Opening Your Heart Center

The more we live in the 4th dimension, the more we are living through our heart centers.  This channel which focuses directly on the energy flowing through your heart is very powerful!  I even felt physically sore throughout my chest a couple of days afterwards! 

The Goddess spends the first part of this channel integrating within the physical body, really feeling an alignment.  We then shift into the crystalline grid and create a new relationship with this energy.  The crystalline grid is expanding as more and more of us use it as means of transitioning energy.  Once we create this alignment, we shift into the All That Is.  Here is where the Goddess works with each one of us in creating a new alignment.  She becomes a ball of light that moves through your physical heart.  In this manner she is shifting your energies from a cellular structure outward.  It felt as if she was working to release energies or anything that may be blocked within your heart center.  But in addition to that she was also assisting you to shift the molecular and electrical structures.  There was an amazing amount of light that then emanated in all directions from each person who was present and experiencing this. 

This channel took place the week before Easter and there was a draw from many people to have Yeshua come forth.  Sananda, which is the over soul of Yeshua, did come to make his presence known.  His soul essence has also incarnated as; Buddha, Muhammad and Abraham, to name a few.  These aspects were all present and filled the room such love and light.   From here the Goddess spoke more so about spirituality and religion.  The very definition of this is changing at this time in accordance with this shifting energy.  During this time of transition, I encourage you to all that you can to love, support and nurture yourself.  This channel is a wonderful way in which you can.


Nama sika; Venia benya         I AM the one; I AM the whole 

I greet you my beloved family.  I throw wide my arms, I send out my love, I express my joy and excitement to be able to share this time with you.  This is the anniversary in which Shelly and I have been getting together with you and others for these teleconferences.  Indeed it's been six years on the earth plane time, but the length of time in energy years has been in some ways much shorter and in other ways much longer. 

I invite each one of you to take an opportunity and just think back to where you were six years ago.  What were some of the main things happening within your life? How did you feel?  What was your focus?  What were some of the things that were important for you to manifest?  Following the time since then coming forward, you recognise how there were periods in your life that felt as if they were at a standstill and then other experiences that seemed to go past in fast motion. 

This is one way of looking at how time and space will be shifting even more distinctly in the years to come.  We speak of the crystalline energy as it's coming into the earth; we speak of new energy.  We speak of dimensions, time, space.  We speak of that which is physical, that which is not.  All of this is what creates the experience that everyone is moving through. 

You may think that you yourself are living your life having these experiences or whatever it is that's going on and at times it feels as though you are so very alone.  Be aware that you are not alone.  Be aware of the multitude of people on earth who are now working with these energies, who are now feeling them, who are now integrating them.  No matter where you are upon your journey, you are still where you are right now in this moment.  

Everything within your past has created this moment.  As you look at the future, what you are doing right now is setting up perhaps the foundation or expanding the foundation.  But it matters not; you make choices, you live your life, you allow for everything to unfold within your life.  That is all that you can do.  Let go the past, be open and allow for the future, but let your focus and your attention be within the now moment.  

Breathe deeply with me.  Breathe in the essence and the energy that is all around you right now.  Whenever you breathe and you follow that breath down through your lungs and to your heart center, as you feel it moving and swirling through your body, it brings your focus right back within you.  If there are times in which you feel disconnected, disoriented, ungrounded; simply allowing your focus and your breath to be upon the breath that you take into your physical body, you have the ability to come back into this moment. 

You can use your breath for much more than that.  In this next year of expansion upon the earth we will be working with ways in which you can shift your focus, the ways in which you can allow the crystalline energies to support you, and the ways in which you can move forward.  Yes - this is where you are right now. 

The last several weeks upon the earth have been very intense for many, many people.  As I'm looking at the various dimensions or levels of energy, I perceive that those of you who have already been working with these energies felt it quite profoundly in your heart center.  Some of you felt it in your other energy bodies as if an awakening took place.  But one of the biggest differences is that the collective consciousness of the earth had a profound ripple that moved through it.  This ripple touched on the lives of most everyone.  This ripple opened up a door within the consciousness of the average person. 

This ripple is one of the first of many that allowed a large influx of energy to come in and be integrated within the earth.  I know we've spoken of that in the past and I know there have been influxes of energies in varying degrees many, many times over the last number of years.  But so many of those were only felt by those of you who are more open and aware.  That's why I speak of this one as being unique because it was one of the first of many in which a large number of the collective consciousness and those who are as yet unaware are taking great strides towards this new energy, this new vibration, and this new awareness.  

I say to you, my beloved friends - be aware of the relationships around you.  You may find that more and more people are coming to you, asking you for answers, but you yourself have your own questions.  You may wonder what do I say.  How do I answer?  Is this my responsibility?  And I say to you, never ever take this on as a burden.  Speak only from your heart.  Speak only what is true to you and that is all you need do.  Everything else will fall into place.  Allow that to happen.  Allow these relationships to evolve.  Allow yourself to move into this new experience that will be your own. 

And with that we will begin our journey for this evening.  Once more breathe down within your physical body, take a breath that allows it to go deep within you, and from within your core essence have a sense of sending out a spark, sending out an energy.  Send out and open up your consciousness so that it may expand.  Release that deep connection within your physical body and allow your consciousness to shift.  As you do this you find yourself upon the energies of the magnetic grid. 

As you move into this space, feel what it is to you.  Feel the expansion; feel who you are within your higher self.  There is a greater flow of energy that moves from within this space into you in your human existence as a result of everything that is happening.  Allow that awareness to move through your consciousness at this time.  You see the other sparkles of light that are all around you.  You may send forth and link with any one of them or with all of them if you so choose. 

Allow that perception to simply flow through you.  You need not analyse it or focus upon it.  Have a sense then of shifting your focus.  As if you are looking outward, allow your energy to move out.  You move through an interlocking grid and find yourself within the crystalline grid.  

For some of you we have a sense of dancing.  I have a sense of the sparkles of light that just expand and bounce and fly and swirl.  This place is one that you've become much more comfortable with.  The vibration is very easy for you. Allow that focus to move through.  Allow yourself to feel all that this is.  When we speak of the crystalline energies, I invite you to look around at what this space is to you.  Some of you may have a perception of being out in the universe as if there are stars and planets all around you. Others have a sense of being within a tunnel.  Others have a sense of landscape around them.  There is no right or wrong way of perceiving this area.  It is simply whatever is real for you. 

On the earth you can send an impulse and it tends to go from negative to positive.  It tends to go in a direction in which the magnets may pull.  The life that most people have lived has been about duality, right and wrong.  This action creates that response.  For so many of you, the releasing of that has been very much a part of your journey.  So knowing that this is what you're used to upon the earth, take a moment and send an impulse out from you. 

You have a sense of seeing it move out from your consciousness but then it seems to stop and hover.  It may expand in every direction at the same time as if a fireworks that explodes and goes out in every direction.  As you have a sense of pushing on the energy you see that you just move through it; there's no push back.  Have a sense of expanding your consciousness; as you take a deep breath in have a sense of just letting your expansion move out.  And then as you breathe out let it move back towards you. 

Perceive how the energies shift and allow this to take place.  The next thing I would like you to take a moment to perceive is have a sense of something suspended in front of you; perhaps a plate, a cup, a figurine, but something that you might consider on earth that would not be able to just be suspended in the air.  

Perceive how within this space it just is.   You may push it one way or another and as you do so it stays wherever it goes.  This is all an example of this vibration.  This is all to give you a perception of the differences that are coming into the earth.  As you consider the ways in which you have lived your life in the past, you may perceive how some of those beliefs and experiences will no longer work for you.  If you try to force something to happen in this space, try to force that object to go in one direction or another; try to force one of your intentions to create or manifest in front of you.  

Now with the object, any place that you push it, it goes and it stays and it finds a balance.  With an intention if you try to create something and make it happen you can create whatever you like and as it moves into whatever you try to force it into, it just creates a new balance or a new environment that supports itself.  This is what I want for each of you.  I would love for you each to have the perception or the belief that whatever you create in your life, you create, you put it out there and it finds its own balance.  That you can have things within and around you, that things in your life can be suspended around you and no matter where you push it or pull it, it finds its own balance. 

This ended up taking somewhat longer than I had anticipated but many of you recognise how you pull towards you the energies of the All That Is and the energies of your divinity.  But let's take a moment to go ahead and move into the soul plane. 

As you find yourself within that consciousness it's all very clear to you.  It's all a space that feels warm, loving and nurturing.  Breathe in your essence as it is within this space.  Have a sense of calling forth your I Am presence.  This is your divinity; breathe it within you.  Allow your energies to shift in such a way that you merge fully within your I Am presence, within your divinity. 

Look around you; see, sense, feel how deeply this connection moves through you.  You are more aware of who you are than you have ever been before.  You have access to these energies that are you, you in your expanded state, you as your divinity.  

I the Goddess make my way into this space.  I move, I reach out and enfold you within my embrace.  Feel my love for you, feel my connection.  I know you, I honor you.  With my energies it shifts you into the space of the All That Is.  Feel how the energy around you expands even further.  Feel your own energies of your divinity as it is here, as it is supporting you, as it is showing you who you are. 

Take a moment and have a sense of reaching out energetically to perceive where the crystalline grid is.  You will find for some it may feel kind of convoluted, but you will find that an essence of it is a part of the All That Is.  The All That Is is even more, but that's what allows you to have those greater perceptions as you were expanding and feeling the energies of the crystalline grid. 

Here within the All That Is recognise that it is of your creation.  Recognise that it is a space that you utilise far more than just when we get together with these journeys.  This space is always very, very busy with the people who come and go as they are creating within their life. 

We spoke earlier of the intensity of the energies.  You yourself worked with the crystalline energies.  Now here within this space I invite you to allow your consciousness to expand even further.  The fourth dimension is based in the heart center.  Many of you spoke of feeling things within your heart, feeling symptoms within your heart, not only over the last few weeks but over the last number of years. 

Be aware that you are transforming within your physical body from a molecular level outward.  The electrical system within your body is transforming.  The density of your muscles, your bones, everything within you, is transforming.  You may still look and feel the same to yourself and everyone around you because as yet these differences are very, very subtle. 

What I'm going to assist you with now is working within your physical heart and within your heart center.  I invite each one of you to have a sense of relaxing back, feel perhaps energies that wash over you.  You may allow your attention to become focused upon your heartbeat.  Allow my energies to move within you.  Take a breath in, allowing that breath that contains my essence to move within you.  As you feel me within your heart, I'm going to pause.  

I send out a pulsation of light that is going to support your physical heart.  If you feel any symptoms, be calm, be open, breathe in a flow of energy and let go whatever symptom you may have.  What I'm doing as I come within your heart is creating a ball of light that will work to adjust your own heart to strengthen it, to enhance it, so as to allow you to be able to filter this flow of energy more easily. 

I move beyond your physical heart.  As I am within your heart center you feel it expanding, you feel it growing; it is more than just your physical heart.  It is an energy field that sometimes feels as if it creates a constriction around your heart.  If there are any beliefs, if there is old anger, if there are any thoughts - perhaps of revenge, vindictiveness, anything at all that keeps you from being the flow of love and allowing - let it come up at this moment.  It may not have a name to you.  It may be just an old energy; it may be differences of opinion; it may be anger.  This may be an anger that you've held onto for years upon years.  As I speak of this I see so many of you having an outpouring of these old residual energies. 

As you consider your heart center in its expanded state, I would love for you to release anything at all that keeps it from being able to expand.  It's as if you are stepping into a new potential for yourself.  Breathe gently, breathe easily.  Bring up anything else that may have held you back.  For some, it's as if I see you and you're exhausted.  You are so tired from having held onto that so tightly.  For others, it's just a relief. 

Howsoever you perceive what this is to you, allow it.  And again, breathe in more of my energies.  Have a sense of me coming within your physical heart.  Remember when it felt like such pressure when I very first came in, and now I'm able to be within this space with ease.  Allow your heart center to expand.  And now as if in your physical body, send a breath of energy that goes out the middle of your back, it goes out the front of your heart; it goes out your sides.  As your heart center is expanding, feel how light, feel how energised you are at this time. 

Some of you might feel lightheaded and dizzy; if so, breathe within your heart, breathe down your consciousness a slight bit and allow the balance to expand in such a way that you feel comfortable.  Again, feel my love, feel my essence as I come within you.  And this time I step aside and I invite you to take a breath, breathing in your own essence, breathing in more of your divinity, breathing in you as your crystalline essence. 

It moves within you, it swirls around.  You are transforming your own heart center as we speak.  You are integrating this higher vibration that is you in your divinity and all of this is taking place within your physical body as we speak.  Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that it is as if you are looking at yourself but detached from yourself. As you look you may have the perception of a greater translucency that is you; that is your heart. 

As you are looking at yourself, see the sparkles of crystalline light that make up your physical heart center.  As you look at yourself, perceive the greater flow of energy and vibration that is now able to move through you and feel it all the way down within you.  Allow your focus to shift, reconnect within your consciousness here within the All That Is.  

If you choose to do so, you may have a sense of letting your consciousness move in such a way that you actually create an alignment with all your energy centers within your body.  Have a sense of consciously breathing energy that moves up and down your physical body and let it expand outward, here within the non-physical energy bodies of your consciousness.  

You may have a perception as you do this of looking around and it's as if you see yourself in this higher vibration and this is you that you are now incorporating.  Allow yourself to open, to acknowledge and to understand whatever perception is coming to you.  You may see, sense, smell, whatsoever this is. 

Take another breath back within the pulsation of your heart, and with every beat of your heart feel the gentle flow of energy as it moves within and around you.  With every beat of your heart feel the complete release of anything that is holding you back.  If there is any discomfort align with it so as to let it go. 

Moving forward from this moment you will be able to manifest more easily or in a different way than you have in the past.  Feel this all within you.  Acknowledge your amazing abilities.  Within this space, we see the energies of Sananda come within this group of you.  From within Sananda we see him manifesting into that essence which was Yeshua or Jesus upon the earth.  We also see him expanding into the energies of Buddha.  We also see him expanding into Abraham and Muhammad and so many other individuals that have made dramatic impacts upon the earth. 

This aspect of Sananda is an individualised soul essence but he also carries with him a group soul essence that allows him to have all these various profound connections to millions upon millions of people. 

So many of you have followed these various religions at one point or another in this lifetime and in others.  Religion has been an impetus for great change and an impetus for holding back.  Religion is something that each individual feels as their own reality, and then there is the reality that is the group consciousness of whatever that religion may be.  There are always those that are the extreme in one direction or another. 

Spirituality is more than a religion.  Spirituality is your connection to your divinity and allowing that to flow through you as often as you see fit.  For some it's on a daily basis, for some it's on an hourly, for some it's on a minute-by-minute basis.  For others it's not even something that you are thinking about.  But within your heart and consciousness it just is that it is. 

In the midst of this amazing change taking place upon the earth you will find the religions will change.  The definitions of spirituality will change and each one of you will know within your heart what is your truth; and it is unique unto you because you are an individual.  

As we come upon this time known as Easter for so many of you who follow that religion, Yeshua wanted to come forth and make his presence known to you.  As you see by the number of essence that have come with him, it's no longer about any individual one soul essence.  It's about the group; it's about the coming together and blending as a whole.  This is taking place in many different ways upon the earth. 

You are still your unique individual soul essence but you are also aligned with more than just yourself.  Be open in the days, weeks and months to come and allow this to trickle into your awareness.  Feel it as it's assisting you in living your life from your heart center.  Your heart center; the focus is about love, compassion, acceptance, allowing.  So many different words that can describe what your heart center is.  You know what it is for you. 

I invite you all to create a group.  You come back together within this space.  As you do so, become aware of your heart as its beating.  Become aware of the essence of who you are.  Become aware of all these other vibrations that represent everyone else who is here.  And within the center of this circle we see emerging the hologram of the earth. 

As it emerges it rotates.  I invite each one of you to have a sense of sending forth from your heart into this hologram your essence of love, your essence of compassion, of awareness.  As you do so feel it as it flows all around.  Continue breathing gently and easily, continue to allow the pulsations from your heart to infuse the earth and as you do so you recognise how that comes back to you and it strengthens you.  

Within this hologram you see the crystal.  You see Lady Gaia as that crystal and there is a spark of energy that links the two of you.  This hologram begins to descend; it shifts, it moves through the crystalline grid, through the magnetic grid.  It moves downward into the physical earth.  As this hologram moves into the center of the earth it links with the actual physical crystals that are within this space.  There is an alignment; there is an activation that is taking place. 

This in turn reverberates out from there.  It moves out through the layers of the earth, it moves out into each human. Breathe deeply within yourself and feel it come up within you.  Feel how your heart center expands and beats in alignment with this earth energy.  Feel how your whole physical body creates a balance that synchronises this energy within you. 

And we release that essence, allowing your consciousness to once more return to the All That Is.  You find yourself shifting within the space of the crystalline grid.  Feel the sparkles, feel the light all around you.  You move through going down into the magnetic grid.  Again you link with your higher self.  You continue on with your consciousness returning.  Open your energy field and feel as all your consciousness comes back within you; feel it as it returns to your physical body.  

Breathe deeply allowing it to move into your heart center.  You feel your heart center as it expands.  You feel the vibration of alignment within you.  And take note of how your heart, your physical heart and the energetic heart around it are beating in alignment and that you have the ability to expand even further than you have in the past. 

As you move forward, move in synchrony with your heart.  Be in a space of love, of compassion, and of awareness.  

As you are grounding within yourself, I invite you to return to this conference room.  You may press *7 upon your telephone, and I am open to receive questions that you may have.  As you are grounding and balancing yourself, feel every aspect of who you are. 

Question: I just wanted to ask the Goddess what I do now.  I think she'll understand.  

Answer:  Now is the time for you to recognize what it is that you want out of life.  Now is the time for you to be able to find a reality or make a decision that is more supportive of who you are or what you are in this life as apposed to putting so many other people first.  As I'm looking at you, it feels as if your focus has for so very long been on everyone around you instead of you. Just as with this journey tonight, as you opened your heart and expanded your heart center, I had a sense of you really releasing so much of what you were holding on to.  So as you are moving forward, your focus of what you want to do with your life is changing.  I sense you will start something and stop it, then start something and stop it as if you are having trouble making up your mind.  But what is happening here is that you are creating a new reality for yourself.  As you step into that reality, you will find that it may feel at times as if for the first time in your life you are truly at peace and you are truly in a space of joy.  Because what you are doing is what you really want to do instead of always putting other people first.  Did I tap into the feeling that you were speaking of? 

You did!  Thank you very much.  I have a feeling I want to go to Sedona, but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. 

We sense that you will be going there.  We sense there is another possibility.  We sense there is a part of you that has been waiting, waiting, waiting for all this time; I say to you, just go.  When you are in Sedona things will happen and people you will meet will create a new reality for you.  As you are living in the moment, experiencing things to come, the sense I have is that that is but a stepping stone for somewhere else where you will eventually spend more time.  But we like the energies of Sedona, we like the energies of what you will be doing when you go there.  That IS the first step to following your heart. 

Thank you very much Goddess!  Thank you Shelly.  Thank you so much for doing all of this, it really means a lot. 

You are welcome.   

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, what would you like to say to me at this time of my life. 

Answer: As I'm looking at you right now, first of all there is a brilliance within you that is almost blinding.  I know in part it's from this journey that we were just upon.  That was the icing on the cake. This brilliance that emanates from you is something that I have a sense is what you've been seeking to have, it's what you've invited in, it's what you've wanted; but there is a part of your human self or personality that does not recognize that you have arrived.  It's so interesting that we have two people with such a similar question.  That's what our message to you is; you have arrived, you are here!  All this stuff that you have done for yourself, all that you have wanted to do, all these changes that you have manifested are here.  Now we sense that there is a distinct difference between in your expanded divinity and you in your daily reality.  What I would recommend to you is that as you are working, going through your life, just having the experiences that make up your daily life; if you would take an opportunity at various times during the day to breathe in that expanded awareness. 

If you really focus on your heart center, on your heart center being open and on your heart center flowing this energy.  That is when I sense you will begin to recognize that all that is happening in your daily life has been limited due to this lack of belief or this lack of trust that you have had in the past.  That is what will help you to see that there are more potentials around you.  It feels as if there are one or two things you have been seeking for a very long time and they have always been elusive.  It feels as if they are right there, just at the tips of your fingers.  It is around you, it is closer than what you realize.  But it's not about manifesting the things; it's more so about your personality or human self recognizing that you are this beautiful brilliant expanded individual.  Does that make sense? 

Thank you Goddess, it does!  The problem is that a lot of the rest of the world does not agree with you.  I seem so powerless to convince them otherwise. 

You don't have to convince anybody about anything!!  It is only about you standing in your space you standing in your truth.  If you find you have to convince someone then step away, turn away, walk away, do whatever you need to do to disconnect from anyone you feel you need to convince.  If that is something very strong in you and you can't get away from it, then work within yourself and see why do you allow someone else's opinion to have so much influence on you, why do you feel a sense of having to prove yourself to another individual or to the world as a whole.  It's not about you proving anything to anyone.  It's about you loving yourself, allowing yourself to be who you are and accepting that as your reality.  Becoming engaged with other people in that kind of push and pull and people don't see you as you are, etc, etc; this is the duality that you are moving away from.  That gets you caught up in the right and wrong and this and that that you've been seeking to let go.  So let it go and be true to yourself and be true to who you know you are to be. 

Thank you! 

You are welcome beloved.  

Question (paraphrased) Hi Goddess, thank you for being here and answering our questions.  I have always wanted enlightenment but I never feel things or at least I don't recognize them if I do fee; them. 

Answer:  As I look at you and as you speak those words I have a sense of you being very incredibly sensitive when you were a young girl.  You were sensitive to touch, being very sensitive to texture.  I hope that you understand what I mean by sensual.  Sensual in the sense that every texture, every feeling, the breeze, the fabric; no matter what it was, it all felt very good and it was like every nerve ending was open to the touch.  This is something that grew to be uncomfortable with you and as you would speak of being so sensitive-we're chuckling a little bit because we can see that even getting your hair combed as a child was oftentimes painful because you were so sensitive.  We have a sense that you put layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of insulation around you because of the overstimulation from sensitivity.  Does that make sense to you at all? 

Yes it does. 

So if you would work within yourself and work to release these layers upon layers upon layers of insulation that you have you will begin to realize you no longer need them to cushion you.  You no longer need that to keep you from being in touch with your senses and aware of all this sensation and that tactile sensation that you want to feel.  We actually have you doing it in such a way that it's like you go into a meditation and breathe and you go to the top of your head and peel off a layer.  Then you breathe and you feel how light that feels.  Then you go again and peel and peel and peel.  That is just one idea.  You can also follow this journey again when you get it either written or in audio.  Just go back in once more into your center or your heart center or you can do it on your own because you've already set up the foundation.  But you go back into your heart center and you breathe within your heart and you breathe on expanding and you breathe on consciously letting go those layers of insulation that you needed when you were so over sensitive. 

You can now be in balance and truly feel things.  We almost have a sense of it washing over you and in an instant you feel a dramatic difference.  But most likely what your human experience is going to be is that it will be subtle and come back bit by bit.  What you are also doing as you get back in touch with your sensitivity is that you are linking with something that was so much a part of you when you were younger and it was so much a part of your divine aspect within yourself.  It's almost like a coming home is taking place as you reconnect with this sensitivity and allow it into your life.  Does that make sense to you? 

It does and it sounds wonderful.  I do appreciate it Goddess and I will be back with more questions next time.  

You are welcome.  

Question: (paraphrased) Good evening Goddess, good evening everyone.  Thank you for all you do Shelly.  (You are welcome.)  I just wanted to ask if there was anything you wanted to share with me in terms of what is straight ahead in particular about my work and what I will be doing. 

Answer: Beloved as we look at you and look to the future and your work, we have a sense of a bumpy road.  We have a sense of a road block coming up for you. It feels to us as if something is going on in your work.  In looking at this road block, the way it's coming across to us to give you a visual, because we sense you are very visual.  It's like you walk up and see one of those fences with the horizontal bars on them.  Written on the bars are messages to you.  As you are walking up to this we have a sense it has to do with work.  There are changes coming about at work, there are changes that you can choose for yourself.  We have a sense that written on these bars are some of the thoughts you have in your mind.  We hear you, we know you want us to read the message to you, but we are sorry beloved, we do not see it.  It is something you will have to uncover for yourself.  What we get from all this is that there are several potentials coming to you.  You are wondering which is in your best interest and which is going to give you the longest or most consistent job available.  As we look at these potentials that are coming up for you we see one as going to a completely new job, one as a promotion in your current job, we see something even involves moving to a new city.  That feels to us as if it's way out in left field and very unexpected.  This is why we see the rocky road ahead because there are so many potentials.   

As you are looking at these various things as we see you sitting on the fence it's with you sitting on the top rail, your feet on the lower or you're leaning against the fence.  As you feel the warmth of the sun and see the brilliance of the sky it's as if the getting back into nature and into a space that feels grounding and nurturing and peaceful to you is what will allow you to work through these various potentials and come to a decision of what will be the best for you.  It doesn't feel as if there's any wrong answer.  It feels to us as if there's one potential that is really not going to work for you and you have already eliminated it.  That's why we want to put your mind to rest.  Change is here.  Change is occurring.  Change can take you in many different directions.  But always allow yourself to consciously go back out into - now we have a pasture here with our fence, I guess because we had the fence! - but anyway, go back out into the open, go back out against the fence.  Know that the message from that that we can't read, but we see written is within you.  It is there when you are at peace and when you allow yourself to be nurtured, when you allow yourself to just trust in who you are and in what's coming to you.   We feel like that is a little bit vague, but is that helping you at all?

Yes Goddess, that is fine.  Thank you. 

Okay, very good.  We see you as we look forward 4-6 months from now we see you past this place, we see you having made a decision and that decision makes you feel very good within yourself and makes you very excited.  We see lots of energy and joy and promise around you.  

Okay, thank you for the time frame.  Thank you Goddess. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Meditation procedure I'm doing and the foundation.  Anything to add to that procedure.  (Meditation procedure? What is this for?)  Foundation or procedure I am following now, anything to add.  I'm in contact with my guides.  

Answer:  We see as you are working with your guides and as you are seeking to bring in some information that it's like there is this huge cloud of information that is above you and then it comes down into a much narrower channel like a funnel in order for it to come into you.  Our sense with this is that what you have been doing has been a very good beginning to this but the next step to take in this is as human belief systems, your human consciousness, your personality or your ego.   Work with that and allow it to encompass your greater expansion.  Now with what was going on in the journey tonight, releasing so much from your heart center, we sense that you really let go of what you were holding on to for a long time.  With the letting go we have a sense that will also allow your personality to expand or have more flexibility.  It's not that it will necessarily going to allow it expand but it feels as if it's going to bring to your life more flexibility in your beliefs and reality.  With that flexibility you will be able to more fully access this information that is there.  Your guides are there, you talk to them, they answer back to you.  Sometimes you have a sense their presence and hear them, sometimes you do not.  But whenever you ask for them and invite them to come in, they are there.  So if you don't have a sense of recognizing that they are there with you, then visualize that funnel that we spoke of, like you are actually at the bottom of it and you are drawing it open until it gets wider and wider.  Then feel as if you are being washed with energy.  You may even consciously feel that bigger flow of energy as it comes down and around you.  Does that make sense?  

During tonight's procedure a band came around my left hand very very strong; my left wrist.  What was that about? 

That felt to us as if it was indicating that there was a part of you--- when people use that phrase on earth, what it is called- an ‘iron fist' or ruling with an iron fist or controlling with an iron fist.  Something about that is what's going through our consciousness right now.  That is what our sense of that was.  In the past you had to have a very strong control or you have had a dominant type energy.  With this being on the left wrist, meaning the feminine side, it's as if you have dominated your feminine side or aspect with an iron fist.  What we sensed happening was that as you let go old energies, as you let go old pain and bitterness; stuff you've been holding onto we sensed it accentuated that for you.  This is why you noticed it so strongly.  But then we also have a sense that it is mostly gone.  When we spoke of the funnel earlier and bringing down more energy; if you work with your heart center on that expansion we sense that it will help the funnel affect and also help completely release the energy represented by the metal band on her list.  Does all that make sense to you? 

Yes, thank you. 

Okay, we actually see that while things have not manifested for you, some of these things you are seeking.  We see you in a greater flow of energy and light.  We see you working daily towards allowing more and more within you.  Continue to be gentle with yourself, continue to be nurturing and allow things to come through.  Alright beloved. 

Thank you.  With love! 

You're welcome.  

Question: (paraphrased) Okay Goddess, I am very grateful for the healing session tonight and I thank you so much.  I am just like the lady who asked the question and is very sensitive to everything.  The sensitivity is so intense now I don't how to live!  Everything is causing this; clothes, food, water.  How can I ease it?  It feels like I started but is even stronger than that.  How can I ease this and why do I have it? 

Answer: Alright beloved, as I'm looking at you I have 2 messages I'd like to give to you.  The first is yes you have manifested all that you were seeking to have, yes it is within you; and yes these abilities that you have been seeking to have that you sometimes question yourself and doubt are there-you do have them, you do have a beautiful gift  and you do use them on a daily and consistent basis.  

That was one message we sensed you wanted to hear; the other one, about the sensitivity.  There is a little part of it that is a curve of integration you are moving through.  When you feel as if you are overly sensitive, we have a sense of seeing you as being disconnected from your physical body.  When you feel things in and on your physical body so strongly it's a way of telling you to ground within yourself, to come back within the moment, to come back within the essence or energy.  As you are more grounded and balanced within yourself then things will not be to the point of being uncomfortable.  Does that make sense to you? 

Oh very much so!  Thank you very much.  I feel like too much energy is coming and I am the conduit for the energy and then I should just ground it, right? 

Right!  We know how much you like to go and be in that space and that is what keeps you disconnected sometimes.  But remember to always breathe it within your physical body, breathe it down into the ground around you, breathe it down into your heart center and we sense you know what we're talking about.  You just are real sensitive and that will always be there.  

As it has all my life! It just is not always as high intensity as it is right now. 

Exactly! But this is a way of allowing it to be more comfortable for you.  

Thank you and I already feel like this healing is affective, I don't feel the static around me.  

Good! That's very good and it's because you have done so much to diffuse it. 

We thank all of you for asking these questions tonight.  We always do as many as we can but Shelly's just getting too tired again so we will draw this evening to a close.  For anyone who did not get their question answered as always in your dream state I will work with you and in your meditations, and be open to receive an answer that you may or may not be aware is coming to you. 

All right beloved, so thank you as always.  Remember that you are living your life through your heart.  Remember to be loving and nurturing first and foremost to yourself and then let that flow outward into every relationship that you have. 

I am ever with you and within. 



Mariù 16th April 2009 1:02 pm

Hopefully you're not trying to bring up any religious issue here about who is here and who is not!! Anyway It's funny that you post this under Shelly's message as she has channelled Buddha in the past! ;-))

Shelly Dressel 17th April 2009 12:05 am

Hi Donald,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe that there are many different perceptions available to people. Absolutely I believe what the Goddess said in the channel. She has said the same before in other channels and to me what I see, sense, feel as I'm channeling makes this a truth for me. Only you can choose what is your truth.

I believe everyone has a responsibility to themselves to make their own decisions about what they are creating as their reality. My perception of Spirit Library is that they are very open minded and accepting of all material. If other people channel different information on the same subject then I believe they are tapping into a different reality.

As for AA Michael and the other Arch Angels, it's a different vibration. Everything in the universe and upon the earth is inter-related. Vibration always finds its alignment. Therefore to me, each angel, guide, teacher, ET is unique and has it's own personal vibrational message. I accept all that resonates with me and release anything that does not.

Much love,


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