what I mean by this is, it does not have to be a particular alignment of numbers or a particular focus that is seen to by everybody present, or shall I say the collective consciousness of the earth. It can happen through your intention to reach out and create this alignment with the universe, with your divinity or with whatever part you seek.

When you have a large number of people in all different levels of consciousness focusing upon a particular day, it increases the amplitude of what may take place. And this is what happened on that day; this is why people noticed such a profound change and then why other people noticed no difference at all with the day.

I invite you to reach out and align with that time frame, if you so choose. And then have a sense of bringing it into your now moment. Take in a slow deep breath and as you do so, you have that intention of creating this alignment. And then you can feel the flow that was taking place at that time.

((((here)))))You may use it to bolster you; you may use it to clear out your energy field or whatever it is that you may seek to transition at this time. And then with another breath, you can consciously release that alignment, consciously letting it go and you can feel all the shifting energies that take place around you.

I invite you to take this opportunity to shift your consciousness so that you may align with the crystalline grid. As you arrive within this space feel what it is to link with your higher self. You can feel your energies shifting and expanding, so take in all of that is here for you. As you are ready to do, so I invite you to shift once more; this time let go the magnetic pull of the earth and allow yourself to shift into the energies of the crystalline grid. As you arrive here within this space let yourself feel the energies.

As you feel the flow you may even have a sense of moving through the various energies that are present here within this space. It’s an opportunity for you to expand your awareness so that you may feel more fully the diversity, and then I invite you to shift once more. This time I invite you to focus on expanding into the energies of the soul plane. As you feel yourself shifting into this space allow your perception to expand even further. You may call forth your I Am presence and have a sense of your divinity. For some it may be as if you are walking towards one another, for others it may be as if you divinity comes up from within you. Howsoever it works for you allow yourself to expand fully and embrace who you are as your divine essence.

I the Goddess move here within this space and I reach out to each one of you. As I do so I can feel your presence, I can feel your energies, and it allows us all to shift into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is, I invite you to take a moment and look around. As you breathe gently and easily within yourself, take in all the Angels and guides who have come here to share this time with you. For many who listen to this it is a time of thanksgiving where you live. It is also for many people the beginning of the holiday season and the holidays vary with all the amazing diversity of the people who are living upon the earth. But we know that it can be added pressure, it can can be stressful, and then another times it can just be joyous light and easy. But for this experience all of these Angels and guides wanted to come so as to express their appreciation to you and give you unconditional love and nurturing.

Allow yourself to just take in one more breath and as you breathe in deeply let yourself completely relax. As you look around there are a number of Angels and guides that are here with you, and it is as if you are the only one present, because this is your time. They are creating a space that will allow for greater nurturing. For some it may be as if there is soft music, clouds; you may have a sense of water, the ocean, the mountains. They create for you, whatever it is that you would like, that allows you to completely relax. As you have this unique opportunity, it’s a good time to unburden yourself.

Do you have burdens or things that you carry around with you? Perhaps it’s a disease, perhaps it’s responsibility, perhaps its secrets, whatsoever it may be, this is an opportunity for you to just bring it up. You need not list and identify every part of this. You need only put forth the intention that you would like to let go of anything at all that may be holding you back or holding you down. You may feel their energies as they help to clear your energy body. It may be that you feel for the first time what it is to be without that responsibility or that burden that you’ve been carrying around. You continue to breathe gently and easily.

As you take this, the next step we invite you to have a sense of the opening up to receive whatever assistance is available to you so that you may take that next step in your life. They may communicate with you about some of your potentials. They may assist you in deciding what works right for you. There is so much that they have to offer and it is unlimited. For many of you, I have this sense that you have more energy or you feel better than you have for some time; so let yourself expand, let yourself enjoy what it is to be completely free. As I continue to observe everybody here there are some that look like sparklers, it’s like your energy has become effervescent and you are just sparkling and radiating your greater awareness of who you are.

As we continue to create the space of nurturing for you we also invite you to have a sense of looking at the next month to six weeks or two months that are coming up for you. As you look at this timeframe allow yourself to reach out and take the hands of your Angels, if you so choose, and as you do so allow their energies to flow through you and then you send forth a stream of energy or consciousness that moves out over this period of time. This allows you the opportunity to create changes or set up what you seek to manifest or create a greater ease in the opportunities that are available for you.

We know that there have been times in which we speak of letting go the struggle, letting go the effort, letting go trying to force something to happen in your life. This is another opportunity to bring this into your consciousness. Let go any feelings of anxiety that you may have around this period of time. If there are things that you would like to accomplish then let it come up, let it move into your consciousness, and then shift it to let go the anxiety. As you then look at whatever that was look with new eyes. Open to the potential that may unfold for you. Take in a deep breath and allow these Angels to once more flow even greater light, even greater energy to amplify what you are already doing for yourself.

Have a sense of consciously opening up a door to the Lightbody energies. It may be that you have a sense of seeing the omniverse; it may be that it is simply about expanding your conscious awareness. Whatever it may be, have a sense of being open and then allow this to become amplified as it flows within and around you. Have a sense of taking in a deep breath so it’s as if you were to bring it through your body, and then send it back out or in essence you bring it through your consciousness and then you send it back out. You may now have the opportunity of looking once more at these energies within and around you. Look at your life, if you so choose.

I invite you to open to the potential for greater opportunity. I invite you to allow yourself to feel the flow that supports you here within this space. As there is more and more of this Lightbody energy coming into the earth, you will find that on a daily basis your perceptions will be shifting. When you think about this, say one year ago, have a sense of letting your consciousness flow back to where you were at this time one year ago. What was happening in your life? How did the energies feel around you? Was there a difference in the density of energies? So you may take that perception and then allow your consciousness to stream back into where you are right now so that you may again expand into and feel what all of these energies are for you. The world has changed a great deal in the past year and so have you. There may be times in which it feels as if you have a lack of movement in your life but there is always movement around you and within you. We invite you to feel what that is. We invite you to acknowledge that flow.

There is so much that I’d like to say every time that we get together. There at times in which I feel as if I’m saying the same thing again and again and there are other times in which I draw from the energies of everyone who’s here to understand what may be needed at any given time. I put forth to each of you, that especially in this space, you let go. Perhaps you have a sense of holding many different bags on your arms; you take one, you let it go, two, you let it go, three, you let it go. Perhaps it’s that there are more responsibilities or burdens than you had before. So acknowledge whatever they may be and let them go.

I feel complete love and respect for all of you. I honor who you are in this life that you have chosen to live. I can feel the frustration that you sometimes feel, in particular, the frustration that things don’t happen even though you’ve done everything to prepare for them. Why hasn’t it manifested? Why am I still in the place where I am even with all the work I do? It is very, very understandable that you feel this way, because it is a part of the human process to have a sense of movement as if you are in one place, you do something, you are in the next place. And it’s very much a human desire to move forward and have growth and change within their lives.

So I invite you to open up to that part of your personality, that part of your ego, that part of you as the human that places these guidelines, that places these constrictions upon yourself and allow you divinity to flow straight into that place. Let it flow within and let that be what you release and let it go. I am by no means asking you to give up whatever it may be that you desire in your life. I am simply asking you to at least for this period of time let go any time constraints, let go any pressure, let go any feelings of a specific awareness an outcome and we send that out. And now as I look at you, I can feel a much greater lightness and see a much greater relief taking place.

As you experience this for yourself open to the awareness of who you are and by this I mean allow you divinity to expand further so that it may create a greater alignment within you. As you feel this greater alignment, allow it to work with you. It will support you, it will help to anchor the energies, it will help you to feel better in whatever it is that you may be doing within your life.

You are never alone. So now as we look back towards all the Lightbody energy that is flooding here within this space allow yourself to open once more to see what your perception may be. As you open, you can feel the brilliance of the Lightbody energy. You can feel that crystalline pulsation that is a part of it and allow it to really amplify everything that is here. As you look around, you may see that there are even more guides and energies that you had noticed at the beginning; as you look around, you may see that deeper connection and alignment to yourself, allows you the opportunity of knowing yourself better. Be open to allow this flow to move within and around you.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back as if you are coming into a celebration. So many times upon the earth it is easier for you to give to others. It is easier for you to give either your gifts, your energy, to share your resources whatever it may be. This is the opportunity for you to receive and as you come together as a group look around at everyone who is here. As you experience this moment, we invite you to experience being open to receive but we also invite you to take this as an opportunity to be able to give the Angels and the guides the opportunity to give to you. So while your life may oftentimes revolve around doing for others and putting others first and experiences such as that; by consciously working on being open to receive it is as if you are giving a gift to the other individual and the more that you are open with a focus upon receiving the more that you have an opportunity to receive from you divinity, the Angels, the Lightbody energies, from all the various sources that are here present for you.

With that, we have a sense of shifting the focus as if to come up from within the center of this group. Be open to perceive the hologram of the earth. As you see this hologram moving up from within, have a sense of truly looking within the hologram. As you amplify your own energies with that of the Lightbody you may see even greater detail of what is here and then as you consciously focus upon the Lightbody and allow that to flow through you it creates an acceleration or a transformation within the hologram. These energies are very sensitive, these energies can have a profound impact upon whatever the situation is that you may be focusing. So for this moment, as you look at this hologram of the earth, it is as if you are looking at the earth itself.

Consciously expand your perception so that you may see a greater number of dimensions. These dimensions flow within and around. You may use it as an opportunity to expand your perception. The more that you become aware of these energies and the more that you work with them integrating them with in your consciousness, the more access you will have to it in a very conscious manner in your everyday life. This in turn is what will give you the access to greater ease within your life. It will give you the ability to experience the potentials that you have been playing with here within this space and with that we allow that hologram to shift. You have a sense of releasing it and it then moves until it creates an alignment with the crystalline grid. As it does so, there is an aspect of that, that shifts off and it moves out to align with Ariellis and then the remainder of it shifts down and it comes back in and around the energies of the physical Earth.

As it first aligns with the magnetic grid it is as if there is a stream that moves in every direction. It amplifies your own energies from here within the space of your higher self and then the majority of that goes further down. It moves into the earth itself; it moves all the way down into the core essence to where those immense crystals are located. As this conduit to the Lightbody energy becomes anchored and amplified within these crystals it then begins to radiate outward as if it comes up through all the layers of the earth. It moves up through the crust, it comes up into the lakes, the rivers, the trees, the grass, the flowers; it comes up through everything and you may feel like coming up within you that which is in alignment with you.

You have a sense of letting go so that your consciousness may once more return back out here into the space of the All That Is. As you look around take in the sense of whichever Angels are here working with you. Allow yourself to remember what it feels like to be completely within the flow. Feel the sense of who you are. As you are ready to do so, you may then shift your focus so that you once more move into the space of the soul plane. As you do so, you can feel your own divinity as it reaches out and wraps around you. It anchors you, it feels you up and you allow as much of this to come back with you.

As you allow your focus to once more shift, this time into the space of the crystalline grid, and this time as you feel it with your consciousness, open to perceive how that crystalline energy is not only amplifying this space as a conductor of energy, but it is also creating a greater alignment for you to be able to tap into. Feel all of what this is to you. You then have a sense of allowing your consciousness to flow back to come back within the magnetic pull of the earth. You may pause briefly at the magnetic grid as you acknowledge the alignment with your divinity.

I then invite you to shift once more. Allow yourself to open to feel that conscious stream of energy as it comes down within and around you as if you are surrounded by a beam of light. Feel what this is to you. As that beam of light surrounds you, you feel it coming down into every chakra; you feel it moving through every cell within your body, you feel all of your organs stepping up into alignment so that they may receive the benefit of this crystalline energy. You are in the flow of your divinity; you are in the flow of your awareness and you accept all of the loving and the nurturing that was given to you this evening. Consciously accept it into your physical reality, consciously accept and allow that the Angels express their appreciation to you in this manner, and by accepting it you amplify it within your own life but you amplify all that is available for you not only in the future but for others. Feel what that means to you. Allow yourself to feel fully rested. Allow yourself to look towards the next few weeks with a sense of anticipation; anticipation for potential and anticipation that will allow you to feel more comfortable within your life.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close and we will take this as an opportunity to remind you once more to remember to breathe deeply within and around yourself. Remember, to experience who you are not only in your human form but in your divine essence and in the acceptance of all of the various layers and levels of who you are, you become much more enhanced and much more empowered in your everyday life. We send forth our appreciation for all who participate in this and at this time of thanksgiving, we thank you for being a part of these journeys.

I am ever with you and within you.




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