Playfulness and Your DNA

This channel could have been named “Remembering how to have fun and conversations with the Pleiadians about your DNA”.  Somehow, I thought that was a little too long!

The Goddess begins this channel with talking about creating your reality.  Your reality consists of many different layers; your perception, your desire, your reality and more.  This is something always shifting because your perception changes every day with all that happens in your life. 

Once we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess took just a few minutes to clear out our perceptions and our reality.  She then invited us to just HAVE FUN! Most people are so busy within their lives that they forget to just relax and enjoy themselves.  But the Goddess took it further and this was about truly playing; jumping from stars to planets, merging with the planets, etc. 

After a time, a Pleiadian Emissary of Light came forth to speak.  He spoke of how their DNA is very similar to ours and that many, many of us came from the Pleiades.  He reminded us about letting go of resistance and opening to the higher flow of the 5th dimension and more.  He then stated that all of this is supported through our DNA.  There are levels to assist each the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. 

There was such ease and lightness as each person integrated their levels of DNA and the vibration of the 5th dimension and more. 


Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace each one of you within your life.

As you enjoy, experience, sometimes seemingly just survive, the life in which you are living there may be times in which everything is buoyant and in balance.  There may be times when you are at one extreme or the other.  This is a part of the human experience.  With the energy shifting into the higher light vibrations there will be longer and longer periods of times in which people experience balance within their lives. 

Intrinsically within the human experience are the various nuances which go along with your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs; everything that makes up your life. It is one of the intentions as you live upon the earth that you have these experiences and that you respond to them.  You are creating your life. 

You create it through your intention.  You create it through your reality.  You create it through the reactions that you have in response to the experiences.  One may say that life is simple.  You need only to be in the flow of your divinity and things will happen, things will unfold for you.  Life is ever pleasant and balanced. 

Most people’s reality though consists of an intention to move into a direction;  an intention to experience, maybe particular work, relationships, the various things that make up your day.  Therefore as you begin to become very clear in your intention that you put out, not only to the universe but to those people in your everyday life, then your reality will change. 

You create the change.  It is reflected in your reality.  Your reality changes and it is reflected in your perception.  There is no one way in which your reality is influenced. 

It is more so about taking in everything, allowing it to percolate within and around you, then allowing yourself to express it outward in all that you do.  Remember you are more than this human that you are expressing in your life right now.  Remember that you are divine and that your God source energy is always there available to you.  This is another influence as you create your reality. 

Be open to all the various ways in which you receive information.  Be open so that you may live heart to heart with those within your life.

Take a moment and send the energy down through you the person, down into the earth.  As you do so allow your energy to spread out as you feel your alignment with Gaia.  Let it anchor you so that your physical body and your consciousness has that foundation that will keep you anchored within this space so that your remainder of your consciousness is able to expand into the All That Is. 

As you allow your consciousness to stream upwards let it follow upwards through all your energy bodies.  Let it follow that beam of light that links you the person with your divinity so that you may find that space of your higher self.  Many times you were there in an instance.  Many times your consciousness flows up and down within that space ever present for you.  Look around. Know that this is part of who you are.  It’s ever present for you. 

Allow your consciousness to stream out even further.  It flows up through that column of light moving out even more.  You find yourself blending with your divinity.  Look around take in your perception of what this is for you.  Release any limitation that you may have from the human experience so that you may fully align with your I AM presence.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out allowing my energy to merge with you.  As I do so you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is.  Not only is this a place of creation that we the Goddess Light Energy that all the many, many people working with it have assisted in creating.  It is also a place that was created within the universe from which many soul essences, some not even a part of the earth plane at this time, will choose to come and experience.

Let your energies expand so that you may feel more fully the essence of all that is here.  There is joy.  There is light.  There is movement. 

I am very conscious of the ways in which people struggle upon the earth.  I am very aware that it can be everything from feeling lonely and isolated, sometimes hunger, a place to live, companionship, work.  The list is quite long of the ways in which people struggle in their life upon the earth.  The whole intention with this wave of ascension is to transition the energies of the earth so that higher vibrations may integrate with your reality upon the earth. 

It is happening.  The change is taking place.  Some people feel it 100% in all aspects of their lives.  Other people feel when they think back 20 years, 10 years, 5 years they can see a difference in comparison. 

What I see happening is that people will move into this place of the All That Is.  They will experience these energies.  You allow yourself to be rejuvenated.  You have that perception of the unconditional love, the support, the potential.  You then find yourself back in your everyday life saying it was just a dream.  It was pretend.  It is completely separate from my physical reality. 

I wish for you to know with your consciousness that this is not so separate that this is not something that you just visit and then disconnect from the rest of your life.  The whole intention of integrating the crystalline light, of expanding the dimensions upon the earth is because humanity wishes to have this potential and this vibration in their everyday life.  It is available to you right now. 

Many of you have found that niche and have found that flow, and have found that ability to move between the dimensions so as to link your life to the fullest.  Here it is. 

It is not just available to those people who have done the work who have ascended; who are no longer a part of that old energy.  This is available to everybody no matter what your reality, no matter what is happening within your life.  You have the ability to be in this space at all times. 

If you feel resistance to this at this moment take a deep breath into wherever that may be and let that resistance come up within you. You can pull from outside, from within, wherever it may be. Allow that resistance to come up from within you and around you so that you may take a deep breath in bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let go that resistance. 

Let go that sense of separateness.  Feel yourself as you are.  Feel your energies as they flow within and around you.  This is where you can more easily make the change and that it is within and around you in the earth plane.

Sometimes it seems as if these journeys are all about releasing, clearing, fixing, changing, and trying to create the potentials for how you can live your life.  I wish for this evening at least the remainder to be about simply having fun. 

Within the universe there is limitless potential and opportunity.  You have your stars, the constellations.  There are planets.  Some of you come directly from some of these planets.  What would it be like to spend time just for fun going on the premise that all is well, nothing needs to change, you need only enjoy this place.  As I speak of this it brings up a sense of laughter, or a sense of adventure, because there is a sense of well what would you do?  Life is energy. The All That Is is energy. 

Just for the fun of it let’s take a moment and go to the Pleiadian’s galaxy.  We spoke it we are here; when one teleports it is that intention that you will be in a particular place and then you are.  We are going to look at it as if you are looking at that screen of that monitor and this time you are here and the planets are available to you. 

This perception is somewhat skewed because I bought them in a little bit closer.  Many of you feel an alignment with the Pleiadians.  If you so choose, Andromeda is right here.  The planet Arcturus is over here.  Let’s just say for the fun of it, allow your consciousness and your energy to go and become a part of whichever planet you so choose.  We showed you how to come to the Pleiades you may do the same with Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, whatever it may be.

As you arrive there are emissaries of light who are waiting for you.  No matter how many times you come back and do this, if you choose a new location or a new planet, every time there is somebody waiting for you.  As you look around open up your consciousness that you may perceive what is here.  I see many of you walking or sitting, conversing with these energies about whatever questions that you may have.  I also am calling forth some of these ships that are moving through the galaxies and coming into and around your earth plane. 

Look around.  Many of you in other lifetimes have lived out upon these planets.  Many of you have been a part of Ashtar’s command so to speak; those ships that move inter-dimensionally throughout the universe.  Perhaps you are the captain of one.  Feel free to connect with that if you so choose.

Sometime you forget what it is like to use your imaginations.  Here is your opportunity to do so.  If you imagine it, it works.  If you invite someone to come and speak with you they are there. 

Some are looking towards the earth and talking about some of these experiences taking place on the earth and I find people becoming serious and anxious again so take in a deep breath, ~whew~ let it go. 

You can be in a space suspended animation.  You breathe gently and easily.  Your consciousness flows moving through time space reality.  Practice whatever it is that you want to do.  It is as if someone is painting with colors.  There are splashes of color, flowers, images, just being creative out here within the universe. Others see hopscotching from one planet to the next or star so that may feel the essence or the energy of whatever that may be in that moment or time. 

As you integrate the higher dimensions, meaning the 5th dimension and more, the foundation to live within that space, be within that energy, or that which allows you or supports you within your life comes from this place of ease, of joy, of excitement. 

Although I’m feeling the energies of many different Beings of Light up here I find that there are a group of Pleiadians who seek to communicate at this time. 

Pleiadian Emissaries Speak:

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters of the earth.  We are the Pleiadians emissaries of light.  We work with many of you, most often in your sleep state. 

We are working in particular with your biology as you integrate your DNA.  You may wonder, well what does that mean.  We are one of the predominant races of people who became a part of the inhabitants of the earth.  Many of you will find a part of your source energy comes back here to the Pleiades. 

We have been working, it is difficult to say because we do not have the same time constraints as you do, but we have been working for quite some time to find a stabilizing biology or DNA that may be integrated into humanity with ease.  Our intention is to be of assistance.  A part of the process is that we are working with many, many humans upon the earth to create the external support that will allow you to integrate within you.  Every one of you has the capacity for expanded DNA within and around you.  It has always been there.  The difference is that it has been dormant for quite some time. 

There was a door that opened up 2000 linear years ago with the energies of the Christ Light.  That began to peel away some of the layers.  This has been accelerating quicker and quicker during the last 100 years. 

Literally time moves more quickly through the lighter dimensions because there is less resistance.  Therefore when you consider the biology within your body as the strands of the DNA become activated they are aligned many times with places out here within the universe.  They are also aligned within the earth.  It therefore is to your benefit to finds that which resonates with you in your physical reality. 

For some it is the food you eat.  For some it is the exercise.  For some it is simply being conscious of the physical body that you have.  Your bodies will continue to change as more and more of this energy is integrated within you. 

Take a moment.  Look around. Consider yourself as you are right now.  For many there is that hologram of the potential and then the limitation that comes from your perception within your everyday life.  I invite you to allow your transformation to move in such a way that you integrate all of this expanded DNA.  Let me shift that around.  I invite you to open to the potential that all of this expansion is here and available to you.  May you integrate it in such a way that you feel greater ease and support within your life? 

Although your DNA is a part of your blood stream and made up of your physicality it is also blended with your mental body, your emotional body, your spiritual your light bodies.  Recognize that as you seek to create the changes that you will feel it in all aspects of your reality.  When the energy gets to be such that it feels, and if you are struggling, then remember to come out here and play with us.  It is through play, through joy that you find what you seek in your life. 

I thank you


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is I the Goddess.  As you continue to look around within this space take in those words from the emissaries.  Recognize that everybody has the potential right now.  It is not that you have to change anything.  It is not that you are good enough or not good enough.  It is simply that you are.  You are that you are! Take that in.  Take a deep breath in and feel what that means.

As you play out here within the universe you have nothing to prove, nothing to fix; you need only enjoy and experience all that is here.  Take a deep breath in.  Allow yourself to make the new beginning based upon all of this; based upon a life of balance, joy, happiness.  You choose what you would like for your life to be.

I find myself chuckling inside, because there are still those in which the drama continues to serve them.  The victim continues to serve them.  It may not be a part of your consciousness, but it is part of your makeup or your vibration.  Let it go. Let it go and simply be within this space.  Take a deep breath in allowing yourself to experience this energy.

I invite you to come back allowing yourself to find that place within the gathering.  I smile because some have flowers in their hair.  Others come as groups.  There is laughter.  There is racing.  Let yourself feel as if you have let go of every single burden that you may have within your life.  Let yourself feel knowing what this is.  Experience it.  Allow it to be your reality.  Allow yourself to experience life from this perspective. 

As each of you comes back within this group have the perception that the hologram of the earth comes up within it.  As you infuse playfulness, joy, exploring, expansion; everything that you did this evening into that hologram, so too that deeper knowledge from the Pleiadians about your DNA and that expansion.  Let it all move into the earth or this hologram of the earth.  As that happens you let go of the hologram.  It flows down. 

There is that sense of that crystalline energy that are even more infused within this and as they go out moving out in all directions. As that hologram continues down it merges with the earth itself, as it moves inside it links with the energies or the essence of Gaia.  

There is that alignment with the Crystals and then all that took place expands moving outwards.  It comes up through the layers of the earth.  It comes up within each one of you in your current physical condition.  As it does so let it expand outwards.  Let is clear away everything that has been you.  Let yourself feel or integrate playfulness, joyfulness.  Let yourself integrate that expanded DNA that will allow you to be the most present person that you can be.  It’s here.  It’s you.  You aren’t any different other than taking in and expanding into all that is you in a more buoyant, flowing manner. 

Let your focus return moving into the All That Is once more.  Perhaps you would like to gather around you some of what you did during this experience this evening.  It is always available to you, but you may decide to take it with you so you can integrate it further into your consciousness so it is also finding its balance within your I AM presence, within your divinity.  So as you live your life you can easily flow from your earthly experience into this All That Is.   Allow yourself to feel what that is. 

You then let your consciousness stream back down.  It flows back through the energy of your higher self.  It comes streaming back through you in this reality.  Let your reality shift.  Allow your focus and your perspective to be that of expanding the energies into these higher activations of your DNA. 

Allow your mental body to be supported in this way, your emotions and your spiritual.  Allow that light body energy of the crystalline to just weave its way through all of you.  Allow your physical body to become that which fully supports you.  You breathe in and you breathe out. 

Experience and perhaps choose a reality of alignment and balance with this expanded view.

Alright beloved family.  As you continue moving through your days upon the earth remember to reach up to the places where you can find that carefree energy, that freedom of expression.  That experience of the light weight, or the essence of all that is around you. 

You create on many, many different levels so let the creation of what you truly wish to have become part of the creation of your physical reality.  Remember to find laughter.  Remember to find joy.  Remember to find relaxation and know that you are always supported and you are always very, very loved. 

I am always with you and within you.





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