Practical Use for Crystalline Energy

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

Greetings! Welcome! I send forth my embrace to reach out to each one of you. Feel my energies as I move into the space in which you are physically located. Allow yourself to feel who I am at the same time you feel and acknowledge who you are. You are each filled with light. You are each opening and aligning more and more to the crystalline vibrations that are out in the universe and manifesting upon the earth.

Allow yourself to take this moment. Feel as if you are truly going inside of the physical person you are; your human self. So many of you with your life upon the earth may be feeling disappointments, you may feel as if you let yourself down, you may feel anger, fear, frustration. You may also be feeling anticipation, excitement, happiness, joy; life is rarely all of one emotion or experience. So let yourself take this moment and be very physical. As you bring up whatever may be swirling within and around you at this time.

We do this because as you shift into the space of the higher realms, into the space of the All That Is, you will be able to link more fully with your human self so that the changes you seek to create will manifest with greater ease. Allow yourself to appreciate for this moment the fact that you are human. Allow yourself to appreciate and love the physical body that you have. Allow yourself to perceive who you are from a space that is filled with love, with light, with appreciation, and acceptance. Accept who you are right now, this moment in which you are living is the moment of your focus.

With the quantum shift taking place upon the earth, your life has the potential to manifest in immensely different ways. Your life also has the potential to remain exactly as it has been. Part of what is occurring is that these vibrations are giving you more potential with which to work. Open and receive.

Allow your consciousness to release your physical body. Allow yourself to shift into the space of the magnetic grid. As you link within this energy field, you may find yourself aligning with the energies of your higher self. You have that sense of the familiar, that sense of knowing either where you are or who this energy is. It is you. Allow your consciousness to look outward, as if you are looking around and perceiving the many different pathways, the energies of light that are here in this space. Know that this is yours; know that you may come here as often as you so choose.

From here, allow yourself to release the energies of the magnetic grid. Move through the interlocking grid so that you may link with the crystalline vibration. Open and perceive this space. It is immense. It is different with the changes taking place upon the earth. With the changes that are occurring, this space itself gives the impression of having double, tripled, or even quadrupled in size. Allow yourself to recognize the many different crystals that are here. There is a pattern to the vibrations. Each crystal may be unique and different, but it is in harmony to all that is around it.

Take a moment and breathe deeply within this space allowing all of your senses to open so that you may link fully and become aware of which aspects of yourself are in alignment with this grid. You may feel a need to expand your energy field even larger so as to accommodate this. Allow your energy field to expand as large as it needs to be.

From here allow your focus to shift so that you may move into the energies of the soul plane. Your intention, your focus, your thought process is all that is needed to become aligned with this space. As you move within this energy with that expanded consciousness and awareness, you may find yourself perceiving more and more of your own divinity. It is due to the shift in your vibration.

Call forth your I AM presence. If you have not linked with it as yet, perceive it either as coming to you where you reach each other and blend or you may feel it coming up from within your consciousness and moving outward. Allow yourself to link fully with who you are within all of your divinity. You are beautiful! You are filled with a kaleidoscope of light and energy. Open to perceive.

I the Goddess now manifest within this space. While I'm able to send an aspect of my energy to connect with you upon the earth plane, this vibration is a space in which I'm able to manifest with more and more of my energies. Due to the shift that has taken place, I am able to bring an even greater amount of my energies into this space. Let yourself perceive me as I move towards you and reach out and enfold you in my loving embrace. I love you! I honor you! Allow yourself to be open and perceive what that is or what it means.

As your energies blend with mine, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Let yourself move freely into this energy field, into this space of expansion. Allow yourself to feel as if you are pushing the edges of your consciousness out further and further. Our last time of gathering together (07-15-07 Experiencing the Quantum Leap) was to experience the shift the earth is going through as it is moving into the fourth dimension. It is a process of many, many different levels. It is a process that will continue on for the time being.

Take a moment to allow yourself to link with the energies of when the earth itself shifted into the fourth dimension. You can easily move into the space of that experience where there was the amphitheatre, the Ancient Ones, the Angels, the Guides, the ET's; so many people were present. In part to experience it, but also it was the presence of all these people that assisted in it occurring in the first place. That is why each time you hear of another group that is either experiencing the same thing or something similar, it is all coming back within this space and having an impact upon what is occurring.

Take this moment and consider your own life. You may wish to look back over the last several years. You may choose to look back over the last several months, weeks or perhaps days. Consider the evolution of your life. For so many of you, you have the sense of just living your life, having relationships, doing your work, raising your children, doing your chores; what seemed like just an average every day occurrence.

In the late ‘80's when the first shift occurred, so many of you were prompted outside of what you had considered your usual existence. Some of you may have been feeling this change or shifting your whole entire life, some for twenty years, some just became aware recently.

Each one of you chooses to create your life. You choose what you would like to have. You choose your path. You may meditate, you may channel, and you may follow the channels of a number of different people because they open doors for you. The point though is that you are seeking change within your life. You are seeking to bring a greater amount of your divinity into your daily existence. You are seeking to ascend as a human being to a higher level of existence than you have had before.

So many of the old belief systems no longer work for you. Some of those may include "without pain, there is no gain"; another one may be "anything worthwhile in life is a struggle" another one may be "I give of myself to everybody else; therefore it makes me more divine". I can go on and on. Each one of you may have thoughts going through your head of these beliefs you have.

Let me say that none of those beliefs I've mentioned need to be your reality. There was a very long period of time upon the earth in which it seemed as if humans were recovering or just existing. There always seemed to be wars, brutality, judgment and duality. When the earth is moving into the fourth dimension, as each one of you lives your life completely within the fourth dimension, you have the ability to let go of anything that is based on duality.

Each one of you is very well aware that you are linked to the collective consciousness of the earth; therefore, as you are beginning to take on and live the belief that "I grow, I expand through love". That belief goes in with all the others. The most important change that anybody can make is about loving and honoring yourself first. Even now, people might cringe at that. There are many, many varying degrees of what that can be, it need not be to the point where children don't get fed or nurtured and other things don't get done. But each human has to come to the realization of honoring themselves, loving themselves, and nurturing themselves. That is the one strongest shift in energy that will place you in alignment with the crystalline vibration and all that is occurring.

Let yourself really look and see who you are right here and right now. This is you, your human consciousness as it is linked with your divinity. Let yourself feel the love. Let yourself bask in the energy of caring. As you find that space of balance within this energy of the All That Is, feel as if you reach down to your human self and flow that energy of love and balance into your human self physically located on earth. This link occurs with ease because you did so much to expand your consciousness while you were fully present.

Allow your consciousness to return to the All That Is and let yourself open to perceive the vibration of the crystalline energy. More so than the crystalline grid, there has been created within the universe -- it has been there for a long, long time; there is a space in which a great deal of this crystalline vibration builds upon itself, it reflects itself, it amplifies. This is a space where you may come as you are seeking to create change. This is a vibration or a shift in consciousness or a dimension; whatever you might consider it. It will be even more fully integrated once the earth is more fully present within the fourth dimension.

Let yourself feel as if your consciousness is floating within this space. You have that link to your human self. Allow the vibration of the crystals to send out an energy and open to receive that energy as it moves through you. Some of you may feel electrified, others may feel discord within your body, others may feel waves of gentle nurturing; the potential experience of this is endless.

I invite each of you to allow this crystalline vibration o find a space that creates balance within you. Perhaps another way to look at that is that I invite you to look within your consciousness and find the balance that is then aligned with the crystals. It is an action that works both ways. The energy moves back and forth as the balancing is occurring.

As you are seeking to have this balance, let yourself open to perceive if you hear any particular tone. Do you see or sense color or light? Is there a scent or a taste that seems to come into your awareness? Perhaps it all just comes together for you as a simple knowing or intuitive understanding. Find yourself now fully aligned and balanced with this crystalline vibration.

Now then, we began this aspect by linking with self love, self acceptance, and self awareness. I now invite you to consider whatever it is that you may be seeking to change in your life. Perhaps you are seeking to manifest something new to come into your life. Perhaps you are seeking to release something that no longer works for you. Whatsoever it is, allow yourself to open completely to this state.

As you begin, let's first of all consider what you might want to release. Does it feel as if it's compatible, in alignment or of a similar vibration to these crystalline vibrations? If you are ready to do so, allow yourself to link with whatever that may be, then release it, letting it go, and that which was causing you to be out of balance is released and you find yourself in balance once more.

Consider something else you are seeking to transition in your life. You may feel it within your heart, your bones, your muscles, or your head. People manifest physical symptoms in many different ways. Let yourself get in touch with whatever way you are manifesting an energy you seek to release, which is no longer in alignment with who you are. And then let it go.

Again, find yourself coming back within that space of balance. Consider what you are seeking to bring into your life. Consider what you wish to manifest, how does that vibration align with where you are right now? Let yourself perceive what you seek to manifest. Let yourself be fully present within your consciousness and seek an alignment so that what you are bringing into your life is in alignment with who you are.

Consider relationships. Consider a person that you may find you are either not communicating with or (with whom you) are out of sync; or as if the relationship is not flowing the way it normally does. Again, open to allow an alignment in vibration. When it's another human, you may seek to have a conversation. You may seek to open and receive a perception from that other individual's eyes. You may seek to know and see a different perception from your own eyes.

Howsoever this comes about, allow yourself to vibrate in alignment. This is not about judging one person's alignment as higher than another's it is about finding a balance, wherever that balance may be.

Shift your focus once more so that you flow that energy into your human self. Allow your human person to receive the results of the shifting that you make within this space. Allow your human aspect to also align from the human perspective with all that you are doing within this crystalline vibration. Let yourself feel balanced. Let yourself feel aligned. Let yourself know what this is.

Your physical body is going to change as it is accommodating this alignment. Create movement for your physical body. Eat foods that make you feel good in your physical body. Allow yourself to love and honor your physical because it is the representation of all of who you are. You again, perceive this alignment.

Is there something that you would like to put out to the universe at this time? Send that message out. See how the message of that intention moves throughout the space in which you are. Allow yourself to know that as you move forward you may shift your vibration; you may find the alignment at any given point during the day. If you wish to, you may breathe and shift your consciousness completely to return to this space. Or you may choose to take a few breaths and through your breath you are aligning with this space. You may also find that you create your own way of balancing and aligning with these crystalline energies.

Let yourself soar! Let yourself play! Let yourself feel pure joy and excitement if only for this moment. Allow those feelings and emotions to play a part in your day as you move through your life upon the earth. Look at yourself; perceive the light and the energy that is emanating from you. Perceive the sparkling essence of who you are. You are glorious.

This group comes back, creating a space within the All That Is that I like a gathering place. You may choose to visit with your guides and angels. Everything is shifting to new and different vibrations or dimensions. Therefore, there may be different angels and guides that are now able to come and be a part of this process with you. You may ask. You may send out an intention. This gathering space is always filled with infinite potential.

I invite you each to look towards the center. Coming up within the center of the group is the hologram of the earth. Look at the hologram or look at the earth with new eyes. See the changes that have taken place. Perceive the expansion that is happening throughout the earth. Perceive how your own thoughts have an impact upon this.

Lady Gaia comes forth and as she emerges from the hologram of the earth, it is as if a crystal is pulsating or sending out a vibration from within the center of her. With every beat or pulsation of the crystal or the constant flow of energy from within that crystal; open and receive. Perceive how it is linking with you and how you flow from your crystalline body; the energy to her and she flows to you. This is a means of creating a greater flow of the crystalline energies upon the earth.

This gives you this experience which is here in the All That Is, but you may also do this from within your space upon the earth plane. Some may find it easier to go out and connect with nature; some may find they do it just in their daily actions. The link is here, the flow of energy is here. Allow yourself to be within that flow. You feel the embrace of love from Lady Gaia as she transmits through her crystalline energies.

She returns within the hologram and then the hologram itself begins to shift so that it moves down. As it links with the crystalline and magnetic grids, there is an alignment that takes place. But the core essence continues until it merges with the center of the earth. That essence then begins to move out from the earth so that all who are upon it can feel that crystalline pulsation of energy. Now you feel it mixed with the gravitational pull. Now you feel it within the energies of your every day life. Now you feel it as you move between the various dimensions you shift between upon the earth.

As the earth itself is shifting into the fourth, it creates greater potential for the sixth and seventh dimensions to be active upon the earth. Because so many were consciously and energetically living in the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension has already been accessible with only a few accessing the angelic realm within the sixth dimension. That is changing as the earth is changing. They are becoming more accessible to you. More people will see, sense, or feel them. Their communication will be easier for people to perceive.

We release those energies of the hologram, and then you allow yourself to shift so that you too may begin to bring this greater amount of your expanded consciousness back into your human form.

Allow yourself to move back into the space of the soul plane. Most of you are not able to bring your entire soul essence with you as you return to the earth plane, but you have this link and the majority of your soul essence will remain here or in the higher vibrations. As much as you are able to take with you as you go back into your human self, does return and align with you.

Let your consciousness move into the crystalline grid. You then move through that into the magnetic grid. Allow yourself to be at the more expanded aspect of the magnetic grid so that you may feel as if you straddle one aspect of you in the magnetic, one aspect of you in the crystalline. Feel that flow of energy as it moves back and forth. It is a flow of energy that is always taking place; it is all available to you.

I now invite you to return more fully to your human self. Let the energy field around your physical presence expand as much as may be needed so as to accommodate you. Let yourself feel your physical body. Let the energies flow into your heart and from your physical body and from within your heart, let yourself expand, linking with your mental body, your emotional, and your spiritual. Then let that energy flow back and forth. Feel the crystalline vibration within your human self.

Re-affirm whatever you seek to manifest. Re-affirm what you may have let go. Feel all of who you are within this moment with every beat of your heart and every breath that you take. Allow this to be your reality upon the earth.

With that, we release the energies of this journey. I invite you to come back within this conference room if you so desire. As you do so, you may press the *7 upon your phone and I am open to receive any questions you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) I understand that this next month of August is going to be somewhat trying on some of us as we move into the new energies. I'm wondering if you have anything to share about that or anything that will assist us?

Answer: There was the shift that took place in July and there is more coming up in the fall. So, this month of August is like a bridge that is moving along as more and more people are getting onto the bridge or perhaps consider it as a freeway and there are many entrance ramps coming on. That is one reason why it may feel very turbulent to people at this time. One of the reasons I chose this journey as I did for this evening is to assist each one of you in adjusting to there energies as they are coming into your life. It is an opportunity to give you a skill or something you can utilize at any given time so as to find that balance at any given moment. If you feel as if there many energies flowing around and you feel battered or pushed, let yourself become centered within your own self.

Let yourself become aligned with these vibrations of who you are because that is the core essence of what all of this is. As you become more settled or comfortable within your own skin or more balanced within yourself; then you will find reflecting out of you, energy that shows others that they will have more potentials for themselves. The other thing I'm finding as we are looking and perceiving everyone moving through this shift is that movement is very important for people: walking, stretching, exercising, whatever it may be. It's that motion that keeps your physical muscles, bones, ligaments and cartilage that was so entrenched in that lower dimension. It allows them to expand and utilize the energy of a higher vibration. It is one of the reasons why if people are having physical symptoms, it's a way to help accommodate the new vibration and release some of the symptoms. Does that make sense?

(Oh, that's wonderful, yes it does.)

So allow yourself to be very aware of where you are throughout the process and allow yourself to be aware of where others may be in the process. Not from a place of judgment, but from a place of discernment. Because if you discern that you may have a different understanding than perhaps someone who is clueless about what is going on; you are able to find that space of balance and flow that to others around you in such a way that even those who are not aware of the shift taking place will feel an impact from it. This is the way, through conversations and relationships that you will find a greater ease in the months to come.

Question: (paraphrased) Will some of these symptoms that we are feeling go away for the month?

Answer: Be aware that your physical body or the physical manifestation can change on a day to day or moment to moment basis. You may have time when you feel better then you may feel be it for minutes, hours, or days; you will feel worse again. The important thing to remember is that the longer you are in that vibration, the easier it will be. If you feel you have a week or day, how so ever long it has been that you feel good; then you feel bad again, be aware it is the body going through level, upon level, upon level. Or layer upon layer.

Each time you come to a new space, you can evaluate it then move through it. For some of you, it may have been what you experienced in July; it may not necessarily be what it coming up in the month to come. Nothing is on such a rigid time frame. As you are moving through your own process and moving through your days, be aware that if symptoms seem to have resolved, yet come back again, be aware that they will resolve much more quickly with each consecutive times.

(Yes, I just feel like I've been dealing with this for so long, I don't know when it will be done.)

As we're looking at you and perceiving these energies we have a sense of old energy and holding onto things as a security blanket. It can be linked to emotions or linked to beliefs or experiences you've had in your past that you have not fully released or relationships or something right now that has not shifted and transitioned. It's like there is something of old energy that is holding you in that old pattern and keeping you from moving forward. No other individual can hold you back. Now, we sense that this is somewhat to do with an individual, but it is not clear. The way you can transition or shift is about your own perceptions. People do not have to give up relationships or what they truly love to do, what does need to transition or shift is your perception or what you are getting out of your relationship needs to shift, until you perceive you are getting something else. It is somewhat complicated and we are not getting a clear picture. But when people say they have been going through things for a long period of time, it is an inability to fully release that keeps things in the forefront for an individual. Does that make sense? Is there something coming to your mind?

(No not really, I'm not around someone.)

This is perhaps the reason it is not clear to us. Perhaps it is yourself holding you in that space as a security. Sometimes when you move into a new state of being, a new thought process, it can be frightening to aspects of yourself that feels like it needs to control you or feel like it is stabilizing you through controlling your life.

(What do you mean stabilizing me?)

Meaning that when you are moving in a new direction or trying something new or different that is affecting you in many ways. It may be an aspect of you as an inner child, a sub personality; many people call it many different things. I feel it is an aspect of yourself that thinks its grounding you as you move into new things and new ideas. This is not necessarily something that would make sense on a conscious level, but it is there for consistency. I sense the way you can work with this is to find a space in meditation or quite time, whatever it may be. You can allow yourself to bring up fears, security; anything within you that feels it needs to hang onto old energy as a means of foundation or security blanket so that, that may be shifted, released, transitioned; raised to the vibration of where the rest of you is. That's what I sense within you; old energy holding you down or back as the rest of you is moving forward.

Question: Goddess, I also have breathing problems and pain in my back from arthritis. Have your answers also addressed my problems?

Answer: Let us shift and link with you. Hmmm as I am shifting to link with you, I'm getting inundated with feelings and energy. It's as if everybody's physical symptoms got dumped at once. With you we don't have that same sense of something within you trying to create a foundation or security essence. With you, it is a matter of a process your physical body was going through with the arthritis and breathing problems. Our sense to tell you is to work with your physical body. Work with your lungs; breathe in light and energy that is cleaning out your physical lungs. Then let it move into your spine and as the energy is flowing up and down your spine, you have the ability to strengthen bones or joints or cartilage that has become weak or fragile. Allow that physical body to become rejuvenated and revitalized. Sometimes it is based on an emotion. Sometimes it was based originally with an emotion and you've dealt with the emotion but you still have a physical manifestation. As you are working on your physical body and breathing in this clearing energy and what strengthens your spine it will help to clear the physical symptoms; our sense is that these activities will help to relieve the symptoms you are feeling.

I say to everyone across the board, when you are looking at the physical symptoms you may be feeling, take an opportunity to know or understand; is this based in an emotion that is occurring right now or is it based in something from the past. This whole process right now is about learning how to talk to your body, learning how all this relates to your spiritual essence. As you are doing that, the sense that I get is that this is the way that all of you will transition these physical symptoms you are having which will allow you to accommodate these energies more easily.

So I say to each one of you. Allow yourself to be fully present in each day. Allow yourself to truly know who you are on your physical level, your emotional, mental and your spiritual level as it pertains to you the human who is walking on the earth. Immense transformations are taking place on many, many, many different levels. Each one of you as a human has so many levels within yourself. So be gentle with yourself. Be patient with yourself. Allow for all of this to evolve smoothly and easily for the times in which you feel great pains, great stress; whatever it may be that is of discomfort to you. Let yourself nourish who you are during the experience and the release process. Be open with yourself. Be loving and gentle.

Know that you are not alone. There are so many angels and guides who are fully present on the earth at this time. This is a time of such immense transformation. Let yourself enjoy it, let yourself participate as much or as little as you so choose.

I am ever with you and within.



Diane 17th August 2007 2:10 pm

Wow it seems like all my questions are being answered in the last couple of days....i feel so energized. thank you and God Bless You.

Mariù 20th August 2007 2:24 am

This channelling was beautiful!Really helped.
Nice reminder about loving and taking care of myself.
Thank you Shelly!


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